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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 13, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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eastern. we hope you'll join us. and set your dvr. thanks for being with us start your day with fox and friends, 5:00 to 9:00 i'll see you back here tomorrow night. p.m. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> general consensus that the world is a better place u.s. strong. i don't think obama believes any of that. >> not only dick cheney criticizing president obama on foreign policy. hillary clinton did as well. but now there is a massive fallout and a big meeting tonight between the president and mrs. clinton. we'll have the very latest. police in tucson, arizona attacked after they try to take an illegal alien into custody. what's this all about? we will tell you. >> get nervous? >> i suffer from severe dyslexia, too. i was only the child in my block to go trick or trout.
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>> why can d. robin williams capture the imaginations of so many americans. dennis miller, a friend plaintiff williams, will weigh in tonight. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the democrats split over president obama's troubles abroad. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we have suggested time and time again, the major problem with president obama's foreign policy is that he doesn't anticipate problems and then when they arise, whether it be terrorism, putin, iran, he seems unsure, almost paralyzed. the new war in iraq between the terrorist isis army and population of that besieged country has deeply embarrassed the obama administration as thousands of innocent civilians are being slaughtered. now u.s. air power and military advisors on the
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ground are trying to blunt the terrorist advance. but this should have been done a long time ago. so why wasn't it? former vice president dick cheney provided the answer general consensus the u.s. is strong. allies and prepared to act and support them and demonstrate that strength. i don't think obama believes any of that. i think is he dead set against it i think he believes that the united states is part of the problem in the world and the best thing he can do is cut our defense budget, reduce our footprint in the middle east and elsewhere, you know, reset the relationship with russia. that really worked out well for us. i don't think he has the same fundamental set of beliefs that most of our presidents have held over the years. >> of course president cheney is a staunch supporter of president obama. former secretary of state clinton has also hammered the president over foreign policy.
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tonight, there is a big party on march that's vineyard with scores of democratic fat cats showing up. mrs. clinton says she is going to hug president obama at the party. talking points will not comment on speculate on what could happen during that hug. it is clear that if hillary clinton wants to be the next president, she cannot embrace, pardon the pun, president obama's foreign policy it's in a shambles and americans know it mrs. clinton will either have to say nothing or distance herself from the president that will present problems for her because if president obama gets teed off he could hurt president clinton'sens thats. already the far left wing of the democratic party has repudiated hillary clinton. they think she is too conservative however, the obama administration does not want to fight with hillary. that was made quite clear yesterday. >> president obama spoke to secretary clinton today. they reiterated that they are in broad agreement on so many of the issues that we're confronted with around
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the world and she has been a great partner. >> sure. and so the democratic party finds itself in a very awkward position. but for every day americans, the question is, how much damage is being dorf to done to america because of president obama's ineffective policy? in my opinion?ns. that's the memo. now for the the top story tonight rkz reaction. ation correspondence and james rosen. you cover the state department. are you buying the big hug hillary says she will give the president tonight? >> you asked bill if i'm buying it. for this transaction to be completed, the currency that one must push across the counter is the same suspension of disbelief that buy the idea that hillary clinton and barack obama have ever truly been at any point since the 2008 pennsylvania primary all hugy with each other. this raises two very troubling questions and i hope you will let me sketch this out. the facts is that mrs. clinton has chosen to display her distance from the president, in this case on foreign policy,
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specifically syria and specifically still the question of whether the u.s. should have armed the syrian rebels much earlier on. clinton advocated for that at the time. she says the failure to do that allowed isis and other terrorists to fill the vacuum. the president rejected that at the time and today he called it a fantasy that would never have worked. here are the important questions it wasn't just hillary clinton who lined up for that proposal. chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general dempsy. leon pa net tax the director of the cia at the time general david petraeus. question one is how could some top tier officials have believed in what this president called a fantasy. the seconds question is, if president obama was right and they were all wrong, what does that say about the president's acura men in choosing people to serve around him, bill? >> he wasn't right ground troops in iraq that americans don't want.
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that question, the first part of your analysis was very very cogent, rosen. the second part is there is a fact. the fact is by not arming people against the isis army in syria, it allowed the isis army to expand in power and we have a full blown crisis on her hands with thousands of people dying here is the key question. hillary clinton you say has been at odds with the president since she lost to him. was she faking it as secretary of state? well, perhaps, i'm not going to project what was inside of mrs. clinton's mind at any given time, but clearly she wanted to use the post of secretary of state to advance to bigger and better things. i think even jeffrey goldberg my colleague at the atlantic who wrote this article who had this terrific article with hillary clinton says she believes is he running. she made comments in this interview that suggests she is it would be in character for past behavior. remember after the monica
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lewenski scandal seangted clinton was able to parlay as first lady into a senate seat. senate seat into a viable bid for the democratic presidential nomination so i think she is a very canny player and what she is doing here with this issue is really interesting to watch. i will close with one problem that she is going to have. the issue here that secretary clinton herself two and a half years ago argued forcefully in an interview with my cbs news colleague that were ing the syrian rebels wasn't quote unquote viable because it would have effectively meant propping up the terrorist groups. she tells the atlantic our failure to do that enabled that group to fill the vacuum. >> it's such a mess there, she will be able to petty fog to some extent. let's go to cammeron, brand new fox news poll out, cammeron. it shows president obama getting hammered by the public on every foreign policy issue every single one inside the democratic party in the congress people that you cover, the senators
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that you cover is there a sense that the obama administration is just over and they just have to do the the rope adope for two years and try to regroup with hillary clinton? is that the prevailing wisdom? >> for some it is, but there are an awful lot of democrats that don't like that. there is a bunch of things that hillary clinton is doing now that sort of runs against the popular tone in the democratic party. for starters, she is going to be on martha's vineyard tonight. book signing and go the to party you mentioned. obama administration is under fire for having lobbists big party one of the biggest democratic lobbyists. look, clinton told the president on the phone yesterday she wasn't calling to attack him. shortly thereafter, her aids put out a statement with absolutely no words of apology that actually drew more attention to their disagreement. she said she looked forward to hugging it out. she said she was going to hug hum tonight.
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hug out their differences, so she is denying criticism while referencing their disagreement and it's worth noting that she also mocked atlantic article that james mentioned telling reporters on air force 1 that his foreign policy amounts to don't do stupid blank. >> that was the big headline that came out shy said don't do stupid stuff not organizing principle great nation shot at a president. you were watching the factor last night we made a big deal out of that? all of that is the type of division that was blamed on hillary and bill clinton after obama beat her in the primaries. here she is creating a situation where she is bad mouthing the president-bama loyalists resent that mistakes lost her the last race. overexposed, contradicting herself. she has a huge organization being built for her while she goes around and sells her books and goes to parties. all of which blew up on her
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in 2008. nailing down real estate in new york in manhattan for a campaign headquarters she is like a bowl in a china shop she is so in and breaking the china as she is doing it. >> we knew she was doing it a year ago. i'm going to go with president obama on the hug. they are going to it each hug and you got to watch. >> odds are this doesn't come up. room full of democratic elites. hugs, small talk, wave and they are not going to talk about what she said just as she quietly disagreed about the president's reluctance to arm the syrian rebels at the same time she was telling the american public that it shouldn't be done? all right. i have got to go. no press at the con fab. >> the department of homeland security says the obama administration ordered hundreds of criminal illegal aliens released from detention. laura ingraham on that. later, dennis miller a good
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impact segment tonight, according to a new report from the inspector general for the department of homeland security, more than 600 convicted criminals including felons including thousands of illal illegal immigrants cleared by the obama administration last year. here to analyze it laura ingraham. the administration says there was money when they closed the government down the sequester that forced them to release more than 2200 illegals. >> 2200 this time but there was a report in march, 34,000 before that. 68,000. this is just a drop in the bucket of the criminal aliens that they have release the seems like a lot
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more. actual criminal aliens. big pools of criminal aliens, tens of thousands, this was most recent report. the thing about this makes us know once again, bill. enforcement. well we didn't have the money. we know they find money to dual a sorts of things that are priorities for them they just decided this is a good way to put pressure to do amnesty. if you don't give us am mess city we are not going to enforce that law and put danger on the public come back to bite the obama administration though. i believe all of this sympathy for illegal aliens and some of them deserve our sympathy and some of them don't, is designed it's eroding, designed to get people to vote in november. i think this is issue and that president obama is going to come back from vacation and that precludes that he suffocated by
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hillary clinton's hug tonight. >> hugging. >> he is going to come back and do something with executive orders about illegal immigration. >> i think it's overstuffing though bill. that univision poll that came out a few days ago where it showed the top five priorities for latinos in the all important state of california, immigration is number 6. it's jobs, wages, deficit. healthcare, education, immigration number 6. that's a univision poll. and the reuters poll that came out last week where 70% of americans think illegal immigration is hurting our way of life and he choo. this issue is tipping point. can he try to stop and stick his chest out and all that, in the end it's only othe american people at the ballot box that's going to change. this do you believe that hispanic american voters are going to redoyle against -- >> -- it's not a motivating factor. i think republicans have an opportunity to broaden their base with latinos by going into the neighborhoods and saying we want to raise standard of living wherever
8:17 pm
illegal immigrants coming from lower wage workers. a lot of these people are lower wage workers. they are trying to get into the middle class, bill. not totally because of this you think the republicans should directly campaign in the mile-per-hour precincts saying illegal immigration unfettered. >> not the rich people it's hurting the poor people. respect, pro-legal immigration. this is against latinos or mexicans. >> hard message to get out though. >> you go to pocketbooks, schools. >> you got la raza and all these other people who have the ear. they are just hammering the republican party. >> you have to try. >> you have to try. i agree with that engage. >> we have the family of four killed by illegal immigrant last weekend in texas. sexual assault of a toddler in florida this week. we had that horrible situation last week in
8:18 pm
arizona so craft undertakings reported by the media seed change happening in this country. respectful, pro-legal immigration but pro-american wages that is what we need to do. >> we don't want to do speck leaction legs on the factor. educated guess with president obama coming back with pen and phone what will he do on immigration. >> probably do something. north as broads at la raza people want. he will try to do something to placate them and stoke the vote in november. but, again. >> it's got to be attached to the dream act though. >> everybody is a dreamer. only people who aren't dreamers are the american people seeing their dreams disappear. >> this is my prediction that president obama will use the executive order to put oa hold on any deportation of children hoar illegally. children up to 45. qualify as a child o'reilly.
8:19 pm
>> just need a rattle. >> if it was up to president obama i would be deported right away the state of arizona investigating planned parenthood and statutory rape case shocking report with a viewer warning. then robin williams, dennis miller knew him pretty well and he will talk about their friendship. those reports after these messages. introducing nexium 24hr finally, the purple pill, the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand, comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™ everyday thousands of people choose nexium twenty-four hour for frequent heartburn. i'd always wanted the protection of the purple pill® now, i have it. get nexium level protection ™ for a limited time save six dollars at we're changing the way we do business, with startup ny.
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did another uncover sting this time in minnesota. a young woman telling planned parenthood she was 15 years old and asking for advice concerning a boyfriend. a viewer warning some of the tape you are going to see and hear is graphic. roll it. >> i think it just depends on what it is you are looking for a horse whip i wouldn't recommend it. i mean it kind of depends what it is you are looking for. there are probably a lot of things out there i don't know about. i know, for example, patients will sometimes come in with rope burns or markings on their breasts from like clamps. if it's consensual, it's okay. >> it's not okay. joining us now from phoenix, kristen wagoner, senior vice president with the alliance freedom defending organization which has filed a complaint against planned parenthood in arizona. i understand today there was
8:24 pm
a pre-trial hearing for a man named tyler cost 18 years old who is involved with the statutory rape situation and planned parenthood. pick up the story from there well mr. cost has been indicted on 30 different counts of sexual rah assault ranging with women under 15 years of age and under 18 years of age. one of those counts, there have been 13 victims. one of those counts is a woman who reported her rape to it planned parenthood. and we filed a formal complaint on behalf of alliance definiting freedom to have the state of arizona formally investigate this immediately investigate planned parenthood because every girl deserves to be protected. what the agencies have shown is that planned parenthood actually told this mother and the rape victim that it wasn't worth the hassle of reporting this rape to authorities. >> how old was this girl.
8:25 pm
>> 14 years of age. she went to planned parenthood with her mother. she did have an abortion subsequently, correct? >> yes. planned parenthood would not tell state authorities that this girl of 14 had been raped by this taylor cost at 18, that's against the law. there is is is a a romeo, juliet exception in arizona which means two year difference between the man, the girl and the boy, they don't prosecute. but this is way beyond that. now, planned parenthood, what do they say? do they deny it? >> ambiguous statement saying of course they would comply with the law. actions speak louder than words here. what we know is that this young woman and her mother reported the rape to planned parenthood. the sheriff has that in his official report. and that they did not report it to authorities. and that mr. . >> if you have that kind of evidence, that you have it all, then planned parenthood is guilty. what will happen then?
8:26 pm
will a counselor be prosecuted for planned parenthood? will they be shut down? what's the result of all of this? >> we are asking that state authorities get to the bottom of this. get to the truth of it it because what's an important piece of this is that mr. cost went out and victimized several young girls after planned parenthood had notice of the rape. so we want the truth to come out first and foremost, but we want planned parenthood to have accountable and those clinics that have violated the law they need to be shut down because this is not about a profit motive it shouldn't be putting a buck ahead of a young girl's health and safety. >> is he charged with serial sex crimes and he could have been stopped if planned parenthood had obeyed the law. i know the attorney general for arizona is investigating because we talked to his office. is he on it. i'm wondering whether they will actually file charges which is very rare against planned parenthood? as you know on this program, tape after tape after tape, all over the country shows
8:27 pm
these planned parenthood counselors talking to minors in inappropriate ways sometimes illegal activities sometimes that they shouldn't be directed to. >> that's one of the things significant about this is that nothing was happening until we, along with our friends at the center for arizona policy put out a press release and then did a press conference to highlight this issue. so, the tragedy of this situation is that we would even need a child abuse reporting law to cover planned parenthood because you would think they would be concerned about the health and safety of women. but, instead, they are concerned about wydening their profit margins as much as possible. >> all right, ms. wagoner, we are going to follow the case and we appreciate your time today. shocking video showing people attacking authorities after they attempt to take an illegal alien into custody. martha mccallum has to story. and dennis miller on a sudden death of robin williams.
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apparent suicide of robin williams a topic of discussion throughout the u.s. as we discussed when a talent like that dieseded you suddenly it's shocking. americans remember how much joy provided. >> do i stand here like an
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object? no you do eclet particular celebration of a dance. you do martha gram, martha graham or twila twila or michael kidd, michael kid. or madonna, madonna. madonna. but you keep it all inside. >> good morning, vietnam. this is not a test. this is rock and roll. time to rock it from the delta to the dmz. freddie and the dreamers. ♪ going to sound just right. >> >> if i asked you about mick co-anglo? you know a lot about him. political aspirations, him
8:33 pm
and the pope. sexual orientation and the whole works, right? i bet you can't tell me what it smells like in the chapel. >> good parent, go down stairs and put on a videotape. [ laughter ] i love you. will the's put on ala aladdin. a nice thing to put on. [cheers and applause] go over here and pass out on the grill. oh god you want some waffles? dad put on debbie does dallas. bad tape. >> you have power in your corner now. ammunition in your cam. >> you got to rub that let ♪ you ain't never had a
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friend like me. >> they are finished. they make me so happy. i have got to dance. and my socks fall off. ♪ >> what happened to you? you shave with a piece of glass? >> what happened to you, the clampitts have a yard sail. >> what are you doing? >> i would like to you meet the host of your new show. >> host? >> doubtfire, dear. i specialize in the education and entertainment of children. >> surprise.
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[ laughter ] >> a doctor's mission should be not just to prevent death, but also to improve the quality of life. that's why you treat a disease, you win, you lose. you treat a person, i guarantee you, you win. >> one more outbirs from you or anyone else, and you are out of this school. >> >> leave, mr. keating. >> captain my captain. >> sit down, mr. anderson. >> do you hear me? sit down. sit down. sit down. >> leave, mr. keating. >> coming next,dennis
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thanks for staying with
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us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the miller time segment tonight, when the d man and i are on the road for the bolder fresher shows, we talk about a lot of stuff back stage and one name that came up very often was robin williams. miller was a good friend to him. and in every conversation we had, he had great things to say about mr. williams. i was very impressed with what he said. joining us now from santa barbara is the sage of southern california who has addressed the saw side on syndicated radio program this week. mr. miller, i'm sorry about your friend. i lost a close friend in a helicopter crash. i kind of know what that is a little bit. but i think what i would like to know, i think the folks too. is what should we know most about robin williams? >> well, it was right before woe went on here and you and i were talking you said i'm so your friend dennis. and you said you never called me dennis and that's the beauty of robin. i think everybody is so sort of paris hiltony --
8:41 pm
he was immense intellect. fearless comedian and all of that was dwarfed by an even bigger heart. i mean, he was the sweetest, gentlist cat i ever encountered in my live. i don't think anybody has ever saw more smiles reflected back at him in the history of their life. he had a magical quality about him. i would watch on the side of the stage once in a while. and it's like you are watching a comedian. you saw wonderment too, you saw the crowds at the end of red ford's quiz show where people couldn't believe charles van done knew that they couldn't believe robin was tapped into that sort of wire. they wanted to be part of it. that was one of his brilliant things is i always thought robin was a genius with aid side car. there are some genius i talked to in my life and saw. it was inaccessible.
8:42 pm
you knew they were on their own. i thought people with robin ever since he did that first bit on first hbo special step into my brain. people would float out of that room like all of a sudden they were on the tour for the tonight with the most existential tour guide on the planet. he didn't want to be left alone. he wanted them to be privy to him. he was a brilliant difficult fuser of fame. when people would see him on the street it was like they were seeing a fictional character minute mall lag time watching jaws drop and forming them into a smile where all of a sudden he would be saying hey boss. he would talk to them. these people would walk away on air. i always thought that it was an interesting poker tale that his genius was like this barely tethered stream of consciousness. very loosely harnessed and he was riding around at a high clip of speed, mouth
8:43 pm
barely in front of the synaptic posse. yet, he never defaulted to that november lent. always going that fast, with you think about a time where robin just -- everybody said that's too mean? never. at the core, his default set was gentle. and his unconscious was sweet. and i haven't met a lot of people like that where when they are tired, when he they're run down, when they are overworked they default back to sweat. that always touched me about robin williams. >> now, you talked with him on the phone. i remember one show you we had done you just come off the phone with hill. you were commence just check in periodically. very sweet. always seemed to know when you had done something. always touched by that. he would call you and say he had seen you somewhere. he had such great manners, billy. when robin was a kid he
8:44 pm
always told me that he played alone and he played with toy soldiers. when he heard that he had passed this week i guess the toy soldiers of the world just lost their best general and the world at large has lost a friend and a man who impacted it, you could feel his joyful presence in the world. as far as a comedian goes, those synapsis were unmatched. that guy was like that particle accelerator at the. >> jonathan winters was close. he lived near you, mr. winters, and he was -- last question. were you shocked about when you heard it? did it knock you off your feet? >> >> well, listen, the death of indelible character always does. i need to know more. i don't need to know it now though. i'm just in mourning. he was one of the dearest men who ever lived. and the only thing i could say is if robin williams, who was a locust of joy can
8:45 pm
get to that dark place any of the billions of people on this planet can if you are ever in that corner, you have to round the corner off by getting hold of another human being. you know how quickly life can flip. you know two days later the sun can be out. it's that moment. and if he could get to it, anybody could get to it. and if you want to serve his memory, never not make the call to somebody. never. >> that's good advice, miller. we appreciate it very much. just a general reminder four more bolder fresher shows remaining in 2014. see me and charles live in pennsylvania october 24th. tower theater october 25th. caesar's palace in vegas. details on bill o' martha maccallum on deck. shocking story. regular folks attacking authorities trying to take illegal alien into custody.
8:46 pm
right back with it ♪
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. back of the book segment tonight, did you see he that we begin tucson arizona where police officers pulled over driver for making improper turn. when he they found out he was in the country illegally they called the border patrol think all hell broke loose. swinging insults to police and border patrol who showed up after required sb 1070ed it's intensified as the crowd grew in numbers. [shouting] >> police showed up to hold them back borders that control managed to get the driver in the vehicle and away from the scene.
8:50 pm
the chanting stopped but the chanting two protesters who crawled beneath the red to two who crawled beneath a car and refused to move. that is until border patrol grabbed them by their feet and pulled them out. tucson police say they did not arrest any of the protesters. >> joining us now to tell us more, fox news anchor martha m mccallen. so what happened to the driver? he wasn't wanted for any crimes, he was just here illegally, right? >> he was making an illegal turn. they pulled him over. he'd been here for ten years. he's a 29-year-old from nicaragua and still in custody and could be deported. >> why do these people do this? >> the two women who went under the car are actually friends of his. >> oh. >> and basically they have a social network that calls everybody to the scene when something like this happens. it doesn't happen a lot. >> in tucson they have a social network. >> there's a couple online organizations and people notify each other and they show up.
8:51 pm
it hasn't happened that many times, only 23 times has the police in tucson taken somebody into custody. >> so it was an organized coball that if there's an illegal alien or border patrol beef goes like this, show up in tucson and give your support. the groups that do this they're pressure groups? >> they are. there are a number of groups who are trying to overturn the law including the aclu. we couldn't find any direct connection to these groups but they have facebook counts, the group protection network also fighting to free detainees from gitmo. >> i got it. not many people know this but mccallen is a huge fan of steven seagal and mickey rork. >> yes, i do. >> the problem with seagal and rourk is they seem to be big fans of the villain putin. and rork did this. roll it.
8:52 pm
>> i met him a couple times and he was a real gentleman, very cool, regular guy. looked me right in the eye. and i think he's a good guy. if i didn't, believe me, i wouldn't wear the t-shirt. i don't give [ bleep ] about the politics. that's not by department, you know? >> want to be polite and say that i probably don't know him very well. i would like to think that i know him well. but suffice it to say i know him well enough to know that he is one of the greatest world leaders if not the greatest world leader alive today. >> all right. i don't want to be condescending. >> no. >> i don't. >> of course not. >> but let's take mickey rourke first. apparently he has a russian girlfriend. he was in russia when he was wearing the shirt. >> it's a picture of vladimir putin. he thinks he's a good guy. i might recommend if you're going to be good friends with
8:53 pm
leaders of larger countries, they shoeld -- >> putin was a kgb guy. >> absolutely. he has a notorious history. if you live in one of these satellite countries that he is encroaching on and threatening, he's not your favorite guy. but guys like these i'm going to have to put devil horns and mustaches in my office, i'm not so sure about them anymore. >> and put a shirt on seagal. >> oh, please. >> seagal looked like -- that's a devil. >> thank you. he does concerts. he's very popular down there, although he was recently going to do a concert in another area where they banned him because they don't like -- >> he just punches people. >> he's such a renaissance man. >> what play a banjo? >> a singer. apparently singing didn't take off here in the united states. >> no. >> but over there he's very popular. look at the t-shirt with the glasses -- the sunglasses.
8:54 pm
>> putin probably buys his albums that's why he likes him. >> yeah. >> all right. so post your devil -- mccallen everybody. there she is. "the factor" my take on robin williams and suicide. the tip moments away. [ male announcer ] if you're taking multiple medications,
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stevens. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. miss martha is in megyn next. the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, the u.s. may be signaling that it's about to back out of plans for a rescue mission to save thousands of iraqi christians and others who are trapped and are dying as they are being hunted down by the world's most violent terrorists. welcome to "the kelly file" tonight. over the last two days we have seen unbelievable video from mt. sinjar in iraq where an estimated 30,000 people are trying to get off the mountain as isis terrorists, the group now taking over the country of iraq one city at a time, are coming after them. this is video we got a short while ago tonight as an iraqi military hospital showed up to rescue t


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