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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 26, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> this is "outnumbered." here on this memorial day along with me is sandra, katie, jedidayah and a veteran himself, pete. he's outnumbered. >> welcome back. >> i'm excited to be here. memorial day means a lot to all of us, but those serving and those who lost someone, incredible day. >> and thank you for your service. >> we begin in california. a college community is in mourning following a stabbing and shooting rampage near the
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university of california santa barbara. seven people are dead, including the gunman, elliott rodger. he posted a video online saying he would kill those who made, quote, a good life. especially women had shunned him. it seems to be one of many red flags, the father of one of the victims now asking a question that no parent should ever have to ask. >> when will this insanity stop? when will enough people say stop this madness? we don't have to live like this. too many have died. we should say to ours, not one more. thank you. that's it. >> social media exploding on the story. yes, by all women. used by 250,000 people in two hours. women say they feel intimidated and it's going on, hashtag. a couple of those tweets to share with you. carrie writes, in college a
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police officer told us to scream fire if we were in danger of being assaulted. otherwise, people won't get involved. hashtag, yes, all women. it's easier to give a fake number than turn men down. this news has been breaking fast and furious since friday night, since this happened. what is the one thing that stands out to you at this point? >> our hearts go out to all those families affected by this. someone dropped the ball big time and we'll learn exactly who that is. this kid was seeing therapists. the therapists turned it over to counselors. the mother and father going through a divorce, had tried to intervene on multiple occasions. they called authorities in santa barbara. authorities were sent to his home at which the weapons were in his home. the youtube video were out there. there was evidence this was about to happen. the police walked away.
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they were told that they didn't even know about the youtube videos. so was there a miscommunication along the line that led to the lack of prevention and this happening? because it was written all over the walls that this kid was about to do this. >> a big investigation will encompass that. how did they not know about this in the role the social media played. his manifesto was called my twisted world and he's saying, the police came to my house and i thought they were going to come in my room but then they deemed that i was okay. >> the creep factor is off the charts here. how did they not know? we'll find out. the family called the police. he posted videos in late april and then after the police came, pulled them down. i don't know that it's easy to point to who it is or who would have seen it or not but man, this makes your spine shiver. >> if you're a danger to your spouse or someone else, a
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therapist has to notify authorities. i feel like people knew there was something wrong but for some reason, this kid was able to convince people that he wasn't a threat. i don't know what he was saying in the therapy sessions but i have a hard time given how cannedity he was in the videos, gave en how blatant h the harm he was going to inflict on others, i have a hard time he concealed all of that in the therapy. i would love to see what went down in there. >> we've seen the video. we watched some of it this morning together. your first impressions about that and does this say more on the layer of the police department? >> he clearly laid out exactly what he wanted to do and i want to point out real quick this will -- this is not an isolated case. this happened in virginia tech with a student writing about very serious threats he made against other human beings, this happened in tucson.
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i'm not going to say the names of the people who attacked there. police officers dropped the ball. here we are again. i don't know if it's a breakdown of political correctness, if it's therapists feeling like they don't want to break the trust between the patients and their law enforcement but there's a problem here happening where people are giving all of these red flags and nothing is being done about it. >> i want to talk about the girl employment in all of this. yes, all women. sandra, what's your thought on that? >> that's a distraction from what happened. i think that's a rationalization for someone to commit such crimes and that was not the cause. he said back to the age of six years old, getting on an amusement park ride, he wasn't tall enough and he wanted revenge against the boys tall enough to get on the ride. we're dealing with a sick minded individual here >> can i add quickly there were four men killed here and two women and the issue, you know,
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is not about women and i think that it's kind of insulting for women to go on twiter and talk about how getting hit on at the bar is equal to getting hit on the street because it's not. >> it was meant to unify women. >> how about a mad men hitting exercise? this guy broke a lot of hearts. >> there were 250,000 tweets. it's got people fired up. >> i don't want to know his name. >> president obama is back today from his unannounced visit to afghanistan this weekend. the president talking about a drawdown of troops that will bring the war to a, quote, responsible end later this year. one of his advisers saying it will mark a turning point for the president's foreign policy agenda. it isn't clear yet exactly how that policy will take shape but the president is expected to emphasize some measure of international consensus when large scale military operations are on the table. critics say that approach is too cautious. pete, the a.p. story goes on to
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say, it all leaves the u.s. behold en to allies who are sometimes less willing to engage. >> that's right. he wants us to be less willing to engage. he's going to try to -- i don't know how to put it political correct. the mistakes going on, his policy is effectively ending wars, yes, less u.s. leadership and international consensus. that makes america's role diminished and others like al qaeda more dangerous. he goes to the troops, talks about ending the war, talks about al qaeda being on its heels. al qaeda is not on their heels and hamid karzai refuses to meet with him. we're a country that has been diminished under his leadership and that's what you can take back from his foreign policy. >> as you heard ben said that this is a turning point for the president. how so? >> well, if we want to talk about a turning point, i think that you can't end the war in afghanistan without talking about obama's legacy in afghanistan and the truth is since 2009, majority of the
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casualties in afghanistan have happened under barack obama's watch. since the war in afghanistan started, 74% of our troops have been killed since 2009 under his watch so i think that we can't ignore that, especially on memorial day. president obama has a habit going into places where it's libya or egypt, creating a problem and never having an exit strategy. we'll hear about that on wednesday from him but we still don't know what is going to happen, who is going to fill the vacuum. i think president hamid karzai should be worried about his own safety considering the united states is going to be leaving at the ends of the year. >> katie brings up his traffic record and there's the syria record, the indecision that many argue emboldens russia. >> i would love to know pete's thought on this. are we at a point where a shrinking physical military, change in tactics for using drones and technology, so on and so forth and also this
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perception around the world we won't follow our words, like a red line with syria, like having a really firm reaction to u.s. consulate hit in benghazi and then the widespread terrorism here at home. do we want a commander in chief that's maybe been a commander? >> this needs to be part of the presidential discussion in 2016 and i think it will be. republicans are realizing this lack of leadership is the reason why america's role is diminished, why we're inviting so many threats. weakness invites challenge. the perception of america not being there is what causes the chaos you're starting to see across that region. >> do we need a military guy? >> it wouldn't hurt. >> i think it's a simple question. are we the leader of the free word or not? are we willing to take a stand and say this is the right thing to do and we're going to lead the charge or do we need to sit back and say, we need a few other countries to join us on that. we don't feel comfortable.
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>> that's fortitude and belief in exceptionalism that this president doesn't have. >> he needs to stand firm and say i'm not going to put something out there and say this is my mission and then retreat. this is what we stand for. we're going to show some follow through here and i don't think he has that backbone. >> doesn't want to have it. >> it's now more than two months u.s. marine sergeant has been jailed in a mexican president after he accidentally drove across the border with three legally owned guns. he faces federal charges in mexico for carrying a military weapon not registered there. his first court date is set for wednesday. a single judge will decide his fate, not a jury. it could be months or years before all the evidence is finally presented. pressure is mounting on the state department to do something. congressman duncan hunter calling for the u.s. to stop all aid for funding. the training of mexican troops. pete, what do you think here? do you think there should be some immediate consequence here to say, do you know what? we're not going to stand for
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this. >> duncan hunter is a marine. he's been to combat, understands what it means to not leave a man behind. they got the 911 call exposed by hunter's office that shows he was confused, didn't know where he was going. how about a traffic study on the board sner maybe a little traffic jam going north or south, to say if you're going to have one of our guys, we're going to get them back. i love that hunter is taking this on. >> it seems like this could have been solved almost immediately. couldn't a phone call have been made? how did it get this far and out of hand? >> it could have been solved almost immediately and gets solved all the time, almost immediately when it's the flip side, right? we often see down by the border, and you and i are from arizona. south of tucson, people get stuck at that turning point sometimes. people from mexico are given the benefit of the doubt by our border patrol or they'll call
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our people and say, can you let this guy turn around? it happens all the time. why it didn't happen in this case, we don't know exactly but why haven't we put the pressure on? what about this traffic situation? anybody going southbound? we'll have a little slowdown until we get one guy going northbound. that's not unheard of. >> and secretary of state john kerry was in mexico. he's in mexico as this guy is chained to his bed. he has ptsd, transferred from a logical prison to federal prison. secretary of state is there and he's still in there? >> saves eight fellow marines from an attack on the taliban, puts a tourniquet on two legs and saved a guy's life. this guy is incredible and we're letting him be there for two months when the president, the secretary of state could do something if they wanted to make it a priority. >> if this happened the other way around, you know, american officials would have made a
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phone call and helped out somebody. this happened as harris pointed out. >> i think something has to be done immediately. this is one of the reasons, i would go and say -- does he today go in there and say bring him home right now or else? >> absolutely. and interstate five where this is happening, i want to say this quickly, this can happen again. it's important how the president or whomover, the secretary of state, anybody who would like to volunteer to get aboard, we find a leader out there, anybody. >> anybody who might put their hand in the air, this has to be solved now. the signage is poor to turn around and recently changed in this particular case where he crossed over. >> hopefully the president will show some leadership on that immediately. all right. the white house now halting its monthly updates on obamacare enrollment numbers. why some believe the move could be political and the battle over the washington redskins name heating up. everyone from politicians to radio hosts weighing in. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
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>> welcome back to "outnumbered." white house will stop releasing monthly obamacare enrollment
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numbers. bush administration does not anticipate monthly reports. so far, hhs has not provided any details about any further updates. this despite the fact that people can drop their insurance and can still sign up for health care through the exchanges if they experience qualifying life events. isn't this just so convenient that right before the 2014 elections, they no longer want to release obamacare enrollment numbers? >> what a bunch of cowards. if they thought this was going to be good for them, i assure you jay carney would be in front of the white house holding a big sign with all the numbers on them. this is an easy way out, guys. let me tell you, people are feeling the impact of this policy every day so we don't need your numbers to tell us what's going on. people are seeing their costs rise, their choices limited and people are feeling it every day in their pockets. you can keep things behind a nice curtain but we're living
9:19 am
the effects of the policies so good luck. >> so if enrollments are a great thing, why wouldn't they give the taxpayers an update about what it's doing for the american people. >> people haven't paid for that insurance or as she's saying, people are experiencing and then now having to sign up for something new because they couldn't keep their doctor and they have a medical issue that requires a change. so some of the eight million may be changing anywhere. i do want to bring this up. life changing or qualified event, a pregnancy, marriage, that sort of thing, that's the only time that you can really enroll fresh or change something unless you're having a catastrophic experience. that means that it's not a rolling open enrollment period. so now they have the only number they could probably show are some numbers off the eight million. >> they don't want to share that. >> we'll wait until november, right after the election, i believe is the date for the
9:20 am
enrollment period to open back up. they can start to report more people signing on. here is the question. how many more people will be signing on already had health care and have lost? >> there's two reasons. one is lack of transparency. now we don't know what the numbers are as we approach the election, whether those are bad or good. it reeves a lot of room for speculation as we're already doing. harris is pointing out really the only number would go up is if you had the life changing experiences where you sign up. the open enrollment period is over. there's a lot of room to go down if people aren't happy with obamacare. you can end your insurance at any point for any time for any reason whatsoever. so, you know, now we're sitting on the couch and we're speculating why they're not reporting these numbers. >> they've taken away a monthly benchmark that would be used as an opportunity to talk about this issue and rightfully so. obamacare is affecting so many people's lives.
9:21 am
they've understood let's not give them a monthly benchmark. make them cry for about a week but from their mind, it's good politics to turn it down. transparent administration america, of course not. they want obamacare to go away. >> do you know what benchmark i would like to see? i haven't heard how the security is twoing work for health as more people dump out of the state's exchanges because they're failing and then sign on to the big national one, i want to know that they're going to be safe and secure. so that is an update. i don't care what the number would look like but i would like an update. there's a bill that needs to make its way. >> no updates. >> no soup for you. >> coming up, new reaction to the growing scandal of the department of veterans affairs. the secretary heeding calls to let more veterans get care at private hospitals. plus the first lady front and center when it comes to school lunches and other policy issues. why mrs. obama is flexing her muscles now. mine was earned in korea in 1953.
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>> welcome back to outnumbered. calls to move veterans health care into the hands of private hospitals, gaining team amid allegations of widespread problems in v.a. facilities across the country. among those backing the controversial idea, john boehner who first floated it more than two decades ago. the speaker telling the dispatch, quote, i still like the idea and especially now but until we understand what is happening and until we understand whether it can be fixed or how it can be fixed, all veterans seeking care shouldn't have to wait. meanwhile, secretary announcing saturday that the v.a. will allow more vets to get care at private hospitals in an effort to take some pressure off
9:27 am
backlogged facilities. is this the answer, pete? >> i know it's part of it. i really do. i was outside the baltimore v.a. a couple of days ago talking to veterans going in and out. they're saying why am i waiting to get a colonoscopy or something else at a v.a. hospital when i can get it somewhere else? i think the key question is choice. why shouldn't we give the veterans a choice which inserts competition. it recommends we change the game. >> which brings up the idea of vouchers. john mccain is on the fight as well. he said let's issue vouchers so they can get the help they need whenever they need it. >> the key here is more accountability. right now with the v.a. monopoly for our veterans, there's almost zero accountability when things go wrong. in the private sector, no room for accountability. no room for secret wait lists
9:28 am
and for fudging the numbers. you're going to get fired or sued. so like you just said, that will force the v.a. to compete but it will also bring a lot of accountability to an issue we haven't seen much with. >> and while we wait for this investigation to conclude, they're saying it's more than halfway through now. there's still v.a. clinics that cannot offer the help they need to some veterans that need it now and need it fast. what's the solution now? we don't see the president acting too aggressively on this today. >> i think privatization is a good option. i don't think this administration can get behind that, though. administration behind obamacare is going to come out and say, do you know what? i'm for more choice. i'm for more opportunity. the government really didn't do the job they needed to do here. i think that's a huge problem. >> they can't. >> but i think today the voucher -- i think that's something you can institute almost immediately dealing with vouchers and inject choice into the system. >> there's a growing bipartisan consensus. this is reformers versus
9:29 am
defenders of the status quo. people say i want to put the veteran at the center of it, defend this for the same of defending it. we have a different dynamic now. when vets are dying waiting months, that changes the game and creates lots of activity for rereform. >> we see both speaker boehner and the president backing him saying he can stay put until this investigation is finished. >> and i think that's somewhat of a distraction because i think what we're talking about is solution finding and that's talking about accidentability and in some ways, deflecting our attention away. they need to deal with the chain of command but i think you're allude to go a conversation we had on fox report last night with two dremocrats. former republican out of new york said that last night. whatever it looks like if we're going to allow vouchers, make sure the funding is there. i think you probably share that concern, too.
9:30 am
democrats may not come in and say give the government the bill and they fund it. make sure the funding is there so when the vets go in with the private bill, the government pays what the bill is worth and don't try to undercut the doctor. >> you can't turn this into a funding conversation. that's where the left wants to take it. alburquerque, new mexico, cardiologists are seeing two vets a day. that's bureaucracy and red tape. >> they need to do something today. that's clear to all of us. does it seem like you're seeing more first lady michelle obama engaging in politics? that's because she is. earlier this month, she spoke out about the kidnapping of more than 200 nigerian school girls and tomorrow she'll take part in a discussion with school leaders and nutritionists after house republicans threatened to roll back her healthy school lunch program. in the next few months you can expect her to double down on efforts to help democrats in the
9:31 am
midterm elections. sandra, do you think this is just typical first lady stuff or is there something else going on here? >> her likability factor is huge right now for democrats. we're hearing they want her and not her husband. so it's going to be interesting. school lunches, obamacare, health care, she's put herself out there and she's right now winding up to engage in more -- engage in more than the 2010 midterms so they see her as a major weapon approaching the midterm elections. they're going to use that to their benefit and by the way, she doesn't have to do this as she's campaigning for her president anymore. she can be a little more outspoken than she had been in the past. >> i think this is the report of her having her own political ambitions. i don't think this is just michelle obama trying to help democrats or change the school lunch program. >> why do you say that? >> if you look how active she's been in a policy perspective, not just, you know, working with
9:32 am
charity groups or non profit groups, she's active in policy and i don't think she's just going to take it and just use it. i think she has her own ambitions. whether that's high office or not, i wouldn't limit her to just being the first lady. >> i don't think so. what i've read is she's much more ee reluctant ones. that is a natural follow through on issues she has compared about for a long time. another issue she's cared about or reported to, veterans and military families. can i get a hashtag on v.a. accountability? no folks waiting and dying on secret lists? i appreciate her willingness to bring attention to the tragedy of girls in nigeria and rightly so. she'll go out and do campaign speeches. michelle obama is a lot more popular than her husband. >> school lunch programs, not very popular. do you think this has helped the president? do you think this helps his policy and his legacy or is it
9:33 am
going to backfire? >> i think they're mutually exclusive at this point. i hadn't thought about it. i mean starting to wonder katie has a point. you know what we call this when we cover it in the field. walking the dog out, see what it sniffs at. she's got that approval rate that go sandra talked about north of 60% for years. it's almost at the same lef it was when she first became first lady. she's very popular. this kind of mirrors a signature legislation we're seeing the president has. she wants to protect that. that's her name on that campaign just like his name is on obamacare. let me walk that power up to the hill and see where i can spin some of that. she can afford a divot at 60% or better. >> and i was impressed at the white house correspondents dinner, harris will remember the video they shot of her. julie due louise dreyfuss, they
9:34 am
ate ice cream and she snuck in the kichen and ate out of the ice cream gallon. >> remember at the very end of the skit, sandra, someone walked back in and they caught her. she didn't care she was busted. >> she's very media friendly. i don't think she wants to run for office. i think she might be eyeing something in media, though. she likes to interact with comedians. i think people really like her. i think her approval number is really high right now but that's primarily because she's not the president. she does a lot of positive outreach to the community. when the tough stuff comes along, she passes that over to her husband. >> i think that's generally why things are that way. >> all right. some relief in sight for wildfires raging in arizona. but not in alaska where authorities are now ordering mass evacuations and another multi million dollar actress offers parenting advice saying if you're a working woman, you
9:35 am
can't be a great mom. plenty of reaction from outrage to agreement. we will hash it out.
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>> if you are a working person outside the home, a mom, you might not be the greatest mom, at least according to actress emma thompson. she had the luxury of taking a year off from her career to spend time with her young daughter and she recommends you do the same. that is, if you can afford t. by the way, her net worth is $50 million. many mothers are questioning her old fashioned mentality. some saying it doesn't matter if you work outside the home or not
9:40 am
as long as your children know you're present and know they're loved. you might think that the women on the coach and lucky guy have all the same view on this. maybe. but not so much. what are you thinking? >> of course many working women are gret mothers and i would say this to someone. just like there are bad stay at home mothers, i would say technically in some of her remarks, she's correct. you can't be -- she says mum, by the way, not mom. >> she's english, right? >> you keep working all the time, well, if a guy works all the time, he's not a great dad, either. if you overdo anything, you're not going to be good at it. i appreciate the caveat, if you can afford it. of course she can afford it but a lot of people can work their tail off at work and then they go home and they're gret moms. >> she said mum. maybe she meant the flower. in all of this, as i'm watching this, i'm seeing her pit -- and i've said this before.
9:41 am
i don't like it when people pit against each other. working moms at home versus working moms at home and i want to clarify, everyone is working. >> and everyone's financial situation is different. for me i think it's quality versus quantity. that's just me. my mom always worked because she had to work. we didn't have the kind of money that would afford someone to be able to stay at home. if she had that opportunity, maybe she would have. if you make time with your kids, if you go home at the end of the night and spend good, quality time with your kids, i'm not going to judge you for being at work all day. there are moms at home all day and maybe don't spend the quality time. >> i think that moms should stop judging each other. >> that's right. >> that's never going to end. we all do it. i'm sorry. >> we do? all of us? >> i do. i'm being honest with you. >> fine but, you know, i'm so -- i'm not a mom but i'm so sick of mothers looking at other mothers and telling them they're not good enough or i'm better than you are.
9:42 am
>> i do have a problem with celebrities with net worths exceeding $50 million a year telling the general public how they should be a mother. i guarantee you they have fitness trainers, multiple nannies and house maids. i do not think they're in a position to make this statement. gwyneth paltrow who says mothers work 9:00 to 5:00 has it easier than she did working as an actress in hollywood. stop talking. >> you don't know anybody's situation like you know your own. do what you need to do and be the mom you need to be and stop acting like that. >> some of us won't be great. sometimes we're not great mothers. that happens. >> nobody is perfect. >> nobody is perfect. to place a judgment on people that she doesn't know and just assume that we're all horrible mothers because we go to work every day. it's offensive. >> it is. she said it poorly but i appreciate people who stand up and celebrate women who decide to make that choice if they want
9:43 am
to. >> is that what she's doing? >> that's not what she's doing. but i do think in our society we have to celebrate those who decide to work and be great mothers and those who decide to go home and say in my mind, there's quality in the quantity. it's a choice. both can be fantastic mothers. we need to be willing to uphold them. >> i challenge emma thompson who is a fabulous actress, just act like you know something and keep it to yourself. do you think she'll call me? call me, baby. there are some kind of fitness expert promising results in no time if you follow a new craze. coming you mean, the only secrets you need to know to get in shape. it's not easing and exercise? i can't wait. most senate democrats want the nfl to change the redskins' name. how the team's president is now responding.
9:44 am
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>> more outnumbered in a moment but first jon scott with the second hour of what's happening.
9:48 am
>> we are marking memorial day across country. president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier honoring america's war dead. we will have more coverage throughout the hour. new details in the deadly rampage near a college campus in southern california. we're learning that the family of alleged killer elliott rodger heard about his 137 page manifesto just minutes before he opened fire and stabbed six people, wounding 13 more and then turning the gun on himself. a live report ahead. voters in ukraine voting in a millionaire to president. russia quiet so far on the election results, although most in eastern ukraine did not participate. greg is live in the next hour, all of that ahead "happening now." >> all right. we'll be watching. thank you. >> thank you. >> i may be outnumbered but now
9:49 am
it's my turn with a sports story. it's all about the washington redskins. 50 democrats signed a letter urging the nfl to change the league's name. they say it's sexist. if the senators want to name a football team, well, they should buy one. the redskins president also weighing in, sending a letter to senate majority leader harry reid saying that the name is, quote, respectful to native americans and the logo was designed by nain american leaders. what do you guys think about this? >> you know, i don't like mark le le levin's argument because they have money to buy the team they can name whatever they want. >> why? >> i don't think that you have a certain amount of money that you can acquire things and put a label on things with respect to a number of people. there are large organizations and -- >> while the v.a. has no
9:50 am
accountability and veterans are waiting in line to get care -- >> agreed with you there. >> let me finish. the senate should be doing the nation's business, not getting involved in a private sector issue that can be solved by the marketplace. >> but the question is from pete whether or not the name should be changed. i'm addressing that. politics aside, if there are large groups of people offended by the name of a team -- >> but shouldn't private organizations, private businesses have the ability to choose the name of their team? >> the answer is no. they should not be able to use something that offensive that is broadcast on national air waves. >> i wanted to count the pages of organizations and people which i printed out. it's five typewritten pages of people who are against this and want the name changed and not just politicians, organizations. many of them from the peoples of color or minority group foundations, so on and so forth. very small font on this. should it be changed? when you have that many people
9:51 am
in agreement, is it at least worth looking at? >> offensive is very subjective. what offends me may not necessarily offend you. why not let the market help decide this? if people don't like the name of the team, guess what? they're going to start letter writing campaigns. >> they have. >> we talk every day what offends you every day as a woman. >> if i owned a business, i would be able to make that decision. if people didn't like it, people would write me and i would look at that and say, maybe it will hurt my business. can't they do that? >> there are people for the name just as much as against. we go through this issue every year. the fact the senate is getting involved in this is a joke. they have better things to do than meddling in an issue that's been going on for years. >> they can't force the senate to do anything. >> they use a bludgeon of public correctness. this is ridiculous. the market has spoke own this. if people want to boycott, they
9:52 am
could. there was a poll of native americans. 90% don't find the name redskins offensive. you can have all the lists you want, they can have special interests, outrageous, doesn't mean they represent the majority of native americans and the redskins' name has not been used offensively. it's not used commonly, either. >> i don't know because i don't have that perspective. >> but i don't think there's a lot of people -- first of all, when is the last time you heard people use that as a racial slur? it's not used commonly at all as a racial slur. it's used historically as a term of respect to people. >> change it from american leaders. the question now is have we gotten so far in our future with all of this that when you have this many people against it, is it worth at least looking at the name change? >> not necessarily people. organizations. >> they review the name every year >> if the owner of the team says -- sits back and say the, you
9:53 am
know what? if the owner of the team says, do you know what? i think the public is right about this. he will make that decision and transition. it's not up to me to find him that because i find that offensive, you have to change it. i can find that on a lot of things. >> i'm a vikings fan. am i a barbarian because of it? >> i don't know. >> some say i am, yes. across the country, americans are honoring our fallen heros, including president obama who spoke earlier at arlington national cemetery and laid a wreath at the team of the unknown soldier. some very personal tributes next. [ dennis ] it's always the same dilemma -- who gets the allstate safe driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! [ chuckles ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-906-8500 now. [ dennis ] zach really loves his new camera.
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our priority has always been saving the day. because our priority... amazing! you! the amazing spider-man 2 delivered by the united states postal service. >> this memorial day, we honor fallen heroes that gave their lives for things we take for granted. this happeneds of men and women have made the supreme sacrifice. we are going to learn about what memorial day means to each of you. today is the day that was. i served with them in guantanamo bay, cuba. and he was in katrina and in
9:58 am
iraq and in afghanistan, he was killed on a patrol leading a prt. the staff sergeant is the type of man this coupry was built on. it is men and women like him who this day is all about, katy? >> memorial day is a day to reflect and take for granted. it is easy to forget there are people dying for our freedom. and the reason we are on this set is our first amendment rights are protected. christopher horton was a sniper in afghanistan and killed in action in september ninety-ninth, 2011, and survived by his widow jane horton who worked for concerned veterans of america. this is a photoof their niece shea in arlington in
9:59 am
front of christopher horton's grachlt you can never honor their sacrifice enough. >> and recently we were in washington d.c., and my husband took this photoof our 12 month old daughter. i am going to cry. she's standing in front of the memorial wall in washington d.c. and we were in the white house correspondent's dinner. it hits home. she didn't grow up military and she understands the sacrifice. >> my father was in vietnam and he came home and then he didn't. >> god bless you. >> beautiful photo. memorial day for me is giving thanks and it is about the men and women who taught me to be courageous and keep my priority straight. and every night when i go to sleep i take a moment to thank them for what they gave up.
10:00 am
the person i wanted to honor my frent asked me to honor james who was stilled in 1990. and he was the only guy his company lost. >> we are happy to remember them all. and thank you for watching today. and then happening now. >> and we begin with a fox news alert. rescue teams searching for survivors after a giant mud slide in colorado four miles long and 25z deep. >> an airplane turns in a war zone after both sides in ukraine collide. what this could men for the elected leader. >> the head of the catholic church about to leave the region that gave bishth to three religions. this is in


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