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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 16, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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on, tonight. >> it brings tears to my eyes to know how women are working so hard and are getting paid less. >> a big women's pay controversy at the uber liberal "new york times." the top editor is out, perhaps because her pay did not measure up. laura ingraham on that. >> i think you are too sensitive by the way ms. walters. >> why? >> i think you tour sensitive. >> barbara walters leaving tv and we have many questions for her. >> you are the most successful woman, journalist of all time. did you ever think about why? ♪ it's fun to stay at the
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ymca >> also tonight, you are not going to believe it, some school kids cannot sing the song ymca because it may be racist. ♪ hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. money, women, politics, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. "new york times" has fired its top editor, jill abrahamson, she is out. some say it's because she thought she wasn't paid the same wage as men in her position at the "times." the report comes from ken aletta who works at the new yorker magazine. the history the "new york times" a very liberal newspaper and bought into the war on women political pose.
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in april it editorialized about the claim that american women earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. a claim we have debunked here. anyway, the "times" put forth, quote: it reflects overdiscrimination as well as more nuances gender based factors like the fact that women are disproportionately concentrated in the lowest paying fields and there is no doubt that the pay gap is real, unquote. apparently jill abrahamson hired a law lawyer to investigate why she was not receiving the same compensation than men received in the past. if that's true, the "times" could be in for legal trouble as well as having a pr nightmare on its hands. the newspaper denies miss abrahamson was not paid fairly -- so, the two leading gender equality
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promoters, the obama white house and the "new york times" both are now involved in pay controversies concerning women. to be fair, we don't know the truth of these situations. but that's the point. you can't make blanket pay comparisons unless you know all the factors of a person's employment. and that's impossible on a mass level. now, i think this is karma. i think the phony war on women, the attempt to divide americans along gender and race lines is appalling. now we are seeing those who promote that embarrassed. talking points will say once again, you will never never have equality in a free marketplace. it's impossible. talents vary, experience vary, circumstances are all different. intelligent americans know when they hear the word equality, it's being used to push a social agenda. in this case liberal america wants women to believe they are not being treated fairly. so they will vote for the democratic party. same thing with income inequality. the left wants american
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workers to believe that not getting their fair share so they will vote democratic. if the majority of american voters buy into the inequality scenario, bad things are are going to happen. what has made this country great and strong is free competition, a drive, an individual drive to succeed. not a nanny state that seeks to level all playing fields. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, joining us from washington ms. laura ingraham. so, even though they haven't been fair to me -- >> -- never. >> i want to be fair to the "new york times" because that's the kind of guy i am. you believe in the pay issue angle of this story? >> yeah. bill, i think that, look, again, you pointed out we don't know all the dynamics that went into place. all of the managerial stuff. i don't know what went on at the "new york times." do i know when we raise those types of issues in trying to combat the equal pay mantra theirs that women
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don't get paid the same amount of money, maybe it's experience. maybe it's how much time they take off, other factors come into play. they never want to consider those when we are saying well maybe you should look at this in a broader way. now the "new york times" is caught and i wouldn't be surprised if abramson, giving what a bloody departure that was, she didn't even show up at the announcement unlike with her male predecessor when he left he his his wife there and big farewell to the staff. this was humiliating and ugly, right? i wouldn't be surprised if she sued. >> i don't think she will sue. i will just tell you why because she -- this is a negotiated package. >> yeah. >> that when a person leaves a position like that, they get a lot of money. they get a big check. >> hush money. >> along with the check sign a paper. number one, i'm not going to disparage you, number two, i'm not going to it sue you. she walks away with a couple of million dollars. >> what we know, bill, whether it's equal pay at
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the white house, we saw that that wasn't taking place when the women staffers and male staffers, they weren't getting equal pay or global warming, you know, with the all the global warming advocates flying around in private jets like al gore or people against school choice on the left they send their kids to private schools like sidwell friends in washington. other schools around the country. public schools whether they get choice or no choice doesn't matter to them. a lot of hypocrisy on the left on really important issues. and this just kind of egg in the face for the "new york times." >> if it turns out that somebody can do an investigation and find out that ms. abramson was not paid as her predecessors, her male predecessors were, okay? because she was around a long time, this woman, all right, then the "new york times" -- that's going to be unbelievable. >> yeah, since '97. i think the new republic has an interesting piece today where they say this is a humiliating and really harsh how her departure was orchestrated at the "times." they compared that to the way the previous executive
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editor reigns was let go. he had a chance to at least say good by and wasn't so utterly humiliating. >> no doubt this is bad blood. but, to be fair again, because i'm a fair man, this woman hell on wheels. i mean -- >> -- wait a second, bill. aren't you for the ban bossy. you and michelle for banning bossy. >> i'm not for banning anything. i know this woman, i don't think you want to be going to hawaii with her. i could be wrong. >> she wrote a nasty book about my former boss justice thomas. >> this is unbelievable. this is, again, on the women thing. andrea mitchell, you know nbc news correspondent, okay? so she has got senator feinstein on her program on msnbc. nobody saw it because they don't get any ratings. i mean that nobody saw it. but, ms. mitchell is saying that the disappearing girls in nigeria, all right, the 300 girls who are missing,
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kidnapped by this muslim criewrks all right, would probably be better off if they were boys. roll the tape. >> it really calls into question he whether the men in charge of our government, frankly, would have been responding more quickly despite good luck john, than the president of nigeria's opposition whether they would have been responding more rapidly if it hadn't been school girls. been on some other premise. >> you you mean if it had been school boys? i don't think that. >> i guess some other cause. >> okay. >> unbelievable. >> bill, 50 boys were burned to death, 8 weeks earlier than the kidnapping in february. they were burned to death in their village. shut into buildings, buildings torched on fire. they were hit with those fire cannons, burned to death, okay? we didn't seem to care at all about those boys and i
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don't think all these hollywood people with their #in treaties about these poor girls. i didn't hear about them talking about all the christian persecution, killing of catholic priests, boys burning at all earlier this year. now we are supposed to say the only reason they didn't cover this because they are girls. they didn't cover any of this anti-christian violence. very little coverage in the mainstream press. >> i think this about andrea mitchell see ising ago gender grievance in every story that comes down the pike. every story there is a gender grievance. last word. >> war on christians. war on religious minorities who don't cow tow and bow down for the global calafate burned and tortured in middle east and parts of africa. a story the media doesn't want to cover because they are worried of charges of islamaphobia. that's really what is going on. i would hope andrea mitchell hits that angle. >> you would hope but she
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won't. laura ingraham, everybody. here are the results of our bill o' should the u.s. help nigeria rescue the kidnapped girls. 50,000 vote. 57% say yes, 43% say. no next on the rundown, p.c. madness, the school kids can not sing the song ynca because a parent believes there is a racist component to it later, barbara walters retiring from tv. we have got some questions for her. and the factor is coming right back.
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>> pc madness. . ♪ ymca. you can get yourself free you can do whatever you feel
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>> the talent shows are never easy these days. one mother told the school ymca was racist because joining us to react james carville is in vegas this evening. from washington ymca i think you were opening for the young. you didn't have a problem, did you? >> oh, if you or anybody else hears me sing, you will be offended, i guarantee you. so this is political correctness, not run amuck or madness, this is at its finest. this is the intent of political correctness. academic. where you can't offend certain groups. you can't offend people. i mean, it's not even logical. >> this was a mom. >> this is a mom. reservations and stuff. this mom doesn't like the village guy dressing as a native american.
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>> what about the biker dudes. he. >> not allowed to perform in the talent show. one of them was dressed up as a an indian because it might possibly offend people. the last i heard. costume is good, carville. i like it. it's got dignity to it it's got crafting to it? >> it does. >> carville? >> this is one mother kind of loss as the-to-why the school board they didn't want controversy. but wouldn't even think about it i go to baseball game that they sing ymca all the time at the nationals game: >> that started with the yankees by the way, carville, the yankees ground crew started that i want everybody to know i went to high school county motorcycle guy. i think he was expelled. anyway, so even carville, even james carville, kate, an uber leftist admits that
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this is insanity. >> i didn't say insanity. i didn't see it. >> you just don't see it. >> i would say extreme to me. i wuntd say it's insanity. >> look, the political correctness bill is not the mom complaining school's reaction. a guy is arrested because he complains about a sexually expolitics sit book that his daughter is forced to read that does not fall into the politically correct class. you can't be a christian and white guy and be offend od and have somebody respond to you. this is actually a big problem. a stupid case but a broader problem. >> i want to tell carville if i were the school board chief? fargo, north dakota. do you know what i would have done, carville? i would have put another show into the talent show macho man and had the first graders sing that. >> i think some of that -- >> -- whole village people
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before i got through with that what kate is bringing up. in seattle, washington, a group of teenagers was told they could not give easter eggs out with candy, unless they called the easter eggs, quote, spring -- it's your fault, carville, you and your ilk have driven this political madness. it's your fault. >> i will give you one. i think the red skin name is hideous. i think they ought to get rid of that terrible thing. >> you made my point. your fault because political correct mattedness has now seeped into everything. lead me give you another one, kate. the a.p. style book. this is for journalists. all right? for journalists supposed to fault associated press. they have removed the term illegal immigrant. illegal immigrant does not exist anymore according to
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the associated press. this is just crazy stuff. >> right. if you have a concern with illegal immigration you hate immigrants. it's part of this political correctness. it has seeped over beyond academia just ask don jones of the miami dolphins. now facing sensitivity training. that should worry us trying to manipulate his thoughts. contrary to political correctness. >> has to go to indoctrination camp outside of the how how hochimen city. >> that's my fault, too. >> admit next week, carville, right here that it's your fault. it's you and your crew. >> i accept responsibility for not kids in the first grade fargo, north dakota not being able to sing ymca. very profound moment in new york city today. the 9/11 museum dedication.
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later, krauthammer on whether republican can be the next president of the united states. also barbara walters vs. me one last time. those reports after these messages.
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white house insider segment tonight. >> we look into the faces of nearly 3,000 innocent souls, men and women, and children of every race, every creed, from every corner of the world we can touch their names and hear their voices. >> and a personal note, where i live on long island, scores, scores of men and women were killed at the world trade center. and their children are frrchedz of my children. i see them every day. i knowed profound effects this terror attack took. i support a charity called tuesday's children out on rhode island which helps these kids. some of whom have never gotten over this i appreciated the president
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coming today joining us is chief white house reporter ed henry. >> one of the most chilling parts of this is voice mails some people on the planes that they knew were likely to crash. they were being hijacked and people didn't know whether they were going to live or not. i heard one of the recordings from a man who left a recording for his wife and it's just chilling because he was so methodical i think i'm going to die. i want you to know i love you. new people who were lost on that day. this is a rare occasion where the politics that goes on in this city was put aside for at least a moment and you had republicans like chris christie. you had michael bloomberg. had you bill and hillary clinton along with the obamas, coming together for this important. >> rudy giuliani. and when you come to new york city, everyone, i think you should go down there because what this does is personalize the attack. geraldo told me 367 new york
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city firefighters i had forgotten that killed. battling the blaze and the buildings came down on that. 367. in a flash i'm from dear park on long island. one father going to that pile every day from dear park, new york trying to find two sons. one i believe was a police officer. one a firefighter. and they were both lost. so, the toll on families, still, still searing. >> so today we honor the victims. >> 23 new york city police officers killed in that attack. shinseki, the general in charge of the v.a., i have been critical of him in the past i didn't believe is he up. chaos. veterans aren't getting what they deserve. shinseki testified today in front of congress. he has got to go, i think.
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what say you. >> he will stay for a while in part of because of what you say with sebelius. look, kathleen sebelius there were calls for her to resign for a long time. democrats were frustrated with, not just republicans, but they kept her around, why? for the white house politically she was somebody who took the heat for the president. if you push con seq.y out now, the president is going to get a lot tougher questions than he has gotten so far in all of this. >> yeah. >> well, look, i say this about hillary clinton and benghazi, the president of the united states doesn't run are the v.a. it's shinseki's faults. >> if you don't pitch you get fired. you say not right away but shinseki is toast. >> down the road. the president is going to get heat i maintain he has made big promises to veterans and he has got to
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follow through on that. >> shinseki likely to go. is he a war veteran, wounded veteran from vietnam. that's one of the reasons why he stuck around so far. he has great respect among veterans. >> okay. ed, thanks as always. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. krauthammer and a possible republican presidency in 2016. barbara walters on why she is getting out of tv. next, our mad as hell segment. >> he looks mad, doesn't he? we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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mad as hell segment tonight, five feisty letters. appreciate all of you writing in. heather nauert see her on "fox & friends" beginning at 2 it:30 in the morning. >> 5 to 6:00 a.m. of.
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>> that show never ends. 18 hours of "fox & friends." >> if you are up early. >> i am. the first letter heather comes from carol] >> she is referring to watters gunning down verbally speaking, of course. steve israel and the guy in mississippi last week. >> congressman steve israel you see him right there. ahead of the ccc democrats named congressional campaign committee intends to get more democrats into office. he had been asked on another network do you think republican colleagues are racist? and he said no, of course not. but to a significant extent the republican base does have elements that are animated by racism. >> now, let me stop you there. >> that's unfortunate. >> waters inaccurately quoted him and denied saying it and ran in the elevator and wouldn't answer the question. >> right. >> i agree with, what was the name here? >> karen.
1:32 am
>> i agree with you, karen, these people have to be held accountable, and if they won't talk to us, we will send them to somebody chase them around. >> you have invited them on the show a couple times. >> he is my congress. >> my congress, too. >> we are going to go over. >> let's have a meeting. second letter from john wendell, somerset, pennsylvania. i didn't believe you wasted our time, o'reilly, showing and discussing that video on the elevator. there is no news or redeeming qualities in that video. nothing anyone needs to z stick to the things people need to sea and hear. talking about the jay-z solange thing. >> um. >>um the reason we showed this is we discussed how you can't steal videos from a hotel and what happened to the person who did it? >> the guy got fired by the standard hotel and new york is a state where you can fire somebody at will meej they didn't have to have. >> this guy had cause. >> this guy cause. it seems though perhaps the law hasn't caught one technology here. >> there is a lot of that. >> that's because the guy, it appears, and i'm just calling him a guy.
1:33 am
could have been a woman, i don't know. took his cell phone and took video of the closed captioned security video he. >> they did fire the employee but didn't release the employee's name yet. >> correct. 550 grand he got from tmz. a lot of money. >> i applaud the nba commissioner's decision involving donald sterling, it begs the question what about shaquille o'neal. as insensitive towards a young child with a genetic disorder. his mocking of this young boy slapping of the face with imhad. all people with disabilities apology unapathetic. >> put himself with a young man genetic disorder and mocked him and made fun of him. >> why did he do that? >> i don't know why he did it. but he has come out since and he apologized very quick. >> i apology sincere in your opinion? >> i think it seems insun sear. people like shack. seems to be a nice guy. is he a straight shooter. >> give shaq the benefit of the doubt that he made a
1:34 am
mistake and he apologized. >> this did come out othe day after donald sterling. nothing is going to get attention. >> not at that level but he shouldn't have done it next up paul in nap perville, illinois. i'm mad as hell the toilet paper keeps getting more narrow. it averaged 5 inches and it has shrunk. >> it true. >> it's called product shrink damage see that with ritz crackers and also happens with toiment paper. interesting 20 years ago toilet paper used to be 44 and a half by 4 and a half inches. now it's 4.1 by 3.7. >> maybe people are getting more slender. >> i don't think so. we are getting bigger and also thinner. >> this is an important item for some people. and the final letter is roy:
1:35 am
lighten up. mad as hell is quo colloquialism. >> a term of conversation. >> very good, heather. it's a term of conversation. all right? >> come hell or high water. >> do you want me to name the segment with whom are you angry? heather, everybody. give her a hand. >> thank you. >> if you are mad as hell, we want to hear about it please write us mad as hell as we come right back, barbara walters she getting out of tv and we'll have one last interview with her straight ahead.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the personal story segment tonight, barbara walters at age 84, she is retiring from
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television, giving up moderating "the view" and abc news specials. i have known ms. walters for many years and have had many interesting cferses with her. i believe the one tonight will fit into that category as well. we spoke on tuesday. >> are you an intraspeckive woman? >> i do a lot of would have drop, could have, should have. i look back. there are people, especially men, i think, who do not look back who just look forward. what do you do? >> i don't know. i'm delirious most of the time. here is why i ask that question. >> yeah. >> you are the most successful woman television journalist of all time. stop, stop. it's beyond -- it's not even close, all right in the most successful woman journalist of all time. did you ever think about why? what made you be in the business for 50 years and succeed to that extent? what is it? >> i never thought that it was going to happen.
1:39 am
so it's not as if i had a plan. >> but it did happen. >> i had to work. that makes a difference. i couldn't stay home with mummy and daddy. i had to work so i could work my way up. i had to support my family for one. that made a difference. and i don't know, what is it? ambition sounds so bad. >> you are ambitious you are ambitious. i have known you for a long time. you are very hard-working. was it hard work? was that what it is that put you over the top? >> hard work helps. hard work means weekends. hard work means sometimes difficulties in your personal life. >> you sacrificed in your personal life to become professionally successful. everybody knows that you have to do that at this level. >> how much talent do you have? how much eneight talent. >> i would have said very little. >> i stepped on my skirt. let's start it again. >> i realize that i'm good with questions.
1:40 am
i'm curious. and i'm a wonderful editor. give me a piece of tape. give me a piece of film. i love to edit. it's life church putting a puzzle together. so that helps when i prepare interviews. so do i have an enormous talent? no. do i have some talent? yeah. >> you have courage though, i think. >> i have a great deal of courage in my professional life. i'm not afraid to go anywhere. i'm not afraid to interview anyone. i'm not afraid to ask questions. i try to save the toughest for last. i mean, i asked vladimir putin if he ever killed anybody. >> did you ever order anyone killed? >> >> it was a last question. >> you didn't want to get killed in the interview. >> i didn't mind getting killed it would have made a big story. i didn't want him to walk out. >> because i think you are courageous in the sense that you had to take a lot of flack in your career and i know it bothered you personally because you are very sensitive. i think you are too
1:41 am
sensitive by the way ms. walters. >> why? >> i think you are too sensitive sometimes you internalize things that you shouldn't. >> really? >> yeah because sometimes i see it on theview and in your interviewing. but you are tough. i mean, you are not some namby-pamby out there. but sometimes you take things the wrong way. however, you are, as i stated, the most successful female journalist ever. >> i'm laughing because i want you to thank you for the psycho analysis. >> that's okay. you will get a bill after the program. i mean, do i that for a lot of people. >> who needs therapy. >> come on the factor once a week, you will be fine. okay. i didn't believe you are 84 years old. >> i'm not sure i am. i have been so busy lying about. >> no you are 84. >> my age, my daughter's age, everybody's age. >> here is why i didn't believe it because your energy level is so high. tell me how your energy level is so high. >> how can i tell you? i don't take pills. i don't -- i don't know.
1:42 am
i'm healthy. and i think i'm sane. >> do you get a lot of sleep. >> i love to sleep. >> how many hours a sleep do you get? >> it depends. i did good morning america the other day i had four hours of sleep. >> regular day? >> eight hours. >> so you sleep on a regular basis. >> i really do feel that i'm on the. >> how about diet? do you eat everything you want? >> yeah. >> no special diet? >> no. >> okay. so, basically, you are lucky. you have d.n.a. -- >> -- i have good genes. i used to see a commercial sometimes and it showed a woman walking down a flight of stairs and she said hello, i'm 70 years old and i have arthritis. and i -- you know, you have seen those ads and i think i'm lucky because i never felt that way. i never looked that way. it's going to happen. maybe it happened five minutes ago. but, being in good health is a big part of it. >> now, we'll have part 2 of ms. walters tomorrow. politics. we asked her about the war on women and things get a little emotional. on deck, krauthammer on
1:43 am
whether republican can be elected president in 2016. right back. ♪
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back of the book segment. who will be the next president of the united states. hillary clinton will run. no one knows hot republican candidate will be. some believe it will be so damage it cannot defeat mrs. clinton no matter who runs. joining us is chawt. you dissent from that point
1:47 am
of view, correct? >> i do. it's impossible to predict so far in advance. however, looking at it from more than two years away, i think the slight likelihood is that the republican also win. if i had to bet the house tonight, i would put it on the g.o.p. but then again, i have a country house. so it's not as if i would be sleeping in the streets. >> you have somewhere else to go. >> i have somewhere else to go. >> fox news poll out the candidate you would vote for if congressional election were held today. 43% democrat. 40% republican. these are are registered voters that fox news asked. that seems to be not so much damage on the democratic side. >> i think the historic forces are on the side of the opposition. you go back and you know, this bill, you go back to 1953. with the single exception. every single time one party has held a white house for two terms, they get thrown out on their ear.
1:48 am
the only exception, of course, is reagan being given what's essentially a third term with bush because he was so successful. the country is already tired of obama. the country is already in simi depressed mood. high numbers wrong track. not good mood to reelect a democrat. i think the democrats grossly overestimate how popular hillary is. she may be popular with some of them. she may be popular with a lot of them. but they assume it's going to apply to the country. i think not. >> she polls well though. in the favorability poll she polls well. >> she hasn't been out in the field she hasn't been challenged in debate. she is a non--she is not an office holder right very simple, direct and tough questions. number one, name a single
1:49 am
achievement in your four years of secretary of state. in pafact, she was asked that herself at a forum about a month and a half ago in new york. get the video of that. >> right, we ran it. >> she stumbles around, stumbles around with no answer and you know what she says, it will be said that i passed the baton. i've never been to the track and field hall on fame, but i can assure you, there is not a single plaque that reads he passed the baton. >> by the time she runs, she'll have seven or eight achievements. i want to point out when the person was described as extremely or very interested in the election this year, 2014, the poll changes. then it's 46% backing republicans, 39% democrats. so the motivated voter, as you pointed out, is probably going to go to the poll and that will give the republicans advantage this year. looking out, though, we had two
1:50 am
candidates, presidential candidates, last two, romney and mccain who did not ask the tough questions, who did not challenge barack obama at all. i mean, mitt romney had a chance on the third foreign policy debate to lay them out on benghazi and romney didn't do anything. all right? whether it was fear, i don't know, but in this election, other than christie, who i think is shot at this point, i'm shocked that he hasn't made a come back from the bridge thing, but he hasn't. other than christi, t ti, the o aren't confrontational people. >> i don't know about confrontation. you need somebody with a winning personality, somebody americans are comfortable with, someone they won't reject on the basis of personality like romney a capitalist or mccain perceived as too old or too hawkish or those kinds of things. look, you said those motivated to go out this year would
1:51 am
support the gop. so what does that tell you? year elections, 2010 and coming up this year where the election is essentially run on ideas and ideology because there is no candidate at the top, we know what happened in 2010. that was a shellacking or not an election, that was a restraining order and we think we know what will happen this year. if you make the case, if you argue the issues, you win, if you're a conservative, that's what we have to find, not somebody whose confrontational, somebody who can make the case and has an acceptable personality. that's not impossible to find. >> thank you, charles, as always. >> pleasure. the tip of the day, a cat saves a kid from ocho dog. you're not going to believe this video. the tip moments away.
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factor tip of the day, cat
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saves a kid from a dog biting him. thinking about a good gift for father's day, top of the list, tickets to the boulder fresher shows in minneapolis, rapid city details on if you're not close, get hats, shirts, mugs, jackets, dad will love the usa strong line of gear and signed books, you can personalize for your father and i'll personally sign the greeting but please get the orders in now. please remember the proceeds i get from are donated toward the charities. mr. oh o'reilly, you cannot be except from white privilege, you're part of the circle of privilege and white sup preliminary see because other
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white caucasians bestow favor on you. i understand that will not convince you but i do not believe you are granted favorable treatment in this country because you are white. you have to work for success. maureen flower mound, texas, bill, almost every ethnic group face prejudice, irish need not apply signs were abundant during the early 20th century. brooklyn, new york, i agree not all whites are privileged but coming out of the womb white is advantage. african americans have had 50 years of black privilege. it's called affirmative action. airline companies have an obligation, obligation to provide crews to their flying
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passengers, not keep them around sitting for hours. if they can't make a flight work, don't put it on a schedule and take money on a false premise. or you can hire more crews. richard pastor, baltimore, mr. o you're such a brilliant news man why do you keep company with miller? when he comes on, i switch to cnn. so you're the one richard? trish harrington in missouri, o'reilly next time take me to hawaii, i'm funnier than miller. della davis, bill, i can't believe people are criticizing you for telling them about hawaii. i can't go but happy for those who can. on tuesday in bakersfield, california, an amazing thing happened, four-year-old boy jeremy was attacked by a dog but saved by his cat tara. >> what did she do for you, huh? >> she rescued me. >> indeed, that cat tara rescued
1:57 am
that four-year-old boy jeremy, the whole thing on security video in front of the family's home. jeremy is playing while mom off camera is watering. the other camera captures the dog, which we're told has never attacked before go towards jeremy, and then he just pounces on him, but here comes tara the cat. she literally chases that dog away. >> you can see her protect him, like she comes up, she comes back to him. >> i remember her hitting the dog, but seeing the video and seeing exactly what she did and chased that dog away, seeing her turn to check on jeremy and then returning to him, she is my hero. >> the bite is pretty deep, two gau gouges and quite a few stitches, but jeremy is going to be okay. >> amazing, isn't that not amazing? factor tip of the day in
1:58 am
general, pets are good for kids, teach the urchins loyalty and teach affection that will be remembered. check out the fox news website that is different from and spout off about the factor, o'reilly at, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day do not be a coxcomb and don't forget about the ask dennis where you can ask miller any question you want. send it to us next wednesday. again, thanks for watching us tonight. "kelly file" is up next. i'm bill
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>> it's friday, may 16th, 2014. the head of veterans affairs grilled on capitol hill. >> any add versus incident like this makes me mad as hell. >> but is that enough? new polls for lawmaker rs asking eric chin sshinseki to step dow. >> a riot at a high school after a serious kress code crack down. 160 students yanked out of class from everything from piercings to wrong colored shirts. we will take you


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