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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 14, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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mid. >> what you sign? >> akt. >> very nice. >> that's like a designer label. >> by in other name, tucker carlson, thank you. >> thank you. >> one lucky guy. that's it, ear out numbered. see you back here tomorrow, noneastern. "happening now" right now. confirmations hearings about to begin for the woman who could become the new face of obamacare. sylvia birdwell sits down before the senate finance committee as all signs indicate she will become the next healthnd human services secretary. also, two key players in the gop strategy to win back the senate and the challengers though face as brand new reaction to a new round of primaries. two wildfires raging right now. one on the outskirts of a major city. they worry whether conditions could shift and change
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everything. but first -- >> go ahead, john. take it away. >> it's all you. >> a key hearing tomorrow considering the health of america's heroes as the va secretary prepares to take tough questions on capitol hill. welcome to a new hour of "happening now," everybody. i'm jenna lee. >> i'm john scott. what lawmakers and the american people want to know are reports of long wait times for veterans needing medical care, isolated incidents or pervasive across the va system. why did it take so long to address the problem and how do we guarantee veterans coming home from war zones get the best health care? secretary shinseki will face these hearings tomorrow. we already heard from veterans outraged about the scandal in including one we talked to yesterday on "happening now." >> how could he not know? poor leadership. i would have been removed from my post while i was on active duty if i claimed i did not know when my marines were not performing the way they're supposed to perform. the secretary should own up.
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he should lead the charge in changing this. i do ask for him to resign. >> all of this comes as nn influential house committee the member calls for a special commission to investigate the growing scandal. chief white house correspondent ed henry live on the north lawn for us now. there are, ed, new revelations coming out of chicago. what's the latest on that? >> that's right. you see the frustration there, john, from veterans bubbling up about -- they want answers. what happened here? cbs news reporting last night there was a secret waiting list of patients at va hospital in the chicago area. that on top of what we already know as you mentioned, in phoenix, north carolina. various points all around the country. republican jeff miller chairs the veterans affairs committee. he fired off a letter to the president of the united states last night saying, in part, mr. president, a year has passed since i wrote to you requesting your involvement in addressing a rash of suicides, preventable deaths, and other serious patient care issues at
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department of veteran affairs medical centers around the country. jeff miller writes, he has simply not gotten answers to any of that in the past year and is now demanding that an outside panel review this instead of having the va and their inspector general investigate it. >> secretary shinseki is supposed to be on the hot seat tomorrow on capitol hill. what does the white house have to say about that? >> bottom line is you're right, he is going to face a tough grilling before the senate veterans affairs panel. i just pressed jay carney a few moments ago. he was saying, look, they're on top of this. they're trying to deal with it. they put all kinds of money into trying to deal with the problem at va but i pressed him then, why have we had all of these problems. listen. >> what's been done? >> well, i mean, i can cite you what's been done including the increases in standing for va services this president has insi not always with -- well, ed, as you know, that's under investigation.
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and we will assess what happened there when the facts are fully known. we take that situation and the allegations around it very seriously. >> jay carney was asked about lawmakers in missouri now asking about all investigations that a st. louis va hospital as well. bottom line, john, is it's clear the administration does still not have a complete handle on how many hospitals here were effected, john. >> the drip, drip, drip of bad news, not good for the secretary. >> yeah. >> all right. ed henry at the white house. ed, thank you. we're going to stay with politics. another big round of primary results from two senate races in the running for the midterms. chief political correspondent cameron on who won and who lost. carl? >> hi there, jenna. big night last night in nebraska for the president of midland university, ben sasse. he got more primary votes for the u.s. senate seats than both his rivals combined. the sasse camp is out with a memo that says they give great credit and substantial credit to
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the out of state super pacs who backed him for the win but the lesson really is about recruiting quality candidates. the sasse is making the case that they need constitutional conservatives who can inspire the tea party but also have background in politics that is credible. sasse pleases both the gop establishment and tea partieriers and the super pacs on both sides of that battle. listen. >> that you want solutions, not sound bites and you want bigger ideas to tackle the big problems that we face. you told us that you still believe in the nebraska way and american creed because it wasn't just the hope and promise of yesterday but it's the hope and promise of our kids for tomorrow. you also told us that you wanted to turn the minority leader into the majority leader, and that it's time to fire harry reid. >> and he's had a favorite when it goes to november because republicans are strong in nebraska. the president's particularly unpopular.
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as for governor, pete rickets john the gop nomination for the same sort of reasons like sasse, he is heavily favored to be the governor at the end of next fall. in addition, west virginia made history last night. they are officially nominating both republican congresswoman and democratic secretary of state natalie tenet for u.s. senate. that means the mountaineer state will is have a female senator next year. the winner of the primary for capito's open seat, money. both mooney and in many ways sasse have the credibility to resonate to take the office and hold it. >> interesting trend, carl, thank you. so as carl just reported, the tea party showing it is still a force in u.s. politics. for more analysis on these latest primaries let's bring in ed o'keefe, correspondent for
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the "washington post." michael warren is staff writer for "the weekly standard." some people had written off the tea party for dead. do these results from last night suggest that that was a premature epitaph? >> last week, what were retalking about? tom tillis in north carolina and the establishment fighting back. this week we're talking about the tea party fighting back. i can find the truth sort of in where i often tifind the truthsn the rapper l.l. cool jay, they've been here for many years. the tea party for the last several years have merge with the republican party on a lot of these issues. what you ended up having in nebraska, for instance, are three kraents who are sort of indistinguishable on the issues but ben sasse, having backing of those tea party groups he was able to put forward his candidacy and showed that he was the best candidate, smart, conservative guy but would get along with the establishment as well. so i kind of reject the whole
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establishment versus tea party kind of dichotomy, at least in nebraska. >> all right. nebraska might be a very different animal from virginia. let's talk about eric cantor, ed. majority leader of the house of representatives, he is said to be in potentially some trouble from a very tea party affiliated tea party, oriented challenger. what do you make of that? >> david brat is the name of the challenger. raised $40,000 compared to the $2 million that eric cantor has in the bank. but already tea party backers have really up ended the state party organization a bit by rejecting basically the state party committee from cantor's district that was a friend of his and an ally. many now believe that could be the precursor to a possible, if not win, by mr. bratt but at least a closer than expected margin for a man who many believe one day will become speaker of the house. it's a bit of an embarrassment for cantor who would probably
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prefer to be focused on gets his other colleagues re-elected and not worry about himself. i would agree, this doesn't necessarily signal the return or the comeback of the tea party. they're here. this is the whole reason congress is acting the way it is these days. what we're in the ♪ midst of is two-month primary battle going state by state, district by district. in many cases so-called establishment republicans running against so-called tea-party backed republicans. everyone is going to win a few. so far it looks as if the establishment candidates are doing better. they got victories not only in nebraska last night but west virginia race as well. >> some of the establishment candidates may be tempering their language a little bit to suit what tea party voters might be looking for or looking to hear. >> that's right. i do want to make a point about west virginia. i read about shelly a few weeks ago from "the weekly standard." she didn't have any primary call leng and she considers herself sort of a centrist type
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republican. she's pretty much far away from what the tea party stands for in terms of, you know, west government spending. she defends spending government money, you know, to help the library get a new roof, for instance, somewhere in west virginia. so in a lot of ways it comes down to this particular state, to the particular electorate, and so it's really a diverse party, the republican party, diverse country which we know as well. >> and in west virginia when you have a president who is anti-coal, state like west virginia, you know, anybody who is not of the president's party perhaps may be appealing. all right. >> that's right. >> ed o'keefe, michael warren, thank you both. we should have an l.l. cool j coat for i've everything. we have six months. we'll see. >> good idea. that was not one that i knew, but i'm not familiar with the l.l. cool j repertoire. >> we're going to play the clip for you during break.
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all right. one more note at least when it comes to the primaries that we wanted to mention to you. one-time "american idol" winner clay aiken is officially a democratic candidate for congress after a too close to call race aiken won the democratic nomination for north carolina congressional seat. and this decision comes less than 24 hours after his primary opponent, keith crisco, died suddenly after a fall at his home. aiken will likely have a tough battle in the gop-leaning district but as you know anything can happen. so he will be running against republican incumbent renee ellmers in november. a whistle-blower on obamacare claiming workers are being paid to do nothing. now one lawmaker is vowing to get to the bottom of it all. and it was breaking news yesterday. during "happening now," new video shows a guy plowing a stolen truck into the lobby of a tv station. and it only gets worse from there. the charges, the person behind the wheel faces now. also, is wiring your baby
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employees at an obamacare processing center reportedly are getting paid to do nothing. the center in missouri processes paper applications for insurance under the affordable care act. a whistleblower says their goal is to process two applications per month. facility is operated by circo, a company owned by a british firm who has a contract worth $1.2 billion. in a statement the centers for medicaid and medicare says, serco is committed to making sure federal funds are spent appropriately and a number of serco staff is reviewed on a
10:16 am
regular basis. roy blunt of missouri is vowing to investigate. right now we're moving on to another story. dramatic story that broke on our air yesterday during this hour of "happening now." police now filing attempted murder charges against the man they say crashed a stolen truck right into a baltimore tv station. the man then barricaded himself inside the building and spent several hours watching live tv coverage of the ordeal. molly has the details with new developments for us. molly? >> jenna, police have identified the man or rested after he went into that building and barricaded himself in ann editig room at wmar-tv, abc affiliate in maryland outside of baltimore. 28-year-old vladimir baptiste of baltimore county. three counts of attempted second degree murder. held on $750,000 bail. baptiste's mother told them that her son was supposed to be at a drug class, a rehab class at the time that police say he stole
10:17 am
that truck and drove it through the front glass doors of the station. the police chief said that during negotiations with baptiste, officers suspected he may have had some type of mental illness. >> the individual was ranting and raving incoherent statements. it was clear from the very beginning we were dealing with a emotionally disturbed subject. >> chief johnson also praised wmar's security guard. the station identified her as anita wilson. for her, quote, commendable action when baptiste was trying to get inside the building. wilson initially refused to let baptiste in when he came on foot and then called police twice as the situation escalated. you see him trying to crash the car in here. she also alerted employees to evacuate the building out the back door. no one at the station, including the security guard anita wilson, was injured. remarkable that no one was injured after that. >> she did a good job. doing all right things. molly, thank you.
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well, they get paid big bucks to track your habits. private companies gathering mind boggling amount of perm information about you. but is anybody monitoring the companies who are busy keeping tabs on you? plus, a bounce house goes airborne. witnesses watched helplessly as the children inside were thrown to the ground. tell you more about this shocking i understand dent and how it happened. >> i just saw the bouncy house come up and then it went over there and i didn't see my sister. and then one little boy came out, landed in the middle of the road. t!
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could mean less waiting for things like security backups and file downloads you'd take that test, right? well, what are you waiting for? you could literally be done with the test by now. now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. right now, two young boys are hospitalized after an unbelievable accident. they were tossed from an inflatable bounce house when it was swept up in the air by a strong gust of wind. chief correspondent jonathan in
10:22 am
our new york studios with that. >> this is every parent's worst nightmare. three kids were in that bounce . a 10-year-old girl and two boys, aged 5 and 6. it was swept up, as you can see, and these pictures we have by a gust of wind, the 10-year-old girl fell out almost immediately and wasn't badly hurt. but the 6 and 5-year-old boys taken into the air some 15 to 20 feet, according to the police. the 6-year-old fell directly on to the road. the 5-year-old fell into the apartment parking lot where they had been playing, hitting his head first on a car. here's a witness. >> he hit his head off the back of my car. >> i heard his head hit my car and then i heard him hit the ground and then i just heard screaming everywhere. >> that boy who hit the car, we are now told is in a medically induced coma. the other boy, the 6-year-old, has two broken arms, a broken jaw, and possible internal
10:23 am
injuries. as for what caused this, the police say obviously wind was a factor. they do not expect, though, any charges against the owner of the bounce house. they say at the moment they believe it was sbimply a tragic accident, albeit a very difficult one for everybody, including first responders, to witness. listen here. >> it's quite brutal. it's heart wrenching. >> makes me want to squeeze my kids extra at night. >> definitely. it was hard to see what i seen. >> now, the bounce house was made by a company called little tikes nape told us in a statement today they are also investigating this accident and their thoughts and prayers are, as are everybody's, with the families of those two little boys. >> what about tie-down or sandbags or something like that? >> i talked to the cops today about that, john, and they said that indeed the bounce house did
10:24 am
have stakes, about six-inch long plastic stakes. so it appears that it was correctly secured and that this, according to them, was nothing more than a freak accident and a very, very scary one, obviously. >> very scary. we were just commenting in the studio the thing looks like it's way higher than 10 or 15 feet. >> when you look at the height it reached, it looks to me about 50 feet at its height. but the boys fell out at about the 15 to 20-foot level. >> it's not loaded there. that's probably why it went in the air higher. what a story. thank you. >> terrifying. something you don't think about. we will think twice about now. new concerns about who is xwat thering information about you and we're not talking about the nsa. private companies collect, study, and sell a mind-bongling amount of information about your habits. companys make a lot of money. a question is raised today in a
10:25 am
politico article about who watches the watchers. let's bring in morgan wright, cyber security analyst. this was quite a read. >> absolutely. >> we spend a lot of time on nsa and what they're doing and how we feel about it. >> yeah. >> and the over arching theme of this article is there are private companies doing far more than the nsa. what is your general take on it? >> they're doing $39 billion worth of business collecting and selling our personally identifiable information and they're doing it legally. you know, the difference is between doing it for government purposes and doing it for private purposes. jenna, it's mind boggling. i just met a company this morning called talking about your personal safety. you become shocked when you realize how much information is being sold. but more importantly, the government, many city, county, state governments are the ones selling this information. >> really? who are they selling it to? >> the department of motor vehicles information, a lot of
10:26 am
other things are being told to people. people are electing license plate information, being able to track things for insurance purposes. one report out of this report, 75,000 different points of information may be collected on consumers and being sold. >> i don't want my information being sold, that's what's going through my mind. is there anything that someone can do about it to prevent that from happening? >> yeah. and like i said, the company i met with this morning, has service where's you can go in and put your information is around it will find all the different places your information is and remove it and monitor it on a monthly basis. there are several other companies, too, that provide similar services. people have to be empowered and you have to give them tools to remove themselves from this activity. >> what is the political angle in this article mentioned this, that republicans are adverse to any new regulations on businesses, democrats are skittish. the politico article says about alienating campaign donors on
10:27 am
either side. these are two generalizations as to what the reasons are for not push legislation. what is your thought on that, morgan? do we need legislation? >> when you look at the latest government and you see how many regulations there are and the cost of regulations i don't know that we need more regulations. i think milton friedman said it one time. he said there is a place for litigation in our society. you don't want to over lit bait gate but people are using these services when you use a website you give consent for them to collect your information. the question is how many people actually read the trm terms and conditions and the privacy policy? probably not nearly enough of these. do you want to use that application on that phone, what do you click, yes, i agree to the terms because you want what that application provides. people are making an exchange, i give you my personal information in return for being able to use some feature, some convenience. so it's a business negotiation but i think the problem is people aren't educated and they
10:28 am
don't understand enough where this information goes once they give it. >> as you point out, volunteering a lot of personal information just going about our daily lives and wanting to be sufficient and searching on the web. morgan, it's an ongoing conversation. this is the beginning. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> thank you. speaking of watching and who is watching what, there's brand new technology for babies monitoring everything from their breathing habits to their eating habits. and they wear the sensors on their bodies. that's right. is this a good idea to have it in your onesie? we're going to talk with our medical a-teamer about that. what do you think? we do it to ourselves, right? you have a wristband to say how many calories you burned today. and join the discussion. we look forward to hearing your opinion on that. >> maybe you have one of those little monitor things. >> i don't. swear, look. it's nothing. >> all right. the face-off between ukraine and russia could reach a whole new level. the latest on the crisis and how it could impact what's happening
10:29 am
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if we want to be ready for a longer retirement. we cannot let the fans down. don't worry! the united states postal service will get it there on time with priority mail flat rate shipping. our priority has always been saving the day. because our priority... amazing! you! the amazing spider-man 2 delivered by the united states postal service. let's get you caught up in ukraine. pro-russian insurgents attacking yooukian troops killing seven servicemen and this crisis in eastern europe is affecting the united states now as well. playing hard ball over the international space station, saying they plan to cease its
10:33 am
operation in six years, the future of the program into doubt. in the meantime, ukraine has now agreed to talks on decentralized power as part of a european backed peace plan. the one key party was not invited. eastern ukraine with more, greg? >> that's right, jenna. the talks have begun in kiev. most analysts right now aren't holding out too much hope for russian separatists, from here at the center of the problems are not yet included. this as the yooukian military the reeling from that attack which we reported to you yesterday which left the seven soldiers dead and seven injured. the charred remains their armored personnel carrier and ammunition truck were seen in the countryside today north of where we are right now. 30 militants were said to be involved in the ambush which included rocket propelled grenades and automatic weapons. there is no word on casualties on the rebel side. one of several flash points we are tracking. take a look at another.
10:34 am
>> just to show you how potentially volatile this situation is behind this is a ukrainian military basemaned by interior ministry police pep with understand the past couple of hours this separatist lag has been hoisted outside and just across the way a sandbag bunker manned by four russian militants watching and waiting. >> earlier today it was reported that several dozen pro-russian militia armed with weapons came to the gate of that base demanding ukrainians there come over to their side apparently they held their ground. the militants left their calling cards behind. finally, russian for written n minister lavrov weighing in. he said ukraine is on the verge of civil war, a conflict to which many assert moscow is contributing. >> greg, thank you. the obama administration and top regulators at fannie mae and freddie mac are laying out some new plans to try to help more
10:35 am
americans buy homes. reversing course on efforts to tighten lending standards that were imposed after the financial crisis. this amid growing concern of a weak housing recovery and its impact on the overall economy. let's talk about with fox news network correspondent sheryl casoni. first of all, first things first. until you really get the housing sector rebounding you're not going to get much of an economic recovery, are you? >> no, you're not. janet yellen and secretary lou have been vocal in saying that housing is the weak spot. we've seen that. the data coming in over the last three months of existing home sales, new home sales, bimder confidence, all of it has been rather weak. a lot of it came down to financing. these banks, the lending standards, the underwriting standards, they were so lax and so loose during the financial crisis, well, that, of course, what does d.c. do, they go the other way, swing the pendulum to the other side and clamp down on the entire market. >> now you have 20% down, 30%
10:36 am
down. >> exactly. >> what first-time home buyer, by the way, they are not anticipating in the housing recovery. what first-time home buyer has 20% when they are sitting on heavy student loan debt. you can't have a housing market without a job market. we have weakness in both right now. they had to do this. they had to make this change. a lot of nervousness is bubbling up in d.c. especially with the housing drink that tell me that this was the worst idea. you had the bill that also made them very nervous, to get rid of fannie and freddie. now you have it as a backstop. is it enough? we're going to have to find out. interest rates are 4% right now for 30-year loans. that's a positive. a very good thing. we've got to see the first-time home buyers get into the market and they knew that. the administration had no choice but to back off of these incredibly ridiculous stifling regulations that they put into play. >> fannie and fahd freddie are going to make it easier for
10:37 am
people to qualify for more mortgages. are we going to see a return to easy money that led to the problem? >> there is a lot of concern about another bubble coming up. that's not going to happen. why would a bank want to go back to the days of 2008 in the financial crisis? i mean, we've got the opposite problem right now but do you really think -- people are talking about nobody down loans five years ago when this blew up in 2008. you don't have a job in we'll give you a us hoing loan, no problem. take a house. that's never going to happen again. the banks, the shareholders of the banks in particular, do not want to go back to where we were in 2008 when the blanks nearly collapse and we had to save them. >> and the tax pay ersz helped bail them out. hello. >> that is not the plan here. i think these fears are overblown. i think this is the right move. i'm very, very grateful that this happened yesterday. we've got to see people buying homes again. we've got to see this economy get out of the doldrums. we needed this. >> i just want to get into a business where if i screw up mightily, the taxpayer pays for
10:38 am
my mistakes. that's why want. thank you. john, right now crews in california are getting ground on two wildfires near san diego but their efforts could be hampered by the winds expected to pick up this afternoon. what firefighters do not want to hear, as thousands of people return home after a massive evacuation order was lifted. will is live in san diego with the latest for us. >> the winds have picked up and firefighters tell us that they have grave concerns about the weather conditions heading into the afternoon. today is another red flag warning day. that means the winds will continue to be strong. there will be low humidity. temperatures will be in the triple digits. it's dry. california is in a drought. put it all together and it's perfect wildfire conditions. yesterday schools, thousands of residents were all forced to evacuate. this part of northern san diego which is about 25 miles north of downtown san diego. the fire burned almost 1600 acres and although it's 25%
10:39 am
contained, firefighters say there's still a lot of work to be done, especially at the fire flares up. >> we are prey paired for the worse and hoping for the best. but we are going to monitor the next 24 hours with the weather conditions and if we have any flare-ups or any spot fires we'll aggressively attack those from the air and the ground. >> fire investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what caused this fire as of right now 350 firefighters are on the front lines and they say they're doing everything they can, jenna, to keep these communities safe. >> wish them the best. will, thank you. all right. many of us depend on our smartphones to keep track of our lives. but your trusty phone could also make you a big inviting target for thieves. why security experts say your phone is worth more than a solid block of silver on the black-market. speaking of phones, a new app is giving new parents real peace of mind.
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it's a wearable technology that monitors your baby's vital signs. aw. (mother vo) when i was pregnant
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but i needed information i could trust. unitedhealthcare's innovative, simple program helps moms stay on track with their doctors to get the right care and guidance. (anncr vo) that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. hi. i'm gretchen carlson. bill clinton weighing in on hillary clinton's handling of benghazi, his brand new comments on that, and her health. plus, brett bear just wrapped up an interview with tim geithner where he asked him whether the white house was trying to get him to mislead the american people. his answer, you've got to hear. do you think you or your kids or your grandkids maybe have a gluten intolerance? a study says gluten intolerance may not even exist. all at the top of the hour. see you. startling new information about that smartphone in your pocket. criminals are targeting the devices more and more. security experts from lookout
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now saying your phone is worth 30 times more than a solid block of silver because it contains a treasure trove of personal data and sensitive information can fetch a high price on the black-market. meantime, the danger of losing that data is sinking in with 70% of people saying they would put themselves in some amount of danger just to retrieve a lost phone. jenna is probably one of them. >> would you, john? >> no. >> jumped on a subway track looking for their phone? people do that here, though. got to be careful. speaking of smartphones, there's some brand new technology that lets you monitor your baby's vital signs. take a look at this. >> i forgot what i was going to say. >> mommy is a common condition in new parents caused largely by restless nights and interrupted sleeps. nimo's machine washable onesie monitor the skin temperature, activity level of infaptdntinfa
10:45 am
>> dr. manny is joining us, senior manager editor of and you're shaking your head. i'm looking at the heads of the crew. >> why would you want the know all that information is tell you? >> you will worry. just like the promo says, you worry. >> mining myself included, you don't need it. it creates a t lot of anxiety. in my opinion, and i've been through this. i've been doing this a long time with medical devices coming on board and i remember the days, they never pan out. they go after a little bit of the after the anxiety of the patient or the paranoid or whatever the case may be. what are you going to do with the data? what do you care if the oxygen sast saturation is at 96% versus 97%? >> it's not a medical device but a couple hundred dollars, what they're selling you is peace of mind. you will know your baby's temperature and that your baby is breathing okay in the middle
10:46 am
of the night. >> touch the baby, hold him up, wake him up in the middle of the night, poke him, he starts crying, he's alive. get out of the room, my wife would say. it costs $200. look, i get it. i mean, there's a lot of things, like i know that there are some devices that are now for movement in regards to physical activity, fitness. >> like you can wear on your wrist. we were talking about that amongst the team. a lot of adults are wearing these monitors. your energy output. >> exactly. how many steps i take today and that gets you going into a different mindset. i can see that for children if you want them to do more physical activity and sit in a computer and make it fun for them. i get that. the monitoring of the baby, oxygen, position, temperature, this, that. >> one scenario i'm going to play out, doctor. what if you use this as a tool when you go to the doctor and you say, listen, my kid is not acting right. here's their sleep pattern from the last few weeks.
10:47 am
>> throw you out of the office. he will throw you out of the office, ask you for the co-pay and dsay bye-bye, find another doctor. >> what about the toxicity? >> i do have a question about wireless technology. if we can play the video again or look at this picture here. you can see that it's a regular onesie and the baby on the side has a little device that clips in. how safe is that? >> the plastic, we don't know how things get manufactured. there are a lot of toxins and the wireless ones really -- they say, well, it's the same energy as a cellphone. how many stories have you and i done on the toxicity of cellphones? we looked at brain cancer rate and this and that and everybody goes crazy. why would you in a newborn put a cellphone in their billionly because you want to know if they're moving or not. >> do you think people said the same thing about putting the monitor sdevices inside the cri all the time now? do you think the same argument is made and this is the way
10:48 am
people are going? >> that was a new technology. i bought one when my first born, after the second kid i turned it off because i couldn't stand all the crying. so that was that. >> all right. some things to figure out then. thank you. >> you got it. >> john? >> and kid is doing very well. we're happy to announce. still to come on "happening now," underwater researchers may be getting to the bottom of a 500-year-old mystery. could this be the site of the shipwreck that changed the course of history? we'll talk to one expert who thinks so. live pictures of an out of control brush fire in bone dry southern california engulfing apartments and other buildings. more on the story coming up. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
10:49 am
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a fox news alert, we have told you about the terrible wildfire conditions in california right now. and now some of those chickens are coming home to roost. it is a very windy day. a fire's broken out apparently in long beach, about a two to three-acre fire. you can see workers throwing patio furniture into the pools just to keep it from catching fire. at an apartment complex there, apparently some of the buildings have caught fire. you can see them spraying down the roofs and side walls of those structures to try to keep them from going up in flames. two to three-acre fire in long beach. another fire has broken out apparently in camp pendleton, california. you can see by the smoke how
10:53 am
strong these winds are blowing. that is a real problem. it is very dry there. they haven't had much water. now they've got high winds. so any spark that hits the ground has the chance to really turn into a conflagration. that's what they're facing. we'll keep an eye on it. what could be one of the most historic discoveries ever, researchers off the coast of haiti finding what they believe are the sunken remains of "the santa maria." it was one of three ships christopher columbus sailed to the americas in 1492. joining us now, the man behind this amazing discovery, barry clifford. barry, how sure are you that this is the "santa maria" that you have found? >> you have to be careful with all of these sorts of things. but the evidence is really more than substantial. it's overwhelming. and we're very excited about it. but yet we have to continue further excavations. but all of the evidence is just
10:54 am
overwhelming. we've eliminated every other location in the bay. we've gotten documents that show the precise location as told by columbus. and we transcribed that distance to the fort from where we found what we believe was the shipwreck. and it's exactly the same distance along with all of the types of 15th century artifacts that we found in that location. >> you've been involved in expeditions all over the world. what mysteries could this solve for us, if this is indeed columbus' ship? what could we learn from it? >> it's the ship that was responsible for the discoveries that helped make responsible the -- it was the ship that was responsible for providing columbus with the ability to discover the americas. the ship was lost. it gives us a touchstone to that period.
10:55 am
and the material that could be found on the ship, the stories that could be told, the history is really unprecedented. it represents an extremely important archaeological discovery. and it has to be preserved and protected. ultimately that's our task right now is to make sure we help the haitian government in preserving and excavating the shipwreck and ultimately displaying it. >> and that's something that obviously you're working on and is an ongoing project for you. barry, i'm curious for you personally, what is this like to be at this point, to do these interviews and make these announcements that you believe this ship has been found? >> well, this is all i've been doing all my life. and this is really the ultimate -- it's sort of the mt. everest of my discoveries. but i'm also saddled with this tremendous responsibility now to make sure that it's done properly, to make sure that it's ark logicaldggicadge
10:56 am
archaeologically and made available to scholars and schoolchildren around the world. it's the voyage that changed the course of human history and i feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to make sure it's done correctly. >> that's a replica of what the "santa maria" would look like. barry, we hope you'll come back on the program. appreciate the time today. we look forward to having you back. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. thank you, bye. >> they were very tiny ships. if you've ever been on a reconstruction of them -- >> makes them more remarkable, the they were able to do -- >> something about the size of a bathtub, is what it felt like. we are waiting for confirmation hearings to begin on capitol hill. we'll have a live report as the senate considers sylvia matthews burwell as the next health and human services secretary. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning.
10:57 am
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drink a toast, we are now the world's biggest market for wine. the u.s. has taken the top spot from france for the first time ever. the average french person still drinks more wine, but overall, america is the biggest market. >> we'll win at something. >> there you go. thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" starts right now. we start with a fox news alert. the confirmation hearing about to get under way for president obama's pick to become the new public face of obamacare. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story." republicans say they plan to vote for sylvia matthews burwell to replace health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. democrats say it's the sort of a new era. but new polling seems to suggest the toughest times for obamacare may still be ahead. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live for us on capitol hill. what should we expect when this hearing gets under way? fireworks or not so much?


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