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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 13, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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hours to say hurry up. >> who is gavin? >> our producer. >> now we're running out of time. >> i got to meet this gavin. bill: we are sending more personnel to iraq as we get deeper into another mission. 100 additional military personnel and possibly a rescue mission could be next. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: the white house hedging a bit in terms of the language. refusing to call these new personnel troops. they say they are advisers but they will help to rescue thousands of iraqis like the yazidis and christians trapped on sinjar mountains.
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>> these would be a number of deployed a vicars who will assess the openings with iraq to determine how to get humanitarian evident to those in need. bill: the number of advisers between 750 and 1,000 in total. what will they be doing? >> they will be assessing. secretary hagel called them assessors. i guess they will be looking to see what they can do to get help to the yazidis. i don't know why it took so long to send people to assess this situation. many of the iraqis are trapped and many are dying because they are surround by isis forces. bill: can you do this without troops on the ground?
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>> airstrikes, these airlifts that the military is talking about, it may not be enough to actually help and it could be dangerous. we heard about the helicopter crash the other day happening in iraq. if isis has any kind of anti-aircraft weaponry which when believe they do, this could be dangerous and i don't see a possibility of a solution without a significant number of boots on the ground. but the obama administration doesn't want to admit that that's what they are doing. bill: on the rescue operation the pentagon isn't even clear how many people are seeking shelter on this mountain. >> they are talking about an airlift which i think would be dangerous. they are about to drop another i believe the 6th round of water and food munition and those sort of things to help those folks on
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the mountain. but ultimately trying to get them off that mountain, get them to safety. i think it will prove to be very difficult unless you have some kind of ground force fighting back or at least helping arm the kurd who are surrounding and helping in that area push back against isis. bill: why is it telling that chuck hagel made this announcement and not the president? >> i thought this was interesting. the secretary of defense made the announcement instead of the president. you have seen a pattern throughout this operation of reluctance on pea half of the administration of doing anything or announcing policy changes. you can see that in the policy itself offing re luck and the to put ground troops, this is maybe even an ideological position that any significant military operation in iraq is not what
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they are going to do. i think giving secretary hagel the announcement distances the president from anything that might happen. martha: we are getting new video of the humanitarian disaster that is playing out on on of the mountain in iraq. look at the faces of the people in these images. 10s of thousands of iraqi families trapped there by islamic militants. last night on the kelly file i spoke to a journalist who was on that helicopter and helped lift those families out of that disaster. he witnessed all of this firsthand. >> i have to tell you we were holding back tears as we filed that report with refugees surrounding us. they were in tears that they had
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survived. and were probably thinking of the hundreds of people on the ground who had not been rescued. >> all of them he told me left family members dead in some cases, alive in other as they got on that chopper. gregg palkot is live on the ground in iraq. you have been visiting the christian areas. this is answer area the united states is helping the kurds protect. what are you seeing on the ground? >> reporter: all it takes is spending a couple hours with these victims of the militant rampage through iraq to get a sense of the desperation. look at the human cost -- looking at the human cost of the isis savagery. told to convert to islam or die. they came here to this courtyard
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trying to survive. >> said go. >> reporter: the militants said go or they would kill you. >> reporter: the families often robbed of everything they had by isis fighters made to flee towns where they had lived for centuries. we saw parents worried about children. children worried about missing school. one woman frantically begged to us, we need help fast. i asked one man, what was it lake to be targeted simply for being a christian. he replied, no religion allowed. even muslims being targeted by the militants.
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martha: did they express what they hope the rest of the world, the united states, will do to give them what they need? >> reporter: first they want the iraqi government to do something. but they look to the international community, the united states and others to provide some help, to provide them with food and water and shelter. there is at least 100,000 in this city alone and there are unbuilt buildings and crowd into single rooms and in tents and right on the ground. but also, martha, i heard desperation from them that they would never go back home to these villages where their families over centuries have lived. that woman we heard from, she has relatives in texas. she he she wants to go back to dallas. back to you. bill: will the administration be pulled back into iraq despite
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the public statements about no boots on the ground. send us a tweet. isis the fighters are changing their tactics. they are starting to blend in with the population which makes them a much more difficult target. we'll cover that in 15 minutes. martha: hollywood mourning the death of a legendary star this morning. >> you know how to whistle, don't you, steve? you just put your lips together and blow. martha: she was a teenager in that amazing iconic scene. there is pictures of lauren bacall and humphrey bogart. she died at age 8 yesterday. the actress passed away we are told in her new york city at the dakota after suaving a stroke. humphrey bogart's estate tweeted the message with deep sorrow.
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she was best known for her roles opposite bogie. he was 25 years older than she when they married in 1945 and they were together until he died. bill: there are new details on the traveling he can death of robin williams. there are reports he hanged himself and had several cuts on the inside of one of his wrists. he was dead for self hours before his body was discovered by a personal assistant around noontime. >> there were no injuries that indicated mr. williams had been in a struggle trier to him being located deceased. the prior results show that his life ended from asphyxia due to hanging. bill: 63 years old.
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he long battled depression and was set to return to a 12-step program after a relapse in drinking after 0 years of so bright. martha: amazing video of floodwaters busting threw the door -- bustingthrough the doorl and rushing into the lobby. bill: isis change its tactics in the wake of u.s. airstrikes. how that terror group is making it much more difficult to fight them and what it means for the rescue mission. martha: he pulled her out of the car after a traffic stop. one officer being hailed a hero. he will be with us. >> i thought she might be trying to get out of the ticket. then i realized she was in legitimate respiratory distress.
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martha: five people have been killed while climbing mount blanc in the swiss alps. harsh weather may have played a role in this. six climbers have died so far this summer on the mountain. bill: isis is change their
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tactics. is almostic militants have been acting like a well-organized army but now they are starting to blend in with iraqi civilians. he far the strikes slowed the advance towards the province of irbil but the u.s. defense secretary saying with iraq's government in a power struggle it may take more to stop isis now. >> america is prepared to up tensify its security operation as iraq makes progress towards polite calculate reform. bill: a senior military advice year for concerned americans. you hear about political reform in baghdad. do we wait for that or do we not afford to wait for that. >> we can't afford to wait for that but we have great tension between the department of defense, the secretary of state
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and the white house. the military is being candidate to solve a solution because of failed diplomacy and as a result they don't have any long-term range plan. if the military is going to be asked to support this they need to be able to do so freely you they are being limited. their hands are tied. >> we are going to continue to support the kurds. they have an outdated force. they don't have the long-term strategy to maintain against isis hopefully we'll have cia and special forces $support them. thissed min straition failed time and time again to insure we have peace in that region. now we have no cohernlt noon meet those goals. bill: the french said they will send equipment and weapons to the kurd in the north? >> sadly we are leading in the from behind again. leave it to the french to raise the flag and have us standing in
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the back ground waving at our failed policies. we are starning in the back while the french lead -- we standing in the back will the french lead. we have to push isis back and we have no plans of being able to do that right now. bill: this was john brennan from three years ago. at the time he was the top terrorism advisor to the president. here is what he said. watch. >> our strategy is shaped by a deeper understanding of al qaeda's goals, strategy and tactics. i'm not talking about their grandiose vision of a islamic caliphate. that is observe. we are not going to organize or policies off a feckless vision that will never happen.
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we are not going to elevate them into something larger than they are. bill bill: he's now head of the cia. and that's a much different vision than he laid out three years ago. >> now we have problems of unrest through the libya, israel. all the predictions that were said before, if we did not resolve this and handle it correctly without come back and it has. a vacuum of leadership has resulted in its is *. now we are facing this monster. a genocide is being faced head on. we have christian being annihilated as a result of this. president obama has to take leadership on this. this administration has failed all around. bill: you are saying he will continue to put more people back
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in iraq, despite the statement by john kerry and by chuck hagel. >> you should never announce to your enemy we won't do anything. so that's leaving to isis to do what they will. when haven't made the announcement you we should♪ support with our special forces, our cia to assist with the operations. otherwise all thest we put forward will be in vain. bill: wear asking our viewers that question about how far we go and what happens next. thank you. bill: there is a fundraiser tonight in martha's vineyard and it could get awkward when hillary clinton comes face to face with president obama just days after dissing his policy. why she wants to quote hug it out with the president tonight. bill: 12 inches of rain in five
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bill: up credible video as rising floodwaters at a hospital in nebraska. watch how this plays out. that was just one room in that building. it happened about a week ago. water burst into the windows and doors after cafeteria sweeping away tables and chairs. hospital officials say no one
6:24 am
was hurt and patients were never in danger. martha: from the southwest to the northeast there is intense flooding in other parts of the country. firefighters come to the rescue of hundreds of people after monsoon floodwaters reached their cars. in new york many areas under a flash flood watch. hi, maria. >> reporter: a lot of the insane weather throughout the country. when have two separate store systems and a similar result from both of them. you saw flooding across the state in arizona. you can see on your screen significant rainfall fell out there, more than a foot of rain reported at the airport in islip, new york. detroit, michigan, flooding across the northeast set report
6:25 am
rainfall there in detroit. so just a very powerful storm system that's on the move and has produced significant rainfall for maryland, new jersey. they are picking up 6 inches of rain and that produced flooding. parts of new york picking up 10 inches of rain. baltimore, maryland, 6 inches of rain, and that store system is still on the move right now. we have areas of heavy rain across con, eastern massachusetts. heads up if you are trying to do any traveling in the city of boston, it will be a slow commute. so this is where we do have those flash flood watches. farce how much additional rainfall we are expecting across portions of new england, these areas could become just today as much as 3, 4, even 5 inches of
6:26 am
rainfall. you can see maxes across portions of vermont and eastern massachusetts. the intensity to that it comes down in, you are talking 1 or 2 inches per hour. martha: thank you very much. bill: 5 inches of rain -- sorry, 12 inches in 5 hours. martha: even more incredible. bill: where does that go other than in your basement. martha: right into the hospital lobby, apparently. bill: we are going to hug it out here in a minute. martha: i can't believe you said that about me. bill: hillary clinton and the president about to hug it out. what is that all about? great panel, we'll talk about that if a moment. martha: the shooting death of an unarmed teenager. the faa had to declare a no-fly
6:27 am
zone over this area and the president is speaking out about this controversial case. we have a live report coming up. >> i just want justice for my son. i need all of us to come together and do this the right way. the right way so we can get something done about this.
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bill: hillary clinton saying she never meant to attack president obama days after slamming his foreign policies. the two are set to cross paths at martha's vineyard. the former secretary of state suggested to the atlantic magazine that the president had been too cautious in foreign policy. remember this quote? great nations need organizing principles and don't do stupid stuff is not an organizing principle. it may be a necessary break on the actions you might take in order to promote. >> vision.
6:31 am
doug schoen and monica crowley are wonderful fox news contributors and have a lot of experience in this whole story. even the language in this statement released from hillary clinton's people, i suspect they will hug it out tonight. is this the way presidential spokes people and secretary of state spokes people talk about the way we are going to do things? >> of course it isn't. we have a serious rift between the former secretary of state and the current president of the united states. we have president obama on the record having made clear of what he thinks of what secretary clinton said and it isn't kind and we have plenty of evidence to suggest that the clintons and the obamas at the very least haven't been close. and one thing i can say having worked for bill clinton in the white house, this incident will drive them further apart and create a real fissure if it
6:32 am
doesn't exist already. martha: this is a quote from "blood feud," were attributing it from this author to claims he got this from a source and he attributes this to bill clinton. i hate that man obama more than any man itch ever met, more than any man who ever lived. i have had two successors sense i left the white house and i heard more from bush asking for my advice than i heard from obama. i have no relationship with the president, none whatsoever. do you think that quote is october rat? >> i think it certainly sums up the degree of division that exists between the two of them. i took david axlerod's comment where he said what was really stupid was the initial vote to go there. as to say he wouldn't have done that without the president's knowledge, approval or acquiescence. there is a huge, huge beautiful
6:33 am
between them. i think both quotes, axlerod's and the president sum up the state. martha: things work a certain way for the clintons in washington. they expect respect. they expect people to want to do things for them and they will do things in return. when i look back at the dnc convention, i would say president clinton stood up and said no president could have fixed this election. i think people on the fence during that election said if president clinton is on board so are we. where is the love and gratituder to the clintons. >> he put his credibility and popularity on the fluent name of barack obama and convinced probably a lot of people who may have been on the fence for obama. in that respect he did an enormous help for obama and his campaign. the problem is. the clintons sort of look at
6:34 am
political transactions in a very traditional way. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. i'll give this incredible speech at the convention. we'll have hillary's support for you. in exchange for that they call it. barack obama doesn't look at poll nicks that traditional way. he's a sophisticated nars sift where he does -- a sophisticated narcissist. this bad blood goes back to 2007-2008 when he play offed the race card on the clintons. they never forgave him for that. the white house called hillary's policy on syria horse [bleep]. obama has two more years left. these are just getting started between them. martha: given all that background, why does hillary clinton care?
6:35 am
why is she putting this statement out saying i'm sorry. i never meant to suggest that we disagreed on this. why does she care? >> in a word or twod the democrat i can base. she lost the nomination -- the democratic base. she lost the nomination. she cannot afford to have president obama turning on her and embracing senator elizabeth warren or joe biden. she has a delicate balance. she wants to maintain some semblance of a relationship with obama and the left within but distance herself from what i think most people believe left, right or center is a failed foreign policy. martha: is president obama planning to support here in 2016. >> that's the outstanding
6:36 am
question. in hillary's it view she really did attack him. her aide saying she never meant to attack him, his policies or hedership. that's exact hi what she was doing. that was a shot across the bow that he better get on board and support her. because if he doesn't, more of this criticism is forthcoming. >> martha: thanks, guys. bill: hug it out, martha. now, new unrest near st. louis after the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager. demonstrators back in the street after 18-year-old michael browp was shot and killed. there are reports someone might have fired at a police helicopter. another night of violence. what happened? reporter: it seems during the day the police officers and the
6:37 am
activists are able to keep the demonstrations calm but it gets away from them at night. there was a police-involved shooting at night. it happened at 1:00 a.m. police got a call about a group of masked men firing weapons. the police officer fired, critically wound can the young man. and gun was recovered at the scene. all of it happening amid calls for peaceful demonstrations. >> i want justice for earn involved just like everybody does. but loot, burning things, violence in the street doesn't accomplish nip of that. >> reporter: can cal police officers dispersed tear gas for the third night in a row on the crowds. bill: activists are questioning police version of events. >> the family's attorney and the
6:38 am
naacp have called for witnesses to contradict the police version of what happened in the original shooting. the police version is the police stopped michael brown and one other person. the officer was shoved back into the car, brown went for the officer's weapon. what they have through witnesses at the naacp. the witnesses didn't see any struggle. they they saw brown with his hands up. the activists are taking exception to the police's decision to with hold the name of the officer. martha: an internal audit showing the obama administration broke the law when it released thousands of illegal immigrants. three men lucky to be alive
6:39 am
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(male announcer) today's the day to ask your doctor about levemir® flextouch. covered by nearly all health insurance and medicare plans. martha: we are watching a breaking story coming out of switzerland. a train derailed after a landslide. apparently there is a car flank a very high train track into a ravine. there are helicopters sent to the scene to try to pluck people off and there are injuries. we'll continue to get some pictures and work on more details coming out of this story. bill: an internal government audit find the obama administration released thousands of illegals last february was against the law. 6. >600 of those i am grants hadcr.
6:43 am
the audit find the administration gave bad information to congress. it. it provide more evidence that our nation's immigrants laws are being flagrantly disregarded according to senator tom coburn. down along the border 10 days ago doing a lot of reporting down there and we wanted to understand what happened here. what do we understand? >> what we understand is that i.c.e. released thousands of folks. this is just for one month, february threw march 1 that the i.g. was investigating. out of the thousand they released, over 600 of them had criminal record. there were 24 didn't i.c.e. offices across the country involved. only one of those i.c.e. offices actually had a lawyer looking at these individual folks being
6:44 am
released to see what their background was, whether they were part of gangs and whether they had a criminal background. only one out of 24 offices. not surprising off 600 of these people were released back into society. eyes * went back out trying to retain some of them. bill: these are level one offenders which includes aggravated fell any convictions. >> that's absolutely right. at one point the government would say because we had the budget sequester coming, we don't have the money to keep everybody we need in prison. we don't have the money to keep the illegal immigrants detained. the report says that's not what happened. i.c.e. decided to do this on their own. if the government needs money to decide illegal immigrants, especially those with felon
6:45 am
background, i think we can find that money when you know how much money we♪ this country. this is mismanagement at i.c.e. but this goes to an administration that is not interested in enforcing our immigration laws. when that what's you see from the top, it's not surprising as you go down the chain of command, this is the kind of activity that happens. bill: you don't want people to be just walk can the streets. it comes back to the question as to why. were they trying to save money or did they not respect the law? >> they would say they were trying to save money, they only had a certain number of bet. but if you are trying to save money, you are saying we have illegal felons we don't have money to house, how about letting somebody know that before putting them out on the streets. the fact is they didn't have the attorneys as i mentioned earlier who can look at the background of these folks and make sure they were the kind of folks hat should have been released. they were illegal immigrants.
6:46 am
they were detained because they were in this country illegally. they weren't supposed to be released. but that's what's been happening. if you continue to release more and more people, not surprising, many of them are those who might have criminal records. bill: i get it. but do you see the gallup poll? do you see 37% of the americans $support the president's policy on immigration at the moment? >> i think it's because of stories like this one. this is mismanagement from the top. nobody wants to see criminals walking the streets. the fact is the president played politics on this issue four six years and i think it hurt his trust with congress and the american people to get a workable immigration reform done. that's what we have got to do. bill: what if there is some sort of executive order that comes
6:47 am
down. how would americans look at that? >> it's amazing to me the president would think he could get away with that again. if he comes out next week or the next couple weeks and says i'm going to delay deportation for even more illegal i am grants and what he talked about could be up to five million currently in the country. many americans are saying are you kidding me when you can see this kind of report coming out and you are going to say we are going to delay deportation for even more i will hell immigrants? this will be a problem for the administration going forward. they need to rein in. bill: they went out to the try to reassess them. were they ultimately successful in all cases? >> no, they were not. they are still out there. they were able to you find some of them but in many cases they
6:48 am
were not. these are folks who were told as most i will hell i am franlts are told. come pack when we are ready for your deportation hearing, we'll let you know and please come back for that. these are here i will hellly. especially hi those who are criminals. why would they show up voluntarily on their own? they don't. so the fact is they did go out, i.c.e. found some of them, but many of them are still out on the streets. bill: genevieve wood, today will, texas, we appreciate your insight on this today. march already there is another obamacare bombshell. nearly half a million people are now at risk of losing their health plans. bill: this was supposed to be a routine traffic stop but the privilege got a whole lot more than he bargained for when he questioned this driver. we'll talk to him about that next. >> most of the time traffic stops are a neglect i for people. but it's something when have to
6:49 am
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bill: the mystery of the white flags on top of the brooklyn bridge may finally be solved. a pair of german artists said they did it. they say it was to honor the memory of the german who designed the bridge. martha: an officer is being hailed a hero after saving a woman choking in her car. he noticed thee wasn't breathing. then he did this.
6:53 am
>> you all right? come here. got it. holy [bleep] make sure you're breathing. all right? martha: he saved her life. the officer saved her life. my, oh my. she went through a stop sign and that's why you pulled her over? >> she went through a red light. i didn't really intend to give her a ticket but i thought i wouldn't be doing my job if i didn't stop her and talk to her about it. martha: it sounds like she went through the red light because she was choking? >> i'm not sure but she was choking when i came up to the car. martha: did you think she was trying to get out of the ticket?
6:54 am
>> at first i thought she might be. but i quickly realized she was legitimately choke. martha: apawrnltly she was eating a breakfast sandwich in the car. but once you got her out, you had never done the heimlich maneuver before, is that right? >> i have never don't before. thankfully it worked. martha: what was going through your mind? >> not a lot. i work for a unique agency. we do police, fire and ems. i received training in ems. i was lucky enough to have it and it worked that day. martha: she was lucky, too. tell me what goes on between the two of you after you dislodged this food items in her throat. what did she say to you? >> she immediately hugged me which was quite a surprise.
6:55 am
then i sat her down in her car and tried to make shower she was ok and didn't need any more assistance. martha: did she get a ticket? >> no. she probably was the going get a ticket anyway. martha: you are a nice guy, you are a nice officer. you did a great job. you have been trained and it worked well for this lady. thank you so much for sharing your story with us. >> okay. thanks for having me. bill: nice guy. martha: no sauce and and buns in your car. you night get excited or something. bill: that gentleman gives officers a great reputation. he probably heard it all. you mean to tell me you were choking? martha: you can't fake choke. bill: more americans on the
6:56 am
ground in iraq, but not in combat roles. the latest on what the white house has to say about that position in a moment. martha: what happens when a strap a camera on the back of a great white shark. researchers giving a rare glimpse into what it's like for those big guys down there.
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7:00 am
comes to vice. it goes into great detail talking to members of isis about what their true goals are. here is just a little bit of this from a young boy. martha: lieutenant colonel ralph peters is a strategic analyst. >> these are chilling times. martha: you listen to the vin t. they spent quite a bit of time there. they spoke with an isis spokesman who said things along the line, these store owners on these streets, they don't understand everything they have comes from allah and we need to
7:01 am
make them understand that. they talk about destroying urine and destroying the united states. they speak with a great deal of confidence and it's truly chilling to watch. >> this is off to i can but that reminded me of president obama's remarks that you didn't build that. i have been trying to drive home to people for a very long time now that this is something that goes beyond radical islam. we are dealing with a death cult. when you get young men attenuated to these massacres, crucifixions, beheadings. methamphetamine and heroin may be addictive but there is no substance on earth as addictive as human blood. this is now a death cult of mass human sacrifices to blood bloody god. the closest parallel are the aztecs. at least they built things. this is the most destructive
7:02 am
force i have seen in my lifetime. even the nazis did not film crucifixions and public beheading for broadcast. team elite obama and all their east coast and west coast supporters don't understand the brutality in so much of the world triples our response. martha: in "usa today" general dempsey says this is an apocalyptic vision that poses a threat to iraq and syria. he goes on to say unchecked the group could attack israel and ultimately the united states. i don't know how you go from that tape to anything less than an all-out evident to stop this group no matter what it takes. >> again, it's a philosophy of government. a philosophy of how you use the military. when i heard about 130 more
7:03 am
advisers going to northern iraq, any response was are they going to stay in saigon or will we send some to the delta and danang. that's how presidents tart wars. they are facing a cancer and they want to take a tiny bit of the tumor out. of course the tumor spreads. by the time you get to major surgery it may be too late. when must use the u.s. military in a situation like this. if we must send the military into harm's way to only correct way to use it is like a sledgehammer coming down on a carton of eggs. this bit of dribs and drabs coming after the previous philosophy of the obama administration's preemptive retreat it's a prescription for if not long-term failure, a long-term bloodbath. the tumors don't get better on their own. isis isn't going to go away.
7:04 am
the islamic state isn't going to collapse from within. we have got to respond now or the cancer spreads. martha: i spoke to general jack keane last night. he said yes we are in a third iraq war and there is no turning back and this will get bigger and we'll get pulled in deeper because there is no choice. >> the on nuance point i would disagree with general keane on, i don't think the first iraq war ever ended. desert storm. we had after the second walk war operation iraqi freedom. countsless mistakes on the part of the bush administration. after a bloody mess iraq was painfully convalescing. and then for political reasons obama fled. he's not telling the truth when he said he couldn't get a deal.
7:05 am
the kurds and plenty of iraqis want to us stay. he's also making it up when he says he wasn't briefed by the intelligence community by the threat posed by the islamic state of isis or isil. and the white house just shut down. it's a closed hermedic administration that doesn't want to hear bad news and the bad news is crashing the gates. even hillary clinton suddenly tried to portray herself as hillary, warrior princess. because everybody knows obama has failed. it's time to stop playing politics. democrats and republicans need to unite against a direct threat, not just in the middle east, but to the united states of america our values and our sit accepts. the islamic state the most
7:06 am
brutal organization in my lifetime within your lifetime and even the lifetime of world war ii vets. there is nothing like this before. martha: we are smoarg pictures of it and we have our own video from the glontd irbil. the fear in these people's faces because they know these guys are taking over the place they live. they kicked them out of their homes and they will never ever be able to go back. you watch the chilling word of this young boy. chuck hagel. where is he on this? >> obama wanted a weak sec-def. president obama needs strong advice. somebody to stand up to him and say everything bill ayers told you about american military intervention is wrong.
7:07 am
sometimes it's good. sometimes it's necessary. earn the pope has come out in favor of airstrikes again these genocidal terrorists. and obama is on martha's vineyard. march already thank you very much. bill: back to the additional forces being sent into iraq as the white house weighs what comes next after days of targeted airstrikes. wendell go lettewendell goler in martha's vineyard. >> they can't just protect the refugees on sinjar mountain. they have got to get them off. boots on ought ground at least. pentagon officials say not in a combat role. the u.s. sent a team of advisers to sinjar not assess the situation and report back
7:08 am
options. one option would be creating a safe corridor to kurdish territory. another option would be to fly the refugees to safety using helicopters. but there are tens of thousands of refugees so it would be a substantial airlift. ben road said the brits, australians, canadians all indicated they want to help with the humanitarian evident but that's not clear if it would mean helping with an airlift or a safe corridor. bill: could it result in an unplanned and long-term commitment? >> it could be inevitable which would be the reason the president was reluctant to begin the mission in the first place. ambassador john bowl to says you need someone to distribute the
7:09 am
aid. if you want equitable distribution you need people armed if only to defend themselves. the airstrikes against isis could take months though he says they will go on indefinitely. obama administration critics say the airstrikes are not a strategy for defeating the terrorists. martha: they are struggling to keep some semblance of police after a police shooting of an unarmed teenager. >> the you have wavering insistence that it be open, thorough and fair instead of burning bridges in anger. when must rebuild them with love. martha: protests, looting within a, and ashooting.
7:10 am
not you president of the united states has weighed in. bill: people are about to lose their coverage under obamacare unless they can prove they live here. what is that all about. martha: isis vows to destroy the united states. >> why not do it with the stuff they really need, anti-tang missiles and anti-aircraft. it's been dithering, slow, defensive and ad hoc. elp reducef another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. ♪searching with devotion ♪for a snack that isn't lame ♪but this... ♪takes my breath away
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7:14 am
bill: workers in a walmart made a discovery. a 14-year-old boy had been living in the store for four days. a trail of trash led to his discovery. you never expect in walmart someone is living there and had been living there for four days. that's crazy. >> i'm wondering what his parents said or why he didn't come home and why they weren't worried about him. bill: walmart has not pursue any criminal charges. martha: as the president steps up our military presence in iraq critics say it does many seem president obama has a comprehensive plans for handling these threats.
7:15 am
charms krauthammer suggests the president is once again leading in the from behind. it's been dithering slow, defensive and ad hoc. the president talks only about tactics, no troops on the ground. has he talked about end, objectives? what we are trying to do? if the objective even if it's only containment of isil, enunciate the policy then it fit the means. i don't understand the strategy and it's not an effective one, it's completely piecemeal. martha: chris style walt is our digital fox news editor. you think about the fact that chuck hagel has been releasing statements. that's been the method of communication to share with the american people what we are doing there. at some point they will have to articulate it a lot more clearly. i don't know if they know
7:16 am
themselves where we are headed. >> reporter: it's starting to look like the other two limit moves. the two troop surges the president sent to afghanistan and the intervention in libya. both of those have come to very dire ends. for americans in afghanistan we know, for libya, for the people there. and it was a crawfishing movement that the president wiggled back into the escalation in both of those cases. he wiggled back into the surges in afghanistan. he wiggled back into a nato led but substantially up s.-backed intervention to depose qaddafi in libya. it looks like we are seeing the same thing play out again. martha: marie hart has been talking about the state department take on this. been rhode was interviewed. clearly they are trying to get a
7:17 am
communications handle on the way this is being presented. what's your take for how things are going the white house right now? >> poor. what's happening right now is you have critics. hawks of the republican and democratic variety. hillary clinton, chief among them, criticizing the president and pushing him on his inaction in syria. this is very reactive. this is the most reactive administration i have ever seen. what they do is respond. they respond with one additional bombing rule or whatever it is they do, and that's how you incrementally escalate a war. that's what they are doing because the president wants to respond to his critics and so do his communicators wants to push back. you have a military policy that follows that, echos that. unfortunately it will never satisfy the hawks. what the hawks want is someone to rain hellfire on these isis guys and kill a bunch of them.
7:18 am
you can't wiggle your way into satisfying them. meanwhile he's infuriating his base by a third incremental escalation of a u.s. intervention overseas, something they elected him not to do and something he credits himself constantly for not doing in iraq. martha: the words no boots on the ground are in some sentence in every form of communication we have seen. as military analysts will tell you. if you are on the isis side and you har that you are thinking, i think we are in pretty good shape, except for the occasional airstrike i think we can keep moving forward. >> 500-pound bombs will have a way of causing people to rethink things. you want to talk:boots on thend. they can call them advisers or
7:19 am
anything they want. that's manpower. you are not going to get thousands of people off of that god forsaken and hellish mountain with some people holding clipboards. they will be guns and boots and what the president is thinking about doing would be very ambitious and risky indeed. martha: those people need help, there is no doubt about it in one form or another. bill: thousands of christians and religious minorities facing possible genocide in iraq and persecution not on there but all over the middle east. is the situation about to get worse before it gets better? martha: back at home, wild weather. entire towns being swallowed up by dust.
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
martha: well a line of strong winds kicks up a massive, dramatic dust storm blowing through eastern washington and into idaho. the giant cloud of dust creeping across the countryside. creepy, isn't it? visibility on the ground dropped to zero which is not a good situation for drivers out there. resulted in numerous traffic accidents. no reports of any serious injuries of the storm causing at least 10,000 homes to lose power. bill: more than 300,000 who signed up for obamacare through may soon have their insurance canceled entirely because the information on the application doesn't add up. stuart varney, host of "varney & company" on fox business network. good morning to you. the information doesn't add up because they could not be
7:24 am
prove -- >> prove they were legal citizens. you have to be meal to get obamacare coverage. 310 people can not prove their legality. they called them on phone, are law jet, show us documentation. they haven't responded. 310,000 letters went out saying you're off, you're out unless you show us documentation by september the 5th. bill: what does that all mean in the overall -- >> very big deal. a very big deal. obamacare is claiming 8 million sign-ups. they're claiming success, eight million. they can not claim 8 million. it is far fewer than that. you have got 310,000 who are about to be struck off. you have a undisclosed number who have income issues. they claimed an issue, they claimed an income which they can not prove. maybe 20, even 30% who have signed up for a plan haven't paid. therefore they're not covered. bill: just a little bit under
7:25 am
the radar right now because of some other hot spots around the world but what you're saying is this leads to more chaos and confusion. >> yep. bill: if you think about the rollout for the website, can you blame the website for all of this confusion and chaos now? >> yes you can and you could also blame the complexity of the law itself. how many pages, thousands of pages. then you've got rules and regulations. that is a real forest of rules and regulations which people have to cut through and that creates the confusion. look, we're five years into this thing. it was 2009 we started talking about this. what have we got? five years in we have less than eight million actually signed up. we have still got 30 million uninsured. and likely to have 30 million uninsured for years to come. we've got the costs to everybody going up. the costs to the government going up. the costs to the taxpayer going up. and you've got chaos and confusion. bill: who is watching this? can i read from the
7:26 am
"wall street journal" here? federal officials say the application system was not able to determine citizenship and immigration status for almost one million of the 5.4 million who obtained plans through >> 450,000 have their cases resolved. 210,000 responded. 310,000 will be cut off. so when they say resolved, what exactly does that mean? they proved their citizenship or proved their status was legit? very hard to say. bill: some would argue this opens you up for at love fraud, a lot of corruption and perhaps widespread. >> because they can't check. they can not check on time. it is a big deal. that they're encouraging fraud by the complexity of the rules. bill: when the world clears up this will drop back in our laps. >> very soon i suspect. bill: see you at 11:00 a.m. stuart varney. martha. martha: flooding overnight across a huge chunk of the united states. rainfalling an inch an hour in someplaces leaving very little
7:27 am
time for people to get to safety. bill: unbelievable. get a load of this, unique view of the predators lurking in the see. when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, varney, you my friend will stay on dry land. ♪ huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know the great wall of china wasn't always so great? hmmm...what should we do? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. caman: thanks, captain obvious. wouldn't stay here tonight. captain obvious: i'd get a deal for tonight
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martha: all right, breaking news. we want to take you back to a story coming out of switzerland. we can tell you three train cars derailed after a landslide outside of zurich in the swiss alps. the rail company releasing a statement saying that the landslide came down the side of the mountain causing trains to go off the tracks. some of the ravines are extremely high mountains that they go through. one of the trains is hanging off the rails. we're working on pictures of this story.
7:31 am
when we get images we'll bring them to you and get you an update on what is going on there. bill: persecution and possible genocide of christians and religious minorities convincing the u.s. to get involved yet again in the iraq but critics are blaming administration waiting too long and warning worst is yet to come unless there is decisive action taken now. tony perkins of the family research council talked about 24 last night on the kelli file. -- "the kelly file." >> politicians have consequences and seems sometimes deadly consequences. i talked with someone with hard-wire global doing relief work in irbil, some people need to realize these christians this, is going on for over two years. bill: former congressman from ohio, dennis kucinich is fox news contributor. thank you for joining us. what are we going to do about this. >> good morning. it has been going on more than a
7:32 am
year. going on since the invasion and occupation of iraq. al qaeda didn't have a presence in iraq until the u.s. invaded in 2003. we have to realize christians, are in effect resee he having blowback from the u.s. war against iraq. three out of every four christians who were there before the u.s. attacked were in iraq are now gone from iraq. bill: so what you're saying it is our fault. >> i'm saying absolutely, that the united states, when it attacked, when it lied, our country's leaders lied to the american people to get us to go into iraq, not very christian, lying. when that happened, the, the religious minorities were absolutely targeted by jihad its who did not have a presence in iraq prior to the u.s. invasion. bill: you believe that, even if you believe that, okay -- >> believe it? it is true. bill: i respect your opinion on that, but what are you going 20 do about it now?
7:33 am
hang on. what is the commander-in-chief going to do in order to take charge in iraq to make sure he does not face what bill clinton faced in africa, and that is genocide in rwanda? you know that is a fear that this white house has already? >> if we're concerned about isis waging genocide we should be concerned about the fact that the u.s. government helped to fund jihadists were wiping out christians in syria. i mean the american people have to understand that these groups that are right now working inside of iraq and in syria have basically been supported, with money from saudi arabia and resources from the united states. some of them were trained in jordan and now they're attacking christians in iraq. we have to change our international policy. every occupation, every intervention, fuels an insurgency and christians are getting the blowback from this. we've got to look at what
7:34 am
america does in helping to fuel these wars where christians are the ones taking it in the neck. bill: it appears now, okay, this is big argument now on the left, so let's dissect it, there are at least 750 to 1000 military advisors on the ground in baghdad, northern iraq in the town of irbil, okay. that number may go higher. president said no boots on the ground. chuck hagel said no boots on the ground. john kerry, said the same thing. comes out of their mouth every 15 minutes, can the united states now, not 10 years ago, not 15 years ago, today, can we afford not to get engaged in this conflict now to prevent the persecution of the potentially tens of thousands in that country now? >> well, first of all, they say no boots on the ground but i assume that the 1000 u.s. soldiers who are there are wearing shoes. secondly -- bill: that is, i agree with you entirely on that. all right.
7:35 am
that is phrase that they use. no boots on the ground. but clearly, clearly they're trying to find these militants and trying to target them but now we know the militants are changing their tactics. they're dissolving into the local population. we may have just missed our best opportunity to get them. go. >> well, actually, we, the united states should have never gone in the first place and if, that is going back, creates even more problems. this is a matter for the world community to start looking protecting christians wordwide. we have seen the problems in nigeria, in egypt, and it is happening all around the world that christians are under attack. we ought to be concerned about that but the united states, remember, they were, this is about, the u.s. when they first started talking about isis moving towards baghdad they were saying, well, this shows maliki has to go. isis moves in the north against the christians and the state department says, or the u.s. government says, maliki has to go. i just wonder, if it is time for
7:36 am
congress to start to look into whether or not there are any ties between the cia and isis going back to training. bill: i didn't ask you what happened 10 years ago. i ask you what do you expect us to do now? what is the proper way out today? >> it is not intervention. the u.s. can not go back to iraq and we can't pretend that, that our hand, were clean from the beginning in this. and the u.s. is trying to play a game of global power politics here which is against the interests of the american people. the american people do not want another intervention. the american people do not want to see us getting bogged down in a are with. the american people are aware of our occupation and insurgency fueled this -- bill: are you willing to allow this group to establish what ever it is they're growing to establish and have a base of operations to work out of iraq and over across that porous border into syria? are you okay with that.
7:37 am
>> of course not. who would be? we have to look at cause and effect here. the united states has been -- bill: hang on. you're, please, you're twisting the, you're twisting the lokay. >> not at all. bill: if you believe that they're going to establish a base and you're concerned about that, then you have to do something about it. >> i want to know what role the u.s. had in establishing the base. bill: on the other hand you're arguing we have no jurisdiction to go ahead and intervene today. which one is it going to be, is it a or is it b? >> it is not either/or. we shouldn't intervene. we shouldn't intervene again. we can't finance jihadists in syria and say when they go into iraq we're surprised. cut off any money from the cia. cut off any resource they're getting from allies. then america will be looking at this more clearly. i don't want to be dragged into a war based on misperception. bill: you can't have it both ways.
7:38 am
>> actually what we have to do to create peace in the region and united states can't do it by our presence and our intervention. bill: wow. >> it was our intervention that caused the region to go into uproar. we messed it up in iraq. we've done it again in libya and we've done it in syria. bill: we might be the best hope in time. dennis kucinich. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> one thing to say you will end your involvement. unfortunately you can't just, it doesn't go away because we walk away. and that is the big issue that we face right now. we'll see. bill: onward. >> all right, so there are new calls for calm today in ferguson, missouri. what a mess this has turned into. the president has now weighed in after several days of nights and protests over the deadly police shooting of a teenager. >> you see this?
7:39 am
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bill: boy, this is something you don't expect in the classroom. some teachers in texas found quite the surprise this morning prepping for the first day of school. they found a gator in the front door of the middle school. martha: hate it when that happens. bill: gosh, they got a story, don't they. mom and dad, you will not believe what we saw today. >> new art teacher. bill: katy texas, hometown of andy dalton, by the way. alligator crawled into the air-conditioning unit behind the school. there is bayou. the teachers prepping for school got quite a story, didn't they? martha: very interesting. bill: so class is in session apparently. martha: so president obama is weighing in on the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager who was killed by a missouri police officer. the president's comments coming as new protests and unrest continue in ferguson. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it?
7:43 am
>> now. >> this is so tense in this community that the police say they can not release the name of the officer who was involved in this shooting. now you've got the faa saying that nobody should fly over ferguson, missouri, if you can believe it, until this situation calms down. the president did weigh in. there was discussion whether or not he should. he did so last evening. he said know the events of the past few days have prompted strong passions but as details unfold i urge everyone in ferguson, missouri, and across the country to remember this young man through reflect shin and understanding. joined by marjorie clifton, former obama campaign consultant and row conn, the host of the roe conn radio show with richard roper. welcome to you. what do you think about the way the president weighed in yesterday? >> i thought he was fairly measured bit. what is really going on the justice department is taking a really hard look what happened
7:44 am
here. that should be the single element that is calming this reaction at the moment. what i just don't understand how the sense of injustice is leading to more injustice here? i don't understand how the death of this young man, which may have, may have been a negligent act, we're not sure, and the fbi has been on the ground since the weekend trying to figure that out, how does that justify in any way kind of reaction going on here, looting, violence? there was a woman shot in the head last night. it is unclear if it was result of this, just a few blocks away from where all the action is. martha: yeah. it is devastating, what is happening in that community. as you point out, even though there are some calls from the president and from michael brown's family, for people to be calm, the violence has beget violence, marjorie. >> yeah. no, it is tragic. that is why you're seeing a lot of black leaders, al sharpton, going down to missouri, sitting in the churches with people there, with mixed audiences
7:45 am
saying, the way to solve this is not with violence upon violence, but, in the same, roll model as martin luther king, trying to find peaceful ways to find resolution. there is hope that the justice department can and will find answer what is happening. it speaks to a larger issue in our country of unconscious bias, that we all exist, that has in all systems. something we need to have with the dialogue. martha: marjorie, there is tendency to jump in with both feet in these stories. >> sure. martha: look, this boy is gone. all of us feel for his family, that is a tragedy to be sure but we don't know yet what happened. and some people criticize the president. >> right. martha: and say, don't weigh in. you know, just say, look let's wait for the facts. let's wait and see what happened. but that, roe, that is not exactly what we heard. >> no, it is not what we heard. and he would be wise to do such
7:46 am
a thing. one thing for the attorney general to weigh in, saying listen, we'll look into this. we'll see unrest. there are conflicting stories. it is appropriate to have an investigation by the fbi. but the president to use full weight and force of that office to step in on something. he has done this before. you remember right at inabout of his presidency, jumped in on couple things without having all of the facts. wait to issue report. martha: cambridge police incident where they said they did a dumb thing i think was phrase they used. of course trayvon martin as well marjorie? >> look, historically how presidents have actually handled events like this. rodney king, for example. president bush came forward and hey, let's not use violence to solve this. let's find peaceful ways to look at the situation. same thing president obama is doing here. i think if he didn't say something, it would be far more of an issue, we have to look reality who he is. he is a black man. there is a call for other black
7:47 am
male leaders to speak up and speak the message of peace and finding justified ways of do dealing with this with not violence. that is a positive thing. martha: marjorie, this is tragedy to be sure for this young man and his family. i don't want to take away from that in any way. one situation, we don't know. this officer may have acted in only way he could at that moment. so he has a family too. he is a human being too. >> absolutely. martha: that we need to keep in mind looking at situation. some people say, and roe, love to weigh in on this, what about children being killed in the streets in chicago? what about black on black violence. where is al sharpton on that? where is the president on that, roe. >> they do talk about that. >> actually the president does, has talked about that and you've seen in state of the union address. he had some of families of victims of that violence but what happened here, there is certain perversity to all of this. somehow injustice leads to injustice. what is forgivable black on black crime, not forgivable but
7:48 am
explainable. cokes logical issues, gang on gang violence. it is violence. again, last night, a woman got shot in the head. we're not talking about her name. not talking about justice for her family. we're talking about something else. we're talking about bigger political dynamics really only serve politicians and social activists and in some cases media. martha: very quickly, marjorie. >> no. i think i would be very careful to say that it is important that we have really open dialogue about the realities of issues like this and, i mean i think highlighting these issues is important but i agree, that like with the secret service when you had the secret service agents acting out, not fair to say all secret service agents are scoundrels. not fair to say all policemen are racist. important we get a really clear picture what is happening, have a very honest dialogue about race in this country and discuss all those issues. martha: already out there all over the place that is not doing that. we'll see where this guys.
7:49 am
thank you, marjorie. thank you, roe. good toe zoo you both. bill: 11 minutes before the hour. martha: you guessed girl? martha: i did. bill: yesterday. martha: yes. bill: i will follow your lead. should i stick with girl or should i go boy? 50/50. martha: gut feeling. looking at jenna and her beautiful glory, is telling us. bill: must be a boy. >> fair and balanced. very apropos both of you. been divided down the middle by the way. has been for my viewers. martha: i love you don't know. i never knew when i had all three of mine. it is best surprise you will ever have, jenna. best surprise you ever have. >> i appreciate that. facebook twitter world, i sought a little anonymity. martha: good for you. >> i will tell you a little bit what we're doing on the show today. we'll talk a little more about parenting but just quickly here the big headline, more u.s. forces in iraq as airstrikes and aid continues to drop there.
7:50 am
we have fox coverage on that. continuing coverage of hillary clinton issuing a statement clarifying comments she made about the president. we'll have a story about revolutionary ways we treat heart attacks. might take an injection to save your life. matters of the heart, i received great parenting advice from some of your favorite fox personalities. we'll share that with viewers and get your thoughts coming up on "happening now." bill: at the top of the hour. rare glimpse of through the eyes of the most terrifying predator in the world. what happens when the strap a camera to the fin of a shark. you're about to find out. ♪ e, be from... fiber one.
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bill: like you have never seen them before. researchers strapping a camera to the fin of a shark, several sharks actually, watch its behavior over the course of two weeks. so what in the world did they learn? dr. zeb hogan a fish biologist, he hosts "monster fish" natgeo wild, hosting shark fest this week, started sunday night on the 10th of august. good morning, doc, how are you? >> good morning. great to be here. bill: listen, they put a camera on the fin of these sharks, right. they follow the sharks for two weeks. the camera release off the fin. it floats to the top of the water. the biologists go up, listen for the ping in the camera. they get it and capture the film and look at it and what did you learn following these sharks? >> yes. these small cameras that are attached to the fin of sharks allow researchers to get a shark's eye view for two weeks.
7:55 am
follow that shark and learn about its behavior and biology without human interference. so they could see, for example, where the sharks feed. if the sharks go into shallow water, why are they going into shallow water? are they hanging out with other species of sharks? bill: and i guess the eating habits, perhaps the mating habits? >> eating one thing that these researchers found out is that harks, smaller species of sharks, may be schooling together, hammerheads and sandbar sharks, may be schooling together like smaller fish do, to avoid being eaten by tiger sharks or even larger shark species. bill: you studied other species, right? you studied whales with cameras and turtles with cameras. do you find any similarities when you cross-species or not? >> this isn't a totally new idea. people, "national geographic" has been attaching cameras to
7:56 am
sharks, turtles, whales, manatee for about 30 years and, fish biologists, we can tag a fish and follow its movement. we can see where it is going. is it going into deepwater? is it going towards the coast but we don't know why. so for example, sperm whale may dive down into deepwater. biologists we want to know why they're doing that. by attaching a camera to the whale, we can see, oh, they're going down there to feed on squid. that really gives us a perspective we can't get ourselves by attaching that camera to the fish. bill: well-done. good research. thank you, doctor. shark fest, all week long. thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. martha: as we've been talking about here all morning, the u.s. role in iraq is deepening today. more u.s. marines have been sent into the area in irbil as well, not in combat roles we're being told by the administration. what will they do and what will
7:57 am
they accomplish? a live report from the ground straight ahead.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
bill: o'reilly. martha: there's that. we're continuing to speculate about the boy-girl sex. we'll keep doing that. o'reilly and kelly file tonight. bill: radio. martha: "happening now" starts right now. bye, everybody. jenna: thank you so much, bill and martha. the pentagon sending additional troops to iraq after the president promised no more boots on the ground. welcome to "happening now." i'm jenna lee. >> i'm ed henry in for jon scott. defense officials say they are acting only as military advisors to help thousands of families trapped on a mountain in iraq trapped by isis militants. iraq's designate is winning endorsements from iraq and iran as prime minister maliki is facing pressure to step aside for the sake of his nation. jenna: something he doesn't want to


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