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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 18, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> has to be. >> it was great 'cause we were all together. three kids living in three states. it's great when you can spend some time with your whole family. >> three stars. they like spending it with their parents. >> brian, good luck at dropoff. >> right. bill: a st. louis suburb a war zone after the governor calls in the national guard. martha: hoping that official who have sent in the national guard will be able to help restore peace and order. but new detail leaked from the
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teenager's autopsy could help fan them more. >> there were multiple reports of molotov cocktails being thrown. police were shot at. makeshift barricade were set up to block police. bottles and rockets were thrown at police. based on these conditions, i had no alternative but to elevate the level of our response. bill: our man on the ground is mike tobin. what are we learning first from the autopsy on behalf of michael baden. >> reporter: this is the independent autopsy requested by
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the family of michael brown. it was performed by michael baden, a well-known forensic pathologist. he determined and told the "new york times" that it shows michael brown was shot six times and a * important point that all of the shots came in from the front. this does away with the reports by so-called witnesses saying michael brown was shot while he was running away. it does not do away with with it inness accounts that say he was shot while his hand were in the air. he didn't find any indication of powder indicating that they were not at close range. however, he says he has not had an stunt to examine michael
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brown's clothing. he's going to speak at this church in a short time. we intend to get more detail when we hear from michael baden. bill: tell us about the national guard coming out. the missouri governor says it's time for the guard to be on the street. why? >> it was thee hours before the curfew was supposed to be in place. the vandalism was taking place, the shots were fired. the decision was made to move in with the heavy equipment and the heavy tactic. most of the deputy straighters disdisperse. about 100 core -- most of the demonstrators did disperse. the tape from governor nixon is there are organized and growing numbers of individuals who are turning these demonstrations
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into violence on nightly basis. so keep in mind now since the time of michael brown's shooting there has been only one night without violence. bill: thank you. back on the ground in ferguson, missouri. >> the second autopsy on the body of michael brown has revealed new information. the autopsy shows where michael brown was shot. all of the shots to the front of his body. michael baden will be on america's newsroom and he will explain exactly what these findings show him and what necessity mean for this investigation. bill: there will be a third autopsy. attorney general eric holder ordered a third autopsy on michael brown's body.
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baden's on deck. we'll talk to him in a matter of moment and the lieutenant governor of missouri is with us, too. what do you think at home. what will it take to bring peace to the streets of ferguson? we thought we had a handle on it last week and it erupted again last night. @bill herman @marthamaccallum. the pictures of that and the bombing of that robbery started to come out and that has led some so much of the violence he we saw. we'll talk about that a couple of hours this morning. this is being called a big victory in iraq. kurdish forces have retaken that strategic dam in mosul. they were backed by fighter jets and airstrikes. good morning now, gregg.
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>> reporter: a top iraqi official telling me that dam is mostly won back from isis militants but there are still pockets of resistance and fighting around the structure. still it has been a remarkable on the ground * achievement. officials admit it could not have been done without airstrikes which fox news reports continued today. there have been 30 in the last few days. if that dam burst it would send a deadly wave of water down through populated areas. is pushed into down by the locals. >> you are looking at the eastern front on the war on isis. all across this country kurdish peshmerga fighters. beyond that, no man's land.
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two miements away, no towns people, just a lot of terrorists. just beyond is the biggest christian town that was raided and mostly emptied by isis terrorists. the kurd have a lot of old weapons and the militants in many cases have state of the art u.s. gear seized from the iraqis. martha: you have been talking to the fighters and officials. do they think they can win ultimately against isis? >> just near that property line we spoke with the deputy prime minister of iraq. are you going to beat these guy? he said we have to beat these guys. they are monsters. them have to be beaten. they call for more u.s. airstrikes and call for those weapons and call for an
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international community to be backing them because they say it's not just a regional threat, it's an international threat. back to you. bill: obama waking up in the white house, briefly interrupting his vacation at martha's vineyard. but the president plans to return to martha's vineyard tomorrow. a quick trip home. just over half a million dollars for that plane ride. good morning to you. the white house said before the vacation began that he would come back today. but why? do we expect a major announcement today? >> they are saying there is nothing major to announce and it's possible this was just a practical trip home and the president has a number of meetings and people to meet with on domestic and foreign policy
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matters. don't forget the ferguson issue. so there could be any number of reasons. what's interesting to me is just last month the president resisted any significant photo-op visiting the border. this to me is a sort of change for hip because it's a quick trip home in the middle of a vacation when normally he argued he can be just as effective on the road and air force one as he can be in the white house. bill: there is speculation of some sort of resignation from the court. why won't they just tell us? >> all white houses have been protective of strategy and planning so there is really nothing new there. it's just interesting that the president is number one
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interrupting a vacation to come home when it's not like him to do so. and number two, give' everything that's going on he's going to be returning back to vacation. so you have to wonder what he's going get accomplished over the next couple of days that will allow hip to return despite the fact that the operation in iraq will most likely be ongoing and this issue in missouri won't be wrapped up. what's interesting is what does he accomplish by coming home for a couple of days that he couldn't accomplish away, and noting the $symbolism for somebody who doesn't normally like to make abrupt changes of plan because he likes to keep his war on an even keel. >> we'll see what images come from this. thank you, david trucker. you have got it in washington. >> a very busy monday morning for you. there are new tensions now that that second autopsy on the body of michael brown is complete. we now know more about the
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shots, how they were fired, what direction they were fired in. michael baden is going to join us. he performed the you a some i on michael brown. at the request of his parents he will be here. >> let's foe for a swim. >> texas governor rick perry getting support from democrats as he vows to fight his indictment on abuse of power charges. >> i'm going to continue to do my job. i'm going to continue to deal with the big important issues that are important to the people of the state of texas. for that matter, this country. (male announcer) it's happening.
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(male announcer) today's the day to ask your doctor about levemir® flextouch. covered by nearly all health insurance and medicare plans. martha: julian assange says he's ready for a move. the wikileaks founder says he's ready to leave the ecuadorian embassy. he suggested his health has suffered since he has been cooped up there. british police refused to allow him to leave the country. we'll see what happens now. bill: more questions being raised about the shooting of michael brown. new york-based medical examiner michael baden found the unarmed teen was shot 6 times.
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michael baden is on the phone. a forensic pathologist and fox news contributor. why and how did you get involved personally with the family of michael brown? >> the reason why the family was very upset that they could not find out the cause of their son's death. they night was a shooting. the family wanted to know how many times was he shot, was he shot in the front, the back. awful that for us available on day one when the autopsy is done. one thing i learned when i was a medical cammer in in new york city. every time there is a death in an encounter with police with is a potential for community unrest and the best way to do that is to announce or reveal the
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autopsy findings right away. transparency, that takes away the concern the community has of a coverup. bill: you say the mother is upset a fragile. understandably so. why is the attorney general doing a third autopsy and how rare or unusual is that if at all? >> it's very rare for the federal government to dean autopsy because they are not usually involved in homicide. they are all homicide or deaths in custody. it's very unusual. bill: is it appropriate for him to do that or not? >> i think it's appropriate. apparently the federal government is getting involved, they are going take some action. the president is involved. and in all fairness to the family, they want to know that
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they dade their own independent autopsy and they are not relying on the local county or medical examiner that was engaged by the parents. it's appropriate but extremely unusual. bill: you found he was shot six times, four times in the arm. once in the head and one in the handled. how significant or important is it to note he was shot in the front of his body? >> one of the things an autopsy can help evaluate is the eyewitness testimony. you know if there is a car accident outside fox news and six people who see it there will be six different versions of what happened. so this autopsy shows there wasn't any gunshot wound in his back. some people thought they saw that.
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and it helps organize which eyewitness testimony is most reliable. bill: what can you conclude based on what you have done so far? can you conclude much of anything? >> we conclude that the young man was shot and there does appear on on its face excessive shooting because of 6 bullets struck him. we don't know how many miss. the police know that because they know they have a gun and they know how many shots were fired. i think a legitimate concern has to whether the shooting was overreacting and that has the answer. if you don't have all the answers. the clothing will be important in helping determine distance so
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far from the body there is no gunshot residue to the body. bill: what would that tell you? >> if somebody says i saw them put the begun in the abdomen of mr. brown and shot, that couldn't have happened that way because the muzzle of the weapon has to be a foot or two away at the time of the shooting in order for into not be any gunshot residues on the body. bill: there is a report of a shot being fired inside the car and we don't know where that bullet is or if that happened. there is a press conference in one hour and 10 minutes. is there new information you are going go public with then? >> i don't think so. not from the forensic points of view. right after this i'll meet with the family again. i'll be at that news conference.
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there isn't going to be any more forensic evidence until the autopsy report is released from the county. bill: as you described the mother is upset. martha: there is dangerous weather from the midwest. take a look at what's going on. severe storms packing quite a punch. the damage that it left behind and where we can see storms that look like they are headed next. bill: versus versus continuing their search for answers. a deadly train collision. sparks fly and evacuations follow. >> it was pretty bad. one engine was close to the highway and on fire. the other one was on the other
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bill: the 2013 defending champion rafael nadal has pulled out of the u.s. open because of a wrist injury. he's a spanish tennis player, one of the best in the world if not the best. at age 27 will not play new york city. that's a bummer. martha: texas governor rick perry fighting back today against an indictment he calls a farce. the indictment alleges he broke the law after trying to force a
6:26 am
district to resign. >> i took an oath to faithfully uphold the constitution of the state of texas. a pledge i kept of day as i worked on behalf of texans for the last 14 years. that's the same constitution that clearly outlines the authority of any governor to veto items. martha: peary getting unlikely support from democrats. former white house adviser david axlerod weighed in. this all stems from a district who bro the law, correct? >> reporter: it does. this is a convoluted story. her name is rosemary lindbergh. she is the district on for
6:27 am
travis county, which is austin, the state's capital. in 2013 she was pulled over for drunk driving. officers found and open bottle in her car and you can see from the jailhouse video she was uncooperative from police and had to eventually be restrained. after that she refused to step down despite growing call from the public and lawmakers for her to do so. governor perry was among those who demanded her resignation. when she wouldn't do that governor perry vetoed funding for an agent $i that she ran. >> i did what he governor has done for decade which is make a
6:28 am
decision whether it was the proper use of state money to go to that agency and i vetoed it. >> reporter: a veto he's still standing by. he called this highly political. of course, he is a republic cap, this particular dewpoint a. is a democrat. ther. martha: rothers are calling for perry to step down. >> reporter: of course immediately following this news, it's not of day a governor has a felony grand jury indictment. the national democratic party chimed in with this statement over the weekend. it reads in part. for a guy who bride himself open being mr. law and order he seems to have little respect for the rule of law. this isn't a partisan whip hunt, it's our legal process.
6:29 am
it's expected governor perry will be fingerprinted and a mugshot would be taken. so to be continued with the political drama in texas. bill: so republicans and democrats calling for a coalition of the willing in iraq? taking a page from the playbook of president george w. bush. martha: another night of violence in ferguson, missouri. the governor called in the national guard. are activists like al sharpton -- do they add fuel to this fire. >> michael brown, jr. will be a defining moment on how this country deals with policing the rights of its citizens.
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martha: the national guard called in to restore the peace after violent protests in ferguson, missouri. unbelievable what has gone on there. police say they were forced to use tear gas when marchers began throwing molotov cocktails at the officers. here is reverend al harp on from a rally over the weekend. >> you tried to smear the young man rather than uphold the principles of justice and dignity. i want you to know these parents are not going to cry alone, they are not going to stand alone, they are not going to fight alone. we can -- we have had enough! martha: i'm joined by
6:34 am
dr. carson, the author of "one nation." dr. carson, good to have you here today. what's your response when you hear al sharpton over the weekend? is he calming things up or revving things up in ferguson? >> i think that a lot of what's going on in ferguson is actually initiated by outsiders. i think a lot of the looters are opportunists. ferguson is a pretty peaceful and calm place. what i would do if i were reverend sharpton or some other, i would ask the people engaged in the rioting, what exactly is it that you want? what is it message that you are trying to get across? we are willing to listen. just tell us what it is. i think that would be very revealing.
6:35 am
and let's tamp down some of the animosity that's going on. maybe we could use this for good. maybe we could use this to open a dialogue about what's going on in detroit and chicago and new orleans and washington, d.c. some of the most violent cities in the world. the united states of america is one of the three top countries for murders in the world. if you extract those four skis - four cities we go down do one of the bottom four. we need to be hook at these things anding ourselves how to we deal with them. martha: al sharpton is speaking to this specific instance. this is telling. i'll play a sound bite from michael brown's mother. any parent can relate to how she must be feeling.
6:36 am
but you talk:the bigger picture in terms of detroit and the murder capitals of this country. it begs the question, where is the leadership? in terms of stepping into try and help those children killed on the streets of detroit and chicago? where are the voice whereas that's concerned? >> i would like to ask that question, too. i had an opportunity to speak with reverend sharpton at the white house correspondents dinner. we said we want the same kind of things but we have didn't approaches to achieving them. what do you think about a public debate to talk about the various ways we can get this done. he was initially enthusiastic about that. you the offer still stands. these are things that need to be discussed and we need to bring out in the open. what are the raw issues and how do we solve them. we'll never do that if we remain
6:37 am
in our separate corners and cast aspersions. >> let's listen to this this morning. it was difficult for her understandably. this is michael brown's mom on gma this morning. >> how can peace be restored. >> with justice. >> what is justice to you? >> being fair. arresting this man. march already she believes the officer need to be arrested and i understand why she feels that way. do you agree? >> i couldn't hear, it broke up. i think it's very unfair to march the families who have been trauma tighted like this out in front of the national media.
6:38 am
of course they are going to be emotionally distraught. and of course they are going to say things that, you know, if they had time top reflect and the wounds have healed that they might not say. that's exploitation as far as i'm concerned. my heart goes out to these families. it really doesn't matter what your son did or what kind of record he had. he's still your son. he's someone you love and someone about which you are going to have feeling that other people perhaps have or don't have. but to march them out and torture them like that in front of the national media i think is probably not the right thing to do right now. martha: i understand your point. but my question goes to the lander issue of how this is being handled. it took a long time for the name of this officer to come out. now we have an autopsy report that shows michael brown was
6:39 am
shot at least 6 times from the front. these are difficult details to deal with but they go to the heart of this particular case. there are larger questions stirred up. do you think they are handling this correctly in ferguson. >> i believe in the rule of law. but i also think you should take into consideration the facts. and what's going none the community. and this might be a time to expedite the whole process. don't let it take months and months with all of this simmering going on. why not make clear whether in fact there was a gunshot in the car? i haven't heard the answer to that. i have heard allegations. you know, supposedly he had his hand up. well, you know, we have the evidence that there was 6 bullets that entered him.
6:40 am
the way that enter are going to be different if you have your hand up and your hand down. these are things that can be figured out. i think some of that information should be expedited and released. martha: i think that's what michael brown's mom was asking, for this process to move forward. we'll see if she gets what she wants. dr. been carson thank you very much. to have you with us this morning. bill: a monday morning stroll 100 mile the above the earth. two russian cosmonauts getting ready for a 6-hour space walk. >> reporter: all sick members of the international pace station crew on board the pace station. this space walk is dedicated
6:41 am
entirely to science and there is a hint of e.t. phone home. rugs flight engineers are geared up in their space suits right now, the fine minutes left before exiting the air lock. they will deploy a nanosatellite into space. they will take a swab after port hole and bring in some previous science experiments from the outside of the space station inside to hopefully get some result on earth. it may sound simple getting this satellite to dough ploy, they make it sound simple. alexander will thientd me and i will let it float. martha: tragedy as the san francisco 49ers debut their new stadium.
6:42 am
bill: are airstrikes enough in iraq? now talk of a coalition of the willing. >> what we are watching in iraq and $syria is the worst case scenario for the middle east. this cancer that's growingy that's consuming all over the place. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates.
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martha: a fan's death maring the debut of the new stadium. a fans collapsed. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. team officials say there were a large number of emergency calls. the team avalanches its condolences to the fan's family. bill: a calling for the coalition of the willing in
6:46 am
iraq. new york democrat elliott engel saying airstrikes are not enough. >> i think what we are doing now is effective. we have got to do more of it and ultimately we may have boots on the ground there. we have choice and the choice is to do nothing. bill: gregg palkot reports moments ago the mosul dam is controlled by the iraqis. a lot of hidden i am e.d.s, 170 at that dam. but there is a dam to the west that is not under control of the iraqis. so that what's we know. how significant is it that you are now hearing this call from both side, republicans and democrats? >> very significant. and the fact you are hearing it from the ranking member of the
6:47 am
house foreign affairs committee. elliott engel. these are folks who understand the nature of the threat we face. how -- what a cancer isis is, how much they seek to strike beyond their borders and the on country on earth capable of dealing with it is the united states of america. you know what else they understand? 2014 isn't 2003. you don't have to retake baghdad. we have baghdad secure. i have got an elected iraqi government and an iraqi army and kurdish forces. you have got an enemy there that isn't made of iraqis. isis is mostly foreign fighters. the population there won't have the sympathy for them that they did in the past. bill: you say if these calls are threat days. they assess the security need.
6:48 am
they want to see how serious it is. it's not political in nature. that may be the case for some. we'll have to see how this plays out. here is my question. militarily can isis hold any territory? do we know that? >> what we know is they hold certain towns. they are an insurgency that turned into more after conventional army in some places. i was a counterinsurgency instructor in afghanistan. they have fixed location. that what's we have been hitting around the mosul dam. can they hold that terrain in a sustained way? that's an open question. but the more type we give them to set up defensive positions will make any assault more difficult. time is of the essence. holding ground takes time. bill: i'm reading from the
6:49 am
washington times a growing number of democrats charge the white house is making a serious mistake biby not declaring allout war against the islamic state. we heard the phrase boots on ought ground. is that inevitable? >> you need boots on the ground if you want to defeat and degrade. you need advisers and likely some trigger pullers and in the city centers, if you have got to go house by house, remembering places like fallujah which isis currently hold. if you want to defeat this enemy which we believe is the type of enemy that wants to be defeated, it could include boots on the ground. it can be done because there are so many attributes right now. >> that'sv a very good points. the mayors cans are the only ones who have shown they can do
6:50 am
that job house to house. thank you. we will see what we hear from the white house today. martha: mother nature put on quite a light show over the weekend. take a look. looks like we don't have it. that bolt of lightning rocking a major metro area as thunderstorms strand flights and flood streets. we'll show where you that happened coming up next. bill: another night of violence in ferguson. the state's lieutenant governor will be live. he will respond to criticism that the local police are being too aggressive. >> all of us were thunder struck by the pictures we saw. the over militarization. the guns points at kids in the streets. take 4 advil in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief.
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bill: h he made a big splash. an elderly man in california drove his car into his swimming pool after driving through the garage. the dreaded flip-flop. thankfully he wasn't hurt. no one was in the pool at the time either. martha: the dallas area seeing some of the heaviest rainfall they have gotten in years. i told you we were going to show you that. there is that major bolt of lightning shutting down road,
6:55 am
knock outpouru to thousands of folks. the dallas-fort worth airport reporting 3 inches of rain. maria molina is in the weather center to tell us what we can expect. >> reporter: soundin4 inches wen reported in the downtown dallas area. you mentioned temperatures being below normal. of course those storms that move through, you had a lot of cloud cover. the rains help cool off that area. take a look at the high temperatures forecast for today. 100 in oklahoma city and 100 in san antonio. you pac factor in the humiditien it will feel like 100 degree in
6:56 am
the city of dallas. a lot of humidity out there. across parts of minnesota, wisconsin and iowa, this is the area we are going to be looking at today for possible heavy rain and also severe weather, large hail, damaging winds and the tornado threat is very isolated but it's there in place. you have got to take those warnings serious. and of course we'll keep tracking. bill: a crazy summer. it feels like september here. all summer long. we'll take it. president obama is back at the white house. what brought him back? martha: the national guard heading to ferguson, missouri, as more chaos erupted on the streets there. how do you restore order? we'll talk to the state's lieutenant governor and ask him what the new plan is coming back.
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martha: another night of violence on the streets of ferguson, missouri. [shouting] midnight curfew in place but demonstrators ignored that. they threw molotov cocktails and they were shooting at police officers, responding with tear gas, to clear the streets last night. welcome, everybody, brand new hour, same story in ferguson, missouri, again last night. welcome everybody to hour two of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning. governor jay nixon earlier today calling in the national guard after the situation spirals out of control yet again. several people said to be in custody overnight. meanwhile we're finding out about a private autopsy conducted by dr. michael baden at the request of brown's parents. doctor baden was with us last
7:01 am
hour in "america's newsroom" about the decision by eric holder to order a third federal autopsy. >> federal government is getting involved. they will take some action. the president is involved. in all fairness, they want to know that, they did their own independent autopsy and are not relying on the local county or the medical examiner that was engaged by the parents. so i think that is appropriate but extremely unusual. >> joining us now is missouri's lieutenant governor peter kinder. lieutenant governor, welcome, good to have you with us here this morning. >> thank you for having me back. martha: of course. this national guard decision that you all have made, tell uso work. >> well the national guard had to be called in last night to restore order. first of all, i want to say, prayers, non-stop prayers going out for peace and for calm and
7:02 am
for justice to be done in ferguson. but we don't accomplish justice in the streets. we have to have peace and order there. the law-abiding citizens of ferguson must be protected, the businesses, the homeowners, the people who are lawfully going about their business have to be protected and too often there has not been enough communication between various levels of law enforcement. this is a failure that has gone on now for, on and off for eight days and it resulted finally in the national guard needing to be called in last evening, well before the curfew started because the looting, rioting, disorder had he erupted again. we're in danger there, of businesses deciding they're giving up and moving out. we can't have that. >> yeah. it is highly likely that is what you're going to have. on top of that the schools are not able to open. they have been delayed i think
7:03 am
now for a third time in missouri. i want to play a little bit of sound from the governor, from governor nixon who appeared on several of the sunday shows. here is what he had to say. >> all of us were thundstruck by the, by the pictures we saw. i mean the overmilitarization, the mraps rolling in. the guns pointed at kids in the street. all of that i think, instead of ratcheting down, brought emotion up. that is why i made the unique decision to bring in our highway patrol. >> very critical, really of the local police and how this has been handled. you suggested that in your first comment here as well. >> well, but what about the communication that missourians have a right to expect with all levels of law enforcement, beginning with the office of the chief executive of the state of missouri? what is served now by replaying
7:04 am
something that is now four days old and ended on thursday, when the highway patrol came in. when the highway patrol came in we were all hopeful. there was celebratory mood on the street that night. we had one night of peace. and that basically has been the only night of peace since this tarted eight, nine days ago. so, so folks had been behind the curve on responding and been late and been reactive instead of being proactive and demanding communication that missourians have a right to expect from all levels of law enforcement on this case. martha: why do you think that was? was, there just was not the anticipation i guess that this was going to spiral, a feeling, maybe initially this could be handled at the local level? >> we, who knows but that apparently washe response from the office of the chief executive in missouri, the governor, to watch, from two
7:05 am
hours away and be on the phone instead of assuming direct line responsibility for the public safety of the citizens of missouri. it has been again, it has been tentative, it has been reactive, it has been behind the curve and it has been late. i don't know why we had to wait until saturday afternoon to declare a state of emergency and a cure few that should have been in effect several days before. but the cure few should be enforced. it must be enforced, if anything, i think it probably should be moved up in the hour of the evening from midnight it was announced to, couple hours earlier -- cure few. curfew. martha: others feel as well. lieutenant governor kinder. thanks for being with us. hope to speak with you in the future.
7:06 am
best of luck to all restoring peace in your state. >> thank you, martha. bill: a lot of answers we don't have. we'll get a few more in 25 minutes. dr. michael baden will hold a press conference live in st. louis, missouri. we'll cover that for you. a lot of things we talked to him last hour. very revealing from the gunshots, all in the front, four in the arm, two in the head. there is this ongoing question about whether or not these i've witness accounts are accurate or not. how much can you conclude or disprove based on an autopsy. can't essentially. there is so much information he was not entitled to. we'll get answer coming up again when we take you live. martha: that is coming up straight ahead. we'll bring you that as soon as it happens. bill: fox news alert. first successful counterattack against islamic militants is underway. iraqi security forces regaining control of the country's largest dam. after u.s. and iraqi airstrikes pounded the area over the last few days, according to a senior u.s. defense official. fighting for mosul dam is not
7:07 am
over yet. fox security correspondent at the pentagon jennifer griffin. the kurdish military said they have retaken the dam. what is happening on the ground that we can tell? >> reporter: according to multiple u.s. defense officials who we have just spoken to, bill, they tell me the fighting around the dam is ongoing but it could be over soon. us air strikes are continuing to target isil positions in the mosul dam area this shows u.s. strikes from the weekend. u.s. officials say the dam is not yet completely under control of iraqi armed forces or kurdish peshmerga, despite claims from the kurdish military officials and sources. there is tensions between the kurds and iraqi commandoes supposed to be involved in retaking the dam. the kurdish peshmerga have taken the lead in the assault, bill. bill: what comes next in terms of u.s. military involvement then, jennifer?
7:08 am
>> reporter: the president has some decisions to make. he returned to washington last night. i'm told the generals planning to counter sighs sis are frustrated and want a longer, broad-term strategy to deal with the isis threat. they have only authorized limited human human missions and air support to help iraqis retake critical infrastructure like the mosul sam. they are why not acknowledging that iraq is essentially broken and with the new shiite prime minister in baghdad u.s. interests lie more with the kurds in the north are open to u.s. help and asking repeatedly for heavy equipment from the pentagon to fight isis. bill? bill: interesting from the pentagon, jennifer. martha with a brit more. martha: president obama back to washington for a rare mid vacation trip back to work. he has information about the missouri and other things. the administration has not said
7:09 am
the exact reason why they came back from the white house. wendell goler joins us live from the north lawn. wendell, here is the question. i mean, is he coming back because, to make the appearance that he needs to be back here for work or is there some very specific reason? >> reporter: well, mostly the media wasn't buying the white house statement that the president wanted to meet with his advisors so it could be optics. even though he addressed reporters twice last week and his two-week vacation is less than half as long as the congressional break. one official told me mr. obama didn't want to go the full two weeks without face-to-face meetings with his most senior advisors. even though his national security advisor and her deputy traveled to martha's vineyard with him the president will meet with his full national security team to the got update on the situation in iraq where us air strikes continue though as we heard from my colleague jennifer griffin, kurdish forces made good progress trying to retake
7:10 am
the mosul dam from isis. the president's critics are asking him to expand the the push against isis. mr. obama has been firm in thinking this is a iraq's fight and that iraq will have to heal the divide between sunni muslims and shia muslims to stop driving sunnis to join the insurgency. martha. martha: what else is on the president's schedule while he is there? >> reporter: he is meeting with attorney general holder this afternoon for update on continuing violence in ferguson, missouri. his return to washington was planned even before his vacation began. the violent reaction of police shooting of michael brown wasn't necessarily a reason for his coming back to the white house either. mr. obama did address the violence while he was on martha's vineyard. he scolded those who turned from protesting to looting, and he chided police for using excessive force and for arresting journalists. attorney general holder has asked for the justice department to arrange and autopsy by a
7:11 am
federal medical examiner, a spokesman for the justice department said the request was made because of what he called the extraordinary circumstances involved in the case and at the request of michael brown's family. martha? martha: wend dell, thank you very much. see you later. bill: so the situation in missouri still red hot on this monday after another protest night turns violent. >> you have to look at the overall circumstance there now. and that is they can't let a bunch of, you know, this criminal element, sort of bogard the community. bill: protesters and police crashing in the street for more than a week. now you have the national guard coming in. are the tactics extreme or are they necessary measures to bring the peace? martha: a powerful earthquake devastating an area of the middle east. a look at the widespread damage that it is causing. bill: rick perry is explaining after being indicted for the allegation of abuse of power. why the texas governor is standing by his decision that
7:12 am
has him now facing a possible term of decker cade in jail? decades. >> that is what the rule of law is really about, shannon. i stood up for the rule of law in the state of texas and if i had to do it again i would make it exactly the same decision. i'm j-a-n-e and i have copd. i'm d-a-v-e and i have copd. i'm k-a-t-e and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way my volunteering.
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martha: so we are about 14 minutes away now from the news conference that will take place in that room. it will be the family of michael brown with dr. michael baden who
7:16 am
performed the new autopsy on michael brown and has new details about what he learned from that. this as another night of chaos unfolds in ferguson, missouri last night. the police say they were forced to use tear gas to clear the streets last evening after protests turned violent yet again, hours before the state-imposed curfew of midnight. we spoke to the lieutenant governor. he feels more like it should be 10:00. throwing molotov cocktails and firing shots at officers. looting of several stores. former nypd police commissioner saying while some police tactics may have been extreme, but behavior by some of these protesters can simply can not go unchecked. >> to have armored humvees out there in front, to have assault weapons in the front, whenut thy weren't armed. they had their hands up in the air, that is a bit over the top.
7:17 am
but you can not let people take over the city, destroy private property, personal property, assault people, throw molotov cock sales and that is what's happening. martha: jehmu greene, former president of the women's media center and fox news contributor. welcome to you both. jehmu, let me start with you. you heard bernard kerik. do you agree with him. >> if i'm in the trouble i will certainly call the police and we have to keep in mind that they make split decisions, split-second decisions under very tense and rapidly evolving circumstances. but the police in ferguson, missouri, they made themselves the enemy not just by the shooting of michael brown but by presenting themselves as an invading army. i think we have to keep in mind, they have a responsibility to keep the peaceful protesters safe. instead, they arrested them.
7:18 am
they have a responsibility to keep the media safe. instead they strong-armed them and they arrested them. something has to change when the streets of a city in america look like a war zone, and especially when the types of weapons and the tanks that they are giving, they haven't even been trained on how to do that. martha: i think bernard kerik agrees with you on the overmilitarization of the initial stages of all this. they have now brought in the national guard. we'll see if that changes the tone on the streets there. mark, your thoughts? >> well i think jehmu and i kerik are generally in agreement. i mean i don't like the overmilitarization of the police in general. however we have to remember the first job of the police is to keep people safe. you have rioters and looters destroying private property, destroying stores, attack being people who had nothing to do with this incident in the first place. most of the people in that
7:19 am
community are peaceful, law-abiding citizens. they want to live the way all of us want to live in a save sand peaceful society and save and peaceful community. it is up to the police come to protect the peace but coming at people highly militarized is not -- martha: so many outsiders out of here and agitating and looting, creating the biggest threat to the law-abiding citizens of ferguson, they need to be removed from this situation and quickly, do you not agree? >> well two wrongs certainly don't make a right, martha, and if the ferguson police department hadn't overreacted i suspect this would have been over days ago and a more detailed conversation about what are the solutions to the anger that is out there within the african-american community about the problem within our criminal justice system we could have had a more calm conversation. i think this is about solutions. we need to put victim's cameras
7:20 am
on every single police officer. we need to make sure there are cameras in those cars because we showed that when you have those cameras, there is a 50% decrease in basically excessive force by police. there are solutions that should be talked about but i think it is clear that everyone who is watching their televisions today and over the past few days that the ferguson police overreacted and i'm surprised that this police chief still has a job. martha: you know the town is in danger. they can't open the schools. they have stores that have had to shut down and they may never reopen in ferguson. that leaves a lasting impact on a city, mark. what can be done in your estimation at this point now that the national guard is in town? >> i mean obviously first we have to restore order. i think it is important to look at the history of ferguson. ferguson is one of the most well-integrated municipalities in the entire state of missouri. that is important to know. they have a good starting place. they have been living together for a long time in really peaceful way.
7:21 am
it is great place to have this discussion. restore order and i agree with jehmu get discussion going and all officers should have victim's cameras and car cameras. martha: strong leadership on all sides in this really difficult time. heart-breaking to see what is unfolding on the streets of this american city. jehmu, mark, many things for being here today. >> thank you. bill: dr. baden up in nine minutes live. new concerns the u.s. is greater risk for attacks than ever. why a top lawmaker says the u.s. is in more danger than prior to september 11th. plus for these guys another day at the office, yes, sir, sir ♪ like diet can negatively impact good bacteria? even if you're healthy and active. phillips digestive health support is a duo-probiotic that helps supplement good bacteria
7:22 am
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7:25 am
martha: we are about five minutes away from the news conference that will take place in ferguson. we'll bring you there live in just a moment. meantime a california woman says that she loves giraffes but apparently the feel something not mutual. police say that she climbed over a fence into a giraffe habitat in madison, wisconsin, she was trying to get over the second fence, the giraffe, whose named is wally and turned around and licked her and kicked her in the face. zoo staff is saying lucky that she is lucky to have minor injuries because they are able to take down lions. insult to injury she is facing fine of $700. you are kind of cute. like to get to know you, a lick and kick in the face. maybe he liked her. bill: like to get a picture of that, right? martha: wonder what that is like. bill: as u.s. helps iraqi forces
7:26 am
fight to take back control from islamic tariffs, some believe the rise of isis has put our country in greater danger than ever. here is the house intel committee chairman mike rogers saying the group is more threatening because it is terrorist organization with an army. rogers on cbs. >> do you think we're in greater danger now than perhaps we were before 9/11? >> i do again because only the because the "threat matrix" is so wide and so deep. we didn't have that before 9/11. bill: chuck nash, good morning to you. former knave captain and fox news analyst. good morning to you sir. multiple organizations al qaeda-minded trying to accomplish the same thing. >> yeah. there is a common thread through all of these groups and groups we haven't heard about yet but we will hear about when they pop up and do something noteworthy. it raced call islam. it is common denominator. we can be politically correct to
7:27 am
be tolerant of something grossly intolerant but the fact it is what it is. we have to recognize that. put it back into the training materials in the federal government. it is since removed and treating disease instead of treating symptoms. we're treating the symptoms because we refuse to acknowledge the disease. bill: rogers says, you need to go after isis. you don't need to go stop there. go after al qaeda in arabian peninsula. that has been happening with the drone strikes. >> yeah. bill: he mentioned boko haram, that is the same group in nigeria that kidnapped those 300 schoolgirls. >> exactly. again they all share one common thing, that raced call islam. so they're going to keep coming, groups will keep popping up. they will vie within their community against each other to be who is, who is the truist follower. but they're growing to become more militarized. in fact this isis, isil, in their current incarnation, they
7:28 am
have billions of dollars that they have got. they're earning ones -- hundreds of millions of dollars a week, selling, robbing, they knocked over a bank in mosul. they have plenty of money. they can move out beyond anything even al qaeda was capable of doing by self-financing with all of that money. then taking some of these guys who are no longer afraid of combat because they have been inactive combat, take them with european and u.s. passports and send them anywhere in europe or the united states. bill: that is true. that is golden path or golden ticket as well. a final question. we've seen them be able to take territory. do we know if they can hold territory? because our airstrikes backed up by iraqis and kurds apparently have taken back that dam. >> isil was at one point al qaeda in iraq. what happened was the sunni uprising where the tribal elders of the sunni tribes threw out those guys and they went over to
7:29 am
syria and started up this group isil. when they came back into the territory they're killing tribal elders so they won't rice up against them again. the longer they say in there, the longer they can hold that territory. but to your point, they have stuck to roads and key infrastructure items and those things, because of that, we can roll them up, if we have ground forces to force them to get into dense enough patterns we can then use air power to annihilate them. fight like an army they die like an army. bill: you wonder if this argument and debate is changing. republicans and a lot of democrats frankly saying we should go after them. chuck nash, thank you for your time. >> worldwide threat. bill: thank you, captain. we'll talk again. martha: we're minutes away from a news conference in missouri where the parents of michael brown and dr. michael baden will step in front. microphones in a few minutes. they will talk about the private autopsy dr. michael baden performed. we'll see if there are any new
7:30 am
developments. national guard is called in to restore law and order on the streets of ferguson after another very rough night. >> in order to get justice we need peace. those are both intertwined here. we look forward to keeping the peace and getting justice.
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
martha: the fam lip of michael brownie minute now expected to hold a news conference. they will hold the preliminary results of a private autopsy they requested. it was conducted yesterday by forensic pathologist dr. michael baden who joined us here on "america's newsroom" last hour. that is moments away. bill: governor jay nixon calling in the national guard after another night of violent actions. police released surveillance video that showed michael brown robbing a convenience store and roughing up the cashier. he argued that the video should have never been released. >> we're not happy on released especially the way it was,
7:34 am
appeared to cast aspersions on a young man that was gunned down in the street. it made emotions raw. bill: rod wheeler, former washington, d.c. homicide detective and fox news contributor. hello to you and good morning. i know you were just down there in ferguson, missouri. now back in washington, d.c. what did you pick up what the strategy is on behalf of law enforcement now, with the national guard coming in as of this morning to go ahead and try to bring in the peace? what is their strategy? >> well i think they have a strategy as sunday, which was yesterday because prior to sunday, bill, there was no strategy and we've been talking about all weekend long, especially friday and saturday night. now the governor, governor nixon, was very, very late in getting in the fray, if you will. he didn't arrive in ferguson until thursday and what happened was, it was really interesting the dynamic that took place because i was right there embedded with law enforcement listening and watching as to what the strategy was. well the ferguson police
7:35 am
department and st. louse county police department was really handling this situation with the rioting and things up until the governor when the governor stepped in, he just kind of took away all responsibility from both of those police departments, which really, really star ad whole lot of the confusion. and that is when he brought in the state police. bill: based on your experience, how does that change things when the governor made that call? >> well because, when he made that call, bill, he didn't involve any of the police, the other two police departments in his decision making. i focused a number of ferguson police officers on saturday they were bitter to the state police and came in and that the appearance the ferguson police or st. louis police could not handle the job because they were incompetent. that is why we saw the serious discontent. bill: if the state police were not called in do you think you would avoid what happened last thursday night or what happened
7:36 am
over the weekend or what happened on last night or sunday evening? >> no, i don't think. i don't think bringing the state police help ad whole lot anyway, bill, and let me tell you why. i was out there all day saturday and all day sunday, with the guys with the bandannas on their head, when i walked up to then, what is it that you want to get you to stop? you know what they said to me? we want this police officer charged criminally for the homicide and then the violence will stop and we want this police chief to go and they want jobs. that is what they told me that they want. they said, rod, if we get that the violence will stop. bill: just back to the state police being involved here. what the -- from the outside seems like what the governor is saying the rift between the community and local police department is too great to overcome at the moment. so let's go ahead and change the jurisdiction, bring in different authority and authority that they would respect. was that the reading on the ground? because based on what you're saying that wasn't the case. >> no, it wasn't the case. look, i was there. i don't think the people that we
7:37 am
see the videotapes here rioting and protesting, doesn't matter which police department is there. and that is the whole message that he this want to get across. it is no the just about the police department, bill. this riot something not just about the death of michael brown. it is about a number of issues but i think the death of michael brown is what sparked all the intense rioting. real quickly, bill, there are two sets of people there. you have organized protesters, what is called peaceful protesters, believe it or not, the idea, the objectives is the same for both groups. how you achieve that objective is where the difference comesany, the looters, do they live in ferguson? are they residents of that community? >> i think it's a combination of both. only reason i say that because what i did on sat i today, i followed a couple of carloads of these guys that we see rioting, i followed them to see where they were going. you know what they? they did go to the outer cities. they went to city called
7:38 am
jennings. some of them came from st. louis. i think there is combination of people from the outside and a few people from ferguson. bill: that is interesting. we haven't heard that before. they're either from ferguson or coming from folks who don't even live there, right? they're coming to hang out and join in with what many consider to be just unlawful rioting in the streets. >> there was one car load, bill, of people that talked to on saturday, a bunch of guys and i asked them where they were from? they said they had just arrived from new york city. they were there to take part in the protests. these are young guys, a lot of them are young guys. not to say they were all bad. they had the same sentiment as the people in ferguson. they don't like what is going on with our government and they don't like the fact of what happened to michael brown. bill: one last question here, based on your conversations with the police department in ferguson, are they capable are or not, rod? >> ferguson police department is not cape ab, i mean they're not capable. once you lose trust and support of your community it is very
7:39 am
difficult to police. i think going forward they will have to switch up or bring in somebody new at the helm. right now they are not capable of handling this, bill. bill: interesting reporting. rod wheeler, thank you for your time back in washington, d.c. >> thank you, bill. martha: a lot of interesting stuff there. there is the room we're waiting for at the church for the brown family news conference. it's a little bit over the time they expected to get started. they are expected to walk in there any moment. we'll take you there live as soon as they do. robin williams is remembered for making millions of people to smile throughout his wife and went the extra mile for a young woman hoping to the meet the legendary comedian before she died. the hopeful message that he left a terminally ill fan before he took his own life. bill: also governor rick perry considered a possible presidential candidate for 2016 but now he is facing a legal battle that could end his career? is that possible? >> this is not the way that we
7:40 am
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thank you!
7:43 am
bill: back to the live news conference there, a bit delayed right now. dr. michael baden will take questions in a matter of moments. apparently the family of michael brown has arrived there as well and they're discussing what each person will cover during this press conference. we talked to him last hour too about the autopsy he was called in on behalf of family. he found six gunshots in the body of michael brown. i thought what rod wheeler just shared with us was fascinating. he was there, friday, saturday, sunday, while a lot of different protesters coming from different parts of not just st. louis, but from different parts of the country, from new york, they came down specifically what happened. martha: watch some of the looting and followed cars where they left where they were going because he wanted to answer the question as well in terms of where the real troublemakers in this situation were coming from.
7:44 am
a lot he have them clearly not from ferguson where we heard many stories of a very peaceful town before all of this happened and now a very difficult day for the brown family as they have now received as a result results from the autopsy. they know their son was shot six times from the front. dr. michael baden will be in this news conference with them as well in a moment. we expect to get more breaking news from that. we'll take you there when it gets started. meantime we want to pet to this story for you. texas governor rick perry is fighting back against an indictment defending his decision to veto, giving millions of dollars to state agency that monitors government integrity. governor perry saying he would make the same decision because this high powered district attorney arrested for drunk driving last year refused to resign and he felt it was her duty to resign. here is governor perry.
7:45 am
>> this individual was stopped driving while drunk. she had almost three times the legal limit of alcohol. i very publicly said as long that individual was going to be running that agency i had lost confidence in her, the public lost confidence in her and i did what every governor has done for decades which is make a decision whether or not it was in the proper use of state money to go to that agency and i vetoed it. martha: so vetoed the funds that would have gone to this agency on integrity as a protest really against the fact that she refused to resign. ed rollins, campaign monger manager, for ronald reagan's 1984 landslide election. joe trippi, campaign manager for howard dean's presidential campaign. thank you both for being here. what do you make of this whole thing, ed? >> it is absurd. the governor has a right to veto
7:46 am
any appropriation bill. this has been a long serving, popular positive in the state and very powerful governor. he gave her warning. basically his prerogative to veto anything he wants to veto. the idea you would indict him on this issue and accuse him of something there is never been evidence of i think is absurd. that is still distraction for what he wants to do including running the state. martha: joe, what do you think? is this politically dangerous move on perhaps of part of democrats in texas. >> yeah i think so. i agree with ed on this one. this doesn't make any sense at all. the governor has the right to veto legislation. he has the right in texas to a line-item veto as well. a lot of governors don't have that power but he does. frankly, i looked at this thing and, not a single democrat tried to override the veto. martha: have to step in on you, gentlemen. thank you very much. we'll go live to the news conference coming out of ferguson, missouri. here we go. >> -- here in your church.
7:47 am
i'm attorney benjamin crump. i have the honor as serving as the lead counsel along with co-counsels anthony gray and darrell parks on behalf of the family of michael brown, jr. we also have present with us our, one of the highly respected, one of the most reknowned forensic pathologists living today, dr. michael baden, who we retained to be the family's pathologist to conduct the independent autopsy on their behalf. with him is, who assisted him is professor sean parcells. they will be addressing you moment tearily. the brown family wanted to have this autopsy performed on their
7:48 am
behalf because they did not know whether the federal officials were going to conduct their own independent autopsy. and they did not want to be left having to rely on the autopsy done by the st. louis law enforcement agencies. the same individuals they feel are responsible for executing their son in broad daylight. so therefore, that is why they begged and pleaded to have an independent autopsy done. the attorneys here we know too well, if you don't have your own autopsy and you have to depend completely on the police department autopsy, that is not a good thing. but even our clients understood that wasn't a good thing.
7:49 am
that they could not trust whoever was going to be put in the reports about the tragic execution of their child. secondly, i want to stress very clearly that this is only a preliminary report, very preliminary. to answer questions with dr. baden and professor parcels will get to elaborate but answers just basic questions. the number of shots, which was always questioned, not only the family, the citizens of ferguson but people all over the country who had this color-blind curiosity to know what happened wanted to know and that question was answered partly and is dr. baden as opined and stated in the interview that was
7:50 am
release, it could have been answered on day one if you were really trying to have transparency be the objective, dr. parcels said in the preliminary autopsy at least six, at least six shots, could be more but at least six. they will have to consort with the other pathologist -- other medical examiners who did the first autopsy and dr. baden will explain to you why that is so very, very important doing thousands and thousands of autopsies as he explains. you want all the information you can get. this only tells part of the story, you know. also the clothes have to be recovered that will talk about whether there is any residue on them and so forth. he explains as only he can
7:51 am
explain you know, you want to talk about what was recovered in the x-rays and most importantly the witness accounts, the eyewitness accounts, which is so very important, into bringing the full story together. and what does this preliminary autopsy tell us? it verifies that the witness accounts were true. that he was shot multiple times and it is going to be one of those things that we have to get all the witness statements out, and look at all of the autopsies, all of the evidence, to put this picture together, for his family knows that the witnesses, what they were telling them about him being shot multiple types in broad daylight was accurate. and you all have reported on
7:52 am
many of the witness accounts when they said his hands was up. that is in there. when they talk about the way it happened, it is in there. so we have to go from this point with this preliminary autopsy and try to get all the information so we can get answers that not only the family wants but ferguson wants and the country wants. his mother and father and their family, they just had a few questions for dr. baden. of. that officers question was answered initially as dr. baud
7:53 am
enmet with the mother. she had the leading question as any mother would have, was my child in pain? and dr. baden shared with her in his opinion he did not suffer. and then lastly, his mother wanted to ask a question that dr. baden nor any of the lawyers could answer. what else do we need to give them to arrest the killer of my child? [applause] at this time we will have attorney darrell parks address you and then attorney gray will address you. and then we will have dr. baden
7:54 am
and professor parcells come and try give all of us a little lesson on pathology. thank you. attorney parks? >> thank you. in the situation like this facts become very important. evidence becomes very important. it is so important that the facts in this case really get out. this case has suffered from a lack of transparency, i'm going to, i will hold it up and show them something. you heard attorney crump say there was multiple shots. there are two shots i want to focus for my purpose right here today because they become important because they show that the direction of the bullet was in a back to front direction. the first one is what we call, the kill shot and the one when attorney crump was speaking he wouldn't have suffered from is right here.
7:55 am
at the apex of his head there was a very, very severe and clear injury at the apex, the very top that went from a back to front position. also, the second shot in the head you heard us speak about, that shot is here. is a little dot on the diagram, right by his hairline. that bullet went in there and came out near the eye area. that is very important. that is very important because it shows a back to front for both of those. and supports what the witnesses said about him trying to surrender to the officer. and his head was in a downward position, had to be for that to happen. those type of facts are clear. and we believe that given those kind of facts, this officer should have been arrested. those things speak for themselves. why would he be shot in the very top of his head, six foot four
7:56 am
man. makes no sense. and so, that's what we have. and that's why we believe that those two things alone are ample evidence for this officer to be arrested. >> good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> i want to continue the call and the plea for those that are reporting, for those that are investigating this case, to remain fair, to remain balanced and to look at this case for what it is. i can see that there's a very disturbing divide that is developing in our community and this is not what we initially came to the community and called for. a call was for fairness, it was for transparency. we had to have this autopsy so we can have information at our fingerprints that we can then
7:57 am
explain to those that have called me on multiple occasions, and i have not been able to say a word and i have not spoken to anybody about what i knew personally. this is this opportunity to get this information out. one thing i will address from a factual standpoint, i saw a news report this morning and one of the, i'm not sure if he was an officer or not but one person reported that the events last night may have been spurred by a trigger by the release of this autopsy. let me just tell you for a fact that this autopsy came out two hours later, after the law enforcement decision, authorities made a decision to converge on that crowd. and so if they want to make a connection between the release of this information and what happened last night, that connection is misplaced. thank you so much.
7:58 am
>> we will call dr. michael baden and professor sean parcels to discuss about their preliminary autopsy findings. >> sorry. thank you, ben. we're here as forensic sign tiffs. we're looking for information that is, from the autopsy and other scientific studies that will allow to us eventually reach final conclusions. but the question that is asked to me, most commonly in these types of situations, when somebody dies after an encounter with police, anywhere in this country, in other countries too, when it is predictable that there may be community concerns
7:59 am
and that the parents of the decedent doesn't trust the government because the government that is cause of death.
8:00 am
how many wounds, and meese important, did my loved ones suffer. pain and suffering is concerned. we can answer those questions on day one on the basis of the injuries. such as, when there is a damage to the brain, wound to the brain, i amimmediate loss of consciousness at that point and telling that to a family can often be very helpful at a trying time for the family.


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