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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 20, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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special thanks. >> thank you. and we'll see you tomorrow. happening now, see ya. three big stories we are following. new developments on the select committee on what happened in benghazi. will democrats participate in the house panel? a massive recall on general motors. details just ahead. and a sad day of remembrance in moore, oklahoma. one year after a deadly tornado ravaged a tight knit community. first growing scandal over the delayed care to our nation's veterans. welcome to a new hour of happening now. i am jon scott. >> and i am julie bandera s in
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for jenna today. more fallout. other va facilities are a cowed of similar practices and the white house said the president learned about this from the media despite reports that his transition time was warned about problems in the va years ago. the administration said the president is mad as hell. will he do anything about it? we hmore. what has he done so far? >> reporter: he set his deputy of chief of staff to find out how pervasive the problem is. whether it is a few facility or system- wide and get it fixed. same reaction as the botched obama care website. mr. obama sent dennis mcdonagh up to capitol hill to reassure nervous democrats. the white house would address
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the problem dra mateccally and republicans want to know why he didn't know before the news reports emerged. >> i am disturbed by statements out of the white house that the president heard about this in the news. it is time for our president to come forward and take responsibility for this and do the right thing by the veterans and begin to show he cares about getting it straight. >> reporter: that sentiment is not confined to republicans. illinois congresswoman duckworth from illinois would like the president to address the issue personally. >> what about calls for the va secretary shinseki to resign? >> reporter: the white house wants shinseki to fix the problem and not resign. senator jeff flake of arizona agrees with them and said shinseki should fix the problem and if he's fired we'll focus on
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his replacement. liberal columnist eugene robinson wrote that shinseki's got to go. and new york democratic congressman said the problem predates the obama administration. >> it was when the president was running in 08, there were problems with this. this should be a bipartisan solution to a problem that is going on for a while at the va hospitals. >> reporter: critics pointed out in your introduction, that the obama administration's transition team was warned that va wait times are unreliable and feel he is have addressed the problem earlier. later this hour we'll be joined by the senator john thum. what the september is hoping to find out as the scandal widens.
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new violence gripping eastern ukraine now. pro russian separatist exchanging heavy fire and badly damaging several homes just one day after russian president vladimar putin ordered the troops to pull back from the border. they are streaming back live and has more for us now. greg? >> that's right. the fighting continues and do everies to stop the unrest. the reason, they came out against the pro russian separatist who took over the city and downs in the east. and called for protest today. we checked out a few and this is what we saw. we are in a soccer stadium. a rally for ukranian unitty against the separatist held by
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the backer of the soccer team the billionaire. the turn out was thin mostly fans of the soccer time. they can't blame them. the last time there was a pro ukraine rally, separatist attacked and there was blood shed. we saw armed rebels checking people coming and going. he called on the employees in the various companies in the remmingion to it stop work and stage unitty rallies. we went to a coal mine of his. and a lot of people outside. and many were arguing the pros and cons of breaking away from kiev and joining up at russia if the billionaire thought he had unitty among the workers he might think again. >> and the chances of them coming up peacefully in this region is looking thinner and
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thinner, back to you, john. >> all right. greg, thank you. ntsb is looking into a near mid- air collision that put the lives of 200 passengers and crew at risk. it happen in newark airport last month. apparently an air traffic controller cleared a plane for take off the same time as a plane was coming in for landing. at one point they came within 200 feet of each other. luckily no injuries or damages. officials say it is part of a larger safety issue in a regional airport sparked by over crowding. the bank agreeing to a $2.6 billion fine after admitting helping america
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clients to evade taxes. >> reporter: it is a major victory for the prosecutor trying to show light on the shadow bank. prosecutor say hundreds of the credit employees were helping to create secret accounts. the bank was slow to turn over documents and hasn't released the names of the tax evading clients themselves. the bank is pleading guilty to aid in tax evasion and will pay a fine of 2.6 billion and 2-thirds to the department of justice. and the credit suisse chief saying in part. we deeply regret the past misconduct and will focus on the
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future and give our full attention to scouting our strategy. and top executives are keeping their yob and that isangering. >> and they get to keep their license to do business. and the potential to lose clients and the impact on credit suisse will be limited. who else is in the cross hairs of the justice department. france's largest bank will plead guilty to doing business with black listed countries like sudan. the heat on the banks is on. >> where does all of the fine money go? >> department of justice and treasury. and some will go to new york regulators and probably in the
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cofferes, never to be seen again. >> my pleasure. >> shocking new numbers showing that americans owe more on the mortgages than the homes are worth. and that is impacting the housing recovery and the economy next. >> and the threat of wildfireses sweeping the country. will mother nature help or hurt the situation. and a judge set to decide whether a killer is set to be put to death. his lawyers videotaped the execution if it happens and we want to hear from you. should a federal court allow a man's execution to be videotaped? check on america's asking to join the discussion and tweet me@julie band bandaras. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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>> more than six years after the housing collapsed. mellions of homeowners are stuck with homes worth less than mortgages and it is called being under water. it is still hurting the housing recovery and the economic recovery as a whole. david abner has been looking into it. >> i have indeed. a lot of people looked into it. it is not as devastating as what led to the financial crisis of 2008. but it is a nagging problem with the economy similar to what
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happen to the growth in the economy that is so slow and hurting so many people in the middle. people with a lot of money are doing grachlt they are buying houses and most of which is paid for in cash. but the homeowners under water 18.8 percent of the u.s. homeowners are under water now. that is a 9.7 million households in america are under water. now, it is little less than last year and not significantly less. we are on this study slope. if you are coasting, you are going downhill. we were expecting a bigger turn around and even people like warren buffet are worried about this. >> it is a huge drag on the individual or family. >> yes. >> and a huge drag on the economy as a whole. if people are thinking i have a hundred thousand mortgage and my house is only worth 80 or 90.
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they don't want to fix up the bathroom or spend money on the kitchen. >> people are stuck. a lot of people who wanted to move up to a higher level house can't do that right now. if they are under water they would lose money and what they are doing, keeping their house and renting it out to other people and moving to another home and renting it. there is a status in the housing market right now. it is divided between the three income levels. 30 percent of all homes in the lowest income level of householders they are under water. and so it is primarily focused on lower middle america. >> you say a problem for younger folks? >> that's right. who has the lowest income in america. they are just starting out and you make a little bit of money. >> there are fewer million
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homeowners among the adults than ten years ago. a lot of whom are living at home and not getting married because they are delaying that because of the bad job market. and a lot of them have huge student loan debt and it is last thing they can do is buy a home. >> i thought the market was coming back in las vegas and florida. >> it is on the highest lovely. richest people are doing so in cash. a lot of the real estate market is moving to the higher end folks that are foreigner ares and not even americans. nbuying houses to rent to other people. >> david, from fox business. thank you. >> and more problems for a major automaker. dpshgs m announcing another recall. we'll tell you which vehicle and the safety flaws involved and
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a school being rebuilt after a massive tornado killed 20 children. >> yeah, hard lessons learned after last year's deadly twister. and how the community is trying to get back on its feet, coming up in a live report in the nation's heartland. of advice, but i needed information i could trust. unitedhealthcare's innovative, simple program helps moms stay on track with their doctors to get the right care and guidance. (anncr vo) that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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right now dramatic new video from serbia amid historic flooding. air rescue crews saving a baby from the water that killed dozens. serbia government announcing a three day morning. there is a new health risk there. livestock and other animals that
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died after being left behind when half million people were forced to flee their homes. >> here in the u.s. fires right now. red flag warnings from the southwest to the southern plains as crews in southern california make progress against the massive wildfires that broke out last week. the blaze in san marcos is nearly contain it we are told. janice, is the weather going it help out. >> southern california, yes. we have lower temperatures and winds are subsiding, but we are in an extreme or exceptional drought in southern california. and new video in around lax airport in los angeles. this is new video happening within minutes of the la freeway. because we have cooler temperatures and winds subsided
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doesn't mean that the drought is not over. any flame that gets near the dry brush will cause wildfires dangers. we are not out of the winds for the next several months. next several months expecting severe drought. temperatures are helping firefighter and humidity is up. not moisture in rainfall. but we have the return of the marine layer. that is helping to bring the humidy up. wind gusts are down in southern california and the coastal areas, but interior sections of california and four corners there is a potential of wildfires danger. severe to exceptional drought in california and not expecting moisture until the fall winter months. it is a long fire season to go. and again, you get in interior
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sections, we'll have wildfires and those areas need to pay attention to the gusty winds and above average temperatures. >> and those can flare up scary. >> worst drought in california. >> janice dean, thank you. >> a tornado so powerful it wiped whole neighborhoods out of the heart lapd. >> this is not good. please, dear, god. keep them safe. >> look at the video of the twister ripping through moore, oklahoma. it ended up killing 24 people here, seven of them were elementary school students and now people in this town are hoping to save lives in future storms. hi, casy. >> reporter: julie, good to so you, just terrible. this is just south of oklahoma
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city. the recovery here is going at a pain- staking rate. new neighborhoods are going up house by house and some of the scars are being healed month by month and week by week, but today is considered bittersweet when you talk to the people here in moore, oklahoma. some are celebrating a fresh start one year later, and others are reliving a may afternoon, when they lost something that can never be replaced. >> i said, you're wrong. there was no way. there's no my kid could die at school. school should be the safest place for a child to be in. >> christopher leg was just nine
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years old, one of seven children killed in the plaza towers elementary school and they were hiding in a hallway because their school had no storm shelter and a massive campaign has been launched to get shelters in all 1800 public schools cross oklahoma. only a third currently have them. now when the brand new plaza tower elementary opens for construction next fall. it will have a storm shelter, funding is the primary issue. they are so expensive to put in, the governor of the state of the oklahoma trying to introduce new legislation to free up funds to put the storm shelter ares since we are in the smack dab of tornado alley. >> it is hard to believe it is a year. that mother's pain will be a lifetime.
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>> one of the saddest stories we ever covered. >> will they or won't they take part in the investigation. what house democrats had to say about joining a select committee on benghazi. also a death row inmate waiting to learn if the court will stay the execution. it is set to take place hours from now and at issue whether his attorneys will be allowed to video tape it all. try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. they become invisible, then our invisible hearing aids are for you. loaded with our most advanced hearing technologies, our invisible hearing aids are comfortable to wear and are specifically designed to improve hearing in noisy environments sound more natural eliminate whistling and let you talk comfortably on the phone. call the number on your screen to try invisible
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a fox news alert now as we learn the deat as of the recalls from general motors. this time impact 2.4 million. and buick enclave and gmc a caddia. front safety belts can separate over time. doug is following the story. doug? >> gm is proactive with this massive recall in the cost of 400 million in the second quarter having been schooled would bite lack dasiccal problem in the ignition switch. there are four speed malbows from and pontiac sixes. the problem shift cables that can wear out over time. and cadillac escalades and suv's
10:31 am
and insufficiently plastic well that attaches the air bag. and 58 sulvergm sierra pick up. retention clips attaching it to the body will be los and lead to a fire. and lastly, 1.3 enclove and a caddia from 2009 to 2014 and saturn outlook are being recalled because of front safety lap belts can fatigue and separate over time and risk of injury in the crash. back to you.
10:32 am
ndoug, thank you. >> you bet. >> it is roughly three weeks since the house voted to get a select committee on benghazi. how many democrats if any will participate. five spots are available. house democrats met and some of them spoke about the benghazi committee afterwards. mike emmanuel has more on capitol hill. >> reporter: hi, julia. some say it political in nature and want assurances that it will be fair and others say democrats must participate in the process. >> we have a lot of different opinions i think. i think the discussions in the caucus so far, a clear majority is for participating and not for boycotts. i don't seriously think the idea of putting one person in the hearing should be considered.
10:33 am
>> instead of helping 2.8 million americans out of work and providing them unemployment insurance, what we are getting instead, is the eighth investigation on benghazi. >> sources close to the benghazi select committee said the work is under way and they are not waiting on the democrats and getting gop members up to speed on existing information. there is no estimate of the hearings and noting the bulk of the room will be done outside of the hearing rooms. nancy pelosi hasn't made a decision on democratic paupgz. she is due to have a conversation with house speaker john boehner who didn't say much today. >> (inaudible) is there and further indication if nancy peel pole wants democrats to participate. >> no she has not.
10:34 am
>> reporter: they may be thinking giving credibility versus the idea of sitting out or not have been enput, julie. >> thank you so much, john. united nations said trafficking and modern slaver ary is big business. according to a new report, 21 million people worldwide are victims of forced labor and 55 percent is woman and girls who are forced in prostitution and domestic slavery and generating profits of $150 billion each year. >> a controversial case of a missouri death row inmate who is waiting to learn if the appeals court will stay the execution set for after midnight. he was sentenced to death when he shot and killed a friend of a former girlfriend. and then beat and raped her.
10:35 am
his lawyer said his execution should not go through because he could suffer. and the court will decide whether the attorneys will be able to videotape the execution if it happens. we have the ladies here. thank you so much. the lawyers arousing the birth defect to get him out of a death sentence wut offering up alternative form of skougz. >> that is a problem. the judge found that is a problem. i have a tumor on my face and it will cause me pain. and they don't offer an alternative. he has been sentenced to death and that went through all of the appellate processes and that is it. if he wants to say i want a different form of injection and put me to death, he has to offer it up. he hasn't done that. >> that is a problem with the
10:36 am
death penalty. he did it in 1996 and they are trying to drag it out longer. but do you believe he is be allowed to videotape? that apparently was turned down and his lawyers rejected the opportunity to videotape it and he wanted to do that if it were to go wrong and they could sue and the money goes to the estate? >> i think they should be able to videotape this. if we execute we are able to watch and see what the government is doing. and like we are taking the action in secrecy and all secret behind closed doors and we need to see what is going on here and we as a country should evaluate if we execute execute. >> there are witnesses there. and can you imagine on the day of of the internet and utube.
10:37 am
and this goes voiral. how much more damaging to the victim's family? shouldn't we think of them. >> i think it is the inmate's privacy and at that point who is executed. it is not crime scene photos for the victim's family. and i am in the saying videotape them or violate their privacy. >> it will lead to the other. you can video tape combchl. they waited and for that to go viral on the internet is not right. >> if we talk about cameras in the courtroom. but the process at this point is over. he will be executed. >> i am not sure the american public should see what happens in the death chambers. it is extremely disturbing for the who have seen it and in oklahoma, they used
10:38 am
a cocktail of three different judge. missouri uses a single drug in the execution. and they have executed six inmates and why is oklahoma setting a stage for any other state? >> it shouldn't. you think about law and whether what is involved and here we are going to look missouri is looking to oklahoma, when they have executed. >> i am not grabbing at straws. at this point, i think you even believe that perhaps oklahoma could potentially put the cabosh on the death penalty altogether. you believe that? >> under the current system they are using, and what happened in that last execution they will have to consider alternatives. and to say the inmate in missouri, it is his responsibility to pick his own poison of how he is be doing it is lud krus.
10:39 am
>> the burden is on the defendant. now it is on the defendant to say i want to be scouted differently. >> there is a utah law maker who proposed death by firing squad as a human way of execution. i think the death penalty is at risk unless we come up with a humane way of executing convicted murderers and child molesters. do we owe them the courtesy to give them that choice? >> you know, i don'ts inially think we give them the choice, but we have to insure we are not violating the eighth amendment. and we are not guilty of doing that ourselves. and if we are going to take on the responsibility of executing our citizens, we have to make sure we are doing it constitutionally and in the most
10:40 am
humane way we do. if we have capitol punishment. we have to take that burden on. >> and there is no indication in missouri it hasn't been happening. i would say to you. why are we looking at oklahoma saying missouri is messing it up when they haven't be. >> don't let oklahoma be the example for the states that did it right. >> that's all of the time we have. thank you for talking to usment >> we'll have to it wait until midnight. it doesn't look like many options. >> gary gilmore was executed by firing squad and the first execution after the supreme court resumed the death penalty. there is recent use of the firing squad in some states. >> if the inmate were to move. you are never going to make everyone happy. >> the nfl is 73sing a scandal
10:41 am
now. we'll tell you what the former players say the league did to them. and more outrage over the treatment of american heroes in va facilities. why a u.s. senator is calling on america to get involvedment >> and what i have committed to, whatever comes out of this and substanteated, action will be taken. we will take action. aseball f]
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find your favorite and make your own perfect pairing. new sargento tastings. perfectly paired with every day. >> hi, everyone. i am grech ep carlsson. coming occupy the real story, why republicans should attack rick sanatorium sourcely. we'll ask him why. he will joan us live. >> new allegation that authorities anyhow from a 2010 memo that va medical centers were gaining the system with enappropriate scheduling practices. why the heck was nothing done then? and this guy was in a fiery
10:46 am
crash. kirk bush jones me to talk about something that three other drivers have done. fine out what it is in the top of the hour. the latest on the the scandal rocking the veteran a fares. the white house said secretary shinseki and the white house learned from the news media that dozen was veterans died while waiting for medical treatment in 15ex. as they push for an investigation on the hospitals nation wide and delayed care for our veterans and widespread efforts to cover up the problems within the system. joining us is senator john thoum chairman of the republican wait conference. wait time for help and patient care, how long are they, do we know?
10:47 am
>> one thing we know. this is a national embarrassment. these people lay their lives on the line for us and risk everything and they deserve better than second class health care treatment. we are finding out it is a systemic- administration problem. and i ask the inspector general to do an investigation and six months report to congress and we feces the problem. it is not isolated and it is clearly systemic and needs to be addressed. the administration and the president finding out from the new's media, you have to ask where is the accountability and responsibility to take care of those people literally laid their lives on the line for us? >> i know that part of your bill and legislation, would allow the closing of va facilities that are not getting the job done. if you have substandard care and
10:48 am
long wait times now, how would closing the facility do anything? >> they can't close facilities until the completion of the review and then we'll make a determination of whether or not closing a facility would cause care for the veterans. you can see denials of service and we don't know that. and only way we are going to know that is if we have a full-blown investigation of the problem. it is something that when the administration has problems with the website roll out, they said all hands on deck. that's the kind of an approach we need to the issue. these are the people, men and women in uniform that served the country with great distinction and have them exposed to the problems in their health care facilities is an outrage and it is a national embarrassment. we ought to take it seriously.
10:49 am
>> dr. robert petsol. it was announced on friday late in the day last week, he was resigning and he was the face that the administration i guess got as sort of the scapegoat for all of this. he was resign nothing a month combachlt what dow think about the way the administration handled this and who is in charge of the investigation? >> all they did, they signed one staffer in the white house to review this and look at that. it is a lack of seriousness about a very, very serious issue. and the fact he resigned and they already named the replacement, there will be a version of the bill that senator marco rubio introduced on the senate side to allow the va to fire people who are not getting the job done.
10:50 am
it happens in the private sector. but you can't do that in the va. things have to chaefrj and it will take an increased focus from the president and his team. so far, that hasn't happen. we're looking for things that we can do that will actually address this crisis. obviously, we think it is a crisis. it's not just an isolated crisis. it's a systemic crisis throughout the entire system that has to be fixed. >> so many veterans, we owe them so much. if they aren't getting the care they deserve, it's a real problem. senator john thune, republican from south dakota, thank you. >> thanks, jon. wig rigs going high-tech. what it could mean for the nation's multibillion-dollar trucking industry and safety on our roads. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™.
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there's an old saying, if
10:54 am
you bought it, a truck brought it. tractor-trailers move billions of dollars worth of products across our country every day. and now trying to make our roads safer. claudio is live from sacramento, california, today. >> the nation's $650 billion trucking industry does face two big challenges -- reducing the high number of accidents and lowering fuel costs. this new technology tackles both these problems in a way that's going to make you look twice. two semi trucks barreling down a nevada highway just feet apart. >> all right. lead the way. >> unwise in most cases but in this demonstration, the truck in the back is controlled almost entirely by the one in front. >> i'm just controlling the truck by the steering wheel, acceleration and braking are done by the front truck. >> a video monitor lets the driver in the back truck see
10:55 am
what's ahead. they can see hazards 800 feet ahead. >> when you ride in the rear trucks, seems like the two trucks are braking simultaneously. it's about 1/100th of a second. >> by minimizing the human element, they hope to dramatically reduce big rig crashes that cause roughly 3,000 deaths a year. and by having them travel in aerodynamic platoons, both trucks become more efficient. fuel cost savings of up to $10,000 a year could be seen. >> it has the potential to transform the profits of fleets, potentially doubling the profits of certain fleets. >> still lots of questions, the cost of this new technology has not been released. bad weather could interfere with these systems. and new regulations might be called for when 18-wheelers are essentially tailgating at 65, even 75 miles per hour. still, transportation officials say this wireless platooning could be a game-changer.
10:56 am
and it is expected to start rolling down many of the nation's highways by the end of next year. >> good to hear. claudia, thank you so much. right now, we're learning about another lawsuit by several former players against the national football league. they are suing claiming the league illegally supplied them with drugs and painkillers that numbed their injuries resulting in more serious injuries down the road. the suit includes three players from the 1985 super bowl winning chicago bears. among them, quarterback jim mcmahon who says he suffered a broken neck and ankle during his career but was given drugs an told to play and not told about his injuries. those players are seeking an unspecified amount of monetary damages. most stores are used to dealing with a few pesky customers. but this store probably didn't expect a million bees to show up outside their doors. avo: waves don't care what age you are.
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take a look at this frightening scene in danville, kentucky. emergency crews called in after a swarm of honeybees trapped customers inside a store. people were too scared to leave. the bee removal experts came in. no injuries to the customers or the bees. >> gretchen is next with "the real story." a fox news alert, house speaker john boehner and nancy pelosi, they're meeting right now behind closed doors about a committee to investigate what happened at the american consulate in benghazi. democrats initially dismissed the panel as a partisan political witch hunt and have yet to say if they formally plan to participate in the probe. but those two influential people are behind closed doors right now. we'll let you know as soon as any information comes out to us about that meeting. in the meantime, a new day and new problem


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