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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  May 17, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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bandar tonight. new calls for accountability in the va hospitals as more alarming claims come out about how we treat our nation's heroes. pressure mounting as the va scandal widens. delays and fake records. >> our veterans gave us their best. it is obvious too often, they've gotten the worse from those charged with their care. now the investigation begins. >> also firefighters battling
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wildfires. now the possibility of some relief as crews gain ground. and death by firing squad. a law makers call as he argues a more human form of execution. >> the fire storm surrounding the department of veteran affair system growing. i am julie bandaras. and charges of a cover up in the hospitals. investigations are now under way and involve va facilities in 11 states. the latest in a hospital outside of chicago. federal investigators looked into allegations that the hospital used secret list to hide long waits for appointments. and in phoenix, a former clinuc director said 40 veterans may
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have died waiting for critical appointments that never came. the top official for veteran health care resigned after testifying alongside the secretary. this is heating up on the va secretary who said he will not resigned. >> what do law makers want to do to help reform the va? >> gop leader john mccain said congress should give va administrators more ability to hire and fire workers and may need a top to bottom fix. >> the va is suffering from a systemic cultural problem that congress cannot resolve piecemeal.
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they need a total redo. >> and the white house wants to wait for an inspector general's report before taking action. senator mccain said that could take months and wants the president and congress to act now. >> we know molly one top official resigned. what about the secretary? >> he said he is not going anywhere and the promise that the va will do more to improve timely access to health care. one news analyst said the va's may not have money and personnel to do. that >> they can't meet the frequency of care with the resources and they are creating phony records. we need to get out that problem as well. that is symptom attic of the real cause of the issue. >> reporter: the white house said the president supported the
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secretary's decision to out of the official who stepped down yesterday. >> chris wallace will sit down with one of the whistle-blowers tomorrow on fox news sunday and get reaction from ryan ga luche. that is tomorrow on fox news sunday. be sure to town in and check your local listings. another confirmed cause of the mers. the centers for disease control and prevention reported that a person in illinois tested positive with the virus after coming in contact with a person who had it in saudi arabia. that is the first case of contagiousness in the united states. the new patient didn't need medical treatment but the local health officials are watching the case closely.
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>> unprecedented crop of wildfires in the san diego area. lot was humidity and cooler temperatures and helping firefighters get control of dangerous flames. thousands of people are forced to leave their homes and fire officials warn that there are more evacuations to come as the fire continues. >> this is just the beginning of what is going to be a very, very serious fire season. >> investigators are trying to figure out why so many fires broke out at the same time. one man is charged with arson in one fire. this after two teens were arrested this week. dom has the latest. a lot of action in camp pentleton today.
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>> reporter: things are looking better than 48 hours ago. today, we are down to six camps inside of the marine's base that are under evacuation order. a lot of fighting going on when the san mateo fire andousing the ch46 helicopters to take up a lot of water and drop that in what they are constant relay. >> it is flames suppression basically and a wagon wheel and make a pick or dip as it is called and come to the fire and back into the dip just until we run out of gas. >> reporter: they have consoumed 23,000 acre. that is incredible and the marines certainly have it under control and containment between 25 and 40 percent and increasing by the hour, jowly. >> it is an incredible woke of
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fires,dom. >> reporter: what resident in particular ised of how to keep in an environment of so many fours in suchsvi a short period of time and they are scrambling on top of the risks they are faced. >> i gelled my house and property around my house. it was a safe place to be. and so part of me wish i had stayed so i can know what is going on. >> reporter: here where the fire in san marcos, they expect further evacuations to be lifted tomorrow and potentially 100 percent containment of the fire. the weather is cooled down and not much at all. and expect that increased humidity will make the job easier and look like it is over here and by no means is it getting easier at all.
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back to you. >> the trees are not moving behind. dom nick thank you so much. a strong warning about boko haran, the terrorist group that kidnapped $0.02 school girls. the president of france saying the islamic extremist trained with the world's experienced terrorist and that the group has sophisticated weapons and knows how to use them. the president met in paris with the the representatives from u.s., britain and five african nations including the nigeria leader. >> whether it is on development or deployment of intelligence assets to understand where the girls might be. it is not only nigeria girl, it is the world's girls and a deep commitment to bring them home.
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>> nigerians rallied and they want to pressure the government to do more to rescue the kidnapped girls. the president obama getting ready to shake-up his cabinet. the new york times reported that the president intends to nominate the tone tone mayior for secretary of housing and urban development. castro is a growing name in democratic circles. he could be a possible vice-presidential pick in 2016. the associated press reported that the man he could replace. current secretary shaun donovan will be the new white house budget director. he is an original member of the obama cabinet. so far, no comment from the white house. right now, the controversy over loathal punishment heating
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yes, staples has everything you need to launch a startup from your garage. mom! except permission to use the garage. thousands of products added every day to even safety cones. now get 20% off your k-cup purchase with coupon. staples. make more happen. a sad twist of a sad case in georgia. they may have found the body of a 87-year-old woman since someone decapitated her husband. authorities feared she was abducted until they found what is likely her remains in a pond near their home. the fbi is offering a $25,000 award for any information about the case. last month's botched lethal
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injection in oklahoma sparked a debate over capital punishment. one law maker wants to bring back the firing squad. brian has more. >> reporter: it is. the botched lethal injection case, a convicted murderer execution bailed dow to a collapsed vein. he died of an apparent heart attack and in pain. utah's official wants to reinconstitute the firing squad. offering a quicker death than lethal injections and ray telling the associated press. the prisoner do is instantly and sounds bad. the minute the bullet hits your heart you are dead and no
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suffering. eliminating inmates by firing squad thanks to public pressure. rodney lee gardener was shot by police officers. >> note that loathal injections are botched in a higher rate than any other method of execution. an inmate in ohio was snoring 25 minutes into the process. ray also said european drug companies are refusing to sell their lethal drugs to the jails in the u.s. . opponents believe that inmates could move or the shooters could miss the target and caughting a slow and painful death. >> many states have alternative method. some have the gas chamber and
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some states have electrokougz as an alternative. i don't see the firing squad is going to sweep the country. >> ray allwants it as an alternative option. in this time more than 1150 died from lethal injection. >> investigators are working how to find out a woman fell down an elevator shaft in fenway park in boston. she reportedly fell from the fourth floor two stories down and landed on the roof of the elevator. rescuers had to use a chair to boost themselves up through the hatch. she was unconscious and seriously hurt. nexplosion and gunfire in a pro russian strong hold in ukraine.
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>> turning now to ukraine in a fresh round of talks between the country's fledgling government and opposition leaders. in the meantime gunfire erupt nothing one pro russian strong hold. explosions and gunfire could reportedly be heard for hours in
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the eastern city as pro russian gun men engaged ukranian forces. tension is high and no resolution is in sight. greg is in ukraine with the latest. hi, greg. >> reporter: julie, pro russian separatist and a leader in a shootout. in the rebel held town more trouble. we have spent time there and sustained gun four overnight. contacts on the the ground say it is the worst fighting they have seen in a while. the rebels are manning dozens of checkpoints around town and ukranian military is outside of the town and that is leading to trouble. in the past woke seven uranian soldiers were ambushed by militants and trying to tamp it down is another round of europe-
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backed talks. koment mrants of kiev were aired and none of the militant leaders were not invited and analyst are not holding out hope for negotiation. a bit more hope is expressed in ma ri polled. it is now calm and thanks in part to local steel workers out on the streets with police and helping to clone up. a deal was struck with separatist and they were not found. they are openly breaking away. it is nod good for business. julie? >> greg. thank you so much. we'll have new reaction to ukraine in the morning. and russian chess champ will speak to maria on sunday morning futures and that is live
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tomorrow morning 10 o'clock eastern on the fox news channel. the united nations cutting water supplies and millions of innocent civilians caught living in the war zones. rebels from an al-qaeda backed group took out a main water station as a punishment for those living in the area of the president bashar al- assad. more than 150,000 people have died since the syrian civil war began in 2011. and millions more have fled the country. despite the carnage, syria is going ahead with the presidential elections next month. firefighters gaining headway in the wildfireses in southern california. current conditions coming up. and the push to get expermental drugs to dying patients even if
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>> scientist may have figured out why a sand duneopened up and nearly killed a six-year-old boy. decaying trees under the moving dune could be to blame. until then, the indiana land
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mark is staying shut. it has been off limits to the public since last july. three more holes have appeared in the past year. the dunes are a tourist attraction in indiana. officials are on alert in wisconsin. i am julie bandaras. >> a mississippi blogger accused of exploiting the life of a senator. he photographed a photo of a woman in a nursing home. he is charged with exploitation of a vulnerable adult. >> and the ruling on same- sex a dongz in the they have asked for the issue to are clar foyed.
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higher humidy and helping crews get a grip on multiple fires. one fire we are told that is 95 percent contained. is their good luck about to run out? up to now it sounds like the weather has cooperated. will it continue? >> that is a good point. we had high pressure anchored over the great basin. the good news is temperatures have dropped and hum iditty went up and winds died down. in the four corners it is still very warm and that is where our fire danger moved eastward. 62 in los angeles and 62 in fres no and 61 in san diego. temperatures are going to drop and relative humidity is going to go up and the winds will
4:30 pm
subside for the next several days. in terms of moisture, we'll not get it in this area. it is breaking down the ridge of high pressure. where we really need to see the moisture, we are not getting it. cross the northwest and as we head in the work week and parts of california. and four corner ares not getting the moisture that we really need. we had record highs this last week. it is great news especially for los angeles. we had a highway of 80 degrees. and relative humidity going up and 80 in fres no and seattle 68. and the fire danger moving oast ward and even though coastal california is getting a break. our friends in the four corners not so much where it is dry and the temperatures are rising and we'll get wind gusts. >> the drought monitor in
4:31 pm
california. we are in to 100 percent to severe to exceptional brought and the southern plains. we head in the summertime forecast. well above average attaches and cross the area of drought and wild fire danger. and unfortunately looking at summer drought outlook not good news for the areas and seeing parched conditions and that will continue we think heading into the summer. julie, when you talk about moisture. we get the most in california and november. and we have months to go before they are going to get significant rain in this parched region. >> it is sickening to think someone started them. knowing when to strike when the humidity will hurt the situation. >> it is hard for forecasters
4:32 pm
like us. we are getting into santa ana conditions where we are expecting the winds to be fierce. you have criminals out there who say santa ana winds, we'll so record high temperatures. and let's get out there and set fires. that breaks my heart that there are people out there that will cause heart ache this summer. >> they will be caught let me tell you now. the investigators will not let them get away with this. >> mother nature will cooperate. >> images of flooding in eastern europe. rocking the countries of bosnia and serbia and killing 25 people so far. rising rivers surging in home and rain causing at least throw
4:33 pm
hundred mudslides in bosnia alone. as you can imagine rescue efforts. they are a doubting challenge. and tens of thousands are forced to flee and helicopters in the sky trying to get to people still stranded and this is far from over. the death toll is expected to get up as the waters recede. >> and a tragic explosion from the turkey mind, the rez cue is over. the death toll is now to 301 miners. folks there are furious. hundreds of angry protestors clashing with riot police in is stanbul and they say government negligence is to blame. >> the final two bodies were recovered and the outrage in turkey is growing.
4:34 pm
in total 301 miners were killed. many of those who survived complained about the procedures in the mind and claimed poor government oversight. >> members of the freedom prime office and all government officials are responsible said one miner and government and fining officials insisted that the disaster was due not to negligence but the mine was regularly inspected. the freedom prime has come under fire and critics claimed he was insensitive. political protest erupted. police used water connons and harsh tactics to disperse the crowd. last summer there was similar protestor after the police cracked down on environmental
4:35 pm
protest. opponents of the government describe the government as undemocratic and a uthorian tan. >> and patients could soon have access to experimental drugs. the colorado governor signed the right to try bill, becoming the first state to open up the drugs to patients. terminally ill patients have turned to the government because no changes coming out of the fda. >> what are the critics saying about this? >> the critic is the fda, they are concerned about efforts that might undermine the authority. >> reporter: to protect the public from authorities that are not safe and effective. critics are saying it circumvents federal law and
4:36 pm
undermines the drug development process. a lot of doctors say perhaps these drugs that are not approved yet by the government could reduce the person's life. some of the drugs are useless and can harm more than good. that is one reason why the process is so lengthy, they have to assure the drugs are safe. >> it so manies that other states are trying to follow colorado's lead, is that right? >> reporter: that's right, julie. besides colorado, a woman whose brother is dying of blood cancer on his deathbed today. arizona, a man whose wife died there, and missouri, he's trying to save his daughter in that state. and also in louisiana. four states altogether. and you know, they are saying it is time for a change. there are life- saving drugs out there and they should be given
4:37 pm
a right to try if they like. and they have no other chance. they have tried every avenue and every door closed on them. they want this chance, julie. >> that is a good point. i want to read a tweet. >> of course experimental drugs should go to dying patients, nothing to lose. a botched bank robber ends with a double murder and a high- speed car chase in america. illinois, this man accused of killing two women and critically injuring a third in a bank robber. he approached the employees as they were leaving work. since the bank was closed he couldn't get money and he attacked the women with a knife and stole the victim's car and led the police on a high- speed chase.
4:38 pm
he was arrested with possession of a fire arm. >> indiana, a sneeze blamed for a fiery crash on a busy interstate. a semitruck driver lost control when he sneezed and reached for a tissue. he hit a retaining wall and split the fuel tank open. crews shut down all lanes to put out the fire and clean up the fuel spill. >> massachusetts, doctors reattaching a teen's arm after he lost it in a pasta making machine. the teen was cleaning restaurant equipment. someone put the severed arm on ice. the teen's positive attitude made all of the difference and will be key in his recovery. >> i will work hard every single day. >> 1, 0, and we have liftoff. florida, a delta four rocket
4:39 pm
blasting off from cape canaveral. it will place a navigational satellite. it is the 26th launch since the inaugural flight in november of 2002. >> triple crown in sight after a big win in the preakness the attorney general said more needs to be done. thanks to brown, and to those who made it possible, your generation will never know a world in which separate but equal was the law of the land. works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip!
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the supreme court declaring segregation in schools is unconstitutional. elizabeth has more from the dc bureau. >> reporter: 60 years ago today a court declared separate was not equal and outlaws racial segregation in schools and public facility. brown versus board of education was a major victrow. while being celebrated today, some say the problems still exist. the department of justice monitors 200 school districts where there is of segregation. >> over the last few weeks and months, we'll see jarring reminders of the discrimination and isolated racist views that in some places are yet to be overcome. >> and speaking to a grouch students in kansas. first lady obama told graduates they are the living and breathing legacy of the case and
4:44 pm
warns students of a possibility of segregation of schools even today. >> many young people are going to school largely with kids who look just like them. and too often, those schools are not equal. >> reporter: the republican national committee said the decision a if i weres the principle in america all children deserve a great education and a chance to create their american dream. julie, back to you. >> thank you. and the group whose legal arm brought brown versus board of education announced a new leader who is a beneficency of that. cornel brooks will be the president of the na a cp. >> and defense chief of laos killed in a plane crash.
4:45 pm
>> laos, a plane carrying senior government officials crashed in a forest killing the top defense minister. no word on what caused the crash. >> south korea, thousands packing the square in the capitol city and holding a vigil of the victims of the ferry disaster. some holding up signs and demanding the south korea president take responsibility for the sinking. they say they are angry in the coast guard's response and want a full investigation. 476 people were on board. 285 people are confirmed dead and 19 people are still missing. >> china. bomb crews blowing up bombs left over in world war ii. construction crews discovered
4:46 pm
the intake bombs and shells around the city. >> peru. protest over federal reform turning violent in limba. protestors threw battles and rocks at police who responded with teargas. that is a wrap. >> california chron comes on one come in first. california chrome's team started to worry about the colt's ability to race after he coughed. he had a small blister in his throat. social inclusion took third. california chrome wins in bapproximate elmont in june, it will be the 12th triple crowner
4:47 pm
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you like cottage cheese?
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listen up. kraft food is recalling a million cases of cot amg cheese. the ingredients were apparently not kept. break stone cottage cheese. and simply kraft and daily chef cottage cheese. they have code dates between may ninth and july 23rdrd. if you have it in the fridge, don't eat it. kraft bring its back to the store and get a full refund or exchange. >> flat tires can deflate the fun out of a road trip. this hazard may be a thing of the past thanks to a all terrain vehicle tire that was originally developed for the military. npolaris has declared war on flat tires. it is the 50 a tv to feature the terrain armorred tire that used
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a flexible web to support the tread and can keep going for hundreds of mills even if it has a railroad spike or cot from a bullet. polaris developed it for u.s. better forces who have better things to carry in the field than spare tires and no time to fix flats. >> it can carry a 600 to 1500 pound load and standard with a military wench and automatic transmission. >> with 77 horse power it is fun on the track. polaris said the performance is on parwith conventional tires or anyature rain except for the deepest mud. a dip in the water is a walk in the park. it is offering excellent grip on slippery surfaces. >> i don't do that much but this
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feels natural and these are like it is not there. of course, this doesn't come cheep. 15,000 and making it most expensive to buy. but when you are in the middle of no where with a flat it seems like the deal of the century even with no bad guys around. especially then. >> gary has the job of the century. all of the guys agreement north carolina senior proving she is a tough cookie. she scared off a would- be robber with a broom. he asked about a couple of items and then reached for his gun and she grabbed a broom. >> maybe it helped.
4:54 pm
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[ male announcer ] ocuvite. i use my citi thankyou card to get two times the points at the coffee shop. which will help me get to miami...and they'll be stuck at the cube farm. the citi thankyou preferred card. now earn two times the points on dining out with no annual fee. go to >> in case you messed it, the holiday spirit was in full view this week. hundreds of santas taking a break to bask in the rays and spreading good cheer and giving the gift of life should be a year round activity. >> santa in shorts and flip flops? this is what happened when the
4:58 pm
real bearded santas descend on tampa. >> we are expecting 250 to 275 santa and mrs. clauses. the furthest is from norway. >> that is what i say in norway. >> and on vacation from the north pole they bring in suits and boots and kept on practicing the jolly chant. >> my goodness. merry christmas. >> and then the santas in training. >> i have a wide imagination and a let of people like to destroy the imagination for kids and i thought keeping it alive would be good. >> and former pro wrestler mick foley, yeah, that guy was on hand to spread the christmas spirit. >> i am an aspiring christmas helper and if i get on the nice
4:59 pm
list, i will be a full- fledged helper in no time. nheadlines before we go. a chicago activist expected to plead guilty in detroit. she is a cowed of not telling immigration officials about her conviction. if she pleads guilty she will likely be deported. automakers say air bags were not mounted to the steering whole for hyun da i. four tons on display of sugar. and we want to make a quick correction. first lady bush on her birthday she received the dog that passed away. it was given in 2004 and obviously not 2014. that is a little correction to make. we'll go on to end this day in
5:00 pm
history. we are done, good bye, we are done. and see you back here next saturday. that's how fox reports. i am julie bandaras. huckabee starts right now. you got to love a teleprompter, right? tonight on huckabee. nearly 300 girls abducted and forced to convert to islam as poll tegzs and celebrities tweet support for their safe return. muslim women on the real war on women and why hash tags will not bring our girls back. plus. from spiritual guru to congressional candidate mary ann williamson said washington needs soul searching. and the music of michael w. smith. ♪


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