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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  August 16, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> ferguson, missouri on edge tonight after another night of the looting and arrest. the governor signing a state of emergency and implementing a curfew. governor nixon said if there is justice there must be peace first. >> again, this is not to silence the people of ferguson or this region or others but contain those who are drowning out the voice of the people with their
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action. we'll not allow the handful of loolters to danger the community. >> that curfew goes in affect and mike to bin is in ferguson now. mike what is the mood now? >> reporter: you can hear people playing drums. ground 0 for all of the demonstration. you have got the people out here doing their thing and their numbers are increased more and more as the process went on. and captain ron johnson is going to have a challenge with the multijurisdictional force. he has to enforce the curfew and wants to do it without the repeat of the scene we have seen it ever like we saw it last night. that heavy handed use of the police force polarized the
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community and critized for not stopping the looter. >> it is two hours straight. wait a minute. store owners. >> hey, don't talk over. >> store owners have their own firearms. >> what we have police guarding our homes and businesses? >> what we are doing now is not who we are. captain johnson explains why they came out with force. several officers were trapped in a parking lot. and then they came in and got them out and lotting then took place. some people are making it clear they are going to violate the
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deadline. he is hoping that people will respect the deadline. >> here's what i find interesting. the owner of the meat store complained how there is not enough police presence there and now they have a surfew and now going to protect the business owners from being looted and now the state of the emergency. do they have sufficient police force to keep the police come curfew time? >> the police are showing up in too large of numbers and using too much force to drive them back and the difficulty for captain johnson multijurisdictional force how to walk that tightrope and show force to get people off of the street and still not arrive and fuelling the criticism that the police are suppress the people and abuse the community. >> the police are trying to
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control the crowds. >> what about the business owners? the looting is going on for days and the residents are furious and frustrated especially the business owners like you spoke with today. are they going to be protecting their own businesses because the police are so busy trying to get these people under control? >> reporter: what we saw with sam's meat market. they showed up with weapons and surrounded the stores and that stopped the looting at that location. not the scene you want repeated on american streets. the police again have to walk the tightrope. they have a right to gettet business and that's the reason that the state of emergency went in to affect and how they will enforce this without polarizing the community is a challenge. >> we'll be watching it here and there. and you are talking to the resident and what are they
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telling you? >> a lot of what we are hearing from the resident, and the the looting and trouble makers. that is a small percentage of the people. most people out here in the demonstration have a point, they want to be heard and they believe that the looters are opportunist and trying to get what they want out of that. they are expressing a point of the injustice and a small percentage of the people are causing the problem. >> we'll check in with you later. the u.s. launching new air strikes against isis and iraq. terrorist sewed the mosul dam last week but can't maintain it properly. if the structure fails, mosul and baghdad are going to be flooded. and massacre in a village near by. hundred yazidis men and kidnapping the women and
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children. the u.s. killed some of the militants involved in the massacre. the victims refused to comply with demands to convert to islam after president obama said the u.s. broken the siege against the yazidis and other religious minorities in the area. greg, what are you hearing on the the operation regarding the mosul dam? >> reporter: julie, it is a escalation and significant development. fox news can confirm there are f- 16 and 18 fighter jets in the strikes against the militants around the dam and unmaned drones. there are nine strikes, most for one day yet in this campaign and destroyed or damaged 14 militant vehicles and many of them u.s. stock like humvos and sources tell us that it is all air cover
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for a joint kurdish and iraqi force to take back the dam and the operation is underway. sources say all of this is to keep isis from letting that dam go. that would be devastating. and that, too could kill literally tens of thousands of people in the region. >> basically sending a wall 60 feet high of water and the biggest humanitarian disaster this area could so. you spent the day with yazidis refugee and what is their reaction to the yesterday massacre? >> shocked, but not surprised. some of the yazidis refugees that we met with in the shelter come from the area where that killing occurred. all of them or many of them have firsthand knowledge of the brutality of the militants. 29 members of an extended family were kidnapped by the militants and isis gave resident the
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ultimatium convert and die and many refused and the killing started. men taken off in groups and shot at close range and women and children taken away in prisones run by the islamic state. and surveillance platforms are watching the massacre and then they fired in the militants involved, but they fired after the fact. and shock and anger from the yazidis we were talking to. one young man said he wanted to go and fight the militants because of what they are doing to the men and the women and children. horrible, back to you. >> just horrific, greg, thank you so much. >> president obama said america will help fight off the isis terrorist and provide
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humanitarian aid. but the president maintains that there will be no american boots on the ground. he said it is ultmately up to iraq to solve its problems. wendall goular live in martha's vineyard. that shed sun light on priorities. >> reporter: the mosul dam is a critical piece of infrastructure and the failure would threaten the baghdad and u.s. embassy and that fits in with the president's condition with using force. the president suggested that missions like that will be led by kurdish and iraqi forces. >> we will continue air strikes to protect our people and facilities and iraq and
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increased military assistance to iraqi and kurdish forces fighting isiowa l on the front lines and we are urging iraqis to come together to turn the tide against isil and seizing the opportunity of forming a new government under the leadership of prime minister al- badi. >> the out going maliki government, the president said drove sunnis to join isis. >> how are critics talking. >> they want to go after isis in iraq and syria. they say he doesn't understand the threat this group poses to this country. they would like the same force as against al-qaeda. former u.s. ambassador bolton was on the record. >> we need a presidential
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decision to destroy isis. we can't let it hold territory tis only a short matter of time before isis capture yazidis and christians not only in iraq but the united states. >> the president said it is iraq's fight and no sign that the u.s. will come to the rescue, julie? >> thank you very much. >> and we want to hear from you at home. the battle against isis. and does this have an earmarks of mission creep back in iraq? tweet me the answers@juliebandaras. >> coming up now, rick perry vowing to fight the farce. of power. one top democrat said the thing is sketchy.
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>> texas governor rick perry respondingyis(7 publicly after indicted by a grand jury for alleging abuse his veto power against a district attorney. >> i veto funding for an office whose leadership lost the public's confidence by acting inappropriately and unethically. i wholeheartedly and unequivicably stand behind my veto and i will continue to defend this lawful action of my executive authority as governor. we don't settle political differences with indictments in this country. it is outrageous that some would use partisan theatrics to rip
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away at the fabric of our state's constitution. this indictment amounts to nothing more than abuse of power and i can't and i will not allow that to happen. i intend to fight against those who would erode our state's constitution and laws purely for political purposes and i intend to win. >> governor perry was accused of breaking the law when he promised to veto for a public unit. >> dpof goff perry demanded the district attorney to resign. the stakes are high. he faces jail time if convicted and not the impact on a white house run in 2016.
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tell us more about the origins of the complex case? >> this started on april 12, 2013. travis county da rosemary linburg was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. linburg is the top prosecutor in austin and investigates other politicians for corruption. police footage captured lemberg growing surly with officers and tied down to her chair, conduct on which governor perry sought to refocus. >> stopped for dwi with a blood alcohol level almost three times the legal limit. and an individual when booked in had to be restrained and was
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abusive to law enforcement, was kicking the door. i think americans and texans who have seen this agree with me, that that is not an individual who is heading up an office that we can afford to fund. >> this is the first time in a century that a sitting texas governor was indicted. two felony charges carry a maximum punishment texas style of 109 years in prison. julie. >> there seems to be a divide amongst the democrats as to the seriousness of the charges and what should happen next. >> we put aside how rivals in the republican party. senator rand paul whom perry exchanged tough words and the texas democratic party uplifted
4:19 pm
a photo and demand perry's resignation after fund-raising solititations. and the democratic national committee said for a guy who prides himself being mr. law and order he has little respect for rule of law. this is not a witch hunt. a special prosecutor was tapped by a republican judge to look in allegations that perry abused his power and presented his case to a nonpartisan grand jor. but from david a xelrod, widely credited to the obama elevation to the white house. this indictment so manies pretty sketchy. >> and others given the fact we
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have. other than the motivated indictment. >> and few people can so this in any other way. perry is scheduled to leave office after 14 years in governor. lehmberg is serving second term as travis county da. >> catch the must watch interview. disturbing new details of a couple who were accused of abducting two a mish sisters and the golden dome tarnished. fighting irish is losing players weeks on the start of the football season. and more on the scandal rocking notre dame.
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authorities in upstate new york have uncovered disturbing new information about a couple accused of kidnapping two young amish sisters. the suspects intended to sexually harm or abuse young children. the sisters vanishedesday and fe next day several mileses from their home. >> the fact the girls were strong and verbalize to the investigators different facts about the time in captivity and with those details, instrumental in us making the arrest. >> the suspect's lived in the area near the farming community near the canadian border. both charged with first-degree kidnapping and both held without
4:25 pm
bail. brian kelly expressing shock over the news of foul playoff of the field. the u.s. is investigateingly possible misconduct. there is evidence that the work was done by others. the fighting irish faced accusations of academic misconduct. dom nick has the latest. >> reporter: you might not know the napes of the four players yet. we'll show you photos of the first two, the most important players this coming season and we'll show you russell. he's the best quarterback that they have got. daniels is a leading returner. and the other two is defensive
4:26 pm
linemen and great hopes of the defensive line. moore is a back up linebacker and they hoped they would come through this season. and two weeks away and they are not part of the line up. and brian kelly, the coach said the acquisitions are serious. >> it is a privilege to play in notre dame and not a right. we hold our players to a high standards and we don't look the other way. we find impropriorities, we'll address them and deal with them. >> the accusations are that they handed in papers and home work in the end of the summer session whereby there was evidence that somebody else had written those for them. and we don't know how long the investigation will take but for a row, misconduct tarnishing the football team again.
4:27 pm
fans of the team say reputation for the university must come first. >> i would rather not win football games and have a honest team. >> it is one of the few schools who look in the accusations. you should be allowed to do what you want. >> they keep that status. so far no suspensions. we should have more guidance on the university about what would happen. back to you. >> an update on the utah woman who nearly died after drinking ice the tea laced with a drinking solution. their patient is improving and now getting out of bed and remains in critical condition tonight. she had deep burns in her upper
4:28 pm
esph ogus. >> when the breathing tube came out we all smiled and then we cried. and then it was just, okay, this is an important step. >> harding's near fatal accident happen in a dickie's bar-b-que. her iced tea had lye mistakenly mixed in a bag of sugar. >> brand new developments in ferguson, missouri. officials and community leaders trying to prevent scenes from last night from happening again a state of emergency and a curfew. and a federal judge weighing in on the thousands of e-mails from lois lerner and what the court is now demanding. wait, are you running full adobe photoshop on a tablet?
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i am julie band bavenltd this is the fox report and the b. hour and governor of missouri declaring a state of emergency in ferguson, today. a mandatory curnow from midnight to 5:00 a.m. central time. this comes after looting and arrest. agents are going door-to-door in the neighborhood and talking to people who might have witnessed the shooting or have information. the u.s. launched a few air
4:33 pm
strike against isis. the pentagon trying to drive isis terrorist away from it fearing they could bust the dam. >> and secretary of state john kerry and hillary clinton. the conversations were accidentally over heard by germany's foreign intelligence agency as said to have tapped in a satellite phone call and kerry made last year in which he discussed matters of the mideast. and the agency recorded a conversation between clinton and former secretary general. they don't give a source but noticed they were ordered to be destroyed immediately. >> and turning now to the irs and the targeting of conservative groups. a federal judge is prodding the agency on efforts it made on
4:34 pm
e-mails on lois lerner. according to the irs, many of her communications were lost forever in a hard drive crash. elizabeth his more from washington, elizabeth. >> reporter: a federal judge from the u.s. district court in washington pressed the internal revenue service for additional details about lois lerner's missing e-mails. judge sullivan said they had to provide proof of the computer troubles and how they tried to retrieve lost items including tablets and smart phones and explain the inventory of hard drives and how they are serviced and destroyed. they launched a freedom of action. >> you don't want a federal
4:35 pm
judge suspicious of you. i am on judicial watch and we filed hunds of freedom of information cases. >> lerner is the central figure of intchlt shortly before the judge's orders. the irs submitted declaration and stating that technology experts did everything they could to get the information from her hard drive. they have until august 22nd to comply under oath. julie, back to you. >> a convoy of russian trucks remain parked near the border of eastern ukraine. they are containing aid for the rebel forces. and ukrainian officials are concerned that it might hold
4:36 pm
arms and other equipment to assist the rebels in their battle. >> they have made a deal and allow the trucks to enter under the supervision of the red cross only after the custom agents give the green light. >> day three of the ceasefire in gaza. palestinians taking advantage of the calm shopping for food and necessities and israeli negotiators set to go to cairo for talks. palestinians are rejecting israel's latest proposal. here's more from the jerusalem bureau, john? >> israeli negotiators are expected to return to cairo to sos four talks as hamas said the latest proposal is unacceptable. food markets were busy this afternoon though the calm remains uneasy. this man said the situation is
4:37 pm
better in the sos fire because we can go anywhere. more than 262,000 palestinians remain in u.n. shelters after seeking refuge from the fighting. troop talks are scheduled to reseem on sunday. egyptians have a ceasefire agreement that calls for lifting some of the restrictions. today a hamas spokesman said the terms are unacceptable. and another hamas leader said either israel accept the demands or face a war of attrition. it is day three of the cease four and israeli forces remain posted on the border and ready to fight if attacked. israeli prime minister netanyahu said israel will strike back if there is a mortar attack.
4:38 pm
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the mixed martial fights war machine is behind bars accused
4:42 pm
of brutally assaulting a girlfriend. he had been a fugitive since last monday when he broke in his girlfriend's home and her friend and beat her up. he was holed up in a hotel in los angeles. >> they had riot shields and they told me to stay there because they were going in. when they went in i heard banging and openut door, and open the dorit is the police and they couldn't get it open and t they yelled gun and they tazed. >> the exgirlfriend had broken teeth and fractured facial bones and she broke up because he was abusive. the hunt is on for a man who ambushed an armorred truck and making off with a bag of cash
4:43 pm
and caught on tape. florida, the attack caught on video. you can see the suspect shot the brinks guard and run away with the cash. the victim was shot in the leg and out of the hospital. a second guard was unharmed. the fbi launching a bold trigger happy crock. >> texas, a father and his 10-year-old son killed when a small plane crashed in buowie. the plane went down and burst in flames on impact. no word on what cause the the crash. >> missouri, a mother's van is stolen in a quick shopping trip. she was inside 15 minutes and
4:44 pm
she walked out and her vehicle was gone. she remembered she had a second phone in the van and asked the crook to bring it back. >> you stole a single mother of five only vehicle to work and you are ruining my life here. >> the thief replied back and said he was sorry and sent directions so the victim could find the van. she understands how desperation can lead to people making bad decision and all that matters he did the right thing in the end. >> back to texas, the houston zoo welcoming a giraffe. less than two weeks old it comes as giraffe populations are in decloin. >> the numbers in the wild are dwindling. the first one did not survive. >> visitoring can see her and the rest of the herd in the zoo
4:45 pm
exhibit. that's the fox watch across america. >> well, it survived super storm sandy and a devastating fire, but the new jersey beloved cariousle can't ride the wave of economic hardship. current owners don't have any choice but to sale. the news is not sitting well with the visitors and resident. a lot of people take the jersey shore seriously. and they are attached to the corousel. >> there is only 150 vintage cariousle. it is hand made and featuring 58 figures. and the family said they have to
4:46 pm
sell the roadway and it is not making money. 3 million is the asking price. there is high insurance and maintenance costs for replacing an toke parts. instead they are opting for thrilling rides. >> the new attractions that are coming, they will love it and will forget about the carousl. >> it is it a family roadway and comes with the spirit of the injuriesy shore. >> i used to come and my dourt comes and i don't see why they want to sell it? >> they can't sell it whole they will dismantle and just one of the figures catch up to 200,000. >> everybody lovesment carousel. is there anything that people
4:47 pm
can do on the boardwalk to try to help keep it? >> there is a facebook page and on line petition has 5,000 signatures and local resident fear it being dismantled and they want to make sure they sell it whole, but the price needs to be right. >> it is not one once it is broken up. it is a series of horses in someone's living room and lost all of its spirit. >> it would be lovely to keep it together and i urge the community and the state think hard about it. >> there are nine ca rousel that are designated national land marks. but even if it is a land mark tis it privately owned and the owner can do whatever he wants. >> thank you very much. >> it is the end of the ride for a roller coaster at six flags
4:48 pm
magic mountain closes today. it has speeds up to 62 miles per hour. you could not pay me a million bucks. it was the tallest and fastest ride in the world. and now doesn't come close for height and speed. six flags hasn't said why it was closing or what it was replaced w. >> jeb bush back to the campaign trail and helping out florida's governor. bush is not running for president he says. but if he changed his mind what would be the problems if he did enter the race. relief that neutralizes acid on contact... ...and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! try great tasting tums chewy delights. yummy.
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could help your business didavoid hours of delaynd test caused by slow internet from the phone company? that's enough time to record a memo. idea for sales giveaway. return a call. sign a contract. pick a tie. take a break with mr. duck. practice up for the business trip. fly to florida. win an award. close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. go to checkyourspeed if we can't offer faster speeds - or save you money - we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. >> democrats in montana have a nominee for senate.
4:52 pm
choosing a former math teacher amanda curtis. she will face the republican congressman steve deanes. curtis only has weeks to put together a campaign and hold on a seat that democrats have controlled since 1970. she is replacing john walsh who withdrew after accusations he mrajerrized his masterthesis. >> jeb bush is out supporting the reelection of current governor rick scott. bush hasn't decided if he is running for president; what are the issues that could help? >> carl cameron. he hit the campaign trial and endorsed rick scott for reelection and bush dropped
4:53 pm
a hint. >> i miss getting out on the campaign trail and governor scott gave me a chance to share a half day with him. he has done a spectacular job as governor. >> bush tied with chris christie for the gop nominations. ted cruz is the only other candidate in double-digits. paul ryan and markio rubio are nine percent. speculation has grown not for run for president because he supports common core. both turn off leading conservatives. and that could undercut bush in the nom naegz. >> do you think imgraduation and common core could keep you out of the race? >> no. >> since he was governor of florida he has a private sector.
4:54 pm
he is a board member of a group that urged people to sign up for the bottom line. partisan democrats compared him to mitt romney who was portrayed as a greedy out of touch goichlt mitt romney distanced himself from the health care in massachusetts. so far bush stood by his support for immigration reform and common core. others think if he survives, those position could court moderates and actually win in the 2016 general election. >> a curfew just hours away in ferguson, missouri. the governor declared a state of
4:55 pm
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>> before we go we'll check in ferguson, missouri. mike is live in ferguson tonight. mike, are there concerns that the curfew will not be honored by the protestors. >> reporter: this crowd is not discouraged. there is another crowd of marchers coming in and they will stay out to 12:15 to defy the order. antonio french put out a message saying they will come out to the street and encourage people to get off at midnight. after midnight they will not have the support of the community. jowly? >> mike, thank you very much. >> earlier we asked you about the u.s. sending 130 military
4:59 pm
advisors to iraq and if it has the earmarks of mission creep back in iraq. >> this is less than what the military wants to do. and george clark adds, maybe we should see what happens now that maliki is gone. we might have a chaps now. and be okay sending 130 troops is not the answer. send 70,000 troops and get it done quickly. i will be conser sating with you all. i love to hear from you and talk back to you on twitter@julie bandaras. thank you so much for watching and i will be back at the bottom of the hour with an update.
5:00 pm
we are watching closely here, ferguson, missouri, they have a curfew tonight, 12 o'clock central time. will they obey that and will the protestors go home. we'll watch it, huckabee starts right now. >> tonight on huckabee, a week of chaos in ferguson, missouri as police clash with protestors and across the country cops are looking and acting more like soldiers. the militarization of police in america. tragedy on the race track. 20-year-old kevin ward junior struck and hit by stewart. >> it is the culture of car racing and that is a eye f culture. >> the governor responds tonight. >> and iraq's p


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