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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 30, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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thank you for being part of "the real story." have a great weekend. >> thank you, gretchen. i am in for shep on the fox news deck. president obama saying goodbye to two high-profile members of his team. first, the veterans affairs secretary resigns, then press secretary jay carney is gone as well. ahead, what the changes mean for the white house and for america's veterans. we'll have live fox team coverage straight ahead. >> first from the deck this afternoon, the dramatic shakeup started this morning with the president naming a new man in charge of caring for the nation's military veterans, and a new audit makes it clear he is taking on a very tough task. the former veterans affairs secretary eric shinseki resigned after giving the president his
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own findings. the report shows the problems were not isolated to few hospitals. instead, sick veterans coast to coast had to go without medical care they need when they needed it. many waited months to see a doctor and whistleblowers say dozens of veterans died before they could get help. many workers lied about the wait time to rake in bonuses. they covered up wait times in 64% of the primary va clinics, nationally 13% of the succeed ours say higher-ups told them to cover up the wait times. president obama said he accepted secretary shinseki's resignation with regret and praised the secretary's work, but after lawmakers called for him to step down, president obama said secretary shinseki felt he had been a distraction. >> i want somebody at the va who
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is not spending time outside of solving problems for the veterans. i want somebody who is spending every minute of every day figuring out, have we called every single veteran that is waiting? have they gotten a schedule? are we fixing the system? >> the president appointed this man, sloan gibson, to run the va while he searches for a permanent replacement. gibson was shinseki's deputy. most of the lawmakers who called for the change in leadership say this is a good first step but how speaker john boehner, the top republican in congress, says the announcement changes nothing. he had not called for secretary shinseki to resign and now he is vowing to hold the president accountable for making sure the problems get fixed. more reaction from capitol hill in a moment on that and reaction to the announce. that happened in the past hour, that white house press secretary jay carney is stepping down as well. let's bring in chris wallace. always good to see you.
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especially on this friday with so much news breaking. i talked with you just briefly before the show. you're not surprised by this with the va administration, rather, why not? >> well, because yesterday the political support on capitol hill for secretary shinseki crumbled. 11 senate democrats, a lot of them up for re-election fights, calling for him to step down. a bunch more democrats in the house. he had become in a sense the symbol of the scandal, and whether or not it's fair, that was the perception, and he had to go from the administration's point of view, so they could get out from under this. as long as he was there the questions would be, why did you let the man, who has presided over the va for the last five years -- why are you keeping him on? >> right, and the questions were coming from members of his open party. i heard you earlier call this period we're in now, politically toxic for the white house. why? >> well, in a funny way because
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it's so nonpolitical, and let me just briefly explain that. it doesn't matter whether you're a republican, democrat, liberal, conservative, all of us want the very best care for our veterans, who volunteered to put themselves in harm's way to defend our nation. some of whom are seeking care for injuries they suffered while defending the nation, and because it is so universal, the idea that this kind of lack of care and possible corruption, i think, in fact very likely corruption in the doctoring of records so that administrators could get bonuses or pay raises, this is going on, it's very dangerous for this administration. they solved part of the problem at least politically with eric shinseki leaving but does nothing to solve the problem substantively, as the president admitted. now the question is, are they going to be able to fix this to get better care, quicker care for the nation's veterans. >> this is interesting. it lead to whether or not this
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was criminal. you talk about this being dangerous for the white house. certainly would be if that were the case. >> well, criminal -- i don't think there's any indication the white house knew about this. criminal in the sense that there are a number of indications, a number of whistle-blowers that said that people in the va, managers in the va, were purposely misstating the wait times for these veterans because part of the way they were judged, their success and fail your as administrators-was if they had short wait times. if so you doctor the records some ended up with bonuses and salary increases. that doesn't go to the white house but one of the reason you have miami on the right and left, runs and democrats republicans and democrats calling for the justice department to get involved. >> that leads to the white house because eric holder is barack obama's guy, his pick. one of the most recognize able faces today of the obama administration left an hour ago. why all this on a friday? jay carney. >> i think there's less to this
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than meets the eye. i mean, maybe they decided to put it out now because of the fact that the shinseki resignation is the big story. but five and a half years, and jay had been first the press secretary for vice-president biden, and then for the last three and a half years for barack obama. five and a half years total. that's a long time in those kind of high visibility jobs, as we have seen in the last few days, with the va scandal. you take a lot of hits. and my guess is, he has two young children, it's an opportunity to make some money while this president is still in office. people are more likely to make money when the president they work for is in office than after they've left office, and also spend more time with his family. these jobs are tremendously demanding, 12 hours a day. nothing more here than just the fact he was tired and wanted to leave. >> normally, because of the grueling nature of the job, many press secretaries don't last
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this long. but it's all happening on one day and we're glad you're with us, chris wallace. thank you very much. i can't get enough and i'm sure our viewers cannot. chris will have more on the investigation on "fox news sunday" he'll talk to jeff miller and dr. sam foot. this sunday on your local fox station. check the tv listings for the area -- the time in your area on that. more now on the resignation of the veterans affairs secretary. mike emanuel is live with the news in d.c. mike, speaker boehner was not one of the lawmakers who was calling for shinseki to resign. what is he saying how. >> speaker boehner thanked eric shinseki for his service to the country, and then pressure the president to fix the va for the nation's veterans. >> until the president outlines a vision and an effective plan
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for addressing the broad dysfunction at the va, today's announcement really changes nothing. one personnel change cannot be used as an excuse to paper over a systemic problem. our veterans deserve better. we'll hold the president accountable until he makes things right. >> the concern for many is with the secretary's departure, washington will focus elsewhere and the real problems at the va won't be addressed. >> we saw democrats jumping ship and crossing the political aisle with republicans calling for shinseki to leave. what is their reaction to this? >> one of the first democrats to be critical of the president's handling of the va scandal offered this reaction. >> the president was losing his whole prestige in this. now this gives an opportunity for the president here to really step forward, because general shinseki is no longer there now. the buck stops with the president. it's very important.
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>> the top democrat on the house veterans affairs committee says there's plenty of blame to go around at the va. >> the fact of the matter is that he is secretary, responsible for the department, yes, his management team let him down, gave him false information as they have over the past -- for the committee. >> in many respects replacing shinseki was the easy part. changing the bureaucracy culture and improving efficiency at the va will by the heavy lifting. >> on his way out the door, shinseki had a list of people he fired today and then you see his resignation. so it news some ways wiping the slate clean but you see his deputy, sloan gibson, stepping in. so we'll have continue the story from there thank you very much. we want to show you some of the reaction we're getting from veterans groups after secretary shinseki's resignation. from the american legion, and called for the secretary to step down, quote: it is not the
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solution yet it is a beginning. the solution is not complete with the resignation. too many veterans have waited far too long to receive the benefits they earned. from the veterans of foreign wars of the united states, which had not called for the secretary to leave his post, quote, we support this decision to resign because the outside calls for his resignation were overshadowing the crisis in health care issues that veterans face and that's much more important. >> much moyer ahead on veterans health care. up next, a sneak peek at hillary clinton's upcoming back and her chapter on the attack against our u.s. consulate in benghazi. the excerpt and what it could mean for a possible presidential run. stay close. [ male announcer ] are your joints ready for action?
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hillary clinton reportedly accusing some republicans of playing politics, quote, on the backs of dead americans, with the investigations of the attack on the u.s. outpost in benghazi. according to the web site politico, which quotes experts from her upcoming back, "hard choices." the attack killed the ambassador, a state department officer and two former navy seals. according to politico, mrs. clinton writes of her republican critics, quote, many of these same people are a broken record about unanswered questions but there's a difference between unanswered questions and unlistened to answers, end quote. carl ram ron is live in washington -- cameron was live
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in washington. an interesting road down semantics. any answers in her book? >> hi, harris. in a word, no. the excerpteds that came out remain as defiant and combative as ever. mrs. clinton writes, those who exploit this tragedy over and over as a political tool minimize the sacrifice of those who served the country. will not be part of a political slugfest on the back of dead americans, it's plain wrong and unworthy of cower done -- our great country. tough tough. the timing of the leak is convenient. today top democrats met at the office of third way, think tank created by bill clinton's former aides. the meeting was about national security matters that the former secretary of state would have to deal with, as well as when she will be asked to testify in from of the select committee on benghazi.
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clinton herself met secretly with president obama yesterday. the meeting happened right after the president's summit on sports concussions which mrs. clinton knows about, having suffered a severe concussion in 2012, ruling in a blood clot in her brain, and ongoing questions about her halve. once the book tour ends she will deal with campaign us with the democrats for he 2014 elections and then the 2016 race kicks into high gear, and all this work her supporters have been doing will come in hannity because she is expecting to get a lot of questions from the press. >> interesting timing with the book. >> well, she knew the timing of this. she puts together a virtual full year of sort of book promotion, book-writing, and now a book tour, then comes her hitting the campaign trail on behalf of congressional democrats in the mid-terms. when that expires most of the republican presidential candidates will make their announcement between november
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and dem of this year and june and july of next year, announcing campaigns, and clinton will be in the middle of the presidential speculation. she has not made up her mind yet. look at the organizational stuff and it's clear they're putting together a campaign in waiting. >> or something. carl cameron, thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> there's word that after months of deadly fighting in ukraine thousands of russian forces are pulling back from the ukrainian border. we'll talk with a former united nations ambassador who says, russia, hmm, is playing a long-term game. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a buness idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reali. start your business today with legalzoom.
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russia has pulled back most of its troops from the ukrainian border and the rest of them are apparently packing up their beings to follow suit, according
12:20 pm
to a pentagon spokesperson who says roughly two-thirds of the troops left. the u.s. estimated some 40,000 russian forces were stationed along the border of eastern ukraine. now defense secretary hagel calls the move quote-unquote prom missing. -- promising, days ago pro-russian fighters took over an airport. the ukrainian military fought back with air strikes, dozens died. today nato secretary general announced a meeting with russian diplomats next week. ambassador stuart holliday joining us, a former u.s. ambassador at the united nations. good to have you here today. my first question is, do we trust. the pulling away, russians, from the ukrainian border. >> we have verified a large number of these troops have pulled back but the important thing to recognize is they can redeploy at any minute. they're demonstrated they can
12:21 pm
move quickly into ukraine if they made the decision to do to so. what is more troubling are these russian fighters, check chens and others, coming in that aren't part of the russian army but infiltrating ukraine and causing mayhem. >> they tacks the political onus of the russians to reply fighters. what is the long-term gain i heard you talk about? >> well, for mr. putin, he accomplished some of this objectives. he has the crimea. he has created a sort of muddied situation in eastern ukraine, and what he is going to do is use energy pressure and leverage of the summer to try to rebuild the political base, create some economic hardships so that people will turn back to russia and the ukraine. also turning east towards china and he has created this new zone, including a kazakhstan and belarus, so he wants to create a sort of greater russia center of
12:22 pm
economic power that he can operate from. >> so, what-under our -- what are our main concern friday the united states and what steps should be take that perhaps we haven't taken yet? >> well, first of all, the osce, the organization for security and cooperation europe, their observers held captive in russia. so these are nato member states with people being held captive. this is really about nato stepping up, realizing the cold war as we knew it is not over and that the russian populations in other countries, in the baltics, for example, moldova, that really need to be protecterred. they're nato members. for the longer term it's recognizing that russia in effect needs to be contained but there needs to be a practical path forward with them as well. >> are we the country to try to contain russia. >> it's not us alone. we're still the most powerful country on earth but historic ties in eastern europe with the
12:23 pm
uu, countries like germany, france, obviously, countries in the region that need to step up, and be part of constructive and )q part of constructive right direction. >> ambassador, before i let you go quickly, critics said about this administration we have lost some of our power or perception thereof. are you concerned at all about what we can interject? a situation like this enough fact we have bled away some of the powers we had and influence. >> i think the situation in syria is a more stark example of where we stepped up and said we were going to intervene at one point and we said we got the chemical weapons out. in the case of russia and the ukraine, our military leverage was quite limited. but i do think it did expose, if you will, the limitations we had, and we need to be able to work with our allies to create more options. >> stuart holliday, thank you for joining us on this friday. >> thank you. >> a new arrest connected to the
12:24 pm
bombings that killed three people and injured more than 2 of 0 others last year can he boston marathon. police have nabbed a suspect this morning at his apartment. he worked as a taxi driver and that is his cab in the parking lot. the man is a legal u.s. resident, now faces obstruction charges. prosecutors say he was friends with the accused bombers but lied to investigators about that. he apparently had dinner with them the night of -- after the attacks and tried to contact them after officials had identified them as suspects. they say he also deleted information off of his computer, including internet search searches and even asked somebody to destroy his cell phone. that person refused to do so. the suspect appeared in federal court an hour ago. our producer says he told the judge he could not afford an attorney. our producer there inside the courtroom said the judge then said the court would appoint one. his next appearance is set for next week. coming up, more on a very busy news day in our nation's capitol, and the shakeups inside
12:25 pm
the obama administration. we'll head to the white house for a live update, and a new report shows student debt is skyrocketing. but at the same time salaries for recent graduates are going in the opposite direction. if your kids are paying off student loans we have in tips to help ease the pain since their paychecks won't be keeping up anytime soon. that's ahead on the fox news deck.
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this is the fox report. top video making news. an oak high school officer is in troubleafter a surveillance camera showed him slapping a team are teen in a wheelchair and then dumping him on the floor. the school district fired the officer and prosecutors charged him with child abuse. >> flames spread quickly as emergency crews battled a fire in los angeles county. the infor -- infor -- not word
12:28 pm
on what started the fire. >> records -- 340 people climbed to the top to raise awareness about polio, two dozen more than the previous record which open -- oprah win free set in 2011. they flew more than 275 flags. much more after these messages.
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updating fox top story, a day of big changes inside the beltway in d.c. president obama announcing the resignation of the head of veterans affairs. that's the department that comes under fire for delaying medical care to the men and women who served our great nation. the president then surprised reporters at the white house press briefing not long ago and announcees offed the long-serving press secretary jay carney is leaving. >> i'm going to miss him a lot
12:31 pm
and will rely on him as a friend and advisor as he leaves to spend as much of the summer with his kids before he decides what is next for him. whatever it is, i know he will be outstanding at it. >> president obama announced carney's deputy press secretary, josh ernest, will take the job now. ed henry is at the white house. this is unexpected especially with everything else going on. >> certainly was. two personnel announce. s in one day. president's got a european trip next week so perhaps they wanted to get this business out of the way and not have it hanging over next week as he takes care of the important international business, you saw the hug from president obama, a bro hug there, and then he has been white house press secretary for three and a half years. you see him shaking hands there with josh ernest, a familiar
12:32 pm
face. the principal dep toy jay carney, a grueling job. throw and a half years, he has been take something tough questions on the va scandal and men other issues, talker about how he has young kids, his wife, claire, an accomplish it journalist at abc news, wants to spend more time at home with the family, a little less time with me. >> i would ask if you guys gave him a bear hug. you're so close. >> we'll take him to lunch. it'ses a very sayreal -- it's adversarial but here web site. tell me about his replacement. >> near the end, jay carney let him come up to the podium. josh ernest filled inch a kid from missouri and worked through the obama campaign. i decided to press him on, we have to get down to business
12:33 pm
right away. and secretary shinseki steppings down today and as the president said earlier today, that something the secretary was deeply disappointed about is that bad news did not fill their up to him. i pressed josherness on -- josh ernest why the information never came to the president. >> no doubt the president wished he had a better sense of exactly what the depths of the problems at the veterans administration. it goes without saying. because if he had, we would have had a better chance to fix them sooner. but suffice to say this is a problem that the president will tackle head on. >> a changing of the guard here at the white house podium, but the bottom line is those tough questions will remain in the days ahead. a president on a series of these controversies has appeared to be out of the loop, learning some news from the media. so it's a question of the days ahead not just for the va to fix
12:34 pm
this broken healthcare system but why it is here at the white house that the president seems to be surprised by a whole series of these events. >> it was interesting to hear the reports that shinseki said to the president he was sorry the president didn't get the bad news passed to him in real time as it was happening. >> absolutely, or passed up to him in the oval office. this is the kind of thing the president vowed he would be there for veterans. the president said at the podium today he has been increasing the budget for veterans but that money doesn't appear to be getting to those vas -- veterans-some who might have died. the president said there could be criminal charges. he'll let the justice department to decide there could be people going to jail over this. >> absolutely, and we'll be on top of all of it. ed henry outside the white house today. thank you very mitch. >> good to see you. >> amy stoddard is here now, the associate editor of the nil
12:35 pm
washington. quite a day. i want to start with what you're hearing about what it's like right now inside the white house. >> well, think that -- ed noted with the president trying to leave and the resignation of general shinseki so imminent and so obvious, they had a window in which to do this. they could have done it over the weekend, but i think that the announcement of the departure of jay carney at the same time as the announce. of the resignation of the va secretary is interesting and i wonder if it was just the last time the president and jay carpey could be together for a big hug in front of everybody or what but certainly not the kind of thing they wanted to happen at the same time. wouldn't have been planned this way. >> as we move ahead one thing that is still resonating with me about the big news is shep second can i saying this was systemic and he fired a bunch of people, headed of departments,
12:36 pm
and so my first question is, why didn't that happen before? and -- well go ahead. >> that's an interesting question. he was with some veterans representatives, heads of groups, just yesterday, saying he wanted to clean this up and wanted to keep on going, and didn't give any hint he would resign, and again, this is the kind of thing -- he is a decent and honorable man who served his country, a decorated war hero, and you saw the president very protective of him. people on capitol hill in both parties protective of him but the fact is he did not inherent a va that was doing the right thing. it was not an effective organization. it was a troubled bureaucracy and he knew it at the time he came in. so really in the enthat's where the accountability lies, not as if it was a functional place. so if they were warned in 2005 there were long delays and negative impact of the health of veterans and then told we'll
12:37 pm
turn this around northern at the top have to be held accountable. >> here's the other thing that popped in my head is a watched the rollout of people resigning from the obama administration. shinseki tried to put into place and call out on bernie sanders of vermont to put in this bill to congress to make it easier to fire people at the va. was that an indication that none of that got done because it was impossible before? >> you know, i think that when you leave and you're still trying to convince people that you served credibly and you cared and even as the crisis was break out around you, you wanted to do the right thing, it wouldn't surprise me that he would have some recommendations, but the va accountability bill is something he could have pushed very hard for in recent months, and weeks, and is also something that the president has indicated he has some conflicted feelings about. so, it would lead to excess litigation, et cetera. so it's the kind of thing where i'm not saying he doesn't believe it would help, but he
12:38 pm
didn't make that clear until now. >> interesting. amy stoddard, thank you very minute. a busy news friday for news washington, dc. glad you were along breaking it down. >> if your buried in student loan dead your not alone. 40 million americans have outstanding loans according to the web site student debt 40 million. more than the entire population of most countries. and then there's this. according to the same web site, over the past decade, student debt has increased by more than 500%. but average salaries for young workers certainly not increases at that pace. in fact they're going in the other direction. they've gone down by 10%. the federal government made a record $50 billion on student loans last year for the congressional budget officers. you know, that's about five billion more than exxonmobil, the nation's most profitable company. jerri willis is here with some
12:39 pm
tips. >> there's more student loan debt now than ever before. $1.3 trillion. when you dig down you find the average student loan debt, $30,000 and more. these people getting another of college right now are living lies of high finance that their parents never imagined. they're balancing multiple loans. so here's some things you can do right now if you want to get that under control. a., consolidate your loans. put them all in one loan. that way you'll have fewer statements to track, won't have to worry bit. secondly, also think about paying the high rate debt first. people have lots of loans, right? -- >> i'm taking notes. >> people were asking me in the green room. high rate loan debt first because that's what costs you so much money. get rid of the debt and ask for repayment schedules that are longer for your government debt. finally, income-bakessed repayment. based on how much now you make. don't have to pay anymore 10% of your disposable income toward this loops, another program.
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and one thing people don't talk about very often but is very important, if you work in the public sector, you work for the government, for not for profit, if you have ten years of perfect payment on your loans they forgive the rest at the end of ten years. so you have to work for the government or not for profit. >> that's fascinating. can we brees back on the consolidation. that isn't always easy. >> no. not always ease and not for everyone. i you have special caveats on the loans, like you have two years of perfect payment we'll reduce the rate you may lose that advantage if you consolidate. so you need to know what the special perks are. >> who helps you navigate all of this? is there some expert -- will you come to my house when my kid goes to college? >> lots of great experts and authorities out there. start with the people administering your loan to ask for special help becauser becauo struggling to make payments. >> most people gets' form of national astance to go to d
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assistance to go to college but not everybody needs is? >> i have to tell you i don't know too many college students who are getting money, loans from the federal government, that they don't need. the prices have riz son -- his son far for so fast. colleged fees went up, up, up. >> you have given us great information. i have some time. mine or five and seven. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> a major ruling in the legal battle over radio icon casey kasem's medical care. his wife and daughter faced off in court and the daughter made some stunning claims about her dad's health. [ dennis ] it's always the same dilemma --
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[ female announcer ] with allstate you get great protection and a great price, plus an agent! drivers who switched saved an average of $498 a year. call now and see how much you can save. just a few more ways allstate is changing car insurance for good. [ female announcer ] call an allstate agent and get a quote now. he health of legendary top 40 radio host casey kasem has deteriorated since his wife took him from the los angeles home without telling the rest of the family, according to kasem's daughter who spoke in a court hearing in washington state today. >> when he left he didn't have an infection, didn't have bed sores, didn't have bladder infection of he now has a stage three bed sore, a lung infection and bladder infection. >> it has been a fight. the daughter and her stepmother have been fighting over okay september's medical -- okay september's medical care since he and his wife went missing. they eventually tracked down the
12:46 pm
couple west of seattle. the daughter has the right to see her dad for an hour every day. a different judge in los angeles put her in charge of his medical care. okay september -- kasem's daughter says he has a form of dementia and can no longer walk and barely speak. jean kasem said her husband wants her to take care of her. ashley merchant is a criminal defense attorney, who has the legal standing. >> the judge in l.a. ruled the daughter is able to see her dad, and so jean okay september doesn't have -- kasem can't have a leg to stan on and can't stop the daughter from visiting the dad. so if carry -- carey wants to see her father she can do that. >> how does the law work here you. can't take care of yourself, is it kind of like being a minor in that sense, if you leave the state with somebody you're in big trouble? >> v very much like having a
12:47 pm
minor child and having a custody battle where different family members want visitation or want to determine what is in the best interest. it's the exact same situation. and the judge is actually in the same position as the judge in a child custody case, where they're trying to determine the best welfare of the child and the best interests of the child. it's the same thing. the judge is trying to determine the best welfare and the best interests of mr. kasem. >> what is really confusing to me --' maybe there's more to this than meets the eye that we dent know about. children don't have a will. casey kasem was really famous. everybody knows him. i'm going to guess he made in money. he didn't have a will? wouldn't that determine his care? >> there's a lot going back anding for who had power of attorney, who took advantage him daughter went and got her power of attorney but there's some speculation that casey's deterioration might have been too far gone so the power of attorney may not be valid. so it's really important to have
12:48 pm
a living well and a healthcare directive and have all of these things drawn up when you're of sound mind so if something like this happens your wishes are fulfilled. otherwise we're playing monday morning quarterback and trying to guess what would casey really want. he can't tell us now. what would he want when he was of sound mound so take care of that when you are in sound mind. >> and he has people who love him at the center of a nasty identifying. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> well, much more ahead. lea gabriel has the fox report. >> americans were more frugal last month. shoppers cut spending by 1 percent. analysts record it's unlikely have to an impact on the economic recovery. europeans now have a way to erase themselves from google. the internet search giant is allowing users to fill out a form requesting the remove of
12:49 pm
links to personal or embarrassing information. this comes after a european union court rule people can demand that search engines remove oxable links from the -- objectionable links. it's the right to be forgotten. >> check this out. mom account quite ready show off the kids but thatstop zookeeperrers from sending this video. they will separate the group so they can weigh the cubs and determine their sex. how cute. >> i love that. that's how moms. we're protective like that. >> yes. >> the private company spacex give us an up close look how it plans to get astronauts to and from space and it's behind that curtain. honestly, the off-season isn't really off for me. i've got a lot to do. that's why i got my surface.
12:50 pm
it's great for watching game film and drawing up plays. it's got onenote, so i can stay on top of my to-do list, which has been absolutely absurd since the big game. with skype, it's just really easy to stay in touch with the kids i work with. alright, russell you are good to go! alright, fellas. alright, russ. back to work!
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12:53 pm
unlike sandra bull lock i love space. we have the spacecraft of the future to show you. spacex unveiled the first ever manned capsule last night, designed to carry up to seven astronauts. the an nation on the wall hip me shows me how the spaceship is designed to work. i it's called the dragon v2. spacex's billionaire ceo gave people a first hand look at his new spacecraft. he says the dragon v2 is a big leap forward in technology and really takes things to a new level. the next level, trace gallagher has more from the west coast news hub. tell us more. >> when musk says it's going to be cool you have to believe him. the dragon v2 will blast off into space aboard the falcon 9
12:54 pm
rocket but this is a peek into the future. the nose of the ship opens up so it can dock to the international space station, and then instead of splashing down in the ocean the dragon v2 has landing legs that pop down and then there's a powerful propulsion system that allows it to land anywhere kind of like a help. listen now to elon musk. >> the reason that this is really important apart from the convenience of the landing location, is that it enables rapid reusability of the spacecraft, so you can just reload propellants and fly again. >> pretty cool. just fill it up and send it back to the space station. by the way it will still have parachutes like the other space ships in case there's any kind of problem with the landing legs or the propulsion system. >> that's all really cool on the outside. what about the inside? >> very star trekish. look at the pictures inside.
12:55 pm
this thing was designed to be very bold and bright. the seats are in two levels witch computer swings that swing up, state-of-the-art commuters and then the crew has big windows to take in the amazing views from space. the first test flight with humans should be sometime in 2016 with the actual flight going to the iss scheduled for sometime in 2017. keep in mind, boeing and sierra nevada two other companies, are also working on private spacecraft for now. we're told that astronauts have to hitch a ride -- we're not told -- they have to hitch a ride aboard the soyez rocket. >> we'll be right back. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu.
12:56 pm
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block. on this day in 1971 nasa launched mariner ix, the very first spacecraft to orbit mars. scientist designs the spacecraft to cap pure picture -- capture pictures and gather information but dus clouded the martian surface but when the dust settled, mariner ix made amazing discoveries, volcanos, dried riverbeds and a massive canyon. mariner ix spent a year going around the red planet. it's been a busy one out of washington today.
1:00 pm
we covered all the breaking news. glad to have you along for the hour. have a fabulous weekend, "your world" with neil cavuto in four seconds. >> see ya. resignation delivered and now to the dollars revving up. welcome everybody. just seconds after accepting va secretary eric shinseki's resignation president obama saying maybe the problem can be solve by giving the va more money, but what does montel william things of that? he is back and brought a friend with him, military veteran. first, to republican senate candidate scott brown on whether the president has gone far enough. >> i called for secretary shinseki's ouster or resignation in the beginning of may. one of the first ones to do that.