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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 7, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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bird. >> i think there are three dead feathers there. >> very hard to understand why out of everything you've done, that turned him on. >> tomorrow is hey, jealousy. bill: good morning. breaking news. islamic militants making another major gain in iraq seizing the country's largest dam in mosul. they now control water and power and several towns throughout iraq and syria as you see on the map here. they have the ability to flood the banks of the tigress as they extent control over iraq on their mission to set up an islamic state. new evidence of the very foundation of obamacare may be crumbling before wow eyes.
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the "wall street journal" combing through a new report showed a majority of americans who feared they would face steep fines for not having healthcare will be exempt. so chill out. you came back for more pain. how are you doing? patti ann: i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. this new report shows by 2016, 90% of them could be off the hook because of a recent flood of new exemptions. the headline first is what here? >> reporter: hardly anybody will have to pay the fine. that reduces the impact of the individual mandate. bottom line, premiums will go up because people are not being forced to buy coverage.
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bill: if you look at this, the first category is the number of people qualified for exemptions. it has gone up 5 million between 2012 and 2014. how many people will pay a penalty? it dropped by 2 mill americans over the past two years. the math doesn't add up. >> reporter: more and more exemptions add. the "wall street journal" found 14 didn't ways to avoid the fine. domestic violence. you had substantial property damage, i will hill emgrants don't have to pay the fine, members of native american tribes don't have to pay the fine. some religious sects don't have to pay the fine. if subsidies cannot be offered, maybe those subsidies are illegal, maybe cannot afford
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coverage, therefore they don't have to pay the fine. got it? if you go out on the streets of new york or anywhere in america and you say you think you will have to pay the fine, people will say, i don't know. bill: chances are probably not. some argue this basic all wave - basically waives the individual mandate. >> reporter: the mandate you have got to have health insurance. if you don't have health insurance you pay a fine. but if fewer and fewer people pay a fine people feel they don't have to have health insurance. bill: 41 changes in the law since it was signed into law. and who did the report by the way? >> reporter: this is the government reported by the "wall
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street journal." i follow this for a living. i'm supposed to know what's happening here. i can't keep track. this is -- this is chaos in the extreme. patti ann: we are moments away from a somber homecoming. the body of major general harold greene arriving at dover air force base. this as we learn seconded before a man in afghan soldier's uniform shot him to death general greene was laughing and joke at a briefing. what can you tell us about major general harold greene's accomplishments? >> reporter: we'll bring you that ceremony in about a half-hour when it gets underway.
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by all accounts major general harry greene was an extraordinary man. he was highly accomplished and had an incredible sense of humor. he graduated from the polytechnic institute. he had self postgraduate degrees. he had a masters degree in engineering, a masters in science. a masters in strategic studies from the u.s. warp college and one of his professors was quoted -- his fellow student jokingly teased him sergeant greene. he took it in great stride such was his sense of humor. one of the great unheralded things about the u.s. military is its logistics going back to world war i, what has made the
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u.s. military so effective has been its supply and the efficiency of that. it's because of guys like major general harold greene that the u.s. army has triumphed in a way. if you don't have the logistics and the supply lines it doesn't work and it's because of people like major general harold greene. patti ann: what happened at that base. >> reporter: he was shot by an afghan soldier in his early 20s. he had just come back from patrol with fellow afghan soldiers. u.s. soldiers were collecting the automatic weapons. somehow he evaded them and hid in a bathroom. then he emerged, fired through a window at an informal briefing
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major general green was presiding over. he struck the general several times, also struck a german general and the wounded toll was 14 and we know general greene died. the pieces are being put together. you have got to wonder how a guy can hold on to an automatic weapon and get away with a crime like that when the u.s. army put so much emphasis on keeping close eye on these afghan soldiers. we are awaiting the air mopey and we'll bring it to you when it gets underway. bill: you think about his family and how much anxiety they have waiting for the report and the report comes back and it's the possible news one can imagine. we'll get back to that story in a moment. in the meantime there is big news in the middle east. will a cease-fire hold?
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israel says it's willing to extend the truce but hamas appears to be digging in its heels. >> israel deeply regrets of civilian casualty. of single one. we do not target them, we do not seek them. the people of gaza are not our enemy. our enemy is hamas. our enemy are the other terrorist organizations trying to kill our people. bill: there was a rally gaza for hamas. what couple out of that if anything. >> self thousand people attended the rally and a hamas leader on the ground said within the coming hours the group could decide whether it weren't to agree to that extension or not. we don't know if that's true. contrary to some reports the group has declined the
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cease-fire. we are still waiting for more word. a big rally today expected or estimated 2,000 to 3,000 people rallying in support of hamas representatives on the ground in cairo, egypt, talking about a cease-fire agreement and whether to extend the 72-hour cease-fire^. hamas is digging in its heels. it says it's willing to continue to fight if its demand aren't met and that includes lifting the blockade on gaza and israel releasing palestinian prisoners. bill: what is israel saying at the moment? what is their position? >> reporter: disarmament. disarming hamas. prime minister netanyahu talked about that. israel agreed to the cease-fire
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extension as we are waiting for a hamas response. but israel maintains if hamas continues to fire rockets and mortars at israel that israel will fire back. israel will use its air force to hit hamas' targets. that's something we saw during the 29 days of fighting and all those cease-fires that fell apart before this one. bill: john huddy live from jerusalem. hopefully the cease-fire hold and we move forward. but it's anybody's guess. sean hannity with an exclusive interview with benjamin netanyahu on fox. patti ann: a tragedy is getting worse for one family. their daughter a nursing student died shouldn'tly. they not only had to bury their daughter, they must also pay off her student loan debt.
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bill: a collision course for hawaii. patti ann: hamas using civilians as human shield. >> placing weapons ang civilians is a bloody war crime. like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. thank you! take them on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day men's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares.
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patti ann: edward snowden has gotten the green light to hide in russia for the next three years. he was grants temporary asylum a year ago when he was strand in a moscow airport. >> it's important to remember that hamas acts extraordinarily irresponsibly when it is deliberately siting rocket launchers in population centers. bill: here is what charles krauthammer had to say. >> he was equallilet a jim and dis -- he was equally lethargic. his own state department says it's a terrorist organization. he says the placing of weapons among sevilleans is
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irresponsible. it's a bloody war crime. there is no passion or anything behind it. he's going on vacation. he's grabbing the clubs and we'll see you when you come back. bill: monica crowley and online opinion editor for the washington times. good day to you. i trust you were watching last evening. we waited an hour and 15 minutes for this press conference to begin. when it did to say there was a lack of passion might be an understatement. if you listen to the and with bret that came out of that press conference, there were very few compliments that were given to the president and his position on russia, hamas and any topic you want to name. >> this is nothing new. we have seen this lethargy and lack of passion on many important issues. we have seen this for years from this president.
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it's sort of a disconnect, a lack of under in doing the heavy lifting of the presidency. it wasn't just special report panel. across the board his performance -- >> it's one thing to have that attitude toward legislation in congress. it's another thing when you are on the bridge of war in so many parts of the world. >> that is the critical point. the russians are amassing on the ukrainian border. president putin gave snowden three years asylum. there could be a full-on war in the former soviet union. the president's response was we'll see what happens if the russians do something. he needs to make it clear to president putin that there will be democrats. be -- there will be consequences. bill: you are a democrat talk. >> no, i'm an american. bill: why is the attitude the
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way it is when we watch this last evening. he is sadly disengaged. i don't necessarily find what he said about hamas objectionable. it's not strong enough and he isn't speaking to hamas and saying we must have a ceasefire. >> i'll give you a broader information about what's going on. barack obama comes out of the far left philosophy that the united states has created grave crimes in history therefore the united states should not play any role in the world, never mind a leading in the one. that's why you have seen this president uncomfortable with the commander-in-chief role. he made it clear to enemy and and allies alike that he will not exercise the military option in any case. he won't use the military unless the u.s. immediate interests are
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threatened. our enemies know that and they are taking full advantage. bill: the phrase he used with hamas is they have been irresponsible. >> to say they are irresponsible. frat boyed are irresponsible. word matter when you are trying to lead a country and trying to lead a world. >> of course he's right. hamas is a terrorist organization. if we read the journal today we see that the united states looked on with dismay and bekill derment as egypt and israel fostered a strategy to under mine hamas. we need to lead, we are not leading in the. we are the indispensable nation. >> our alley in israel. they are between hamas and the terrorist organization and constant pressure on israel to
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stand down. this white house legit mid the war criminality of hamas. bill: i don't know what happens in the the month of august. but there is vacation plans on martha's vineyard. >> i would stay in the white house and lead the nation. >> there is a phrase, "the guns of august." bad things tend to happen in august. bill: we got a fox news alert. getting word the secretary of state john kerry arriving in afghanistan moments ago. pell meet are some of the feuding candidates after a u.s. general was slain. the body of major general harold greene is returning on board a c17 at dover air force base outside of washington, d.c. the highest-ranging officer killed in combat in the nation's
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post-9/11 war. information shows the afghan gunhan whgun -- gunman was hidie a building firing indiscriminately at people outside and major general harold greene is one of those victims now returning home at dover, delaware. 34-year veteran of the u.s. military. he was on his first deployment to a war zone, involved in preparing afghan forces for the time the american forces would leave on schedule for the end of this year. this was at a military base west of kabul, said to be the leading in the and most elite military base for the afghan unit for the training of the military. that is to take over and govern that country and police it as
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well. there were 15 others wound as a result. most of them were americans and several of them still listed in serious condition. we welcome home an american hero, major general harold greene. treasure. make rainbows appear. now she could use a hand, so she can keep living on her own. comfort keepers can help you help her. our professional caregivers are carefully chosen and highly trained to provide a variety of in-home services while truly engaging with your aging loved ones so they can stay happy at home. comfort keepers. keeping the comforts of home. call comfort keepers now to learn more. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. [ male announcer ] cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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bill: secretary of state john kerry is meeting with two candidate who wants to lead the country in iraq afghanistan. they brought all the ballots from every corner of the country to kabul. he's on the ground in afghantan on an unannounced
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visit. headlines from the state department when we get them here. patti ann: a fox extreme weather alert. hawaii bracing for its first direct hurricane in nearly 20 years. two storms make their way toward the island. the first hurricane isselle expected to arrive tonight. >> we have been maintaining our message to the public. for those people in the prone areas and vulnerable areas to take appropriate action. they are getting that information well in advance of tonight. patti ann: maria molina is live in our extreme weather center. >> reporter: it's rare for a hurricane to hit hawaii, but now
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we have two. it appears julio who stay north of of the island. but it's a significant storm system and it's becoming more compact as it's intensifying with maximum sustained winds at 100 miles an hour. but the imminent threat is iselle. it's only 350 miles to the east-southeast of hilo. we are expecting the impact to be 8:30 p.m. hawaiian time. you can see it start to erode. it's going to hold its strength at least we think so until it makes landfall. it forecasted to continue over
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the island as a tropical storm the next couple days. but i don't think the wind will be the big tory with iselle. -- the big story with iselle. we have mountaintops as high as 30,000 feet. take a look at at come pair on here. we have iselle and julio as we head into this weekend still self days out. so we'll keep a close watch on it. bill: are sanctions working against putin? presidident obama says that's to early to know at the moment. but president obama says putin will do whatever he wants. >> putin is preparing to move in if he decides to do so. the odd are in fave of him doing
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it. putin has no reverse gear.
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bill: we now know john kerry has arrived in kabul, afghanistan. this comes while there is continued talk about who is going to lead that nation as we get ready for a drawdown. lieutenant colonel ralph peters. i want to start in afghanistan then we'll move to iraq and then we'll take on russia, ukraine and putin. what can we expect him to get done on this visit? >> has anybody noticed? whenever john kerry rushes to any scene things immediately get worse. i'm not being flippant. this guy is in so far over his head the best thing he could do is retreat to a hermitage and let career professionals take over. bill: would you rather he not be
6:33 am
there at all? >> afghanistan should be run by generals. it's a war. kerry -- there is only so much you can say. the guy is out of his depth. look at the mess he made went israelies and hamas. show me a kerry success, show me one and you'll be a convert. bill: we just watched the casket of major general harold greene return in dover, delaware. have you learned more about how this green on blue attack happened? it has to be one of the greatest fears for our military serving there when you cannot identify the enemy supposedly wearing a uniform that is favable to what you are trying to accomplish. >> unfortunately attacks like this are ino are inevitable. there is a great deal of
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internal feuding in the calf began system. part of it is ethnic and religious. and so we are actually fortunate we haven't had more incidents like this. we had plenty of them. but it's part and parcel of this kind of war. bill: let's move to iraq. isis, the islamic militants have taken control of a significant dam near mosul in iraq. these are the towns they rule between iraq and syria. this dam in mosul, how critical is that for them? >> it's critical for iraq. it's the most important dam strategically. it gives them control of electrical power and water for irrigation. they have the power to flood towns and create hah sphrok they want to. at the same time they were able,
6:35 am
this informal army, to take this dam very quickly and cleanly also seized the largest christian town. driven out 60,000 christians who had to flee to curd and. they are -- flee to. they are destroying churches and manuscripts. we are seeing the collapse of 2,000 years of christian and other civilizations in the middle east while the united states does nothing, this administration doesn't even say anything. it is a tragedy of the first order. bill: there were 60 sunni fighters taken out in mosul but you see no retreat on behalf of
6:36 am
these fighters? >> they y are winning. why retreat when you are winning. iraq is divide. it will never come back together. we are now seeing them basically fighting over the border between new emerging states. the only friend we have had in iraq were the kurds. we abandoned the kurds and they are the only people really fighting the islamic state terrorists while the baghdad government gets our support and they are backed by iran. bill: let's go to ukrne. do you believe as it stands now that vladimir putin is going to invade ukraine? >> i don't think he wants to. i think the odds are that he will. the reason is this. he's never come up against opposition before. it's a new thing for him.
6:37 am
they are biting his age ankle, not his neck. his answer having one every confrontation with the west, he's fighting harder. he's a proud man and he has a long-term vision of reestablishing the russian empire. the leaders of the putin-created separatists are mercenaries he sent in, the special operators. to his surprise they have been fighting. the ukrainian army that rolled off in crimea didn't roll over this time. the odds are if he sees them on the verge of failing completely, he will go in on the ground and do nothing. bill: you can see the back room deals, the tit for tat between the united states and russia. moscow announced and on some of
6:38 am
our food imports. president obama said if you look at growth in russia, the economy has ground to a halt. he also suggested it's too early to tell whether the sanctions are having the impact and effect western european countries and the united states desire. then he said, you start seeing an invasion by russia that's obviously a new set of questions, and then he concluded by saying we are not there yet. is he right? >> he may thought be there but continue is there. president poroshenko of the ukraine is there. putin's calculation is straightforward. he cleverly addicted europe to russian gas. as winter approaches he's sure european sanctions will fall away. meanwhile russians can take a lot of pain. and he's willing to take that pain in the short term to accomplish strategic objectives in the longer term. he's used to winning. when you hear president obama or
6:39 am
any leader say rushu must get out of crimea. he won that one and he thinks he can take the pain and win in east ukraine, too. so his pride is tied up in that. his strategic vision is tied up in it. he invaded with artillery fire and mercenaries and thugs. the only question is will he cross the border with ground troops. i don't think he wants to. but his whole vision in ukraine is collapsing. i don't think he wants to do it. bill: thank you for being flexible. we'll talk again real soon. patti ann: the cdc issuing a level one warning. what does this level-one activation mean? reporter: the last time the cdc issued a level-one activation was in 2009.
6:40 am
it was when they were dealing with the h1n1 flu pandemic. now a cdc spokesman says this is an all hand on deck call to mobilize resources across the agency. in this case to respond to the he pola outbreak in west africa. it does not represent an increased threat here in the u.s. patti ann: the two americans who contracted ebola overseas and are being treated in the united states are getting an experimental treatment and there are questions now as to whether our government will author ies letting some patients in africa use this experimental treatment. >> president obama was asked about that curin that during a s conference yesterday. he says there isn't enough information on these
6:41 am
experimental drugs for him to be comfortable authorizing the use of these drugs and sending them to africa at this point. he says the problem in west africa is the public health systems were overwhelmed the and unable to identify and isolate ebola patients quickly enough to stop the disease's spread. since the virus is not airborne but spread through body fluids, he says he believes they can stop the spread. >> we are focusing on the public health approach because we know how to do that. but i'll continue to seek information about what we are learning with respect to these drugs going forward. >> reporter: two american missionaries infected with ebola were given doses of the experimental drug but that was before they left africa for medical treatment in the u.s. experts say it's too early to
6:42 am
know whether it played a role. a small minority of patients get well on their own. patti ann: around 10%, i understand. bill: a lot of concern and the fear spreads and people are showing up in hospitals and question whether they have it. try and keep the temperature down. >> a family dealing with a double dose of tragedy. first their daughter dies now they are forced to take off her student loan payments. we'll talk to the parents live. why they say the debt is crushing them. patti ann: president obama threatening to use the power of the pen on immigration while congress is away. he's been a polarizing president and this would be a nuclear bomb that would blow open and make this country even more divided in a way most americans just don't want.
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when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here
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patti ann: a california couple is facing financial ruin. they are forced to pay off a debt their daughter took out and the debt has doubled due to interest rates and fees. you western comfortable cosigning on her student loan. she was going to become a nurse. she was a responsible young woman. you were confident she would make the payment. what you didn't realize if she died you would be responsible for that debt? >> they never told us that at all when we were signing the loan documents. patti ann: these loans were from private lenders who don't follow
6:47 am
the same rules. you think that's something that has to be changed? >> i do. i think it's somewhat confusing to me why student loan debt is the only debt that can't be discharged in bankruptcy, and i find it confusing as why private loan -- private lenders are regulated different than the federal loans that get student loans. patti ann: i think this comes as a surprise to a lot of people. now your situation. you are raising lisa's three children. you owe $2,000 a month in loan payments. that's something you can't pay. so the debt started out at $100,000. with interest and the late-payment fees it's $200,000. you have sought relief in self ways. tell us about that. i understand -- the lengthers weren't willing to help you out?
6:48 am
>> some the lenders did reduce interest rate and reduced the balance slightly. and we had one loan that was forgiven all together. patti ann: which is wonderful but other companies were not sympathetic at all. >> no, they haven't. sally mae has been the one that was helpful. patti ann: you say you will not be able to help your three grandchildren with college loans because your credit is ruined. what relief can you seek here. what would you like to see happen next? >> well, ultimately we would love to have the lenders just forgive these loans. our daughter is gone. no one is benefiting from the education. we have asked -- this has been a 4 1/2 year ordeal.
6:49 am
and we asked if we can have some kind of forgiveness relief and we -- it's not been an option. >> if they were federal loans they would have been foregiive already. patti ann: in a case like this for viewers watching who want to co-sign on their own children's loans you can take out a life understand policy on the borrower. it's something you wouldn't think about but you want people to think about that now. we wish you the best of luck. we hope evening works out. bill: sweet people there. bill: robert redford apparently not happy with paying his fair share. why the hollywood legend is suing the state of new york over taxes. patti ann: those are post-it
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patti annpatti ann: kansas citye pulling a prank on a colleague. the officer was known to be a prankster. he says he knew he was busted
6:54 am
when he walked in door. >> they got me. the frankster gets prank. now the veteran detective says he will do some investigation of his own and the payback is coming for the prankster. how can you get them off? i can't think of a fast way beside pulling them. bill: why don't you just get rid of the car. bill: there is a vote in tennessee for a rare thursday primary. senator lamar alexander is in a fight to keep his seat against a tea party candidate. >> it's a test of the power of incouple been i. lamar alexander looking for a third term in the senate. carr has been hammering
6:55 am
alexander. alexander says he was voting to end the de facto amnesty that illegal aliens now have. >> i voted to end pro pet fuel amnesty. there are millions illegally here and we do nothing but perpetuate amnesty. we can't just sit around and make a speech about immigration. >> reporter: carr says he does have an answer. >> they will self deport. temp. they are here for jobs. we understand why they are coming but that doesn't mean we shouldn't enforce our laws. >> reporter: you believe that's self-deportation. that got mitt romney in trouble in 2012. >> i'm not mitt romney and i'm not running for president.
6:56 am
bill: any way to know how this is going? how it's shaping shaping up? >> reporter: you have to givive alexander the popular advantage. but there has been a record number of early votes and dzhokharr believes that enthusiasm will translate to votes for him. bill: john roberts live at nashville, tennessee. hawaii is facing a 1-2 punch from mother nature. no just one but two hurricanes taking direct aim at the islands. it's the first time in the next 20 years. vo: this is the summer. the summer of this. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. where memories will be forged into the sand. and then hung on a wall for years to come. get out there, with over 50,000 hotels at $150 dollars or less.
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bill: new jobless numbers are out. new jobless numbers are out. down from last week. 289,000 americans filing for new claims for jobless benefits. more employers keeping the
7:00 am
workers on the payroll. the pay checks could boost consumer spending and long-term growth. president obama pushing back against republican claims he's overstepped his authority saying americans want him to act and he's ready to do that. but what will he do? a brand-new hour and a busy day here. martha has some time out. how you doing? who i'm happy to be here. the president considering another round of executive action ready to go his own way on immigration saying he will not sit around twiddling his thumbs waiting for congress to send a bill to the white house. but he says he's well aware of the limits of the constitution. >> i never have a green lights. i'm bound by the constitution and separation of powers, there are some things we can't do. we'll make sure every time we take one of these steps that we are working with the confines of my executive power.
7:01 am
but i promise you, the american people don't want me just standing around twiddling my thumbs and waiting for congress to get something done. patti ann: ed henry is live on the north lawn. what are the president's options? >> the work permit would give he's saying i'm going to go my own way. he said we all make choices. and that's what he was elected to do. but republicans are situation's doing is going around the law and going around the constitution and they say those choices might end up blowing up in this face.
7:02 am
mid-terms coming up, what's going to happen? >> it does seem imminent. the background is the attorney eric holder and the homeland security secretary are look at various executive orders. they would know, this would fall within the law. republicans don't believe some of these actions will fall within the law. but my sense is when you hear end of the summer that will happen quickly the next couple weeks. democrats think maybe it will boost turnout among his tan andic voters. but republicans think it's a narrative of the president going his own way. 71% of adults said the country is on the wrong track. that suggests some of the president's strategies may not be working out. bill: it seems perhaps it's and matter of time before the president acts on his own. what he does is not known now. from the nationality journal ron
7:03 am
fournier says that will be a major mistake. >> even if you believe it's legal, i still think there isare should not do it. the fundamental reason he became president is he promised there is no red state, no blue state, i'm going to bring the country together. he's been a polarizing president and this would be a nuclear bomb and divide this country in a way most americans don't want. bill: bret baier is with me. a long evening last night. what is the point that fournier is making? >> reporter: as we get closer and closer to what ed described as an imminent order on executive action on immigration that would deal broadly with millions of illegal immigrants
7:04 am
in the country. you are getting sense from columnists left and right that this is going to be explosive. this isn't just talk radio that is talking like this. these are folks that say no matter what you think of the issue. if this president goes this far without congress, for something like this. it would divide the country in ways i don't think we have seen. ron has an excellent column in the national journal where he expand on that statement he said last night on the panel. i guess the question is we don't know the effect electorally and we don't know the effect in the fabric of our country. bill: he was believing his explanation. he thinks if he takes this action it will be dangerous for democrats. even making the climate even more difficult for them. is there a general consensus he's right on that? >> many democrats think this
7:05 am
action would be impeachment fodder. the hill has a piece today that democrats talked 20-1 more about impeachment than republicans. but they think perhaps this would draw an i am preachment from republicans, an impeachment of president obama and that would in the them. there is another side to that. the backlash over the issue would hurt a lot of democrats, especially in red states on an issue that is so divisive as in legalizing essentially offering work permits to $5 million illegal immigrants. bill: a lot of those red states have senate elections coming up. i heard earlier today that the president may come back from martha's vineyard and his vacation for a day or two for a visit to the white house. i don't know if you heard that as well. what are you picking you have on that possibility? >> reporter: i think all the signals are something will
7:06 am
happen before the end of the summer which means before labor day and it would make sense towards the end of august, 19, 0, 1 -- 19, 20, 1, there might be some action on immigration. it will be interesting to see if that's the time frame and the fallout on the mid-terms right after labor day. bill: we don't know when it will happen or how it will happen but we'll wait and the see how the republicans respond in kind. hope you get a short evening. see you, bud. patti ann: hawaii is about to get hit with its first direct hurricane in more than two decades. the storm expected to strengthen before arriving this evening with heavy rains and wind gusts up to 85 miles an hour. another hurricane is expected to
7:07 am
pass the island. the red cross is helping folks prepare for the worst. >> we are providing a safe place to get out of the storm. there are no amenities, there won't be run water or food provided by us. they need to make hour to bring their own food. >> reporter: the big island is getting rain and it will take the brunt of this hurricane when it hits tonight around 8:00 p.m. in hawaii. whether iselle hits as a hurricane or tropical storm doesn't make much difference. because so many areas of the island are only accessible by a coastal road. so you have huge areas that can be cut off by a storm surge that is expected at 15-25 feet. and the island could get a foot of rain. so people are stocking up on water, rice, gasoline, food, assuming they will be cut off from services and access for a
7:08 am
few days. even some tourists are thinking of getting out early. >> i thought rain -- we might be rained out. >> you come to hawaii for the clear skies and beautiful weather. and it's always a bit of a shock when you hear you will be sitting inside while there is a storm. >> reporter: the airlines are waiving their cancellation and change fees for those who want to get out or cancel a vacation all together. patti ann: what about this second storm, julio? >> reporter: hawaii was last hit by a hurricane in '92. it meansreas already saturated by iselle will get slammed by jewel low friday and saturday. shuttle buss are evacuating people in the flood zones. those also in homes build before
7:09 am
1995. the coast guard is closing down harbors on four of the six island. parks are closed. they are preparing for mudslide and rockslides. many people living on the exposed ridge lines at 10,000 feet have to get out as well. flooding as you can imagine is going to devastate some of those coastlines which is of course where all the resorts are. patti ann: william lajeunesse, live in l.a., thank you. bill: a dangerous wildfire in oregon. threatening hundreds of homes 75 miles east of portland. the approaching flames forcing the evacuations of many as others get ready to clear out. >> reporter: the smoke is bad
7:10 am
enough. these are senior citizens. most of them are on oxygen or medical assistance. it's coming straight down toward them. >> you can see where the grass and brush is burning. it's kind of concerning. but we have the puerto ricanleers going on the roof on the house to keep everything wet. bill: smoke will make you nauseous, fire will burn down your home. firefighters facing another day of tough conditions with low humidity and high wind in the state of oirg. patti ann: a hollywood legend battling new york state. robert redford is taking the department of continues to court. bill: illegal immigrants allegedly killing a man in front of his entire family and the shooters should never have been here. new details this morning on that case. patti ann: the home destroyed
7:11 am
and others threatened in a landslide. amazing time lapse footage and we'll tell you what neighbors say is to blame for the devastation. >> it's so frightening to see someone you love and care about lose everything they have. so they're not the same, because they're different. woman: jimmy's not my grandson, captain obvious. woman: man: he's my lover. no. ♪searching with devotion ♪for a snack that isn't lame ♪but this... ♪takes my breath away
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bill: a teenaged girl has died after a boating incidents in connecticut. police say they were out took you when they became entangled in the boat that was pulling
7:15 am
them. the boat belongs to the father of one of the surviving girls. it's not clear if the teenagers were operating that boat illegally. >> it's probably not safe. adult supervision is important. >> you never know when it could happen. >> reporter: the other person on board that inner-tube arounded injuries to her leg but she is expected to recover. patti ann: actor robert redford taking on new york state. the state says he owes $1.7 million after selling the sundance channel. but he feels he already paid his taxes in utah. soso, redford owned the sundance channel. edsold part of it in 2005. he lives in utah.
7:16 am
paid the income tax in utah. but the channel is based in new york so new york charged his $875,000 and $750,000 in interest. he says he doesn't owe a dime. he says it's double taxation. dose have a case? >> i think he has a case, but i don't have any idea how this would pay out. i would benefit if he wins as a business owner. but i don't think he's going to win. one of the reasons is this problem. this is another problem in an area where both david and i would agree we need reformation inin our tax system. but i feel left and right disagree as to how we need the system reformed. but everybody can have their day in court and so can mr. redford, but i don't think he will be successful. >> reporter: redford's lawyers argue eight many unconstitutional for new york to
7:17 am
impose income tax on a non-residents. we have a liberal elite part of the 1% talking about the constitution and overtaxation. surprising? >> no, not when it benefits him. redford with his nine homes bemoaning capitalism. they play what's in their own interests. to be fair, the need for tax reform, what matters is not robert redford. he's not going to lose or gain anything relative to the regular guy or man or woman out there who has wakeup costs of the total tax burden that is way beyond onerous. in new york state you can't afford to live or run a business when you lose 30% of your income to the state. as republicans you need to take up that issue at a federal and state level. redford is not the issue, tax
7:18 am
reform is the issue. article 16 of the state constitution give him an argument for this. he uses it, i think he loses but it's contradictory even in the way it's written. patti ann: maybe he will spearhead the tax reform movement now. he sold the rest of his sundance channel in 2008 and he reported the gain in the same manner and paid the you taupe taxes and new york didn't come after him for that. his lawyers are asking what's different between that and the first sale. >> here is the thing. though i sit here 20 minutes from the epicenter of hollywood if you will, even us on the left kind of put our violins in the case when we have celebrities crying over the fact that, oh, i'm going to make $20 million instead of $30 million. i think a lot of americans feel this way. but i think the lawyers havave good question here.
7:19 am
this is something we see whether it is the state tax issue or federal tax issue. the rules don't always apply. in a sense robert redford got away with not paying taxes under the current tax code that he is now being caught up to pay now and he's angry and fighting to keep his money. i agree with david there are a lot of people left and right, especially who are celebrities who will cry out only when it affects them. when they benefit they cry differently. patti ann: i think we have agreement there. leslie marshall and david webb. >> welcome to the tea party. bill: 19 past. a major step forward to help our veterans. the va reform bill awaiting signature today.
7:20 am
patti ann: was it murder for a mistake. a detroit jury considering that controversial case of the deadly porch shooting. >> when you point a gun at another person you create a high risk of death and great bodily harm. there is no other options. this is a dead lid weapon. female announcer: sunday's your last chance to save big
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7:24 am
watch in horror as their neighbors's home was crushed. >> great family. the couple, multiple families that lived there. just the best people. and just heartbreaking. patti ann: neighbors say they first noticed movement more than a week ago, when a developer began prepping several lots at the top of the hill. evacuation orders have been lifted. bill: president obama getting ready to sign the v. areform bill the next hour. it gives the v. athe authority to fire incompetent workers and allows veterans to get private care. outrage remains with the death of veterans and cover-up that ensued. mike emanuel on the hill for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, bill. bill: the bill sign something just the first step, correct? >> reporter: that's right. veterans group say it is important first step to get out of the va system. it is not a silver bullet.
7:25 am
they see lawmakers need to demand accountability and give veterans more choice so they're not trapped inside the system. now there is concern that washington will want to turn the page. >> congress will be tempted to wipe their hands of this and go to election day and say we've done our part. that is where groups like ours, concerned veterans of america, groups across the country need to keep the heat on. this is just a start. the va is not fixed. >> reporter: he says the new secretary will have to make sure that the reforms are implemented and not swallowedded up by the bureaucracy va. bill: what have we learned about this scandal. >> reporter: fox did a freedom of information request for meetings with president and general shinseki. only time they met in 2014 according to research was two cabinet meetings and on the day shinseki resigned from his job
7:26 am
in may. va scandal broke in january when there were reports of veterans dying while waiting to get an appointment to see a doctor at the phoenix va facility. it was later revealed patients were on a secret list designed to hide long delays from va officials in washington. shinseki resigned may 30th. bill: we'll watch for the signing coming up soon. mike emanuel from d.c. patti ann: any parent knows it is tough to get your teenager to put down your smartphone but now pope francis could provide help. the pontiff has an eye-opening message for the internet generation. bill: listen up, people. weird al's a genius. he has new songs out. "word crimes." you remember, "eat it," right? patti ann: i love him. bill: love him. will he soon perform on one of the biggest stages in the world? weird al. ♪ like diet can negatively impact good bacteria?
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bill: a couple of stories moving over the past hour or so. we know secretary of state john kerry john kerry arrived in unannounced visit in kabul afghanistan. said to meet with the leading contenders for the presidency in that country. we'll see how that goes. while we were getting news of secretary kerry we watched this scene from dover air force base back here in the u.s. that is the body of major general harold greene who was gunned down at a military base west of kabul just this past week. at least 15 others were wounded in that attack, a green on blue attack they call it where a afghan soldier wearing a military uniform opened fire, shooting indiscrimminantly from inside of a window in a building in that base. most injured were americans and major general harold greene after 34 years of service in the u.s. military is now given his hero's welcome back here at home
7:31 am
at last. patti ann: president vladmir putin apparently striking back, retaliating for the sanctions imposed on russia by banning food imports from the u.s. and the european union. and this move could have a big impact here at home. florida, for example, has sent russia millions of dollars worth of goods so far this year. steve harrigan is live in miami. hi, steve. how serious is this? >> reporter: patti ann, starting out as a one-year ban against all foodstuffs from the u.s. and the european union. that banned was announced at a televised cab bet meeting in the kremlin by russia's number two, prime minister dmitry medvedev. >> translator: russia instituting total ban on food, fish, poultry, cheese, milk and dairy products from the european countries united states of america, australia, canada and
7:32 am
kingdom of norway. >> reporter: russian officials are trying to blame the foodstuffs including $5 million a year from florida are toxic and harmful to consumers. most analysts see this as pure move of revenge by russia. revenge for sanctions imposed on russia by the u.s. and european union for russia's continued support of rebels fighting in ukraine. patti ann? patti ann: steve, who will be hurt the most? >> reporter: well the u.s. exports one billion dollars a year in agricultural products to russia. that is less than 1% total. so the impact on u.s. farmers is going to be nominal but the real impact could be reverse of what the russians intend t could spike inflation in russia. the head of the u.s. poultry council says this could end up, if it really happens, increasing the cost of protein for russian consumers. russian officials might take the ban even further. they could shut down airspace over siberia. if this happens, it could make flights from west to asia longer and more expensive.
7:33 am
patti ann? patti ann: steve harrigan, live in miami. thanks. bill: serious growing outrage by the day over the murder of a border patrol agent. his union is blaming congress and the white house. agent javier vega was shot in cold blood in front of his family in texas. they were fishing at the time. two suspects in custody, mexican nationals in the u.s. illegally. arrested, deported on numerous occasions. a union leader for the national border patrol council tweeting the following. border patrol agent javier vega, murdered by two illegal aliens. victim of lax border enforcement. blood on hands of congress and president. genevieve woods, contributor for daily signal, online outfit for the heritage foundation and rich lowery head of "national review." good morning to both of you. genevieve, one of the reasons we brought you on today you were just on the border, mcalan, texas, i believe? >> that's right. bill: what did you observe, what did you experience, what did you report?
7:34 am
>> well i talked with many of the border patrol agents, some in the union you just referenced. this has been their concern all along. yes, they were concerned about children coming across the border but one of the main reasons for that it opened up chaos on the border. it allowed people from gangs, transnational criminal organizations, who are human smugglers, drug smugglers. while all the diverse was with kids and others coming across to let these kind of folks come across. that has been a huge concern for them all along. and look, this story is terrible but i think what people need to realize, it can happen a lot more often than has been reported. ranchers in texas, we did a story for the daily signal on this, they find these kind of people crossing their land on a regular basis. bill: but your big point, they're distracted because they have some other issues to take care of? >> the border is in chaos. bill: it is in chaos. there is, there are these kids coming in from el salavador and guatemala by the tens of thousands. >> that's right.
7:35 am
bill: the attention you need to give to them allows the criminals, and the thugs to basically come back and forth across the border. one of these men now being held accused murder, was deported four types. now, rich, what does that tell you? that tells you that the border is a swinging door. it's wide open. >> really puts a lie to what harry reid and other democrats said which the border is secure. the alleged gunman here was caught four times. and you read what happens. he is held briefly. fined $10. released. caught again. fined $10. released again, $10. released. last time he was held a little longer. there was $100 fine. it just shows, this goes to that really tough, but deservedly so statement from the border union about congress and president. political elite in this country is not enforcing our immigration laws. bill: it is revolving door. this is what the border patrol said here. let me read it for our viewers. we are outraged illegal aliens
7:36 am
entered our nations target ad family that enjoyed time fishing. agent javier vega fought to defend his mother, his father, his wife and his children. these criminals should not have been on u.s. soil. genevieve, that is the bottom line. >> is the bottom line. look, i think people need to toe this, under president obama, just in shirt 30 -- 2013, i.c.e., which is responsible for getting people and deporting them, released 30,000 criminals, illegal aliens who committed crimes in this country, released them back into the american community. these are people that were convicted, guilty of sexual assault, homicide, and basically they're released saying we'll have a deportation hearing for you. you will come back then. do we really think these criminals show back up for their deportation hearings? so when president obama talks about, now we want to get amnesty even more, we'll see if he follows up on that pledge, that is a huge concern for the american people. bill: bigger point, rich, here,
7:37 am
that stories like these drive attention to the border issue, but it is still does not appear that much changing because of it. now the house passes its bill late on friday night. senate does nothing. in turn over the past two weeks, governor rick perry in texas, sends his own border patrol agents down to guard the border. what they're saying is that border patrol, when it is patrolled, works. that they believe that stretch of the rio grande where most were coming across has been cut by 50% already. that is a clear signal. >> yeah. there are couple of things here, bill. it is not just a border crisis. it is, broader, crisis of immigration enforcement. because if you look at these kids and teenagers and families coming across, who are not violent criminals like these thugs, they voluntarily surrender to border agents because word gotten out how they're handled. they're sent further into the
7:38 am
country somewhere, with a notification to appear at court eventually. most of them just don't. once they're here a while, they fall into the broad category of people that the obama administration says we're not going to apply immigration laws to. when word gets out south of the border that is the way it works, that is the huge magnet and executive amnesty he is talking about, would even be a bigger magnet. bill: family to deal with his death here, deported four times. coming and going. genevieve wood, thank you for your time. rich lowery, thanks as well. >> thanks, bill. bill: what do you think at home, the office, on your mobile device? how would you deal with the border crisis today? /americasnewsroom and file a comment there and we'll, read what you have to say online. /americasnewsroom. patti ann: obamacare is turning into a hot button issue on the campaign trail getting folks fired up as we head into the midterm elections.
7:39 am
fox news reporting looking at rollout in new hampshire where one doctor so upset he is ready to run for office. >> after quitting medicine, he is contemplating a run for statewide office as a republican, because of obamacare. >> this was not addressing patient care or even patient health. this was all about insurance reform. and forcing people to follow one set of rules. it brought down the standard of medicine in this country. i think it is only going to get work over time. >> dr. hand none had a practice in florida before moving to new hampshire >> the health care act was final nail in the coffin. it was not only reason. it made the decision a lot easier for me. patti ann: that is fox news reporting, live free or die, obamacare in new hampshire. anchored by bret baier. tune in tomorrow 10:00 p.m. eastern time or again saturday night at 10:00 or sunday night at 9:00. bill: goes with "the wall street journal" report
7:40 am
we talked about two hoursing a, number of exemptions list keeps getting longer and longer we found from the congressional budget office. check it out over the weekend. meantime "the blade runner" is back in court for the final phase of his murder trial. closing arcments before a judge hands down the verdict, in the shooting death of reeva steinkamp. we'll have that for you. >> we're also waiting for a verdict in another deadly shooting of unarmed teenager. this man says he acted in self-defense. prosecutors say it was murder. who will the jury believe? >> did this man ted wafer look like somebody out of mind with anger that night when you watched it? he looked like a man who is confused. after the fact. p÷úññ @úñ
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
>> yeah, he does. today's throwback thursday takes us back to 1959. a few years before man walked on the moon the unmanned explorer number six took lunch, took the first satellite photo of earth from space. by 1972, technology greatly improved and this new image was beamed down to all of us. the iconic photo has been re-created too many times to count even becoming a popular wallpaper for your apple iphone. that was 55 years ago today. >> a verdict is expected today in the shooting death of an unarmed teenager in michigan. theodore said he feared for his life when he heard banging on his door in the early morning hours. he shot the 19-year-old on his porch, killing her. his lawyers said he acted in
7:45 am
self-defense. the prosecutor said she came to his home after a car accident and was murdered. >> when you take a weapon fully loaded and you pointed in an area you know there is a person or that a place where anybody could be and the gun goes off and somebody get hit, that is murder in the second degree. >> you have to decide amongst yourselves. was he in fear of his life or great bodily ar harm that night? and was the danger imminent? >> our legal panel joins us now. thank you both for being with us. under michigan law there is no duty to retrieve but you are only allowed to harm someone if you have a reasonable belief that you are in imminent danger,
7:46 am
deadly force is the only way to protect yourself. does it meet the burden here? >> i don't think it does. jurors are looking at objective facts like a 5'4" unarmed femalx
7:47 am
he shot her four times from the other side of the bags room door. prosecutors say he killed her after an argument. keith, what do you say? >> this whole trial has been quite a bit of a circus act. many crazy things going on. one of the things you don't see in trials was the defendant testifying. he was subject to scathing
7:48 am
cross-examination. they can charge him with murder with which is intentional crime. i don't you have it here. you don't have words from someone else saying i am going to kill her. in order to get murder, you have to know at the time he picked up the gun he intended to kill her. you will never get that here. you could have murder when he make makes decision at the time or culpable homicide is likely. keep in mind this is celebrity. >> he is a celebrity. we know him as "blade runner." olympic athlete, runs on prosthetic legs. considered a role model for a while. defense says he is vulnerable scared inside. >> if this were a jury trial, my god his celebrity status, what everybody thinks of his athletic heroics, while shouldn't form your verdict it's a big part of it. judge and two assess source, interesting charged with three gun offenses also. i don't see any way around him getting convicted on that. i agree with keith. idea of a premeditated killing might be difficult.
7:49 am
>> doug burns, keith sullivan, thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> we await jenna lee, happing no rolling your way. great picture of you and geraldo. >> you saw that? >> that was fantastic. >> that was on twitter. don't want to give too much away the baby gave up first exclusive interview to geraldo rivera. bill: thought it was mine. >> we can negotiate, bill. coming up on the show, secretary of state john kerry on surprise from afghanistan. place of u.s. forces in iraq and afghanistan. plus are we on verge of possible invasion of ukraine by russia. a lot happening overseas. we'll take that all in as we also take in a thursday primary day in tennessee. bill, is there a tie between alzheimer's and a lack of vitamin-d? we'll take up that medical topic. >> you look beautiful by the way. thank you very much. really did. stay healthy. we have word for your baby coming up here. >> what? >> the pope has a message for your child.
7:50 am
>> really? >> and a warning. that's right. telling kids to chill out with all the texting. that story is next, jenna. don't miss it. see you at top of the hour. whoa, the pontiff speaks. ♪ when salesman alan ames books his room at, he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can check in and power up before his big meeting.
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with the top speedou compare of comcast the top speed of business dsl from the internet... phone company well, there's really no comparison. why pay more for less? call today for a low price on speeds up to 150mbps. and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business. bill: he has a twitter account in several images now pope francis has a message for young people. stop using that cell phone. internet is a gift from god but should not become a distraction from what is important in life. laura, good morning to you. i'm assuming the pope did not
7:54 am
say this in a tweet. >> he gave a talk to alter servers. he said get off your cell phones and do something more productive with your life. no doubt the pontiff is speaking from experience watching young followers constantly on their devices, taking all of those selfie with teenagers, after a all. >> ma maybe many young people le too much with things like chatting on the internet, watching tv shows, a product of technological progress that should simplify and elevate quality of life so many times distract our attention with that which is truly important. >> he warns us of the obsessive disorder to be connected online. the pope says the internet with a gift god adding the emphasis of chatting on each net or with smart phones, just as worthwhile as chatting in a daily life.
7:55 am
>> everybody found out about this online, right? he is still online tweeting from time to time, right? >> yes, he is following on twitter with his english count alone. if you hard material possessions, they will rob you of your soul. a fox news contributor says the pope's latest message leaves les parents and teenagers jumping for joy adding pope francis gets it asking a summertime of videogames isolating a memory that last a lifetime. 95% of all teenagers 12-17 are now online, so i guess the pope has a point. bill: and they will read about it on facebook. see you, laura. cool message. martha: is the foundation of obamacare collapsing? the mandate could start the program. veggies you're cool...
7:56 am
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bill: could be a game-changer, america. a petition to get weird al yankovic to play the super bowl at arizona next year. 55,000 signatures at this morning. it says weird al can perform parodies and joined onstage by everybody he makes fun of. fans to the theatrics would be hilarious and draw a wider audience of fans, that could be intriguing. martha: i am for it. bill: the nfl is always looking for a bigger audience.
8:00 am
we don't know if the nfl will consider this or not, but he would join the ranks of what the rollinrolling stones and youtubd springsteen and everybody with the halftime at the super bowl. martha: probably no wardrobe malfunction worries. bill: we have to run, everybody, he will catch you on friday. "happening now." martha: take care. >> a new report finding most americans will not pay any fine if they do not sign up for health insurance. hope you're having a great day so far. jon: the mandate is the financial foundation of obamacarmeant to encourage younger, healthier people to get into the pool helping lower premiums for everyone, but the "wall street journal" reports that pool is dwindling fast because of so many exemptions. the government report estimates 4 million uninsured americans will have to pay any kind of a penalty at all in 2016, so what does it mean for the affordable care act?


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