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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 14, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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call themselves shark addicts. just like little dogs. hello, here, kitty, kitty. bill: there you go. have a bite of that thing. kibbles 'n bits we are not. martha: no. see you tonight at 9:00. blue, everybody. "happening now" starts right now. ed: dramatic scenes unfolding right now in iraq as thousands of innocent people try to escape from muslims fanatics. i'm ed henry in for jon scott. >> heather childers. i'm in for jenna lee. us air strikes, kurdish fighters broke the stranglehold of isis terrorists on remote mountaintop. check out this video. iraqis desperate to get off that mountain, scrambling for food and water flown in by the u.s. with their country essentially descending into civil war, the united nations declaring highest
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level of emergency for iraq. which means the maximum amount of help for refugees. get the latest from greg palkot in irbil. he is just back from the front lines. greg? >> reporter: heather, we are just back from another front line where the isis militants, more on that in a moment. but first, to that developing story involving the ethnic minority yazidis on mount sinjar, to the west of where we are right now. u.s. special forces on the ground found that those who were left were in better condition and fewer in numbers than feared. so a possible u.s.-led international evacuation effort appears to be on hold. still, humanitarian aid flights will continue as well as local efforts to get the remaining yazidis off of that mountain. that is not the only place where isis is threatening the local folks. take a look at what we found. this is the a town just couple days ago it was run by isis militants. then the kurdish peshmerga fought them back but the
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residents have not come back. we're told the militants are a couple miles outside of the city limits. all around the town, signs of the battle. we are told very important too to the peshmerga fighters of take-back of the town, a us air strike on an isis convoy. another key to most residents not coming back, nearby isis militants are cutting off the water sup play to the town and they are nearby. while we were there, a peshmerga convoy was hit by isis ied explosive two miles out of the town. four soldiers were injured. that is typical. we're told of changing tactics of isis. they're going more and more to guerrilla-style of war. we asked the commander what he needs from the u.s. more airstrikes and bigger weapons for his men to compete with the terrorists. he made the point emphatically he did not need u.s. boots on the ground. he said his fighters could get the job done as long as they had
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the firepower. still a big task. heather? >> greg palkot live for us from irbil. thank you. >> back in the vineyard. hanging out with the president? >> absolutely. yeah. we're looking forward to it. going to be there tonight. ed: huggable hillary clinton i guess signing books on martha's vineyard shortly before hugging it out with president obama. we don't know if they embraced at that meeting which occurred at private birthday party, but the first powwow since mrs. clinton slapped the president's handling of foreign policy and walked it back. she said she was proud to serve with the president. charles krauthamer said "special report" she is not being genuine. there is too much hugging. >> this is blatant display of clinton inauthenticity. it is breath-taking. she finally appeared to say something she beliefs and rye attracted. remember, these people, meaning the clintons, do you ever know
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if they're saying anything sincere? ed: amy weinstein, senior editor of "the daily caller." welcome to both of you. jamie, i want to start with you. what do you and charles i guess have against hugging? >> this entirely manufactured incident. it is pretty amazing and pretty clintonian. let's take it back just a moment. right before she left as secretary of state she gave interview on 6:00 at this minutes where she basically embraced president, full throat, foreign policy. they don't even have to talk sometimes. they communicate by looking at each other because they have such similar views. now as the foreign policy becomes politically toxic she gives interview with jeffrey goldberg, distances herself from the president. even in these makeup statements she is saying making clear she had severe disagreements with the president. so this is, i think a surer sign she is running for president in 2016 trying to step away from the president's foreign policy, a president' foreign policy she served as secretary of state
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under. ed: shira, get to the point of ought then tivity or lack thereof. how does hillary clinton try to separate herself from the president and ping-pong back and forth and still try to be authentic with it? >> right. this will be very difficult for her over the next two years, right? foreign policy crease ses happening across the globe she will have to create some distance from the president on over the next several months. we don't know what will happinessly the last two years of obama campaign when things ramp up. we haven't talked about obamacare. things that will happen with that she will have to create distance with as well. there is lot to deal with. in terms of authenticity she is dancing a very, very thin line. on one hand she needs the president and his organization, right? on the other hand, obama wants to make sure she didn't look like she is defecting from his own policies. ed: jamie, seems like secretary clinton may have misjudged the anger on the left. i keep hearing from democrats telling me privately, why in the world when the commander-in-chief right now is
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dealing with, talking about iraq, ukraine, you name the crises going on all around the world, can't possibly be helpful to the commander-in-chief? >> maybe she doesn't worry about the left at this moment because she doesn't believe she will have a serious primary challenge against a democratic nomination. this could be strategy trying to win the center because she believes she might have a sure-fire path to win the nomination. she night not considering what the left is thinking at this moment because she doesn't think there is serious contender that will jump in the race to challenger. ed: shira, you were talking about the separation, natural separation with the former secretary of state trying to show she is not buddy buddy with unpopular president right now. what is the point going back, whether you hug or not, trying to say, oops, i didn't mean that? doesn't that just add more confusion across the left or across the political spectrum? >> she still needs him for something politically, right? he is unpopular nationally but entire obama organization, entire obama campaign
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organization. she hasn't run a race what will be eight years by the time she we assume she will run for president, she has all the factions of campaign organizations, ready for hillary super pac, her own group of aides, private consulting firms the obama organization is still very valuable to her. there is still some incentive for her to play nice with the president politically. ed: jamie, doesn't this add to the fact that conventional wisdom is look, she has impeccable national security credential as, senior member of the senate armed services committee when she was there, secretary of state four years, the flipside may be what were the accomplishments during the four years or lack thereof? >> exactly. there haven't been very many accomplishments. you ask a lot of people supporters of hillary clinton what are her accomplishments? they mentioned that she traveled to some countries. the truth is it will be hard to distance herself from the president. there may be some disagreements she authored in many ways the libyan policy which turn out to be a dissasser.
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key on the russian reset which she claims works but we're seeing disaster with russian relations. hard to distance herself from foreign policy she was a part of. ed: shira, 30 seconds. we can pick apart the clinton record. she can make the case of fellow democrats in primaries ahead if she does run she has been in the arena. what other democrat out there could challenge herself on these issues with credentials close to hers. >> there will be a candidate challenges her from the left. we've already seen some people. bernie sanders talk about. he would be to her left. martin o'malley on some issues is staking claim to the left. in terms of real challenge the only person who can really make her scared is elizabeth warren. she is only person to the left. ed: the name we keep hearing that keeps popping up. shira, jamie, appreciate the conversation. >> thank you. >> now to some economic news for you. technology giant cisco cutting thousands of jobs after another disappointing quarter.
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silicon valley mainstay eliminating 6,000 jobs or roughly 8% of cisco co's workforce. they are known for its networking hardware but struggled to compete in emerging markets and selling to service providers such as cable companies but they do plan to add some new jobs in areas such as software, security and cloud computing. ed: now a fifth straight night of violence in ferguson, missouri, over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a police officer. this is brand new video of last night's explosive protest. police firing tear gas and smoke canisters in attempt to disperse the crowds. william la jeunesse in los angeles giving us close look what is happening. >> reporter: ed, no sign of resolution anytime soon. officials want time and patience to investigate. protesters oppose restrictions day-time only demonstrations. last night police used tear gas on those throwing gasoline
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filled bottles after crowds refused to go home. dozens arrested. included st. louis city councilman and reporters inside after mcdonald's. they say saturday's shattering uncovered racial tensions and all but three of the city's cops are white. >> don't shoot. >> all you're saying. >> that's all we were saying. hands up. don't shoot. >> were you in the front line? >> front line. >> yes. they just started shooting. >> this is not isolated incident. this is buildup what is going on in the community for very long time. the people need to be heard. >> it is sad, because that is not the intent of any of this here. >> reporter: protests stem from saturday's fatal shooting of 18-year-old michael brown. police say he and another man assault ad cop before brown was shot in the scuffle. eyewitnesses tell a different story, that the officer initiated the confrontation when brown, ran with his hand in the air, the officer fired.
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police refused to identify that cop fearing retribution. >> so, out of abundance of caution we weighed value of releasing the name right now against the safety factor to both him, his family and his neighborhood. we opted to postpone that. >> reporter: right now the district attorney is investigating the incident, trying to sort out the facts. both sides demonstrations largely been peaceful. critics blame the cops intimidating tactics for ratcheting up tension there whereas the chief claims a few troublemakers. missouri governor jay nixon is visiting ferguson today. hoping to meet with both side, ed, to diffuse the situation. ed: story keeps unfolding. with many la jeunesse. >> coming up convicted killer jody arias appears in court acting as her own defense attorney. the arizona woman is facing the death penalty for the brutal murder of her boyfriend. what she wants the court to do
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ed: right now a look at some crime stories we're following. a 19-year-old woman and her boyfriend are undergoing psychiatric evaluation in bali after police arrested them for the murder of the teenager's mother. the body of 62-year-old sheila mac was found r found stuffed in a suitcase in back of a taxi outside of the luxury hotel. friend say the mother and daughter had troubled relationship. lawyers for convicted crime boss "whitey" bulger are expected to file appeal. he was convicted last year in
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raketeering case that had 11 murders. he was fbi informant when he took off in 1995 and on the run since 2011. bulger is serving a life sentence. convicted killer jody jody arias wants a delay on sentencing of her murder trial. she says it is difficult to interview potential witnesses because she is jail. she could be sentenced to death in the brutal murder of her lover, travis alexander in 2008. heather: the funeral for sprint cup driver kevin ward, jr. is being held this hour in up state new york. ward was killed last weekend when a race car driven by nascar champion tony stewart struck him after the 20-year-old driver walked on to the track. wart's father is breaking his silence on his son's death. laura engle with latest developments and joins us with more. >> heather, kevin ward, sr. cut to the chase leaving no questions who he thinks is responsible for his son's death. the grieving father gave his
8:17 am
first interview to the syracuse pose standard this week telling the paper. tony stewart was the best damn driver on the track. why he had to go up as high as he did and hog my son, there is no reason for it, adding apparently tony stewart was the only one driving out there who didn't see him. amateur videos we've been showing you shows impact between tony stewart's winged sprint car and that of washed, jr. he can be seen getting out of the car to confront stewart on the track. he is nearly hit by another driver before being struck by stewart's car. ward's dad adding in interview the one person knowing what happens is possibly facing 10 years in prison. is he going to stay what he done? as of now investigators say there is no sign of criminal intent on part of stewart. legal experts stewart could face charges of criminally negligent homicide or manslaughter. as the investigation rolls on, funeral service services for 20-year-old kevin ward , jr., taking place this hour at at
8:18 am
high school near syracuse where the young driver graduated in 2012. on traffic confrontations happen all the time. track promoters are changing rules threatening fines and disqualification if they exit vehicles while on the track. the speedway in tennessee are a few announcing changes. if stewart walks away from a criminal charge in this case he could still face a civil lawsuit by ward, jr.'s family. >> thank you, laura. i don't think a bad idea to have the fines in place if they do that. tony stewart himself has done that. >> that's right. heather: thank you. ed: she was one of three people killed after asiana airlines flight 214 crashed in san francisco last summer. how the family of a teenager that was run over on the tarmac by an emergency vehicle is now trying to get justice. isis fighters forcing hundreds of thousands of innocent people from their homes in iraq. our next guest says the u.s. has a chance to stop these terrorists right now. he will explain coming up next.
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so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. heather: welcome back. right now new developments on last year's deadly asiana airlines plane crash in san francisco. the parents of a 16-year-old girl run over by an emergency vehicle after the crash filing a wrongful death suit against the city. patti ann browne is live for news the newsroom with more details. hi, patti ann. >> hello heather. she was a 16-year-old chinese student visiting california. she was on asiana airlines flight 214 when it crashedded during landing in san francisco in july 2013. she ended up on the tomorrow mark near the left-wing. not sure if she was thrown, carried or came down an emergency chute. while lying there she was hit by two fire department rigs.
8:23 am
coroner said shes was alive, according to the second rig struck her in the head. yi's are parents are suing city of san francisco, its fire department, airport officials and several firefighters and police officers. their lawyer says rescue workers saw yi lying helpless on the ground but inexplicably failed to evaluate her condition, treat her, mark her location or remove her from the perillous location where she lay curled in the feet tall position. his claim is backed up by the national transportation safety board. >> this individual was observed by multiple firefighters who believed she was deceased and did not perform triage. >> at some point her body was obscured by flame retardant foam. but one of the rigs were earlier directed around her while she was still visible. the city disputes coroner's finding that yi was alive during the crash and.
8:24 am
that injuries being thrown from the aircraft could have caused her death. heather: patti ann, thank you. >> thanks. ed: back to the growing humanitarian crisis in iraq. with more than a million people displaced from the homes, targeted airstrikes against isis militants are helping those trapped by the fighting escape but many are still in harm's way. according to our next guest the u.s. has a chance to stop isis before they take over more territory and kill more people. former u.s. senator, chairman ever the homeland security committee, member of the arms services committee. former vice-presidential nominee. co-chairman of the american internationalism project at american enterprise institute. have to get all that done. >> well-done. great to see you. ed: you were fiercely critical of this president, back to the 2008 campaign supported john mccain. >> right. ed: you had some positive things to say about the early stages of us air strikes, this campaign. what needs to happen next for it to succeed? >> thanks for the background because it is relevant.
8:25 am
i have been critical of president obama. i wish that he had gotten involved more what was happening in syria are frankly doing what he is doing now in iraq, using us air power and giving better arms to the revolutionaries trying to get rid of a dictator, assad. we've already made progress doing what the president ordered to be done, in protecting the yazidis, christians, the americans, who are there but i am particularly impressed that the president said he is in there for longer term, no deadline. and part of this is counter terrorism. we just can't walk away and expect that islamic state, isis, won't come back. it holds more land than al qaeda ever did and it has sworn to attack us in america the first chance they get. ed: you say no timetable. but he also taken u.s. ground troops off the table completely. you have had pentagon officials say this week the airstrikes are not, they're admitting they're not stopping the momentum of
8:26 am
isis. so what is next? what needs to be done? if ground troops are off the table, does this air campaign have to increase more? you can't just push isis aside? you have got to stop them, don't you? >> you've got to stop them. they're not going to be easy. they're good fighters and they're extremely violent. ed: so how do you do that? >> you have to continue to use american air power. you have to bring all of our counterterrorism, intelligence, use of drones but, really we have also got to be ready to do what i think the president already said he would be ready to do or done which is to put some, not combat troops but special operations forces to advise the kurdish and iraqi, and syrian troops. we've got troops on the ground. they're not american and they don't need to be combat troops. they're iraqi, syrian and kurdish. with our help they can defeat isis, not only protect themselves but protect our homeland. ed: former secretary of state clinton this week a lot of talk about how she said this idea the
8:27 am
president has, don't make mistakes, that is just not a principle that can run your foreign policy. they're trying to hug it out now i guess but, you served with both of these folks in the senate, the president and former secretary of state. do you agree with secretary clinton don't make mistakes is not a way to run foreign policy. >> i do. i can't calculate why she said it when she said it except for the fact she must believe it. i take her at her word. i think right approach for foreign policy and very important for american people to know as secretary clinton contemplates, a presidential campaign. i think two of them are real professionals. they respect each other. they know what each other is doing, that is secretary clinton, president obama. if song goes, a kiss is just a kiss, a hug is just a hug as time goes by. ed: could you see supporting her in 2016? you supported each side. >> yeah. ed: could you support secretary clinton. >> i'm certainly open to it. depend who else is running. but i have a lot of regard for
8:28 am
secretary clinton. for president clinton, i know them boeings back to the early '70s at yale law school and i was around the same place. ed: we'll leave it there. senator joe lieber men. >> thanks, ed. ed: heather. heather: texas governor rick perry saying now is time to act on border security. governor perry meeting with national guard troops trained to be deployed. why he believes the entire country is at risk. the americans speaking out about the president's job performance. we have brand new numbers from our fox polls. we'll take a look up next. padvil pm gives you the healingu at nsleep you need, it. helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest.
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bill: just in from martha's vineyard, president obama will make a live statement 12:15 a.m. eastern time. this would be a situation where the president has spoken out for the second time this week on what is quickly becoming a working vacation on martha's vineyard. what is happening in ferguson, missouri, what is happening in ukraine, we expected to be about iraq. fox will be covering it live. heather: we will talk about that, that is one of the things coming up this hour on "happening now." wind down things to u.s. intervention but isis is not
8:33 am
giving up the assault on iraq. what is next for u.s. forces? and a search for a young indian woman who disappeared almost two months ago. authorities turning a home inside out. and a guy at the right place at the right time twice. will ask the fan who caught to go home run balls in his first visit ever to houston ballpark. how does that happen and what is his secret? bill: how in the world did he hit it to the same seat twice? will have to ask him this. the odds of that. >> tough talk on the urgent need to secure the southern border. meeting with national guard troops training for deployment at the border. embers of drug cartels crossing into the country are terrorizing not only his state, but the entire nation. live in dallas with more on the story, good to see you. >> the mission is pretty much open ended.
8:34 am
the governor has not indicated how long the booths will be on the ground after texas-mexico border. also not clear is when they will officially arrived, because right now the 1000 texas national guard troops are finishing up their training down near austin. the role be to assist local, state and federal law enforcement assets already in place primarily serving as a deterrent to those entering the united states illegally. this concern is not as much with the young children from central america who flooded the border this summer, but rather with the known thugs making their way and committing crimes in the homeland. >> it is time to stop calling the criminals nice names like cartel and gangs. call them what they really are, these are narco terrorists
8:35 am
because they are terrorizing america. >> governor perry continues to be critical of the white house in washington saying he could not believe lawmakers took off on that fight despite failing to address the issue of immigrati immigration. democrats are throwing stones at a very. the governor is using the border as a political stunt. to that, challenged the senator to visit to see the issue up close and personal. also sent us an invite to president obama but has not been speaking up on it as of yet. the cost to have these troops at the border a whopping $12 million per month. monemoney texas is fronting in e interim but hopes and expects to get reimbursed from the federal government.
8:36 am
ed: good to see you. >> we have some brand-new fox pulling out on president obama's job performance. 442% of voters approve while 42% disapprove. and new numbers on the confidence the president's ability to make the right decision for the country, just over half, 52% are confident, just under half, 47% not so confident. let's bring in a fox news political analyst and former president of the women's media center and a fox news contributor. thank you both for joining us. i'm going to start with you. we say these are new numbers but they're not so new for the president. his approval rating has been around the 47% mark for the ye year. what is the contribute in fact it to the polling numbers? >> people want leadership, the president is supposed to be a diplomatic going to capitol hill
8:37 am
working with democrats and republicans instead of reaching across the aisle, he is holding up saying it is my way or the highway and they did not need it to be that way. the asking they're better off off now than they were four years ago and majority of them would say no. >> i want to look at some other numbers. angela mentioned the economy, that is one of the issues the president is polling better in than others. 43% approve, also health care, number two. what do you think is the main contributing factor to the low numbers? >> with the economy, we have had some a month of positive economic growth. he said he would take us out of the ditch we were in when he was elected in 2008, and he has slowly, steadily it has happen happened. looking at these numbers, obama is not on the ballot, why are we
8:38 am
trying to slap in national number four races that are going to be on a state-by-state basis. if you look at arkansas, kentucky, louisiana, georgia, number of states where the president palled really low, but they are ahead or they are tied, this is not about obama. he will never be on the ballot again, his name will never show up. >> are you saying that is a good thing? it sounds like you are saying that is a good thing. he hasn't been a good enough job for the democrats to run on his platform, expertise and accomplishments? >> i think the president has been the best job he can with the congress sitting on their behind and doing nothing. they would actually kill those republicans would kill for approval ratings he has. he has three times emotive support, and as someone from the
8:39 am
south as you both are, we know you can't please everyone and if you are not upset in someone, you're probably not doing something right. speak a lot of senators up for reelection and in your party are running away from him like the plague. for you to say he is not up for reelection, everybody up for reelection as a democrat voted lock in step with president obama, now they have to go home and explained their contingency why they voted the way they did. if you have a job you are living paycheck to paycheck and if you don't, you are living off of the government's dime. >> those anemic congressional republicans refused to see if they raise the minimum wage it will offer all wages to increase
8:40 am
and they do have to get off their behind and act on that. >> i do have one more fun poll. who would you rather vacation with. apparently people don't want to just run away from president obama when it comes to the election. when we asked what he wants to vacation vacation with, they said laura and georg george bus, barack obama or neither. 39% said they would rather vacation with laura and george bush. and then hillary and bill clinton versus michelle and barack obama. 42% overwhelmingly versus 25% wanted to vacation with hillary and bill clinton. which one would you rather vacation with? >> neither. i would rather be by myself leaving politics alone so i can have rest. >> i would rather absolutely
8:41 am
vacation with the clintons. i know they throw a good party. the president has taken a third of the amount of days president bush and laura did when they were in office at this time so maybe i would want to vacation with the bush because their vacation days were a lot more than i have right now. >> always bring up the bush when you cannot make your own argument. >> we appreciate it. if you go on vacation, let us know. ed: we're hearing from white house spokesman as a state of the president's statement in a few moments will be on the latest situation in iraq, the president will now have to women situation we have seen several nights of protests after an unarmed black teenager in missouri. he was slow to put out a written statement on the situation, this
8:42 am
will be the first on camera statement at 12:15 p.m. eastern time on fox. we are following a lot of other stories. 25-year-old not seen since mid-june, please are searching an apartment that be connected to that case. and as isis changes the tactics in iraq, we will talk to lieutenant general about what they should do to stop the terrorists.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
ed: let's see what is ahead. harris faulkner is there on the couch all by her loan some. >> always good to see you. we don't have confirmation actually hug the doubt, but the attack on the foreign-policy may
8:46 am
be damaging other democrats and their run. it could be happening in your school. putting thousands of children who entered america illegal inside america's classrooms. and promo back therapy at a tech company under fire for launching a phone by invite only unless you are hot. what could possibly go wrong? probably give the dude some notes. ed: you are hot, the show is hot, we cannot wait to see it. >> the u.s. military saying there is progress in the fight to rescue iraq is trapped on a mountain did under siege by islamic militants, now the pentagon says u.s. airstrikes helped many of them escape. so if it is winding down, what should the military do next to
8:47 am
fight these terrorists? joining us on the phone, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for inviting me. >> so isis at this point holds more land than al qaeda ever did. what do we need to do to stop them? >> the first thing we need to do is determine the military incident occurred. i have tanks, artillery. they just have light weapons. the thing is the criterion side,
8:48 am
the first scout report is usually wrong. even if it is stabilized, you got a million displaced refugees, they put a million refugees on top of that and there is no shelter for them, the food is limited, not enough medical care, that is where the real crisis is. set up facilities. >> across region could expect need to be targeted, could need to be has the president made the right move so far? is there anything you would change in terms of what he has done? >> i would never make a statement we're going to put in airstrikes limited and that
8:49 am
there will be no boots on the ground. i agree there should not be any boots on the ground, but the president should say leave it there. let the enemy guess what we are going to do and what we are not going to do. that was amateurish. the second thing is we have lost a strategic loss because it controls electricity of the water that goes south. and we have had the humanitarian crisis. given the courage, the weapons they ask, we put in era error support earlier. they just could not stand up to the weaponry. >> now, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate your insight. ed: to developments in the mysterious disappearance of an
8:50 am
indian woman where investigators are now searching hoping to find clues. and how did this fan catch not one, but to go home run balls by the same guy? he joins us next are when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. ed: he is either very lucky or very good hands, maybe both. catching not one but two cal of the home run balls this week and it was his first ever time at a houston game. was their divine intervention or what? >> i certainly feel blessed to enjoy a time with my family last couple days.
8:54 am
ed: were you in the same seat for both home runs with mark >> the first home run was to the sign above me and ricocheted down. the second one was pretty much right to me. ed: my understanding is he willing to give him the baseballs but he said you should keep them and the astros invited you to sit behind home plate. >> i think my luck has run out but we did get the opportunity to enjoy the game yesterday and a chance to meet chris carter and have him autograph the baseball. got to be on the field. ed: he has 28 home runs as i recall, but the astros are not necessarily playing that well. why are you driving away from the team right now? they should have you go to every game. maybe wins a more games with you out there. >> we were joking about the fact we were not sitting there again.
8:55 am
they have been really generous to us, we had a blast yesterday be at ed: sounds like a fun night at the ballpark as many families do all around. we wish your family well and get back to the d.c. area and maybe i will bump into you at one. >> that would be great. martha: have you ever caught a home run ball? ed: just a foul ball. a home run ball, you don't realize how hard these guys hit the ball. >> pretty cool you caught a foul ball. still to come, some stories we're working on for the next hour of "happening now." candidates are looking for an edge, no immigration issue is leaving many democrats in a quandary. and listen to this, who gets to
8:56 am
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that's why i recommend using polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. ed ed well, just about 15 minutes away we'll be dipping into live, martha's vineyard, the president talking about iraq. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. bye. >> this is a fox news alert, i'm harris faulkner. want to let yo know -- you know
9:00 am
this is what we're watching for out of the white house. we've just learned from one of the president's advisers that the president will be coming to the podium, to the microphones there on vacation from martha's vineyard where he is in massachusetts over the next week or so. he's going to be making some sort of a statement. now, we have been led to believe that there are a couple of topics he'll probably touch on. the developments, as you know, in iraq where we have already been striking militants from the air, those isis terrorists from the air and trying to help in a humanitarian way the christians and the religious minorities who are trapped on a mountaintop there and give them some relief, try to help them. that's been part of the mission. we've been led to believe today the white house is backing off that mission, the president may give us some detail on that. and also the situation that's breaking in ferguson, missouri, which is just outside of downtown st. louis. it has been erupting to the point where they had a huge show of police


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