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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 10, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> and my mom. >> happy mother's day to andrea's mom. >> and everyone's mom. >> we're one big happy family. >> even bill o'reilly. >> we got to go. see you monday. a fox severe weather alert. the midwest seeing some nasty storms this hour. hello, everyone. i'm arthel neville. welcome to brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm eric sean. janis dean is monitoring all these wild systems playing havoc for millions of us across the country right now and she joins us live in the extreme weather center. what's going on? >> it's a multi event, severe weather threat as we go through today, tomorrow and even into monday where we could see hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and several inches, maybe several feet of snow. so very dynamic system taking a look at it right now. parts of kansas, missouri, up towards iowa.
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that's where we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10:00 p.m. local time. within that watch, we have severe thunderstorm warnings. but we could start to see some rotation. if you live in these areas, keep your radio on. we also had an earlier tornado warning in parts of southeastern alabama in towards georgia. that has just lifted, which is great news. we're also seeing the potential for severe weather across the mid-atlantic and the northeast. heavy downpours being reported across portions of new jersey and long island. and we have a couple of dynamic systems that are going to move into the central u.s., one of the main ingredients we need for severe weather is the warm unstable air mass. we've certainly got that across the southern and central plains where it's 80s, 90 degrees hyped that. very cold system that's going to eject from the rockies. that's going to give us our severe weather threat, especially tomorrow for mother's day. keep that in mind. but this low pressure center that's moving out of the rockies is going to bring several inches
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of snow, in the low elevations. around the denver area. and several feet of snow for the highest of elevations across the rockies. this is leading us towards our winter weather advisory, winter storm warnings. again, in some areas, one to two feet. three to five inches in and around the denver area overnight and into tomorrow. but the severe threat, including hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes for today across the areas that you see in yellow where we have our severe thunderstorm watch, tomorrow the threat expands and it's a little bit more potent with our moderate risk here for severe weather and it's not only going to be on mother's day, sunday, but into monday, we are into this severe weather threat throughout the next couple of days. of course, we'll keep you posted from the fox news extreme weather center. back to you. >> people should be mindful of these warnings and man, when you say winter weather warnings in may. >> incredible. >> thanks so much. >> arthel? veterans affairs secretary eric shinseki is under
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increasing pressure. he's ordering more investigations. a whistle blower revealed a facility in phoenix kept a second waiting list to hide long wait times for health care. now a new e-mail is revealing that an employee at a v.a. hospital in wyoming instructed his workers to manipulate records to hide delays there. molly henneberg live from washington. so molly, tell us a little bit more about what this e-mail said. >> reporter: it appears to lay out for employees at the cheyenne, wyoming center to look like patients were seen within 14 days when they were waiting much longer. an e-mail told employees, yes, this is gaming the system a bit, but you have to know the rules of the game you are playing. when we exceed the 14-day
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measure, the front office gets very upset, which doesn't help us. eric shinseki says he only found out about this gaming the system e-mail yesterday. and immediately put newman on administrative leave and also ordered an independent inspector general to investigate the matter. arthel? >> molly, this isn't the first time, though, that the department of veterans affairs had been alerted about this problem, right? >> reporter: exactly. fox news has learned that an internal investigation back in december by the department of veterans affairs revealed some shady scheduling practices at v.a.s in wyoming and colorado. apparently the department of veterans affairs didn't do anything at that time. now republican congressman jeff miller, chairman of the house committee on veterans affairs, wantstúcovçç know why. he said in a statement that shinseki's reaction is, quote, more of a knee jerk reaction to tough media questions than anything else. if this is what it takes for v.a. leaders to do the right thing, you can't help question
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how they operate when they think no one is paying attention. mike huckabee says secretary shinseki, quote, needs to go because he is, quote, ultimately responsible for what happens in the v.a. system. as of thursday before these latest revelations, the white house said the president is standing by secretary shinseki. arthel? >> molly henneberg, thank you very much for that update. eric? they have now found the second body following the firey hot air balloon accident and tragedy in virginia. authorities are still looking for the third and final body. that balloon was attempt to go land last night just north of richmond when, as you can see, it struck a power line and burst into flames. hours ago officials updated us on the investigation. >> we've had special agents all over the area talking with various witnesses that have talked to many reporters, but also uploaded various youtube video and photographs and so
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forth and we'll be sharing all that as critical evidence as we continue not only our efforts to locate, but also to assist with their investigation into the cause. organizers canceled the balloon festival following the tragedy. a scare for passengers aboard a united airlines flight heading to hawaii. crew members reported smoke midair causing the plane to turn around and make an emergency landing at lax. none of the 143 passengers and crew on board were hurt. no word yet on the source of the smoke, but the plane will undergo a thorough inspection. as hundreds of nigerian school girls kidnapped by boko haram remain missing, the british foreign office is reporting nigeria's authorities rejected help for weeks. nigerians protesting on the streets for the government's failure to bring the girls home. michelle obama calling the kidnapping, quote,
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unconscionable hack. in an unusual move, she gave the weekly presidential address. we were also hearing for the first time from some of the girls who managed to escape their captors on the day of the abduction. >> when we got to the bush, they asked us to get out of the car. when the other girls were coming out, i told my friend it is better to be killed than to be taken to a place that we did not know. we got out of the car and started running. we came across a house that had its lights on. we decided to go seek shelter there. in the morning we decided to continue towards home. on the way we met a good samaritan who brought us back to our village. >> can the world save the missing girls? dominic dinatale live with the very latest. hello. >> reporter: hey there. mish obama speaking out in foreign policy terms, very rare for a first lady to do this. given the first family's african roots, it's very difficult for them not to, many people are saying. as a mother on mother's day day
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weekend, she was reaching out to the mothers of those daughters that were taken from their school dormitory and held captive now by boko haram. we think it's .223 .223 22 3 gi. what the first lady has been saying is that really there is residence between what happened between the school girls and the obama family. listen. >> this unconscionable act was committed by a terrorist group determined to keep these girls from getting an education. green men attempting to snuff out the aspirations of young girls. >> of course, we've seen this problem with islamist regimes and groups not just in africa, but through the middle east and the res of the islamist world. the president committing
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military sell to actually go to nigeria and investigate what exactly the u.s. could do to help that. in itself will be controversial. >> yeah. dominic, today the president usually gives the saturday address, but he handed it off to first lady michelle. that's quite a strong message. >> reporter: i think it very much is. i think it goes to show how much international condemnation and shock there really is. the empathy that michelle obama can really communicate in geopolitical terms just shows the depth of the commitment of the u.s. in trying to help the nigerian. you have to remember that the military doesn't have the resources. it's completely unprepared to deal with a situation which is why we've suddenly heard from the british that it's taken so long for them to actually reach out to the international community and ask for assistance here. what that assistance is going to look like, u.s. special forces will get involved. if any western force got involved here militarily to try
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to take on boko haram, it will stir up more problems with the islamist support group that exists there considering the rate at which boko haram has managed to actually gain so much support in nigeria. no western nation, especially america, wants to be involved in a conflict in africa considering the two unsuccessful conflicts we've had in iraq and afghanistan, which are perceived in the world as abysmal. >> the world is watching. we hope the girls will be rescued and brought home safely, if that's at all possible. >> thank you. fingers crossed, prayers up on that one. definitely. ukraine is on edge a day after at least seven people died in clashes between pro-government security forces and pro-russian separatists. this as regions in the east prepare to vote in a referendum tomorrow. at stake, whether to stay part of ukraine or cecede. greg palkot has more.
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>> reporter: strong words coming from the acting president of ukraine against the planned referendum on cecession tomorrow. but it looks like it is going forward. residents in one coastal city are reeling from clashes yesterday between pro-russian militants, as well as ukrainian security officials, along with those killed, many people were hurt. barricades were set up. police headquarters were in ruins. several military vehicles were abandon abandoned. red cross officials tell us nine workers were abducted overnight, reportedly by armed separatists. one is said to have been beaten. they were held for about seven hours. we spoke to one eyewitness. she said the whole thing was very scary. we had a chance to look at the ballots used in tomorrow's referendum on autonomy, on independence. officials claim the vote will follow international standards, but they admit they will be
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using old electoral roles and there will be no outside observers. a yes vote is thought to be likely. that could lead to union for this region with russia. all the while kiev continues to call those occupying government buildings terrorists who they won't talk to and say if the vote goes forward t could lead the destruction of the economy, social fabric of the region as the two sides draw further and further apart. official vote expected tomorrow night. fox news. the texas police officer who shot and killed an armed 93 yearly woman is now out of a job. the hearn city council decided to fire him. her nephew called the police when his aunt became angry and grabbed a gun. after he refused to turn over car keys because she had failed
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her driver's license renewal. the nephew says she shot twice into the ground before the police officer, he says, then opened fire. her lawyer says the officer's actions were justified. a major shakeup at the top of the l.a. clippers organization following the recent racist remarks by donald sterling. coming up next, the respected business figure who will run the team now. the gop establishment candidates, they're the guys who have been winning the primaries this week over the tea party candidates. so what could that mean for the future of the republican party as we head into the mid terms? >> house speaker john boehner naming the republicans who will take part in the select committee investigating benghazi. but will the democrats play ball or stay away? >> that caucus is among those who say don't have anything to do with it. it's kangaroo court, has been identified as such.
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what is this place? where are we? this is where we bring together reliably fast internet and the best in entertainment. we call it the x1 entertainment operating system. it looks like the future! we must have encountered a temporal vortex. further analytics are necessary. beam us up. ♪ that's my phone. hey. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system. only from xfinity. tv and internet together like never before. house republicans moving forward in a new push for answers into benghazi. speaker john boehner announcing the republican members who will take part in the special select
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committee to investigate the terrorist attack which killed four americans. but minority leader nancy pelosi says democrats remain divided over whether to participate in the new probe. elizabeth prann has more. >> reporter: hi, arthel. while we learned more about the republican lawmakers who have been appointed to serve on the benghazi select committee, the big question looms, will democrats sign on? minority leader nancy pelosi could select one, five, or no one for the investigation. some democrats argue they want to defend the administration. recent congressional testimony focuses on hillary clinton and those around her. pelosi, however, doesn't want to draw attention to the panel. >> there are those who say don't have anything to do with it. it's kangaroo court, it's been identified as such. don't dignify what they're doing. >> reporter: after next week. the panel plans to get to business and with an extensive group of resumes.
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gowdy and susan brooks are former federal prosecutors. jim jordan sits on the judiciary and oversite committee. three others have law degrees. westmoreland has led investigations for the house intelligence committees. lawmakers on and off the panel are eager to get started and they dismiss inaction on the part of democrats. >> how can you call this a kangaroo court before you set it up? let's have nancy pelosi put five people who are willing to look at the facts. shame on them if they don't participate. >> reporter: there is no timetable or schedule laid out for the panel. although it is anticipated to continue through the midterm election. arthel, back to you. >> elizabeth, thanks. the democrats charge republicans are using benghazi as political theater. could the hearings also affect hillary clinton's potential run for the white house? the former secretary of state did address that issue this week
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>> of course, there are a lot of reasons why despite all of the hearings, all of the information that's been provided, some choose not to be satisfied and choose to continue to move forward. that's their choice and i do not believe there is any reason for it to continue in this way, but they get to call the shots in the congress. >> should it not continue and will she be subpoenaed or asked to testify at potential hearings? joining us for a fair and balanced debate, tammy bruce, democratic strategist and radio talk show host richard fowler. welcome. tammy, let me start with you. mrs. clinton says there is no reason for a new committee. do you buy that? >> well, no. most americans don't either. the super majority of americans. it's like i think over 65% now want more answers.
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they want any answers when it comes to what happened. certainly the families of those murdered in benghazi also have not been happy with how this has transpired. so she's between really a rock and a hard place. all the democrats are. on one hand they say there is nothing to hide and everything is clear. on the other hand, this committee will discover certain issues. and they've got -- they're going to have to face them. and for hillary clinton, i think she's in a bad space because when it comes to obama's team, if they're going to throw anybody under the bus, it's not going to be president obama. it's going to be former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> richard, you think that's the case? that she could get thrown under the bus? >> i don't think so at all. at the end of the day, this whole hearing is about talking points. and not about the real issue at hand. there has already been three or more congressional hearings about what's happened at benghazi. they've gotten answers, over 5,000 pages worth of documents. i think what the american people want to see is us address how we make sure benghazi never happens again instead of us going into
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the past to figure out what happened. we need more security for our embassies. it's in the president's budget. it's not in paul ryan's budget. that's part of the problem. >> you're saying these four dead americans, the americans, they just don't want to hear about it. they want to go into the future? they don't want to know who is responsible. they don't want to hold somebody accountable or know what the president supposedly said to mrs. clinton in that 10:00 p.m. phone call after he got off the phone with netanyahu? look carter ham was telling leon panetta and what leon panetta testified that it was a terrorist attack. he had a meeting with the president of the united states along with martin definitely that night in the white house at 5:00. and then the secretary of defense says no one talked to him ever again that night. not one communication from the white house. not one communication from the president of the united states, tammy. what could that mean? >> now look, we do want this to never happen again. but in order to make that the case, we've got to know what happened in the first place. you can't say that we're going to stop this and that's
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everyone's goal. but we've got to know exactly what transpired. and there have been multiple committees. but what this committee will do is bring all that information together. so for democrats, republicans, libertarians, every american, this is going to be the effort that brings all the information together, tells us what occurred, and it's interesting. if this is going to be the thing that proves what the democrats say that this has been fine, then why the panic? that's what you have to say has been going on on that side -- >> that's a good point. why the panic if everything is fine? >> first, eric, there is no panic on the democratic side. i think the president is pretty clear on talking about benghazi and dealing with benghazi. and i think you're right. we need to get all this information and bring it together. all these committees have done this work. why not have a select committee that has a clear time frame instead of a select committee that does not have a time frame and it can go on all the way 'til, let me guess, 2016, or until the midterm elections. this is about making sure that our embassies are safe and it
3:24 pm
never happens again. the only way we can do that, the state department, department of defense and our general -- increase embassy security. the president's budget does that. unfortunately, the republican budget passing the house of representatives does not do that. >> what is the democrats -- i'm going to stay on this topic. why did the democrats boycott this? chris christie is being investigated by a joint committee. something similar in trenton, new jersey of the there are 12 members. eight of those members are democrats. four of those members are republicans. you have twice as many democrats as republicans. and the republicans aren't boycotting the investigation of chris christie. >> the republicans aren't boycotting the investigation. and i think nancy pelosi has also been pretty clear at the onset of the select committee. let's have equal numbers. six and six, five and five. four and four. >> what does she have against that? >> why can't we have equal side debate league or fair and balanced debate here?
3:25 pm
>> why not do it even steven? >> let me tell you, i will use the answer that obama usually gives, is that the republicans were the winners. they get to be the deciders. there is a reason the american people put the republicans in charge of the house. >> they shouldn't -- it shouldn't be about the republicans. it should be about the people who died. >> this is about -- this is your point, what is fair is having a -- >> let her finish. >> excuse me. this is about -- this is obviously the democrats don't want this to happen at all. the fair thing is for this committee to occur, for them to get the facts of the matter. this is the problem the democrats face. facts will speak to the justice for the four people that were murdered. so the democrats are talking about boycotting. jay carney said effectively today that they should boycott. they are going to have to face the facts. this is not about politics. the facts -- >> what's your last word? what happens if they do boycott? what message is that? >> i think the democrats are
3:26 pm
fair to boycott 'cause they're saying four individuals did die -- >> you're cowards. you can't face the truth. >> let him finish. >> the four people are dead. that is the truth. let's find out how it happened. if we're going to find out how it happened, select committee, let's have four democrats, four republicans, figure out what we could do to increase border security. i don't understand what's wrong with that. >> all right. >> this is the debate. >> border security. >> embassy security. >> we'll see if the democrats boycott it or are involved. thank you. >> thank you. and in an exclusive interview with sunday morning futures anchor, house speaker john boehner says this is a serious bipartisan endeavor. listen. >> what i tried to do was find people who had worked on this investigation and others who frankly have not, but bright,
3:27 pm
energetic, and people committed to getting to the facts. this is a serious investigation. i don't want theater. i don't want a side show. i want the members of this committee to find the facts for the four families who lost their loved ones. >> don't miss the full interview on sunday morning futures at 10:00 a.m. eastern, tomorrow. and a solemn procession in new york city. the unidentified remains of those killed on 9-11 brought back to ground zero. but the day not without controversy. and there is this. russian president vladimir putin scoring big time in sochi, showing off his hockey skills. why he's on the ice.
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it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news.
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we're learning of an attempted kidnapping of two u.s. embassy officers last month in yemen. the two americans were visiting a barber shop when a pair of armed kidnappers stormed in. the officers reportedly a c.i.a. agent and a member of the special forces, shot and killed the would be kidnappers. the vatican saying pope francis will elevate pope paul vi to sainthood at a canonization ceremony on october 16. the news comes less than two weeks after pope francis proclaimed pope john paul ii and john 23rd as saints. and russian president vladimir putin adding skating to his list of hobbies. scoring six goals during a hockey festival in sochi today. putin says the aim of the festival is to attract more people to the sport. it is a somber and solemn saturday here in new york city as the unidentified remains of
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those who were killed on september 11 have arrived in a procession back at ground zero. the move today has some critics. relatives of some of the victims wearing black gags over their mouth to silently protest putting the remains at the memorial in remembrance of what happened there. bryan with what happened. >> that began at 6:30 this morning. fire trucks transporting the unidentified remai of 1115 9-11 victims to the 9-11 memorial and museum. nearly 8,000 remainswo+vçç were transported in three flag-draped cases led by an honor guard and 20 families of the victims. the cases carried past the north and south pools where the towers once stood. the remains are now in the repository, but it will not be accessible to the public.
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only to the victims' families. a wall separates the museum guests from the repository, which sits between the footprints of the twin towers, 70 below ground at bedrock, with a majority of the remains were found. >> closure is not a word that i think applies to this situation because you're not looking to forget anybody. okay? you're always gog have your loved one in your heart. you can hear their voice, you can see their face in your mind. it's not like a divorce where you want to say they're out of my life. i don't think closure is the right word. >> reporter: families reflecting, but some victims' families are upset, protesting outside this morning saying they prefer the repository be placed above ground, akin to the tomb of the unknown soldier and not in the basement of a commercial museum. >> my son's human remains are surely being transported here to the basement of a private admission charging museum. that's a sacrilege as a
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christian, as a catholic, it's an outrage. >> reporter: city officials say family members were consulted about the plan and will not need to pay to visit. the medical car's office will continue to work to identified remains more than 12 years later. eric? >> they will always be honored and we will always remember. thank you. arthel? >> that's for sure. let's go to l.a. now where the los angeles clippers are moving forward. the nba announcing richard parsons as the team's interim ceo. he is the former chair of citigroup and the former chairman of the -- and ceo of the time warner media giant. last month the nba banned clippers owner donald sterling for life after recording of him making racially-charged comments to his girlfriend was released on line. so here is the question: can parsons take the team beyond all of this? bringing in scott, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> listen, dick parsons has a
3:36 pm
history of getting businesses through turbulent times, right? >> he's no stranger to that. if you go back to the 1980s, he was the head of dime savings bank, on the brink of collapse amade the savings and loan crisis. he guided mergers and most recently he was chairman of citigroup right after the company received $45 billion in bailout money and he really worked with washington regulators to guide the company through the financial crisis and he may not have experience running a professional sports team, but he certainly has been a part of major moments in business in corporate history. >> he's a smart man, no doubt. his role with the clippers will have several dimensions, right? >> right. he'll be interim ceo, and proxy owner and he'll handle the business decisions and it's interesting because there is a lot of fallout from the advertisers who have left essentially the relationship between the team. >> they flew the coop. >> exactly. so we're talking
3:37 pm
mercedes benz, car max and others. so you're really going to need someone who has a business background to come in and stabilize things. >> then there is the coach, doc rivers and mr. parsons says he will work closely with doc rivers, right? >> he will. because doc rivers has the expertise when it comes to drafting the players and free agency issues that come up in the future. but it's going to be important for both of them to work together to sort of move past this terrible controversy. >> yeah. then, of course, the pressure just keeps mounting on sterling to sell the team. >> it's true. donald sterling was fined 2 1/2 million dollars. but that's a drop in the bucket compared to his nearly $2 billion net worth. he bought the team in 1981 for $12 million, according to forbes. they say it's now worth 575 million. but a lot of analysts say that will sell for much higher given the amount of interest in potential buyers, some of whom are high profile. i wouldn't be surprised if the
3:38 pm
team sold for upwards of a billion dollars. but that's the big question. will the team get sold, because donald sterling has indicated that he doesn't want to sell the team and there is a lot of constitutionality questions in terms of forcing someone to sell property. so it will be interesting to see how that plays out. >> there is that legal issue and then the wife, shelly sterling, saying i own half that team and i'm not even thinking of selling my portion. >> exactly. she wants to retain her half of the team and it's in a family trust. so it can sort of be transferred among family members. but it's really important to note she was, according to some reports, may be linked to am so of the racism allegations when it comes to donald sterling's real estate and property dealings. so the nba could say look, that's our legal justification -- from preventing her from becoming a controlling member of the team because right now she's a noncontrolling member. it was important distinction. the nba will try to think of every way to prevent this from happening. >> you broke it all down for us.
3:39 pm
good to see you. we'll see you again soon. have a good weekend. >> you, too. >> thanks. sometimes your smart phone or black berry camera may not be good enough. so our friends at "consumer reports" tested the best connectivity cameras to tell us which ones are picture perfect. and republican establishment candidates beat some tea party candidates in the midterm primaries earlier this last week. is that an anomaly or what does it mean for the future of the tea party? >> it's not the end of the primaries. really the beginning of our primary mission, which has been the mission all along. that is to beat kay hagin and make
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there is the tea party's power waning? this past week it was the establishment candidates who beat out tea party candidates in the primary elections in several states. like in north carolina, that's where candidate tom tillis, who you see here, won the republican primary for senate. tillis will face senator kay hagin in the fall. what does this mean for the future of the tea party? joining us is susan estridge, law professor at usc and fox news contributor.
3:44 pm
always good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> it took some people by surprise. others not. what do you think this means for the impact of the tea party in this election cycle? >> well, some people are saying this is the beginning of the end for the tea party. i would say that's very premature. i mean, the republicans have two challenges, which those of us on the democratic side can remember back when we faced the equivalent. you got to keep the pace of the party enthusiastic and the tea party, yes, in some cases its candidates aren't as song and are viewed as extreme. but at the same time, this is an enthusiastic, invigorated base to the republican party that you want to keep active and engaged or you don't win the elections. so they've got to do that and at the same time, some of the republican candidates who are previously considered establishment are getting very conservative in the hopes of winning the tea party over. so i think you can't rule them out and their strength is much
3:45 pm
greater those two primaries would suggest. >> that's interesting. so what you're really saying is the tea party is having an effect, even if their candidate may not have won, they're still pulling some of the establishment candidates more to the right a little bit? >> oh, i think that's definitely happening. and the real question, is you've got a bunch of candidates unopposed right now. but they're unopposed in large part because over the last couple of years, they have, ala mitt romney, moved their positions and what remains to be seen is do the democrats get mileage out of that in the general election or are the republicans safe enough that if they get past the primary, they're okay? but i think the tea party is a major force inside the republican party. if you squash them, you're going to hurt yourself. so the challenge is how do you keep them energized while presenting candidates that are not somehow tarred in a general election with that extremist label? >> that's a great point. let's look at the tom tillis situation. greg brannen, the face of the
3:46 pm
tea party candidate, tillis beats him. does brokennen endorse tillis as they face kay hagin. how do the tea party republicans and the tea party members coalesce behind these establishment candidates? >> that's the tricky part. the guys at the top will always endorse. there is endorsements and there is endorsements. it depends on how enthusiastic they're going to be at the top. but it's also the case that the tea party is not one solid voting bloc controlled by the likes of richard daley. you've got individual activists who even if rand paul says now all good republicans must unite, will say why do we need two democratic parties? we might as well have the legitimate one if you're going to have two. it's a tricky proposition. and just getting an endorsement is no guarantee that you get
3:47 pm
thes at the core of the group. >> you mentioned rand paul. what do you see happening over the next few months as we head into the mid terms in terms of his strength, what he can represent and the future of the republican party and the tea party coming into the presidential election? >> he's the interesting guy. i saw a number of interviews with him in recent weeks around the kentucky derby and the like. you got to say, i say this as a democrat. there is jeb bush, who is familiar, to say the least, and there you've got this guy and rand paul who, if nothing else, i think is benefitting from the exposure he's getting around the midterm because he appears to -- he takes issue, most recently i think it was with vetter i.d. laws, saying we shouldn't be antagonizing african-american voters. he has this streak of independence that is sort of refreshing right now in a political climate in which there
3:48 pm
seem to be very few newcomers with new ideas who are actually commanding attention. so i think he wins whatever happens. >> it's going to be fascinating. almost more importantly, it's going to be fun. wait and see what happens. all right. always good to see you. thank you so much. >> good to see you. you can read susan's column, it's syndicated in newspapers across the country every wednesday and friday. arthel? >> i had something fun for you. forget your smart phone cameras. we're going to show you some of the best connectivity cameras for you to snap that perfect photo. ♪ ♪
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true business-grade internet comes with secure wifi for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company.
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i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. okay so cameras are picking up lessons from smart phones. >> consumer reports tested all of the connected cameras and the magazine's associated editor is here to tell us more.
3:53 pm
i am still using the black berry camera and throw away camera >> connected cameras are those that include wi- fi in the device. and so sony and samsung and cameron are building it in. that thing that looks like a lens. it is an entire built in camera. and it connects to my tablet right here and allows you to use your tablet to take photos and take from the camera itself. and say you are in an auditorium and a kid's school play and set it up near the stage and take it from the comfort of your seat. >> you can zoom better with it. >> all smart phones have digital
3:54 pm
zoom. this is better image quality. >> just to clarify this lens is showing up on your ipad or go to the smart phone with. it >> oh, remove it and hard to reach shots it will take photos. >> will it be wi-fi. >> how much is that >> 250? >> and okay, what is this? >> this is an advanced camera and topped the muralist type of cameras and had built in wiif i. and it is samsung and takes your photos and saves it on the mart phone and tablet. and you can set it up and if you hear a noise it will alarm you. and there is wireless capabilities with the app. >> you can have it in the baby's
3:55 pm
rom? >> exactly. through wifi it will warn you. >> and feel goods. and this one is a cannon. >> it is a n100. and it has a lot of wireless features and mimicking say what you find on instagram. it applies the filters to photos. i took it to the empire state building and has a black and white image like watercolor and saturated with color. it is fun and upload it to the social networking. >> oh, that is nice. they have instagram in everything. >> how much is this one? >> 350. >> and that is very nice. fun stuff, thank you. all right, nice to see you terry sullivan from consumer reports. >> this is amazing stuff.
3:56 pm
i am in the last century. >> get with the program. that's it for us. thanks for watching. julie is up next with the fox report. i will be back tomorrow morning on the sunday future she. have a good saturday. can you start tomorrow? tomorrow we're booked solid. we close on the house tomorrow. tomorrow we go live... it's a day full of promise. and often, that day arrives by train. big day today? even bigger one tomorrow. csx. how tomorrow moves.
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>> i'm julie banders. north korea threatening to conduct a nuclear test as concern gross the rogue nation is stock piling nuclear weapons. now the state department is responding. please searching for a third victim of a deadly hot air balloon crash. the balloon bursting in to flames after slamming in to a power line. fire spread in a basket in a matter of moments. passengers jumping to the ground. >> you can hear them screaming, please, god. sweet


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