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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 24, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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actually pull an awful lot of data from them. so i'll make you a deal, you go find those destroyed hard drives, we'll see what we can do. >> are you listening, chairman koskinen? hand them over to nsa. they're going to help us out. see you tomorrow. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. at this hour millions of radical islamists are plotting to exterminate jews and christians all around the globe. we have extensive reports all throughout this hour. and in a moment we will speak exclusively to a christian living in iraq who now fears for the safety of his family and his friends. it's an interview you'll only see right here on "hannity." but first, the violence is escalating in the middle east. and if anyone needed proof that hamas is out to destroy israel, we have it for you tonight. and it comes to us straight from the official hamas charter. it reads in part "israel will exist and will continue to exist until islam will obliterate it just as it obliterated others
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before it." this hateful rhetoric against jews and israelis is not just confined to hamas because in france huge anti-semitic protests have broken out leading to violent clashes with police. and when it comes to christians, look at this map. these are the areas where christians are being persecuted all around the globe. in nigeria the terrorists of boko haram -- arrested a u.s. iranian pastor in 2012 for spreading the christian faith, he remains in captivity today. in iraq the terror group isis is giving christians in mosul on saturday to convert to islam, pay a tax, leave the city and if they don't, they may as well be executed. joining me now with the very latest on this very tense situation is zahud. >> the situation is really
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miserable. the humanitarian side is really bad. approximately 450 families that had to leave by force headed north. lots of coordination being conducted by the local government in -- the kurdish side of the government and provide basic needs of those. they were basically driven out by force. they were not even able to take their own id cards or money or anything. >> all right. thank you. and we now have another shocking story to share with you, a sudanese woman who had been sentenced to death for refusing to renounce her christian faith was finally able to find safety in italy. and today she met with the pope. standing by with the very latest details is fox's own leland vittert. >> reporter: sean, miriam had become -- she actually gave birth to one of her children
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while in jail reportedly chained up all because of her faith. early this morning she landed in rome with her children and husband for a meeting with pope francis. the 27-year-old and the pontiff talked for about half an hour with her children in tow. she thanked the pontiff for his prayers and solidarity along with help getting her released. the pontiff then gave her a rosary. now, she was born to a muslim father and christian mother, but in sudan she was not allowed to marry a christian. when she did marry a christian back in 2011, the sudanese government stepped in and ended up sentencing her to death. her husband is an american citizen. and they tried to leave the country once her death sentence had been overturned, but the sudanese government then said no. up until yesterday she was living at the u.s. embassy for her own protection. but at a hearing on capitol hill on wednesday meriam's case was highlighted and her supporters along with members of congress were not happy with the state department's handling of her
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case. >> the u.s. government's disinterest in the plight of an american and his family is simply indefensible. >> reporter: and now that she is out it's unclear exactly what the feeling will be, but we have learned that the italian government was actually instrumental in gaining her freedom. they are from sudan. she's going to be in rome for a few more days and then fly to the united states, sean, with her husband and children to start their new life of freedom here in america. sean. >> and, leland, that you think. and in the middle east clashes between hamas and israel forces continue at this hour. fox's own conor powell standing by with the very latest tonight. conor. >> reporter: sean, for the past few days we've seen growing fighting between hamas and israeli soldiers, but thousands of palestinians have taken israeli advice leaving that area taking shelter in u.n. facilities. but even those facilities today offered no safety. the fighting can be seen from a
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distance. inside the palestinian neighborhood civilians take shelter in u.n. schools like this one. hamas operates in the area, their flags are visible. with fighting intensifying, the u.n. said it tried to coordinate a window with israel for civilians to leave the area. it was never granted. just a few minutes ago a u.n. school just like this full of kids and refugees was hit by shelling. everybody here saying they are angry, there's nowhere safe, they want the international kmubt community to help. there are no reports of fighters inside the shelter. still, israeli shell destroyed the building, at least 15 people were killed, 70 injured. we're seeing women and children and young boys and girls brought in. the old as well. there's an endless amount of casualties being brought to this hospital. the israeli military says they are investigating the incident but blame hamas for using civilians as human shields. sean, there is no doubt that hamas is operating among civilians, firing weapons and
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rockets from civilian areas. i've seen it with my own eyes, but in this case we're getting word from israeli officials that it's a case of israeli artillery hitting the wrong spot. sean. >> and, conor, thank you. we want to go back to iraq where the isis deadline in mosul is fast approaching. now, christians must denounce their faith or face possible execution. and as a result they are living in fear all across the country. joining me now from iraq is caldo igana, who is a christian. thank you. welcome to the program. you're doing this a great risk to yourself, are you not? >> for us -- people to killing and ethnic clensing. it's not about individual anymore. this is about people. and of course we are all in fear.
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if you have let's say going to attack that we need from united states to use air power to stop isis moving on us. >> yeah. i can tell you i think what i heard you say is you want the united states to help. you have until saturday -- you have a saturday deadline. and you will either pay a tax, leave or be killed or renounce your faith and convert to islam. what do you plan on doing? >> you know, the islamic militia -- it has invaded the second largest city mosul and moved everything from the city. they seized the church, burned the fuel and took all houses. and they gave us three choices, convert to islam, pay tax and leave or be killed.
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thousands have fled and now refugees. >> kaldo. >> yeah. >> what will you do? we've seen the brutality of isis. we know what they're capable of. so are you willing to pay a tax? are you willing to leave? do you not think you'll be killed if you stay? >> nobody now mosul are empty from christian. they fled and now they are refugees and kurdish region. >> what about you? what are you going to do? >> me? i'm now -- and that's secure. if isis want to attack somewhere, no one stop isis.
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and invade mosul exactly. they are approaching now and they will attack the village and also eventually will attack -- they want to establish caliphate all over the place. so they don't have any safe region. >> all right. we really appreciate you being with us. our thoughts and prayers are with the people that are literally being uprooted and facing death at this hour. and when we come back, why is america's largest muslim civil rights group showing sympathy for terrorists? and is care siding with hamas in the israeli-palestinian conflict? we have a fair and balanced debate. and coming up later, more as the busy news night continues on "hannity." starts with back pain...
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welcome back to "hannity." the care has called on america to end -- the pro-muslim organization said in part "the u.s. government must not remain silent about israel's unjust and disproportionate use of force against palestinians in gaza because american taxpayers provide israel with billions of dollars of aid each year. we have a right to demand that those funds not be used to take the lives of innocent civilians." now interestingly enough there was no mention of the terrorist group, hamas, and their role in this conflict. after all, they started this conflict. so my question is why is america's largest muslim so-called civil rights group
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showing sympathy to terrorists? here to debate this from the american islamic forum for democracy, dr. jaszer with us. also joining us executive director of the jerusalem fund of palestinian center in washington, usef moner is with us. if i fire 1,600, 2,000 rockets into your neighborhood, i kidnap three children in your neighborhood, students, and i kill them, what do you think the proper proportional response is? >> maybe you should stop the ongoing for decades-long military occupation of palestinian territory. >> okay, listen, we can take it back to the 1948 partition plan, and we can look at the '67 war, the '73 war and the hostilities brought to israel. they did give land for peace nine years ago. now i'm asking you a question, if thousands of rockets are fired in your neighborhood and kids in your neighborhood are
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kidnapped, what are you going to do? >> sean, if the united states -- >> what are you going to do? >> i'm going to try to answer your question if you stop badgering me. thank you. if the united states was invaded by a foreign military and besieged and surrounded and the food that was coming into the united states was counted by the calories so that people would be put on a diet, as the israelis claim -- >> no, no -- >> let me finish. >> you're justifying -- no, you are making a rationalization. for kidnapping and murder. and you want to blame the victims in this case. zudi. >> the only people blaming the victim here is you. because there are countless civilians who are yet -- >> yousef, we can't continue to explain these things away. for crying out loud it's
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ramadan. and the fbi by matter of policy will not interact with because of the fact they won't condemn hamas as a terrorist organization. and still to this day they will not recognize them because of that. so they, just like hitting a softball -- >> yousef, i have a question. >> let me finish. hamas starts a war, war after war and use that to say it's a bigger narrative, it's about the occupation. meanwhile, they have a gender apartheid inside gaza, christians are evacuating because churches are being burned, their doctrine is fascist and genocide dal against jews. palestinians aren't represented by hamas, i don't believe, and yet they allow hamas to drive the narrative globally and start wars. >> i want to ask yousef a question. is hamas a terrorist organization? >> do i get to actually speak now? >> you get to answer the question. it's a simple yes or no question. is hamas -- >> you invited me on here.
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sir, you invite ed me on here -- >> i'm asking you a question. is hamas whose charter calls for the destruction of israel, is that a terrorist organization? that's a yes or no question. >> thank you for your question. now i will provide an answer. it's very telling to me -- and should be telling to your viewers as well by the way, that the moment you have a palestinian voice on your program who begins to explain the legitimate grievances of palestinian -- >> answer. answer the question. >> am i guest on your program or am i on a filibuster -- >> answer the question. is hamas a terrorist organization? >> the u.s. considers hamas a terrorist organization. >> i didn't ask what the united states thinks. i asked what you think. >> if you think that we are going to have any progress in this situation by simply yelling at me -- >> is -- i'll ask you -- let me ask you nicely. >> let me ask you, sir, a question. >> is hamas a terrorist
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organization? yes or no? >> let me ask you a question. >> you don't answer a question with a question. is hamas -- what part of this can't you get through your thick head? is hamas a terrorist organization? >> excuse me? >> yes or no? >> excuse me? >> yes or no? >> i already answered your question. >> you did not. >> well, this is the problem, yousef, is we cannot -- why is he asking you if it's a terrorist organization? because terrorist organizations use children as shields, launch rockets into civilian populations, start a war that victimizes the poor children that are being killed in this war. and just like when america has to go into afghanistan, has to go into iraq, we saw pictures from c.a.r.e. and other organizations saying america is fighting -- and we have a war with unfortunate deaths that happen. >> do i get to say anything? >> you didn't say hamas is a terrorist organization. good-bye. coming up next, the big board to outline the latest examples of
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anti-israeli bias in the mainstream media and beyond. and dr. charles krauthammer joins us to respond to a report. later, is the west losing the second cold war to vladimir putin? we'll tell you who's suggesting that. we'll check in with colonel north as he's here tonight as "hannity" continues.
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welcome back to "hannity." not surprisingly the mainstream media's coverage of israel's offensive against the hamas terrorists in gaza is far from fair and balanced. now even some politicians are showing their anti-israeli bias. now "fox & friends" cohost standing by at the "hannity" big board to explain. >> hi, sean. we have some examples to prove all of this. well, heavy fighting continued today between israel and hamas as you know. today marked day 16 of this conflict. and with no hope for a cease-fire any time soon, politicians, the media and even members of the obama administration are constantly addressing the situation.
7:21 pm
but it is not all in defense of israel. take a look at a few of our examples that we found just from this week alone. >> when you look at what's happening right now in gaza, this is a massive massacre. and one epic series of war crime after war crime. >> it's unfortunate that we can hear israeli spokespeople who are speaking on behalf of a military force that is inflicting massive civilian casualties on the ground, stand here in front of your viewers and essentially blame the victims for their own deaths. >> i do believe israel can do more to avoid the types of civilian casualties we've seen in recent days. we've been heartbroken at the loss of palestinian life, the loss of children, so we do believe israel has to take greater care to avoid those types of civilian casualties. >> you've seen the widely chronicled story of the boys on the beach in gaza who were killed. how does it strike you as a father? >> and, sean, there have been
7:22 pm
some recent headlines that have caught our attention as well including this, from yahoo, casualty numbers raise questions about war in gaza. and then there's this one from al jazeera, gaza under heavy attack despite truce effort. israeli military pummels gaza sending thousands of residents fleeing. we are also witnessing an anti-israel bias beyond the united states. earlier this morning the turkish prime minister had this to say. >> translator: let me respond to this israel with one particular thing, one, who finances israel? two, israel is a terrorist state. they are creating a wave of terror with what they're doing now. >> well, we will of course continue to watch the coverage of the israeli-hamas conflict in the days and in the weeks to come. sean, back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. and for more reaction we bring in author of the "new york times" best seller for the past
7:23 pm
nine months things have matter our good friend charles krauthamm krauthammer. charles, i'm having a hard time, a really hard time, understanding this president and those that do not have the moral clarity to understand that israel is a victim of terror surrounded by one enemy after the other that wants to destroy them. to me this is about american values as well as the values of freedom for the israelis. and so many people including the president don't get it, charles. help me out, why? >> well, look, in the mainstream press and in the world press you are really looking at an orwellian universe. does anybody tell you that a week ago before the ground incursion egypt offer a cease-fire the israelis immediately accepted it, hamas said no. there would have been no ground incursion at all had hamas simply accepted the cease-fire.
7:24 pm
that's a fundamental fact it didn't happen in 1948. that's not ancient history. this is last week. you go back just one more week, who began this? does anybody imagine that israel has any interest in a cross-border war with gaza? that it would be invading gaza willy nilly for no reason, endangering its troops. it's already lost about 30 soldiers. israel has absolutely no desire to do that. and then you hear talk about the israeli occupation. does no one remember that nine years ago israel pulled out of gaza taking out all the settlements, all the military, everything it had in place. there is not a single settler, not a single soldier, not a single jew left in gaza. and does anybody remember, or does anybody report, that when the israelis left they left
7:25 pm
30,000 greenhouses where they grew flowers and fruit for export and gave it to the gaza palestinians wanting to encourage economic development, open commerce and peace. and what did they get? the palestinians who spent nine years turning gaza instead of into a free palestinian state into a terror camp with rockets, mortars and tunnels. that's where all the cement went. that's where all their effort went. that's where all the money went. >> charles, i find this moral l inexplicable to me. you have israel as a beacon of freedom, an outpost of liberty. and what are they surrounded by? ruthless genocide dictators and terrorist groups. i can run through the name and lists of them. dedicated to destruction. to this very day we have the grand poobah in iran talking
7:26 pm
about wiping israel off the map again. what would we do in this country if 2,000 rockets were fired into our cities? what would we do if three american students were kidnapped and murdered in cold blood by a group, a neighboring group? what would we do? to me this is a simple equation. but the president doesn't seem to have that moral clarity. what is wrong with him? >> look, i would put the weight of this not on the president, i would put it on the media. i would put it on the reporters. i would put it on world opinion. i mean, look at the demonstrations that you had in europe. those were blatantly anti-semitic. even the president of france had to admit behind it was anti-semitism. we know the way in polite society you can express your anti-semitism. there are two causes of the bias, of the orwellian discourse. number one particularly in europe, less in the u.s., particularly in europe this is
7:27 pm
rank centuries old anti-semitism simply with the veneer of anti-semitism. they attack jews, they attack synagogues, they hurl ep that thes and insults. this is anti-semitism that continues. there was a 50-year hiatus in europe over the shame of holocaust where you weren't allowed to be anti-semitic. that is now over. we're back to the second reason, simple rank ignorance. they don't know the story. they do not know the history i just talked about a few minutes ago. they don't know what israel offered gaza, what it offered the west bank. do you ever hear anybody report that when israel left gaza nine years ago unilaterally at the same time it dismantled four settlements in the west bank? that was a signal from sharon that he wanted to eventually leave all the territories and live in peace with the
7:28 pm
palestinians in gaza and the west bank. but you never hear that. and let me ask you this, sean. outside of fox how many of news outlets have reported that the united nations agency in gaza has found in not one but two schools rockets? now, you tell me, sean, if you try to smuggle 20 rockets into your old high school and you put them in a classroom, do you think no one in the school would have known? the u.n. workers who run the schools know about this, they collaborated with hamas. and has anybody reported what they did when they found the rockets? they turned them over to hamas, which will be used to kill innocent jews. >> by the way, the american government is giving that coalition palestinian hamas government taxpayer dollars, just like we gave president morsi the former head of the muslim brotherhood in egypt. we're making -- this is a very scary time to see so many people
7:29 pm
lined up on the wrong side of morality here. charles krauthammer, good to see you. >> it's been a pleasure, thank you, sean. and coming up, "time" magazine declares russia is losing the second cold war to russian president vladimir putin. colonel north will weigh in on that. and later tonight. >> everybody here from what i heard that it was excruciating. you don't know what excruciating is. >> that woman and her husband, they'll be here to react tonight to the botched execution of the man who murdered their family members. tonight, that exclusive and more as "hannity" continues. ♪ your eyes. even at a distance of 10 miles... the length of 146 football fields.
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7:35 pm
game. now, someone should tell the white house, now you remember this gem from white house press secretary josh earnest just last week. >> i think there have been a number of situations in which you've seen this administration intervene in a meaningful way that has substantially furthered american interests and substantially improved the, you know, the tranquility of the global community. >> is he hanging with snoop dogg in the bathroom of the white house? tranquility, rockets in gaza, commercial planes shot out of the sky, violent islamists terrorizing iraq as we reported earlier tonight, that does not sound like tranquility to me. here with reaction the author of "counterfeit lies," colonel oliver north is with us. substantial improved tranquility of the global community making america substantially safer -- better interest. do you agree with that?
7:36 pm
>> no. and i don't think anybody at "time" magazine does either. in fact, the left in america realizes now what vladimir putin has known all along. putin, by the way, knows what he wants to do, knows what he needs to do to get it. he wants to have gemini over eastern europe all the way to the pacific. and he's convinced obama not to build an abm system in poland, the czech republic, he's reclaimed part of georgia, he's annexed crimea, he's planning on putting east if not all of ukraine in russia's orbit. he's succeeding in keeping al assad in power in damascus. when obama refused to acknowledge al si si in cairo, it was puttin who went there to give them $2 billion in aid. and now you have cuba, venezuela and nicaragua all asking for russian military aid advisors in
7:37 pm
combined exercises. putin controls all the organs in russia and thanks to eddie snoedsnoe snowden, the new normal in america is not tranquility. in fact, in the globe it's terror. and putin's decision to put that sa-11 buk launcher in the hands of russian separatists and then fire the missiles with russian technicians is further proof of it. now we've, by the way, heard in the last couple of hours we've now learned our state department, our state department, has announced that the two ukrainian aircraft that were shot down this week were shot down from russia as they were flying over ukrainian territory. >> so they're getting more brazen. back to the snowden part of this. putin is obviously enjoying, you know, upstaging obama, embarrassing him on the world stage. earlier today on wbur radio hillary clinton claimed the
7:38 pm
russian reset worked. let me play this tape for you. >> the reset was a device to try to refocus attention on the transactional efforts that we needed to get done with the russians. the reset succeeded, but we had to make adjustments given the fact that putin was going to resume both the real position of presidency and began, i thought, and argued to be more aggressive in his foreign policies. >> the reset succeeded? this is success? >> look at, obviously everybody that's working in this administration and those who just left it think we're all stupid. well, we're not stupid. and the polling shows that. the american people realize what's happening right now in russia, in the middle east, in our own hemisphere, even the canadians are upset with us because of the xl pipeline. think of this, sean, every other
7:39 pm
president has made relationships with other foreign leaders that matter think with fdr and truman and churchill, think jfk and conrad, think ronald reagan and thatcher, all of those relationships made a difference. can you think of a single one where we got a better relationship with a foreign leader today than we had five and a half years ago? >> no. >> i can't. >> i can't. >> and we have two more years plus to deal with. the reality is we need to hope and pray we can hang on long enough to elect a real commander in chief because we're really going to need it. >> let me ask you about israel in this sense. i view this administration as the most anti-israeli administration in history. now, the prime minister can't say it. the ambassadors can't say it. they're not goipg to say it. i talk to a lot of people on the ground. you have a lot of friends there, i have a lot of friends there. i think we ought to be standing side by side with them and not trying to pressure them behind their back to retreat and withdraw. i think they ought to take out
7:40 pm
hamas once and for all and make israel a safe country again where rockets can't be fired into. what are the israelis to do lacking america's support here? >> sean, since 1948, may of 1948, the first person to recognize the state of israel as the jewish state. since then no american president of any party has ever given the leadership of israel any reason to doubt our resolve to back them until now. we ought to be very concerned about what happens in this contest today. what we're seeing by the way four times israel has agreed to a cease-fire. four times hamas has rejected the cease-fire. we now have turkey's prime minister, claiming israel has been performing genocide every day. the iotola is in iran, muslim
7:41 pm
brotherhood government in turkey and the dynasty in qatar are the real friends of hamas terrorists. john kerry, when he went to cairo to broker what he called for an immediate cease-fire was actually searched by egyptian security services, the first time that's ever happened to head of state. i talked to them after it happened, said it's a matter of trust. no one trusts us. our enemies don't respect us. they certainly don't. obviously putin has shown that repeatedly. china's doing it right now. we're seeing it in north korea. we're seeing it with iran. we're now looking at america that has no real friends around the world. and we need allies. we cannot go it alone. when al sisi, no friend of the muslim brotherhood tells secretary of state things he doesn't know about, by the way, i, al sisi brokered the first cease-fire and hamas turned it
7:42 pm
down. no one in this administration seems to care. and we're losing this fight because of a lack of america's leadership not just in one or two places but around the world. and here's the really sad fact, in russia vladimir putin governs a dying country. russia will have a million fewer citizens next year than they had this year and it's going straight down the tubes because no one immigrates to russia. russia is losing its population and eventually the chinese are going to own it because they can buy it. >> the chinese had the same territorial ambitions as the russians and more interestingly that's why they've been supporting putin and crimea and ukraine. good to see you. thank you. >> good to be with you. >> very revealing. coming up next here tonight on "hannity". >> why didn't we give him a bullet? why didn't we give him some drano, everybody's worried about the drugs. >> an execution botched last night in arizona, coming up next we'll do what the mainstream media won't do.
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we'll introduce you to the family members, the real victims in this case. they'll be here to share their very emotional story as "hannity" continues. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. but hurry, offers end july 31st. share your summer moments in your mercedes-benz with us.
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welcome back to "hannity." arizona governor jan brewer is calling for a review of the execution that ended the life of joseph wood last night. a man found guilty of assaulting and killing his estranged girlfriend and her father back in 1989. now, according to some witnesses of the execution wood took nearly two hours to die and was allegedly, well, gasping for air during that time. joining me now to react to what some are calling a botched execution is jeanne brown and her husband, richard. jeanne's sister and father were both murdered by wood. one of the things that infuriates me about the american media is so much time is put in to talking about the guilty party. let's talk about the pain that your family went through. you lost your sister, you lost your father. tell us about that pain. >> it's been horrific. since the day of notification of
7:49 pm
what happened and going through ups and downs throughout the last 25 years is something that i can't even explain. it's just horrific. i know i have to continue with my life and move forward. and thank god i have my husband here to support me and our wonderful daughter who's behind us on everything. it's just -- there's no words to explain what we've gone through. so many ups and downs in the appeals after appeals that he's been allowed. it seems like it's all for the victim -- >> this goes back to 1989. 25 or so years ago? >> august 7, 1989, is the time that it had happened. so it's been a long 25 years. and why -- my husband and i question, why does it take this long for something like this to happen when they know he's guilty? >> yeah. well, that's a good point.
7:50 pm
the wheels of justice move incredibly slowly, especially on these death penalty cases. what is your reaction to the media coverage that apparently, and this has happened in oklahoma some time ago, that they and it took two hours, reporters counting how many gasps of breath. what is your reaction to that? >> this is the only execution, hopefully i'll go through i didn't know what to experience. i can't tell you that it took too long. i know he was not gasping for air. he was snoring because the microphone did come on within the execution room. several times, when the doctor would come in and check on him. and you can hear a senatoring noise coming from him. it was not a gasping noise like the media portrayed it to be.
7:51 pm
>> he was unconscious as you watched this execution. he wasn't aware or conscious during that two-hour period? how long was he conscious for? >> when we firgs walked into the execution room as witnesses he looked awake. he looked over at my family, my sister and myself and my husband and actually laughed at us. gave us last words >> what were his last words? >> that jesus christ be with him, and he wanted to thank everybody on his behalf, his attorneys and everybody representing him for what they did to keep him from being executed but he knew this was the time and went forward with it. and there was no suffering. when we talked to the media in the past they say he was suffering. there was no suffering. he got his first injection and he went to sleep like you would
7:52 pm
do with a surgery. with anesthesia. >> richard? is that your take? you were there as well? >> yes. he went basically to sleep and sat there. if you did any kind of sleep apnea, you know if they're testing you on, when you fall asleep on the back, that is what everybody does. >> you think, i don't think, jean, i'm very sorry what happened to your sister and your dad. how old were you when that happened? >> 18. >> you were 18 years old. 25 years ago. tell us, do you think that the media spent enough time listening to victims' stories? i interviewed a lot of people that are victims seems like we ignore their stories. media seems to focus we're not being humane to murderer,
7:53 pm
rapist, pedophile. tell us brutality of the deaths your sister and father endured. >> well, thank you for bringing that up i appreciate it because there is always brought up what he did. and what he is going through. and how he is suffering through the last 25 years. it is never about the victims and the family and what they have to go through, having to live their lives without their father to look up to and older sister to look up to. it's always about the other side. and then, until this day, yesterday it was always about him. him, suffering. which he never did suffer. everything resolves around the criminal or enemy. it's never for the other party. everybody that is against the death penalty, and i say this, if you've never experienced what we have experienced you'll never know what we're going through. and seeing what we saw, and
7:54 pm
having to go to a morgue and see your dad and your sister laying there. and there is nothing you can do. it hurts you inside. it really does. and all of these antipeople against the death penalty don't realize it until it would happen to them. and one of their closest relatives, husband, wife, daughter, son, whatever it would be. >> i fully understand. i'm sorry you had to go through this. nobody should have to go through that. thank you for telling us the truth and giving the other side of the story, too many people ignore. we appreciate you being with us, thank you very much. >> coming up, more "hannity" right after the break. [ male announcer ] are your joints ready for action?
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staur your day with our friend, ainsley, fox and friends first . we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ngton. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> on behalf of the correspondence association i want to launch a complaint about the apollo 11 event today. >> president banned the press from covering anniversary of the man on the moon. >> why? >> we should i'm not sure where the clear cut american interest is. >> senator rand paul talking about the isis terror army on the march in the middle east. will mr. paul's isolationist view hurt his quest for the presidency? laura ingraham on that? also ahead tonight, should president obama be impeached? a new poll asks the folks. >>