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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 1, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> that is all the time we have left tonight. you can follow me on twitter and please check out my weekly column in the washington times, thanks for joining us tonight. thanks for joining us tonight. wallace in @pp@paúq÷wxwxwx
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every time he talks about going along, going rogue, house republicans bunker down and less inclined to be cooperative. >> to me listening to the three of you talk about how they are gaming each other and playing each other, it's distasteful. in a sense that they are like hoping one doesn't do the other, instead of sitting down and solving it. >> you wonder if that's the key right, they'll have to remember this deadlock. >> it's not new. >> it's not new. there was a really interesting segment, even the campaign ads are the same as they were in
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2010, over and over we're having the same issues debated in congress. nothing is getting done. you wonder what enough is enough. >> do any of them act like they feel bad about this? >> they feel bad the other house isn't doing anything. >> but seen republicans in congress say we can't go home without doing something. it would be irresponsible. there's a realization if they go home and we didn't even do our version on what he want, voters might say, what are we sending you here for? >> you would think the senate would take a hint off that, but the fact they have gone back to their home state for august is pretty telling. >> when listening to the president today, not one lick of responsibility like maybe i could help, meaning he could help. didn't see one lick of that, did you? >> talking about executive action. >> did he talk about sort of the normal channels, having the house and senate sitting down and crafting a bill they could agree on? did he say he had any responsibility at all in the process? >> i think at this point there's
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a lack of trust they don't think the white house and congress for that matter know that they are not going to get anywhere at this point. >> but they don't even try. >> the other thing too, they just passed va reform. it's possible for both houses to work together and get things done. we can't be nilistic about that. they can do things. >> but veterans are different than immigration. everybody wants to help veterans, not everybody agrees on how to solve immigration. >> but you'll never get anything done if you don't try, if you point fingers at each other. panel, thank you. >> thanks. >> secretary of state john kerry is clueless in ga
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frmg latest middle east cease-fire lasting two hours before hamas broke it. charles krauthammer calling secretary kerry clueless and oblivio oblivious, author of "things that matter" been on the new york times best seller list forever. good to see you. >> good to be here again. >> clueless in why? >> two weeks ago the egyptians put forth a cease-fire in place. and instead of just accepting it and saying this is the u.s. position, insisting on it, kerry went off to paris and negotiated with hamas' lawyers and allies
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qatar and turkey, and came back with a proposal that essentially backed all of hamas' demands. the reason he was clueless, is it wasn't just an egyptian proposal but supported by the arab league, wall to wall coalition. an amazing new kind of coalition, israel, saudi arabia, jordan, the gulf states and egypt and palestinian authority -- >> 22 members of the arab league minus syria. >> minus syria and qatar saying they don't want to see hamas rewarded, flourish, they want to see it diminished and overthrown. it is one of the leading edges of islamist radicalism in the world. presented with arab partners what he did was stepped all over it and astonished the palestinian authority, the moderate wing by bringing back all of the hamas to terms.
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in the end it didn't work and kerry was able to arrange something like the original egyptian cease-fire. finally he got a clue, the criticism he got especially from the arabs and i don't blame him at all for the breakdown of the cease-fire. that lies in the hands of jihad and why we're in a crisis that will absolutely escalate. >> is it possible -- i see from what you wrote and others, having gone to paris, he sort of validated hamas and now can't dial it back that he's got to give hamas somebody maybe hamas shouldn't have as israel tries to protect itself long term. >> i think the breaking of the cease-fire and kidnapping of the soldier has given kerry an opportunity to walk it all back, which he did and i commend him and the president. what they did today is they seized on this gross violation of a cease-fire. after all, if your policy is to
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arrange it, israel wants to have one, everyone wants to have one and other guy within an hour and a half kills two of your soldiers during a cease-fire and kidnaps, how can you have a cease-fire? they were very tough in demanding the soldier and it has given him an opportunity to walk back the demands he made or the proposals that hamas had demanded that he brought from paris. >> hamas is just getting pummeled on the ground, maybe not in the world of public opinion because they've been very effective in the world of public opinion and many slapping israel and not hamas. but they are getting hpummeled n the groun, if they had been an errant officer that did the kidnapping, they back it up by doing nothing. >> it's going to be worse. they are going to play cat and mouse. is he alive, is he not? hezbollah did that for years with two israelis they
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kidnapped. in the end it turned out they were dead the whole time. israel changed a lot of prisoners in return for their bodies. they'll play that cruel game and won't let israelis know. i think the fact that kerry and the president were very angry about this, this is a fundamental issue, whatever the merits of the case, they are quite strongly on israel's side. even if you're ag nostic and have a cease-fear, the only way to progress and save lives then don't honor it and kidnap and kill, that means everything is gone and you are truly to blame. i just hope that we stick to our hard and consistent and honest line now in saying this will rest on the shoulders of hamas. the own us is on them to establish a real cease-fire. >> if only the rest of the world would likewise get on that program. >> the rest of the world's reaction to what's happening in
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gaza is shocking. especially in europe. it is a resurge enlt of anti-semitism, all over the world, don't tell me it's anti-zionism. a sign in germany saying this is a veneer that is a front for anti-semitism and back all over the world. that's what we're now beginning to face. >> 53% up in anti-sem itic attacks in london alone. nice to see you, charles. >> a u.s. marine has been langishing in a mexican president and now heading back to court. his court hearing is on monday. uncertain what will happen, on the record is staying on the case. >> didn't mean to be in mexico, it was an accident. >> a prisoner in peril. >> punched in the stomach a few
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times to the point where i couldn't breathe. >> marine tahmooressi suffers in prison and on the record has been there from the start taking you to the border. >> bringing you the answers. >> i can tell you what i would be doing, burning up telephone wires. >> and thousands of you giving support. >> you did it, 100,000 of you have officially signed the white house petition to get the sergeant's case in front of the president. now a critical court hearing just days away. will sergeant tahmooressi finally come home? on the record takes you to the trial monday night. >> be sure to join us monday for complete coverage and dr. ben carson has news. he has big news that has to do with 2016. start guessing. that's coming up.
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russia fighting ukraine and
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chaos in the middle east, at the time of exploding world crisis, an independent panel saying president obama's strategy for down sizing our military leaves the u.s. too weak to fight global threats. good evening. >> good evening. >> i should say it's not just any panel, it is the national defense panel review of the 2014 quad renal defense review and says we're not ready, that we won't be. >> it's a bipartisan request not only from congress but from the administration to review what we're doing overseas and it's very critical of the fact that our military is as small as it's been since preworld war ii and older planes than ever in american history flying. we don't have enough navy ships and bad all the way around because the united states is pulling back from world leadership when it comes to the war on terror but also our other threats with iran, north korea, china and russia and different
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terrorist groups in africa and middle east. >> the language which is nice language, says consensus conclusion of the report is that a growing gap between the strategic objectives of the united states military is expected to achieve and resources required to do so. that seems if we have some objective we're not going to be able to do it. why do we have this problem? do we not have the money? whose responsibility is this? what do we do? >> we need to be -- we need to have a different approach, strategic approach as to what the united states role will be as the world leader not just for freedom but militarily. u.s. when it's strong worldwide is a stability for all of these different groups who want to cause chaos in their neighborhoods and look to us, nato, for example, looks to us to protect our nato allies. what is our plan? what is our strategy?
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our strategy plans to be now we'll withdraw from world leeldership and let the bad guys, terrorists do what they want to until it affects us directly. then we still may not have enough military equipment, whether it's air force or navy, to combat that. our philosophy has been for years that the united states should be prepared militarily to fight really two wars at the same time, two conflicts at the same time. now, i'm not sure we would be able to fight one conflict much less two. >> what can you tell me about this panel? are they a bunch of republicans or bunch of democrats? who is this panel that's saying we're not going to be ready? >> it's not a group of republicans or democrats, they are experts in really world peace and whether the united states is ready militarily to face our goal. that's why they were picked by the administration and congress to review our strategic plan. so they are experts in the field of military defense.
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>> they have no axe to grind, not a bunch of peace nicks or war mongers -- >> they are not that. just stepping back and trying to say what we have and whether we can achieve the objective. >> that's exactly what they do. >> congressman, thank you very much. i know you have to run back and vote. thank you for joining us. >> senator john mccain blasting senate majority leader harry reid, saying shame on you. find out why next. >> shame on you. i say >> shame on you. huh, fifteen minutes could save >> shame on you. i say you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner.
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it is not just any detention center. it looks more like a luxury hotel. >> big screen tvs and hair salon. it's not your summer vacation or nice hotel. this is a taxpayer funded detention center for illegal immigrants. >> the majority of people will be coming from the area that are apprehended most likely by the u.s. border patrol. >> that's right, crossing the border illegally might land you at the ritz-carlton of federal detention centers outfitted with weight rooms and teddy bears for children. >> this is nothing like you've seen before. >> the cost 140 tax dollars per person per day with a total of 532 detainees, a whopping $74,500 per day. they are planning for an average stay of 23 days per family. coming up, blasting harry
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reid and other democrats over an immigration bill. >> now we have a humanitarian crisis on our border, a humanitarian crisis of incredible proportion, where thousands of young people wildly being transported by coyotes and young women being raped and what are we presenting here in the united states senate? i say shame on you. i say shame on you for not allowing those of us who represent the states that are most affected by this to have an amendment. >> let's face, it most republicans and democrats cannot work together, even to take care of urgent matters such as a humanitarian crisis. we found two lawmakers on opposite sides of the aisle who can work together. we spoke with them here we have a democrat and republican,
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always fun to have on the set. >> good to be here. >> do you know each other? >> we're really good friends and -- >> gotten to know each other by working together on the foreign affairs committee, both having served working on the foreign affairs committee. we found a common bond and sometimes points of disagreement, but also shared experiences that, i think, has helped us become friends this this environment. >> it gives you a real perspective. we're not going to agree on a whole lot, but we can find areas that we do. even when we do disagree, it is respectful. congress and d.c. needs a lot more of. >> what's with the rest of your parties? it is just not like that. they are at each other's throats. >> i think it's a decision that both of us make about how we choose to do our jobs and how we
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serve our constituents. we work for the same people. we may have different ideas on how to get there, but when we do our campaigns or speak to people it's done in the same way that we actually conduct our work, which is respectful and sincere. >> but it feels more poisonous than that. i know you two work together and you're both vets. you have served the country. i get the sense this is unique. it's more poisonous. >> i think there is a lot more of this that gets out there. it's tone. i'm not going to yell and scream. it's about having a calm discussion, being passionate about what you believe, but having a calm discussion. we have a unique perspective in that i think we're both willing to take career-ending votes on behalf of the country. it's not about our own reelection. it's not even about our own parties. it's about what we can do best
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for america. if you ratchet the tone down a little bit and you see your job from that perspective, it makes washington a little more functional. more of this happens than you see, but this is an example of frankly where it needs to go. >> i think it is somewhat unique. what we saw far too often of is both parties more concerned about which party will win that election or vote rather than actually understanding that we're in this to make sure the american people win at the end of the day. >> both military. i've been giving the house and the senate a hard time taking a five-week vacation coming up. what do you think about it? am i being unfair? is the job done? is five weeks a good idea? >> i think you have perfect criticism if we don't get the issue at the border fixed and the va issue out there. >> bipartisan. >> there's always going to be big issues to deal with.
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look, i'm not justifying going home. i'm going to do two-weeks of military duty when i'm home, for instance, but we have handled the immediate things that have to get done. there's always going to be a lot more to do. sometimes congress operates better under pressure. >> i guess you can say your party doesn't run the house right now. >> we don't. i'm looking forward to getting back to hawaii and spending a lot of time working in the district though. i have a district that covers every island in the state. >> that's an important part of our job. as a representative, you have to listen to people. she lives far away. she goes home when she can. i go home on weekends. >> you can see more of our interview with the representatives on our website.
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for a body in motion. let's speed read the news. a team of international investigators got to the malaysian air crash site. the remains of victims have been lying in a field for two weeks. a dr. carson telling the washington times he has selected houston businessman terry giles to be his 2016 campaign man. and it could take several more days after a giant water main break in los angeles to repair it. workers are working to shore up the huge hole. and that is tonight's speed
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read. before we go, a happy 29th birthday to major general bob scales. see you monday at 7:00 p.m. good night tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," has someone finally created a beverage that can give you the energy to base jump mt. everest? a water fall in the amazon and dubai in the same day? lou daabs on his new drink, mountain lou. and does the vice president love to go skin me -- dipping? >> yes, i do. >> and finally is having to use a robot as your dancing partner sad, romantic or the creepiest of all time. none of these stories -- wait, we should probably do the biden one. one of these stories on "read eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guests. she wears her heart on


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