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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 21, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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remain on those grounds. bloomberg threw his own party. >> how tacky, what a jerk. there wasn't anything super size, was it? >> don't forget to set your dvr. special report is up next. president obama vows to fix what's wrong with veterans' care and promises accountability once investigations are finished. but a top republican calls it too little too late. this is "special report." >> good evening. i'm bret baier. critics of the administration's handling over veterans care are not impressed with president obama's first detailed comments on the matter. while stressing intolerance of the situation, the president refused to fire his v.a. secretary and emphasized the long wait times for care problem existed long before he moved
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into the oval office. the president added that the specific allegations about cooking the books on wait times for treatment have to be further investigated. we have tonight's top story. >> reporter: pushed to take personal charge of the scandal over v.a. facilities allegedly hiding veterans' long waits for medical care, president obama voiced his outrage at an appearance. >> if these allegations prove to be true, it's dishonorable, disgraceful and i will not tolerate it. >> reporter: mr. obama spoke after a meeting with secretary eric she know secondy whom he declined to fire. the president said he wants a report from him on the scope of the problem by next week. also in the meeting, deputy chief of staff rob neighbors. mr. obama sent him to phoenix where reports first surfaced about managers hiding the time it took for vets to get medical care. there are now 26 facilities under investigation for wait times and other problems, and
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republicans think the issue demands a bigger response. >> he sent one person down to phoenix and if you compare that to the website rollout fiasco, the president spent hundreds of millions of dollars, called for all hands on the deck. >> reporter: committee chairman jeff miller says the v.a. rewards poor performance rather than punish it. >> it is easier to get a bonus or a promotion than get some type of a disciplinary action. >> reporter: miller has a bill that would make it easier to fire about 400 senior v.a. managers, but the white house is reluctant to endorse it. press secretary jay carney said the president supports the goals but the v.a. secretary can fire poor administrators. >> the president has conveyed to the secretary that he expects the secretary to make maximum use of existing tools. >> reporter: meanwhile though dozens of vets are said to have died while waiting for care it's
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unclear how many died because of it. >> she asked him does he have a plan. he answered no. she handed him a card that was for a suicide hotline and said if you do have a plan, to call the number. >> yet, mr. obama says the initial finding of the inspector general suggests most of those who died had chronic conditions and the delay was in getting their next appointment. >> the ig indicated he did not see a link between the wait and them actually dying. >> reporter: the house passed a bill that would eliminate the v.a.'s performance bonuses for the next few years and they're trying to get back the bonus paid to the now suspended head of the phoenix system. >> wendell, thank you. democrats will participate in the house select committee on benghazi. that announcement came today after democrats threatened to boycott the republican
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controlled scandal. a look at why democrats are now getting involved. >> reporter: after calling it a partisan kangaroo court, the democrats are fully engaged in the benghazi select committee. >> i do think it's important for the american people to have the pursuit of these questions done in a fair and open and balanced way as possible. that simply would not be possible leaving it to the republicans. >> reporter: the 12-member panel includes five democrats, all have relevant experience on house committees with oversight of the state and defense departments. the panel's senior democrat has clashed with republican chairman darryl issa on a regular basis over the benghazi investigations. >> what we have seen over the past two weeks is a full scale media campaign that is not designed to investigate what happened in a responsible and bipartisan way but rather a launch of unfunded accusations
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to smear public officials. >> reporter: the select committee chairman has already conferred with cummings. >> he did say he was hopeful that we would be able to have a situation where there would be fairness. i'm going to hold him to that and all of us are going to hold him to that. >> reporter: ploes see selected linda sanchez and adam schmidt who is a frequent contributor to the sunday talk shows. >> i don't think it makes sense for the democrats to participate. it's a tremendous red herring and a waste of taxpayer resources. >> reporter: the democrats tapped a high profile military vet. >> i want to make sure that no american diplomat, no american life, no american service member is ever put in the jeopardy where we don't have the resources to protect them as they carry out the nation's business around the world. >> reporter: acknowledging the former secretary of state hillary clinton and her successor john kerry are like lie to testify before the select committee, pelosi said more
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junior witnesses will need more support from democrats. >> who are these other people they're going to call? >> reporter: the democrats debated their strategy and in the end one argument was the most persuasive. they need to possibly provide cover for mrs. clinton. growing support in libya. the country's interior ministry, u.n. ambassador and air force commander have come out in support of the action. scores of libyan military units and commanders have made loyalty pledges to rebel leader ka lee ba hif ter. the week in government is calling the offense a coo. the search for 300 nigerian girls continues. officials in nigeria say the
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death toll from yesterday's bombing of a bus station is now at 118. boko haram is believed to be responsible for that as well and the terrorist group attacked three villages today killing 48 people. starting testimony today from one of the victims of that al qaeda linked terror group. 15-year-old debra peters told lawmakers how terrorists stormed her village, killed her father, a christian pastor. >> they told him to deny his faith. he told them that he can't deny his faith. they told him they're going to give him a chance to deny his faith. he didn't give up. that's how they shoot me dad in his chest three times. >> the girl says they also killed her brother. president obama's nomination to a key judicial spot is taking fire from both sides of the political spectrum tonight. mike emanuel reports on why many people are so upset over david
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barrett. >> the yays are 52 -- >> reporter: the nomination of david barrett to serve on the u.s. circuit of appeals barely was approved. opposition was based largely on barrett's previous work heading up the justice department's office of legal council and obama's justification for drone strikes on american suspected terrorists overseas. rand paul has fought the issue from the beginning. >> the debate is not about transparency. it's about the substance of the memos. i cannot and will not support a lifetime appointment of someone who believes it is okay to kill an american citizen not involved in combat without a trial. >> reporter: the breakthrough occurred last night when obama administration officials said they would release a redemocraticed version of a drone memo to the public. that was enough for ron wyden
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who had been a critic. >> it's unfortunate that it took mr. barrett's nomination to make these memos public. it has been frustrating over the past few years to see the justice department's resistance to providing congress with memos that outline the executive branch's official understanding of law. >> reporter: today the justice department suggested the public wouldn't get to see the drone memo until june. so paul called for holding up the vote. >> i ask that we delay until such time that the public can review the text of his memos on the use of targeted force against americans. >> is there objection. >> objection. >> reporter: other critics say it isn't just the drones. senator ted cruz says barrett sees courts as a tool of power and is far too liberal for the bench. >> beyond mr. barrett's providing the legal basis for the killing of u.s. citizens
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abroad without judicial process, both in law school and his writings, has been an enthusiastic activist of judicial activist. >> lawmakers can read the bill later. in this case it's vote on the nominee now and the public can read one of his memos after his likely confirmed. >> live on the hill, mike, thanks. the latest score card as so-called established republicans make a come back in primaries. here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering. fox ten in phoenix says hundreds of firefighters pour into northern arizona to battle a wildfire burning in oak creek canyon near slide rock state park. officials say 200 firefighters are already assigned to that fire. fox 45 in baltimore with bees on the loose. delaware officials are telling motorists on a ramp to interstate 95 in newark to keep their windows up and avoid unnecessary stops.
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a tractor-trailer carrying up to 20 million bees crashed there yesterday. and this is a live look right outside denver from our affiliate there, fox 31. a severe thunderstorm warning for the mile high city. a confirmed tornado was spotted over north eastern aurora moving east at about 20 miles per hour. that was about an hour ago. you can see the red there on the screen from the radar. a tornado warning has since expired. the storms have dropped heavy rain and hail around the denver area, and that's a live look outside the belt way. we'll be right back. now you can have it all with red lobster's new seafood trios! choose one option from the wood-fire grill, one signature shrimp dish, and a pasta. all on one plate. three delicious choices. all for $15.99 for a limited time only! come sea food differently today! sfx: car unlock beep. vo: david's heart attack didn't come with a warning.
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... okinawa diet. a secret of ... ( elder couple laugh) ... vitality from people ... ... who really know how to live. (female scientists yells) hey! (elder couple laugh) okinawa life! what many consider the republican establishment continues to re-establish itself in the mid-term primary season. carl cameron recaps a busy and successful night for candidates
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not running under the tea party banner. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell crushed his rival and set about doing the same to his fall challenger by lashing her to president obama and his unpopular agenda. >> a vote for my opponent is a vote for obamacare and the president who sold it to us on a mountain of lies. >> reporter: grimes awkwardly refused to say whether she would have voted for obamacare but opposites repealing it. >> i am not a rubber stamp and i am not a cheerleader. i am a strong kentucky woman. >> reporter: her first general election ad slams mcconnell and president obama. >> it seems no matter how many elections we have nothing gets better in washington, it only gets worse. a lot of that is because of the people at the top in both political parties. >> reporter: georgeia's primary going to a runoff.
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>> in this runoff we have a great choice. we have a career politician, been there 22 years, and an outsider who has been in business all this time. >> my opponent never even voted in a republican primary until now. he's flip flopped all over the place on many, many of the key issues that conservative voters care about. >> reporter: democrat michelle nun hoped a tea partier would win. neither fit that description. >> the best way to defeat a bully is to stand up to him and that's exactly what we are going to do. >> reporter: in oregon, pediatric neurosurgeon easily bested her tea party rival to face her incumbent in the fall. this race will turn on obamacare. oregon's insurance exchanges are among the most screwed up in the country. in pennsylvania tom wolf won the democrat primary for governor to face corbett in the fall.
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despite campaign -- in idaho the race brought tea party super pacs to idaho which blanketed the air waves and overshadowed the election. >> democrats have been elected candidates based on electability. dpiet all the poles saying voters are fed up with washington, not a single candidate has lost a primary. >> what do you make of the tea party's influence now and has the so-called establishment taken in the tea party message? let me know at baier sr or twitter. detroit is getting a cash infusion from one of wall street's big players. jpmorgan chase says it will invest $100 million over five
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years for mortgages, job training and blight removal. the dow seemed to like that. it surged 159 points today. the s&p 500 gained 15. the nasdaq was up 35. still ahead another general motors recall. we'll look at what's going on at g.m. setting the the stage for a taxpayer bailout of obamacare insurance providers. we have the details. hey! [squeals] ♪ [ewh!] [baby crying] the great thing about a subaru is you don't have to put up with that new car smell for long. the versatile, 2015 subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month?
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the execution of a missouri death row inmate with a rare medical condition is on hold. supreme court justice samuel leto issued a stay for murderer russell buck loo less than two
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hours before his scheduled execution. the high court will weigh in on the appeal. there's concern that his weakened and malformed veins could causes a problem. the finance committee easily approved the nomination of sylvia ber well as the health and human services secretary. the full senate is expected to do the same in what has been so far a painless confirmation ride for her. there are a lot of i told you sos here in washington tonight. obamacare critics are howling on speculation the administration may be preparing for a promised bailout of insurance companies. here's chief national correspondent jim angle. >> reporter: the obama administration promised to make insurance companies whole if they find themselves with a more expensive pool of customers but the administration isn't sure where the money will come from. >> insurance companies are at
3:23 pm
great risk and they may find that they have a lot of sick people and the costs are above what they thought they would be. >> you had to provide both belts and suspenders to reassure the insurance company that if they got stuck with so many sick people they would be compensated. >> reporter: the healthcare law promised it would take money from companies that did better than expected and give it to companies who did worse. companies couldn't ask about anyone's health status. >> the insurers are sitting with millions of people who have enrolled and have no idea what their health problems are. >> reporter: what if all companies did worse than expected? the administration started thinking about plan b and in april while saying it was confident it would collect enough to make risk payments, it also said if it had insufficient funds, quote, all risk corridor payments for that year will be reduced pro rata to the extent of any short fall. >> the president is insisting this program is going to work
3:24 pm
but contemplating what it's going to do if it doesn't. >> reporter: that news didn't go down well with the insurance industry which argued that quote, it may cause higher premiums, something that would complicate the fall elections. >> they're sensitive to these insurers continue to participate in the program in 2015. they're also bending over backwards to say, yeah, we will bail you out if your losses exceed a certain element. >> reporter: this latest retreat by the administration raises another question, whether this will cost taxpayers anymore than the law already has. >> won't cost the taxpayers any money. that was their announcement in april. then their announcement in recent days was, well, actually we will potentially run a deficit because we will pay to the insurers whatever is necessary. >> reporter: republicans on the senate budget committee argue that would require a separate appropriation from congress but given the administration's relation with congress, that would be difficult to come by, setting up another legal dispute
3:25 pm
over what the administration can and can't do. immigration authorities have apologized to a cuban native and vietnam veteran for rejecting his naturalization request after discovering he was not a u.s. citizen. he came to the u.s. as a child. he was employed by the bureau of prisons. when he applied for a passport last year, it was found he did not officially register as a citizen. he was naturalized today. six people in iran are under arrest tonight for posting an online video of them dancing to the hit song, happy. the song has sparked similar videos around the world but iran frowns on western culture and women are banned from dancing in public. they aired blurred images of the video and then showed six with their backs to the camera. you know the saying there are only 24 hours in the day. leave it to government to disagree and bill you for it. plus one candidate forgot
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something before voting and critics pounced. what happened next.
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now some fresh picking from the political grapevine. you think you have some long days? a government contractor billed taxpayers more than 100 hours a day for 12 straight days. an inspector general's report says the employee with north republic grum ond racked in
3:30 pm
$177,000 in overpayments and found $91 million in questionable lay costs were paid in a six-year period for a counter-terrorism contract. the contract in command did not verify the employees or payments, instead relying on north republic grum ond to do so. army command has agreed to improve the oversight of contractors and assist in the recovery of funds. former head of the democratic national committee, howard dean, is well known for his fiery rhetoric and one infamous scream. while speaking at a colorado fundraiser this week he held nothing back saying, quote, this is a republican party that has decided he like power so much that they think it's okay to win by taking away the right to vote. they are not american. they could be more comfortable in the ukraine or russia, but stay away from our country. in the same speech he spoke about the need for more inclusion and a lack of tolerance. we have had enough of the
3:31 pm
extreme right wing. we have had enough of the politics of anger. we have had enough of the politics of hate. we have had enough of the politics of division. dean responded to critics, calling his statements intolerant and offensive, tweeting, quote, to be clear, i believe that republicans who think it's okay to take away the right to vote are unamerican and should go elsewhere. republicans obviously don't characterize voter i.d. laws that way. speaking of voter i.d. laws, if you are running for office and support voter i.d. laws, always try to remember to bring your i.d. to the polls. ace sa hutchinson won tuesday's primary for governor but forgot his i.d. when he went to vote. an assistant eventually brought it to him. he said the delay was inconvenient, but he still believes the law is necessary. finally, sending a cover letter to try to find a job, great idea. posting it while at work and publishing it for the world to see, not a good idea. one associated press photo
3:32 pm
editor was adding a caption to a photo and instead of putting the back story to the picture accidently added a part of a cover letter applying for a different job. the editor caught the error and sent out a correction. for the second day in a row, general motors is recalling a large number of its vehicles. doug is here with the latest information and look at the big picture for g.m. >> reporter: the smoke hasn't cleared from yesterday's recall of more than 2.3 million vehicles when g.m. announced another recall today. 218,000 chevy avoes from 2004 and 2008 have a faulty component that could cause a fire. that brings the number of vehicles recalled globally this year to 15.8 million. that's 63% more recalled this year than they sold in all of last year. in the after math of the sha
3:33 pm
lacking they took from congress, federal regulators and lawsuits, the car maker is taking no chances or future accusations of negligence. >> any fix that doesn't get done could be the next crises for them. if they wouldn't normally say it's not worth the time and effort, it's a time when they have to fix everything. >> reporter: this is a arrest emergency that resonated not just through g.m. but the entire auto industry. >> the number of recalls we're seeing right now is extraordinary. the number has been on the rise year after year but you don't see anything like this. every company and not just g.m. is recalling everything. we're seeing dozens day by day. >> reporter: g.m. sales continue to be strong and the auto maker has made strides since the taxpayer bailout. it won the north american car and truck awards last year and is competitive in segments where it lagged in the past. but the recalls may hurt. one financial analysts lowered
3:34 pm
projects, based on the latest recalls. a bridge here in the district has been renamed for the widow of senator robert kennedy. it will be known as the ethel kennedy bridge. the announcement says mrs. kennedy has been dedicated to working with the youth of the district of columbia. the president says he will fix the veterans' care mess but is it too little too late? we're talk to the panelists about it when we come back. when you sat down to dinner with anticipation, not hesitation. when you didn't dread bedtime because of heartburn. when damage to your esophagus caused by acid reflux disease
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i hear allegations of misconduct, any misconduct, whether it's allegations of v.a. staff covering up long wait times or cooking the books, i will not stand for it. not as commander and chief but also not as an american. i know people are angry and want swift reckoning. i sympathize with that, but we have to let the investigators do their job and get to the bottom of what happened. taking care of our veterans and their families has been one of the causes of my presidency. >> president obama today talking to reporters saying he's outraged about the allegations about va and veteran care. there are now 26 facilities
3:39 pm
under investigation for wait times and other problems. the va secretary still has his job. as the president said he's been talking about this broad issue for a long time and even the specific issue about wait times. >> no veteran should have to fill out a 23-page claim to get care or wait months, even years, to get an appointment at the va. we need to be sure folks get the care they need without long waiting lists and long drives. cut those bag logs, slash those wait times and deliver your benefits sooner. we're going to keep at this until we meet our commitment to cut the bag logs, slash the wait times and deliver your benefits sooner. when our veterans have to fight the get the benefits that you have erpd, that's unacceptable. new veterans aren't piled on to the bag log. i will not be satisfied until we
3:40 pm
get this right. to help reduce wait times for veterans seeking healthcare. >> let's bring in our panel, senior writer and syndicated columnist. >> the president did something he usually doesn't do when he's responding to a crises. he usually chooses one of two responses, either this is a has been that's been here forever, i inherited it from george w. bush, or i'm just learning about this now, i've got my best people on it and we're going to solve it. it is the case that the president knew about the wait times for a long time. if you have been at all paying attention to veterans issues even in a cursory fashion for the past decade these have been urgent problems. the fact that he hasn't done anything to address the problems, the fact that the problems persist to this day i think is a failure of
3:41 pm
leadership. for him to try to explain it away by saying i'm not sure if it's a systemic problem, that's nonsense. we know it's a systemic problem. there are gao report after report that gives detail to these problems. >> republicans obviously but veterans groups perhaps more importantly seemed underwhemed today. >> for one thing the white house lied. jay carney looked at the american people in the eye and said the american legion supports what we've done so far. we're okay with saying a guy who is retiring has been fired. the american legion knows better and we know better than that. like steve was saying, the problem is that the va has been a mess for a long time. the president has known the va has been a mess for a long time and hasn't done anything to get it fixed. it's gotten worse recently for at least the last two years. we've known we have had these problems and nothing has been done and he comes out today and
3:42 pm
gives the kind of response steve was talking about. the political response to this thing has been both dishonest and way too week. i think this may be one of the lowest points of his presidency. >> charles? >> it's because you can't run away from this. on the other scandals, the democrats would sit it out or pretend that there wasn't a scandal, call it a witch hunt, call it partisan, and the press would join with the democrats and that would be it. here the democrats have been screaming very loudly, loud complaints from many democrats, some on the floor of the congress, and that being the case, there's nowhere to hide on this. steve is right, the president says i just learned about this on television, i've been working on it for six years. >> here's why democrats are upset. like the healthcare fiasco of last year, this reminds the american public of why they don't trust the government. if you want to be the party of an effective government, you can't be not taking care of the veterans after years of saying
3:43 pm
you would. >> that's precisely the paradox. when you think of how this man was elected, yes, we can, apart from the narcissism of it was, yes, the government can do great things, revolutionize healthcare, create a green energy economy, do all of this efficiently. he can't even run a decades old, normal, absolutely mundane healthcare system that are run everywhere in the world between here and togo. so the idea that this is government that's going to do great new things, universal preschool and all of these promises is totally dissolved. >> when you hear people say there's blame to go around here, people on capitol hill knew this for a long time, where were the flares going up from capitol hill on this issue? >> capitol hill does not run the system. the administration runs the system. >> they fund it. >> they fund it but they don't -- they've been throwing
3:44 pm
money at this for decades. it's not an issue of money. it's accountability and it's leadership. look, if you want to say sha shinseki didn't know about this and he shouldn't resign, that's fine. but we just saw on tape the president saying year after year it is a systemic problem. if it weren't, you wouldn't have the president of the united states talking about it. if it was episodic or local, it would be a regional issue. when the president speaks about it it's systemic. if it's systemic, the president speaks about it and nothing happens, then the man who is supposed to make things happen has to resign. >> this is about specifics. this is about wait times. there was the request by the washington times that had the briefing of the obama biden transition team about this specific issue, wait times, and how they were not standing by the system because they said they're probably not right, what's in there. >> that's right. look, everybody knows, there have been reports for years about this, giving great detail about the nature of the problems.
3:45 pm
i think part of the problem is a kals fewed bureaucracy at the va itself. i don't think it's fair to say that people on capitol hill, particularly republicans in this instance haven't had their hair on fire by this. can you imagine the reaction if republicans withheld funding at the va because they didn't like the way that the obama administration was handling this? >> there was a republican president not that long ago who didn't do anything. this is a silent -- >> i agree with that. that's different than saying that people on capitol hill. >> there's one president now who has known about it. there's a guy who's supposed to be in charge of the va who hasn't gotten the job done. the president should have fired him today. >> eric said this was one party. >> i didn't say one party. i said people on capitol hill have been raising this issue for a long time trying to get things done. the ranking republican senator
3:46 pm
on the veterans' affairs committee sat down with eric shinseki not long ago to have a discussion about the va budget and shinseki was briefing bur about it budget and he didn't seem interested. finally she kninseki stops and i'm still waiting for the answers that you were supposed to provide from last year's discussion. they didn't even answer the questions of the ranking republican on the estimate veterans affairs committee. that's a disgrace. >> cnn is vague that the whistleblowers inside of the va have asked shinseki to give them cover so they can tell the truth and they haven't heard back. >> the person put on leave in that arizona va was given a bonus. >> why did the president today
3:47 pm
give cover to whistleblowers saying anybody who has information i want to hear about it and we'll protect your jobs. >> this is an old problem that predates the administration. statute of limitations on saying, hey, i just got here is 18 months. this is year six. >> we can open o say this is a problem that both parties need to figure out and quit using veterans as campaign toke tokens. >> this is definitely getting a lot of attention right now. democrats say they will participate in the benghazi select committee. when folks think about what they get from alaska,
3:48 pm
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3:51 pm
important for the american people to have a pursuit of these questions done in a fair and open and balanced way as possible. that simply would not be possible leaving it to the republicans. >> i believe we need someone in that room to simply defend the truth. defend the truth. >> democrats have now officially joined the select committee on benghazi. take a look at the five democrats appointed by the minority leader nancy pelosi. there you see them elijah cummings, tammy duckworth, adam schiff and sanchez. they now add to the full committee. 12 members total and the benghazi committee will get underway. what about this? what what do we make about the politics, the policy, ron? >> i still that -- i think that we probably know everything there is to know that's relevant about benghazi, which is that poor security, poor planning led to the death of four
3:52 pm
americans and a blemish on both secretary clinton and president obama's record. secondly, that republicans have to be careful of not overreaching by getting bogged down in conspiracy theories that don't bear out or retread information that we have already gone over. third, democrats have to worry about looking like they are covering something up or actually covering something up, which is why i just didn't understand why there was even talk that they might not take part in this committee. they had to do this and they have got to do this right or they are going to look like they're hiding something. >> steve? >> well, i don't agree with ron, as you might suspect, that we know everything that there is to know about this. i think there is a lot that we don't flow. many open-ended questions despite the fact that we have had committees looking at this. part of the reason for that is that the white house has very clearly refused to provide the kind of information that congress has sought in its oversight capacity again and again and again. hopefully this committee will see this. i think the fact that democrats are joining is good for the process. despite the fact that democrats came out in their
3:53 pm
press conference today said in effect, look, this is a partisan enterprise. we are entering this as partisans. we are there basically to defend the president and defend hillary clinton. they announced that sort of unprecedented but i think it's good for the process it legitimizes the process number one and number two it this will ensure that it will probably get coverage that it wouldn't have gotten had the democrats not participated. >> definitely true. that's the consensus in washington. >> yeah. i think it would not have gotten a lot of coverage. i don't think it will anyway in the beginning. the mainstream media are are going to want to ignore it in the end when new stuff comes out you cannot ignore it we saw that happen with the rhodes memo. it was concealed. there was a year late finally is released by court order and everybody says wait a minute, this contradicts the central story of the administration that the fable that they spun on the five shows, susan rice spun on the five shows came entirely from the cia. it's clear there was pressure from the white
3:54 pm
house. the political side of the white house to spin this tale. to me what's important is are there other memos like that out there? i am sure there are because the fact that the administration was hiding all this implies interest is other stuff. it's the facts that will dictate the coverage. >> ron, let's just take the after politics and talk about and characterizing the attack off the table but the four preparation for the security. the administration always points back to the accountability review board. the arb. why do you think hillary clinton and under secretary pat kennedy, neither of them were interviewed for that report that now is the holy grail of defense for the administration? >> well, there is one of two explanations. they forgot. i don't buy that so it had to be that they didn't want to be interviewed and they were worried about the political fallout here. it's going to be harder to it -- i think you are exactly right. the mainstream media is not
3:55 pm
going to ignore this now. because, say what you want about the mainstream media we don't like to be lied to and have stuff hidden from us. it's a new game now baby. >> the other thing with the arb, they provided information to hillary clinton and her staff in advance of release of the report and the leaders of the arb tipped off cheryl mills, her chief of staff about a bad witness. >> well, there is more to talk about here. that's it for this panel though. stay tuned, we need some good news. we really do. we will bring it to you here.
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finally tonight some good news. a columbia university student got something more exciting than a diploma on her graduation day her father flew all the way from afghanistan to surprise his daughter ruby. >> got with my general and a he got me out as fast as possible and, you know, god is good in so many ways. just like every stop along the way they are like you can leaf in 15 minutes? i was like oh yeah, oh yeah. can i leave in 15 minutes. she didn't know i was going. she is going to be very surprised when i see her. >> congratulations young lady. [ applause ] >> i am so proud of you. [cheers and applause] i love you so much. >> we need that every night.
4:00 pm
thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. and "special report" online begins in five seconds. out-of-control. washington's new victim, our heroes. our veterans. this is "on the record": dying. >> can't trust them. there are millions of vets out there that are afraid to go. >> i don't want to die because of some waiting list like other men have. >> and the v.a. exposed. how does this happen and doesn't anyone care? >> nobody cares more about our veterans than shinseki. >> "on the record" investigates. also 50 days for an american held for making a wrong turn. >> unfamiliar with the area, it's really easy to make the wrong turn. >> what's it like inside those prison