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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 13, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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stevens. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. miss martha is in megyn next. the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, the u.s. may be signaling that it's about to back out of plans for a rescue mission to save thousands of iraqi christians and others who are trapped and are dying as they are being hunted down by the world's most violent terrorists. welcome to "the kelly file" tonight. over the last two days we have seen unbelievable video from mt. sinjar in iraq where an estimated 30,000 people are trying to get off the mountain as isis terrorists, the group now taking over the country of iraq one city at a time, are coming after them. this is video we got a short while ago tonight as an iraqi military hospital showed up to rescue the few people that they
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could carry. children and elderly and everybody scrambling to get on that chopper. they can only carry a couple dozen people each one. there's only three of them right now because one of them crashed the other day in its evacuation effort. but there are reportedly thousands of people on the mountain dying by the hundreds from lack of water, lack of food and temperatures that are topping 100 degrees up there. just imagine what it is like for them. so the obama administration started today saying that they're looking at rescue options, but they did not want to see u.s. troops engaged in combat on the ground. here is a report from the state department today. >> would you say that mt. sinjar is located in a combat zone? >> i don't know technically what i would say. clearly there's a lot of fighting going on around it.
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>> people dealing with the rescue mission aren't engaged in some kind of combat -- armed combat? >> well, they won't be, period. >> the problem with that, the terrorists are all over this area. they are firing at those iraqi choppers as they fly away. the military and the refugees knowing that if they get on that chopper they are lucky to escape alive. here is the next part that we want to show you of the evacuation flight. [ gunfire ] >> the applause and happiness as those people realize they are going to get out. joining me is seth jones, advisor to the commanding general to the u.s. oerpg forces in iraq and afghanistan and international security and defense policy center now. seth, in just the last hour or
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so the defense department -- secretary hagel, made it sound like a rescue mission may not be happening at all now. saying that there are actually fewer people on the mountain than thought and that they seem to be doing better than believed. what do you make of that given these images? >> well, first of all, i think the situation is dire. and it's more dire than some administration officials are letting on. second, this entire context is being argued by the administration as a humanitarian mission. as we can see we've got the best equipped, best organized jihadist group anywhere in the world right now pressing key areas of iraq and syria. this is much more than a humanitarian crisis. this is a serious security threat the u.s. needs to be concerned about. >> i know you feel like they're looking at a tree or two and that there's a forest that needs to be deeply understood in order to take on this problem. but i want to stay with this rescue mission for just a moment
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because what exactly does it -- are they saying? i mean, we can see that there's still people on the ground there when these choppers take off. this footage was today and yesterday. so are they saying the people there are doing okay, that they need to fend for themselves, that we're not going to help them? >> well, i think what they're partly saying is that the u.s. role in supporting them is going to be minimal right now. the u.s. has engaged in some limited air strikes in and around this area, has deployed a very small number of both department of defense and u.s. agency for international development personnel in this area. and what appears to be clear is the administration is messaging that it's not going to play a major role moving forward, or not likely playing a major role moving forward. >> what do you think the danger is in that? >> well, i think the danger is as we've seen with key parts of western iraq, northern iraq and key parts of eastern syria, this organization, the islamic state of iraq, has controlled key
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parts of territory. we've also seen americans that have gone to fight with jihadist groups, both in iraq and syria, blowing themselves up from states like florida, people from states like colorado attempt to get on an airplane to fly to join. there are connections between the u.s. and this fight. and to pretend that we don't have a national security interest, i think, is a big mistake. >> are you surprised by the reaction of the white house by this and by the president in particular? >> i'm not entirely surprised, but i'll tell you, it is interesting. in 2011 this same administration used both air power and then limited ground power, both special operations forces and cia personnel on the ground in libya. and they used force. there was a lot less at stake in libya for u.s. national security back in 2011 than there is in iraq in 2014 and neighboring syria. so it does not seem to be a consistent use of force across
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this administration. >> and i remember at the time the president said it was to prevent a massive humanitarian disaster he felt was about fo happen on the ground in libya and that was the reason for going in. so it's a curious parallel, as you point out. seth jones, thank you very much. good to talk to you tonight. >> thank you very much. so even with the white house saying that the refugees stuck on that mountain are doing much better off than they were according to the assessment after being on the mountaintop for about 24 hours today as we understand it, we're still hearing some really disturbing stories from people who did manage to make it out alive and the reporters that have been talking to them and sharing their experiences. watch this. >> -- fled with her 2-month-old baby. when her own milk ran out, she said she suckled him from a mountain goat in order to keep him alive. this man was trapped with his family for ten days. one of them, his sister, did not survive. she ran out of medicine, he
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said. she fell sick and she died. >> i'm joined now by jonathan rugman who has been covering this situation in iraq. he is in dohok today. the latest information we've gotten is the additional 130 military personnel who would be sent in as advisers to figure out how to do an evacuation of the people you have been so closely involved with and watching their situation on the top of mt. sinjar. what's the reaction to that where you are? >> i think the response is relief that at last given that this saga has now been going on for something like 13 days, the remaining people on the mountain now stand a chance of being properly rescued. i think that the issue is what kind of humanitarian corridor can be created for these people? do you really want to put ground troops out there weaving a path through islamic state positions with a very sort of checkered
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landscape there, some bits jihadists, some bits are not. or do you simply want to have an air rescue mission? a humanitarian air lift? troops could be very useful where the military advisers might have a role here, forming transit camps on the top of the mountain gathering up the refugees so they're already to go in very large numbers. >> yeah you've made great points. can you kind of walk us through? because you know the terrain, what needs to be done and what you think is the most effective way to do it? >> reporter: well, we're talking about a mountain range, which is over 45 miles long. it's a big bit of territory. and it's a mile high. and it's a very barren, rocky landscape. but in the space of about a week if there were enough helicopters going up there and ferrying people out, that might do the job. the question then is what do you do with those people when you bring them back here to the kurdish region of northern iraq? because i've been talking to a
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lot of yazidi refugees today, people who made the journey on foot, they say they will never go back to their home even if islamic forces are driven back. they have a lost faith in the country of iraq as a safe country to live in. it's not just what's going on on the mountain that's horrific, it's what the people have endured getting up to the mountain before escaping if they can by foot on this arduous journey through syria or desperately waiting for these helicopters to arrive. >> thank you, jonathan rugman reporting this evening. >> thank you. >> no matter what happens next in iraq, americans do not seem to be very happy with what's happening now. fox news poll out tonight shows this, just 37% like the job that the president is doing on the issue of iraq, while 52% say they disapprove. chris stirewalt, fox news digital politics editor, he joins me now. chris, those are pretty tough numbers for the president on this issue. how does that dovetail, do you
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think, with chuck hagel's statement saying it may not be necessary to do that rescue mission at all? >> well, i don't think we would have been talking about the rescue mission at all if it had not been for the precipitous slide of the president of the esteem in which the american people hold the president on foreign policy. previously his strong point with voters, even when the economy was bad, even when they were frustrated with obamacare, even when they were frustrated with scandals in the administration, foreign policy remained a high point. but with his efforts in libya and afghanistan coming to very unhappy ends with vladimir putin on the march, this crisis in iraq, this spillover from the civil war in syria, had driven the president's numbers down to this unacceptably low level. that's unacceptable, not just for him but for the democrats who are trying to hold the united states senate, this is a boat anchor on them they did not need. so i think that moved us into a different part of the discussion. now what we see, if i could submit, martha, is what we've seen with this president many
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times before. you get up to the line, we're going to go, we're going to do the thing, it's going to be hard, i don't like it but we're going to do, but wait, we're not. and you start to back pedal, we did it in syria. and we eventually took action on the surge in afghanistan and eventually took action in deposing moammar gadhafi in libya. but it took a while for the president to wiggle himself there. >> yeah, it feels at times like this as it did in syria as you point out that the president sort of gets inclination to go for it and then, you know, has his assessment. they may say they had marines and special ops forces on the top of that mountain according to reports for 24 hours today, they came back and said apparently it's not as bad as we thought. these people aren't doing as bad as we thought contrary to every single report we have heard of the people who have actually talked to them about what's going on there and seeing the numbers of people that have been buried up on that mountain and lay dying unburied in many cases. it just doesn't match at all. it doesn't make any sense.
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>> well, it's a weird thing. the president likes to point out, well, we can't intervene in every humanitarian crisis. but this one met a weird tumbler lock sequence in which the united states would actually intervene and would be able to go in and do some good, but now it's apparently not bad enough for the united states to intervene. i will point out that for the president's predecessors -- most of the president's predecessors, they were usually looking for a pretext under which they would be able to legally kill the bad guys, not looking for scoring human suffering, how many babies are suckling at how many goats, how many people are dying and being buried on the mountain to meet the standard? most predecessors would have said this would be a good opportunity to kill several thousand of these bad guys. >> an interesting thing is you've got ban ki-moon, pope francis, france and the uk all starting to clamber. david cameron came back from his vacation early because he's under pressure to do something about this too. so you wonder about that as well.
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chris, i got to go. thank you very much. good to talk to you as always. >> you bet. >> with these christians in iraq being hunted down for months now, the pleas are getting more desperate tonight. >> where are the human life? where are the human life? to see this miserable situation? where are the human rights? we are people. we are human beings. christians in iraq are starving, are dying. and you can't see it. >> those voices were heard today at the vatican. they have issued a dramatic challenge to muslim leaders. governor mike huckabee next on that story. and disturbing new reports from the fbi and who is now showing up in this crowd and why they are trying to fuel the fires of violence in this crowd.
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[ bleep ]. >> you got three boys at home. you got three boys at home.
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listen to this, the dramatic plight of christians, yazidis and other religious communities and ethnic minorities in iraq requires a clear and courageous stance on the part of religious leaders, especially muslims, all must be unanimous in condemning unequivocally these crimes and denouncing the use of religion to justify them. if not, what credibility will religion, their followers and their leaders have? very strong statement today from the vatican. former arkansas governor mike huckabee joins me now. governor, welcome. good to have you with us tonight. >> thank you, martha. >> the vatican also took the very rare step of saying that they would agree with air strikes in this case to stop this evil group. >> you know, they have to. jesus said blessed are the peacemakers. and i think a lot of people don't understand there's a difference between a peace lover and peacemaker.
9:18 pm
everybody loves peace, but wearing jewelry around your neck and saying i love peace doesn't bring it. it takes sometimes military action to make peace, especially when you have wolves who are devouring the sheep. that's what we have going on in iraq right now. these are not people who just want a little piece of real estate. these are people who are chasing down children and cutting their heads off. and the only choice you have, you either kill the wolf or you standby and you watch the sheep get slaughtered. and at some point president obama needs to have the kind of moral clarity that we saw from the vatican today, that understands that there are times when there is no other option but to exercise what even the vatican calls a just war. >> the administration keeps saying we're not going back into iraq. we're not going down that road again. we're not going to get mired in anything. we're not putting combat boots on the ground. and yet you have this situation where it feels like there should be a huge coalition against this group.
9:19 pm
these guys are awful. i mean, everyone in the world can see what they're doing. they are going after some sun s sunnis, shia, yazidi, christians, who is on their side, governor huckabee? and why isn't it easier to build a coalition to go in and shut them down? >> well, i fear that the president's making a political decision and not so much what some would call a humanitarian decision. to take it a step further with, you know, the idea of the vatican weighing in. let's look at the message of the good samaritan. when the man was beaten and robbed, there was a priest and a -- came by, looked the other way, saw how bad it was and didn't do anything to involve himself. and it took a samaritan, a despised person who had been robbed and beaten. i think the world is looking for a samaritan. the priest and the le viets are
9:20 pm
walking by saying this is horrible, gee, this is terrible. but that doesn't save the children who are getting their heads cut off. and it's not saving those babies who are starving in 100-degree heat on the top of mt. sinjar. you're going to have to get rid of the wolves who are going after them who will stop at nothing to kill every last one of them. and, martha, one other point i just hope people understand, if they killed every person on mt. sinjar, do you think isis then wipes its hands and says, okay, that's it, we're done? no. this is just a group of savages that want to kill everybody who doesn't accept their radical version of islam. and that's why there's only one way to deal with the cancer like this. you either cut it out and eradicate it, or you just die from it. that's the choice americans are going to have to ultimately face and the world is going to have to face. >> governor, thank you. good to talk to you tonight. >> thank you, martha. coming up next, the eye opening story of why the nra and
9:21 pm
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first on "the kelly file," tonight, a local race for sheriff in the city of wisconsin suddenly got a lot of national attention this week when mayor mike bloomberg and the nra faced off over a democratic incumbent and his stand on gun control. trace gallagher has this story for us tonight. hey, trace. >> hey, martha. michael bloomberg made it very
9:25 pm
clear he was trying to influence law enforcement on the local level, so he spent $150,000 on tv ads that were critical of milwaukee county sheriff david clark. now, that's more money by the way than clark and his opponent spent on their entire campaigns. but it didn't work. sheriff clark won his primary with a 52% in the vote. it also means clark is a shoe-in to keep his office because even though he appeared on the ballot as a democrat, he aligns with republicans and there is no republican running against him. the sheriff whose campaign was supported by the nra, made national headlines by running public service ads that tout his pro-gun policies. telling people that their safety is no longer a spectator sport. watch. >> could beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back. but are you prepared? consider taking a certified safety course in handling a firearm so you can defend yourself until we get there. >> sheriff claerk ads calling
9:26 pm
911 and waiting is no long you are your best option. also a critic of bloomberg's anti-gun efforts. heads up a group mayors against illegal guns and spent millions supporting candidates who support scaling back gun rights. but bloomberg is vowing to spend $50 million more this year alone. but so far his candidates have not faired well. bloomberg has not commented on the sheriff's race. but sheriff clarke has. listen. >> obviously the voters in this county by a majority have said they like my style. >> and it appears they will have him for another term. martha. >> interesting. trace, thank you. so we have breaking news tonight from the suburbs of st. louis where police are bracing for new riots. and the fbi is now warning about one man in particular who may be fanning the flames there of violence. and coming up, why protesters swarmed police in tucson over a
9:27 pm
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developing right now, police and protesters are both out in force in a suburb of st. louis where it looks like a war zone. as both sides brace themselves now for another night in the wake of the police shooting death on saturday of an unarmed black teenager. police have full riot gear with rifles and armored vehicles that roll through the streets as dozens are demanding justice for 18-year-old michael brown. the situation starting hours ago when demonstrators sat in the middle of a busy intersection chanting "hands up, don't shoot." that has been their mantra throughout. and the fbi is now issuing an alert saying that at least one member of the new black panther party is on the ground in this
9:31 pm
town outside of st. louis, and that he is very ve sifrously -- we're live in the chicago bureau to get up to speed on what's going on on the ground there. tough situation, mike. >> it is, martha. and our local affiliate is confirming some of the presence of these new black panther party members. and tension returns to the streets. during the day the demonstrations remain peaceful. but to quote the police chief of ferguson, it gets a little dangerous at night. police have not made it through a night since the riots flared on sunday without firing tear gas at the demonstrators. sometimes they fire rubber bulle bullets. last night police shot another young man. he survived, but tonight that young man has been charged with assault and armed criminal action. police say he pointed his weapon at a county police officer, that officer shot him. police claiming to be witnesses have come forward saying the police version of the original shooting is not what they saw the day 18-year-old michael brown was shot and killed.
9:32 pm
despite pressure from demonstrators, police are withholding the identity of the officer involved in the shooting. >> out of abundance of caution we weighed the value in releasing the name right now against the safety factor to both him, his family and his neighborhood. and we opted to postpone that. >> charges have also been brought against looters. nine people thus far looking at felony burglary charges. they relate to the looting of three stores, around a dozen businesses were ransacked in the ferguson area, another shoe store looted on the opposite side of st. louis. a hacker group threatened to hack into computers. they've clashed with demonstrators and police confirm now their computers have been hacked. martha. >> mike, thank you. so as this investigation into what really happened plays out in this town, some say the protesters are the problem, the looting, the vandalizing and setting property on fire.
9:33 pm
on the other hand a lot of folks are pointing at the pictures of the police response as they block the streets with heavy duty armored vehicles and show up in full combat gear. take a look at the scene in the streets of this american town. david webb is the co-founder of tea party 365. rod wheeler former d.c. homicide detective and fox news contributor and richard fowler nationally syndicated radio talk show host. richard, let me start with you tonight. let's start with this black panther issue because the fbi is very concerned about this. when i went on the facebook page today of the leader of this group, it was astonishing to me the things that he is saying on his facebook page. let's put up a little bit of it here. it says, there are committed and trained warriors on the ground in st. louis. and there are also spies and defleck tors on ground to all general orders are in full effect across this nation. he sals said this is the hour all the greats promgsed. if you die, die like a warrior. i will see you on the ground.
9:34 pm
what do you make of all this? >> i think martin luther king jr. said it best, violence begets violence. i don't think anybody out here i think if you talk to the brown family they wouldn't condone this type of violence. i think what we are looking for and what people of ferguson is looking for is answers to the fact that this individual was slain or even murdered some would say by a police officer. and i think you can't look at this in a vacuum, martha. you have to take this outside of what's happening in ferguson and think about the relationship between black and brown communities and police departments. and i think that's really the issue here. it's almost like a pressure cooker waiting to explode. and i think that is what we need to deal with as a nation, point-blank period. >> rod wheeler, i think you agree with that in part because you say you're concerned that we might be one bullet away, in your words, from a major situation in this country. >> absolutely, martha. you know, you and i have covered a number of these cases over the years. doesn't it sort of appear to you that these cases are increasing? look, the fact of the matter is
9:35 pm
we have an american crisis going on in this country right now. we talked about this back when the shooting occurred in jersey city, new jersey, where the police officer was killed. and we as a nation must talk about these race relation issues. and we must address them. if we don't do that, we're going to continue to have the riots that's occurring right now in ferguson, missouri. one other thing, martha, that i definitely want to mention and this is so important, the police there, chief thomas jackson, issued a statement today that he was not going to release the name and the identity of the police officer. well, chief jackson, if you don't do that, your city will continue to burn because that is being respectful to that community and not releasing that information is being disrespectful to that community. and that's why we have the situation that we have today. >> david, do you agree? do they have to release the name of this officer? >> no, i don't, martha. look, i understand what both gentlemen are saying, but let's look at what happened for instance in the zimmerman case where there was a call for --
9:36 pm
there was a bounty placed on the head of the zimmerman family. we can't have that. look, in normal situations say jersey city where there was a tragedy, miguel santiago shot by a black man, the community responded differently. here we have a community where the thugs and the criminals, because that's what they are, are looting, they're tearing their community apart, they're burning. that has nothing to do with investigating properly what happened, who's at fault and coming out with an answer. what we have are thugs and criminals. and you know the relationship between police and the community, that can be examined on a larger scale. but here we have one incident, one community, and we should focus on that. >> yeah, but dave, you miss the point. i'm sorry, martha. >> go ahead. >> you missed the entire point here. it's not about the one incident with michael brown, the 18-year-old that was killed. this is a larger problem, dave. look at the black man that was killed in new york city less than a month ago.
9:37 pm
his last words were, i can't breathe, i can't breathe. at the hands of police officers. and i'm telling you right now, i'm not saying that the police officers are doing anything wrong, but what i am saying is that we have to address this as a national issue, dave, and not just as this one isolated issue. we have thugs out there -- >> i would like to add to that, martha -- >> what we have here is a national issue. >> -- i promise, david, i'll come back to you. richard, go ahead. >> i think once again i think david webb makes the forest from the trees here, you have isolated, a majority of the people are in peaceful protest because they want answers. they want this police officer to be identified. michael brown's been identified. he was identified as a dead man on the street. and they will not identify the police officer that did this. and i think that is why you hear an outcry from the community. this outcry is very similar to the outcry you heard in stanford, florida. >> let me jump in for one second because here's the problem. you are grouping this in as
9:38 pm
though you already understand the end of the investigation. and that's the problem. because this officer's also a human being. and so is his family, okay? and what if -- you have to just allow your mind for one moment to imagine that the officer's story could possibly be true. and if that's the case, wouldn't you change the way that you're discussing this case, richard? >> well, i think if it is the case or if it's not the case, it needs to be a case that's held in the courts. >> exactly. >> if it's held in the courts, his name should be revealed. point-blank period. revealed george zimmerman's name, revealed trayvon martin. the fact there is some question know what his name is so there can be a proper investigation, character witnesses could be called, none of that can be done. the end cannot do their work because the name is being hidden for his own protection. michael brown was not protected. eight shots. he was not protected. >> okay.
9:39 pm
first of all, the investigation can proceed without his name being released. the police know who he is. and they can continue with the aid of the federals -- with the aids of the feds and fbi to investigate this. the debate over his name is part of the issue. and we can have that debate. what we also have to look at if you want to talk about the larger context is what's going on in our communities when what's going on tonight, what's going on last night, is acceptable behavior by too many people -- >> peaceful protesting acceptable by our constitution, david. >> the peaceful protesters are not the ones that are the problem. i have not finished my point. can i finish my point, richard? my point is they're not the ones that are being discussed here. unfortunately, the violence, the looting and what goes on with the new black panther party and the instigators, that's what causes damage to the community beyond what's already been done with the tragic killing. >> -- the fact the police officer, in afghanistan or iraq
9:40 pm
and we're talking about an american citizen -- >> richard, you have to recognize both sides. if that police officer is at fault, so is an organization that is encouraging people to steal everything they can out of stores that are not -- >> i hear that. >> and share it -- >> >> martha, i totally agree with you. this is rod talking. listen, in these types of situations -- and, dave, take it from me. i've been out there. i've been out there as a police officer in these riot situations. and i can tell you firsthand this is what we call a lose-lose situation. nobody wins. trust me when i tell you that police officer, whoever he may be, did not wake up that morning and say i'm going to go kill a kid. that officer found himself confronted with a situation. we don't know what the situation is. and he had to use deadly force. give that police officer the chance, at least give his side of the story. but at the same time we have to worry about and we have to look at michael brown. he too is, you know, has laws and he too has rights.
9:41 pm
so we have to look at both sides of the equation, guys. >> all great points. thank you so much to all of you for being here tonight. >> sure. >> thank you, martha. >> so coming up next, we're going to talk about this. a russian convoy of humanitarian trucks, they say, is heading towards the ukrainian border. why officials in washington warn that it may be a disguise for a major military incursion. we're going to tell you what we're talking about when we come back. my name is karen and i have diabetic nerve pain. it's progressive pain. first that feeling of numbness.
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growing concerns of a russian invasion in ukraine. new video shows around 280 russian trucks, look at this, rolling towards the ukrainian border right now. said to be carrying humanitarian and pro-russian -- humanitarian aid, i should say, to the pro-russian rebels there. ukrainian officials say they will stop those trucks when they get to the border. as speculation grows that the convoy could be a cover to carry out military operations to help pro-russian fighters in distress. retired united states air force lieutenant general tom mcinerney is a fox news contributor, general, welcome. thanks for being here tonight. >> thanks for having me, martha. >> what do you think's going on here? >> well, i think those trucks are a trojan horse for a potential invasion by the russians into eastern ukraine. i think it's a very dangerous situation. you know, there are 45,000 russian troops on that border, martha, and that composition is a very offensive force.
9:46 pm
it's got 160 tanks. it's got 1,360 armored personnel carriers. it's got 197 tactical fighters. 137 attack helicopters. that is a very offensive force. and president putin is sitting with 80% job approval, so he's got a lot of control of what's going on. >> and i'm sure that it is not lost on him that all of our attention right now is in iraq. >> exactly. we've got iraq, we've got gaza, we've got the domestic problems that we have here in the united states. so we have a lot of challenges and frankly the commander in chief has not been leading from the front. he's been leading from behind. and we have corrupt socialist governments in europe that are more worried about their economic trade with russia. and finally we've got a u.s. military that is frankly on a disarmament route. so this is a perfect storm for president putin to make a move.
9:47 pm
>> so you think putin looks at this situation and says that, you know, we've got things on every single burner on the stove at the moment. and he's not doing well in this ukraine venture at this moment. basically his folks are surrounded in donetsk, correct? >> that is an excellent point, martha. that is the crux of the whole issue. he is losing and he cannot afford in his mind, he thinks, to lose donetsk. and so i think that may make the perfect storm drive in his direction. and we're going to know in a few days here because it's a very critical time along with all the other critical times that we have down in iraq and in gaza. >> i mean, it's a situation, you know, that reminds me -- i mean, different things of course at play, but it's almost like the cuban missile crisis. you've got this convoy, and it's heading to the ukraine. and it's going to get to the ukraine eventually. and the ukrainians are saying we're not going to let it get
9:48 pm
here, we're going to stop it, we're going to turn it around. and you have the force of vladimir putin behind that convoy saying we're going in, right? >> yep. and guess where vladimir putin was today? he was in crimea, a very successful venture for him, built his confidence up, built his reputation up in russia. and so i think you're hitting it spot-on, martha. this is a challenge that is going to come it's my odds that 60% chance he will make it. it's 60/40 that he will go into eastern ukraine. and that is very dangerous for the world. >> you know, the timing on this is going to take a couple of days for them to get to this border and to hit that checkpoint where the ukrainians say they're going to turn them around. what do you think, militarily, what happens next? >> well, that's the $64 question. i think he's going to create an incident because of the 280 trucks that are going there. they'll create an incident that
9:49 pm
will be a red flag incident that will unleash his offensive forces and say he cannot afford to do that. i've got to get this humanitarian aid to those separatist russians there that are being attacked and killed. and i cannot afford it. and he will get support, unfortunately, by a large percentage of the russian people. again, a perfect storm for him to make an entry into the eastern ukraine. >> great point. general, thank you so much for being with us tonight. see you next time. >> thanks, martha. coming up next, why protesters swarmed police over a traffic violation arrest. chico's leggings. every style's a showstopper! with fabrics that flatter and prints to go wild for. legs look longer, you look leaner. any way you wear them. chico's leggings. we're famous for our legs. at chico's and and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right.
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9:52 pm
tonight, there's some fallout from a shocking reaction
9:53 pm
to a common traffic violation stop. protesters surrounded the tucson police as they tried to arrest a man who was driving without a license. trace gallagher reports on what happened next. >> in fact, martha, twice in just the past two days tucson police have pulled over illegal immigrants in routine traffic stops. that's when the illegal drivers would call in open border activists who would show up in force to protest. we're talking about moving toward police officers, climbing under the patrol cars, even showing up in police stations with a list of demands. listen. >> the police are here to not to destroy our families. they are not immigration officers. they should not be calling in border patrol. >> except that arizona law requires the police officers call border patrol, though it rarely does any good. tucson police say in the past two months they have called border patrol 2,000 times. border patrol has responded 20
9:54 pm
times. that's 1%. critics say it's part of the obama administration's focus on deporting illegals who break the law. but now a scathing report from the inspector general for homeland security says that to save money during the sequester budget cuts last year, immigration and customs enforcement, or i.c.e., scrambled to reduce the number of illegals being held and released more than 2,200. but more than 600 of those had been convicted. several dozen were even level 1 and 2 felons, that means killers, rapists and robbers. i said the release was not "willy nilly," but the ig report disagrees saying lawyers were not consulted and the feds didn't know exactly who was being released. many of those illegal felons were re-arrested, but many of them were not. martha. >> trace, thank you. so tell us what you think about this story at home. go to you can put your comments there. or you can get in on the conversation on twitter using #
9:55 pm
kellyfile. coming up on "hannity" at the top of the hour. our enemies, the terrorists, have never had it so good under this truly pathetic commander in chief who should be in washington, d.c. right now calling congress into session, getting authorization to use deadly military power against these cockroaches. he should be calling together the world leaders, those who are with us, ignore those who aren't, putting together a military and other types of strategies to deal with this. and rather than announcing repeatedly what they're not going to do, they should be (woman) the constipation and belly pain feel tight like a vise. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like rocks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves
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we are back. you can go to to see my interview with mike huckabee, talking about christians and religious minorities under attack in the middle east saying "i think the world is looking for a good samaritan." what do you think about that? leave a comment on facebook or send a tweet. and tomorrow night lieutenant colonel oliver north live on the iraq crisis. tune in or set your dvr to record the series five nights a week. thanks for watching everybody. i'll see you in tomorrow morning at 9:00. this is "the kelly file."
10:00 pm
welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. it is being called the first major shift of the u.s. mission in iraq. now the pentagon sent 129 military advisers to the embattled country on tuesday. in a moment we'll go to jennifer grifin live at the pentagon. the political battle is brewing in iraq as prime minister nouri al maliki refuses to relinquish power and warns of more turmoil if in fact he's replaced. meanwhile support is growing for hader al abaddi to take over and form a new government in the country. for the latest and assault on


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