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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 20, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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pesticides. you can get a turkey, turkey eats grasshoppers. jenna: do you own a turkey? jon: no, i don't, but it will work. we will see you back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." here today, harris fokker, sandra smith, and today's hashtag one lucky guy, geraldo rivera. >> i had a dream like this once. >> i think you had several. >> that is right, i have. >> tweeting on "outnumbered" account, they guessed who you were based on your own island. >> my eight-year-old just watched "clueless."
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we found out after the fact. it is relatively modest. it is kind of an oxymoron. up the amazon river, all around, i love committing. >> you have the view of the water, i have the view of the back of your head. >> we hope to have the opportunity to have you double dose. easy on the eyes and so smart. >> see how charming my puerto rican brother is. >> making it hard to pick on you. >> here we go. we're going to begin with your
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tax dollars not at work. lawmakers demanding answers of a contract contract worker over the story of workers at that company's facility in missouri doing basically nothing, sleeping at their desk. health care applications. one whistleblower telling them you arrive in the morning at 6:30, you go straight to your cubicle, you wait and you wait and you wait, but nothing comes through. for the month, i processed six applications, and that was pretty good. and there is more, the whistleblower's saying they not allowed to work with pen, paper or cell phone. come up with games they know from childhood. we played dictionary on a dry erase board, 20 questions, made up games of what you did in 1989. saying she was so bored that she quit after six months.
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and by the way, the tv station breaking this story says the administration is requesting for the records. >> sounds like a teenage sleepover. >> i'm simply outraged. the fact they are not watching pornography like their collies at the business administration is an outrage. >> great point. >> that's why people hate the federal government, that's why it's so swollen. if you need 10 employees, you by 100. you can't fire anybody. no means testing. >> this company never should have been hired or paid to do this work in the first place. they have a horrible reputation. $1.43 billion of taxpayer funds. when you look at their reputation, scandalous worldwide.
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we are hiring them for obamacare. speak out they spent a million dollars to lobby. >> much more to send this point, this is a much larger problem. we saw that with the company running the ceo quit last year because of a huge fraudulent investigation having to do with funds of the british government. we continue to hire the contractors. >> i wanted to talk to you about accountability. are we outrag outrageous to askr records or make sure where our dollars are going? >> whenever this administration blocks information from the public, the same thing happens. there are no consequences to
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being unaccountable, that is why. >> americans sitting at home, pay taxes, provide for my family and this is like a slap in the face there is such a widespread abuse. when you want to ask questions about it, you are on the offensive. >> put in at the station in st. louis, they asked for certain documents. you know how long ago that was which mark april 8. they had to 20 days apply. you know how does work, the contractor doesn't have to answer to our american media. we have to keep pressing. april 8, count the days. we are beyond the point where it is not even acceptable. >> this is one office in one state. they are covering three states in addition to missouri, it is
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kansas and oklahoma as well. we are looking at one isolated incident? probably not. >> i would say they'r they are g with the status quo of the administration. >> i have seen freedom of information requests go a lot longer, drag on and when you get it, it is redacted. we should give them another couple of weeks and then move on. it will have like six words. dear, sir, and everything else will be black, sincerely yours. >> there is a new movie and it is about parenting, kind of. it is called "mom's night out." calling it antifeminists among ot a group of stay-at-home moms who leave for a night out on town. >> i planned his mom's night thing for saturday.
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>> you planned a mom space bar mark >> what is the worst thing that can happen? >> wow, you look amazing. >> ladies, tonight is our night. >> i love that scene. i know how she feels. here are a few quotes from the reviews. "progressively regressing and borderline dangerous. "mom's night out" peddles gender roles with wacky laughs. the only message is unmistakable regardless of your religious beliefs a woman's place in the home, not out on the town." another critic wrote "manly whyu wonder why she doesn't just hire a nanny, find a job and get out of the house." she should just relax and enjoy motherhood.
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i am right where i needed to be and got has given me everything i need to be a mom." the writer did not like the way the dads came across. she went on to write "what is actually offensive and unrealistic is how men are portrayed as incompetent when it comes to caring for young children." stacy, i want to go to you first. >> i am a mother, i have been a mother for 23 years and i know it is the hardest job on the planet so i commend these stay-at-home moms. to say they are wary of damnation is absurd. it shows liberal women seeking the pro-choice as long as your choice is agree with theirs. >> why do the critics hate stay-at-home moms? >> i don't know b. it is absurd. to speak for them like that is ridiculous. it is a very hard job. being a mother's hardest job on the planet. >> you have had a few baby moms.
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i will just call them like i see them. >> i want to make two quick points. all of my wives have been stay-at-home moms eventually. i have five children, very proud. but these two things, one is if you are stay-at-home mom, there is a lack of confidence to express what it is you do. i read to my daughter for three hours and you feel about yourself, what did i accomplish in those three hours. you feel defensive about it. look at what happened to the first lady of new york city recently. the mayor, there were times when they had this child and didn't feel like hanging out with the child, they wanted to do other things. she was really criticized yesterday in new york, "dad mom"
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was the headline. >> people think of your at home raising her children you are not really working, why would you need a break but that is the opposite of the truth. you are mom who works outside the home, this seems this marginalizes all of us because it hits us all against each other. >> it should be a personal story of what works best. god has blessed them, they are doing an incredible jobs they are doing god's work raising children, keeping families together. that is extremely important. i need to work for myself, i'm happy to have those opportunities. you can do both if you choose to. >> i wants to get the response to the next quote. this is a columnist from "the new york times" wrote this is an insult to the millions of women who love and have much more to do and to deal with than
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those women who are staying at home. >> why are we not going after the hollywood that glorifies violence and drugs and alcohol? and infidelity. here they are picking at stay-at-home moms, they are stay-at-home moms who choose to moms, it is a wonderful, beautiful thing. there are stay-at-home moms who are staying at home because they have to. the economy has not allowed them to leave the house. they can't afford to leave the house. >> it is a hard job to stay at home. you don't get paid very well. >> sometimes you don't get a moment. you're doing something every moment of the day for your children. >> the movie looks hilarious. the producer describes the movie as true to life comedy which celebrates the beautiful mess called parenting. i get the hollywood little credit for showing something that may be i don't often try to show. >> being a mother is the most
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rewarding job. >> and also the most risky. >> a brewing battle over the healthy school lunches. by first lady michelle obama is telling supporters that she is going to do as republicans vowed to rollback or unpopular lunch mandate. plus in the heart of hollywood, this, billboards lasting celebrity divorces. why the guy behind the science says this is no joke but will hollywood listen? really? okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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"roll sound!" "action!"
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that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. >> welcome back to "outnumbered." came on for michelle obama when it comes to school lunches. the first lady reportedly heard on what was supposed to be off the record conference call to rollback the healthy lunch mandate.
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amid growing controversy as many schools say the new rules are busting their budgets well kids are voting with their stomach by dumping their meals in the trash. everybody agrees something needs to be done. how is obesity growing at a rapid rate, michelle obama is probably trying to do the right thing, but she has done it very fast with strict rules costing them a lot of money. >> childhood obesity is the toughest thing for a child to get over. parents older children in obligation to try to keep them from getting fat. the second thing is as the father of five, no child finishing second grade, give a chance between the pizza and the oatmeal, she will take the pizza 100 times out of 100. there is no doubt children will eat whatever they like rather than what is good for them.
9:18 am
i'm absolutely with the first lady. the lobbyists for the frozen pizza industry again -- >> they allowed pizza because of the tomato sauce. that is now included in the list. >> what do you have against pizza? il eat pizza. see what i'm saying? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. you eat pizza like i eat carrots. >> it is becoming a big problem. these schools are taking a loss on it. >> the big problem is the students are not eating it. this is an example of the federal government overreaching. it should be state governed and the parents. if there were stay-at-home mothers, they could make their lunches. >> have jambalaya for the children. >> did you make your children lunch? >> yes, i did. >> i like doing that. >> without exception.
9:19 am
at his school they don't have the facility to have a cafeteria to be able to eat, but i make sure he gets all the different things he should be getting, balanced breakfast, balanced lunch. >> this is sometimes the only decent meal they get. you're going to give them the fast food, you are doing a disservice. >> bring up something happening in north suburban chicago, they cancelled the school lunch program. the kids were doing what stacy is saying. we have a free lunch program, the government giving us money to serve the menu they wanted us to serve, but kids wouldn't eat it. so what did they do outside chicago? they cancelled it, leslie devoted unanimously, six very large schools will not take the money. they said we can make up the difference with the popular/healthy but more popular meal plan we put together, we
9:20 am
will pay for the kids cannot afford to eat. >> why doesn't the government to the creative way to put them in it together? >> it should be state government because they can ask the children what would you eat. >> whatever you think of president obama, the first lady has done god's work, this is god's work. >> her heart is in the right place. >> this is not bashing anybody. just how one district did it on their own. >> you have to look at alternatives, that is a philosophy you hold which is to focus on the state of the federal government overreaching. we have to do what is best in the interest of the children. healthy alternatives that are tasty too. >> my kids love it. >> hollywood is famous for the brief marriages.
9:21 am
they say it is influencing millions of americans. in an effort to reduce the divorce rate it is going after celebrities with a new ad campaign telling them to take their vows seriously. i am not making this up. [laughter] strategically placing the messages where stars live. including phrases like divorce is a shame, not a reality show. and when you make divorce popular, you make divorce possible. the group founder says when stars take marriage lightly using words like cautiously uncouple, they set a bad example for their fans. we have the couch stacked with experts on this. this is the best part, i am finally outnumbered on marriages. it is exciting. >> i can't imagine with whom you speak. >> okay. >> i have been married 11 happy,
9:22 am
blissful, wonderful years. even though it took me a while to work out the wrinkles. many of them do get married to divorce possible reasons. studios used to marry people up. now whoever can get them on the front page of "the new york post." >> i didn't marry any movie stars. i married because my first marriage was catholic. i got married again because i like to be married. i don't think this billboard would have helped any. >> i get all of my life lessons from billboards. >> geraldo has been divorced and courageous to put himself out there. he wouldn't have erika or his beautiful daughter. i believe in love and marriage and a union, and i think geraldo is an example.
9:23 am
>> i appreciate it. i got divorced when i had the taltalkshow at a terrible time, temptation and i was selfish and self-indulgent and i was a skinny kid in high school, i finally was in a situation i could have anything i wanted. >> have you always been this dishonest? -- this honest? >> that is great. >> i learned in my own life, i was my own teacher. >> what about you? >> married once, still married, but this is the idea somehow hollywood is supposed to be role models for all of us. i don't get that. it does seem to hurt their careers. tom cruise got divorced in june 2012, ever since he has not grossed over $100 million on a single movie. >> he revealed himself to be
9:24 am
such a scientology. >> i still believe in marriage. >> i have my original tony, married 11 years as well. i honestly say this all the time even when he is in the room, the good lord gave me an angel. the best thing i've done with my life. >> i keep it on my desk, it is inspiring. i will get there. >> does he really cut you slack with the demands of your career six days per week? >> he doesn't just cut me slack, he believes in me. he sees my joy, he sees my sadness, he is right there with me. but he still though, he's a man. if i have all the things i need to do and the things that make
9:25 am
me happy, he gets to play can be him. he has his work and his stuff, we are a good team. i was really young when i got married. >> did i hear you say he played 36 holes in one day? >> on our honeymoon. >> do you play with your husband? >> i do, i do. i would not be able to play 36 holes in one day. >> i can't imagine my spouse cutting me that kind of slack. that is the whole day. >> you guys go on the boat together, travel, you have common interests in things. >> before we were married she was on the boat every day, on the motorcycle everyday. we get married, let's go on the harley, i am not doing that, you are crazy. i am not going on that boat, you are crazy.
9:26 am
>> haven't you learned anything from the past? >> i dragged her on board, and that was that. >> the producers are screaming for a commercial. >> in new york, geraldo, yard dodging bombs, bullets in afghanistan. next thing you know he has his shirt open. >> i will do that at 12:30 eastern. >> you can see we are just getting started, it is cozy on this couch and we have a doozy coming up. i am telling you. just how one surprise americans seem to be at our lawmakers dirty little secrets. marge: you know, there's a more enjoyable
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♪. >> welcome back to "outnumbered." americans are apparently unfazed by politicians behaving badly. take congressman vans mccalister of louisiana. the married father of five, earns the nickname, kissing congressman. he was caught on camera making out with a female aide. only 4% of the americans shocked by that news. most not moved much at all. there is congressman trey radel
9:32 am
of florida, he resigned earlier this year after being caught buying cocaine from an under cover federal agent. only 11% surveyed were shocked by that more than half said they were unmoved. geraldo, by the way this is mostly men we're talking about here. is this more of a societal thing, the state of government or state of washington right now? >> let's go back to several decades ago where this kind of conduct was almost commonplace. i mean coke buyers and making out with interns and all rest of it. then, you know, so people got cut a lot more slack. they say they're not shocked because of all the history we've had with politicians behaving badly. but i venture to say it will affect how people vote. i think that is the difference. >> really? >> i do. >> recent scandals come to mind, eliot spitzer. >> out. >> anthony weiner. >> out. >> so what does it say, kimberly? >> it says actually people do care ultimately. they're not phased by it because
9:33 am
it is sort of become expected, politicians behaving badly. okay, there they go again. there is such a low level enthusiasm about politicians serving, viewpoints regarding their credibility, their morality, people don't expect much of them. it is sad. this used to be a position of public esteem you could serve the people faithfully, honestly and some measure or little of ethics. >> harris, doesn't make we feel -- me feel good about leadership in america when you see all these things. >> we put people up on a pedestal and don't allow them to be human beings and make mistakes and when they break it out of the closet it's a hot mess. >>ance absolute power corrupts absolutely. that is just -- >> don't you think that would happened with president clinton desensitized us. he got caught doing ultimate crime in terms of fit dealt. having sex out of marriage. >> that too. >> he was president.
9:34 am
he was in the oval office with an intern and you know, and many of us rallied around him to defend him. i think that, you know, from that day on, you could almost mark, that was when it changed, i think where we cut people the slack. >> what did you say? >> i said there was a president that did something way before that so -- >> which one. >> well, i don't want to say which one. there was one. we all know which one i'm talking about you know. >> jefferson? >> i want to hear if you have got breaking news. >> i was interested in that because it speaks back to what you were saying that we have a long history of this in our country dealing with this. i wonder if we're more desensitized to it because we can actually see it. everybody has a camera. everybody has got -- >> historically men with power have done it. kings have always had a mistress in their court. i mean that's, you know, it's history. >> i think kimberly's point is the telling point though. what is really the headline here
9:35 am
is how low are our expectations and how we feel. why does congress have a 12% approval rating? >> the question, geraldo, should we care or care more about their performance in office? their personal happenings or personal wrongdoings, i guess i should say should feel about them and their public service. >> i think it should at a certain point. the thing about bill clinton that he lied about oral sex in the office. and people could have found out about it and blackmailed him not deploying personal forces in poland. >> that is why they don't like secret service agents to have affairs because they can be bribed. >> unless you're openly -- >> nowadays but back in the day. >> whatever it might snob compromise your position from an intelligence standpoint, security standpoint then it is going to matter. so you want the president and people that serve directly around him to be above, you snow, reapproach or someone
9:36 am
trying to bribe or blackmail them. that is the whole genesis behind it. you're asking a different question, should we morally care about choices that these individuals, elected officials make in their personal lives? >> what is your answer? >> i accused, i would say i choose not to care because i care more about what they do for the economy. i care more about how they serve my local, state, federal government. >> what if it is an intern? >> you know what? it makes for a good story. if it interferes with their ability to do the job i'll reassess my -- >> wow. >> i also believe that, you know, our military, our cia agents, the people that are supposed to be protecting i would hope they have enough self-control to not let it get in the way of protecting -- >> all right, so, i'm sure you guys all mailed your yearbooks. prettiest, smartest. they're becoming controversial the yearbooks. they're meant to honor student achievements. some annual keepsakes are
9:37 am
celebrating pregnant teenagers. we'll debate a move that has many parents outraged. it could have been deadly. two planes at a airport were nearly hit in midair. investigators want to know how it almost happened. your biggest nightmare. ♪. ♪ ♪ tigers, both of you. tigers? don't be modest. i see how you've been investing. setting long term goals. diversifying. dip! you got our attention. we did? of course. you're type e* well, i have been researching retirement strategies. well that's what type e*s do. welcome home. taking control of your retirement? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*?
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mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. >> yearbooks, meant to celebrate school achievements are honoring teen parents. mesa, arizona high school has some adult parents pretty angry. the school is devoting two pages of its yearbook to students who have kids or are expecting. the pages feature photos and description what it is like to raise a kid and go to school at the same time. the school issuing a statement saying in part, the subject matter presented on several pages in the student life section reflect choices made outside of the school's environment. kimberly?
9:42 am
>> yeah i think this is a little bit controversial and for good reason especially, for me, i think having a child is a very serious matter, one that should be considered and weighed carefully and when you have something sort of celebrating, glorifying, almost celebrity fashion these young teenage moms i think it is challenging and not sending the right message because it is much more complicated and a decision that impacts rest of your life. what are you saying to the other children? >> it is a decision, stacy, the students made, that is one i have to respect of the yearbook is about the way the students see the year went. when they thought was great about the year, how the students were represented, and how the class was represented. the fact the students included this. i think i'm okay with it, as controversial as it may be. >> i honor these girls for keeping their children and being up front bit. >> and going to school. >> and going to school. but i hope what they're say something cautionary tale. they are saying how difficult it is. they're saying, you know if you
9:43 am
can't be abstinence, use protection. that's what i hope. >> how old? >> it is difficult. not telling you that. you never ask a lady those questions. >> age. >> figure it out. >> in my day, kimberly, in my day, if a woman got pregnant, a girl got pregnant she was on vacation to someplace. you didn't see her again. it was gone. i believe shows like "teen mom," the reason why teen pregnancies are down, we want it to be down whether you're pro-choice or pro-life you want teen pregnancy ies down because seem see how deglamourized how hard it is to raise kids when you're in school. i celebrate it. >> people want to be on the cover of "us weekly" and -- >> they want to be on "us weekly" living on food stamps in trailer camp someplace. i absolutely think it is deglamor aided.
9:44 am
>> i do support it. i support it if they're honest about the journey and talk about all things they're missing out on because that is part of the journey and that's the truth i think it can drive down the rates that are dangerous quite frankly for some of these young girls night is awful. it is such a burden. we celebrate life. my god, i'm a father of five. i love everyone of them and i celebrate everyone of them. you don't want a kid getting pregnant at 16, 17 years old. you want a cautionary tale. >> that is great way to wrap it up. we hope for people out there considering parents, being a mother and father. politicians on both sides of the aisle demanding the president address the growing va scandal. the white house chief of staff saying the administration will do so and dramatically. we're waiting to see exactly what that means. this lady, start loving yourself some -- men do, you hear geraldo. we've got the proof. check it out. >> my favorite story of the newscast.
9:45 am
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's go to jon scott what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." hey, jon. jon: big show ahead, harris. we have frightening new details how close two jets came to colliding at one of the east coast's busiest airports. what we're learning now about the investigation. we have a live report on that. plus, a new survey where the housing market is headed and the data pretty alarming. millions of homeowners still owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth, this years after the housing market collapse. so how is this affecting the
9:50 am
economic recovery? a killer less than 12 hours from the date with his executioner. will he get his wish to have his death videotaped and should he. that is all ahead on "happening now." >> we'll look forward to it. jon: thanks, harris. >> i think it should be videotaped. we want executions make them public. >> this is not medieval times. >> i'm clearly outnumbered here. now my term. this is no big surprised to this story. ladies, men, dig your bodies. >> i love it. >> recent poll proves that guys believe the sexiest part of a woman is her body, clearly outranking her smile, eyes, brains, personality. ladies, don't think way men do. 12% of women, only 12% think their bodies are desirable. >> really? >> the majority of women find it is their eyes that is the sexiest part followed by personality and smile. >> i don't take my eyeses to the
9:51 am
gym. i take my body to the gym. >> i'm old-fashioned. i grew up in worst possible era of men of my taste during the twiggy era when everybody was emaciated model, little tiny breasts and no butt at all. i like full-figured. i'm a latino man. i love a full-figured man. >> he is latin. he likes the curves. >> yeah, baby. that is what i'm talking about. i'm no fool. sandra, how do you feel about yourself? how do you see yourself. >> really, geraldo? i will not answer that question. i will say it is confidence. i think 12% of women don't like their bodies. i think that goes to whoever is most confident, their bad did i looks better. reference, tall short, fat, scan any, it is way they see themselves. >> i think women are preoccupied with weight. i think weight -- >> you think so. >> i think, when i look at my wife, erica, relatively petite woman. >> hot. >> i gain two pound, i gain one
9:52 am
pounds. where? it looks great on you yet she has self-consciousness about her. >> she won't like you saying that. >> i know. she got mad at me because i brought it up. my wife is so skinny. >> we have a hollywood star who is gorgeous. a lot of pressure on you. >> latina -- >> a lot of pressure on you in hollywood, right? how do you deal with that. >> i feel comfortable with. i am healthy. as long as i'm happy, i'm healthy. >> you're such a tiny little -- >> she has curves too. >> i got in the right places. >> j.lo, beyonce, kardashian, big butt. >> those are my sisters. >> finally butts are in big-time. >> no one is celebrating that more than me. >> harris, you're with me. >> alongwith you. i'm celebrating the age of the behind.
9:53 am
>> men love it. i'm telling you seriously, check out your body, they like it, like the butt, whatever. maybe they get to your face. they're all that. >> geraldo, saying about brains and personality are not part of the physical attraction to a woman? >> not at first. >> you asked if it is part of the physical attraction. it is part of the attraction. clearly i love smart women. i love educated women. >> good answer. >> i love women who are accomplished but i also, i am connasseur of beautiful -- ladies too close for comfort. >> you're so outnumbered. >> you don't want to know we're smart out of the gate. you don't. >> i don't mine that maybe if you're a little larger more of a problem what i'm about to talk about, that too close for comfort feeling you sometimes get? like in new york or any other big city, you're on a crowded bus, a crowded train. there is a device to help you that you feel too close to comfort. we will show you the new outfit that forces creepy guys to back
9:54 am
off after this of your break. >> look at that dress. ♪. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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9:58 am
i missed it. it was a good one. ever feel like that guy on the subway is getting too close for comfort. one built in sensors. they trigger the dress to expand. and you can say it politely and let people to know back off. >> sensors inside and senses people getting to close and what if it is someone you like and it a pands. >> and where is the rush hour. >> new york subweighs and everybody gets on there hot and sticky and it doesn't smell great. might be a useful tool. you think of the people who might want to sneak a peek when that expands. >> it is a lot of the freaks out there and you know they might get excited.
9:59 am
that's what i would worry about. what is that apparatus. >> we don't need this device, we have hassers. i have a know and i know how to do fung fu. i won't want to wear stuff that is loved. >> you are not in love the subway? >> yes, i am from the bronx and had a terrible experience on the subway. >> we rode the subway one time to the yankee game. >> not in the stretch limo. >> and that is the gray poupon and champagne and thank god i had o'rielly's team navigating. >> what happened? >> it was awkward and bizarre to put it that way. >> i saw madonna on the subway. and sat next to her and didn't realize who it was. >> geraldo, want to give you
10:00 am
special thanks. >> thank you. and we'll see you tomorrow. happening now, see ya. three big stories we are following. new developments on the select committee on what happened in benghazi. will democrats participate in the house panel? a massive recall on general motors. details just ahead. and a sad day of remembrance in moore, oklahoma. one year after a deadly tornado ravaged a tight knit community. first growing scandal over the delayed care to our nation's veterans. welcome to a new hour of happening now. i am jon scott. >> and i am julie


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