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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 22, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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we're so we're posting the top of our show with our memo and our interview with chairman miller as well as mark on our facebook page. thanks for watching. this is "the kelly file." this is a fox news alert. tonight you'll hear from a former pentagon spokesman who says he has proof that men at guantanamo bay are receiving better treatment than people at the va. the va scandal is not just limited to neglect at a phoenix hospital. there's allegations of drug
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dealing and theft and patient abuse. here to explain exactly what he is witnessing is a detective. detective, thank you for joining us tonight. thank you for being here. you still work at the va. is that right? >> yes, sir. that's correct. >> let's start with this. what are you seeing? what's going on? you talk about drug dealing. explain please. >> drug dealing is pretty much a regular occurrence there. >> how? >> it's very easy actually. the patients come out front. there's a smoking area. they bring their prescription drugs or any type of other drugs. they all hang out in one large group and they start asking each other if they're interested in buying the prescriptions that they just filled at the pharmacy there. >> detective, you're watching this. what do you do when this is going on? >> it's very difficult to actually say that you know for a fact that this is occurring.
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i've had veterans that have come up to me and said, hey, listen somebody asked me if they could buy their medication from them and it's been -- it's been very difficult because i'll approach an individual and say, it's been reported you're selling your prescription. you're trying to buy prescription drugs. and unless i've got some type of evidence to support that, it's not like i can say, let's file charges against this individual at the u.s. attorney's office. i have to have some solid evidence. >> let's say you have some solid evidence. have you talked to any supervisors? have you told the hospital administrators this is going on, and if so, what have they said? >> i have actually prepared a written plan, if you will, pertaining to an undercover operation so we can try to at least identify who our targets
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are for the drug sales. and i presented that in an e-mail and i'm still waiting on a response. i submitted it about two years ago. >> as this va scandal starts to unwind, more and more whistle blowers are coming forward. what else are you seeing? you've said you've seen patients stealing drugs from cabinets. >> i haven't seen a patient stealing drugs from cabinets. a couple years ago, i used to investigate daily a controlled substance discrepancies that have occurred within the miami va, their pharmacies. they put a stop to that two years ago as well. >> you mentioned theft of some property as well at some va hospitals. what do you know about that?
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>> i'm the primary investigator for the miami va health care system. it's three large counties in south florida. we have an accountability process with the medical center. any time that some of our equipment or some of the equipment within the medical center goes missing, it has to be reported to the police. i can say that i've done millions of dollars of investigations in a year's period. i mean, i've gone to a patient's home and recovered a piece of property that was around 45 to $50,000. it was left there after the patient moved. it was determined this property still belonged to the miami va. >> tell us exactly why you're coming forward now. >> because i've tried to many times to reach out to individuals and all i've done is basically talked to the wall. i haven't gotten anywhere with
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it. after this -- >> go ahead. >> after mr. cutter had expired on the fifth floor of the miami va, i brought up the fact that this is not being investigated properly. the police weren't notified immediately. there are so many different things that have occurred that are just an absolute disgrace. i know mr. cutter's mom, for example -- she was told they believed he died choking on a sandwich. that's absurd. everybody knew he was utilizing illegal narcotics. >> we need to point out to the audience mr. cutter you're talking about was a patient that you felt was using illegal drugs. he was also may be dealing drugs as well, right? >> i was informed that he was bringing them onto the va
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grounds. i can't tell you if it was just for personal use or if it was intending to be sold. it was for personal use. i just don't know if he was selling them to other people. >> thank you very much. my next guest, jd gordan has traveled guantanamo bay more than 30 times. he joins me now to explain. tell us a little bit about what you saw at gitmo and what you think is going on with our veterans. >> at guantanamo, there's about 150 detainees there right now. they have a medical unit. that was the same when i was a pentagon spokesman from 2005 to
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2009. i went over 30 times. the detainee population has come down. the ratio is now 1.5 to 1. if you look at the veterans in this country, there are 21 million veterans. of those, 9 million are receiving va care. if you look at the va employees, it's 267,000. it's a 35 to 1 ratio. president obama has a flawed sense of priorities. we had 40 veterans in the phoenix area alone who died waiting for medical appointments. >> how would you rate the gitmo detain tees detainees, the care they received? >> it's a plus one. they don't have any kind of waiting list. they get seen on the same day.
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michael moore in his 2007 film went down to the guantanamo bay cuba side with three 9/11 volunteer rescue workers. he said we have volunteer rescue workers from 9/11, they're not getting health care. we want the same treatment as al qaeda, no more, no less. it's a shame our veterans are not getting that same level of care. >> you're giving the gitmoe detainees an a-plus rating. >> the problem with the va is systemic. it's hard to fire them. when i was a pentagon spokesman -- before that, i was in the navy. i worked with thousands of duty civilians. some of the best and worst were the duty civilians.
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they get paid no matter what they do. the doctors are generally going to be good, but a lot of the administrators are not good. i'm pleased the house of representatives is taking this seriously. frankly, i think general shinseki should go as well. >> shinseki is on the hook for that. we just had a guest on here who says there's drug dealings goin. there's theft of some of the prescription drugs going on. there's theft of property going on. does any of this surprise you? >> it's not surprising at all. i think you're going to have incidents like that. it is so difficult to get rid of people because these labor unions protect them, even the
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ones who are not doing their job. it has to change the way we do business. it's not set up efficiently to have so many government workers who do a great job or a poor job. can't get rid of you. >> it's not a money issue. 2008, their outlays were about $45 billion. in 2013, the outlay became 154 billion. you're saying it's not a money issue. it's an accountability issue. >> you're absolutely right. it's not a money issue. they have plenty of money to do their job. it's a mentality issue. there's no sense of urgency at the va. they're just not performing. so it's not a money issue. it's a cultural issue. i think that having this great large government, this government gone wild type men l mentality in the va is hurting our veterans. coming up, as an american
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marine sits in a mexican jail cell at this hour, you won't believe what the commander and chief thought what was more important to talk about. and later, rand paul is here with reaction to breaking details regarding the white house's involvement in the benghazi coverup. stay with us. it's big.
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welcome back to "hannity." our commander and chief rather than stepping in to fix the situation is revealing once again how mixed his priorities are. he met with travel and tourism ceos to discuss airport delays. later in the day, he toured the national baseball hall of fame and museum. then he spoke at a democratic fundraiser in chicago. two things he considers more important than our dying veterans or a u.s. marine who remains locked up in a mexican jail at this very hour.
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thanks for joining us. what about it, the president's schedule? >> at least that's one area he's been consistent. the day after benghazi, he was out in las vegas raising money and having a big campaign appearance and it took 20 hours -- it took longer to get a plane 20 hours after benghazi war started against our people to get there and back to las vegas for his big campaign. let me also comment, eric, on something our former speaker has said where she's saying, the va is just overrun. she's basically saying president bush should have counted the cost before he went to war. well, let me tell you -- let me comment on that cost.
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president bush as commander lost 625 precious american lives in afghanistan in 7 1/4 years. this president because of his standing orders on the rules of engagement and a lot of other issues, we have lost 1628 american lives under his command in 5 1/4 years. about two years less. under president bush, we had 2,638 soldiers that were wounded badly. under this president and two years less, 16,366. in fact, in his busy day he had talking about, oh, travel delays and things like that, he has averaged about 8 1/2 serious
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wounded americans a day. 17 every two days under his command. it was kind of difficult for president bush to count the cost and anticipate after he left office. >> president obama has said that he heard about what's going on at the va because he saw it on the news on a telecast. he said that also about fast and furious and the irs. do you think the commander and chief, possibly the most powerful man on the planet, heard about this because he watches fox and friends? >> he is not thinking about what he's reading from the teleprompter when he's reading it. you've seen him, eric. his speeches, 2008, 2009, 2010, talking about the problems in the va. the only way he would not have
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known about them is if his critics are write and he reads from the teleprompters without thinking about what he's sayi s. >> they try this ring around him. i wear this flag on my chest every day. i'm proud of this country and proud of the people who are fighting and dying for that freedom. speaker boehner said eric shinseki -- speaker boehner has not called for his resignation yet, but he's getting darn close to it. what's it going to take for speaker boehner to make that call? >> i hope he's close to making that decision. for some of us if you go 5.5 years and you haven't gotten anything accomplished in making things better in the veterans administration, it's time for
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you to go. i respect and admire and appreciate his noble service as a war hero, but apparently as a va director, he's incompetent. it's time to get somebody in there who's going to be going to the hospitals and on top of it. you have to be on top of it and let people know they're not going to be sure where you'll show up. he hasn't done that. >> i want to play the sound byte of speaker boehner earlier today. take a listen. >> i have not called for general shinseki to resign, although i have to admit i'm getting a little closer. but here's the point. this isn't about one person. this isn't about the secretary. it's about the entire system underneath him. the general can leave and we can wait around for months to go through a nomination process and we get a new person, but the
10:20 pm
disaster continues. >> congressman, listen, when health was broken, everyone and their brother on the right was saying it's time for kathleen sebelius to go. why is speaker boehner not calling for shinseki's job? >> it may have to do with his background of his noble background as a war hero. i respect that, but it's time for him to go. the speaker has been a little slow to call for a number of things that he should have much sooner. so hopefully he's going to join the ranks of us that say it's time for this noble war hero, but incompetent va secretary to go and get somebody in to clean house. >> thank you very much for joining us tonight. coming up next on "hannity."
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>> this has become partisan. there was a time when there were great believers in the constitution of this body. >> one day after his epic floor speech in support of the u.s. constitution, senator rand paul joins me next. plus, breaking news on a classified e-mail that the white house had direct contact on the night of the benghazi attack. in life, there are things you want to touch, and some you just don't. introducing the kohler touchless toilet. the no-touch flush for your home.
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this is a fox news this is a fox news alert. tonight word is breaking about a classified e-mail that proves the obama white house had direct contact with youtube during the benghazi terror attack. this news comes to us courtesy of the chairman. a document from september 11th 2012 that discusses the, quote, ramifications from that anti-muslim movie trailer. rather than taking action to save the lives of americans on the ground that night, political calculations were being made behind closed doors to protect the president before election day. this administration was hell bent on blaming a pathetic youtube post. here with reaction rand paul.
10:25 pm
this is kind of startling news that the white house was on the phone with youtube saying, did you see what's causing this. >> i'm appalled by it. that night, they were still struggling to get special enforcements. instead of calling to get a plane or to try to make arrangements to get a plane, they're on the phone trying to create spin saying, you know what, this is about a video that never had anything to do with this attack. it doesn't surprise me, but it saddens me. >> we've heard that there's possibility that some of hillary clinton's people were pushing democrats to be on that select committee so they can ask her questions that are easier than the republicans were going to
10:26 pm
ask. >> i think it's important that we do have a select committee. i think he's a great prosecutor. i think he's honest and i think he's fair. i think we will get to the truth of this. the only way we'll get to the truth of this is ultimately secretary clinton needs to come back and talk about her involvement and why no security was provided. for six months, they pleaded for security and no security was provided. she had a lot of questions to answer. >> what do you think will happen with the democrats on that select committee? are they going to ask her the tough questions? >> i don't know yet. sometimes you don't know which direction these committees will go, but i think it's a good first step that the democrats have appointed someone. there was talk they wouldn't even show up. i hope they will show up and i hope they will do their job. >> do you think they're showing up for that reason, to provide her with a little cover? >> we'll see. i don't know. i think she obviously wants
10:27 pm
friends on the community. whether or not she influenced the picks, i don't know. i think it is their obligation, the families deserves it, the country deserves to find the truth. >> first of all, can we ask you is it president obama's fault, the scandal at the va? >> absolutely the buck stops with him. he's admitting as much. the only problem is it's one thing to say you're responsible. it's another to actually do something about it. there's evidence this has been going on for year after year after year. another thing the administration needs to explain is thi kind of system the democrats want for all of us. senator reid has said he's for a single payer system. that's what the va system is. if we're going to have waiting lines and people not surviving,
10:28 pm
this is precisely what happens in canada and in england. more than a million people are on waiting lists. waiting lists are inherent to government medicine. is this going to be the happen to the rest of us when the government takes over medicine in america? >> you're a senator, but you're also a doctor. don't waiting lists imply rationing? do you expect to see rationing if obamacare is like what the va is? >> yeah, rationing is inherent to it. waiting lists are inherent to government medicine. you see them in both england and canada. anytime something is free, people like to use it. the government has to set strict rules on who can show up. the decisions are not made by
10:29 pm
doctors. they're made by government officials who is going to show up. >> let me call your attention -- we're going to play a little sound today. some people are pushing back on the president not asking for eric shinseki's resignation. the american legion and a legion of guys on the left asking. listen. >> shinseki is nothing more than a distraction. the only time we'll be able to watch the va start to heal is after this leadership is done. >> shinseki needs to set aside. >> the first person we need to fire is the secretary of veterans affairs, mr. shinseki himself. we respect him. we respect his sacrifice for this country, but the buck stops at the top. >> your thoughts? >> the first person i would get rid of is anybody who falsified
10:30 pm
records and made a false waiting list. some of these people may have gotten bonuses based on saying they are doing a better job than they were with waiting lists. they should be not only fired, but prosecuted. somebody has to sort this out. if this has been going on for years, the head of the va would have to go. he is a veteran and a war hero. i tend to give him a little bit of leeway in trying to figure out the problem. if he is part of the problem, he should go. every veteran in america that cannot get in that's on a waiting list, we should be giving them a voucher now. there's no reason they shouldn't be going to a private doctor. that could be fixed if the president showed leadership. why don't we fix the problem?
10:31 pm
i'd call on the president to say, let's get a voucher program and start it and say nobody will be turned away. >> i only have about 30 seconds or so. your pushback on one of the president's appointees, david barrett. he was appointed to the first circuit court as a judge. what was your pushback with that gentleman? >> i think it's really important to have trials. to be accused is one thing, but a conviction is different than a trial. i have no sympathy for american traitors or people who betray their country. i think we should try them for treason. it protects what we're all fighting for. that is the bill of rights, the presumption of innocence, and the right to a trial by jury is still important. >> thank you very much for
10:32 pm
joining us today. >> thanks for having me. coming up, 50 u.s. senators send a letter to the nfl commissioner calling on the washington redskins to change their name. will smith and jada pinkett are being investigated by child protective services. that and more just ahead on "hannity." stick around.
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10:38 pm
mr. sterling have opened up a national conversation about race relations. we believe this is an opportunity for the nfl to take action to remove a racial secure fr -- slur from one of its teams. you live in washington. >> yep. >> are you offended by the redskins name? >> i think they should change it. yeah. it's offensive to a lot of american indians. this is not just something -- i know how much you guys love -- >> that's actually the best argument i've heard all day. >> you know what the best argument i've heard all day is? >> what? >> if the redskins name is so offensive, people would stop buying the jerseys and they'll
10:39 pm
end up changing the name. let the free market decide. >> put it out there. when people get offended, the politics of outrage. point is i don't think anyone is trying to be disrespectful to native american indians whatsoever, but i'm also about tradition and football. the name has been there for a long time. now we become so overly pc and policing ourselves about it. ten times a day you can offend somebody even being on your best behavior. >> there are countless college football teams whose mascots would be offensive as well. >> change those as well. we have gotten a little out of control, but i don't think this is a good example of it. i don't think this is out of control. i don't think you let the market on some things like segregation or something like that.
10:40 pm
if it's racist or offensive to people, i think they should change it. >> we can't get the senate to talk about benghazi, but he's going to bring this to the floor. >> this doesn't take that much time. >> your money at work in d.c. >> let's move on to this. jada pinkett and will smith with under investigation by child protective services. we contacted them and they would neither confirm it or deny it. >> what happens in a situation like this, anybody can make a complaint or come forward -- a private citizen can call the organization and say i'm concerned about the welfare of this child in this picture with a 20-year-old boy. willow their daughter is 13. it's a picture that went out on the internet. is this an appropriate picture? is there proper parenting and
10:41 pm
supervision? to me, it's not implausible they'll be investigating a situation like this. but they have to check it out if there's been complaints made. >> thoughts? >> i guess that's the best thing to do. i think we need more information about the relationship between these two people. did they grow up together? have they known each other for a long time? >> that's what they're saying. >> i guess there's a part of me that thinks it's a little scary to think child services should be able to come into your house at this level. they're not abusing their child, but they're cooperating. >> in fact, they don't believe in punishment. will and jada. >> didn't this come up with miley cyrus and billy ray cyrus? >> yeah. there wasn't an investigation with child protective services to this extent.
10:42 pm
there was a lot of people upset about it. >> there are people beating the crap out of children that are not being investigated and they're spending their time on this picture? >> there are laws on the books whether you like them or not. that's what the child protective agency is bound by. maybe they got something else besides a pic. we don't know. when they come knocking on your door, you better cooperate. >> to me, this feels like it's more specific to the people who are involved. >> you think it is too nosey. >> they're families have a relationship. i'm not sure that this -- >> this isn't the one i whip my hair in the air? >> what? >> let's leave it at that.
10:43 pm
rick scott details how he turned his state's deficit into a surplus. that and much more as "hannity," continues. stick around.
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. welcome back to "hannit
10:48 pm
welcome back to "hannity." he oversaw the creation of more than 600,000 private sector jobs and was responsible for tax cuts as chief executive of florida. now he is in a tight race for reelection against charlie krist. >> joining us now, rick scott. last time i spoke to you, you told me right now available in florida there were 300,000 jobs. >> absolutely. >> is that still available? >> absolutely. >> people can get hired. >> right now. we're hiring people every day. last month we add 30,000 jobs.
10:49 pm
>> does charlie wake up every day and throw something in the air to see which way the wind is blowing? >> al gore said this is the only guy that flip-flopped and then flop-flipped. >> i've been out there praising conservative governors. i include you among them. because all of you have done something amazing. in every case, you have taken deficits and turned them into surpluses and you brought the unemployment rate down. 10.9% when you took over. 6.2%. that's an incredible story. >> people are flocking to your state. >> people like me. i'm leaving new york because i can't stand what's going on in this state. >> you get to keep your money in florida. >> thank you. i want to keep it. >> you can build a competitive
10:50 pm
company and compete in the global economy. >> i already have a business down there. i'll tell you about it later. $3.6 billion. now you have a $1.2 billion surplus. >> record funding k-12 and state colleges. and we have more money in the rainy day fund. we have paid off $7.1 billion worth of debt. it works. the free market system works. >> charlie krist lost 800,000 jobs. >> 832,000 jobs. he owed the feds 3.5 in unemployment debt. he paid all that off. >> he swore he's a conservative. how do you go from being a conservative to being barack obama's best friend? >> he's big on talk.
10:51 pm
just not big on action. i have cleaned up his mess for now three years and four months. he increased tuition 15% a year. think about that for our kids who are struggling to go to college. >> do you think this group of conservative governors that i mentioned -- i'm a little disappointed in the republicans in d.c. they don't offer inspiring conservati conservative solutions. they're not articulating a plan. >> we are. >> why don't the d.c. guys do the same thing? >> i hope they will. look at what republican governors are doing. lower taxes. less regulation. i lived in public housing growing up. my mom almost put me up for adoption when i was born. the only family car we had got repossessed. i lost my dad's face when he lost his job. jobs are paramount. that's what republican governors
10:52 pm
are doing. we're saying, we're going to get people jobs. >> let me play a spot by your co competitor here. >> i couldn't be consistent with myself and my core beliefs and stay with a party that was so unfriendly toward the african-american president. i'll just go there. because i was a republican and i saw the activists and what they were doing, it was intolerable to me. my mother and father taught my three sisters and me to treat everyone well. we're all children of god. i couldn't take it anymore. >> did he watch how george bush was treated? did he watch the things that president obama -- the conservatives want dirty air and
10:53 pm
dirty water? >> here's an example of what people don't like about politics. he doesn't stand for anything. he's okay with insulting people and calling people names. we want action. the american public wants somebody tough. who is going to make sure my kid and grand child are going to get a job? that's who they want. >> florida is a key state. my new home. coming up next right here on "hannity" -- >> changing the world can happen anywhere and anyone can do it. what starts here can indeed change the world, but the question is what will the world look like after you change it? >> he oversaw the team six mission to take out bin laden. his commencement speech has gone viral. that's next.
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welcome back to "hannity". welcome back to "hannity." it's a video that's gone viral. last week admiral william mccraven, the man behind the bin laden raid gave an epic speech at his alma mater. >> it matters not your gender, your ethnic or religious background, your orientation, changing the world around us will apply equally to all. know that life is not fair and you'll fail often. but if you take some risks, face down the bullies and never ever give up, if you do these things, the next generation and the generations that follow will live in a world far better than we have today and what started
11:00 pm
here will indeed have changed the world for the better. >> amen, admiral. that's it for "hannity." thank you for being us. have a great night, everybody. alert. the obama administration finally talking to mexico about the detention of our u.s. marines sergeant andrew tahmooressi. today the state department confirming secretary of state john kerry raised the issue of the jailed marine during this week's meetings in mexico city. "on the record" has been investigating this case from the start from here in the united states and on the ground in mexico. because we want to know what but the state department has not told us what secretary kerry said in mexico, to whom he said it, and what demands, if any that he made. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. >> glad to be with you. >> any thoughts about what senator kerry said in mexico to whom and what would you say if you were there? >> well, this is a very


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