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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 25, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> drunken history. >> so "the five," tyrant and hannity. set your dvrs to never miss another episode of the five. we'll see you monday. "special report" coming up right now. . the leaders whose children fled their countries to flood the united states have their day at the white house. this is "special report." good evening i'm bret baier. president obama is calling on his central america counterparts to step up and share responsibility for stemming the tide of illegal immigrant children creating a humanitarian crisis that's growing inside the u.s. day-by-day. so what is the president's next move? white house correspondent has our lead story tonight. >> reporter: after a meeting
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with the president's of guatemala, honduras and el salvador president obama said he's considering a pilot program granting refugee status to some honoduran children. >> there may be some narrow circumstances in which there is a humanitarian or refugee status that a family might be eligible for. if that were the case, it would be better for them to be able to apply in country. >> reporter: administration officials say the number of central america children showing up at the u.s.-mexico border has slowed but taxing this country's resources. too much for ohio sheriff richard jones. >> neil, we got so many problems here. we got homeless children here in our own country and our own state and my county. >> reporter: the central american leaders say the kids are running from a fire fueled by america's appetite for drugs. many children are physically or sexually abused on the dangerous trip. white house spokesman josh
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earnest said refugee status would offer a safer alternative. >> people would see there's an organized process if they feel they have a legitimate asylum claim they don't need to make the dangerous journey to the u.s. to make that asylum claim they can be processed in their own country. >> reporter: the president of the children arriving here illegally won't qualify for asylum. mr. obama doesn't have to issue an executive order if congress would pass comprehensive immigration reform. >> we can deal with it because they are frustrated congress won't act. >> reporter: some republicans don't trust the president would enforce the law if they passed comprehensive immigration reform or spend the supplemental the way they want. >> why should we give those people any more money when they've already said they are not going to use the money the way it was appropriated. >> reporter: while republicans don't agree on how much to spend
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on the problem they generally agree whose problem it is. >> the president owns this. and we want to make sure that he's held accountable for this. and only he can fix it. >> reporter: the president's aides said he would be very disappointed if congress were to take its five week summer break without acting on the emergency money he's requested for the border but there's just a week left before that recess and there are wide differences to bridge in that time. >> thank you. more on that in just a moment. some breaking developments first. coming tonight in the israeli-hamas conflict. let's go to gaza city. >> reporter: u.s. efforts to craft a long term cease-fire here in gaza have failed tonight. israel and hamas have agreed to a short term humanitarian cease-fire for tomorrow. as israeli and hamas decision makers spent the day reviewing a
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u.s. backed cease-fire proposal with international negotiators the fighting in gaza showed no signs of letting up. israel continued interests bombardment. and announced a missing israeli soldier hamas claimed to have captured was in fact dead. efforts to the end violence seemed to have collapsed tonight. israel's security cabinet rejected secretary of state john kerry ace cease-fire proposal for a week. israel wants to continue the process of destroying hamas tunnels. a condition that hamas would likely have rejected. >> why we're announcing that we still have some terminology, context to work through. >> reporter: in recent days the raid of rocket fire has slowed down from gaza. more than 2,000 rockets have
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been fired at israel. israel has targeted dozens of hamas launching sites and says it killed many of hamas' fighters and is in the process of demolishing some 31 tunnels israel says were going to be used for infiltration into israel to attack civilians. but it is palestinian civilian whose have paid a high price during the 18 day conflict. at least 848 people have been killed in gaza. mostly civilian, many children. the violence also spilling over into the west bank where thousands of palestinians took to the streets, protesting the israeli military operation in gaza. at least five people were killed in the demonstrations. for now the fighting continues as does the effort to end it. we don't yet know when the short term humanitarian cease-fire will begin tomorrow but we expect it to be sometime in the morning. israel's defense minister is warning the military may expand its military operations here in gaza in the coming days so
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things could escalate even further after this small humanitarian cease-fire. >> thank you. israel is looking for u.s. funding for the piece of technology that's credited with saving scores of lives, increased u.s. funding. it's a request that appears to have bipartisan support up on capitol hill but it's now being bundled with a hot button issue in what many see as a partisan power play. >> reporter: call it a life saver. call it a game changer. the iron dome missile defense system boasts a 90% intercept rate. it's also expensive much each hi-tech interceptor costs tens of millions of dollars. israelis have fired hundreds of them to protect the jewish state. while the iron dome is largely israeli technology much of the
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funding comes from the united states. and with inventory depleted israel asks for $225 million in emergency funding to buy more interceptors. israel's ambassador to the united states. >> it's very critical for us to get that funding because we want to be in a place where we're prepared for any eventuality. we need those funds. >> reporter: senate appropriations committee chair barbara mikulski took to the senate floor. >> iron dome the funding is needed now. >> reporter: but rather than introducing a bill to give israel a money she and democrats tied the funding to a problem more than 7,000 miles away. the highly controversial senate border bill giving president obama more money to deal with the immigration problem. >> the border vote that harry reid has keyed up is designed to be voted down. knees it will be voted down.
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they attached the iron dome funding to it because they want to play partisan politics and pretend that the republicans who are not going to support a border bill that doesn't solve the problem are somehow opposed to funding for iron dome. >> reporter: now this begs a very simple question. if the iron dome bill is so critical and time sensitive why tie it to something so controversial? democratic senate sources say it wasn't their idea to join the two but rather a move orchestrated by those up pennsylvania avenue at the white house. we have reached out to the white house for a comment but haven't heard back. >> a programming note don't miss fox news sunday on the israeli conflict. the israeli ambassador followed by the plo executive committee. chris will be joined by steve scalise. the latest from the war zone in eastern ukraine and first here's
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what our fox affiliates are covering. an 80-year-old man fatally shot two burglars who attacked him when he found them ran sacking his home. he said he fired even though the female burglar told him not to shoot because she was pregnant. from our fox affiliate in boston, wfxt, they are covering a birthday wish come true. danny nickerson turned 6 today. all he wanted was birthday cards. he was diagnosed last year with a brain tumor. his wish went viral and he got today four trucks and a u-haul full of cards and packages. one day alone. happy birthday. a live look at houston from our fox affiliate there, a live rescue effort under way right now. you can see right there the crane operator. he was injured on top of this crane. 200 feet in the air at a construction site. firefighters say the man somehow fell as far as two stories.
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they are right now preparing to bring him down to safety in a basket and they are getting under way right now. that's tonight live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. that it's given me time toabout reflect on some of life'seen biggest questions.
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the situation in ukraine continues to buck expectations and things have gone from bad to worse as russia appears to be getting more bold. correspondent steve harrigan in donetsk with the story. >> reporter: predictions to shoot down malaysian airline flight 17 would lead to a cease-fire between ukrainian forces and russian backed rebels were wrong. instead the reverse is true. nearly five months after crimea an escalation with russian military forces now directly intervening. firing at ukrainian forces from inside russian territory. >> russia invade ad foreign
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country. the ukrainians have a responsibility and a duty from tent their citizens and territories which is what they are doing. >> reporter: fighting near the plane crash has stopped. plans to secure the area with dutch and australian policemen are under discussion eight days after the disaster. a small team of european investigators continues to discover human remains at the scene. >> new discovery today some personal belongings, passport, credit cards, things like that. and the dutch have documented some very small human remains over there in that field as well. >> reporter: meantime 74 more coffins were met by 74 hearses. transfer of the recovered bodies from ukraine to netherlands will be completed by saturday. to determine how many bodies remain at the crash site.
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>> steve harrigan live in donetsk tonight. let's turn now to national security correspondent jennifer griffin with a closer look at russia geopolitically. >> reporter: the front page of moscow's independent gazette reads "forgive us netherlands,." an olive branch. the latest u.s. intelligence warms an imminent delivery of russia to separatists of a high caliber launching system. signs of escalation as the pentagon accuses the russian military of continuing to fire across the border into ukraine today. rockets like those allegedly captured in this july 16th amateur video spent 130 millimeter russian artillery along the border indicates president vladimir putin is doubling down rather than backing down. >> you've got a russian government that has made the
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conscious decision to use its military force inside of another sovereign nation to achieve its objectives. first time i think since 1939 or so that that's been the case. >> reporter: 1939 the start of world war ii and russia's invasion of poland. a view echoed. >> my own view is putin won't rest until he can at least prevent ukraine from moving to the west. >> reporter: few think diplomatic out reach or reset with russia will work. in 2009 secretary of state hillary clinton misstepped when she handed her russian counterpart, sergei lavrov a reset. >> the reset worked. it was an effort to try to obtain russian cooperation on some key objective while
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medvedev was president and putin pulled the strings but gave medvedev a certain amount of independence to negotiate. >> reporter: today clinton recalled how putin kept president obama waiting 40 minutes two years ago to talk about syria. the pentagon is dusting off plans how to counter russia. >> thank you. still ahead the epa goes after an economic gold mine. literally. first plagiarism has hurt millimeter. we'll look at montana senator john walsh next.
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. the judicial system has been doing a number on president
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obama's signature legislation obamacare. recently with hobby lobby and other cases. now some additional grist for opponents of the law comes from someone you might never expect. >> simply not politically feasible. >> reporter: a key architect of obamacare insists everyone should get a subsidy whether in a federal or state exchange but he was recently discovered to agree with the plaintiffs in two recent appeal court cases who argued the health care law only authorized subsidies run by the zae states. >> citizens still pay tax that support the bill. >> that completely confirms what the plaintiffs in this case are saying. that the language is clear and it shows that this intent is plausible. >> this architect of the law,
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very recently claimed that our argument was based on a crazy, nutty and based on what he called clear typo. >> reporter: indeed administration officials have argued it's absurd and implausible to think congress didn't intend to offer subsidies to everyone in state or federal exchanges, an argument the white house made the day the decision were handed down. >> congress intend for every eligible american to have access to tax credits that would lower their health care costs regardless of whether it was state officials or federal officials who were running the marketplace. i think that's a pretty clear intent of the congressional law. >> reporter: today grubber referred fox to an explanation he gave to "the new republic" in which he said quote i was speaking off the cuff. it was just a mistake. people make mistakes. congress made a mistake drafting the law and i made a mistake talking about it. congress making a mistake in drafting the law is exactly what critics argue but say the courts can rely only on what the
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statute actually says not what lawmakers might have intended. >> not even the government is arguing that this is a drafting error. the language is clear. the only definite thing we know is that we got the words that congress enacted. we can have lots of arguments about intentions and what overrides what but it's the words we can be assure of. >> reporter: there's audit offgrubber making the same argument to yet another group. to one of the chief supporter of the law having repeatedly embraced the very argument plaintiffs made in both recent cases, critics are taking it as confirmation they were right about the law's intent. >> or a mistake twice. >> yeah. a talking point, perhaps. >> jim thank you. already tough senate race got a lot tougher this week for montana's incumbent democratic senator john walsh accused this week of plagiarism.
3:24 pm
chief political correspondent carl cameron has some historical perspective. >> reporter: plagiarism in politics, montana democratic senator john walsh appointed earlier this year and on the ballot this fall admits to including other people's work in a paper in 2007. >> i made a mistake in citing the references in the term paper, reference paper. i take full responsibility for that. >> reporter: the war college is conducting a plagiarism investigation. a decision is expected in late august. iraq war university he said he doesn't want to blame his ptsd but medication and suicide of a brother in arms played a role. >> we lost four soldiers in iraq and when i was at the war college one of my soldiers back in montana died by suicide. so, academia wasn't the place
3:25 pm
for me to be. >> reporter: in response to the article he played up ptsd saying walsh survived hundreds of ieds. walsh's unit was attacked, walsh was in only one of the attacks. democratic strategists say owning plagiarism is one way to survive. >> denying of the mistake that still gets people worked up. that's one they won't forgive. >> joe biden gave up his 1988 presidential campaign after being accused of plagiarism. president obama accused of plagiarism admitted he should have credited a massachusetts senator. rand paul admitted to putting wikipedia and put it behind him. >> this has weakened walsh significantly and now i think it's pretty clear that congressman steve danes the
3:26 pm
republican candidate is a favorite. >> leading the polls in a red state, steve danes is considered one of gop's best chances to pick up one of the six more seats. danes and his team are keeping quiet so the scandal can speak for itself. while walsh and his campaign standalone in a scorching spotlight insisting the bad publicity won't force him to dropout of the race. >> stocks ended down today. the dow fell 123. the s&p 500 lost ten. the nasdaq was off 23. for the week the dow lost .8 a point. the s&p 500 was unchanged. the nasdaq added .4 of a point. at one college atheists are smarter than christians. we'll explain. do you want to learn how to campaign like obama's team? it will cost you. grapevine is next.
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now some fresh picking from the political grapevine. two architects from president obama's campaign are sharing their experience. for $3,500 will get you a crash course in political strategy and another $1500 will get you a campaign gig. volunteering for a campaign is common. but paying to do so has upset even some progressives. former field staffer mike
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franklin said quote it's shameful that 270 strategies are throwing their progressive values out of the window, how will we win for the 99% if we only recruit the 1%. atheists are smarter than christians. the quiz asked quote, theo has an i.k. of 100. aine has an i.q. of 125. the student said i understand that colleges have a liberal spin on things so it didn't surprise me to see the question but how can you really measure which religion has the higher i.q. osu said the questions were generated by the textbook publisher and called that particular question misleading. finally a multimillion dollar project to cultivate
3:32 pm
soybeans in afghanistan seemed like a good idea four years ago but an ig report obtained by the center for public integrity shows the project may have been doomed from the get go. the climate in afghanistan is incompatible with soy production and more importantly many afghans don't even like soy products. in a letter to agriculture secretary, the ig said the poor results quote should have been expected. instead american taxpayers are $34 million in the hole without having raised protein levels in afghan diets at all. the epa is stopping a big profitable enterprise in its tracks before it even got started. critics say this is another example of the federal government overstepping its bounds. correspondent dan springer has more on the pebble mine. >> reporter: the environmental protection agency is under fire for a preemptive strike against the pebble mine in alaska.
3:33 pm
it's the largest deposit of copper and gold in america. environmental groups and fishermen worried about the impacts to the world's largest salmon run in bristol bay fought the bay from the beginning. >> people from alaska asked the epa to come in and take action. we're not getting our concerns heard by the state of alaska. >> reporter: the epa did act using the 1972 clean water act for the first time ever to stop a mine before the owners came out with a detailed plan. >> the intent of the epa is to take on an authority that nowhere has congress given them and be able to go across america and determine where development should occur and where it shouldn't occur before anybody ever files a permit. >> reporter: the epa said it only got involved after alaska natives asked for a veto in 2010. internal e-mail suggests the
3:34 pm
agency wanted to sabotage the e-mail before then. an e-mail reads we should be the ones to shape the discussion. we will need to do tribal outreach. >> why do we need a federal agency to have this control over private land. they can argue all they want about this. this is a take. >> reporter: pebble partnership along with state of alaska sued the epa. the inspector general is looking into it and the government oversight committee is investigating but hitting road blocks a key now retired epa ecologist can't be located. >> we are not overreaching in terms of the work of the agency but applying the law as we're supposed to. >> reporter: bristol bay is a $400 million a year industry. pebble partnership insists it
3:35 pm
can do a mine without any harm. the question is will they ever get a chance to make their case? police are crediting a doctor who wasn't supposed to have a gun at work with saving lives after a patient opened fire at a hospital psychiatric unit yesterday. the gunman killed a case worker and wounded a psychiatrist. the psychiatrist pulled his own gun out. critically wounding the gunman who had dozens more bullets in his gun. hospital policy bars anyone except on duty law enforcement from carrying weapons on campus. presidents come together to talk about the immigration crisis while lawmakers on capitol hill battle over the next move. we'll talk about it all with the fox all-stars next.
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when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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. there may be some narrow circumstances in which there is
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a humanitarian or refugee status that a family might be eligible for. if that were the case it would be better for them to be able to apply in country rather than take a very dangerous journey all the way up to texas. >> translator: among other things there's a lack of clarity in the migratory policy of the united states. language is ambiguous. that's why the coyotes take advantage of this situation. >> that's the president of honduras. the president meeting with the presidents of honduras, quote and el salvador. this is the president taking action on his own which he teed up back in june. >> today i'm beginning a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as i can on
3:40 pm
my own. without congress. >> but this is what he said back in july of 2010. >> there are those in the immigrants right community who have argued, passionately that we should simply provide those who are illegally with legal status, or at least ignore the laws on the books and put an end to deportation until we have better laws. it would suggest to those thinking about coming here illegally that there will be no repercussions for such a decision. and this could lead to a surge in more illegal immigration. it would also ignore the millions of people around the world who are waiting in line to come here legally. >> okay. so what about all this. let's bring in our panel. david drucker.
3:41 pm
charles lane. and charles krauthammer. david, pretty stark difference between those two sound bites. >> his opinion on immigration and what to do it as evolved over time. >> according to the white house. >> you might say. look, there are a couple of things that could be done to deal with this immediate crisis. one could be to pass this emergency supplemental in some form with some changes to current law. that might at least provide more certainty, which gets to what the president of honduras was talking about and also give the federal government more ability to deal with this. why has it all broken down a week before the august recess? because of a disagreement over the 2008 trafficking law, and where everybody, republicans, democrats, the white house we're on the same side in terms of changing this, democrats and the president have now backed away and so what you're probably going to see next week is house republicans with mostly republican votes passing their version of a supplemental with some changes including the 2008
3:42 pm
trafficking law but where it goes from there we don't know because there are not the votes in the senate for what even the senate is proposing let alone what the president wants and we may end up right back where we started. >> i want to put up some polls, chuck. one, two and four. first one government policy towards illegal immigrants should be. there's still 60% say pathway to citizenship. you see how it changes there from may until now. the president's handling of the central american children illegally crossing the border, disapproval continues to tick up. also would you house these children in your home town and it's pretty much split across the board. >> well, those are really interesting numbers because they are the first sort of temperature of the republic we've been able to take on this issue since this big horrible, ugly crisis started breaking out on everybody's tv screen. i'm struck by the amount of support that remains for the
3:43 pm
path for citizenship in all of that but the second most important number there, excuse me, is the one of high disapproval of obama's handling of the current crisis. it tells me if he doesn't get his arms around it fast, together with come to some conclusion and show people he can stop this flow and organize things and get things under control, support for the wider program of immigration reform is going to suffer. and i think it's crucial as david just pointed out the president originally was willing to change his 2008 law. jeh johnson said he was for it. they have backed down under pressure from those same immigrant reits groups that the president referred to in the 2010 sound. >> what about the evolution. >> it's not an evolution it's a back down. it's known as a cave. it's obvious, there is no other way to stop the current wave other than to change the law. mccain and flake, two senators
3:44 pm
from arizona have suggested a very simple change in the law. it simply says anybody who comes across from mexico will be treated equally regardless of country of origin and they are treated the way canadians and mexicans are today. it makes imminent perfect sense. it would mean that there would be a stoppage in the flow now. it means we could argue or debate or compromise on how you treat the 57,000 or so kids who are already here. and it also, mccain and flake would also suggest increasing the quotas of visas from countries by 5,000. the idea that the president has and mccain has and others you want to do something to treat the problem in country which would be a humanitarian action on the part of the u.s. we help all kinds of countries in all kinds of ways but help them in their country and save the agony of the kids who come across and save the agony of americans who have to deal with the crisis which is really hard
3:45 pm
to handle. i would just say one thing. don't do it by changing the definition of the word refugee. you cannot change the laws unilaterally. a refugee is somebody who fears persecution for reasons of religion or ethnicity or political opinion. this is not what's happening in honduras. if you want to create a new special category okay but don't distort existing law. >> what about these congressional concerns from republicans about going down this road with the supplemental, something emergency but one concern about how the senate would deal with it, and change it, perhaps. and two, that it would be a law that the president may just choose not to follow? >> well it's something that they discussed this morning, in fact. and the overwhelming sort of position republicans came to, house republicans and i was surprised about this was actually we need to do something. even if the president won't actually follow the law that we
3:46 pm
parks even if senate democrats will ignore this and change this and try to send it back to us we need to do something. so what i think they will try and do is pass a pared down supplemental of $900 million. they will get it under a billion which seems important to them. change the '08 law. add national guard to the border. very targeted. they will do things to speed up the hearings that these kids get so they can facilitate deportations and send a message that you can't stay. despite all those concerns for the first time in a while there was an overwhelming desire in a private meeting that we need to govern and from what i'm told those voice drowned out some of the nay sayers who are usually more dominant. >> next up the lightning round. . [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. transform tomorrow.
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when the voters in states see that by not setting up an exchange the politicians in states are costing residents hundreds and millions and billions of dollars that they will eventually throw the guys out but i don't know ultimate t will people understand that if you're governor doesn't set up a change, you're losing hundreds in millions in tax credits to your citizens. >> that is the voice of a key architect for obamacare and romney case. he said this court case said that the federal exchanges can't offer these tax subsidies is wrong and that clearly it's the intent of the law for all of these states to receive subsidies, even if they're run by the federal government. this is audio back in january. there's another sound bite in another speech in which he says
3:51 pm
the same thing and we're back with the panel. charles. >> it totally undermines the government's case in these court cases. this is absolute proof is that the denial of subsidy to the federal exchanges was not a drafting error, it was a deliberate political strategy by the democrats in drafting the law. it didn't succeed but it is not the role of any court, any court to overturn an obvious provision in a law simply because the strategy of those who drafted it didn't succeed. this is trurl devasta -- truly devastating zip think trarls is right that it's a big embarrassment for supporters of the law. how devastating and effect in the actual court case is
3:52 pm
unknown. they're not allowed to consider this in ruling, although they do watch tv. jonathan gruber is a very intelligent guy. i know him, i regard his highly. i think what we have here, though, is somebody who is so smart and so well qualified, he couldn't possibly really have said that by accident. >> twice. not once, twice. he said it was a mistake the first time but there's another piece of audio we just played. >> yeah, he calls it a speako, kind of like a typo. part of the problem with law like this when you keep legislating after it's passed and during implementation, you end up with a situation where nobody knows what the rules are and you're open to challenge. john robert decided a mandate, even though the people who passed it said the intent was a
3:53 pm
mandate, not a tax. >> the middle east. israel, hamas, continuing cease-fire efforts. there will be a 12-hour pause. second topic. charles? >> whenever the world has stop israel from completing its missions, the wars have recurred. the only exception was when george bush and the second intifada. this will occur year after year. >> it's not over israel that has a very strong interest in, quote, unquote, finishing the job this time. it's hamas that has in its own way an interest in fighting simply because they have their backs to the wall. they've lost their political support in the rest of the arab world. so it is kind of an unusual conjunction here where neither side has an interest in seeing
3:54 pm
this end quickly. so i don't think the cease-fire efforts are going anywhere. >> from a public relations standpoint, i don't think we've seen israel under the gun, if you will, in this way as we have in a while. and i think it's telling how tough it can be for them when the u.s. secretary of state delivers them a cease-fire offer that they actual have to refuse because it won't let them stop the threat that they're out there trying to stop. when they have to turn down a u.s.-brokered offer before hamas turns it down, it shows you they're in a tight spot splitically. >> we're in a tight spot, too. quickly, winners and losers. >> winners are hamas because they're winning the p.r. war despite the fact that they target civilians and the losers are the media, who seem to have decided it's okay for hamas to target with missiles, as long as they miss. >> my winners this week go back to that case in the d.c. circuit
3:55 pm
on health care. michael cannon of the kato institute and jonathan adler, law professor at case western, two guys who thought this was a lonely case who were laughed at are now enjoys the last laugh. and loser is john walsh in montana to got caught cribbing other people's work. i don't think it looks very good for him. >> winner michael bloomberg, flew in on a commercial airliner into tel aviv to defy the u.s. government ban on flying. and which airport in the world does the u.s. shut down on the basis of safety? tel aviv. loser of the week, hillary clinton for saying the reset with russia was a success. try saying that in ukrainian.
3:56 pm
>> also, the congress for tying the -- the administration apparently wants to tie the money to replenish -- israel is running low to the set element of the immigration issue, which is a huge mistake and opposes a bipartisan support that israel has for this. >> i give you a double lose they are week. that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see how one governor could give robert de niro a run for his money.
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if energy could come from anything?. or if power could go anywhere? or if light could seek out the dark? what would happen if that happens? anything.
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these are very difficult times for israel and the jewish people as the government spends more and more of its resources for battling terrorism. every week more and more people come and you can see the desperation for food. it's difficult to have to see
3:59 pm
people in this situation needy for food, waiting in a line. seeing people who don't have the money and so we, the fellowship, come to their aid. úññ @úñx finally tonight, andrew cuomo may have caused himself some problems. >> the governor created a panel to tackle corruption, then systematically blocked it from probing anything related to himself. >> it's not like he ever said the commission could investigate the governor's office. >> the commission clearly has the legal authority to look at anything they want to look at, including the governor, the attorney general, the
4:00 pm
controller, et cetera. they have the legal authority. >> basically he formed a commission promising you can even look at me. then when he looked at him he said, "lookin at me?" >> that's it for "special report" fair, balanced. streaming into the united states, children. streaming out of washington, the president. senate leader harry reid and speaker john boehner and hundreds more politicians, the entire house and senate are all streaming out. nothing is going to get in the way of their vacation, even the crisis they helped create. >> they're illegal. >> they're breaking our laws. >> hearing complaints about some the conditions in some border patrol states. >> there's nothing being done at the border. >> what's going on is absolutely insane for this country. >> president obama is jetting off to martha's vineyard for two weeks and the house and senate go into recess for five weeks. >> this crisis, as some call it