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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 28, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> i think you're going to get some kickback on that. stereotypes are made to be broken. >> that will do it for "outnumbered," we will see you tomorrow. now "happening now." >> and a fox news alert on two developing stories. there is a$çu.s. marine jailed two month[ hn mexico. he is making a first appearance the border with three legally registered firearms inç his truck. his attorney said he will have a chance to tell his sideç of e story. mexican custom agent and soldiers also willç make statements. a reporter is live outside of jt us any updates.
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also this hour, theicvc spoke too soon when it diagnosed a businessman with mers. he cameç in contact with two people during a meeting before the patient knew he had. the businessman tests show heçs healthy. but first, president obama outlining his vision for america's foreign policy and a changing role for the u.s. military. welcome to the second hour of happening now. i am jon scott. >> and i amç jenna lee. the commander in chief making a push to move the military away and the president insists that despite his critic's claims america is stronger and safer than ever. >> america has rarely been stronger relative to the rest of the world. those who argue otherwise, to
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suggest that america is in decloin or seenç its global leadership slip away are misreading history or engaged in partisan politics. think about it. our militaryç has no peers. theç odds of a direct threat against us by any nation are low and do not come close to the >> john mccain is served on the armed service committee. senator, great to have you andi love your reaction to the president's speechç when he sa in the sound bite. ç america has been stronger relative to the rest of the world andç attributes that to e military. is that accurate. $ç are we safer now than we have been? >> i think toç compare it with the cold war and the çperformae of ronald reagan is remarkable.ç
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and only president obama could make that parallel with a straight çface. the world is obviously safer since the end ofbecause there i threat of nuclear exchange. it isç more dangerous and unstable in the last five years of the presidencyç than it has been. when you look, the mistake we made by not loving a force behind in iraq which is the same thing we are about to do inç afghanistan. the black flags of al-qaeda fly over the city of fallujah where the bloodiest battle of the iraq war and we lost 96 marines and 600 wounded and the whole syria and base for al-qaeda. our director of national intelligence said they will be planning attacks on the united states of america. that is a direct result of
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a policy. we are not weak, but we are unreliable. when the president of the united states made the statement if they crossed a red line and he established that redline and he made that choice, we would choose to attack assad and he didn't. that reverberated aroundç the globe. >> the president said something today that could potentially be an answer to why he believes we don't need2the military in afghanistan. that is an çannouncement that that is the planned intension. he said the u.s. military action captain be the primary çcompont of our çleadership. just because we have the best hammerç doesn't mean every problem isç -- >> all i can say he sets upç a false, dishonestç intellectu argument, those who disagree the military. to go out and sd
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what we want is for them to finish the job inç afghanistan and not send the signal to the taliban we are leavingç no matr what. we have had great success and can continue thatç success wit the draw down that is commen surate on the çground. if we leave as he said, you will see a repeat of the iraqç scenario. the afghanistan army is fightinç and they have no air assets or inteleigence assets that are poor. the president said we are leaving no matter what the ç outcome. we left troops behind in germany and japan after that war and korea after the korean war. there is nothingç wrong with t residual fwoers. we have shown what happened in
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iraq. we haven't wind out core al-qaeda. they have replaced themselves and spread. >> we have seen the presence in syria. you have been on the page with the president we don't want boots on the ground. and we got news from the president that he wants to help the opposition on the ground. a year ago you were in syria and one of the highest ranking law make ares to go in the country in the conflict. ç what are you thinking of the president's announcementç yesterday. we have a picture of you meeting with the opposition in syria. is it to late for us to get involved now? what do you thinkç about more resources helping the ç opposition. >> first of all, it is a shameful chapter in america history that we didn't help these çpeople. and our inaction. 160,000ç dead and the region i in turmoil and it isç a region
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conflict. iran isç all in with five this happened hesbollah and arms and training and we sat by and watched the horribleç genocide taking place and we haven't done anything of anyç note what so ever. it isç not enough to train and equip the çresistance. three years ago we could have done it. weç will have to provide them with anti- airç weapon to wipe out the helicopters. and we will need a humanitarian area andç far more robust training and equipment of that military. and that's what we have to do because the situation is çdire we have seen foreign fighters fly in from all over the world including the united states of america. this is a horrific problem and one thatç we have let, this president let go for three years and it is a disgraceful chapter
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in america's history. >> can you put more legislation through congress to supply the rebels with what you say is needed to change the course there? or is that not a path you are interested in going down anymore? >> in a bill in the senate we provide training and equipment for the rebels. we need to do more than that. this president told lindsay graham and i in the office that he would change the momentum on the battlefield and then he decided not to attack syria which he said he was going to do if they crossed a line. america is not weak but america is unreliable. no one trusts us in the members of the jury midge or$çjapan, an all of these countries are looking atç the options withou american lead areship. >> finishing up unreliableness. q5ujqáary o a 90 dayç review of health car
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in the va system. and we have a hearing tonight about the allegations of the secret waiting lists. this is an issue close to your heart and closeç to mine as we. how confident are you thatç th reviews willçç elicit differe results for the veterans in the future? >> i hope they willç have benefit. but i am not çconfident. i am more confident in the house of veteran's committee andç ti for the justice department to be engaged in this çinvestigation if you falsify records that is criminal activities and weç republicans next tuesday, we'll have a pro posal that doesç a t of things including the calls for a veteran to have the ability to have the health care and highest quality and not required, sometimes to travel hours and hours toç the neares
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va facility. and that veteran should have a card to allow them to get the health care of his or her choice. >> you think you will have support on that. ç will harry reid join forces to you. >> i never seen a issue strike such an emotional cord in arizona as this one have. if people resist the changes that we are proposing, i think they will be overwhelmed. >> senator mccain we look forward to checking with you. great to see you as always. >> fugitive nsa leaker snowden. he was trained as a spy to work for the u.s. government. ç >> it is no secret that the u.s. tends to get more intelligence out of computers than they do out of people. i was trained as a spyç in the
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traditional sense of the world and iç lived and worked under cover over seas and pretending to work in a job that i'm not and a signed a nameç that was t mine.ç >> soon after those claims secretary of state kerry told snowden to)man up and come bac home to the united states to 73s ç in the meantime a extensi winning. and cyber crime is onç the ris and hackers are more technolkr(p&ly advanced than people who stop them. privateç companies are doing i as well. we'll take a look at how information isç used by advertisers to target you on lineç and what if anything is done about it. some developments in a mideastç country that saw mo
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than its share of turmoil. egyptç is trying to extend vot turn out. conner is live there. >> reporter: jon, voter turn out is low. and the extra eqy is not doing much. but voter turn out is co for the likely winner. and now the former army chief of staff led the summer military coup that ousted morsi. he is hoping that the show of support would silence the critics. many polling stations are empty, estimated it is 37 percent of the population has turned out to vote and that is very low. voter turn out this low will be an embarrassment to the military and supporters who portrayed him as a savor of the country.
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he lost a lot of support of the secular egyptians who helped to bring him to çpower. he's done little to attack the economy and surging crime. and he is still expected to win, but the question is,ç after he wins what happensç next? does the political chaos leave or remain. the election doesn't seem toç answer many of them. conner powell, joining us from jerusalem. >> and speaking ofç elections, democratic candidates are not runningç away. could the affordable care actç help them in the november races. oneç of the youngest billionaires is çwanted. and why iraq hasç questions. and what you hear from the president's points that he laid out about the foreign policy. at west point, there is great condersation there and go to fox
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treatment. ç and this is a harrowing addiction. @o >> and now democrats are planning to it use obama careçs a path to try to winç mid- ter election. they want to high light theç l and critize the gop forç repealing it. the democrats have beenç on th defense. and ed o'keefeç for the washington post. it is not a nationwide phenom nam. ç but democrats plan to go yeah, i was part of getting it past and congressman gary peters is running for the senate seat. ç and down in north carolina. democratic incumbent ka y haggan
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is doing it. it turned here a refer endum and against the now republican led legislature and that turned the state more conservative. and charlie cre s t who supports the law and makes it to get better. and what about in georgia, the nichelle nun democraticç nomin is asked time and again if she would have voted for or against the law and refused to give an answer. >> you can seeç it in kentucky whenç grimes is running agains mitch mcconnell. they are wavering in what they woullç done or change or repeal itç or if you are a democrat a
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running for çreelection. yes. iç voted for. it ç i want to make sure it isñme. >> and a nowç candidates addre it. ç and what i suspect there isç tepid support on what they would do. ç >> last month wall street journal had a poll out and 64 percent thought theç affordabl care was bad idea and 36 percent thoughtç good. and a new poll from princeton survey. m 73 percent. 74 percent say that the affordable care act had a negative çimpact on the couny or no impact at all. why are theyç trying to embrac
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the law. it is not only younger people but older people. they did in michigan with supporter of this. and again gary peters is backing on the idea it could work there. that is why kay haggan thinks it is a good idea. and so obviously feels there is a reason to vote or talk about it there. >> she is in a tough fight. >> and good to so you. >> and supreme court has a jam-packedç tokt. ç how far does robert's ib flu eps go. and a fatal shooting of a german exchange student. ç
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what the german government is doing anv what it could mean for the suspect in the center of the case. 1x,y-é%úw
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i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. an update to the story we are following on happening now. after the shooting death in montana after a 17 year old exchange student last month. germany opened its own investigation in that incident. doe- dee was shot by the homeowner after breaking in the garage of what of a game of garage hopping. the homeowner is pleading not guilty to killing dey- dee. he could face trial in germany
10:26 am
after being acquitted in the united states. >> and the four weeks to go and a number of çcontroversial cas ranging from contraception and man date to obama care and separation of powers. the spotlight may rest on john roberts that took a leadç on hh )sq in the high court. shannon has more. >> reporter: appointed byìc% george w. bush heç has been chief justice nine years and leading the court through the biggest decisions. he vowed to be an umpire and calling balls and çstrikes. he generally sided with the conservative wing,ç liberals praised roberts when heç was t key to upholding theç affordab care act. many haveç changed their vow o >> liberals now view the obama care rulingç off off in the
10:27 am
distance and not cutting him m slack. >> when you look beyond the high profile decision, theç robert' court is conservative and the chief himself led theç court i a conservative idea logical direction. >> reporter: now we'll wait to see how they will rule on how far the president can go in using executive power and the hobby éoe case. business owners say their religious freedom will be violated if they have to give employeesç contraceptive devic. >> it is coming up quick. thank you. private companies gathering all kinds of personal information about you and where you live and your favorite color. we'll tell you what they are doing and why congress is now asked to step in. also a teen admitted inhaling
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a cleaning product to get high and then getting behind a wheel of a car before crashing and killing the five year old girl you can see on the screen. now the lawyer said the driver shouldn't be charged with driving under the instance becauseç what she inhaled was t illegal. it starts with little things. tiny changes in the brain.
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>> speaking out about a controversial new marketing practice and involves vast amounts of personal information collected on you. they are asking congress to intervene. peter doocey is live in washington with the explanation. >> reporter: jon, this is how it works. they ask for a e-mail or credit card and data brokers start to put consummers in specific categories as a service to advertisers looking to target specific segments of the population. this is how specific it s. political conservative and leberal and criminal offenses and novelty elvis and mobile mixers. and the federal trade commission said they are used to describe latinos and african-americans with low incomes and may be problematec and the fcc is
10:33 am
calling on congress to pass legislation to give them a tool to know what it was collected. and ethig ramirez said the extent of data profiling that they know more about us than our family and friends and on line and political and religious affiliation and income and socio-economic status and more. fcc asked nine data brokers for the details and one of them sent over a statement. we shear the concerns about sensitive data which is why, the reason why a xion collects all data as sensitive and puts special mitigation in place to protect. it the executive director of electronic privacy center said with this practice, the consumers is not the customer,
10:34 am
the consumer is the product. >> or the victim. thank you, peter. controversial murder trial underway this week. a former university of north carolina football player headed to law school when he got into a fight with 30-year-old robert kingstop in a brawl. kington was killed. prosecutor said gab pushed king stop. and defense said it a tragic accident. we bring in the former prosecutor. and so pretty good lead in there and missed the crucial point here, is that ke, nan's girlfriendallies that this guy was messing with his girlfriend and now wife. >> this cuts against his defense.
10:35 am
i think he was angry that this guy was flirting with his wife and grabs him and throws him out of the bar. when you get in a fight, he hit his head on the curb and the fact a car came by and hit him. it is foreseeable someone will die. >> and surprise pie the way, i thought it would be 34r chiffarulous that he defended his woman's honor. >> in this situation, i recognize if you are in a fight and really hitting someone hard and mike tyson hitting a 160 pound man, there is a reasonable expectation of serious harm or death. in this case, we know that he escorted the man harassing his engaged fiance out of the bar, the question comes, n did he push him out in the street. no question he intended to push him in the car.
10:36 am
did he push or stumble in the street. >> we have one description from the defense saying he basically went through the door and pushed the guy out through the door. the bar's owner said they were tusz length and that is how the guy ended up in the street. and although the alleged murderer in this case looked surprised, he ran away after that. >> and first of all, flight is evident consciousness of guilt. we have facts as the government presents him and then the jury will decide if he fought and put him out in the car. >> just because someone runs away. that doesn't mean he is guilty. he's not on a first-degree murder. and there was no intent. each in the second-degree murder charge, that doesn't mean he was
10:37 am
guilty if he runs away. >> it is, too. >> but what a decent people do when a guy is hit by a car they stay there. >> time as passed since the crime. and again, the man on trial made it through law school. and he can't get his bar or test for it because of this crime case against him. and now he's married to this woman and seems to be you know, from all intents and purposes seems to be a good member of society. there is a verdict and we have a jury now. this is not a bench trial. and the jury will decide the facts. if there is a guilty verdict. >> and i don't think on the second-degree murder charge. i think there may be other issues and maybe coming up with a plea. and if he were found guilty on
10:38 am
second-degree murder. that would come in to play. >> and i will come to you first. and this is it a interesting case. we are mentioning that alcohol was a part of this case in north carolina. abuse of another substance is blamed for a car crash. and this substance is not considered an intoxicating compound like alcohol. it is it a cleaning product. in 2012, it was for deliberating using the vapors to get high. she did that while driving and we are showing the surveillance video of the car continuing to roll after she hit the family and she passed out. she pled guilty to reckless homicide and her lawyer kwaurgs that she is not eligible for serious charges because the
10:39 am
substance she was huffing is not illegal. that is a difference of prison five years or 14. and so what do you think about that. >> a argument is because it is cleaner it is not an illegal substance. but beer is a legal substance and intoxicating substance. and the issue is whether or not she was impaired and intoxicated. it is clever but i don't think it will g. it is a bench trial as opposed to a jury trial. the judge should rule whether or not under the statute it would be sufficient to prosout her. if the answer is no, no need to waste three days to have a trial. >> and we have done a few cases, using cough syrup. and that is not under the statute. and we would have to change the
10:40 am
statute to make what she did illegal. maybe it needs to be changed. >> this is a specific statutory argument that the lawyer is trying to put forth. the judge will probably lean toward this. and it may not be technically on the statute yet and it does not mean it is all inclusive and inhibiting way while driving and so that is all inclusive and what should be done in illinois and include the bath and cough syrup. >> and the law makers pass laws and they can do. that if you read the title 21 of the united states code, there is a long list of substances that are covered and they say intoxicating substance, the preassumption it was to be open
10:41 am
to interpretation. they chose not to list it. >> they have a toxicologist coming in and determine the level of toxity. and can someone on the stand then say i anyhow i was getting high, but no one warned me that i would be driving under the influence if i was using the cough syrushg p or bath salts. >> is that an argument? >> no. i understand the testimony she went to walmart or k-mart and began to inhail to get high. >> it is tough. >> it is presented at some point in terms of the knowledge. was she impaired and she plead guilty and we are not discussing. that we are discussing the sentence. that would be liability phase or what she did wrong. >> the little girl died. >> five-year-old dead and
10:42 am
woman's life is ruined. it is a terrible story. >> we'll see what happens with the judge in that case. jon? religion can have a major influence in presidential election. known 76 evafrjelicals helped to make jimmy carter president. why are they generally linked now to conservative. and iran demanding answers from mark zuckerberg after the website started to land people in jail? okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. smoke? nah, i'm good.
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it's safe to say, thin has never been more in. sargent ultra thin slices. now available in baby swiss, chedder-jack and longhorn colby. >> hi, everyone. i am grechin carlson. veteran groups are upset with one senator, he said the groups carry more about access to secretary shinseki than the veterans. and check out this shot. in the upper left hand corner, a three foot wide construction saw blade heading for the people on the right. what happens next. you want to so the end of that story, all next in the top of the hour. >> and a poat the time and author. remembered for all time.
10:47 am
maya afrmgello. he wrote 30 bocks. one of the famous. i know why the cage bird sings and a grammy winner for a three spoken word alpumand read a poem in president clinton's nomination. she was a professor in wake forest university and no cause of death was immediately announced this morning. maya angelo dead at the age of 86. >> it is with conservative causes. but the evafrjelical movement rose to political prom neps by electing a democrat, jimmy carter. when did they make a move to the right and to the republican party? joining us now, the author of the new book called redeemer. the life of jimmy carter.
10:48 am
& professor of darmouth college. the name of the book "redeemer" what did you mean by that. >> i wanted it to be "redeemer president". but in the accepts that i didn't meany carter came along after watergate and redeemed the country from the sins of watergate and a southern baptist sunday school teacher and promising the american people he would never knowingly lie to them. and redeemer in the second sense. after his presidency which was not successful by most measures, he redeemed himself in the eyes of the country and world through humanitarianests. >> he harnessed the votes of evafrjelicals, right? >> he did.
10:49 am
and part of the reason he was able to do so. there was a brief resurgence in the mid to known 70s and that harkens back to evangeliical. and they were working for equal rights for women and voting rights and very much in support of public education known as common schools at the time. as a way for those on the lower rung of society to improve themselves and aspire in the middle-class. it was a resurgence of progressive evangelecan and jimmy carter articulated many of those same thomes and agenda items. >> he articulated some of them as president. this is part of the speech in the national prayer break fast.
10:50 am
the words born again have a special meaning. we recommit our lives as humble children of god and makes us brother and sisters and family bound pie toys. he but the evangelicals came to abandon him and ultimately turn to help elect ronald reagan in 1980, did they not? >> they did. it's a fascinating story and one of the many paradoxes in jimmy carter's life. to be honest, that story is at the heart of the book and the story that i wanted to tell. >> well, it's a fascinating read. "redeemer" is the book. thanks for being with us, randall balmer. mark zuckerberg wanted in an iranian court. why tehran wants to haul the american billionaire before a judge. we'll explain.
10:51 am
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right now, an iranian judge is trying to haul facebook ceo mark zuckerberg into court. jonathan hunt is live in the newsroom. jonathan? >> this appears to be another part of the ongoing struggle between the hardline judiciary in iran and the more modern instincts of president hassan rouhani. there seems to be a battle over whether facebook's mark
10:55 am
zuckerberg should be answering allegations that facebook owned apps like instagram and what's app violate individual's prooif di. one judge reportedly said today that was not the case. president rouhani himself was quoted last week as describing the cyberworld as an opportunity and asking, quote, why don't we trust our truth? the iranian president is a user of twitter. he said, quote, let people have peace of mind, stop interfering in their affairs, even with good suspensions and out of compassion. but a lot of hardliners believe social media and the internet in general spread a decadent western culture in iran. as for mr. zuckerberg, he's made no public comment on the alleged court summons.
10:56 am
but it seems highly unlikely he would visit an iranian courtroom. >> jonathan, thank you. moments from you, aaron hernandez is due in court, facing new charges that could put him behind bars for the rest of his life. we'll tell you about that. plus, one couple going from rags to riches as their pot of gold hits the auction block.
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10:58 am
10:59 am
wouldn't you like to find a pot of gold? >> why not? yeah. >> one of our most popular stories. the california couple after finding gold now gets the payoff. their buried treasure hits the auction block. they chose to amaremain anonymo after discovering a trove of about 1,400 rare coins while walking their dog on their property somewhere in northern california. one of the cains dated back to 1874 selling for about 15,000 bucks.
11:00 am
the whole collection expected to fetch at least $10 million when the remaining coins are sold. >> and do they have to pay taxes on that? >> they do. but it's free money, the government always gets its share. thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. we start with a fox news alert on a major development breaking right now in the veterans affairs scandal. a report just released from the inspect her general investigating now confirming those allegations of neglect inside the v.a., confirming those. the report finding some 1,700 veterans at the phoenix clinic where this all began were kept on that so-called unofficial secret waiting list and that those patients were and still are at risk of being lost in the shuffle. the report says wait time schemes are department-wide and systemic. and that those schemes have been jeopardizing patient safety. and con


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