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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 10, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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they taste great. that's it for us on sunday hougs call for this week. >> i hope you enjoyed it. we did. thanks for watching. u.s. forces deliver another round of air strikes to islamic militants on a brutal rampage. in northern iraq a fourth round of strikes aimed at stopping their advance into the city of erbil. president obama calling the campaign a long-term project. one that won't be solved in a matter of weeks. we'll have the t latest on a heated debate on how involved the u.s. should or shouldn't be. violence in iraq is creating a massive humanitarian crisis. many of them minority groups facing almost certain death. they fled to the mountains where many are starving as coordinated air drops are getting them much needed food and water. and nascar student tony
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stewart killed another driver in a race in new york. the shaken up stewart pulled out of today's race. the 20-year-old victim walked out onto the track after the cras crash. senators are weighing in on the president's decision to approve limited air strikes by isis as unmanned drones pound targets in iraq. doug is joining us now with more. >> hi, shannon. there was a fourth round of air strikes conducted by us f-18s today. they targeted isis controlled vehicles. asked if the air strikes might last months or perhaps years, the president told reports he didn't believe they're going to solve the story in weeks.
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three years ago he pulled the u.s. troops out of iraq and said the country was sovereign, stable and reliant. now to save the the fleeing christians, kurds and religious minorities from the slaughter of isis terrorists, the president's strategy is again coming under intense criticism. >> it's clearly, clearly very ineffective to say the least. that's very simply a narrow and focused approach to problem which is deteriorating as we speak. >> the pat blames much on al maliki. >> i think much is not our president or lack of president, it's been the politics of maliki. his alienation of the sunni community. >> iraq was stable. . iraq was a unified government. whn president obama withdrew the american troops, that's when the
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iraqi army started to disintegrate. >> president obama says he was forced to withdraw to protect the soldiers should they be implemented in crimes or other actions. the president's critics say he should have pushed harder. the president plans a break from his two-week martha's vineyard vacation when he comes back from washington to attend meetings. he'll return on tuesday to the vineyard. >> thank you very much. and for more on isis, let's speak with rick. good to see you again. we have another round of air strikes. we're going to talk about the military implications coming up. dutz it suggest to you maybe the administration has a longer term strategy? >> well, i hope so. they're certainly scrambling since they pulled troops out december 18th of 2011, shannon. and what we have seen, whether in syria or in mali when the
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french went in because the americans went in, we've seen this group really again to get active. and we've seen it if more years. so thety to develop a strategy and i'm talking about a diplomatic strategy has put us in a corner. so we're having to do military strategies. so remember that the only time we should be doing military action is when the diplomacy fails. the obama administration is not even doing diplomacy. >> there's so many partners we need to cooperate obviously. we also have to look out for them because they're on the front lines and this group is moving across many of their borders. do you think that will help speed up pressure on the u.s. to show some leadership? to work on a coordinated diplomatic effort in that
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region? >> well, the u.s. is going to have to scramble. you look at the saudis who were supposeded to go on the security council and they decided by the time the seat was vacant and they were ready to go on in january, they said we're not going to be able to service the americans. they don't know what they're doing. i've heard diplomats -- british diplomats as well as french complain hard that there is no sfrj strategy. i hope it's not too late. secretary kerry needs to quickly develop a diplomatic plan so the saudis can do some. the lebanese can definitely help. even turkey. i think there's enough to do. if we have a plan of action, we
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can start to have an effect. just doing four or five targeted strikes on the latest isis problems is not a strategy. we have to have a diplomatic and long-term strategy. >> while that remains in question, what isis has planned, their long-term strategy doesn't remain many question. we want to play a sound bite from this and what their plans are for right here in the u.s. [ speaking foreign language [ ] >> pretty ambitious there for those who couldn't see and could only hear the audio on screen, the subtitles say basically the fighter says god willing, we're going to humiliate u.s. troops.
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we want them to come for us. not unmanned drones. and we're going to raise the flag of allah over the white house. it may sound far fetched to some. others would say it's direct proof there's a national security interest to the u.s. homeland here, and we got to ramp up efforts. >> absolutely. we've seen it in mali and syria and now in iraq. it's troubling to see susan rice just this year, july 25th. just two weeks ago sent speaker boehner a letter saying we wanted to end the war authorization in iraq because the president wants to be able to tell the american people that no ground troops will ever be inside iraq. that seems like a campaign promise. not a national security strategy. with isis growing, the last thing we need is the national security adviser for the united states taking military action
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off the table. i'm not so sure they're developing a plan of action. >> always good to see you. thank you. >> thanks, shannon. >> now we'll turn to a fox news military analyst. sir, good to see you today. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me, shannon. >> this morning we're seeing another round of attacks. they say they have taken up morter positions. some convoys. i know you think the administration should do something more broad. >> i want to see at least 200 targeted a day struck. they may have gotten four. we're a long way from success. we don't have a strategy. do not even have a strategy, as rick pointed out so well. and we need a strategy.
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but we can give 24-hour air coverage so nothing will move or we destroy it. if we break the back now, it will have a huge impact in the region. if we let them take over our most loyal allies, it will have a terrible effect. it will spread to jordan. it will spread to israel. it will spread to saudi and the uae, et sat ra. that's why the the air campaign, which is a very easy campaign to orchestrate. very easy to be successful on. despite some people saying air power can't do it. i assure they can break the back of isis in this campaign. >> why do you think -- do you think he's just being very measured and responsible? and in his opinion he's made this particular decision. why do you think he wouldn't be
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on board, at least right now? >> well, that's a good question. i'll tell you why i think. he's looking in the rearview mirror. he made promises in his 2008 campaign that he thinks in 2014 that he still must honor. please. the world changed, mr. president. get on board. we have the most radical elements of krald islam succeeding. well think funded. they're no longer covert in their pajamas. they're in u.s. humvees. they're a modernized army. we cannot let this proceed. please come to 2014. come out of 2008. >> what do you think of his remarks? he said a lot of it had too with
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a previous administration. the fact that we need assurances. we need an agreement for troops staying there. he said basically we can't force it on the iraqi people if they don't want us. we had to leave. it sounded to a lot of people that he was trying to say i had no choice but to pull out. is that accurate? >> it may be accurate because that's what he wanted. but he never personally engaged with the negotiations like president bush did. any of the generals over there will tell you, if he would have really pushed and made an effort we could have stayed. the reason was not -- he had a campaign promise that he was interested in. we had a long-term national security point of view in keeping iraq stable and keeping iraq together. because we were not the catalyst there. we were not the catalyst that would have had much more leverage. we let maliki deep profession
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alize the whole iraqi army, which is the reason it collapsed. clearly maliki has to go. today let's have the american people focused on saving the kurds. protecting them and getting control of the area. then we can work on a unity government. this should be operation saved kyrgyzstan. very clear so the american people know it's not a broader pre plan. >> general, always good to see you. >> thank you, shannon. >> tell us what you think at home. how far should they go with iraq and possibly beyond that? we would love to hear from you.
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we'll read your responses later on in the show. this is the fox news alert. the israelis and palestinians we hear now have both agreed to an egyptian proposal for a new 72-hour truce with regard to gaza. that clears the way for the talks of a long-term cease-fire deal in the gaza strip. talks between the two parties are scheduled to begin again today. we'll have a live report from on the ground in gaza city in just a moment. word is tony stewart is not going to race after hitting another driver last night. the video shows kevin ward got out of his car, appearing like he wanted to confront stewart when things took a horrible turn. >> hi, shannon. it's certainly a rapidly developing story. t at first his team said they would be racing today.
10:14 am
and now the nascar star is sitting out. the crash occurred on a dirt track in upstate new york. this is amateur video of the event which we cannot independently confirm. it shows to be stewart's car colliding with a car driven by kevin ward jr. then ward gets out of his car and start walking on the track, when stewart's car comes around on the next lap, and it appears ward tries to confront stewart in some way, who is hurdling towards him. that's when stewart's car collides with ward, throwing him along the track. he was pronounced dead at the hospita hospital. >> it's a shock. there's enough out here to keep people safe. but accidents do happen. >> as any investigation, we're going to sit down and review when the investigation is complete. people who witnessed it were
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horrified. they were extremely shocked by what they saw. >> the rest of the race is immediately canceled. nascar issued a statement saying in part our thoughts and prayers go to the family, friends and fellow competitors of kevin ward jr. we support tony stewart's decision to miss today's race. so far there have not been any final reports issued. the associated press reported the investigation so far is not a criminal one. >> thank you very much for the update. christians under attack for their faith. we're going to look at the isis purge of christians and other minorities in iraq. and the fight of children in the u.s. to free their father, a christian pastor. the u.s. citizen jails in iran for almost two years. >> please help bring him home. >> why does our daddy need to be in prison for rloving jesus? >> and attorney general eric
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dozens of people are dead after a small iranian airliner crashed near tehran. reporting engine failure as a cause of the crash. it reportedly hit cables on a utility tower before bursting into flames. witnesses say the pilot saved my lives by steering away from more heavily populated areas. high profile gop politicians rallying crowds in iowa for the family leadership summit. from ted cruz and mike huckabee to rick santorum it was a who's who of favorites. >> good afternoon, shannon. it's never too early to start talking about the stuff. we're seeing early positioning for 2016. some of the biggest republican
10:21 am
heavyweights are already lob lobbying likely caucusgoers. these are many of the party faithful in iowa who could give a potential candidate an early boost. five panel contenders were there. ted cruz. mike huckabee, rick perry, rick santorum. and we heard about the balancing act for the gop. sticking to conservative principles. but at the same time, trying to broaden the base. >> there's a very simple model for how we win. we stand up and we tell the truth. we shine the light of truth and we empower the american people. >> if you look at the map for president, if we don't see a realignment of the republican party. if we don't see this party reaching out and bringing in new people, then the demographics don't look very good for us. >> some notable absences as
10:22 am
well. jeb bush, chris christie, rand paul, marco rubio and paul rooi paul ryan. rand paul is leading the pack there. chris christie and mike huckabee are very close mind h behind. followed by the rest of the field. right now pack. this is still a wide open field. the iowa caucuses are still well over a year away. if you're into it, it's never too early to start talking about it. today pope francis sounding off on chris congressmans a and other minorities harassed and killed in iraq. on the other side of the break, we're going to talk about the ongoing persecution. plus --
10:23 am
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this is a fox news alert. word in israel has just accepted a 72-hour truce proposed by egyptian diplomats, clearing the path for negotiations to a longer-term end to the violence in gaza. the palestinians had accepted the deal earlier. we're waiting to hear back from israeli officials who left the table saying that i would negotiate while they were under fire. let's check in with rick leventhal. he has more from gaza city. hello, rick. >> hey, shannon. the first report of a cease-fire was met with skepticism by the
10:28 am
israelis in part because rockets were still flying here. several rockets were launched in the hour after the palestinians announced they had agree to this cease-fire. israel's iron dome system knocked down a few of the rockets. and actions speak louder than words. it ounded like it flew right past my position here, hiting a tafrgt to the south. at least 25 more were hit here in gaza today. but we now have confirmation that the israelis have agreed along with the palestinian delegation including hamas to the new 72-hour truce to started a midnight local time. they left cairo last friday just before the last cease-fire expired. we're now told the israelis will
10:29 am
head back to cairo tomorrow morning as soon as they see evidence that in fact hamas and the palestinians are observing this new 72-hour cease-fire that's scheduled to begin a few hours from now. we also heard today that the palestinians may have been softening their positions just a little bit on lifting the blockade and opening the borders, perhaps a little more willing to negotiate and perhaps the israelis will, too. we'll have to wait and see. zblf it's been absolutely a sticking point for them. thank you very much. back now to our top story. isis is targeting christians in iraq, telling them convert or die. for more insight on christian persecution in iraq as well as across the glob, dr. faris is a here. you have a book out on the shelves right now and you predicted a lot of what we're seeing now.
10:30 am
and if we don't act now, not only there, but the kurds will be threatens. it's going to move to syria. we may see a, by isis in syria. >> and we were talking about this new video that surfaced. it gives you a real inside look on how isis operates and the children who are 10, 12, 14 years old, you know, spewing the talking points about infidels, committing themselves to jihadism. it's something they're taught at a young age. how in the world do we expect to break that cycle? >> that's the old bin laden doctrine. he mentioned as long as we have a connection to the younger and youngest generations. age 3 to age 13 or 14, we are winning the war. because we are eliminating the leaders, but there's a factory there producing more jooe hads. and isis now has a power on the ground.
10:31 am
and what we're seeing there is a portion of what's going on around the world. we have oppression of religious minorities in china and north korea. many places around the world. we've seen churches burn down and decimated. holy sites all across the middle east. what role should the u.s. be playing? people are saying we can't go to every single one of these countries. we don't have the resources to solve all the problems sochlt what do we do. >> you're right. it's not just isis. we see all the videos. and pushing towards lebanon and jordan. but also boko haram. and the other in egypt.
10:32 am
around the world and algs in iraq. it's crucial this point of time to save those who are the remnants on the mountain. and we're going to move them not outside iraq, but bring them back to the area. and that leaves a long-term. the law make pleading and begging for help and talking about the community and so emotional. it seemed like once people saw and heard that they started to be able to connect with just the fear and the destruction that was happening to these people. >> this lawmaker actually made that speech at the iraqi parliament. defending the kurds, arming the kurds and asking them to tray a
10:33 am
minority. the whole northern area would be protected by its own people. they are the boots on the ground. and we need to make sure that isis does not threaten them. that is too long of a solution. we need right now to make sure minorities are secured they are arms and bringing back the area that was controlled by isis. it's such a good read in the midst of everything that's going on. thank you for the book. thank you for being here today. >> thank you for having me. >> why does our daddy need to be in prison for loving jesus? >> a plea for help from the american family of a pastor jailed iran. the heart wrenching video and an update on his condition coming up.
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i don't want him to miss another birthday or a christmas or father's day. please help bring him home. >> the children of an american pastor held in iran are issuing a new plea to president obama. next month will mark two years since he's been jailed in iran because of his christian faith. we're told his health is not good, and he possibly needs surgery. the children made the second video in far ssi. in june they celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary apart. we know we've been following the case with you so we promised to keep you updated. there there's in anger in
10:39 am
washington about a lack of transparency at best. stone walling at worst by the obama administration. and it's not coming from partisan politicians. mike emanuel explains. >> reporter: 47 inspector generals signed to go after waste, fraud and mismanagement are blasting the justice department, the peace corps and the the chemical safety board for withholding nflgs claiming it is privileged. that's nearly two third of the independent watchdogs who signed this later. the chairman called their complaint extremely troubling. >> these agent sises were examples they wanted us to see, they were fairly public. most often ig activities are not public until they're completed. so some of the best examples of obstruction are probably the ones the igs don't want to say in a public format. >> they wrote the privileged interpretation of the law adds potentially serious challenges
10:40 am
to the authority of every inspector general and the ability to conduct the work thoroughly, dependently and in a timely manner. they note a 1917 act ensures they have complete, unfiltered and timely access to all information and materials without unreasonable administrative burdens. isis says the letter is unprecedented. >> i've never seen a letter like this. my folks have checked. there's never been a letter, even with a dozen igs complaining. this is the majority of all inspectors general saying that not just in the examples they gave, but government wide, they see a pattern that's making them unable to do their job. >> in the justice department e, withheld records for three reviews until they found they were helpful to the department's top leadership. justice spokesman said everything sought was provided and quote, because the documents at issue included grand jury material, credit reports and other information, whose dissemination is restricted by
10:41 am
law, it was necessary to accommodate the inspector general's request. isis says the independent authority should be respected. >> if anyone should have transparency, it should be the watchdogs inned the government working for the president. expect hearings on the issue when congress returns. still ahead, the naacp wants the fbi to take over the investigation of a fatal teen shooting by a police officer as tensions in the community to grow. and attorney general eric holder says he's happy to be known as an activist. that it's his role to shake things up and bring about change. but is it? we'll debate next. it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis,
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u.s. fighters continue air strikes against islamic militants in northern iraq as the u.s. also continues air drops of vital food supplies. this is president obama's latest poll numbers dive to new lows. we're going to hear from our political panel on that in a minute. first, doug is here with a look at your other headlines. >> tony stewart is not expected
10:46 am
to race today. a day after his car hit and killed racing champion kevin ward jr. stewart struck him when ward got out of his truck and walked along the track. authorities say the investigation is not a criminal one. a spokesman for tony stewart calls it a tragic accident. tensions remain high in a st. louis suburb following the fatal shooting by police of 18-year-old michael brown who was on his way to his grandmother's house. hundreds of residents gathered outside the police station looking for answers. detectives are still investigating the cause while thnaacp is asking the fbi to get involved. the state department is dolling out serious cash to try to than their folks to testify at congressional hearings. more than half a million dollars is being spent to train staffers on how to talk in front of a panel of experts according to the washington times. ea spokeswoman for the groups,
10:47 am
citizens against government waste say the training shouldn't be necessary because all the officials need to do is testify truthfully, honestly and thoroughly, they say. and finally, voters in hawaii waking up the to a big political upset as neil abercrombie was soundly and surprisingly defeated in the state primary. those are the top stories. back to you. thank you. president obama and his family are vacationing in martha's vineyard as the u.s. carries out another round of air strikes iraq. hi, wendall. >> hi, shannon. the president say there is are several objectives in the iraq campaign, and not all of them are under the control of the u.s. he's under the pressure to go
10:48 am
after the group isis from lawmakers who say the group represents a threat to the u.s. now he says his priorities are to defend the u.s. consulate where there are several hundred marines and to stop the attacks on the refugees on sinjar mountain. the u.s. conducted a number of air strikes on isis artillery pieces that had been firing at civilians. some of those strikes today. mr. obama says the military is confident it can protect the refugees, but soon enough and likely with the help of iraqi forces they'll have to form a corridor to get tens of thousands of christians and yazidis safely off the mountain. >> the next step, which is going to be complicated logistically is how to give safe passage for people down from the mountain, and where can we ultimately relocate them so that they are safe. that's the coordination we nood to do internationally.
10:49 am
>> critics say what is missing is a plan to dismantle i sis. they say the terrorist groups represents a threat to the u.s., not just iraq and to take care of the group, the u.s. should launch a much more aggressive campaign. not just in iraq, but syria as well. >> we have to have a sustained air campaign in syria and iraq. we need to go on offense. there is no force within the middle east that can neutralize or detain or destroy isis without at least american air power. >> mr. obama says there's no u.s. military solution to the problem. he says the answer is a unified iraq that doesn't alienate sunni muslims and drive them towards the the group and towards that end, he aims to make clear that maliki should stop pushing for another term. shannon? >> thank you. when it comes to how americans feel about him both personally and professionally,
10:50 am
the president just hit all time lows in polls for numerous outlets. he's also making history when it comes to low marks on foreign policy. let's bring in our panel to talk about it. chuck is a to talk about it. good to see you both. >> good to see you. >> so i want to set this up by getting through a couple poll numbers. first of all, the job approval the president doing. do you aprof or disapprove of the job barack obama is doing as president. this is the latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll. approve, 40%, disapprove, 54%. 6%, not sure. and how do you think he's handling the economy, about the same. but foreign policy, where he's having so many things to deal with right now, do you generally approve or disapprove of the job he's doing? 36% approve. 60% disapprove. those are his worst numbers on that yet. those were taken before the air strikes started. chuck, he's got a full plate. is there a chance to redeem
10:51 am
himself? >> i think so. barack obama is not up for re-election. but other democrats are. that's what worries me. i don't want to be in a race with george bush to the bottom. i'd like to see our numbers be better. overall f you look at the poll as a whole, congressional over the last three polls have been below 15. i think the american public are fed up with both parties. i think they're fed up with a lot of inaction in congress. i think the wars and all the things going on don't help the president and a lot of my candidates who are democrats running this year. so it is a concern. but i think we can walk and chew gum at the same time. you'll see people who will distance themselves from the president. and you'll see people who will rally towards him. >> what do you think of the midterm impact, angela? >> i think that the president is a lame duck president. we have a motivational speaker, a community organizer that's disappointed folks. when they're asked, are you better off than you were four years ago or six years ago, people say no. most people are struggling. i think chuck is right from the standpoint, people are tired of partisan politics. they want to see leadership. i'm not surprised the
10:52 am
president's approvalin ratings e at an all-time low. >> seems like whenever you poll that across the board, it's bad. now, i want to make sure we get to talk about the attorney general eric holder. he has taken a lot of heat during his time in office. there's been speculation about how long east going to stay, when he's going to step down. but he said, if you want to call me an activist attorney general, i'll proudly accept that label. any attorney general who's not an activist is not doing his or her job. he went on to talk about folks who have been worried about the civil rights division. he says, it doesn't include an activist civil rights division. this is an activist attorney general. now, he's the nation's top law enforcement officer. chuck, is it his job to be an activist and to bring about change or to enforce the laws as they're written? >> it's funny. an old country boy like me from east texas looked on the
10:53 am
computer at what his job is supposed to be. he's the top law enforcement agent. he's the head of the department of justice. and he's the head prosecutor when it comes to representing the government. >> and people. >> absolutely. i pay his salary every day. he's supposed to do what's best for american people and uphold the law. you're never going to hear me argue that point. i think where people are going to get upset is when he has some prosecutorial leeway, which way he pushes the hardest. pushing for what he believes it right or the president believes is right, just like if a republican is in there, they may be doing that. at the end of the day, slong they're upholding the law, doing the right things. i'm never going to say he shouldn't be doing his job. >> there have been questions, though, because he's advised lower level people within the doj and officials to not prosecute certain drug crimes or to change evidence when they go into court or to shape it differently so the case goes differently. that raises a lot of questions. >> that's not the job of the attorney general. first of all, he's supposed to enforce the law of congress. we have an attorney general that's been held in contempt of congress.
10:54 am
being a black man and promoting civil rights, that's one thing. but he's been an activist and been very divisive regarding civil rights. i think he's done more damage to the job than good. >> how hard do you think it is when he brings up the issue of race? those who defend him say some of the shots he's taking are because of race. >> he's preying on emotions of people. you're supposed to go in there and be neutral and not do it as a black man but a man who happens to be black. >> chuck? >> i think when you're pushing for voter i.d. and you're trying to be out be and trying to give people more access, that can easily be painted a racist thing and it shouldn't be. >> all right. good to see you both. thank you. a little boy's quick thinking saved his grandmother's life. the sweet story of love and survival is next. i make a lot of purchases for my business.
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>> well, thanks to you i got a chance to make it better, bud. >> 6-year-old owen is a hero after saving his grandmother's life. grandma joy collapsed in the middle of the night, couldn't breathe, couldn't talk, but owen heard her. he woke up his parents. medics were able to rush grandma to the hospital just in time. as a reward, owen's family is throwing him a super hero themed party. he is. well, i've been asking, how far do you think the u.s. should go or maybe they shouldn't go in iraq? molly wrote in, the u.s. needs to eliminate isis. they are thugs and murderers. ryan says, it's time for an all-or-nothing approach. either wipe them out completely or focus on the struggles here in the u.s. levi thinks we must be proactive in our foreign policy rather than this continual reactionary approach. thanks always for sharing. we love to hear from you at home. that's it for us here in washington. "fox news sundays" is up next. first, an exclusive interview with senator lindsay graham.
11:00 am
then maryland senator ben cardin. you don't want to miss it. i'm shannon brean. thanks for joining us on "america's news headquarters." thanks for watching fox where more news is always on the way. i'm chris wallace. president obama says air strikes in iraq could go on for months. as he seeks to contain the threat from isis. >> earlier this week, when iraq cried to the world, there's no one coming to help. today america is coming to help. >> as the u.s. returns to the fight, we'll get the latest on what's happening. jack keane breaks down the military operation and we'll discuss whether president obama is doing too little or too much with senators lindsey graham and ben cardin. plus, for a president who campaigned on getting out of iraq, how big is this rers


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