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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 16, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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"america's newsroom." h megyn is back on monday. have a great weekend, everybody. welcome to this special edition of hannity and for the full hour, we'll be joined by a distinguished studio audience to analyze the ignorance of the left. as the search for 300 missing nigerian girls continues, rather than calling for military action, liberals form late add social media campaign to bring back the kidnapped school girls. it started when michelle obama
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posted this photo of her twitter page using the hashtag bring back our girls. it spread and other democrats follow the suit and posted similar pictures like the one you see there. i repeatedly said this and i'll say it again tonight, terrorists don't likely read twitter and if they did, it would have zero impact, probably embolden them and the only thing they will react to probably is a bullet in their head. that's not the only concern to the ignorance of the left. last week we learned despite requests, the u.s. state department under hillary clinton refused to designate boca haram terror rests. some celebritiecelebrities, to credit spoke out about sharia law after it affected their posh
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hotel. calling for a boycott of the hotel after learning that one of the part owners is hassana hassanal bolkiah. they failed to recognize the rise of radical islam over the years, guess who did? on this program. we're seeing how brutal and inhuman sharia law is. here is what sharia law will represent, saudi arabia one and iran's but require the that women obtain permission from their husbands for their daily freedoms, beating of disocho bead yenlt women and girls, execution of people that are gay. women in afghanistan under sharia can't work, can't go to school. people's hands get chopped off. if you get raped as a woman, you
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need four male eyewitnesss. a country that sits on the brink of the law where women have no rights, i hear one thing from the deafening voices of liberal women's groups, silence. we bring in our studio audience for reaction. brooke, good to see you. you've been on this program, you richard, we talk a lot about terror. what do you think of the hashtag twitter campaign, thoughts? >> a lot of people argue it's the harsh tag diploma see that shed a light on the war not just in the middle east but all over the world but it's disingenuous because it's the brutality and acts of terror that shaked our collective conscienceness and we have woken up despite the fact the state department lobbied against boca hard ram.
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>> they were listening to move why would they listen to move when we know what this terror group is all about? it's beyond my comprehension. identify evil for evil. >> well, the state department is engaged in a campaign, a deceptive campaign that denies the motivation behind islamist terriorism even though boca harm said we read the carolikoran. >> for four years, hilary clinton, female secretary of states, 200 countries around the world knew exactly about sharia law. hilary rodhah clinton did nothing to publicize. she had blood on her hands
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relative to her years as secretary of state and her failure to put the cheese on the cracker. women can't drive and can't be seen in public with men they are not related to and women are stoned to death and women under, four male eyewitnesss when they are raped. >> that's right. >> so the question why didn't they designate this. >> this may blow your theory all of us on the left are ignore rant -- >> i don't think so, but you can try. >> hillary clinton was wrong not to list them as a terrorist group. it's who was giving her advice. it was the fbi, it were people that she should have paid attention to. at the same time, i don't think you do anybody a favor when you say that move is the
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reason she didn't. move at any given time and i'm not a big fan but they have a thousand petitions, put up by some people. >> it was at the time they were -- >> you admitted and acknowledged -- the navy seal in the audience. >> how many people think the hashtag campaign is effective. >> i brought a property. as an entertainment reporter, this is what i can say. a lot of people, especially the younger generation, my mother, grandmother, they get their news on twitter with your smart phones and your blackberries, too, and a lot of people maybe who didn't know about what was going on now learn about it by seeing this hashtag and although people are criticizing michelle
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obama and celebrities saying that is not going to do anything and bring the girls back, this twitter hashtag is silly but maybe a 15, 16-year-old will click on the link and learn about it and it's about bringing awareness and i don't see what is wrong with that -- >> i'll tell you -- >> a million twitter users -- >> dianna, i think it makes america look weak. >> that's a main point you can bring up. michelle obama, who is she saying bring back our girls to when her husband, one of the most powerful powers in the world is right down the hallway from her. it does weaken us and it also is upsetting when it becomes trendy to do this. there is a russian super model who just did a topless version of this saying bring back our girls, just covering herself -- >> that might get a little more attention. >> gets attention but hello, i mean, isn't that the point, that western -- >> she probably wants it for herself. >> yes. >> for women living under sharia, why are you complaining?
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>> the most ridiculous thing i've heard. when the tea party started and did their twitter campaign on the hashtag don't trout on me, they were exercising their rights -- >> let me tell you the difference. >> just because the first lady joined a million people, come on. why doesn't she have the right to do that? >> let me tell you what the difference is. >> the sign -- >> jump in. >> the sign of their utter impotence, they are not in power. >> she's in the, either. >> and ability to defend freedoms. that's what it is a sign of. >> how is that impact snd. >> richard? >> this hashtag is literally what the terrorists want, boca haram is trying to make a name for itself in 2008. in 2010 it thought it could by attacking the u.n. headquarters, no one noticed. this hashtag, the first lady gave them exactly the global attention it wanted. she made the situation worse. >> judith? >> that's the reason hillary
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clinton did not put them on the terrorist list. >> you look like judith. i said judith. >> he opened it up. >> i'm kidding. >> the reason it wasn't designated is that there was a fight within the government as frequently happens between the foreign service officers who said we think we can still talk to and change the course of this group versus the fbi -- >> as they were killing thousands of christians, muslims, and women -- >> that may have been the wrong decision but let's not turn it into a conspiracy or indifference. i think that what they have done is forced good luck jonathan, the leader of that country to do something serious for the first time -- >> i don't think he's capable of it. >> it's fine that michelle obama, even though as you say, sean, she may be late to the party discovered -- >> i think it makes -- she's the first lady of the united states of america and makes us look weak. look, i would be willing and we have a special forces person here, if we really want to do
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something right now we're offering reconsense, the next step would be the only way we're ever going to save those girls is not going to be a twitter campaign but a bullet in the head of every guy that took those girls from their mothers and fathers, that's the only way to get them back, period, end of sentence. >> why is obama kulpable? i think the fact that we're putting this all on hilary is dishonest and he has, if time and time again, sanctioned good luck for his, you know, his attempt to fight boca haram. he has been ostracized -- >> i think we're missing the point how effective is foreign policy? the president sets up strong men whether syria, russia, ukraine, crimea and now whether it's boca haram. we don't want boots on the ground. we don't want to fight. we'll do something here, we'll have a hashtag campaign.
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every administration i've been part of is conducted in that space and if we cannot do this for nigerians, they have not decided to rescue these girls, no matter how much we want to, we can't do it. >> last question, former navy seal jonathan, as far as i'm concerned, it's either going to be u.s. special forces, israeli special forces, the nigerians don't have the ability to pull it off. would special forces, should special forces be used to save the girls? >> my opinion is absolutely. let me say one thing. >> it's against terror, it's bigger than nigeria. >> right, i left the seal teams and went into the fbi and i heard the fbi being blamed but here is the reality. during the clinton era, eight years of the clinton era, it became unpopular to be a war fighter, so war fighters got out of the military and got out of
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law enforcement. the people that remained are the people that worked their way up and used their connections to get to the top. what you have now in a liberal state department and the state department is known to be liberal the side of the dod and a thorn in the side of the fbi, we cannot do our jobsfectively and now what you have with this administration, i'm as a political as you can. this is an effective issue and we're not effective in our foreign policy. >> does it make us look weak? >> absolutely. look at ever since syria. >> we got to take a break. i promise, i know we'll get -- i promise. it's going to happen. coming up, a human rights lawyer that returned from the nigerian boarder and spoke to a woman taken captive by boca haram will join us next and he'll give us first hand information and account what is going on and later, should the u.s., should we send american trained special forces to nigeria? i'll ask our audience about that, that and much more as this
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special edition of "hannity" continues. stay right there.
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welcome back to "hannity" nearly 300 nigerian school girls being taken brought to light the horrors of boca haram means western education is increasingly violent causing bombings, assassinations and abdua abductions in nigeria. he returned from spending three weeks in the ref gee camps near the boarder where boca haram victims fled to. he's here to explain what he's seen and heard. emanuel, before i get to what you've seen, you brought back with you a girl that she just turned 15 but she witnessed and she spoke earlier this week at
7:16 pm
the hudson institute, she literally watched boca haram kill her father and torture her brother, right? >> yes. i brought debbie to the states last year, so she didn't just return with me, but yes, they did come to her home. they exterminated her family and left her alive because she was female, however, the terrorists have retooled and what they do is abduct the females. so although before they used to have an exception not to harm females. >> that's changed. >> they changed tactics. >> let me play, she explains the moment her father stood up for her faith, for his faith and they kailled her father right i front of her. >> my dad refused to deny his faith and they shoot him three times. my brother was in shock and announced what did my dad do to you? why did you kill him? they told him to be quiet, if not, they will shoot him, too.
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>> she tells us the story, you were there, tell us what you're seeing in these refugee camps. >> what we are seeing is pathetic. we saw food being distributed to the refugees, so we asked what the food situation was like. they said this was the first time in 49 days that the united nations was giving them food and so these are people who have run into the arms of the un for refuge are being starved to death. that same week while we're there, boca haram attacked and killed about 300 people and thousands more fled over the boarder to join the folks who are already starving in the camps. >> is that cameroon? is that where they are going? >> yes, they are going to camero
7:18 pm
cameroon. >> you've seen the brutality, thousands killed and the question is twofold, one, why didn't the united states designate them a terror organization and what do you think out twitter campaign? how would they react to them considering you know how they are? >> well, i'll tell you this, i personally wrote a 75-page brief to secretary clinton laying out the evidence and the legal reasoning why they qualify to be designated. >> when was this? >> i sent this i want to say 2012. i did not get an acknowledgement. >> you sent a 75-page letter advocating they be designated a terror group and she didn't respond and i would think with your work and background and history you would deserve an acknowledgement. why do you think they chose not to? >> well, it's funny because i called them, you know, said of
7:19 pm
the state department in a state of denial. even up 'til today in a hearing on the hill, they are claiming that boca haram abducted these girls because they want to fund raise, not because it's islamic terrorism. they said they will sell the girls for 12 bucks. they will raise $3600. that doesn't make sense. today this is what they said. the denial hasn't stopped. they keep doing this and doing this and doing this. >> you know them. how do you think, do you think they are happy that the first lady of the united states is putting up a hashtag on twitter, bring back our girls? do they like that? does that give them the acknowledgement they crave? >> well, yeah, this is a terror group that has been mouthing off for many years. they talked about president bush when he was in power.
7:20 pm
they talked about the queen of england and president obama. this certainly energizes them. they feel they belong. they have been bid laden want to bes and now they belong to the big boy's club. so certainly, yeah, that is one reaction. >> so in other words, by being recognized by the first lady of the united states of america to them, that's like a seal of approval, that's a moment of arrival for them, her acknowledging them that way and almost, you know, almost in a very weak way because i think the only response of the united states should be brutal force, if we're going to get involved, get involved and take them out. >> and very frankly, i have to tell you this, the u.s. has been weak on multiple levels. state department has refused to acre knowledge that american whose survived a bombing by boca haram. there was an fbi agent in the un
7:21 pm
building when it was bombed. >> yeah. >> and still, the state department refused to designate them a terror organization when they had attacked americans. >> we'll get back to this with the audience, emanuel. this is a very difficult moral quandary. we are stretched to the limit in many ways. we have fiscal financial deficits we have not seen in our history and there is an argument about where does america get involved? we can't be the policemen. where does that line end? it's very tough because i'm of the belief if we can help we should, should it be u.s. forces on the ground? i don't know. i got to run. keep up the good work and keep us updated. >> thank you. >> all right. coming up, should the u.s. send special forces to nigeria to located missing school girls? we'll check in with military experts and later, shocking story of a woman who lived in brunei. that's coming up straight ahead.
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we are actively advising, including through military personnel, the nigh gerian government. we're not considering the deployment of u.s. forces to participate in combined rescue mission. >> while the white house says it is not considering sending u.s. special forces to nigeria to rescue the nearly 300 kids napped girls at this time, mccain is pushing to send troops and told reporters if they knew where they were, i certainly would send in u.s. troops to rescue them in a new york minute without the permission of the host country. should we or shouldn't we? we bring back our studio audience. you said? >> absolutely not. i would not sacrifice my son in the jungles of nigeria to try to get the girls back.
7:25 pm
worse things are happening in syria, christians in egypt. look at north korea where thousands are killed and starved to death. where is evil? i say right now we don't belong in this conflict. bring the american soldier home. >> what about reconsince? about intelligence? is that okay? >> if we can use drones or snipers, i say yes. i like what judith miller is saying. i don't understand why we are the world's policemen. that's not the conservative approach. we cannot help them sean hannity. >> lisa, yeah? >> you know, we've already committed to helping them. we have intelligence researchers on the ground and, you know, what we should really bring back, bring back our girls and bring back u.s. exceptionalism. what does that mean. >> can you give chloe a copy of that? this means no apology. this means acknowledgement of what terrorism is.
7:26 pm
christian persecution. this means hashtags about the children being killed in syria. what is happening to the people of iran and journalist being jailed in saudi arabia. this is acknowledgement of all of it. >> i always hate to do this to you because i follow your work but you are in the media, and your website media covers a lot of media issues. it's interesting to me that all of a sudden now jay leno, ellen jump on board, now 15, 20 years later, sharia, the oppression of women has become an issue. has the media been neglect in calling attention to this? >> absolutely. it's better late than never but what understand now social media campaigns are directing american foreign policy. we were talking during the break that essentially, this commitment of material and men to nigeria probably wouldn't happen without a broad social media campaign because seven weeks before they were
7:27 pm
kidnapped. boca haram executed a variety of children and slit their throats and burned them alive and didn't make any press and nobody talked about it. we have a broad social media campaign and a 23-day push to insert american treasure into this region, maybe blood eventually and we're not supposed to talk how we got there. it's infuruating. >> i don't think it's enough to confront just those who act out radical islamic ideology. you have to go after the people causing the under pinning of that ideology. for example, i went to the website of the assembly of muslims, a group based in california and issues thought for muslims to follow around the world. what did i find? i found something where they said that is justifiable to take slaves to engage in slavely as long as its during a time of jihad. that's the same just ification thatoca haram used.
7:28 pm
>> i live in nigeria and have a think tank and as a resident of nigeria, you see media reporting locally about issues and attacks that boca haram is carrying out. i think the international attention is a good thing with respect to holding the government more accountable within the international community to take a harder line. >> doesn't boca haram want to implement sharia law and implement? there. >> there is a strong political element of this. the timing of this horrific act is to put increasing pressure on the government because the president is considering reelection. there is very much a political element to this. i think the downside of international attention is it's changing the nigerian narrative. it's the largest economy in africa attracting a tremendous amount of investment. there is a tremendous amount of opportunity there. i live there. work there. >> do you feel safe?
7:29 pm
>> i don't travel to the northern area. >> do you think this campaign empowers boca haram? >> absolutely. it doesn't mean we shouldn't as an international committee rise up and do whatever we can to get the girls back. the unfortunate side it's yet again another story that dominates the international media about africa is a mess. but it's not. the cities, the areas outside of that rural isolated area are thriving and functioning well. >> when we come back, if we can pan over here, these two women lived under sharia and will tell us their compelling stories and we'll talk to you has the world been ignoring the polite of women under sharia. coming up tonight right here on "hannity". >> i fell into this situation, which was supposedly a casting call to work at a nightclub in singapore and when they called me and offered me the position shs they told me that actually
7:30 pm
it was an invitation to a guest of the prince of brunei and be his guest every night. >> living the sex-obsessed world in brunei and her life there and that and more when "hannity" continues straight ahead. and our classic lasagna. plus unlimited soup or salad and warm breadsticks. signature favorites, just $10 all week long, at olive garden. scotts wraps each seed in a brilliant water smart plus coating, that feeds, protects, and holds in moisture to make growing thicker, healthier grass easier. now let's spread your newfound knowledge! seed your lawn. seed it!
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bottom line, ask your doctor about linzess today. welcome back to "hannity." last week a group of a leaders called for a boycott of the posh beverly hills he to s hotel aft learning the owner implemented sharia law and while learning the horrors of sharia, we've been sounding the alarm for years under this so-called system while the following are considered criminal behavior punishable by fine, jail, amputation of limbs, public flogging or death, absence from prayer service, wearing indecent clothing, that means women covered head to toe and the use of the word allah by christians
7:36 pm
and homosexuality, adultery the man chose to protest is probably one of the violators and the summsul tant enjoy cars, underaged girls and more. we spoke to someone who experienced the first-hand account. >> i was 18 years old and a wild child, and i had a lot of wonder lust and fell into this situation, which was supposedly a casting call to work at a nightclub in singapore and then when they called me and offered me the position, they told me actually it was an invitation to go be a guest of the prince of brunei and go to his parties every night. >> he's now implementing sharia but live as life to the contrary, right? >> well, i'm not an expert on sharia law, but i can say that
7:37 pm
they live an incredibly lavish lifestyle that the prince at least has these parties every night with drinking and dancing and women or he did back then, anyway. i've adjusted to some very bizarre circumstances over there, and it's certainly makes me feel sad about myself at that age that i didn't take better care of myself, but, you know, our relationship didn't stay like that exactly. it did progress and i did eventually fall in love with him for whatever i thought was my capability of that at the time. >> a lot of hypocrisy. how are you? good to see you. you were born in cairo? >> yes. >> tell us your story, you grew up under sharia. >> i was a child in gaza. i lost my father to the jihad. >> he was part of the intelligence of cairo and he was killed. >> yes. and i lived under sharia and we were told by islam, islam honors
7:38 pm
women but at the same time they show them how to beat women. they say islam honors women but women should give themselves to the jihads. the contradictions that we lived under, for instance, if you're not covered and walk in the street, without a man, you can be groped, you can be sexually harassed and it happens in the streets of cairo. >> a lot? >> all the time. >> beatings? some women? >> women, yeah, get attacked sexually if you're without a man and not covered. they say you're asking for it. because under islamic law, a woman's body is offensive. so if a woman shows any part of her hands, her face, her neck, you're asking, it means you're asking for it, you're asking for it. if a rape happens, you've
7:39 pm
provoked it. >> what about the need -- >> it's not the man's fault, your fault. >> because you showed a piece of your skin? >> yes, it's your fault if a rape happens. that's why nobody reports rape there. and beating. >> by the way, we remember what happened, lara logan during the arab spring in cairo at the time, is that because you think that's the culture. >> she's an infidelity, walking without a head cover and an american, so she's open to be raped. >> yeah. >> so this was never reported in egyptian media, by the way. nobody in egypt knew what happened to lara logan, nobody. >> let me go to you and talk about you. you were part of movie and featured in the honor diaries. >> correct. >> we hear about honor killings. what does that mean? >> it's a system that is supported in muslim majority countries and a lot of it is under sharia law where the
7:40 pm
system and the culture of honor is implemented against women based on how they behave. this could be anything in their choice of marmarriage partners,, education. it's the same -- i think it's imperative to keep in mind that boca haram is fueled by the same ideology of, you know, the same ideology that supports the belief system, the belief system that, you know, supports the taliban where they shot someone for wanting to obtain an education. this victimizes women and girls globally. >> yeah. did you ever see the movie the stoning of -- >> sarisjh. >> yes. >> i look at the united states
7:41 pm
and femme niinine is m, where d stand. there is a real war on women worldwide and many have been silent about that. the things that are brought up as a war on women kind of i would think infurruate people and in many ways, slavery, is that for some women. >> sexual slavery. >> is that fair? >> yeah, it's in the koran. [speaking foreign language]. >> it means your sexual slaves. it's allowed. that's why boca haram believe and read this -- >> they take it literally. >> they take it literally. >> boca haram is the taliban as she said and the killing is coming our way, it's in america. >> why do you say it's coming to america because there are women sex slaves here? >> no, no, the berkas have come that i saw when i was held
7:42 pm
captive in afghanistan and islamic apartheid is here. i've been studying anna killings and happening in america, canada, they are certainly happening all over europe and i think that we have a teaching moment as the president has said right now. everybody is looking at nigeria. i would say we should kick the behind so to speak out jihad by doing our very best to rescue symbolically only these girls. there are millions of other girls in similar circumstances. >> you're saying for people is the only way to prevent that because one would argue if you live in the united states and you're a woman, you have a choice what you want to wear. are you saying they don't have a choice -- >> they do not have a choice in muslim countries, increasingly the pendulum has swung. women have to be face vailed,
7:43 pm
not just head covering, but an isolation chamber, a body bag is what women are wearing back to the seventh century and we should take a stand about it. >> when we come back -- very good points, thank you so much. when we come back, we'll debate this and as it relates to the united states and the rights of women and what is a real war on women and why is the left so silent? we'll get to that and have more from the studio audience coming up straight ahead.
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♪ mattress discounters welcome back to "hannity." we bring back our studio audience. brooke, i think about the left saying the conservative women, i have binders, where you stand on abortion and whether or not the public should pay for your birth control. now we hear these stories about women and their lives under sharia, is that the real war on women and does that not make the argument to the left saying that ? >> you don't hear about it in the left media because anyone brave enough to speak publicly in support of the human rights of muslim women and children is
7:49 pm
isl islam phobe and regardless of race, gender, nationality and religion, that is anti muslim according to msnbc, the counsel on islamic relations that lobbied -- >> all people that hate me. billy cunningham, yeah. >> sean hannity, the next campaign will be about the war on women. hillary clinton flew to all these islamic countries watching body bags and did nothing. she'll tell us if we don't pay $9 a month for birth control pills, we don't care. >> this is what this campaign is going to be about. i think bill is right. >> this campaign really is underway and the fact is anyone that speaks against it is an islam phobe. i understand there is a white privilege conference and i and my colleague were the focus of
7:50 pm
it. the fact is, there are honor killings to philis' point. this is ramped. in canada there was someone who didn't have a head stone put it islamic society of america. i had a bus campaign offering help -- >> i remember. >> and i had to sue to get it up in miami. i'm still suing the state of detroit. a bankrupt city who won't take my money to help girls get to safe houses. >> america's first african-american president has to get more serious about africa. also we get serious about a multilayered defense in africa, working in counterterrorism -- only three weeks ago, the obama administration asked for drone overflight rights in africa -- >> we have to take a break. we'll get to you all when we come back. more thoughts when we come back
7:51 pm
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for a body in motion. welcome back to this special audience edition of "hannity." the question is, war on women, sharia, the left silence, how do they get away with that? that angers me. i love women. i have a lot of them in my life -- wait a minute. that didn't come out right. three sisters and a wife and daughters -- go ahead. >> it's all a part of the obama white house and hillary is included in that, in whitewashing the facts. if there's no terrorism, there's no problem. we don't have any enemies, we're average, we're not the world leaders. we are just americans and we love everyone. but there's no acknowledgment -- what happens, this political correctness, what are the people that we're abandoned, the people of egypt, of eriran, of saudi
7:57 pm
arabia. those are the real victims. >> another social media campaign and our adversary in this contest has failed to live up tot promise of hashtag. we don't have a foreign policy defined by a doctrine. it's ad hoc dictated by the winds of the news cycle and it's dangerous. >> leading from behind? >> correct. >> the good news for me is that i've never seen just your average young person being this aware of what's going on in terms of sharia and the abuse of women in the muslim world. this is the first time i've seen it. and it's very encouraging that hollywood is starting to get on board. but you only were able to mention about three celebrities. there's many other celebrities that should get on board. >> diana, you know a lot about -- >> we can bring in the beverly hills and what's going on with that. when we think about sharia law under the bush administration, does anyone remember what happened with the schoolteacher, gibbons? we barely had any support.
7:58 pm
now all of a sudden, no celebrity spoke on her behalf. why was that? why now? >> rick, you're the lone -- >> you made very good points about comparing what women in america view as the war on women and the rest of the world. you shouldn't make less out of some of the problems women feel they're having here but completely fair to point out that a lot of people have it worse. i'll give you credit for that. >> mitt romney with resumes of women -- come on. >> it's a lot worse what they're going through. no reason to argue. >> and we have to pay for women's birth control or we're anti-women, hill? >> we shouldn't get carried away and think about the people on the left don't care about these people -- >> on the day that video was released where the girl's wearing the full veil and reciting koran, there was a headline that boko haram had nothing to do with islam --
7:59 pm
>> where it raises its head, you have to go fight it. that's the issue we have. we have to think effectively. >> i think the twitter campaign has called attention to a problem that many people in this audience have been fighting and concerned with for a long time. i've written about it since the mid-'90s. i think that everybody should get involved. i don't care whether it's twitter or however you get involved. care about this perversion of islam -- >> is there more encouragement for war? >> there is a war of radical islam against christianity. you're seeing it in nigeria, in western africa, eastern africa. it's happening in afghanistan as americans leave there. there will be open season on americans throughout this region and when the syrian war winds down, all of those european
8:00 pm
passport-holding jihadists are going to europe and the united states. >> we're out of time. you all have been great. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. give yourselves a hand. that's all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. see you back here soon on "hannity." "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> why is bill o'reilly talking about the african-american family? it's hard to take much of this race talk seriously. >> tonight, a special report on how the left uses race and political correctness to attack people who don't agree with liberal tenets. don't miss this one. how many dead veterans do you need before somebody asks the question within the white house, maybe this guy isn't the best steward of these veterans? >> general eric shinseki in big trouble. why doesn't the president hold these people accountable? is there a war on women in america? you're one of the top


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