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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 11, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> not outsmarted. >> good to have you. >> great to be here. >> let's get back to you in just a second. we are awaiting a news briefing from the pentagon. our military is taking it to the radical islamists in iraq with airstrikes and arms deliveries and inaudible difference so we are told. kurdish fighters were supporting northern iraq have now been able to retake two towns overrun by the al qaeda spinoff group isis. on a debbie mission to carve out an islamic state. the latest u.s. sending weapons to the kurds and they will need them because isis has gotten her hand the weapons w left behind after years of war. jennifer griffin with the pentagon now. a lot of developments.
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>> senior u.s. official tells us u.s. government has begun providing heavy weapons to the kurdish, a decision taken in recent days. until now the central government was holding back on shipments northern iraq. the pentagon found a solution. >> this is iraq equipment but we are helping transport, helping get it from baghdad, so we have some real-life assurance and we're helping them accomplish that. reporter: the administration preparing to grant permission to provide weapons directly. in the meantime the cia which has historically facilitated such deliveries is taking a leave. they continued limited airstrikes today using f-18 fighter drones.
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retaking two towns after the west began the airstrikes. a serious political showdown could lead to violence. accommodations of a new prime minister today. refusing to step aside ignoring the constitutional right to name a new prime minister. deploying tanks and other military personnel to guard his office in the green zone and made the following late night pronouncement. >> today i will file a legal complaint to the federal force about the republic committing a clear constitutional violation for the sake of political goals and narrow interests over the interest of the iraq he people. >> the standoff poses a challenge to the u.s. government which wants wurster the government to help, but is now looking for ways to bypass baghdad. >> thank you very much.
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he says up perfectly because over the weekend we saw our own secretary of state telling the prime minister don't get out of hand with this. we can't have you becoming a distraction. >> so what does he do? immediately upon given the opportunity, he brings his forces sympathetic to his cause, i am not leaving. this is the worst thing that can possibly happen to iraq right now. yet the kurds in the north worrying about advancing isis, what is going on, are they going to turn it over the way they are supposed to do it. look, think president obama was right before he took off saying we have to help for kurds, and we do. defend themselves against the isis terrorists, that is the only way to find some sort of
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peace in the region. i think iraq is finished as a single sovereign state. you can see curti kurtistan in e southern part. >> that is about where we were 13 years ago because that was the argument in the beginning. senator john mccain slamming president obama over the targeted airstrikes which reportedly are starting to make a difference but says they are meaningless and almost worse than doing nothing. >> he says the president should enact airstrikes in syria as well against isis. john mccain and a handful of republicans this weekend, i ask you about this in the green ro room, they are not calling for boots on the ground, saying rush equipment, airstrikes in syria he is calling for and as much training at equipment as
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possible to be kurds in addition to arming them. they are saying we have to go on the offensive before they come here that we are not hearing boots on the ground calling for the president to put boots on the ground. >> they have capacity to come here at any moment. >> what are we doing in the united states to protect the american people against the attack? we have seen very serious situation of an american-born florida man who went over to syria, went back over to syria to detonate a suicide bomber there. saying they want to fight the americans, where cowards for sending drones instead of soldiers. despite the chaos in iraq we have to take a look at what we're doing here to protect the american people against the attack.
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>> laura ingram host as well said what other options does the president have rights now understanding there's only so far h you can go with this. >> saw that clip, the sentiment the american people feel as though if you're going to get involved, go all the way, do something productive here, don't do a smattering of airstrikes that are going to accomplish anything, that doesn't help anyone in the long run. they're looking for long-term comprehensive strategy that actually has a goal, what is your and game? oftentimes when you go to add everything up, you will not see the endgame. that is what they want to know. >> john mccain said he does not want boots. this man never met a war he is
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not in favor of. remember what happened when the rebels were lining up against the side? john mccain was the first to say let's take him down. you know where they are? some of the same people fighting for the kurds and even taking baghdad. look, i get it, he does not want to say boots on the ground, but that is what he really means. go in full force. >> it is important to talk about how there has not been an endgame when it comes to what you mentioned having an islamic state they will not stop at some border. their goal is to continue on, they won't stop in some small portion, continuing on killing people.
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president obama put him in office by ignoring the office, he walked away, did not try very hard. we could leave troops in iraq and over the weekend it this idea that was my idea, my decision to bring troops out of iraq is bogus. not only campaigned on the future of iraq but things didn't do it in the first place. we have to hold him accountable and they have been asking for ammunition for a very long time and we are late to the party and now even more serious situation on our hands. >> watch and i will get your response. >> we cannot wait for them to fight. every day goes by, it becomes a direct threat to the
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united states of america. they are more powerful now. loo. the ones americans are at risk. up until recently there were focusing on syria and certain parts, there were no conflicts, now they have changed the game. the militant to says we won't stop at the white house flies the flag of mohammed on the white house. at that moment the game has changed. >> he is saying i won't leave power. look, i will just take the whole country. >> we are providing weapons to the kurdish. these things don't have a way oftentimes.
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isn't it likely it will become something else and escalate? >> we are providing weapons. some airstrikes pushing them back, 40 or 50,000 people up in the mountains. >> what do they come out and call for? won't it be what we have to do more? >> we need an endgame. it doesn't look good. >> the pentagon is planning 2:30 p.m. eastern briefing to tell us about what we are doing militarily in iraq and what is next. friend or foe? blessinblasting president obama foreign-policy now. former secretary of state to clinton, why her words getting a lot of attention. and look out, capitol hill.
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>> hillary clinton putting daylight between herself and president obama foreign-policy slamming her former boss for being too cautious. jesse's lawyer to help the syrian rebels lead to the rampage islamic militants in iraq. in interview with the "atlantic" magazine saying great nations made organizing principles and don't do stupid stuff is not an organizing principle. may be a negative break on the actions you might take to promote a vision. >> whether she is right or not, hillary clinton is more of a neocon and the people on the
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couch. there is the question though, hillary clinton was secretary of state in the first term of president obama, right? when president obama was delivering the strategy she was secretary of state. she doesn't have the guts to say this is wrong or she is line. if she believe what she said, why didn't she tell president obama you'r you are dg this all wrong? >> she may say i did, that'll be her argument they wo went chargs from that. >> if i had been president i would have done xyz, but i wasn't so i can do is advise and take a backseat to the preside president. >> it does not matter what difference. with between barack obama and herself, she has enough of a
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failure in her own policy record to the top diplomat in the wor world. she has failed on so many levels and state department record of her own she has to look at. for why she is distancing herself now, but the situation iraq and say this tha is the jun issue of barack obama. if i run and if i'm going to win, to deal with iraq, and george hw had to deal with it. bill clinton had to deal with it. george w. bush had to deal with it. i think there's a pattern looking through history probably looking at and saying i have to find a way to deal with this now because i have to deal with it in a future. >> it will be difficult to distance herself from the foreign-policy of the president as secretary of state. that being said, do you think this is perhaps a sign she is just trying to distance herself from an unpopular president?
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>> i would sa see us in this recently in march when she started criticizing the president on decisions about russia and ukraine. her husband was the person trying to put in place protection for ukraine through treaty language and so on and so forth. you know it is interesting, five words she said that will be hard to run away from. what difference does it make. >> if the president hadn't been handling foreign policy correctly and the outpost in benghazi, you have a responsibility and opportunity to represent your difference in opinion how the policy being carried out, that would have been it. what difference does it make? >> we have gotten the opinion of your five cohosts sitting in that chair of whether or not she will make a run at the presidency. your take.
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>> this is the first shot of 2015 for hillary clinton. let me distance myself from a very unpopular and growin growne unpopular president so i can run on something different. this is clearly her trying to say forget about that, this is the new hillary clinton. go into iraq, do things differently. fortunately had the opportunity to do that then. under securitized, the council being attacked and whoever it was the state department decided not to say no. >> it isn't just foreign-policy, nearly every major poll seems to agree america is just in a bad mood in just about everything. some one the pessimistic attitude can dress we impact the midterm elections. the president of a record low approval rating.
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congress getting a thumbs down with 79% saying they disapprove and americans are bummed about the future in general. 71% think the country is on the wrong track. for the first time we saw the older generation does not think leading the country behind his better be at we see their concern about the job opportunities young people have. things haven't really changed when it comes to the economy despite the fact the obama administration has told everyone that has. don't you think they're feeling betrayed statements? >> nowhere has it been more evident of the sour mood than the stock market. we have had a record-breaking stock market. for a while it was day after day
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of new records. but the small mom and small mom and po pop investor, average american was not buying into the stock market rally. they were seeing their overall health at lower levels than prior to the recession. settled in student loans over $5000 in debt, $2000 in credit card bills they cannot pay off month over month. it does not allow them to participate in the record-breaking stock market the president recently patted himself on the back. >> it seems it is the quiet before the storm. we have not heard a lot about the attack ads, but we know people are unhappy. how do you see this playing out? >> the problem is people don't trust politicians in general. as just democrats or republica republicans. they have not able to convince people to come over to our side. the general disbelief
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politicians are disaffected, folks in d.c. are not in touch with the people. they can lose touch, so i think it'll take a lot of convincing even though policies have been a failure, i don't know that they are convinced to go another way. we'll take a lot of work to say these are the solutions, why you should vote for us and we will help you out on these issues. >> not talk to. look at mr. wall street. >> i agree with you on the average investment, the average mom and pop. i will maybe disagree, maybe things are getting better, not because of president obama, but despite the policies he has put in. fewer people are working. are you sad? we are all sad.
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>> tell us how they're really feeling. they were sad, the jobs they hae gotten us economy have not given them the hope. >> this is our reality, we have to start as america to listen to one another. forget about politics for a second because that can put anybody in a bad mood. >> if politicians got what was going on a main street they could make this a more business friendly environment in america and could address the tax code. how about regulations stifling business not allowing them to higher. where are you, eric bolling? >> things are getting better. >> things in new york city and washington, d.c., have been fine for a long time. things outside of those 50 bubbles are not fine.
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>> i'm a little worried you may be affected. >> you can hit me on overtime later. >> we will talk more about that. a huge majority of americans are standing by israel except one group. when younger americans may be turning away from the jewish state and what it means for the future. plus, tragedy at the racetrack. tony stewart hit and killed another driver. could it change the sports fighting culture? we will discuss
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[music]♪ defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. beauty is bone deep. >> in his 72 hour cease-fire between israel and hamas seems to be holding so far. paving the way for talks on a cruise. already strained relations between white house at israeli leaders. in the battle for public opinion, dramatic shift may be taking place.
9:29 am
showing more support the palestinians then for israel. their view shaped by social media with graphic images of suffering in gaza. they stood by israel a fight for survival in the future could seems like this become more common? what you think is happening here when it comes to millennials? why are they shifting their attention to say israel has gone too far in this fight? >> one of them is social media. a really bad july. not necessarily academia for that reason this is my social media and celebrities. they have basically been backing the palestinians really backing hamas and the conflict. jon stewart wasn't strong enough at first either and he got some
9:30 am
backlash and started to turn it around a little bit. young people are signing on. >> do you think their opinions are informative opinions? katie is shaking her head. they see one or two things and make a decision about how they feel about israel or palestine and that is it. it is not an informed opinion. >> first of all they think palestinians do the same thing, they do not, they do very different things. but these people in academia i can like they are in the same situation on social media aspect we do have somewhat of a drive-by social media, they see one fiction don't see the context context of that. why is it that had to be a bombing at a u.n. school? there were terrorists inside the school. i'm back to what benjamin
9:31 am
netanyahu said, why is it people are holding hamas up at some level somehow higher or more moral than al qaeda or isis when they are all from the same clo cloth. i don't think young people understand the ramifications not supporting israel, the only real democracy in the middle east. more freedom, people are treated more humanely. israelis treating palestinians, none of that context is there. >> i would add to that it is not just that there were terrorists inside the school, they were using the people inside the building as human shields. had they known that, it would had changed the circumstances. see if you can guess who said this.
9:32 am
of course israel should do everything i possibly can do to limit civilian casualties, we see this enormous reaction against israel, this reaction is uncalled for and unfair. hillary clinton, right? talking about trying to distance themselves, this is an opportunity to do that, it talk about messaging. israel is our ally. >> nancy pelosi saying they are humanitarian organization. no, they are a terrorist organization. the problem could be if you watch broadcast news, you don't hear the pro-israel side. you hear israeli rockets struck a u.n. school, women and children dead but you don't hear the other part. they were hiding weapons there.
9:33 am
>> of young people are the future of this country, will this change policy in the future? harder to ally itself with israel? >> excellent question. >> they're going to be running for president, they are going to set our policy. >> we got social media and the excess of the internet can help shape more informed opinions but it is almost the opposite now. now the sports world soccer, did you see this over the weekend involving one of the biggest names in car racing. authorities twice questioning nascar star tony stewart about the crash that killed fellow driver kevin ward junior. the horrifying scene caught on amateur video after having his car bumped, ward stormed out of his car gesturing avoiding getting hit once before stuart runs him over. the share of describing him as
9:34 am
visibly shaken saying there's no evidence to four, intent. as investigators poor overreporting so the incident and asking spectators to turn in any video they may have. it started to hear from the spectators who had to horrifying scene. >> we covered it extensively. >> i watched the video 30, 40 times trying to figure out what exactly went on with the car. clearly an acceleration that goes on. criminal intent, the intent. did he intend to kill him? probably not. he could have run him over if he wanted to. however scare him off a little bit, there's no way of knowing, no way of proving intent. there is no microphone. some you can barely see out.
9:35 am
sometimes they can see, you cannot prove intent. if i were to walk out on the street on sixth avenue, you cannot prove the driver intentionally hit me. >> raise drive drivers taught matter what.get out of your car on the track. >> that seemed crazy to me anybody would get out of the c car. standing in harms way, he continued to walk into harm's way people were investigating if there was an excellen explanatie car. if i could express some kind of intent if the car accelerated at the last minute. >> the history of anger. particularly with tony stewart because he has gotten so angry he in fact has gotten out of his car on a moving track. this sort of thing has to be
9:36 am
dealt with outside of what has happened here. the bigger question here, he was due to drive until yesterday. the whole sport in general didn't react to this the way i would hope they would react. why would you even want to continue to hold him? >> this is not the only violent sport we have. things are that the more serious when it comes to injuring somebody, the nfl fights, hockey players fight. this is not an issue of violence. horrible situation. we'll never know what happens. it is safe to say is a violent situation. violence in every sport, you probably should not get out of your car. >> a couple bad eggs can change the rules, change the context, we will see what happens. a family of three escaping death
9:37 am
after their plane crashes. fast acting good samaritans, a story you're not going to want to miss. and remember the restaurant giving 15% discounts to diners who prayed before their meal? that is not happening anymore. we will tell you why. and "outnumbered" overtime. log on and click the overtime tab. tell us what topics h you want o hear about. tweet us, facebook, e-mail, ask questions, he will answer them. >> all of them. [male vo] inside this bag is 150 years
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that non-believers right four enjoyment. missing from overly positive to people downright offended. we talked about this last week, now we have a lawsuit that has come through. could they wind up suing for senior discounts, ladies only night at a bar? isn't everything discriminatory at some level? >> i thought just to say grace, too, young girls to do that, thought that was kind of cool. we used to give military discounts. >> they're acting like there is a right to enjoy the food at the diner. they have no right to enjoy anything and they can be turned away for service so this idea
9:43 am
they are threatening them with a lawsuit because they are giving their customers a discount. it is ridiculous. don't threaten a family business with a lawsuit. >> we are not being denied service or food. >> they have an argument is it is my private business, i can offer whatever discount i want for whatever reason which includes getting a discount to pray. >> have we become so litigious that we cannot threaten a private business and they will become so nervous they will back down if it is not worth the fight. >> i agree, i am not sure the law applies in this case. there are states you can carry a gun with you going to establishment privately owned and they said no guns this
9:44 am
establishment, you cannot bring your done in. >> they are bullies. >> a small, private business against a huge foundation with all this money and all these attorneys. >> they are not actually being denied anything. have a meal like everyone else and enjoy the food at the diner. i think we have to leave businesses, these small businesses, leave them alone. it goes back to the main conversation. let's create a business friendly environment in this country. this demonization of people in this case trying to run a restaurant, giving incentives. they are not hurting anyone. let them do their thing. >> always having to answer to us. heavy shelling in ukraine leading to a massive prison break. truce talks crumble.
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>> and you're watching "outnumbered." we are glad you are. first, jenna leigh with what is coming up in the second half houhour of"happening now." >> pro-russian separatists surrounded has to get word 100 criminals have escaped the local prison. today asking the question what is russia's next move. three american missionaries from liberia arriving back in the united states today in quarantine in charlotte, north carolina, as the virus spreads in africa. plus, good samaritans coming out in aid of three people in this plane crash, we will probably what the good samaritan did, how it all happened on "happening now." >> thank you.
9:50 am
>> can you fix it? there you go. now it is my turn with the story ladies might want to consider manning up especially if you apply for a job in a male-dominated field provided to the studies by michigan state university on bias in the hiring process get women who describe themselves using stereo typical masculine traits are considered more desirable for the job than those who emphasize traditionally feminine qualities such as nurturing and supporti supportive. not only that, another study suggest women with more mescaline sounding names will have an easier time finding a job. assertive ambitious, masculine, does it have to be along gender lines? >> you will not hear a spiel from a because i feel women possess different qualities than men. my feminine quality best suits me helping me get ahead.
9:51 am
>> you use your feminine qualities to help you get ahead. define that. >> i communicate i think better than you do. >> i would not call that a female quality. >> but you want to own leadership. >> you know what i just saw? drop the mike. >> everybody out there saying i agree with eric bolling. women with masculine names get ahead as well. now we are balanced out.
9:52 am
>> a really tall woman. >> can you be nurturing and supportive and still be effective? >> i think the words the university recruiters just described they prefer would describe all the women sitting on this couch and i think women can do those things and also be warm and supportive and nurturing. recent study showed men are capable of being warm and supportive and nurturing as we well. i don't think it is all about a man's game. >> it seems to be extensive. >> when i would go to job interviews he would see the guy behind the desk of an expectation and i would walk in, his posture would get softer, because i was a girl did i am assertive, don't understand who defined them as masculine or feminine. the hack with all of that. >> exactly.
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♪ >> welcome back to out numbered.
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are you a new nervous dad left alone with your new born. and quick tips for new dads. and help them with their babies including how to bond. and is it necessary or truth to the old cliche that it is a new nothing. is it an app to use. >> and before, my son is 16 years old and we had our son and they are class can says called lamaze or something. and i am sitting there and changing a diaper. we know how to feel. but you are not doing it for the kid. you are there for your wife. whatever it takes. down load all of the apps and put it on the iphone and show you down load i am a glad dad app. she will love it for you.
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>> and the guy helps out with all of the babies. i am a new mom and a lot of the literature is geared to women and mothers. if they are not involved. i liked app targeting the dads. >> i think that is great. >> and she will do this to show the significant other you are in it. >> took me five minutes to realize i was there. >> just to change the diapers. >> and it you are really involved. >> that's awesome. and we are talking kids. i wonder if they have a dog. >> anyone needs tips.
9:59 am
and they said dad relax and don't worry and moms can use it, too. don't get caught up in the name. there is a difference there. >> and we write books about how to deal with the babies. >> what do babysit do before iphone apps. yeah. it is it a number one ingredient. we are tweeting out. and we had a bone to pick with sandra and that is the attributes that we are talking about. and she dropped the microphone.
10:00 am
all right. so it continues. fox and click on the tab. "happening now" starts in three seconds. >> three american missionaries helping ebola victims arrive back in the united states. how the doctors plan to keep them safe. >> and a jail break. more than 100 dangerous prisoners at large after the rocket opens an escape route. police are investigating the nas-car crash involving nas-car's tony stewart. a shift in strategy in iraq. american is arming the kurdish forces fighting isis in e


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