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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 21, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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it was super tuesday racing up to the mid term elections. six states holding votes. >> kel ly wright joining us to talk about a few of those key races. >> the results are in from one of the busiest days. super tuesday they call it. five deciding senators to face off in the fall. in the kentucky senate race mitch mcconnell sailing to an easy victory against the tea party. in fact facing stiff competition but he will now face secretary of state allison leonard and grimes. >> harry reid wanted her to be in this race. there's a reason, my friends, a reason. every hollywood liberal is sending her a check. >> in arkansas incumbent democrat mark pryor will defend
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his senate seat. oregon chosen jeff merkley and position monica letty. michelle dunn used part of her victory speech to take shots at republican lawmakers. >> they don't believe in working together across party lines to get things done. they are more interested in scoring political points than they are in actually making progress. >> political analysts say elections in the fall will impact balanced power on capitol hill particular any in the senate and will set the tone for the 2016 presidential run. >> this war within the political party that has been trumped up in the press it's a folly. they are largely tactical.
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>> all parties have wings. those wings will be flying and soaring toward the mid term elections come november. back to you. >> kelly wright live for us in the studio. >> busy night. now to the va scandal. more calls from president obama to respond to the growing scandal. this after secret wait lists for our veterans continues to climb. molly henneberg is live with the latest. >> another day another new report of bad behavior in the va hospital. they are keeping records of patients needing follow up appointments separate from the system. they are being investigated or soon will be for similar problems. there is a mounting number of
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such reports. >> we have a national scandal of the highest order. >> president obama sent deputy chief of staff critics including democrats say president obama needs to show he is more personally involved in this issue. >> he is personally instructed that we provide additional resources to the va. >> i am not buying it. >> what you read backed up what you are saying. >> what i am telling you the personal attention is there. >> the white house has no update if or when the white house may speak publically. >> a secret obama administration
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drone strike memo expected to be released now. they provided legal justification for the killing of american terrorism suspects overseas. the decision comes as the senate is expected to vote today on the president's nomination david j barren to the federal appeals court judgeship. a group of liberal senators said they would fight the nomination unless the memo was made public. >> the american pastor held prisoner in iran has been beaten in a hospital. pastor ab dini was in iran building an orphanage when he was arrested just for being a christian. he spent the last two months in the hospital recovering from injuries. he was dragged out of a hospital bed beaten and taken back to that very same prison. american law and justice has been trying to secure his release. >> john kerry in mexico today. he is being urged to do
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everything he can to get mexico to release u.s. marine andrew tamaresi. he is in prison after accidentally driving into mexico with three weapons in his vehicle. while secretary kerry's visit to mexico is to discuss trade, education and security, he is being urged to also focus on him. >> you talk about relations with america, obviously detaining young men that take a bad turn and get stuck there he ought to help with that. if mexico wants to be good neighbors we ought to be millions of jobs down there billions of dollars down there he ought to bring us up. mexico ought to want to be a good neighbor. >> planning to put massive pressure on john kerry. we will hear what the congress is calling on american citizens to do on the u.s. mexico border in san diego.
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>> he shot and killed a man in front of his kids then got into a gun fight with police. samuel alito is halting his execution. russell bucklew suffers from a rare medical condition that could cause him exceptional pain during the execution. it would have been the first execution after a botched lethal injection where an inmate died of a heart attack 40 minutes later. another boko haram terrorist attack in nigeria. boko haram is responsible for two-car bombs in nigeria's central city yesterday. 118 people were killed in the bombings and dozens of others have been injured. it claims other recent attacks including two separate bombs last month that killed more than 120 people and wounded 200 in
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abuja. they evacuate u.s. personnel in libya as the fighting escalates. military officials are concerned clashes between government forces and militias are getting closer to facilities. militants stormed parliament buildings forcing it to suspend operations. no decision has been made on whether to evacuate personnel from the u.s. embassy in tripoly out of libya. >> more u.s. sanctions for russia but this time for human rights violation. u.s. announcing sanctions for 12 russians who held medical care for a lawyer who died in prison after exposing corruption. they will freeze u.s. assets held by the 12 and bar americans from doing business frwith them. >> at 8:30 a.m. eastern time the september 11th museum opens to the public. to, ma the occasion the american flag that once flu above the
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wreckage an ground zero will be unfurled in a special sermon knee. it will be officially transferred into the museum's permanent collection. if you are interested in going tickets cost $24. a huge upset the super bowl is headed back to cold weather. minnesota beating out the heavily favored new orleans to host the marquis event in 2018. no worry of snow the game will be played in the minnesota vikings new $1 billion stadium. it will be the second super bowl in minneapolis which hosted the super bowl in the metrodome back in 1992. the washington redskins beat the buffalo bills then. >> today triple crown hopeful california krohn starts training on the track at belmont park. they are in new york after a 4-hour road trip in baltimore. california chrome trying to be the first triple crown winner in
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56 years. >> dancing with the stars, speaking of who is watching, crowning a new champion. >> the winners and new champions of "dancing with the stars" are merrill and mac. >> merrill davis and her partner mac taking home the mirror ball trophy. >> amy perdy finished second. candice cameron bray came in third. >> before you get in your car this morning a brand new general motors recall this tell you about this morning. this will one different from all of the others. loren joins us with more. >> the hits keem on coming, another 2.4 million vehicles bringing the u.s. recall total this year to only 14 million just to give you an idea of how big that is, that's more than the number of cars gm sold in
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the last couple of decades. buick enclaves chevrolet traverse, crossover, suv's all from the 2009, 2014 modern years and older saturn out looks as well. another problem with a million 2004, 2008 maximas and g 6's. that's a shift indicator that can fail to indicate the correct gear. this has been linked to 18 crashes. there are wiring issues with silverado and sierra pickups and cadillac escalates. that has a potential flaw in the passenger air bags. gm says it plans to take a $400 million charge in the current quarter. mcdonalds once again giving its happy meal a nutritional make-over. starting july 4th it is coming out as an optional side for those who preser something other
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than apple slices and french fries. go gurt is a low fat specifically made for mcdonalds. parents want them to have that instead of fries. >> her she is selling krackel as a full sized candy bar. >> they usually have the mini now it's a full size. >> it is 11 past the hour. they may have stolen a car from a church parking lot but these two are criminals with a conscience. >> the song "happy" might make you want to get up and dance. but it is making one group very unhappy after landing them behind bars. but first as we go to break take a look at the weather across the country.
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>> a wind whipped wildfire in arizona forcing the evacuation of 100 homes. the fire near slide rock state park at oak creek canyon torched 450 acres. officials are worried the recent as as drought le-- arizona drou state in such dry conditions and could continue to feed the fire. >> drugs money and lies. a new lawsuit against the nfl says former players were fed pain-killers and other drugs to mask serious injuries. >> the lawsuit claims the nfl put profits before player help. they had a culture of drug misuse and provided pain-killers
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will conceal injuries all in violation of federal laws. the former players are named as plaintiffs including defensive end richard dent and quarterback jim mcmahon both members of the 85 chicago bears. the players say nfl team doctors and trainers administered drugs without prescriptions and without warning players of potential side effects including addiction. >> you are going to become addicted to an open yacht because you need more and more of the same medication to get the baseline effect. that's the definition of addiction. >> linebacker carson is not affiliated with the lawsuit but said from his personal experience in his days in the 70s and 80s taking shots to numb the pain is just part of the game. >> you don't go over what the long-term effects might be. you are thinking about things as they are happening. >> last year the nfl agreed to a $760 million lawsuit for a settlement filed more than 4,000
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players they said the league knew about the risk of head injuries and didn't inform them. >> you don't just play the game and walk away scot-free. you play the game you will leave with something, knee, back, neck, brain. you leave with something. >> that was dan bowen reporting. the next time you fly, might want to think about this. you and the other passengers aren't the only living things on that flight. the disease causing bacteria can survive on planes for up to a week. researchers used actual arm rests, tray tables, window shades in a lab and found e coli can live on longer. even after you have departed the plane. the best advise to avoid germs wash or sanitize your hands before you leave. >> young iranians arrested for
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simply being happy. ♪ >> they danced to the hit song by ferrel williams in the streets of tehran. the video was put on-line. three men and women were later arrested by police who calls the video obnoxious and vulgar. ferrell saying it is beyond sad these kids were arrested for trying to spread happiness. >> it is 18 minutes after the top of the hour. a motive for murder brand new information on what might have grif ena hollywood star to kill his own wife. >> you have to see this video before you leave the house. how mama bear saves her cubs from a busy highway. >> just letters. >> that's the wrong box. >> are these letters from your grandmother? >> don't read the letters. >> look, she calls you moon pie. that is so cute.
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latest. >> he fought corruption and crime on "the shield"." >> do you see all of these people around you? huh? look at me. you are trying to kill one of them or were you trying to kill one of us? michael jays is waking up behind bars. he's accused of shooting his wife to death with his two young sons in the house. according to tmz he confessed to the crime. there are now reports about a possible motive. they were arguing about money before gun shots were fired. jace was 500,000 dollars in debt after filing for bankruptcy after filing for bankruptcy in 2011. >> quiet congenial type guy that's my impression.
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he's the kind of guy you would want to be your neighbor. >> this isn't the first time jace faced accusations of domestic violence. the actor reportedly once threatened to kill his ex-wife if she filed for visitation rights for their son. a close friend of his ex-wife also claims he assaulted her multiple times. the ainsley, jace is being held on $1 million bail. >> thank you anna. >> we have an update to the story we have been following on fox. remember the 59 grader in florida banned from reading the bible during his class free time. the teacher left his family this message. >> i noticed that she has a book of religious books in the classroom she is not permitted to read those books in my classroom. >> that child and his father were on "fox & friends." >> love reading the bible when i am allowed to read it. >> all we want is the a written
2:25 am
apology to allow my son and all of the children in the entire school district to have the freedom to read the bible if they choose to do so during free reading timing. >> they have announced it has lifted the ban and will allow students to read the bible in the free time. the boy is no longer in her classroom. no word if the teacher has been reprimanded. >> it is that time. time for viral videos. she caontain her excitement as she gets exciting news. >> are you kidding me? are you kidding me? don't mess with me. (screaming) >> that priceless reaction from a grandmother to be after her daughter told her she is having a baby. boy, she is excited. the true meaning of mama bear. watch this black bear pulling
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her little cub to safety after he wandered over a barrier on a busy highway. mom looks both ways and scoops her baby right up. >> finally a toddler with moves that would make the king jealous. ♪ >> the two-year-old from germany getting more than 21 million views on youtube. i don't know which one i like more. that's awesome. >> i like that one. >> it is 26 minutes after the hour. forget dogs this four legged feline proving to be a boy's best friend after saving his life. now the cat gets a hero treatment. plus this. >> i know how to drive a car, but can i keep pace? nascar race. stay tuned to find out. mine was earned in korea in 1953.
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the powerful tool that shows you what should pay. it gives you a fair purchase price that's based on what others recently for the same car and kelley blue book's trusted pricing expertise. it all adds up to the confidence that you'll get a great deal. that's just another way helps you make a smart new car decision. >> weeks later the state department finally reaching out to help a jailed marine. will it be too little too late? >> it is not your land. the president choosing his power to make a major land grab. where the livelihood is being threatened. a>> a deadly outbreak is saying
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the thibeef could have been shid to a door near you. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> ♪ >> it is wednesday may 21st. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is 31 minutes after the top of the hour. it was super tuesday like racing up to the elections. 6 states carrying key votes. >> kelly wright has more. >> the results are in from one of the busiest days in the year's calendar. super tuesday five deciding senators to face off in the fall. in the kentucky senate race
2:32 am
mitrich mcconnell sailed to eeasy victory. mcconnell will face stiff competition in the fall against democratic secretary of state. >> my opponent is in this race because harry read and obama wants her to be in this race. it's the reason my friends. a reason every hollywood lib gerl is sending her a check. >> in arkansas incumbent democrat mark pryor to defend his senate seat. voters have chosen chuck mersly and monica web bee for republican. democrat primary for governor was a multi candidate fight. tomorrow wolf who democrat rivals accused of trying to buy the election with a huge ad campaign. he will face tom corbett in the fall.
2:33 am
here's another tidbit on pennsylvania. chellie clinton's mother in law lost her bid to win back her seat even though bill and hillary clinton campaigned for her. here's another thing michelle dunn wins the nomination for the state senate seat. she used part of her victory speech to take shots at republican lawmakers. >> don't believe in working together across party lines to get things done and they are more interested in scoring political points than they are in making progress. >> bottom line analysts say the elections in the fall will impact the balance of power in capit capitol hill and setting the tone for the 2016 president chal campaign. >> kelly wright, we appreciate it. >> secretary of state john kerry in mexico today. he's being urged to do everything he can to get mexico to release andrew tomoresi.
2:34 am
he is accused of having weapons in his car while crossing the border. he is being urged to focus on him. >> you are talking to mexico d relations with america. detaining young men that take a bad turn and get stuck there, he ought to help with that. if mexico wants to be good neighbors which they ought to be, millions of jobs down there, billions of dollars down there he ought to bring it up and mexico should want to be a good neighbor and help us. >> duncan is planning to put massive measure on secretary of state kerry. >> another day and another new report of bad behavior at va hospitals. at least 16 states are being investigated with the latest being a hospital in gainesville, florida. this as more calls for president obama to respond to the scandal.
2:35 am
so far he has remained vie et on issues. family members are outraged over his silence. >> why is our commander-in-chief awol on the allegations of the va. why is attorney general holder awol on the same thing? why is the fbi director tomorrow lee a wol on it. with when we were asked to serve our country we wouldn't go awol because we knew the consequences. >> he sends the chief of staff neighbors to the va to try to figure out what's going on. >> that brings us to "look whose talking." the director of the national legislative division for the american league gone. >> when robert petzel resigned they called it quote business as usual and called for a major overall of all va leadership.
2:36 am
they praised his departure. something kelly says is wrong. >> for the white house to spin that and make it look like we agreed with it is disingenuous>> calling for resignation of someone who is leaving for retirement anyway it would have been better hold on we are not letting you retire we are going to hold you here until the investigation is done. when we called for the reds nations we had no idea how deep this went. as more and more centers come forward whistleblowers are feeling more comfortable to come up. >> in other news the secret obama administration drone strike memo expected to be released now. the classified 2011 memo provided the legal justification for the killing of american terrorism suspects overseas. the decision comes as the senate is expected to vote later today on the president's nomination david j barrens who is federal afeels court judgeship. he is one of the memo's authors. a group of liberal as well as
2:37 am
conservative senators said they will fight the nomination unless the memo was first made public. >> listen to this, a vietnam veteran spent years working for the federal government gets a surprise of his life. he is not a u.s. citizen. now he may have to wait years to become one. mario hernandez a cuban native worked for the u.s. buyer row of prison passing each and every background check along the way. last year when he tried to get a passport he discovered the u.s. government didn't have him registered as a citizen. immigration authorities are denying him a citizenship. hernandez is appealing that decision. >> happening today president obama will declare the oregon mountains in next moco and nati -- new mexico and national monday ums. doug luzader is live in washington. why are some calling this move a presidential land grab? >> it all depends on your sp perspective on these things. is it protecting a national
2:38 am
resource or is it a federal land grab. president obama will go to the interior department and sign a proclamation that was declared the oregon mountain's desert peak national monument is a federal national monument. this would declare off limits about 500,000 acres of land. now new mexico congressman steve pierce is among those who are very unhappy about this. here's what he says with the land grab the president is once again going out of his way to de rail any attempt to form a consensus and do what local people want. there has been some concerns expressed by local law enforcement about their ability to go after drug traffickers for instance that may abandon vehicles in what will soon be a national monument. the white house defends this saying it will add about 7 w $7.4 million in economic impact. heather and ainsley. >> doug luzader live in
2:39 am
washington. thank you, doug. >> an afghanistan war hero who lost his right eye and part of his jaw when he jumped on a grenade to save a nell low marine will receive the medal of honor. william kyle carpenter native of fleet wood, mississippi was wounded in the attack in 2010. he has undergone more than 30 surgeries since. now he's a student at the university of south carolina. he will be honored during a white house ceremony on june 19th. >> from the hietts honor to the youngest player ever to qualify for the u.s. women's open. 11-year-old lucy lee winning that honor winning the half-moon bay in california. the youngster who already has an impressive resume will play in the open set june 19th through the 22nd. >> remember that hero cat who rescued a 4-year-old boy from his neighbor's dog? the frisky feline is getting his just dessert.
2:40 am
the boy sjeremy his mom, dad an terri the tab bee cat. jeremy through one right down the plate. things didn't go as planned for tara. her attempt with a ball guided by a string failed. he helped tear with you are a toss across the plate. she saved that little boy's life. we will forgive him. it's a catholic university. but wait until you hear the student group that notre dame just banned from the campus. >> they spent 600 million of your tax dollars building a stadium for the high school football team. now they can't even use it. why it is now shut down. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there.
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2:45 am
after consumers got sick after eating at restaurants between april 22nd and may 2nd. a list of impacted grocery stores not yet released. >> pet cowan announcing it will no longer sell beef jerky treats from china in an effort to protect your dog. it reveals more than 1,000 dogs died after eating the chewy treats. it will switch the items made in the u.s. and new zealand and australia. it is returning to new york city today. you may remember the sequester forced the military to cancel the if he festivities last year. she is live for us in new york city with a preview. exciting time of the year, teresa. >> i drew the short straw today. huh? good morning et heather. good morning everyone. this is a really exciting time here in new york city as we officially kickoff fleet week.
2:46 am
some 1500 servicemen and women will be coming into new york city enjoying our great city. also letting us into their lives. we are talking about members of the navy, the marines, as well as the coast guard. so these worlds are sort of mess meshing in a way that we really don't normally see. fleet week is running from the 21st through the 27th. you will get an opportunity to tour some ships. there will be a number of parades and ariel demonstrations. it is an exciting time in new york city and one we are looking forward to. that's the latest from peer 92. i will send it back to you in the studio. >> i can see that from my apartment. things are definitely revving up. thank you for joining us. good morning. >> good morning. >> the cost of living keeps getting higher, and it hardly seems fair on our wallets, right? well thankfully there are still some cities where we can all live very well for a little less. lori rothman is here to explain
2:47 am
all of this. >> good morning, lori. >> if you are in a cash crunch it may be where you live. over a quarter of americans have no emergency savings. stagnant prices and rising cost of living shows this. in 17 of the nations 18 biggest cities families earning average wages should not only be able to cover expenses but have money left to save. they found that baltimore offers the best savings opportunity median income families there should have more than 24 howe leftover at the end of the year. washington, d.c. number two followed by cleveland residents who should have an average of 15,000 a year less fleft for savings. chicago and dallas round out the top 5 have household spending on trags tation, food , housing evn cable to mention a few. >> there are inexpensive places not new york. >> thanks lori. good to see you this morning. >> it is now 47 minutes after
2:48 am
the top of the hour. it's a catholic university but wait until you hear from the student group notre dame just banned from campus. >> come on down. come on down. >> you are doing good. just like you are doing. >> i really wanted to hit that brake. see what happens when i hit the track with a nascar driver. >> looking good. >> first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> how fast were you going there. >> you have to wait to find out. >> tune in. >> imaging really fast. >> all right. we are getting our motor running. coming up the lone survivor marcus latrell talks about the va scandal. we are going to talk about your mo -- his movie. >> a texas ranger catches a foul ball and gives it to a woman, but there's a catch. he's here with the story that's ahead on fox.
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the iconic catholic university notre dame refuses to recognize a student club which supports traditional marriage. students for a tkhaoeuld oriented policy say they focus on marriage policy and how it might affect children. notre dame says the club was denied because it is too similar to existing clubs. a $60 million high school stadium doesn't see that crazy; right? what if it was closed two years after it opened? this massive mecca for pigskin closed by the school district after extensive cracking is found. now the only team at the allen, texas, eagle stadium are the engineers looking into the structural
2:53 am
engineers. >> on sunday 43 nascar drivers will hit the track at charlotte motor speedway for the coca-cola 600. at 600 miles it is the longest race in the nascar sprint cup series. but like every race there will be one extra vehicle on the track. that is the pace car. i headed to my home car to find out what it takes to set the pace. ♪ ♪ >> that is sprint cup series rookie alex bowman showing me what it feels like to go over 100 miles an hour around the track at charlotte motor speedway. >> we're really doing it. >> while nascar drivers get all the glory, they are not the only ones on the track with guts. every race has a pace car driver. they are sort of like the sherrif of the track. >> i try to help keep things under control. the main thing is whatever the speed is, which at
2:54 am
charlotte it is 45, we've got to run that at exactly 45. if they're not running at 45 miles an hour they'll get a penalty. >> buster au top has been teaching people how to drive pace cars for only 40 years. >> it is kaoeufpd gradual. you -- it is kind of gradual. >> it didn't take me too long to realize this is nothing like your commute to work. >> this is the groove. pick up your speed a little more. a little more. >> i feel like we're going to tip over. >> no, we're not going to tip over. >> don't hit the brakes? >> no. you're doing fine. this is where they race, and we're trying to watch this to make sure there's nothing out here that's going to cause a wreck. >> whoa! in addition to the challenges presented by the track itself, the pace car driver also has 43 cars
2:55 am
capable of going over 200 miles an hour close behind, and those drivers really want to put the pedal to the metal. >> it's pretty tense. the main thing is don't get nervous. >> in the cup series it is pretty crazy. you're trying to figure out what you're going to do and how to stay out of trouble. >> something i cannot even imagine. but after a few laps around the 1.5 mile track, buster may have changed my mind. >> how did i do? >> you done great. sign up sunday. >> good job for you, my friend. it is five minutes till the top of the hour. caught on camera, how thieves used a child's stroller to swipe a chihuaha from a pet shop. like 60,000 bonus points when i spent $5,000 in the first 3 months
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spatulas, bounty hunters, javelins...
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time now to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. baltimore ravens severe jacoby jones handing out tablets to more than 4,300 students to help them with their school work. >> dog thieves used their child to hide a chihuaha think stole from a pet store. the teacup chihuaha worth $1,000. >> the owner of three goats in california getting tickets for letting them out and about in city
3:00 am
limits. however, the goats are still welcome on the beach. a surfing goat. >> they are cute. thought you saw it all until you saw that. have a great day everyone. we'll see you tomorrow morning. "fox & friends" starts now. >> bye. >> good morning. it is wednesday, may 21. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we start with a fox news alert. the results are in from one of the busiest days in this year's primary calendar, super tuesday. the big winners and some still undecided. a live report on that straight ahead. >> and remember howard the scream dean? >> then we're going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house! >> he just never gets old. now the former presidential candidate and doctor becomes unhinged calling republicans un-american. >> young iranians arrested for being


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