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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 22, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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obama did not go far enough when he finally broke his silence about the shocking allegations of neglect and mismanagement at veterans hospitals all across our country. he vowed to take action yesterday. but what did he do today? he made comments about tourism before heading off to the baseball hall of fame. >> i explained to them, go back to your countries and say, anytime you come visit the united states, the president greets you personally. >> dana milbank blasting the president's reaction to the v.a. scandal writing, this would be a good time for obama to knock heads and to get in front of the story. but frustratingly he's playing president passes, insisting on waiting for the v.a.'s inspector general to complete yet another investigation. wendell goler is on top of the story for us. >> passive is a tough moniker
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from a writer who often supports the president. but mr. obama can't put everything else on hold to deal with a problem that's been around for decades. the problem they're talking about is the long wait times for veterans' medical care, not the allegations that v.a. officials are actually cooking the books to hide the wait times. house veterans affairs committee chair jeff miller of florida postponed a hearing today when three senior v.a. managers failed to show up. he doesn't think the administration is treating the matter urgently enough. >> late last night, i got a response back saying that they were not able to have the witnesses here in a 15-hour time limit. now, i get it. 15 hours is pretty quick, but i don't think i need to remind members of this committee that this is life or death, all right? >> now a couple of democrats joining a much larger of republicans demanding shinseki be held accountable for a problem that arguably predates
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the obama administration. georgia congressman david scott is one who doesn't think the president is treating this urgently enough. >> i was very disappointed with president obama today. there was no urgency. mr. president, we need urgency. we need you to roll up ore sleeves and get into these hospitals. >> still a number of republicans, including house speaker, john boehner, are not calling for shinseki's head. they said that won't necessarily fix the problem. >> i've not called for general shinseki to resign, although i have to admit, i'm getting a little closer. but here's the point. this isn't about one person. this isn't about the secretary. it's about the entire system underneath him. >> late yesterday, the house overwhelmingly passed a bill to make it easier to fire v.a. managers for poor performance. but the white house is reluctant to endorse it. critics say it might make it more difficult to recruit good managers.
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>> wendell goler live at the white house, thank you. is anybody talking about solutions? can the system be fixed or is it inherently broken? joining me now, retired lieutenant colonel oliver north, fox news military analyst. great to see you, colonel north. here's the big question today. would you feel comfortable in trusting your own personal health to the v.a.? >> well, i did. in fact, had it not been for the fox medical plan, i might be dead right now. when i was diagnosed with cancer caused by agent orange and the v.a. recognizes that, the v.a. told me to come back in about six months. my wife thoughtfully said, let's get another opinion. a biopsy was done and urgency was given to the treatment of the cancer. and i'm alive today to tell you if i didn't have the fox medical plan, i might not be here. the reality of life as presented by wendell goler and even the speaker who seems to be very
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cozy with this administration has to acknowledge the problem is much bigger than simply the phoenix v.a. since we first raised this about a month ago on fox news, i have received thousands of e-mails, some of them from doctors and nurses and medical technicians in the v.a., from patient veteran victims of the v.a. there's not a veteran i know who wants to be treated as a victim. they're being made into victims, not by serving our country, but by the service they're not getting from the v.a. and it can be fixed. >> so you have written this amazing op-ed, i recommend everyone go to read what you have written. here's what you say in part. you're talking about the president. "mr. obama appears detached, disinterested, disengaged and by now increasingly disingenuous" what should he have done? >> he should have called in the fbi to start looking at criminal behavior and the cover-up. he could with the stroke of a
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pen -- he's done all kinds of things by executive order. he could by executive order tomorrow make it necessary that the v.a. hire only veterans to work in the veterans administration. people don't realize it but less than a third of the people working in the v.a. are actually veterans. >> why do you recommend that? >> well, because we care for each other. we look after each other. we have a lifetime of experience doing it for each other. we did it on the battlefields and we'll do it for each other in the veterans administration. and every veteran could be given a card that says, you go to any civilian hospital in america to get to treatment for your service-connected disability and we will treat you and the v.a. will pay for it. those kinds of things need to be done. >> you're talking about solutions, colonel. that's what i'm trying to get at today. do you believe this administration wants to hear solutions like yours? >> apparently not. it's not the first time any of those have been raised as solutions.
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there was a time when my brothers and i were growing up and my sister, when every postman we knew was a veteran. why is it that we have a third of our people working in the v.a. who are actually veterans? and it's many of them that have contacted me saying, we're looking for whistle-blower status so we can point out the problems in as many as 25 other hospitals and medical facilities for veterans. >> this problem is far from going away. and we are glad to have your thoughts on it. i hope somebody is listening to you, colonel. thank you. >> thank you, gretchen. aside from health care, could there be a new crisis now for some of our nation's vets? we are learning here at "the real story" about the link between president obama's executive order to raise minimum wage for federal workers and vets now sent packing in some of our nation's nursing homes. what's the link? we'll have much more on this story in an exclusive interview later on in the show. now to benghazi. with house speaker john boehner and minority leader nancy pelosi both commenting on the select committee a short time ago,
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speaker boehner saying he's not expecting much from the committee anytime soon. leader pelosi accusing republicans of playing politics. >> both democrats and republicans have to hire staff. the committee's required to turn over their committee records to the select committee. they're going to have to have time to go through all of those documents. >> eight reviews, 25,000 documents, millions of taxpayer dollars later, it's hard to see what the purpose is of dragging this on. >> much more to come on this with our political panel just minutes away. new developments in the case against boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the bombs used in the deadly attacks were called relatively sophisticated, indicating that dzhokhar and his brother may have had outside help. prosecutors are also challenging a defense motion to throw out
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statements that tsarnaev made while he was in the hospital. molly line picks up the story live from boston. what does this new paperwork reveal for us? >> well, as defense attorneys fight to get the statements tossed out, the filing reveals that prosecutors believe investigators had every right to ask the questions of the accused terrorist. the government argues they had the right to question tsarnaev as he lay in a hospital bed recovering from his injuries, including gunshot wounds to protect the public from harm, alleging that tsarnaev committed one of the most sophisticated and successful terrorist attacks on american soil since september 11th. prosecutors argue the circumstances gave law enforcement strong reason to believe the public was at risk from additional bombs, bombers or bomb plots. the government writes that the marathon bombs. >> reporter: constructed using improvised fuses made from christmas lights and improvised remote control detonator fashioned from model car parts.
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these relatively sophisticated devices would have been difficult for the tsarnaevs to fabricate successfully without training. >> and something the government did not find is also raising flags, right? >> exactly. it comes back the black powder. the government argues black powder is very, very fine. and when they went to search various areas, for instance, the home, the cars of the tsarnaev brothers, of dzhokhar and tamerlan zavr, they didn't find the powder. that suggests to others had helped to build the bombs. and tsarnaev scrawled a note on the boat he had been hiding in. and investigators believe that that writing, the content of it showed that there could be a possible involvement of a terrorist group. that the writing, quote, bears hallmarks of al qaeda-inspired rhetoric. >> very interesting developments. molly, thank you. we're tracking rough weather
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in several areas across the country right now. colorado expecting another day of severe storms after heavy rain, baseball-sized hail and at least six tornadoes ripped through that state on wednesday afternoon. in ohio, heavy rains triggering flash flooding in many areas, shutting down parts of two interstates, trapping people in their cars and flooding homes. all the way out in alaska, high winds driving a massive wildfire that's already torched at least 40,000 acres. more than 200 firefighters battling that blaze. so far, no property appears to be in danger. and here in new york city, with the hurricane season a few months away, our jonathan hunt joins us live from coney island with more on that. we've had a few hurricanes in the last few years in the northeast. what are they saying for the future? >> the news is not too bad for residents and businesses, gretchen, right along the eastern seaboard and of course
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the gulf coast. officials at the national oceanic and atmospheric administration just completed their news conference. they say it will be a normal to just below normal hurricane season. they're predicting something like three to six hurricanes and that only one of two of those will become major storms, defined as category 3 or above. but, remember, you only need to look back at 1992. there was one major storm then, a little one by the name of hurricane andrew down in florida. we all remember, of course, all too well just how much damage that did. and officials say it only takes one big storm. listen here. >> no percentage number, no probability number high or low erases the fact that the real message is, we're starting into hurricane season, any section of our coastline can be hit by a severe tropical storm. and one storm, whatever the probabilities are, one storm can wreak tremendous havoc. >> now, the national weather
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service is also rolling out storm surge prediction maps for the first time this year. obviously we saw in the wake of sandy here in the northeast at the back end of the 2012 hurricane season the damage that flooding can do. we also, of course, all remember the deaths and damage caused by flooding in katrina in 2005. so the national weather service officials hope that by rolling out these maps, they will help residents and businesses prepare and perhaps minimize the effects of those terrible storm surges we have seen so often. >> sounds very helpful. jonathan hunt, thank you. it's a story that sparked outrage. an obamacare paperwork prosser who said she was paid for essentially sitting around and doing nothing. >> our supervisor, can't speak for the other ones, but ours said if we processed one or two of these applications a month, then we've done our job. >> well, it's about to get
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worse. now some are getting ready to collect major overtime. your taxpayer dollars this holiday weekend, even though there's barely a thing to be done. plus, she's a top exec at the phoenix v.a. hospital at the center of the v.a. scandal and just last month she got a bonus check of nearly $10,000. so what's happening to that money now? plus, the new panel investigating the benghazi terror attacks, an about-face. >> it's a kangaroo court identified as such. we n very proud of our entire committee. >> why nancy pelosi changing her tune now and what it means to try and finally get all the answers. our political panel will give us some real talk on that when we come back. [ female announcer ] there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. at humana, we believe if healthcare changes, if it becomes simpler...
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i think it's a colossal waste of time. we've had four bipartisan investigations of this already. >> despite all the hearings, all the information that's been provided, some choose not to be satisfied. >> our focus is clearly among those who say, don't have anything to do with it. it's a kangaroo court. >> every one of the conspiracy si theories the republicans have put forward have been undone and have not been proven.
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i'm not sure why anybody would believe that this is -- that this committee and this investigation would produce a different result. >> that was democrats and the white house speaking out against the special select committee formed to investigate benghazi over the last several weeks, remember, initially many were dead set against any dems joining. now, house minority leader nancy pelosi who warned it would be nothing more than a political witch hunt and a kangaroo court appointing five dems to the committee, saying it will keep republicans in check. tony sayegh is a fox news contributor. bernard whitman is a former pollster for president bill clinton and both are my guests today. bernard, amazing change of face here. how can you go from a kangaroo court and republican conspiracies to five people sitting at the panel? >> i don't think it's that amazing at all. i said last week that i thought
11:19 am
the democrats should join. i actually don't really believe the investigation is necessary. but the investigation is going to happen and to the extent that there can be new information that can be looked at, that can be examined, the investigation can be focused, it can be bipartisan and not turn into a political witch hunt, then i think the democrats should join. ultimately i think the caucus decided and the leader decided that it's better to be inside the tent than outside the tent to try to keep things on track. i'm hopeful that gowdy will be able to do that. but i'm suspicious. >> well, suspicious -- tony, i'm listening to bernard and thinking, i believe that the administration and democrats have been successful in calling it a conspiracy because we really haven't gotten to all of the answers. so why would they join this panel, in your mind? >> well, it was silly to float out the idea that they wouldn't be part of the process. if it's going to happen, at least be collaborating and getting the facts out. that's been the essential problem.
11:20 am
the white house has obstructed this investigation whether or not we've had one or four, the entire time. they've withheld documents and sent documents that have been heavily redacted. in one document, every other word was redacted. it wasn't until the rhodes e-mail came out in the foia did we recognize the severity to the west wing. and boehner properly played it -- >> he wanted to see hard evidence and that's when this all happened. we'll have to see how fast it moves now. in the meantime, does the president have a p.r. problem, bernard? yesterday he came out and addressed the v.a. scandal. today he's visiting the baseball hall of fame. is that -- are the optics incorrect when we have vets dyi dying? >> it's a serious problem of mismanagement and lack of funding at the v.a. i think the president has to serve multiple audiences, and do a lot of stuff at the same time.
11:21 am
i credit him with being very clear in the press conference yesterday saying he's going to hold people accountable. i think he recognized -- >> a lot of people are saying, about time. for 26 days he was silent on the whole thing. optics, p.r. today, tony, good or bad? >> leadership failure, bad optics, fine. but the leadership failure is the problem. and the fact that we are here at groundhog day again, another scandal or a controversy within this administration, the president comes out and promises to get to the bottom of it and goes about his merry way. the one thing he did wrong with shinseki is he said he had confidence in him. he said he wasn't going to fire him. that's the one person you could really hold accountable for the fact that we have 40 servants who have been -- >> so far. >> and died as a result. >> and the numbers are growing. guys, i have to wrap it there. thank you. we told you about obamacare contractors paid to do nothing. now we're told they're being
11:22 am
paid to work overtime on the upcoming holiday weekend. and a new study calculates how much time conflict shaves off your life span. that's our question of the day. are you someone who fights or flees conflict? tweet me, @gretchencarlson. #therealstory. we're right back.
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sharon helman, the phoenix systems director, received an incentive payment of more than $9,000. v.a. secretary eric shinseki now saying the money was issued due to an administrative error. and she has to pay it back. no comment so far from helman. meantime, an obamacare
11:26 am
contract worth more than $1 billion showing signs of a massive taxpayer rip-off. we've been telling you about obamacare workers who are getting paid using your taxpayer dollars to sit around and basically do nothing. now some are being asked to work overtime coming up this holiday weekend, even though there's little or no work to be done. chris broke the story about an obamacare processing office in missouri and he joins me live from st. louis. chris, what happens when these people show up for work every morning? what do they do? >> that's a great question. it's like an onion, a lot of layers. every day we peel back another layer. we're hearing the same story between the workers here in missouri, oklahoma, kentucky, arkansas. all of them show up to work every day and tell us they're bored because there's little or no work to do. so let's hear from one of those workers here in suburban st. louis, out at this facility just west of st. louis on what that worker's day is like when she arrives at the office.
11:27 am
>> you arrive at 6:30 in the morning. you badge in. you go straight to your cubicle. you clock in and you sit there and you wait and you wait and you wait and you wait. nothing comes through. >> her name is lavon. she's a former employee. she was hired to process paper applications for the affordable care act. she says in the month of december, she only processed six applications the entire month. she says there's weeks that would go by where nobody would process any applications. this is part of the daily routine. so quite a bit of nothing going out there. >> especially when we're talking about billions of dollars, taxpayer money. so what do they -- scared to ask this. but what do they do all day if there's no work to be done? >> we've heard a variety of answers on that. some employees sit in front of their computer screens, they're told to hit the refresh key every ten minutes hoping there are new applications in what
11:28 am
they call the queue. some say there are 5,000 applications there but they can't access any of the applications. so they sit around there bored. listen to this. this is what these employees say they were doing in training rooms while they were getting paid with tax dollars. >> we played pictionary on a dry erase board. we played 20 words, we had to guess -- i'm this thing. you get 20 questions is what it's called. we had to create games basically for ourselves. they're like, okay, what is it that you can do or that you did in 1989? >> now, when all of these startling claims surfaced, we asked for a copy of the contract with serco. we wanted to know how much was reimbursed.
11:29 am
more important than processing applications, these employees say attendance is number one. they have to be there every day to be counted because they say that's how serco gets reimbursed. they get paid even if there's nothing for these employees to do. as you heard from lavon and other employees, by the way, at the arkansas facility, also say the same thing. they were playing games to pass the day. a lot still to come on this. >> i'm picking my jaw up from the ground. outrageous, outrageous and excellent reporting. thank you so much for bringing the story to our attention. >> thanks, gretchen. >> let me know what you think about that one. remember when the president said he would take matters into his own hands with his phone and a pen? he signed that executive order raising the minimum wage for federal workers. some vets may be getting the boot now from their nursing home because of that. an exclusive coming up next. and a veteran left blind because of a botched surgery at a v.a. hospital.
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and you won't believe what his doctor told him. and a top secret satellite blasts off. who's behind that launch? that story coming up next as well. oh! the name your price tool! you tell them how much you want to pay, and they help you find a policy that fits your budget. i told you to wear something comfortable! this is a polyester blend! whoa! uh...little help? i got you! unh! it's so beautiful! man: should we call security? no, this is just getting good. the name your price tool, still only from progressive.
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without negotiation. thank you! happy memorial day weekend! now for a quick check of the headlines. the house passing a bill to end the nsa's collection of
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americans' phone data. however, phone companies will still hold onto your personal information for 18 months. islamic militants boko haram killing nearly 50 people in an attack on a village in nigeria, as the u.s. sends in dozens of military personnel to help in the search for nearly 300 missing schoolgirls kidnapped by that group. and the airport launching a top secret satellite from cape canaveral. officials calling the launch a success. but the mission is classified. hearing from house leaders on both sides of the aisle now after minority leader nancy pelosi reluctantly appointed a full complement of five democrats to the house select committee investigating the benghazi terror attack. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel is on the hill. their leader sounds not to psyched about this. >> that's right, gretchen. nancy pelosi calls the benghazi select committee unnecessary and
11:35 am
says they should not put the american people through it. but about the five members that she named to that benghazi select committee, pelosi told reporters she thought it was necessary to have some watchdogs in the room. here's more from pelosi a short time ago. >> we want fairness and balance in how it is done. and that's why i'm so proud that our very distinguished group of members accepted my request for them to serve. the committee is unnecessary. it brings a heavy opportunity of cost. it's an opportunity, the cost of time when we should be doing other things, meeting the needs of the american people. >> even though the chairman and the top democrat only met today for the very first time, pelosi seems to be in a rush to try and get this done. gretchen? >> so what did john boehner, speaker of the house, have to say about all this? >> we just caught up with trey gowdy, the chairman of the select committee. and he talked about the need to hire up to 40 staffers dealing with security clearances and
11:36 am
obviously very, very sensitive material. so house speaker john boehner does not sound like he's about to rush gowdy or the select committee's members. >> the committee's required to turn over their documents to the select committee. they have to have time to go through all those documents. they're going to have to decide what do we know, what don't we know, and figure out how to go get it. so it's going to be a while, i think, before we see a whole lot here. >> i mentioned gowdy and cummings, the chairman of the ranking member met today face to face formally for the first time. afterward, gowdy told us they're going to have their disagreements but downplayed the idea of this being a made-for-tv drama between the top republicans and the top democrats. >> we'll have to see what happens. mike, thank you so much. president obama pushing a hike in the minimum wage, even taking matters into his own
11:37 am
hands by signing an executive order boosting the pay for new federal contract workers. but now that's sparking a new crisis for some of our veterans. they're going to get kicked out of a nursing home, at least one right now in louisiana, because the owner can't afford to raise the wages of federal workers. so he's not going to renew the v.a. contract. joining me now, president of the louisiana nursing home association or l.n.h.a. thank you for being here today, joe. >> thank you for having me. >> explain to our viewers what the next crisis for veterans may be with regard to nursing homes in louisiana. >> our top priority is to provide quality care to veterans in our nursing facilities. we can't do that if our costs exceed our revenues. labor costs are one of the highest costs for any nursing
11:38 am
facility in the country. at minimum wage of $10.10 an hour, it far exceeds what our reimbursement is from the state and federal government. our medicaid rate leaves our nursing facilities in the bottom tier of payment for all nurse homes in the country. we have thin margins. if we had to pay additional minimum wage costs, obviously our costs would exceed our revenues and we wouldn't be in business very long. again, i want to emphasize that our top priority is caring for these individuals. if there's any way that we can get them on medicaid or some other payment source other than a v. appa. contract, we would b happy to do that. >> because president obama has increased the minimum wage for new contracts for federal workers, those workers fall under that mandate in many of these nursing homes where you have v.a. contracts, obviously, it's a federal situation. so what you're telling me is that you can't afford that.
11:39 am
so now these veterans will not be able to stay at these centers. where are they going to go? >> you know, what's oxymoronic about this situation is nursing homes that sign v.a. contracts have to increase mair minimthei wage if they want to continue to have that contract. we have nursing homes and they're not required to meet this new federal minimum wage. certainly if there are openings in those v.a. facilities, we'd be happy to transfer them there. if they want to receive home health care and are capable of getting that care through the contract -- >> but people at home are saying, are you kidding me? first of all, we've been talking for weeks about the v.a. medical center scandal where as many as 40 veterans have died. now we're talking about the fact that because of increasing minimum wage that maybe an
11:40 am
inconsequential reaction is that veterans have a second crisis on their hands, that they're not going to be able to stay in these nursing homes. and i know that you believe that this could just be the tip of the iceberg. how could this become a new national problem? >> well, this is in louisiana right now. but eventually it's going to affect every nursing home in the country that has a v.a. contract. if their costs are as high as our costs and then have to pay an additional wage that is much higher than a state minimum wage or the typical minimum wage of $7.25 right now, they're going to have the same problem we have in louisiana and they have to make adjustments. >> this is a story i don't think anyone else is talking about right now. they may be after this. and i know you've gone to your congressman for help. but so far have not received any answers. joe, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention on "the real story." thanks much. now to another veterans horror story. it dates back to 2001.
11:41 am
when lee leaven had science surgery at a v.a. center in california, after he was sent home, he started bleeding and it didn't stop. and when he returned to the hospital, he says he was told the operation was botched, that the surgeon punctured the optic nerve in his right eye. so now he's blind. and the surgeon's reaction, quote, accidents happen. time to check in with shepard smith reporting live. >> much more on the woman who says her husband here was actually her kidnapper. she's explaining now why she waited ten years to call the cops even though she had her own car and could leave her own home. we're also hearing from neighbors in the apartment complex who say they really just cannot believe it. they say they knew the couple for years and the husband, quote, treated her like a queen. we'll tell you why cops say this guy had his victim brainwashed. kidnapped for ten years, forced into a marriage and what the
11:42 am
woman says is the one blessing to come out of all this nightmare. that's ahead at the top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting." see you then. >> thank you, shep. the 9/11 museum finally opens up commemorating those who died on that terrible day. so why the controversy? after 13 years, do we need to allow those who lost so much to commemorate however they want? geraldo rivera says folks need to move on. and he joins me next. and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. and this kid takes it to a whole new level. ♪ more on that talent show that closed down the house and brought them to their feet, when we come back.
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>> hi, gretchen. >> where do you fall on this? we heard both sides. >> here's today's headline in the "new york daily news." did you enjoy having drinks on top of my brother's grave last night." there was a cocktail party for the donors who put up $700 million to build the memorial and museum. this is very mean-spirited. this is the kind of thing you'd say about al qaeda. to be this bitter, this angry at people who have made it possible for those to get in without having to pay the 24 hx admission. it's open to families of survivors, it really is time to put this behind us, to rally around the magnificent job they've done downtown. what we do when we continue this discord, when we continue this division and this debate, aside from the fact that that's why it took over 12 years to build -- to rebuild the world trade center, to continue to do that, we tell our enemies that the
11:48 am
wound they inflicted on us on 9/11 2001 is still bleeding. we have to show them we're reborn, that the downtown is rebuilt, that we're renaissance. >> that's a great take on it. the other thing people are having a problem with down there is this shop that's right next to the museum where you can buy memorabilia. some people say they're offended because it shows the towers as they originally were. you say what? >> i don't buy that. first of all, you need income to keep these wonderful facilities going. nothing is for free in this world. when you go to the holocaust museum in washington, d.c., when you go to the death camps in europe, there are always gift shops. there are gift shops outside a museum in israel. there is nothing wrong with it. and here's the point. we are rebuilding this tower in a very busy part of a congested city.
11:49 am
they say we're building it on the bones of the dead. what about london after the blitz? what about hiroshima and nagasaki in japan and the atomic bombs that went off there? what about the rebuilding of berlin? that's the way it is in city life. i urge conciliation, healing, celebrate the joy of seeing the tower raised. >> the only difference would be the holocaust museum is not technically on the grounds of where that atrocity happened. you're always going to have a differing point of view. but i do see what you're saying as far as -- you're trying to to be optimistic about moving forward. >> right. it's a renaissance. we raise like the "phoenix." we're soaring again. it's a wonderful, wonderful facility. they've done a great job. the people who donated should be celebrated and congratulated for their generosity, not criticized. >> i can hardly wait to go to the museum. looks amazing. it's one of the most profitable movie franchises of all time. but it could end up at one of the lawsurgest lawsuits in hist.
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someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. >> the makers of "fast & furious" 7 could file a record-breaking insurance claim topping other million. who will pick up the tab? what do you know, trace? >> i know that firemen's fund is the one they're saying could pick up at the tab. a deal is paul walker had a number of his scenes in the can. so instead of scrapping the project, universal decides to go forward using compute ore generation to recreate paul
11:54 am
walker's face for some scenes and then they will use two of his brothers to fill in the rest. , one for his eyes and the other for his body and mannerisms. codesy -- cody niller -- codesy miller spoke to us. >> won't be a few years before it sinks in the won't be walking in the door, let's go do something crazy. like, he always did. >> they look alike. the film did have a 2-million budget but with months of delays the budget is 2 other million, and universal got insurance by fireman's fund, and now the studio is reportedly asking the insurance company to pick up in the extra other -- 50 million bucks. this would be the most expensive
11:55 am
claim in history. when robert downey, jr. broke his leg when he was filming ironman three, delayed for three weeks, that had an insurance claim of 15-20-dollar, and the "fast & furious" franchise is not over. they think there will be a lot more to come. >> it's fascinating story. i can't believe how much his brother looks like him and can do the fillin for the body or the eyes. thank you, trace. >> okay. >> looks a scene from a movie. a baby about to fall from a second story window when a hero swoops in. the story behind the unbelievable foodage. here it is again.
11:56 am
11:57 am
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11:59 am
amazing footage from south china with this man springing into action after he seize one-year-old baby climb out on to a second story window. some neighbors there also lending a hand. cardboard boxes, hope to break the baby's fall, and look at that. no need for any of that stuff. check out this guy's hand cans-eye coordination. he says it was all instinct. how do you respond to conflict? a study says people who often experience it were two to three more times to die a decade after the survey. that's our question of the day. do you fight oar flee conflict? aaron says, depends on the conflict. a tweet from mike, i'm peace-loving and i try to get peaceful means to get out of trouble. >> stu. it's best to be alone than in
12:00 pm
bad company, and chris says, i'm a fleer. too stressful and usually wastes of time. thank you for writing today and thank you for being part of a big news day on "the real story." sheppard -- i'm going to say shep and he has the fox news deck live. >> the house of representatives now passed a bill to stand the national security agency from collecting our phone records. but phone companies will still hold on to them. and critics say this bill does not do enough. an american caught in the middle of a military coup in tie tau thighland ex-who do you think is the richest actor on the


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