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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 15, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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here with andrea for the 8:00 and i'm going to have a swiss burger, a chocolate milkshake, new england clam chowder. >> set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. we'll see you live at 8:00 p.m. >> policemen of new details and policemen of confusion surrounding why police stopped an unarmed 18-year-old african-american boy before he was fatally shot. this is "special report." good evening. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. we begin tonight in the st. louis suburb of ferguson where an attempt to shed light on a tragic tension could inflame tensions even more. authorities first declared and then denied that 18-year-old michael brown was being questioned about a robbery when he was fatally shot by a police officer. correspondent mike tobin is life
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for us tonight from ferguson where we have more questions than answers at this hour. hello again, mike. >> reporter: you can see behind me we have the demonstrators back out on the streets. a change of command with crowd control got ferguson got through night without any violence built things through the day have generated emotion. an announcement from police in ferguson, missouri, six days after the shooting death of michael brown an unarmed black 18-year-old. >> the officer that was involved in the shooting of michael brown was darren wilson. >> reporter: ferguson police released the name of darren wilson calling him a quiet gentle man. no photo was provided. brown was unarmed when officer wilson shot him spurring community outrage. initially the chief said wilson stopped brown following the skrachgs robbery suspect. later he gave a different reason for the deadly confrontation.
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>> because they were walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic. >> reporter: he released video of the alleged robbery. brown entered a market where he stole close to $50 incy garcias and shoved the store clerk in the neck. it left many angry. >> lie, lie, and you'll cover up and you'll cover up. >> it's going to raise a whole lot of tension because of the issues you're bringing up of robbery. the tensions will be real high. >> reporter: brown's family and representatives react. >> this is the universal call for surrender. i can hear my cousin's voice now saying don't shoot. >> reporter: violence and looting erupted almost immediately. police in riot gear made many arrests and forced those in the treats to leave or go to jail. thursday night crowds still on the streets but no violence. >> victory will be had and justice will to be done.
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>> reporter: missouri state police have taken over security in ferguson. captain ron johnson walked among the protesters. his presence greeted with cheerser and hugs. >> yesterday we saw what it should be, what could it be, and we saw what it will be. >> reporter: family representatives don't dispute that that is mike brown in the video. they claimed the family never said he was a perfect kid. what's information is information about what turned that stop with mike brown into a fight with officer wilson and what justified the use of deadly force. shannon? >> mike, thank you very much. breaking news tonight from iraq. there are reports that isis terrorists have massacred dozens of yazidis in a village in the country's north just miles from mount sinjar. >> reporter: held jobs shannon. multiple sources confirm to fox news that a terrible tragedy has occurred today in the village of
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kujo ten miles south of mount sinjar. the residents didn't agree to isis demands to convert toys lam and so at least 80 men were killed, dozens of women and children were kidnapped and just minutes ago it's reported that unmanned drones are over that village and hit isis locations in response to those reports. all this comes one day after president obama has said the siege of yazidis on mount sinjar itself was over. the flood of refugees leaving that mountain and area continues. 25,000 have come in the last three days. >> rising numbers of displaced people coming from sinjar mountains have been crossing behind me for the last 48 hours. >> reporter: the search is on for food, shelter. with hundreds of thousands of
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refugees fleeing the isis militants these desperate people are looking for any place to stay including a half finished office building. young people, old people, entire families living rough, under a roof. those shell terrified at this location are christian refugees. the catholic church is running 25 refugee centers. while they can provide three meals a day they can't supply hope says the erbil archbishop. >> most would like to go back and prepare their papers and leave the country. >> no hope? >> no way. >> reporter: still some in iraq have guarded hope that the divisive nouri maliki has announced he'll give up power and allow the prime minister designate to take over. he promised his new government would have integrity in dealing with the problems iraq faces. >> i hope the new government
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with the change, the conditions, but it is very difficult. >> reporter: some are expressing reservations about the united states role in helping deal with those problems. one iraqi branded obama as hesitant. there's a legacy to maintain says the archbishop. >> we have to remember the lives of thousands of americans who sacrificed themselves. you cannot just neglect everything and say no, we've ended everything. it's not ended. >> reporter: with new reports of clashes between isis and iraqi forces 70 miles north of baghdad the fight looks far from over. uk and france will help arm the kurdish fighters. with isis bearing down the u.s. has already indicated it will. shannon. >> thank you so much. what could be a dramatic escalation of tensionsing tonight between russia and ukraine involving two groups of russian vehicles in or near ukrainian territory.
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amy kellogg has the latest on the situation from thrown. >> reporter: ukraine says several russian armored vehicles crossed into its territory last night and soldiers took out most of them with artillery. russia denied its forces entered ukraine and instead blamed kiev for blocking the humanitarian convoy. as those 260 plus russian aid trucks sat near the borer, ukraine president talked to david cameron about the russian vehicles on its territory. nato confirmed there was an incursion. this latest tension comes as ukrainian officials have finally begun to inspect the aid convoy on the heels of a sort of tentative agreement between russia and ukraine on moving the supplies over the border. according to the international committee of the red cross or icrc. >> the trucks will be checked by the custom officials of ukraine on russian territory and then
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allowed inside ukraine with people accompanying the envoy and then unload somewhere and go back to russia empty. >> reporter: but there are still details to be worked out. so far inspectors have found only humanitarian supplies in the russian trucks. russian president vladimir putin met finnish president in sochi today. the finnish president says he hopes any deal on russian aid will lead to positive momentum and cease-fire and despite no signs of deescalation, there was a signal of a different way forward. >> translator: as for the principles of our foreign policy, after all it must be peace loving. >> reporter: shannon, the pentagon officialing tonight says that it would have been very difficult for the ukrainian army to have taken out most of
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those russian vehicles with artillery so casting doubts on ukrainian claims tonight. and finally, secretary of defense, chuck hagel spoke with his russian counterpart tonight. and he claimed there was no russian military personnel involved in the aid convoy. shannon. >> amy kellogg live in london. thank you. the dow took a tumble today as news broke ukraine destroyed some russian vehicles inside its territory. stocks were covered as the day went on and the dow closed down just 51. the s&p lost a fraction and nasdaq was up 12. coming up a little bit later in the show the country's mayors challenge president obama's optimism about the economy. a bigamistry about the president and a trip in the middle of his vacation. fox 23 in albany, new york with the safe return of two amish sisters abducted wednesday night
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near the canadian border. the girls turned up last night. police are not releasing many details. fox 4 in kansas city where a single mom whose van was stolen texted a phone that was left inside the vehicle asking the thief to return it. and from williamsport, pennsylvania, the first team in the little league, the dragons led by their star pitcher shut out a team from nashville this afternoon. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. i mean bayer back & body. it works great for pain. bayer back & body provides effective relief for your tough pain. better? yeah...thanks for the tip!
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this past week has redefined the concept of working vacation for president obama. he dealt with a flury of crisis
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foreign and domestic from his getaway at martha's vineyard. this weekend he's headed back to washington and no one is saying why. here's wendell goler on martha's vineyard. >> reporter: midway through his martha's vineyard vacation the president prepared for a brief return to washington for what his aides will describe as meetings with the vice president and other advisors. speculation first centered over the impasse over immigration reform. mr. obama asked his advisers what he can do by executive order. >> we're not anticipating a major announcement on immigration. >> reporter: or next week. still with house speaker john boehner suing the president over past executive orders, republicans were nervous the president would take advantage of their absence. not yet schultz suggested. >> i would tell you we don't anticipate any significant news developments out of washington, those few days. >> reporter: his aides deflected criticism of mr. obama's time
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off by saying the president is never really on vacation. he brought his national security adviser with him. his deputy is here. he briefed reporters. considering the cost and coordination involved why the return to the white house? maybe vacation is wearing him out. >> i want to provide an update on recent developments in iraq. >> reporter: this was the week refugee evacuation plan was called over after a u.s. military team that said most of the refugees made their own way off mount sinjar. nouri maliki dug in as iraq's prime minister and then agreed to step down. days of violent protests over the shooting death of a black teenager in ferguson, missouri prompt ad presidential response. >> we're united in common values and that includes belief in the quality under the law, basic respect for public order, and the right to peaceful public protest. >> reporter: hillary clinton showed up here for a book signing and reportedly made up
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with mr. obama for suggesting his low pressure philosophy amounted to don't do stupid stuff. one aide told me privately the president's return to washington is not the great mystery you guys think it is. he said mr. obama feels two weeks is too long for him to go without face to face meetings without his advisors. >> we'll see what the panel has to say about that, thank you very much. german news media reported that the country's security service intercept ad phone call involving then secretary of state hillary clinton by accident. relations between germany and the u.s. have been strained since revelations american spy agencies bugged a phone belonging to chancellor angela merkel. neither berlin nor washington has made a public statement about today's news. one of the people who could be in line to replace president obama was in florida today to campaign for that state's republican governor. tonight chief political
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correspondent carl cameron on the prospects and potential problems for a politician with a very familiar name. >> reporter: republican former florida governor jeb bush who is eyeing a 2016 presidential run hit the 2014 campaign trail endorsing the current governor for re-election. >> i miss getting out on the campaign trail a little bit and governor scott has given me a chance to share half a day with him. he's done a spectacular job as governor. >> reporter: a new poll shows bush tied at 13% with chris christie for the gop nomination. ted cruz is in double digits. paul ryan and florida senator marco rubio are close at 9%. in recent months speculations has grown bush won't run for president in part because he supports legalizing undocumented immigrants and controversial educational standards known as
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common core. both turn off conservatives. fox news asked him about it today. >> do you think immigration and common core could keep you out of the race. >> no. >> reporter: since he was governor of florida bush has been consent straight on a private-sector career aspects which may raise eyebrows. he opposes obamacare but he's part of a board that is backing obamacare and urged people to sign up. mr. bush made millions on various investments prompting democrats to compare him to memorabilia who was demonized as a freedy out of touch rich guy for his successes. back then romney distanced himself from his own signature health care reforms in massachusetts. didn't stop fellow republicans to compare it to obamacare and that handed democrats lethal attacks on romney. so far bush has stood by his support for immigration reform
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and common core. others thing if he survives the primaries he could win in the 2016 general election. >> we're glad you're on it. thanks carl. still ahead president obama says the economy is improving. we'll see what the country's mayors have to say. first a new hampshire democrat who wants nothing to do with obamacare. we'll get the reasons.
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news tonight about another obama administration e-mail issue. house committee leaders are pressing medicare and medicaid services administrator marilyn tavenner why she drebtd a
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subordinate to delete an e-mail. the e-mail was cents five days after the launch of the ill fated obamacare website. a spokesman said the request was forwarded to a press staffer solely for her awareness. the spokesman said she copied immediate staff to retain the e-mail and it was preserved. tonight a democrat who has plenty of bad things to say about obamacare. bret baier introduces us to a new hampshire woman who is quite sure she can take care of herself and other people should try to do the same. >> we keep hearing about the moral obligation to provide people with health insurance. >> reporter: susan supplies a small business owner in new hampshire. she works in insurance claims adjustment. >> i've yet hear anybody in the national media or anyone on the political arena discuss the moral obligation you have to your self, to your spouse, to your family members and to society at large to basically take care of yourself. >> reporter: from 2008 to 2010
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she served in the new hampshire house as a democratic representative. but this is one democrat who wants nothing to do with obamacare. >> we will opt-out. we're being asked to pay for things we simply don't need. >> what do you say to the people who are concerned or unhappy for paying things in the obamacare exchanges that are of no use to them. >> you can take that to an extreme. you can say i'll never get cancer i don't want to have coverage. >> reporter: ron pollack is director of family's usa as well as a man who is helping to sell the affordable care act. >> one of the hall marks of our insurance system prior to the affordable care act is we had insurance that didn't insure. you had lots of holes in coverage. the infomercial care act does mandate certain kinds of coverages. >> reporter: certain kinds of coverage that susan price says she doesn't need or want. >> i'm married to someone of the
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same sex. but yet i'm being made now to purchase birth control coverage and pregnancy coverage. i'm 50, my partner is 57. i'm quite sure we don't need birth control. >> reporter: then there are other items she can't remove from the obamacare shopping cart. >> we are very active people. i don't foresee having any mental health issues. i have no substance abuse problems nor does my spouse. nor does anyone in our family. but yet we are being literally forced to purchase or pay a penalty if we don't purchase this product. >> reporter: for now, even with the penalty, price says it's worth it to keep her original plan. >> we're paying currently about $450 a month under the aca where we would be asked to pay nearly $1,000. >> reporter: what does price have to say about all those people she would help subsidize.
3:26 pm
>> these people have chronic problems. they smoked for years. they are overweight. perhaps they do have some substance abuse problems. what is obligation to society to support someone who has made choices that will cost the rest of society more expense? i do think that people should have access to it, but if you want access to health care because of certain conditions, you need to pay for that. >> that was bret baier reporting. the ebola outbreak that's killed more than 1,000 women in west africa could last another six months. doctors without borders made that prediction today. an aide worker acknowledged the true death toll could be higher. robbing from the rich to give to for. it worked for robin hood but for the federal government not so much. the border fence is finally going up and you are paying for it but it's not the one you think. [ woman ] i've always tried to see things from the best angle i could.
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. you've heard that the road to hell is paved with good intention. we got a highway for you tonight. the new markets credit program was created in 2000. the congressional research service says the government uses such a broad definition of poor communities that even beverly hills and the hamptons can qualify. naturally some people have a
3:31 pm
problem with that including oklahoma senator tom coburn who published some of the more egregious projects. more went to hotels. a wellness center in california spent $65,000 on this sculpture. it was designed to help underserved populations and now may have to close because of budget short falls. coburn summed up his frustration when government picks winners and losers the losers usually end up being taxpayers. typos can be problematic and embarrassing and lead to intelligence violations. the justice department inspector general said the fbi spied on the wrong people a lot because of people not minding their ps and qs. potential intelligence violations resulting from tippos
3:32 pm
and caused them to receive information of someone other than the intended target. finally the federal government has decided to help build the long awaited border fence. in ukraine. more than $400,000 has been allocated for razor wire to defend the newly imposed borders between ukraine's mainland and the crimean peninsula. so one congressman tweeted so obama can give money to build the ukrainian border fence but can't find the money to do that here. you are better off now than when obama took office according to president obama. but that's being called into question. james rosen looks at both sets of numbers tonight. >> reporter: initial claims for state unemployment benefits rose last week the labor department reported to 311,000. 16,000 higher than projected. even the four week average of
3:33 pm
such claims are more reliable indicator saw an increase up to 295,000. claims at that level economists say a sign the labor market strengthening. >> you know what? it did work. the economy is better. >> reporter: indeed still another report showed hiring in june reached its highest level in six and a half years and the federal reserve said industrial production rose last month with manufacturing output posting its largest increase in five months all of which has the federal reserve considering raising interest rates and easing its reliance on quantitative easing. >> if the committee continues to see improvement in the labor market, and continues to forecast ongoing progress in the labor market over time, and inflation moving back towards 2%, it is our intention to wind down our asset purchases to conclude them after the october meeting. >> reporter: but what kind of
3:34 pm
recovery is this exactly? a report by the u.s. conference of mayors finds we have regained all the jobs lost in the great recession but the annual wage in sectors where jobs were lost was about $61,000 while the annual wage in the jobs gained back is only about $47,000 a net loss of $93 billion representing a wage gap of 23% roughly double that seen in the recovery of 2002. >> is a lot of the growth has occurred in retail, food service, hospitality. these are sectors that typically pay lower wages. >> reporter: the conference of mayors report find income inequality is growing more rapidly than ever despite president obama's focus on that metric. >> there's no particular policies in this administration that drove that change that we can identify. it tells you about the structure of the economy as it evolved over time, much longer time than barack obama has been president.
3:35 pm
>> reporter: not everything the white house didding worked. a study by three professors at texas a&m university find the celebrated cash for clunkers program cost the automobile industry and with that the u.s. treasury several billion dollars in lost revenue. shannon. >> thank you. a utah woman who drank sweet tea laced with a highly toxic cleaning solution remains in critical condition. 67-year-old jane hardy has deep ulcerated burns in her esophagus. she drank the tea at a dickey's barbecue restaurant. president obama is interrupting his vacation on martha's vineyard to return to washington on sunday. no one is saying why. we'll get thoughts from the panel when we come back. and for a limited time save six dollars at
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the president is the president wherever he goes. he travels with wide array equipment of communications products. the president will return to washington on sunday for meetings at the white house. i don't have too much more detail about that. we'll have more as the time comes. i'll say the president will be meeting with vice president biden while he's back in washington. >> all right. let's bring in our panel to talk about this return trip. steve hayes. charles krauthammer. not on vacation here with us tonight on "special report." we appreciate that very much. ninjanyon nina, we'll start with you. what is it? >> i don't usually engaging this august ritual of attacking the president forgoing on vacation. it's too much. >> whoever that president might
3:40 pm
be. >> whoever it is. fdr went on a cruise as europe was exploding and came back with land lease which saved our allies from falling into the hands of the nazis. i think there's something to be said for taking a time out, a breather. that said, we are now in the most dangerous period since 9/11 and i don't think it's good for this president, not just about optics, i don't think it's good for this president to be on vacation. we're in a dangerous period because specifically of his lead from behind, stepping back from the leadership position of america. we got putin's aggression, we got isis about to create a caliphate state that's going to terrorize the united states and the west. these are dangerous times. i don't think it's about optics or just august ritual game playing of picking on the president. i think there are some real issues here that he needs to be more hands on.
3:41 pm
>> as eric schultz point the out the president can do all of that wherever he is. charles, why is he coming back here? >> well, i mean there's a lot of speculation. it could be ready to make a secret trip that are too dangerous to announce. he could show up in afghanistan or somewhere. one speculation we talked about is maybe a supreme court appointment. who knows. look, i think the problem not he's on vacation. the problem is what if he were not on vacation. he can have all the communication equipment in the world he needs but what is he communicating. his own secretary of defense says the world is exploding and he's passive. it's not just what's happening in ukraine, what's happening in iraq. he declares victory with the yazidis two days ago. we hear about this horrific massacre today. as we speak, sort of the last
3:42 pm
redoubt of the secular pro western syrian rebels in aleppo are being surrounded, being attacked on one side by isis, being attacked by the government which is about to complete the siege after which, you know, one of the fighters for the free syrian army says the revolution is over. and now he's talking about a huge aid package for the syrian rebels, training them now. well that's kind of late. the war is almost over there. i think the passivity is the issue not that he's passive on the vineyard, he's passive in washington. >> steve, what do you make of it. i heard dana millbank say he's concerned about the optics. it's one thing if you go for a getaway but if we have photos of you golfing and laughing we have domestic issues what's going on in ferguson which the president addressed there are optics. >> with all due respect to dana,
3:43 pm
the issue isn't giving his critics ammunition. if you're worried about domestic politics and how the president might be criticized that's not the point. the point is as charles suggests the substantive problems. i agree with what nina says. always reluctant to criticize the president for taking time off. sometimes taking that time off it gives you a perspective. if you read a book or have time to think about it outside of the washington bubble. and i particularly loathe to criticize him if he's golfing or biking which are 2005 my favorite activities. having said all that, there are things that require his full attention right now. you have vladimir putin threatening to invade russia, this urgent situation not just with the yazidis but with isis on the march more broadly. you got these protests now in pakistan which are potentially hugely problematic. you got problems in afghanistan. you can almost literally go
3:44 pm
to 40 countries and needs the president's attention in between drives and i think that's the real problem here. >> what about tissue of fundraisers? does that factor in? it's part of what the head of the party does. but he's done that this week as well. >> i think that's part of the optics problem too. not that he's just on the golf course or riding a bike he's at these fundraisers. 70 so far this year. that contributes to it. it will be interesting to see what he actually does when he comes back because i suspect they are looking for an opportunity to take a victory lap given everything you've pointed out, and my suspicion is if they consider maliki's stepping down in iraq a very big win for them, that's been really key to their policy in iraq, i suspect there will be something to do possibly meeting the new prime minister, going, there something that enables him to say he's actually on top of his game on foreign policy. >> charles, does he have things
3:45 pm
to celebrate at this point? >> i think the standing down of maliki is not something you should celebrate. the reason maliki is around is because maliki who came in second in the last election in 2010 maneuvered his way into the prime ministership when we had said we were going to work on a different coalition that would have shut him out. instead obama, it was his one task and he sent biden to do it, i'm not surprised failed utterly. the fact is that the reason maliki is gone not because of what obama did it's what the ayatollah in iran did. lastly, that's not the end of the story, that's the beginning of the story. obama said when maliki is gone we'll help iraq. now he has to do something and let's see other than victory lap if he does anything. i don't think there's any indication he's ready to. >> along with these meetings the white house schedule says he'll be here sunday, monday and
3:46 pm
tuesday and return to martha's vineyard on tuesday. speculation is it would be something about immigration. anybody still think it might have executive action with immigration? >> i had absolutely no idea why he's coming back. i can't even speculate. i have no information whatsoever. could be immigration, could be supreme court, the other ings. i certainly have no information zmi >> it could be he's shanking a lot of drives. >> maybe there's a putting green. >> the bowling alley is still at the white house. >> we'll know soon enough. thanks panel. next up the friday lightning round. factors like diet can negatively impact good bacteria? even if you're healthy and active. phillips digestive health support is a duo-probiotic
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one of the hall marks of our insurance system prior to the affordable care act was we had insurance that didn't insure. you had lots of holes in coverage. the affordable care act does mandate certain kinds of coverages. >> i'm married to someone of the same coverage i'm being made to purchase pregnancy coverage. i'm 50. my partner is 57. i don't think we need those type of coverages. i'm quite sure we don't need birth control. we're back with our panel. we're just giggling i might add. obamacare is back in the news. a special that raise a lot of the questions that are still out there. a lot of objections that are still out there. we also have steve this week another email mystery. >> right. i mean, any time you see an email from a senior government official involved in something that is imploding like obamacare was at the time that the the email, then has to raise questions. it appears that the email
3:51 pm
was not ultimately permanently deleted because we have seen it now. you have onto ask the question why was marilyn tavenner so eager not to have this information shared more broadly. reminiscent certainly of the irs and lois lerner and her instructions to her colleagues not to share emails and not to send things sensitive information on email. >> i was remiss not to let folks know right away that was what won lightning round. >> i don't think this email thing has legs. the email is there i think what does have legs are these issues, the one size fits all that comes out of obamacare, the unintended consequences. you have got obama crisscrossing the country, previous to his vacation calling for a raising the minimum wage at the same time that a report comes out that shows that the so-called cadillac tax which will tax companies that have too generous of insurance plans that that will actually cost workers about $100 a year because companies are making them pick up more of their healthcare tab tab.
3:52 pm
those are those bottom line issues that i think is what comes back to haunt obamacare. >> charles? >> i pay for lactation services that i don't think i really need. >> i'm going to go on record saying you probably don't. >> let's play a little bit of sound from our second topic tonight which is what is going none ferguson. this is the highway patrol captain ron johnson put in charge of overseeing operations of what's going on there here is is a bit of what he had to say earlier today. >> i agree that this is not a black and white issue because we all have sons and daughters we do need to communicate better and we're going to do that. >> he has gotten a lot of praise for how he has handle the situation since he has taken over in just the last 24 to 4 will hours. today the police taking a lot of criticism for releasing video that appears to show it's alleged to be him taking part in shoplifting or theft at a store and his family outraged by that charles. >> the family lawyer --
3:53 pm
spokesman said that is the young man in the video and he appears to be engaged in a robbery. wasn't armed. he was strong arming. and the family saying this is character assassination. i beg to differ. people are wondering what actually happened? how did the cop and the kid encounter each other? it was not a random encourt. it was apparently answering a call about a robbery because the encounter happened 15 minutes later. information if we are going to get to the bottom of what happened, the context and history of this is extremely important. conflicting statements from the police chief that this was related to the robbery. it wasn't related to the robbery. they had some kind of dust up that was separate from that. nina, clearly this is far from settled. >> they created more confusion today responding to this robbery. was this police officer just dealing with this guy that
3:54 pm
was blocking traffic. it's unclear what his motivation was. i thought we saw more bungling by the local police today in terms of how to handle this. i think duane johnson does deserve praise. he has come in as a breath of fresh air. the local law enforcement has not done a good job of communicating how they have treated not the rioters but the peaceful protesters. >> the attorney general eric holder reached out to the family, confirmed, you know, he and the president there is a parallel federal investigation that will go on as well, steve. >> i don't think that will be reassuring to many people. it certainly isn't reassuring to me. i agree captain ron johnson has been a calming presence. he has been helpful. the local police have got to get their stories together. we need to have full transparency not partial transparency. you can use the information in a way that's. it's relevant it, may be highly relevant. so you had to put it out. you can't allow people to infer from that that this was the cause. there is just to many conflicting stories.
3:55 pm
>> okay, now very briskly, to get through all of your winners and loser, steve? >> can i very brisk the windsor the alaska republican party joe miller candidate for senate there yesterday said he would back whoever the eventual nominee is. there is some question as to whether he would. he will. i think that helps them in november. the loser are the -- president obama took a victory lap yesterday and we learned about another slaughter today. >> winner is little car kia because that was the choice of the pope he's started his. launched his tour of korea. they got a big publicity boost out of that loser is former virginia governor robert mcdonnell. he and his wife, of course, are under corruption charges. it's been quite a soap opera, they tried for aconvict today and turned down. >> >> happy stuff. only a winner vernon jordan reappears in public view as the uber democratic insider
3:56 pm
hosting the hug-a-thon between the great two "duck dins obama and clinton. >> stay tuned. sometimes if things get too heavy sometimes it just takes cranking up your favorite song to turn things around. that's next.
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finally tonight, friday is a day a lot of you would like to kick off your shoes and crank up the tunes and sometimes when you are feeling frustrated that is the perfect solution. [crying] [rap music] >> it's too cute. please join me on "fox news sunday." i will be filling in for chris wallace.
4:00 pm
my exclusive guest will be rick perry who was just indicted moments ago for his abuse of power for his use of the vito. good night from washington. "on the record" is next. the "on the record" special christians under attack starts in just minutes. but, first, breaking news. police in ferguson, missouri, releasing the new surveillance video they say it shows michael brown in a strong arm robbery at a convenience store just minutes before he was shot to death by police. at the same time police also releasing the name of the officer who fatally shot brown who was unarmed and tonight there is growing controversy over whether there is any connection whatsoever between the videotaped robbery and the shooting. fox news correspondent mike tobin live in ferguson with the very latest. mike? >> [horns blowing. >> the attention now comes back to the demonstrations here. really ground zero. the land in front of the ground in front of the quick trip store where you see the demonstrators gathering.


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