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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 19, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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go to and vote in our poll. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from the border between the united states and mexico. we will see you tomorrow night. 7 p.m. right here. go to and tell me what you thought of tonight's show. good night. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> there is virtually no republican who accepts the science that virtually is unanimous. i mean, there is no scientific question. >> the governor of california blaming fires and drought on climate change. but a factor investigation shows that's nonsense. we'll present the facts tonight. >> you either lead or disappoint. unfortunately today in my opinion american is disappointed. >> chris christie attacking president obama. can county governor of new jersey get back into the presidential race? brit hume on that. >> what life lessons has lady gaga taught you? >> oh my>> also ahead, it is jee
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watters going against lady gaga. place your bets. >> dancing, arm ups. >> don't do that again. >> oh. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. climate change chaos that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. looks like hell in california as the fire season has started early year. the nation's most populated state in trouble. governor brown says climate change is the reason why. >> it is true that there is virtually no republican who accepts the science that virtually is unanimous. i mean, there is no scientific question. there is just political
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denial as we send billions and billions of tons of heat trapping gases. we get heat and we get fires and we get what we're seeing. >> mr. brown has apparently supporting policies limit carbon monoxide side co 2. unfortunately that carbon dioxide emissions. al gore has literally made a fortune scaring folks about climate. as brown says the right is skeptical of scientists we are going to suffer for it some conservatives scoff at that they should not. liberals of course, are crazed over man made climate change. pounding the table to save the icebergs. both sides are misguided. talking points urges to you read a column by peter
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morici a professor at the university of maryland which is posted on he points out that china is driving pollution on the earth and no matter what the u.s.a. does china is not going to cooperate on limiting co 2 emissions. they have to support a billion and a half people and any deprivation in china could lead to a bloody uprising as the folks there know they are oppressed. so, business, not pollution is china's obsession. right now, china emits almost twice as much co 2 as the u.s.a. and is responsible for 85% of the annual increase in harmful emissions. in fact, the u.s.a.'s carbon footprint is receding down 13% since 2005. imposing stringt envirnl mental standards on u.s. corporations will not do very much schongs china continues to pollute. now, it is foolish not to do anything. human beings are harming the earth. and some corporations pollute to make money. they have to be held to account. reasonable clean air and
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water standards should be imposed by the feds. but those standards should not be punishing. or the u.s. economy will sink even further. while china and india, another big polluter continue to grow. the left wants income equality. but without a robust economy and job market, that will never come close to happening. because we have so many restrictions on energy development, we send buildings of dollars to opec. does that make any sense to you. does stopping the keystone pipeline make any economic sense? just makes russia stronger and america weaker. the feds should encourage tax breaks to responsible companies. we support tessa and electric cars in general. we like solar and wind power to be affordable. in the meantime if you think hammering u.s. corporations to stop the fires in california or storms like sandy, you are nuts. governor brown should fly over to to shanghai and get a clue.
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he now, that's the memo. top story tonight reaction. president of the liberal think tank. mark hanna, analyst who works primarily for democrats. what did i say wrong. >> it sounds good, bill. i like where you stand because it acknowledges that we have a problem and as everybody knows the first step in solving any problem is admitting you have a problem. what conservatives have failed to do from, you know, in recent years is acknowledge the problem. you have marco rubio out there still denying the fact that climate change is happening. >> going to be on the program. the senator is going it to be on the program tomorrow i think you should grill him on. >> it we will. joe bastardi is the go to guy in weather deal. he is a global warming climate change denier. but he points to a lot of interesting facts in history, you know, the dust bowl in oklahoma. the dinosaur's extension that the planet does evolve. however, as i have always
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said, mr. rosenburg and i'm sure you watch the factor every night so you know i say this, it's better for everybody to have a clean planet. so why are we arguing about whether it's natural or whether it's man made? this case however we are being sold a political point of view by "new york times" and other uber publications by jerry brown that if we could only stop the devil corporations wouldn't have the fires and the storms. you know that's bunk. go. >> well, listen, first of all, i applaud the way you are trying to find common ground on this. i do think this is really one of the most important issues facing the country. current energy environment is unsustainable for us. unsustainable. dirty. too many many people control our destiny. it should be the priority of the united states and the president to get clean energy, inexpensive energy. i think the president of the united states has done a good job on that. >> how has he done a good job? >> we're on the road. >> who who who who wait wait
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wait. on the road doesn't cut it in the no spin zone. he has been in office now five and a half years, barack obama has. okay? i don't know of any, any environmental issue that he has either passed or championed that has advanced the cause of a cleaner planet one eye iota. can you give me one? >> sure. we have had a greater expansion of renewable energy in his time of office than we have had. >> like what? i tried to get solar panels for my house, i couldn't get them. wait, wait, wait, wait. i tried to get solar panels for my house on long island. i couldn't get them. they are so cumbersome, so expensive and they need a roof the size of rhode island to put them in. okay? so i wanted to do it. it's not there yet. give me one. >> fuel efficiency standards for cars and automobiles. you are not going to be able to. >> that was started a long time ago. >> you are not going to be able to get solar panels, a for 10 years from now you won't be able to buy a gas
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guzzler. >> mr. rosenberg just said that the president has been very effective leader on environmental change. you know that fuel standards were sought a long time ago, right? not under his watch. give me one thing he has done. >> i'm disappointed the president wasn't able to bring congress along on a cap and trade policy. >> china runs wild. come on i just made that case and you both know it's true. >> china won't run wild if we show a little bit of geopolitical leadership here. >> wait, wait, wait. you are sitting there and going to tell me that china is going to go look at america, they are showing geopolitical leadership, we're going to step in right behind them. are you saying that to me? you are the tin man. i want you on the road to oz. are you saying that to me mr. rosenberg. china is going to follow us if we only show leadership? are you kidding me? >> i'm going to explain what the president has done because you asked me. >> all right. >> he did in the earl liver days of his administration raise fuel efficiency
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standards. secondly, he has made unprecedented investments in nuclear energy. huge impact on solar and wind. >> like solyndra that worked out great, didn't it? [ laughter ] >> and the third thing is we have seen more movement against energy independence in the last five years. >> like the keystone pipeline. >> bell bill, one thing that coal fire dirty developers of dirty energy love seeing is republican politicians saying that climate change doesn't exist. it gives them license to operate and pollute the planet that's going to hurt our kids. >> here is what the chinese like even more. heavy restrictions on corporations so the corporations move their stuff to china. that's what they like even more. hey, guys, that was a good debate. next on the rundown chris christie hammers over
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in the game chris christie blasted his yesterday. >> we will either lead or disappoint. those are the only two choices. unfortunately today in my opinion, america is disappointing but it's not too late. it's time for us to stand up once again and lead our nation in a way that leads us to greater success and prosperity and lead the world towards greater liberty, freedom pros spater and respect for human life. >> joining us from washington fox news senior analyst brit hume. christie is trying obviously oby to back in the presidential sweepstakes. do you think he is able to do that. >> it's impossible not inevitable. he has a to do that some will depend on the inquiry into the famous bridge traffic clogging scandal if that ends up not sticking to him that will eliminate him from one burden he carries. some of it may depend on who
5:15 pm
else runs. who jeb bush, for example, were to get into the race. he occupies somewhat the same space on the conservative crernlt right spectrum that christie would occupy. he would have in jeb bush got in or duke it out. >> i continue to say that if you are going it run against hillary clinton, you have got to have charisma christie has that. he. jeb bush against hillary clinton or chris christie against hillary clinton christie is going to be far more assertive and aggressive whereas governor bush will do it on intellectual plain which i'm not sure is going to be very effective against an icon against mrs. clinton. >> first thing you have got to do is get your party to nominate you. chris christie in the eyes of some conservatives is not conservative enough. that's true also with bush. it should be added. the same thing can be said of bush.
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so, you know, the first contest, the one that he would have to win to ever face hillary clinton is one in which he has got to win over some conservatives or at least hold on to enough of them that the hard right is not able to defeat him. and i think his bluff and blunt style, his sort of candor and his spirit that, you know, we can do this and i'm the guy strong enough to lead may be just the thing. i think people are eager to hear that i think they believe at least those in the republican ranks believe that we're suffering from a presidency characterized by weak leadership as christie himself suggested in that sound bite you played. >> all right. because the republicans do have an opportunity. new politico poll and you guys can see it yourself at suggests that in the key races, for the senate, that republicans have surged ahead. let me give you the one stat. the republicans lead democrats by seven points
5:17 pm
among likely voters in states like louisiana, arkansas, north carolina, where the senate races are close and if they go to the g.o.p., the g.o.p. could take the senate. so this poll is good news. and not very few people like obamacare even though it looks the same that americans just don't want this, is that how you read it? >> the poll tills us a lot about the senate races. presidential level bill, knows are states, ones cited there are stays that obama didn't win and ones that his successor is. doesn't give us a full sense of the republicans would have or lack in the 2016 presidential race. it does tell us about what the democrats are doing. >> -- let's compare carter who you covered. you covered carter, right? >> well, i was here covering congress. i watched it all. >> you knew who he was. you knew he was over there. >> i heard he was in the white house.
5:18 pm
>> so we have two and a half years left for barack obama, compare barack obama's position today to what jimmy carter's was with two and a half years left. >> well, both of them are weakened presidencies. both of them acted, of course, in carter's case, it was was one and done. he didn't get to serve a second term. obama ma'am is now having the kind of second term problems that other presidents have had. normally what you see in a second term of the president is that the world comes increasingly to fascinate him. president has more freedom of movement than he does in domestic affairs where he needs the is a so, consent of congress and he hasn't gotten any chance of getting that with the republicans in control of the house and perhaps soon the senate. so, the situations are a little different but and obama seems not to have been captivated by the world. he seems increasingly to with drop from it and the
5:19 pm
troubles mount. carter had one great triumph which was the foreign policy triumph and that was camp david accords which were stand to this day as a major foreign policy achievement. he had a lot of failings but he had that at least. >> arit hume, everybody. directly ahead juan williams and karl rove slug it out over hillary clinton. very entertaining and show it oto you next.
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food fight over hillary clinton in one corner quarrel rove who says the concussion mrs. clinton sustained as secretary of state could be a presidential campaign issue. in the other corner, an outraged juan williams. >> the g.o.p. at this moment is apoplectic over hillary clinton. hillary clinton is to blame for between gaze. hillary clinton is to blame
5:23 pm
for nigeria. hillary clinton is to blame for monica lewenski. >> glad you admit it. >> hillary clinton was a terrible secretary of state. >> i'm glad you admit it. >> you are going crazy. this is not only you are beating her you are beating her about the head and generating sympathy for her. >> be careful about your aanalogies. first of all, let's be clear, she is going to have to cough up these medical records and describe this. this was a serious. look, the center for disease control says a concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury. >> joining us now from washington mary katharine ham and juan williams. are your arms tired from carrying all that water for mrs. clinton. >> i love your introduction thank you william. but i must say it's getting easier because they are generating on the right such sympathy for mrs. clinton. >> how do you know that though? >> i'm telling you because i walk around and, look, when rush limbaugh says who wants to watch a woman get older in the white house? when rand paul says oh my god she enabled bill's choght. lot of people think this is over the top.
5:24 pm
these guys are so crazy upset about the prospect of going up against hillary in 2016 they are reacting out of fear. they are flailing. >> do you think that mary katharine do you think mrs. clinton is picking up support because of all of these things? >> look at me i'm clearly apoplectic i can't contain myself. if in fact concussions and blood clots on the brain are not a big deal at all that should -- we should ask no questions about them, then the nfl can rest easy. i don't think that's the case there is a middle ground when juan is speaking in this clip he declares the boko haram classification off limits. benghazi, her entire secretary of state tenure now this is crazy to ask questions about. bill clinton said the other day it took her six months to recuperate. when we were told a month before i was not aware. i don't know what people want though. what is the right want? do they want x-rays? what do they want? >> for her to be frank about it when we have evidence that, in fact, bill clinton
5:25 pm
it took six months. >> she got a concussion. what do they want her to say? i don't remember anything? >> i think the question would be why before was the story that it was a month recovery and now it's six months? >> it's not six months. they said she went -- mary katharine, they said she went to therapy. that's not saying she. >> she went to therapy. >> wait, wait, wait. >> i think juan has a point that you have to calculate each one of these things as to how much sympathy it builds. that's a fair point. middle ground you can ask questions and not same hateful conspiracy theory. >> remember, she hasn't declared for anything yet, so she is not, you know, putting out a medical records. way before that. but, if she does declare, juan, shouldn't she then put out her medical records about the concussion, about her treatment and where she is now? >> i would expect it. i think all candidates are legitimately questioned by the press by the public.
5:26 pm
>> we don't really have a controversy here. >> yeah, you do. because it went way beyond that it went way beyond someone saying hey you know we are going to have to ask questions about your health and you are getting to be an older person or whatever. that's a little touchy but okay. this personal, bill. this was like hey, she is the walking dead as bill clinton said all of a sudden. >> they turned it into that, didn't they? >> didn't they turn it into a personal all rove was doing saying look, we are going to have to know. >> look, karl raised the issue and karl says he didn't quite say that now. but that's what people heard and what they heard. >> you take it as an attack. i didn't take it as an attack. did you take it as an attack mary katharine? >> it wasn't a love note it was meant to diminish her and suggest she is not capable of handling the job. >> did you see it that way, mary katharine? >> i think i would have worded it differently than karl did, perhaps a little more gentle. he brought up the issue. now juan is saying she
5:27 pm
should have released these medical records. that may be mission accomplished for him. >> wait a second, i didn't say now. >> >> what the left wants to do is declare all of this completely off limits. declare benghazi off limits. declare all of this off limits. >> they are not going to be able to do that? >> now you have admitted it's not. one thing that has to happen. if hillary clinton decides to run for president and there are questions about the concussion or her health in general come on the factor and ask her questions. >> i think hillary clinton has all her faculties and can handle taking a few questions about this. end of story. >> i would say that is true. >> right? >> did you guys like punch each other after "fox news sunday"? was there a brawl there, juan? >> no, no, no. this has been going on for years. actually, karl -- we know each other pretty has been honest with me. >> you don't like him, juan.
5:28 pm
>> oh, no, that's not true at all. >> you like him? >> that guy is an expert political operative. he elected a president twice. is he a tough guy. >> did you ever buy him dinner, juan? >> actually, he has bought dinner for me. >> you never bought him dinner? >> well, he is not you, will. >> never bought me dinner. i don't think he did. >> that's right, yeah. i remember that long john silver's fish and chips. thank you, appreciate that we got to go. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. bernie goldberg on fascism involving college -- involving college campuses. leave her alone waters. we hope you stay tuned tom j- those reports.
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factor follow up segment tonight. another damming situation concerning obama narrow catch the obama administration has award add billion-dollar contract to the search and serco a british t that specializes in processing paperwork, obamacare paperwork. there is is chaos. in st. louis the cbs affiliate investigated serco employees and found a very troubling situation. >> after providing proof of employment, this serco employee agreed to speak through the phone with the voice altered. hundreds of employees spend much of the day staring with computer screens with little or no work to do.
5:33 pm
>> are there some days where a data entry person may not process one application? >> one of three serco locations. people seeking to qualify for insurance. >> our every employee that has a job. frustration is mounting. the contract is worth upwards of $1.2 billion >> joining us now from st. louis, investigative reporter chris who put that story together. let me walk through this so everybody understands this it. this outfit that you are zeroing in on in is in the st. louis area, right? >> that's correct, bill. >> do you know how many more outfits serco has around the united states? >> well, bill, this company
5:34 pm
specializes in government contracts with serco they not only have the facility in suburban st. louis. they have a facility in arkansas, oklahoma, and kentucky. all of them tasked with handling these paper applications for the affordable care act. >> do you know if the same situation exists in the other three ethics cyst in st. louis? >> yes. well, when we started this investigation here in st. louis, that's the question that we wanted answered. after we aired our first investigation last month, we started hearing from serco employees in other states in kentucky one employee there says there is only a couple paper applications trickling in every day so they have got little or no work to do. they go to work all day and accomplish virtually nothing. then i started hearing from employees in rogers, arkansas. i went down to that facility on friday and talked to seller current employees. all of them say they go to work every day and at the end of an 8 hour shift leave without having done more real work. what is the reason there
5:35 pm
aren't applications for aforthable health care law from coming in. >> a lot of it is done online. estimates how many people would actually fill out the paper amortization occasions. one of the numbers floating around around 30%. clearly not enough work to do. now over a thousand employees between these facilities tasked with doing the data entry portion of the applications that some days just sit there with nothing to do. >> all right. so it's basically that maybe obsolete the whole model because people if they want to sign up can sign up on the internet. they don't have to walk into a facility that's rented and all of that so the 1.2 billion is going down the drain. >> well, if you belief these employees and i have no reason not to believe them. again, remember, all of these employees, many of them support the affordable care act. that's why they went to work there in the first place. a week or two after starting their job they were disillusioned saying there is nothing it do. no applications coming address their computer screen that they have to
5:36 pm
process. tough questions of centers for medicare and medicaid. they are the ones that award this contract to serco. this has not changed since this investigation started. some employeeee sass say they are sitting around. >> the people aren't coming in with the applications they aren't coming in. >> that's correct. >> when key woman right back goldberg on college campus fascism. running wild. then watters tracks down lady gaga kind of. why does jesse care? moments away. he has the most common kind...'s not caused by a heart valve problem. dad, it says your afib puts you at 5 times greater risk of a stroke. that's why i take my warfarin every day. but it looks like maybe we should ask your doctor about pradaxa. in a clinical trial, pradaxa® (dabigatran etexilate mesylate)... ...was proven superior to warfarin at reducing the risk of stroke.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. fascism on some college campuses. as you may know, a variety of commencement speakers, including former secretary of state condoleezza rice have withdrawn from speaking at graduations because they were terrorized the latest is a democrat michael johnsston, state senator in colorado hos students school disinvite because perceived as left wing loons as anti-teacher guy or something. joining us is mr. goldberg.
5:41 pm
things are rapidly getting out of control you couldn't even talk on some colleges. it's going on now, right? >> right, the lunatics once again are are taking over the asylum. what makes this breath takingly repulsive in my view anyway is that these are the same people who are always lecturing us about diversity and how you can't have a good education on a college campus without the diversified. obviously not talking about ideological diversity. these are aauthor terrence and liberals who have forgotten how to be liberal if they ever knew in the first place. >> do you believe that this is driven by -- see, back in the 60's and 70s was all anti-vietnam. they tied the vietnam war in
5:42 pm
with the country. and the country was evil because it was trying to defend freedom, which it was, u.s.a. was in south psalm, cambodia, laos, maybe we didn't do it the right way, we didn't want people to be enslaved in the communist system which they subsequently were when we pulled out of southeast asia. there was play on college campuses back then. is it anti-americanism now like the condoleezza rice thing? is that anti-americanism? >> it is in this sense at least the way i see it is in this sense. the far left on college campuses, they like america. they love america. not just the one we happen to be living in today. they love some idealized america where it's there is not an ounce of racism. where there is not an ounce of pollution. now, i would likes that kind of america, too. but i'm pretty happy with the one we have.
5:43 pm
they are not. and this is creeping, creeping incrementalism of the aauthor terrence. >> the really troubling thing is that it's not just students, is that there is a lot of alumni and photographers. at rutgers your alma mater founded founded in 1776 goldberg was telling me before the country there were a lot of professors that say you know what? condoleezza rice is not worthy to be heard on this campus. when you have that coming from professors, not stupid loony stoned out kids, you have got a problem. demonstrating back in the 60's. >> yes. same people. now think are professors. let me give you a personal note on this. the other day i got a contribution letter from rutgers. my alma mater.
5:44 pm
and recently on my web site i wrote a column trashing rutgers for the way they treated condoleezza rice. instead of putting a check in that envelope. i put my column in the envelope. [ laughter ] >> i did. >> just this morning. literally this morning. i put the column in and mailed it off to them. now, there is a lesson in this. i'm not a crusader but if i can help either start a movement or at least continue a movement, everybody out there write a letter to the president the university and tell him you know what? now you are hurting my feelings. now, you are offending me. so, this is my way. the only way i can to disinvite you by not sending you any more money. let's see if that wakes them up. >> i would have sent them a dollar, just you know i will give you a dollar if you
5:45 pm
read the column. if you don't you have to send the dollar back. >> right. >> put a dollar in there. there is goldberg. he is not a revolutionary but is he fomenting rebowl i don't know in miami. >> a little bit. >> trouble in lady gaga land. jesse is right in the middle of it up next. sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. and the award goes to ceramics house. congratulations. thank you. the success of your small business depends on results. go vests! all organic, and there's tons of info on our website.
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5:49 pm
>> gaga hype machine is in full effect. >> people want gaga to be an instant success. thanks so much for buying tickets. >> what's going on? >> waiting in line for the one and only lady gaga. sm. >> are you going to propose? if not quit staring at me. >> dancing, arms up. >> don't do that again. >> oh. >> do you do a lot of narcotics? >> no. >> do you know what narcotics? >> no. >> i'll be damned. >> are you on acid right now? >> no, nope. no drugs. >> are you sure those pants aren't just a little bit too tight. >> i think they look fine. >> are are you sure? >> yeah. >> they are painted on. >> you are walking like frankenstein. >> what do you guys do? >> i actually work at mid evil times.
5:50 pm
>> welcome to mid evil times. >> you don't look like typical lady gaga fan. >> you don't look so good. >> what what what. >> do you like women. >> you could say i'm a lesbian. . >> no. >> ewww, no. >> reporter: he's a hand some man. >> the room is starting to spin real fast because of gayness. >> reporter: i'll really scared now. >> what does lady gaga mean to you? >> she's chose me like told me life lessons that nobody gets to teach you. >> reporter: what life lessons has lady gaga taught you? >> oh my god. >> she stands for equality of the gays and we need gay marriage throughout america. >> reporter: did lady georgia bring you out of the closet? >> i was well on my way, but she definitely helped.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: bill o'reilly wants to ask you a quick question, but this will be fun. >> i've notice add certain resistance to georgia so far this year. >> we have indication that star power may be on the decline. >> reporter: lay da -- lady gaga is struggling. why are you attracted to her. >> music is art. >> cancelling the tour hurt gag do and if main stream doesn't accept it, we do. >> reporter: are you a flash in the pants? have you ever watched the news or anything like that? >> only to check the weather to know what to wear for that day. >> are you republican or democrat? >> i don't know. >> reporter: do you know the difference? >> no. >> reporter: do you know democrats will put someone on the benghazi committee?
5:52 pm
>> this is real awkward. >> reporter: how is obama doing? >> who? >> reporter: the president. >> of what? >> reporter: america. >> i like to live in my bubble, ignorance bliss. >> reporter: okay. how is that working out for you? >> i got my own problems. >> reporter: are you a "factor" fan? >> i am. >> reporter: what's your favorite part of the show? >> when he makes fun of everybody. >> reporter: i'm watters and you're in my world now. >> really? >> reporter: how does that feel right now? >> pretty amazing. >> all right. here is watters. is this just a gay thing? is that what it primarily is? >> half of it is gay. there is gender bending -- >> cher is one that attracts a big audience. >> this has always been a big
5:53 pm
gay -- >> she's real main stream with "bad romance" and stuff. >> i like that music, i like lady gaga, i'm not embarrassed to talk about it. >> you should be. some songs are catchty, that's over, the massing alation but ticket sales are down. >> she's down from 4.58 million albums sold in 2008 to 700,000 -- >> she's down. >> she's had hip surgery. the shock value is wearing off. miley cyrus out paced her in terms of that. >> you'll see. i won't follow it -- >> i'm gaga beat. >> you're getting popular in some areas. >> money saving coupons, how to get them with no sweat. the tip moments away. all statioo mission a for a final go.
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if you want to get signed copies of my books personalized for your father, get the orders into, your remarks about 73-year-old eleanor cliff were among the section's, agest and totally off. statement is beyond dull. he was murdered by terrorist. she was given the opportunity to retract, she did not. i said member her age is catching up with her. some people lose their fastball early, some late, some never. ms. clip brought the spotlight on herself. mitchell palm springs, california, clift has become more like helen thomas. she should go away. i consider myself socially liberal but michael sam and his boyfriend were too in your face for me. the problem is espn played it
5:58 pm
over and over again. bill, out of the park interview with barbara walters, i thought you were fair and honored her career appropriate. ms. o'reilly, i disagree with you, barbara walters is not just the most successful woman journalist of all time but the most successful period. edward r murrow tough to beat. history and spirit could be tough. jesus of was a real person whose actions were documented to some extend. we tell you the truth about that and back it up, that's why killing jesus sold two million copies and still on the best sellers list after all these months. check it out. darron, burlington, north dakota i'm bringing my parents to the
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and sound off at bill o'reilly at and name and town if you wish to opine. thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. i'm megyn kelly live in new york city and tonight. >> president obama accused of ignoring the scandal of neglected veterans as we learn his team was told about the problems back in 2008. >> my concern is that the obama administration will treat this scandal like it does all the others, like a political crisis. >> senator mitch mcconnell. >> i want to know what is going to jail. >> possible details on legal problems who may have been encouraging the irs and