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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 21, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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been great having you here. thank you for being here. here's gretchen. hi, everyone. starting with a fox news alert because we are awaiting for an announcement from house minority leader nancy pelosi. after she met this morning with house speaker john boehner on the select committee on benghazi, now she's expected to come to the podium to officially announce the addition of five democratic members to that select committee. they are going to join the seven republicans already involved with the house investigation. hi, everyone. gretchen carlson here. this is "the real story." she has reportedly tapped congressman elijah cummings, adam smith, adam schiff and congresswomen tammy duckworth, she is a veteran herself, and linda sanchez.
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we'll bring you her remarks as soon as they happen along with analysis. in the meantime, another fox news alert because the president today comes out swinging, vowing to get to the bottom of the veterans affairs scandal and hold any wrongdoers accountable. the president finally echoing the sentiment -- >> when i hear allegations of misconduct, any misconduct whether it's allegations of v.a. staff covering up long wait times or cooking the books, i will not stand for it. not as commander in chief, but also not as an american. >> a lot of reaction coming in after that. senator john mccain saying, quote, while i am glad that after many weeks of refusing to acknowledge this widening scandal, president obama finally saw fit to speak about it today. but his remarks are wholly insufficient in addressing the
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fundamental systematic problems plaguing our veterans health care system. the president ordering v.a. secretary eric shinseki and white house deputy chief of staff rob nabors, he's told them, you better fix the problem. nabors slated to head to phoenix tomorrow where as many as 40 vets died. but it's not just phoenix. 26 facilities across the country are now under investigation. good to see you, mr. eakin. >> thanks for having me, gretchen. >> i've looked through some of these cases that you have handled. their painstaking to read the details. tell us how you became involved. it's my understanding that attorneys sometimes don't want to take on these cases. >> well, i became involved because i've been in the military myself. my wife's a veteran and i feel an obligation to help the
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veterans whenever i can. and i also have been involved in federal courts claims act litigation over the years for different reasons in my personal injury practice. >> so it's my understanding that sometimes attorneys don't want to get involved because the fees are limited to 20% of any kind of a settlement. and also explain for us how the doctors at these v.a. centers, they're not held up to the same standards as private doctors with malpractice suits, correct? >> well, the fees are lower, that's one reason it's hard for veterans sometimes to find representation. and the doctors don't have to be licensed in the state where they work. they just have to be licensed somewhere in the united states to work at a federal facility. so the supervision that's present for doctors in, say, virginia where i am is not working for the v.a. doctors because they don't answer to the virginia medical -- >> so the incidents don't even have to be reported to medical boards. >> i don't believe they do.
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>> that's going to be shocking to a lot of people watching right now to find that out. tell me about this case that you're working on right now where the patient came in to a v.a. center for chest pains and ended up with a blood transfusion and what else? >> well, the blood sample that was taken from another patient was mislabeled with his name and the analysis showed the need for a transfusion. so he got a transfusion by mistake. then he was called in to be told that it was a potentially tainted transfusion. and then he was at risk for various diseases like hepatitis and hiv and that sort of thing. >> i understand there's a statute of limitations, right? you have to file the claim within two years, is that correct? >> it's two years from the date of the incident to file the claim. six months for the v.a. to respond, another six months if you ask for reconsideration. and then if you can't settle it, you're allowed to file suit in federal court. >> do you think, mr. eakin, that in light of this v.a. scandal
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growing bigger and bigger by the day that we are going to see a flood of lawsuits against the v.a. medical centers in this country? >> we may see a flood of federal torts claims act claims. but the lawsuits are prohibited until that process is complete and that process typically takes two to three years. >> thank you so much for coming on and explaining the system to us. see you soon. >> thank you, gretchen. >> we'll have full analysis of the president's comments today about being mad now about the v.a. scandal and what he plans to do about it. our political panel will analyze that coming up. in the meantime, a new addition to the list of obamacare contractors who say they're sitting in their offices and getting paid with your tax dollars to do nothing. an application prosser in arkansas joining offices in three other states admitting they don't have enough work to fill the day but still have billion-dollar contracts.
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one employee in missouri quit over the boredom saying, quote, i think for the entire month of december i processed six applications and that was pretty good. in one arkansas office, workers are required to be on the clock but are not allowed to do any work. a man on death row in missouri was scheduled to die by lethal injection last night. but supreme court justice samuel elito stepped in. why was there a problem with this execution? >> the state of missouri says there isn't any problem with this execution procedure. but bucklew and his attorneys argue his condition makes it extremely likely the convicted killer would suffer excruciating pain during his execution. and that would violate the
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constitution's ban of cruel and unusual punishment. the execution has drawn a lot of interest across the country, in part because it would be the first since a botched execution in oklahoma less than a month ago that caused an inmate to struggle in pain for nearly 40 minutes before dying of a heart attack. missouri uses a different drug cocktail than oklahoma, though they say they haven't had any issues since switching to it last year. gretchen? >> is bucklew's execution still going to happen? is this just a short stay? if so, how soon could that be? >> well, the supreme court is going to be reviewing his appeal today. if they overturn that appeal, he could be executed before the day is over. but bucklew is called by a former prosecutor one of the most evil individuals he's ever met. so people -- lots of folks in missouri are hoping that's what will happen. in 1996, his girlfriend left him after he repeatedly beat her. he then tracked her down to
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another man's home, shot and killed that man in front of her and four children. he then handcuffed and beat the woman, raped her and got into a shootout with a state trooper. he later escaped from jail, went to the home of his ex-girlfriend's mother and beat her with a hammer before she escaped and then he was later on arrested. gretchen? >> garrett, thank you so much. two planes at newark airport in new jersey almost collide. now the faa making big changes to flights in and out of that major airport. as we reported here yesterday, those two planes, one taking off and one landing, they missed each other by just 50 feet. the distance between planes is supposed to be two miles. now, according to the new rules, any aircraft taking off and landing simultaneously will no longer be able to use intersecting runways. presidential elections in ukraine five days away. pro-russian thugs are targeting.
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greg palkot witnessing a dramatic confrontation, streaming live in donetsk, ukraine, for us. greg? >> another crazy day here. some signs of de-escalation and what's being called conflict fatigue, basically people still having problems with the central government kiev. but also having problems with getting pushed around. it all started when the local oligarch here called for people to come out on the streets and stand up to the rebel militants. here is what our team saw and heard right in front of us. on this day, he's asked drivers in donetsk to honk their horns at noon while his message remains loud and clear, sensing that these actions are being downed out by a rebel reality on the ground.
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now, shortly after the cars started honking, two pro-russia activists, one armed with a steel bar, another with a pistol, started running after theers ka, tried to block them. they didn't feel they were loyal to the separatist call. the police did nothing, they stood by. people started to stand up to them. some people got out of their cars. other pedestrians came over, offering support. outnumber and shouted down eventually, these few would-be militants backed down. no damage was done. one small victory for the cause. the folks here, gretchen, need all the courage they can get, as you noted, these militants are already targeting election officials and election offices. they do not want this election to go on on sunday. others do. and they will forge on. back to you. >> we'll keep a close eye on that. greg, thanks so much. as we told you at the top of the hour, still awaiting the start of that press conference from house minority leader nancy pelosi. she's supposedly going to come
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out. nobody's at the podium just yet on capitol hill. she's going to talk about this select committee on benghazi and why she's decided now to add democrats to this committee. five democrats to the seven republicans who have already been named. we're keeping a close eye on this. we'll bring it to you exactly when it happens. plus, also coming up on "the real story," a school bus driver using his quick instincts after his bus erupts in flames. what he did as it barrels towards, of all things, a fire truck. and our own mike tobin putting himself in a little danger. >> if you ever hook up like this, stranded in the frigid water, this device could be the difference between life and death. that story coming up. >> watch mike get rescued from those frigid waters and learn how you can survive in the cold. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. at humana, we believe if healthcare changes,
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new edge, from osteo bi-flex with joint shield nancy pelosi has come to the podium. let's listen in. >> what happened in benghazi on september 11th, 2012, was a tragedy. the families and loved ones, for those who were lost, who lost their lives for america's diplomat core and for all americans, unfortunately, the republican obsession with benghazi has not been about the victims or their families or our country. we'd hoped the house republican leaders would not go down the path forming a select committee. we've already been there. eight reviews have been conducted in the house and senate. 25,000 documents released, millions of taxpayer dollars spent. it was not necessary to put the families or our country through again.
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over the past two weeks, we have engaged in good, safe discussions with speaker boehner on the shape and standards of the select committee. we had hoped for a level of fairness and transparency and balance. especially considering the subject matter. we were not able to reach any agreement. regrettably, the republican approach does not prevent the unacceptable and the repeated abuses committed by chairman issa in any meaningful way. that is all the more reason for democrats to participate in the committee. to be there to fight for fair hearing and process. to try to bring some openness and transparency to what's going on. what is the purpose of this investigation? what is the timetable? what are the milestones? what are they hoping to achieve? i could have argued this either
11:15 am
way. why give any validity to this effort? but i do think it is important for the american people to have the pursuit of these questions done in a fair and open and balanced way as possible. that simply would not be possible leaving it to the republicans. that's why i'm appointing my distinguished colleagues here today to serve on the select committee. i'm so proud of them and all that they do for the american people in the congress of the united states and for their constituents at home. congressman elijah cummings will be the ranking member. he is the ranking member on the committee on oversight and government reform. congressman adam smith, the ranking member on armed services committee has agreed to serve. congressman adam schiff, committee on appropriations, subcommittee on state and foreign operations.
11:16 am
very important in this discussion. and as a member of the permanent member of the select committee on intelligence. congresswoman linda sanchez on the committee of ways and means and subcommittee of oversight. congresswoman tammy duckworth serving on the armed services committee and the committee on government and -- oversight and government reform. mr. cummings' committee. with their leadership and persistence, we will do right by the families of the victims. by the way, two families have communicated with us saying, don't take us down this path again. why is this being done? we hope that we can shine a light on where our focus should be, preventing a benghazi from ever happening again. i told the speaker in a phone call that i just had with him that i'm hopeful that ranking member cummings and chairman gowdy can come to better terms on how we proceed.
11:17 am
and it's with that hope and his great leadership that i present the chairman of our ranking member on this committee, mr. cummings. >> thank you very much, madam leader. i, too, agree with you that we must be in pursuit of fairness and transparency, not only for the families of these great americans who we lost in libya but also for the american people. i do not believe a select committee is called for after eight reports, dozens of witness interviews and a review of more than 25,000 pages of documents. many of the so-called unanswered questions republicans have been raising recently have already been answered in these previous reports.
11:18 am
also we do not believe a select committee rules proposed by the speaker are fair, open or designed to conduct a neutr neutral-reason, fact-based inquiry. despite these challenges, i have agreed to participate for two reasons. i want to thank my colleagues who have also -- >> you've been listening to nancy pelosi first and then elijah cummings. one of the people she's put on this benghazi select committee. let's get immediate analysis from catherine herridge who's live for us in washington. catherine, i don't know how you feel about this, but i'm stunned that nancy pelosi has made this decision because we just heard from jay carney a few moments ago still calling it a republican conspiracy theory. >> the thing that jumped out at me in that news conference is that there seems to be a subtle shift in tone. what we have heard consistently from the democratic leadership is that this was going to be a kangaroo court. we did not hear that at the news
11:19 am
conference. i think what we heard is a recognition by the democrats that they must now engage in a very serious way with the republican-led select committee. this is a reflection of the fact that the members of this republican select committee are very serious in nature and are communicating that this will be a broad and vast investigation where they already believe that there are gaps that need to be filled in between the various committees that have already looked at it. so this is a recognition by the democrats that they must seriously engage and that it would be a political mistake not to be engaged and to leave some of these issues unanswered, especially leading up to the midterm elections. looking at the composition of this committee, what strikes me is almost everyone has relevant experience on the requisite oversight committees that looked into benghazi. what is also striking to me is -- i think you can make the argument that several of the
11:20 am
committee members are true partisans and have been on the attack on benghazi from the get-go. so they seem to have been picked by the speaker as a way to answer these republican allegations that the administration in effect dropped the ball on benghazi, they misled the american people and even more specifically, that there was real negligence at the state department that was led by mrs. clinton. >> catherine, you've been covering this from the beginning. what happened in these meetings between john boehner and nancy pelosi to go from just last week pelosi saying, benghazi, benghazi, benghazi, not wanting to talk about it, to now saying, well, we need to give validity to this effort? >> i would even say that -- just yesterday on the senate floor, are barbara boxer said that benghazi was a kangaroo court. so this was the talking point about the select committee and there has been a significant shift. i can't speak to the conversation between the
11:21 am
minority and majority leader, but what i can say is that there's a real recognition that this is going to be a serious-minded investigation. the republicans have chosen people with the requisicquisite oversight background, the legal background, two are former u.s. attorneys, and they will be able to move through this in a more methodical way and they will be able to fill in these gaps. it's these gaps that represent, i believe, based on my reporting, real jeopardy for the democrats, for the white house and even more specifically for former secretary of state hillary clinton and what this may mean for her possible presidential ambitions. but the bottom line for folks at home is that the democrats recognize it's going to be a serious effort and it would be a political mistake not to engage in the fullest possible way. >> wow, amazing developments today just happening. catherine herridge, thank you so much. more analysis on this coming up on "the real story." at the same time we're going to tell you about this -- imagine
11:22 am
falling into a great lake that was covered in ice just a few weeks ago. if help doesn't arrive soon enough, you could die. what you need to know before the memorial day weekend coming up. memorial day weekend?
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welcome back to "the real story." just minutes ago, house minority leader nancy pelosi naming five democrats to the select committee on benghazi. what does this mean now for the house's investigation? joining me, chris plante and simon rosenburg. simon, seems to me as if the white house is not on the same page as nancy pelosi because almost simultaneously while she's announcing that she's putting five dems on this benghazi select committee, jay carney is still calling republicans looking into this a conspiracy theory.
11:26 am
>> i think jay carney also said it was up to nancy pelosi and she's made her decision. it's a strong group of five thoughtful democrats. i think we're going to have a real process now. i think the good news is that i hope this won't take so long. there's already been so much that's been unearthed and so much work done by all the other committees. hopefully they can bear down, focus on a few key things that are still outstanding and get this thing wrapped up. >> how can it suddenly be that democrats are in favor of this committee? >> well, i think it will be easier to obstruct the effort from inside the hearing room, quite honestly. look, we have nothing but unanswered questions here when it comes to this. and among the people that had no interest in a select committee were john boehner until we discovered that the white house had been misleading the congress in their earlier investigations by redacting key memos coming out of the white house, which only became public because of a freedom of information act request.
11:27 am
>> right. but i want to be clear. you think that it's actually a negative, chris, that this will be a fair and balanced committee? >> no, i don't think it's a negative that the democrats are going to participate. i expect that they will be revealed as the obstructionists that i believe they intend to be in the course of this process. they have no interest in holding the administration accountable -- >> simon, why did they decide to join, then? a couple of weeks ago, they were saying, benghazi, benghazi, benghazi, wanted nothing to do with it. now these closed-door meetings with john boehner and nancy pelosi, what happened? >> i think they realized that this was going to go ahead and it was better that they were in the tent, as chris said, than looking in from the outside. i allows them to use their time to make their case and to defend. i think it's better that they're in. i was advocating to nancy pelosi that they do it. i will say one of the things that upsets the democrats is that we're having a select committee on something that was -- something that happened in a single night, we believe we
11:28 am
actually know what happened. we didn't have sleekt committels on afghanistan, on iraq, on how the north koreans renuclearized under george bush -- >> george bush, george bush, george bush. >> we didn't have select committees when we were in power on big mistakes the republicans made -- >> i understand. >> this is very small compared to the mistakes made in iraq, afghanistan and osama bin laden and other things. >> i think we'll finally find out. president obama finally breaking his silence on the veteran affairs scandal, promising a full investigation. chris, was it enough for you? a lot of people thought he was going to say that shinseki had resigned. >> it was really sort of a nothing burger, to term president obama recently. there was no "there" there. it was 20 minutes of repetitious, the v.a. is good
11:29 am
and we're going to hold somebody accountable. i was on the air doing my radio show while this happened. and we played some of the president's audio live. and my lines filled up with veterans who were just shaking their heads and really sort of disgusted that this is all you're getting is more process. >> simon, was it enough? to quote the president, he said, i don't know how systematic this is, don't know if a lot of facilities have been cooking the books or if it's just an episodic problem. 26 states. not just phoenix. was this enough today? was he mad as hell as he promised would be? >> i think we're at the beginning of this process. this is clearly going to -- there's going to be a lot of intensity around this. the president has dispatched one of his top aides to ride along on this. we'll know in the next few weeks. there's a report being given to the president next week. shinseki has to give another one a week later. we're going to have a lot more data and they'll make good, smart decisions.
11:30 am
>> hopefully no one else will die while we're waiting. chris and simon, i have to go. thank you so much. we'll have much more on this. coming up, talking to the chair of the house veterans affairs committee. we'll get his reaction to the president saying he'll get to the bottom of allegations and neglect and what appears to be dozens of preventable deaths. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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fox news alert now because
11:34 am
house democrats will take part in that select committee on benghazi. minority leader nancy pelosi appointing five democrats to that panel. white house press secretary jay carney, though, reacting just a short time ago. >> again, we defer to the wisdom of leader pelosi in making decisions. we have cooperated substantially and every one of the conspiracy theories that republicans have put forward has come undone and has never been proven. i'm not sure why anybody would believe that this is -- that this committee and this investigation would produce a different result. what it will do is consume congress' time and consume taxpayers' money. >> bret baier is the host of "special report" and he's my guest. i found it fascinating, bret, to watch this unfold because just a few days ago, nancy pelosi was poo-pooing benghazi. other people were calling it a kangaroo court. i didn't hear any of that
11:35 am
language other than a few hits at republicans when she came to the podium. >> yeah, i think the consensus was they needed to be in this. they needed to be a part of this committee. congressman steny hoyer said, we shouldn't leave the playing field without having our people there, clearly that was the consensus of the caucus. and it also may be part of the effort to protect some of the witnesses who will likely be called before this committee to provide some balance in the democrats' mind in their presentation because it potentially could get pretty specific -- >> but it's certainly not the talking point lines that we had heard from jay carney for the last couple of weeks. you could hear these talking points coming out almost every day, conspiracy theories, republicans on a witch hunt. do you believe that the administration had any discussions with nancy pelosi about this decision? >> they say that it was her
11:36 am
decision solely. i'm sure there had to be some discussions on some level when something this big and this political is happening. and what coordination there was, we don't know. i don't know if we'll ever know. bottom line is that the democrats are now a part of this committee. and so the whole line that the committee's work can be discounted completely, i think, does not hold water. it will depend on what this committee actually finds. >> yeah. >> remember this committee probably wouldn't have been formed had it not been for that e-mail that came out just a few weeks ago from the white house that should have been in congress's hands but it came out from a foia request from judicial watch. we've seen e-mails from the irs scandal that have come out that way and not by congress. i think that's what propelled this forward. >> we're all going to be watching you tonight on "special report" for more coverage on this and so much more. thank you, bret. changing gears for a moment, lakes around the country will be
11:37 am
filled with people this memorial day weekend. so the u.s. coast guard urging you, of course, to be really careful stressing even though it's warm outside, the water is still cold enough to kill. mike tobin found out the hard way. he's live in michigan to tell us about his firsthand experience. what did you learn, mike? >> well, sadly, gretchen, just yesterday, two healthy men drowned in lake michigan. they succumbed to the cold water while rescuers were searching for them. that's a sad example but it supports the coast guard's push to get everyone to buy one of these if you're out on the water. it helps them save lives. when rescuing victims from frigid waters like the great lakes, the personal locater beacon or plb can make the difference. >> as soon as you activate it, we're notified. if you have one with a gps enabled, we can locate you.
11:38 am
>> the coast guard gave me a plb and some alone time in the icy water, five miles out in lake huron. 52 seconds after activating the beacon, rescuers onshore were notified. >> frigid water like this, you've got about 15 minutes until severe hypothermia starts setting in. after that, a host of complications and your ability to survive goes down dramatically. even the coast guard helicopter needs specific navigation to arrive on time. >> from here up, it's difficult to see that person in the water. >> the plb points them to the spot. coast guard swimmer mike thompson makes easy work of plucking a swimmer from the water. the difference between a rescue and a recovery is getting to the victim on time. it was 40 minutes between activating the beacon and getting plucked out of the
11:39 am
water. in that cold water, if i didn't have the dry suit, i would have been a hypothermic mess. but a healthy person can survive that. >> thanks so much, mike. time to check in with shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> how come the government can kill american citizens without a trial? what would the legal argument for government killing citizens be? we expect to find out soon. officials say the white house is planning to release its droning memo, part of a push to put the author of those memos on a federal bench. our judge andrew napolitano joins us next hour. he says one reason it took so long to release the memos is that the memos will make the administration look like a, quote, laughingstock. judge napolitano and the memos next on "shepard smith reporting." >> thank you, shep. congressional lawmakers stepping in to help manage the v.a. scandal. we'll talk to the chair of the house veterans affairs committee about the new power he wants to give secretary eric shinseki.
11:40 am
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11:44 am
what the president said today? >> too little too late. i wish the president would have come out more forcefully three weeks ago. he should have come out today and said he was going to use his famous pen for an executive order that would allow for those who are backlogged in wait times to see physicians to go out in the private sector and get the health care they've earned. >> i know now that the house and senate vote, you've been discussing it, tonight on this bill that would allow people in the v.a. to actually fire people like they do in the real world, in the private sector. is it going to pass? >> well, it will pass. it will pass with a broad bipartisan vote. but let me set the stage. there's 330,000 employees within the department of veterans affairs. this deals with about 430 senior executive level people to give the secretary the ability to fire them if they don't do their job or they're poor performers. >> i understand i have in my hands right now a letter that you wrote today to secretary
11:45 am
shinseki. you do not believe or you're starting to suspect that the v.a. under his direction has no intention of fully complying with the subpoena that you put before them about two weeks ago. why? >> well, there's no question. we were told last week that they would begin to give us the information that we were asking for in a rolling pattern and gave us a list of how they prioritized the people that they wanted to present to us. that's not acceptable. the subpoena was very narrowly crafted. and on monday morning, they gave us 201 e-mails after 30 people had been working for nine days. we got 201 e-mails. we were supposed to get the next group of e-mails last night by close of business and today we've yet to receive the second grouping. i don't believe they want to cooperate. they're slow rolling. >> the president also went on today saying that he's going to wait and see how some of these investigations pan out before he does anything else further, i guess.
11:46 am
do we have time to wait and don't we already have proof that some of the things have actually happened? >> there's no question that veterans have died while waiting for care at the department of veterans affairs. by their own admission, they have 23 preventable deaths. of those 23, six of them were in columbia, south carolina, and augusta, georgia, where veterans died waiting on colonoscopies. we don't have time to wait. that's why the president should have come forward and said, we need to open the gates, allow the backlog that exists out there by veterans not being able to get health care within the walls of the v.a. system, give them the ability to go out into the private sector. >> one final question for you, it's my understanding the chief of staff came to the hill today and met with sanders -- senator sanders who has a similar role that you do, as far as being on a veterans committee. why department he meidn't he me?
11:47 am
>> i have not heard a word from the chief of staff. senator sanders held a hearing last week on the hill with the secretary. i'm trying very hard not to bring politics into this. but when the white house is only communicating with the democrats, it makes you wonder who's playing politics. >> congressman miller, keep us apprised as to what happens and if you get a response to that letter that you sent to secretary shinseki and the subpoena. thanks much. >> thank you, gretchen. want to go to work as an fbi agent? well, you have a nagging little issue in your background check? the fbi director explains. our ladies panel here with their take as well. hi, ladies.
11:48 am
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and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. welcome back to the real story. the rise in cyber-crime may be sparking the fbi now to consider a policy change involving drugs, specifically marijuana and new recruits. because of james comey, the fbi director said some like to smoke weed. i have to hire a great workforce to compete with those cyber-minds and some of those kids want to smoke weed on the way to the interview. >> a man with an otherwise clean record faces preston for selling laced brownies. miss america 2013 and jolene
11:52 am
kent, fox business reporter. you have been faced with a controversial topic. i will go to jolene. we're talking about higher people, people who can fight hacking like to smoke pot. can you make that correlation? >> it is monolithic in the sense he is assigning a description. the fbi is looking to hire about 2000 people, mostly in cyber-crime. you look at cyber-attacks, ebay suffered a major cyber- attaatt and forcing a lot of people to reset their password. it's how many people can he hire at a time. he later walked back the comments saying he was joking. it is one very specific way to describe those individuals. >> mallory, what do you think of th that? you're all pretty much young people here and i know things have changed looking at cultural things with different generations. >> we're living in a society getting a little more
11:53 am
loosy-goosy. i don't think working for the fbi should be someone interested in smoking marijuana will do. marijuana does a lot of things most notably, decreases your ability to think correctly. >> i completely disagree with this. because we are in a society where i want the fbi to do what it has to do to fight crime. it's not the department of commerce. it's the fbi. we want people in there who are going to go in and know how to use the web and go really deep. >> you don't care about past drug use at all? >> the fbi is fighting crime so hard and people doing things illegal -- >> it's interesting. what if they worked in colorado or some place it is legal? >> you have to be that person that knows how to go in and get underneath the surface. these aren't people just googling, people who know how to go into the web and find these terrorist and drug organizations. i'm a more and want my children
11:54 am
safe. i think the is an organization not to tiptoe around this. >> in other jobs i've had you have to succumb to a drug test and in some cases i've taken the drug test and other case is haven't. this could change the way corporations hire people. >> absolutely. if you go forward and look at someone who has taken drugs within a certain window, what does that say for people on the job? and if you release the standard, do you apply a different one, especially looking at director come looking at individuals, e seeing drug use as a lifestyle. >> once you drop the standard it is more loosy-goosy to use your term. >> the point we're making, too, are we using drugs on the job or something someone is doing at night or on the social setting?
11:55 am
i don't think working for the fbi and recreational marijuana go hand-in-hand. >> the last word. >> yes. the cia has already used people and hire people perhaps terrorists or different kinds of things. think the fbi needs to do what it needs to do to fight terrorists. i don't really have an issue if those people are smart smoking marijuana. >> great points of view and i love you didn't all agree with each other. think you take your life in your own hands if you cross the state? in one state you may be doing just that. it's home to the most dangerous city. four pedestrians all-in-one state. i wonder where that is, hmm. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
11:56 am
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time to check out what america is clicking on today. good news if you hate laundry. ceo of levis, revealed he hasn't washed his favorite pair in more than a year? is it a she or a he? debate heating up among "godzilla" fans among the movie monster's gender and both sides have plenty of evidence to sift through. let me know what you think about that one. where in the u.s. do you think it is most dangerous to be a pedestrian? would you ever guess the sunshine state? the worst is orlando, followed by tampa, jacksonville and miami. so where does new york city rank? looking live out there at time square, it's hard to believe it's actually one of the safest. you got to be kidding? i want to give a shout-out
12:00 pm
now to a fantastic organization i've had the opportunity to work with the last several years. bower bowery mission helps people. monday we raised money and had people who donated their time and talents. now to shep. >> thanks. new attacks in nigeria with dozens dead and now blame the same terrorists who kidnapped hundreds of school children. president obama about the veterans admission and what exactly he is doing and why critics say it's too little too late. this third grader planning to carry his little brother on his back for 30 miles for cerebral palsy. we will speak with him live this hour. plus, would you get on this thing seriously? a viewing bubble on a can


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