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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 19, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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on what's going on in ferguson. in the meantime, we're going to do our after the show show, if you would like to watch, log on to right now. >> see you soon. luhansk. bill: thank you, guys. 9:00 in new york. ferguson, missouri descending into violence. angry protesters calm monday night suddenly got ugly tuesday morning. the protesters looting, setting fires, firing guns. >> anyone can understand there is a dangerous dynamic in the night. to allow a small number of violent agitators hide in the
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crowd, then attempt to create chaos. throwing molotov cocktails and shots fired, all of this acted with professionalism. once again not a single bullet fired by officers despite coming under heavy attack. martha: i'm martha maccallum. these protests started out peacefully but things changed at 10:00 local time with some protesters charging at the officers. the officers finding bottles filled with gasoline. >> reporter: shots fired, shots fired. here we go. shots fired. now they are firing the tear gas. you see it?
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the tear gas is out. there were a couple of pops that came. a lot of flashbacks, a lot of smoke. the smoke does have some tear gas in it. that's in my eyes. so a good bit of tear gas that went out. it sounded more like firecrackers that gotted everything started out here. mike tobin back up on the ground. tell us about what you experienced and how it transpired according to time last night. >> reporter: this is a road sign the kid pulled out into the middle of the street along with
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traffic markers and they made a barricade in the middle of the street. the officers with all their tactical gear. that's where the standoff started. you had the teargas coming in this direction and we had a gunman what i heard to the east side of the street. miss said there was a gunman to the west side of the street. there was another standoff with a suspected gunman inside of the quick trip store and another one at the red's barbeque place. the police are here pray paint and they are spraying over the violent graffiti. this is part of a chain link setup. they are going to fence off the quick trip property and also to prevent people from loitering here. you have a lot of people
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loitering here. bill: watching this video very carefully it seems like there are a lot of news cameras, still cameras that would be used for an internet website or newspaper and the number of reporters on the ground has grown by the day, and the number of police have grown by the day and it seems they far outnumber the protesters based on these pictures, is that true or not? >> reporter: there are times when it looks like the media outnumbers the protesters. you see all the demonstrators scamper while the media hangs around to get the pictures. you have the media outnumbering them. then the streets clear, lots of cameras, and you have got the kids out here, it seems like it's a game. that's where you have the captain ron yawn on, the police
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captain, saying this can't stand anymore. >> we can't have that. we do not want any citizen hurt. we don't want an for hurt. just shooting at apartment complexes. and children are laying in bed in apartment complexes and bullets are playing through the air. the old saying on the streets, a bullet has no name. >> reporter: that seems to be a reference to two people shot in random gunfire. to the kid out here this is a game. to the people shot it's deadly serious. they are saying express your rights to demonstrate but do it during the day because it gets dangerous at night. it looks like largely the moderate will his top that call. bill: ron wheeler said he met
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people who came in from new york from this. another said he met people from oakland, california who came in for this. do you have a sense about these protesters, those who actually live there versus those who come from the outside? bill: it would be tough to put a number on it but there are definitely outsiders, people attracted about it attention, and there are people here just to create mischief. people you see at the g8 or nato summ. people are making the molotov cocktails in preparation for the evening. there are people who show up specifically just to have a problem. bill: mike tobin back on the ground for us in ferguson, missouri. martha: we are getting surveillance video of more looting overnight. 15 people gathering outside a
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liquor store. they tried to kick and smash their way in. when that didn't work someone fired a gun in the window. for the store owner this is a rough night. he just closed up his shop 10 minutes before all of this broke out. with no signs of the silence subsiding president obama is sending attorney general eric holder there. he will arrive to personally oversee the investigation into the shooting of michael brown. >> while i understand the passions and anger that as rise over the death of michael brown, giving into that anger by looting or carrying guns or attacking the police only serves to raise tensions and stir chaos. it undermines rather than
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advancing justice. martha: leland vittert at the white house this morning. the president very careful with his word. >> reporter: careful in the way he talked about the investigation. he said he was watching closely the events, especially the fact that the missouri governor called up the national guard. the ferguson case has become a major story in washington and the department of justice has it pair hill investigation. >> i have to be very careful about not prejudging these events before investigations are completed because although these are issues of local yours diction, the d.o.j. works for me and i have got to make sure i don't look hike i'm putting my thumb on the scales one way or the other. >> reporter: the department
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obvious is investigation has the u.s. attorney's office in st. louis and on the other side it has at least 40 fbi investigators we are hearing are going door to door in st. louis as they lawn' their own investigation as to whether michael brown's civil rights were violated. martha: what will be eric holder's role? >> reporter: he's there to observe and brief. there has been a lot of tension between the justice department and the local authorities including the release of this video showing michael brown robbing the convenience store. the department obvious is did not want it released. obviously the local authorities did last friday. it's important to keep in mind the local prosecutor in st. louis county has his own investigation and his own grand jury. that eric holder has nothing to do with. the federal investigation pulled
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a run. bill: here is what brought us to this point. 10 days agree michael brown was shot and killed. 11:51 apartment m. saturday, august 9, a call went out about a robbery at a convenience store in ferguson, missouri. 9 minutes later officer darren wilson encountered michael brown on canfield drive. what happened next has been the subject of wide and intense debate. dr. michael baden was with us yesterday. he did a press conference after that. and he cannot determine whether his arms were up in the air or at his side. it seems like it's 50-50. the federal government conducted its own autopsy yesterday, were told. so that's number three so far object the body of michael brown. martha: so will the federal
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government help calm the situation in ferguson? what do you say about where this is going? send us a tweet @billhemmer and @marthamaccallum. bill: breaking developments from iraq this hour. isis is being driven from more iraqi towns. a major headline. former up n. am pass doer john bolton is on deck to talk about that. martha: two teens are now in jail accused of plotting to gun down people in their high school. details on how close police say they were to carrying it out. bill: charles krauthammer criticizing the president's response in ferg song so far. >> what he should be saying is it's wrong for a democratic society, you don't do that. i would love to hear hip say that. take 4 advil in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief.
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bill: as the search continues for information about the shooting down a commercial jet over ukraine, malaysia's defense minister says all 29 the 8 people onboard that plane were killed it was shot down off a pro-russian separatist controlled area.
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kurdish fighters pushed islamic militants out of two more towns. here is brand-new video showing kurdish troops moving into irbil. former ambassador john bolton is with me now. good morning to you, sir. we see isis taking towns. can we tell how good they are at holding those towns? >> i think the situation is very fluid. it's a plus when the kurdish or sunni forces can move ahead. but i think without a coherent overall strategy on the united states part, we'll see this flowing back and forth of control for the foreseeable future. bill: you were mentioning there might still be some fighting in tikrit. maybe we should talk about that mosul dam you mentioned.
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here it is in the northern part of the country that's apparently back in the hand of the islamic kurdish forces. you blow up that dam and look what happens here. you are 30 minutes from the water flooding mosul. the tigris river. baghdad is 12 hours away. the u.s. embassy is housed. how critical is it the kurdish fighters say we can take that despite the i. ement d.s that were set up at that dam. >> the intelligence helping the kurdish and iraqi forces. very important to get that dam back. it provide electricity for much of northwestern iraq,
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irrigation. the notion that the terrorists isis could have blown that dam up and the isolation is enormous. but it puts the u.s. use of force at the outer limits of the constraints president obama put on it and it raises the fundamental question. what should our objective be. i think it should be destroying isis. we did not hear that from him specifically yesterday. when candidate whether we have responsibility to do something about iraq. now you are up to 44%. and the numbers seem to increase by the week. >> i give the american people freight credit for understanding the implications if isis can consolidate its hold over the territory it now has. these people are barbarians. they are killing christians and yazidis and other minorities.
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if they can control territory other terrorists will can drawn to hem like a magnet. they will use that territory to launch attacks against the united states. with a little leadership by the president saying it's far better to address that terrorist threat there rather than worrying about it here, i think he has support up to and including ground forces. but it requires leadership. bill: you have news on tikrit. >> there were reports initially that iraqi forces had retaken ground from isis. but that's under question. without a concerted centrally, isis demonstrated both guerrilla and conventional war-fighting capabilities that the iraqi government still beset by
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political crises. the sunnis still without leadership need the united states involved and we should not shy she way from it. this is the moment to go after isis not after they consolidated their hold against the syria-iraq border. bill: the president of kurdistan, i would like to send a message we need more and better weapons. end quote. martha: eric holder will be heading to ferguson, missouri. what will he accomplish there and will he be able to help the situation. bill: raising kids can be expensive in america. now we know how much you can expect to shell out for your pride and joy. the parental sticker shock.
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bill: you may not recognize the face but you know the face. long time "saturday night live" producer don pardo dies at 96. he even prerecord the announcement from his home after he retired. the only announcer to be given the honor of being inducted into
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the hall of fame. he passed away at his home in tucson, arizona. after a big, big life. martha: we are getting word in that a ceasefire has been broken between israel and hamas. connor powell is in jerusalem. what's likely to happen tonight now that this ceasefire has been broken. >> we understand prime minister benjamin netanyahu has ordered retaliatory airstrikes in gaza. but neither size have the stomach too go back to the intense fighting we have seen the past month or so. egypt is hosting negotiations between israel and hamas.
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a long-term agreement that satisfies both sides seems unlikely tonight. no rockets from hamas, which is a big if, will allow israel to ease the blockade around gaza. but the big issues like a seaport and the total disarming of hamas in the gaza strip. those seem unlikely to be decided tonight. martha: why is there optimism a second round of talks will succeed here when they have failed before. >> reporter: the demand and issues haven't changed but a lot of crucial points have changed. the international communities, particularly the eu seems reluctant to commit large-scale
6:27 am
money for funding in gaza for reconstruction without a long-term agreement between palestinians and israel. hamas is holding the bodies of two dead soldiers. israel has to talk with hamas to get these bodies back. hamas has broken cease fires before and israel doesn't trust hamas, hamas doesn't trust israel. there is a lot of reason for pessimism but the two sides are going to continue talking. bill: we'll see how israel responds. more violence in ferguson. the president coming out to address the american people. what he said creating a new debate and we'll have that fair and balanced. martha: the clippers trying to
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turn the page. the new owner making quite a splash. >> to we have any clipper fans here? i can't hear you! so you always get flavor that's anything but flat. new flatbread sandwiches, try one today.
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martha: u.s. attorney general eric holder heading to ferguson tomorrow as protests continue to erupt in the st. louis suburb. many critics questioning why the obama administration is getting involved in this situation. charles krauthammer says the president should be co -- shoule condemning this violence in stronger terms. >> what he should be saying is it's wrong. in a democratic society you don't do that. i would like to hear him saying ringingly rather than saying
6:32 am
only one hand, on the other hand. we have the law on one side and rioters on the other. it isn't a hard choice between them. martha: what do you think about what charles said? >> i think charles has a little understanding about what it's like to live in the inner city and black neighborhoods. i think obama has been very measured. he has pointed out the looters and violent people -- nobody points out 90% of these people are peaceful. always defend the comes. if you live in a black neighborhood where you had to put up with an awful lot of arrests by police. it's not surprising when you hear a kid got shot, even if the end you learn the kid was going after the cop.
6:33 am
martha: don't we need to be encouraging everybody -- nobody is discussing the peaceful protesters. what is at issue is the violence. >> has anybody coughed the peaceful protesters? martha: every day we watch the peaceful protesters marching in that town. >> a lot of people in this communities believe this kid was murdered in cold blood. you have rallies in churches and prayer vigils. what you don't do is go and destroy the businesses of innocent people. those innocent people who own those businesses live in those communities as well. there is no excuse for firebombing them and stealing their things. at the end of the day all the cops and national guard are trying to do is top that from happening. will it stop tomorrow? you would have none of it. >> the reality is this should be condemned.
6:34 am
obama has condemned it three times. and lot of outsiders are coming to agitate. >> that's fine. that's why you need the police to enforce the law. looting and stealing is wrong, i support the police and the national guard and all they reasonably can do to top it. he's not going to take a side open what with the outcome is going to be. >> he should. >> why? do you know what happened that night? my own gut reaction is the kid had hand up and he was shot and murdered. that's my own gut reaction. >> why do you firebomb a domino's pizza. martha: that what this discussion is all about. what do we do about the scenes we are seeing in this american city. isn't the president in a unique position if he chooses to speak out:this to say you are not getting here, you are not
6:35 am
getting anywhere with this violence. and put yourself in a position of those store owners. imagine how frightened they feel going into that area. they busted through the windows and stole all the inventory. this is wrong. somebody needs to be a leader in this situation and say back off, you are threatening innocent people. >> this is what president obama said. he denounced those rioters for doing that. the reaction around many people is let's take the cops' side. if i lived in that upper city ghetto, then maybe he could say something. obama has spoken. as an african-american i think he understands much better than anybody else does. >> you need a full and fair investigation of the shooting. and if the facts warrant, an indictment and trial. >> i couldn't agree with you
6:36 am
more. nobody is arguing that. nobody is arguing it either. >> you sounds like you are making excuses. >> what i'm saying is the knee jerk reaction that the cop wasn't doing anything. also to understand that people when see see something and hear something like this their reaction is to get * angry. >> no one is condemning that. what they are con deputy can is the 10% fringe that goes and causes mayhem. >> obama denounced that. >> the united states should full throatedly con deputy the looting. >> he did condemn the looting. martha: you believe the president has done enough. charles kraut hamr hammer believes has not. the goal has not been
6:37 am
accomplished because it keeps happening. it keeps happening every single night, and you do seem to be saying you are understanding of their feeling. and understanding -- >> there were two town hall meetings that nobody coughed that were five days ago where people showed up and it was overflowing and there were decent and respectable people arguing with the police. people overwhelmingly not rioting and doing this stuff were not getting the coverage they should -- and i can understand that from a news perspective. these are horrible things to go on and the president said there is no excuse. he said three times there is no excuse for this kind of violence and you shouldn't do this. >> when people burn down businesses and rob them for no reason, that's newsworthy. you can't expect a news organization to turn away from
6:38 am
that. that's news. we had this whole thing, these people are throwing rocks at the cops because the the cops are militarized. the cops demilitarized and what happened. the day after that they got ransacked. those people are innocent. >> why do you keep coming back to that? i'm not disagreeing. you show me some foot and of those town hall meetings and i'll be happy to see it. >> there has been wall-to-wall korming of ferguson for -- coverage for a week. and you need the police to stop the violence. >> i agree. they should be arrested and prosecuted. and this cop ought to be arrested and prosecuted, too. martha: if the facts warrant i don't think anyone disagrees
6:39 am
with that. thank you. martha: as walky forces take back territory from isis pope francis endorses their actions. how unusual is this? >> reporter: it's very unusual despite the fact that you talk about christians waging jihad or waging crusades, basically popes in recent years have been haven't opposed to any military intervention in the middle east. there is a case in the church for just war and it seems the vatican is building it. he came back after his trip to seoul, south korea. but it seem the massacre of christians in iraq for their faith crossed his red line. he was candidate if he supported
6:40 am
airstrikes against isis in iraq. >> in these cases where an unjust aggression i can only say it's needed to stop the aggressor. i'm not saying bombing or make war. but to stop him. the means by which he must be stopped must be evaluated. >> "stop." he chose his words very carefully. when you say stop isis i think it's clear that's not going to be through economic sanctions or negotiations. he did go on to say that this -- any sort of action would have to be in the context of, for example, the united nations, and he also said, he's not just concerned about the persecution of christians but of all minorities right now in iraq. bill: amy kellogg on that story out of london.
6:41 am
martha: after months of controversy over their former owner the nba's los angeles clippers now officially have a new guy in that position. former microsoft ceo steve ballmer. that's enough to fire a guy up. >> do we have any clippers fans here? i can't hear you! we got pretty darn deep in the playoffs. but not what we wanted. and it's fantastic for me to have this opportunity. martha: he's fired up. the forerunner donald sterling was pressured to sell the clippers as we all remember. he's serious fan. for just $2 billion. bill: imagine being in the board
6:42 am
room with that guy. that's a boss with a big "b." eric holder will go to ferguson, missouri. what can the a.g. accomplish? we'll take you to an insider at the department of justice. martha: racing your cute little kid why is is getting a lot more expensive. but why? wait until you hear the latest price tag.
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bill: what canned the ag accomplish on the ground in
6:46 am
ferguson, missouri. congressman, you have got a lot of experience with the department of justice and this is why we brought you on today to pick your brain to find out why eric holder is doing this. you said he expressed a lot of personal interest in this story. >> it's extremely uncommon. yesterday the justice department issued a statement in the name of the attorney general in which he said i informed the president of my plan to go to missouri. the top general is making * clear, very public. this is something he's personally invested in a way that's unique in my experience. >> what does that tell us? so he told the president, i want to go to ferguson. what does that tell us? >> it's a symbolic questionsture. it's a symbol i can
6:47 am
questionsture. the attorney general is not going to be conducting witness interview. it's a symbolic gesture intended to send a message to the public at large that this investigation is a top priority. they are willing to send a top law enforcement official to personally go to missouri. >> what can he accomplish? >> i think it's rallying the troops, sending a message to the people man the administration's view they hope it will calm tensions. >> talk about a commitment. a lot of the resources go into this. have you been able to gauge that and weigh the significance of that decision? >> it's an extraordinary commitment. the last report i saw was they had 50 fbi agents from all off the country. they are basicallied inning the
6:48 am
don't. it's an extraordinary level of commitment for an incident of this nature. a single victim incident where they are sending investigators and forensic an hiss they are making the commitment of federal resources even though there is a parallel state investigation. bill: you seem to suggest it's not justified. these are fashion and and international headlines for 10 days. why is the response not justified. >> when you see what going on it would be anomalous for the justice department to ignore it. the attorney general and others in the justice department made statements calling into question the legitimacy of the state investigation. the attorney general made comments about how when we are
6:49 am
conducting this legitimate investigation we could do such and such. the danger is he's sending a signal to the justice department and prosecutors in missouri there is a correct outcome here. i don't want to say he prejudged it you the statement he's making could leave people to conclude there is a right way and a wrong way to do things in the name of the attorney general. bill: you have to be careful that what you say can prejudge the events on the ground and run counter to the facts. thank you for your time. we'll see how this goes tomorrow. out of washington. martha: what could have been a major humanitarian crisis averted as iraqi and kurdish forces retake control of the country's largest dam. this is a big story. what comes next? >> police saying they busted up a mass shooting plot at a high
6:50 am
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bill: new parents you have been warned. the cost of raising your pride and joy is going up. new parents will spend an average of $250,000. that quarter of a million for food and shelter and other expenses until your kids turn 18. the cost varies depending on where you live. parents in the northeast will spend more, raising a child will cost less in the south. martha: someone should have told me that.
6:54 am
times three kid, you are going to be here a while. martha: two teens are now under arrest after police uncovered a disturbing plot at a southern california high school. versus versus say the two students were making very specific plans to begun down three named staff members and as many student as they could. the boys were researching rifles and machine guns and explosives. >> reporter: somebody tipped off school officials these students were planning an attack. the police kept twowntd surveillance for four days. versus versus say the two were entering their senior year at south pasadena high. they were researching how to obtain weapons and turn propane tanks into explosives like those
6:55 am
at columbine. they searched the boys' homes monday. one resist and was taken into city as he tried to run. three teachers and four student were named on the boys' kill list. >> the thought that someone would come to this school with firearms and kill as many teachers and students as possible. >> we are thinking about prom, not killing people. i almost started crying picturing it and stuff. >> reporter: according to some of those fellow student, one of the boys arrested was described as awkward and low key. we expect charges today. martha: when do they start classes? >> reporter: classes begin thursday, south pasadena an afliewntd suburb of los angeles. the superintendent said this, the police have the situation
6:56 am
under control. '. psychologists and counselors will be available at the high school to support student and employees. the mother of the kid said he never saw it coming and the father is concerned about his kid. bill: the chaos continues in ferguson. the fate of the officer who shot and killed michael brown is now in question. what we are learning about a grand jury and whether the officer used excessive force. martha: an suv drives into a pizza place. detail thes on this serious crash.
6:57 am
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martha: police officers under attack and a city under siege. violence once again overtaking ferguson, missouri. watch this. [shouting]
7:00 am
martha: bad out there last night. people demonstrating over the police shooting of michael brown gave way to the chaos. people firing guns, looting. they through molotov -- threw cocktail at the police. police did not fire back. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. it has been 10 days in fact. 31 people arrested overnight. two people shot, police say not by them as looters are now bringing guns to the mob scene. police struggling to keep the town together. >> this nation is watching each and everyone of us. this nation is watching law enforcement and this nation is watching media. i will tell you, if we're going to solve this, they will have to do it together. we're going to have to do it together. i want you to think about that tonight. we're going to have to do it together. >> emotional ron johnson last
7:01 am
night. lou dobbs with us now, host of "lou dobbs tonight" on fox business network. >> thank you, martha. martha: what is your take what you're seeing on here? >> first it is sad for all americans to witness what is transpiring in ferguson. the, the, heart-felt statements by johnson, captain johnson of the state patrol, as he is encouraging the community to come together, but who is listening? the governor in missouri has imposed a curfew over the weekend and withdrawn it even as he sends in the national guard. the city and county officials sending in police in camouflage. we understand emotions are running high and tensions are high. and it is a dangerous, toxic, environment right now. in ferguson. but this is a time for the president of the united states, instead of talking about excessive force, to be talking about extraordinary needs and demands for patriotism and understanding on all parties.
7:02 am
this has turned into a cauldron of, in which people are leaping to conclusions. they're not simply jumping to them. they're leaping to them. there is also a almost a litmus test, if you conclude that brown was bull rushing the police, that, puts you on one side of the argument. if you conclude, that he was, the one who robbed that store as he obviously was, you have somehow transgressed against reverend al sharpton's view of what is open and transparent and fair. this is, this is a time for the governor, the mayor, all of the city officials to be standing up. the president, he send eric holder, when, i personally believe it would be a great time for the first african-american president in this nation's history to walk into that community and embrace everyone there and try to bring order. >> really? so you think that the president should go himself? >> yeah.
7:03 am
martha, the reason i say that is his policies, as president, the unemployment rate in ferguson, a community of 21, we're talking a community of just 21,000 people, black unemployment is three times that of white unemployment. the community itself has a 13% unemployment rate, more than double that of the national average. the household net worth in that community is $10,000. a third less than the national average. these are the results of policies on the part of the state government, the local community and the president of the united states. what better time to diffuse matters, in the shooting by going in and assuring everybody there will be honesty and forthright dealing, there will be no ambiguity about the conclusions. and for the president to see first-hand what happens when you
7:04 am
don't push job creation, you don't push prosperity for all americans. martha: very interesting take, lou, because when people step back and look at the broader picture what most people see is race. >> exactly. martha: and a population that is upset at a police force and that it has been brewing for some time but you're seeing something very different as the underlying reason for the anger that is overflow today. >> coupled if i may, martha, with agitation from reverend jesse jackson who had the audacity to say this is state execution without possession of single fact other than the death of michael brown at hand. al sharpton talking, i mean, basically working to incite people in that small community, who will remain there long after he is gone. martha: lou dobbs, thank you very much. >> good to be with you, martha. >> president obama wading in a bit deeper in the issues in missouri. attorney general eric holder will personally head up the
7:05 am
investigation. wendell goler from the white house. was the intent of the president's comments during the preannounced break from his august vacation yesterday afternoon, wendell? >> reporter: the president aimed to trying a balance understanding the need for law and order and needs for black community in ferguson. he cite ad gulf of mistrust between local residents and law enforcement in too many communities in this country. he appealed for calm and understanding on all side and all sides is important because there appear to be more than two sides, the president says it is not clear, those inciting the violence are seen from ferguson. some of the locals were clearly trying to tamp it down. mr. obama said it is true that young black men commit crimes and interact with law enforcement too often but he also said that there are things that police can do to establish trust. >> this is not an argument that there isn't real crime out there and law enforcement doesn't have difficult job. but what is also true, is that given the history of this country, where we can make
7:06 am
progress in building up more confidence, more trust, making sure that our criminal justice system is acutely aware of the possibilities of disparities in treatment. >> mr. obama says that is a long-term project but short term he said we have take ma sure the cause of justice and fair administration of the law is wrought -- brought to ferguson. that is why he is sending attorney general holder. bill: was that his decision or the president's decision to go to missouri? >> i believe that was the president's decision and reaction is cautious. the president was cautious in announcing it. he recognized the justice department is a federal agency and didn't want to put his thumb on the scales in his words but in addition to holder going there tomorrow, a federal medical examiner conduct ad third autopsy on michael brown yesterday. wisconsin republican congressman paul ryan says it is important the feds don't take over. >> i believe local officials are
7:07 am
clearly the, boots on the ground. that is the jurisdiction but there is no problem with the federal government having a role but in all of these things local control, local government, local authorities who had the jurisdiction, who had the expertise who are actually there are the people who should be in the lead. >> reporter: missouri republican senator roy blunt spoke to the president who called it a parallel investigation and he supports it. bill? bill: wendell goler at the white house. martha? >> the violence in ferguson has slowly spun out of control but it all started 10 days ago after the shooting death of michael brown. public protesters began to gather in the streets. bill: by thursday of last week after several days of violent clashes the governor, jay nixon, arrived in ferguson announced that security was turned over to the missouri highway patrol led by captain ron johnson. martha: on saturday the governor declared a state of emergency and implement ad curfew. bill: after the curfew was lifted, violent protests
7:08 am
continued throughout the night. we'll see whether the curfew is on or off later tonight. we don't know the results of the third autopsy apparently carried out on yesterday, on monday. martha: as soon as we get details we'll bring them to you. this fox news alert. iraqi and kurdish forces retaking the country's largest dam away from isis militants. big development after dozens of us air strikes. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is live in northern iraq. greg, what is the latest on the fighting from where you are now? >> reporter: martha we're here 20 miles from that mosul dam and hearing from folks on the ground near the structure and they say there is it still some skirmishing to the south, die-hard isis militants clashing with peshmerga forces. they have their hands full diffusing explosives rigged to the structure. but yes, that dam pretty much under the complete control of peshmerga fighters and iraqi security forces. meanwhile to the south, further
7:09 am
south of where we are, in the town of tikrit, the old hometown of saddam hussein, also word of clashes between isis militants and security forces. that town has been in the hands of militants since june. there has been a lot of effort to take that back, martha. martha: what are you hearing about a new push for relief for the refugees, greg? >> reporter: a big one. i am told, martha, dohuk is the epicenter of the refugee crisis. there are something like 600,000 refugees here in this one northern iraqi province alone. it will be one of the focuses new united nations humanitarian aid push. it is by air, by land and by sea to bring more help to these very needy people. the u.s. is involved, the u.k., other european country as well as mid-east countries. i'm told the situation remains very dire. i'm told the u.n. wants to expand number of refugee camps
7:10 am
reported driven from their homes by militants. as we were driving into the city, martha, we saw signs of this refugee flood, unfinished buildings with whole families camped out, underneath looking for any kind of shelter. a real human tragedy, martha. martha: desperate situation for them. greg, thank you very much. bill: a part of the story we really haven't gotten to yet so stay tuned. will the officer that shot michael brown face charges? a grand jury about to be convened in ferguson, missouri. martha: as we saw the violence we're reminded about all the shooting deaths around the country each day. why do we hear more about this than those? we'll talk about that in a fair and balanced debate. bill: raging wildfires so dangerous. more than 10,000 people are ordered out for safety. >> it is right there but, we still got a little bit. >> all of the businesses have been getting calls to close down. i mean we're waiting for further instructions. >> it just exploded.
7:11 am
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7:15 am
and eight structures were damaged. martha: as we watch the scenes unfold in ferguson, missouri, we're reminded of all the shooting deaths that happen across this country, tragedies every single day for families across this nation. so why does this tragedy get so much national attention while so many others do not? it is worth some thought. david webb, host of the david webb radio show on siriusxm patriot. leslie marshall, syndicated radio talk show host. both are fox news contributors. welcome to both of you. i can not help but think about the grieving families across this nation who have lost loved ones to violence and wonder how they feel when they see the enormous amount of attention that the death of this young man receives. as i said, we all feel for his mother and for his father and his grandfather but there are some families out there who have lost a child to senseless
7:16 am
violence, david. what do you think about that? >> martha, one of the things that happens here, it gets attention because you have a young black man being shot by a police officer whose white. therefore you get the dynamic of police and citizen and then that is just more newsworthy as the organizations see it. there is a bit of irresponsibility here however. when you have the numbers of people being shot in cities like chicago, the individual tragedies, whatever city it may be in, they're not getting the coverage because they're not deemed newsworthy but by the numbers they're certainly parents who are hurting, parents who have lost their children. so there is responsibility on the media here. the other side of this, you get the typical, what i call the grievance industry that goes out there where it is more about the narrative and court of public opinion rather than the facts and investigation that needs to play out and tragically in ferguson, protest, peaceful protests by concerned citizens are polluted by instigators,
7:17 am
thugs, criminals, the new black panther party and all these other elements. martha: there is so often we jump to conclusions and i'm just reminded of one case and it is different, this is not a case that involves police but the case of brendan tevlin in new jersey, 19 years old. he was gunned down in his family car by three individuals taken into custody and charged with his murder. i think we have a picture of them as well. the pain that is is felt by his family. i can only imagine his community watches this and says, where was the outrage over what happened to this boy? leslie, what are your thoughts on that? >> well, i have to say, almost everything david said this morning i agree with. i lived in chicago and there is certainly outrage there. as there was with this young man. but there is reality and reality is, the media covers things like a paper, for example, that are going to sell papers. people love when it has to do
7:18 am
with law enforcement and a citizen. people seem to love in voyeuristic way the divide with race. i know there was a divide with race in the case you just cited with this young man, but for some reason, when it is white on black crime, there is more outrage and more people are interested. it seems like when black on black crime over this black on white crime, whites are just not as interested and media is just not as interested in covering it. martha: there was a young boy, devonte, 17 years old, riding his bicycle this week in chicago 11:30 at night, he was shot and killed. on the part of society. forget the press a moment, david, but what is the outrage among people? we talked about peaceful protest and merited in this country, and are we asleep? do we not see devastation in other cases i have just shown? perhaps there should be more peaceful protests to draw more people's attention actually what is going on the streets of this country, david?
7:19 am
>> martha, there needs to be, you hit the nail on the head, the people, we're the ones who consume the media, we watch it, click on it online. it is time we decide it is more important to look at the overall issue. you have a case of tevllin. this young man, graduated from seton hall school i know well. usually someone bright future, murdered by three black youth. doesn't get outrage. another case in oklahoma, there was young australian man murdered again, shot down in a "thrill kill." frankly to the people of america, stop surrendering your quote, leadership to these community leaders like al sharpton and others who gin up this black-white dynamic the way leslie described it while not paying attention to issue of terrible tragedy of murders committed against innocent civilians regardless of the color dynamic and frankly hypocrisy not giving same
7:20 am
attention to a white kid murdered by three black men. what is his life not as valuable as michael brown's or vice verse is is a? martha: leslie. >> david, i do agree with you there and certainly every person, every child's life is and should be valuable. david, you know this much more than i do because you are a african-american and you are a male and you were a african-american teen male. i certainly never will be any of those. i think when we look at, you know, the history in this community, the oppression, the lack of trust, i heard this morning, a woman in figurer on whose son was arrested with handcuffs, 14 years old, for skateboarding. when you have that feeling, when you have the constant oppression, when you have constant lack of trust, and when you feel so leery of law enforcement, this is like a powder keg. this is what we've seen in ferguson. speaking of, if we just had peaceful protests which i certainly hope and pray we would have in ferguson, the press wouldn't be there en masse as
7:21 am
they are. martha: that is a right and perhaps, perhaps we need to use it to bring attention to some more of these cases because there are children all across this country whose families are mourning as his family is today. we want to remember all of them to the extent that is possible. leslie, david, thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. bill: 21 past. there are break headlines from iraq today. two towns declaring victory over the terrorists. general jack keane weighs in on that. also -- martha: johnny manziel, new quarterback of cleveland browns, gets carried away and he is in a bit of hot water today. we'll show you what he did. what do we have blanked out in the picture. what could he possibly be doing? bill: he is number one. martha: that is what he is talking about. ♪
7:22 am
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7:25 am
martha: cleveland browns rookie quarterback johnny manziel drawing a little bit of attention to himself last night for all the wrong reasons. he lost his cool. took out his frustration on washington's bench, offering not so, there we go, not so friendly gesture. cameras were there to catch it. who would have thought cameras around in middle of that stadium. he avoided penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. manziel said he should have been, quote, should have been smarter. bill: will be a lot of fun to watch. because he is number one. martha: that is what he meant? bill: that's what he meant. >> that's what he meant. bill: "johnny football." 25 past, fox news alert. major blow against terrorists in iraq. two small towns claiming victory today a day after the country's largest dam near mosul was freed
7:26 am
following dozens of us air strikes. general jack keane, chairman of the institute for study of war and fox news military analyst and good morning to you. do you put this in the category of a big deal or not? >> yeah it is. this is the first setback for isis to be sure. this is a piece of strategic critical infrastructure that they truly want to control. they want to control all of the utilities, bill, oil, water and certainly electricity. this infrastructure, this mosul dam is about water and electricity. they certainly did not want to give that up. it is also a big pat on the back here for the peshmerga. we knew they're tough. we know they're disciplined. they were outgowned here with us air power they were no longer outgunned. i'm convinced we gave valuable intelligence not only to the pilots but to ground forces largely kurds with some iraqi forces. i'm also convinced we probably had advisors with them to coordinate the air power. very good use of combat power. bill: would that qualify as
7:27 am
boots on the ground? >> we've had boots on the ground now for weeks, make no his take about it. we try to say they're not combat forces in a combat role but have boots on the ground. bill: apparently john bolton said there is activity in tikrit, just north of baghdad. remember that is saddam hussein's former hometown. we'll see how that development goes. meantime in the north, could they have done any of this without the us air strikes? >> highly unlikely. the peshmerga continue to be outgunned. they need desperately to get heavy weapons. they need antitank weapons, heavy machine guns, mortars. i think they need up-armored humvees ironically, the opponents, sighs isis have plenty of taking them from the iraqi army. some of that is starting to arrive. cia is distributing small arms and ammunition. some countries pitch in and but they need a lot more. bill: the question seems i come to, general, they seem to take
7:28 am
towns but can they hold towns? what is your view on behalf of islamic terrorists? >> it remains to be seen. isis, i think we're going to need a coordinated campaign and strategy to deal with them. what we have to understand here, the president did change the strategy without saying so. the strategy was protect irbil and protect the refugees in the vicinity of mount sinjar. this was offensive air power to take back something we had lost. if he continues in that light, if he continues to use air power offensively i'm absolutely convinced we'll start to damage isis but right now isis still has the initiative and the freedom of movement largely throughout most of iraq and also in syria. in the north we're just gypping to turn that around. we will see how that continues. bill: come back to our strategy. do you sense that the president is getting, i don't know, if the right phrase is, dragged back into this or not? but the tendency appears based
7:29 am
on your answers he does not have an option here? the u.s. military and our involvement must be maintained, if not increased in order to knock isis out, true or not? >> that's true. we can stop isis to a certain degree with air power but we can not defeat it. to defeat it we need the combination of ground forces peshmerga, reconstituted iraqi army, which will take work and eventually reconciled sunni tribes. all of that we'll need advisors. that won't be hundreds. that will likely be to be thousands to be frank about it. i think we'll do this incrementally. there will be increase after this iraqi government newly formed and reconstituted and starts moving in the right direction. the president inmplied as much in his statement but yes he is doing this begrudgingly. doing this with some degree of reluctance, he staked the claim he was ending war as we all know. bill: general jack keane out of washington today. thank you, sir.
7:30 am
>> good to talk to you as always, bill. bill: you as well. martha: the violence in ferguson, missouri raising questions about the equipment the police rolled out in the violent protests. was that justified? bill: a car jumping a curb leading to serious injuries inside of that pizza shop and a big mess left behind. >> it was horrible. nothing i have ever seen in my life. it was a big bang. everything was, it was unreal. like, outrageous as people scattered everywhere. 24/7 24/7 it's just i'm a little reluctant to try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates.
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so ally bank really has no hidden fethat's right. accounts? it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates. police dealing with incidents such as these here. [shouting] bill: there was looting vandalism, two people shot
7:34 am
overnight, they say not by police. 34 arrests. critics take aim at use of heavy military gear by police. but highway patrol captain ron johnson heading up law enforcement efforts there, defending the police response saying officers need equipment to handle dangerous criminal behavior. listen. >> we have been criticized for using swat trucks during protests. we did not deploy those into the crowd until things deteriorated. and tonight, we use ad swat trucks and another large vehicle to get into a violent, dangerous area to extract a gunshot victim. bill: we have former new york city homicide detective now with me in studio. good morning to you. >> how are you? >> i'm fine. you have a lot of experience managing this. how are they managing it so far. >> this is not easy. a lot had training but never the experience being in a riot.
7:35 am
a riot is really intense and emotions that you have there, police are not used to that in some sense. they have to really use caution and really wait until something happens before they join in. bill: do you support the move to bring in the state police? did you support the move to bring in the national guard? was it necessary? >> i think at this point the local police, and they called in all kind of police from the areas, i think they had over 300 officers there at the time. so i think the governor thought that they needed the national guard to come in there because the rioters didn't stop. even after the national guard were there, the rioters kept going. where are these rioters from? they are instigators want police to overreact and do something so think can riot and do those -- bill: you're 10 days in, i imagine the tactics change by the day, then the dough? >> they do. the police get used to it. they know who is going. they know the street where they will demonstrate and what could possibly happen in the area. before that they weren't aware where they went because they would use different groups,
7:36 am
would spin off go in different areas. this is the, the people that are demonstrating. bill: right. >> listen, the rioters are ruining this whole thing about michael brown what happened to him and taking away any kind -- really the police and the community have to get together here and try to stop this. bill: you have to stop this too, with video from last night, surveillance video inside of the store. i don't know what the store was, but a lot of looting happened inside of the store. you will see that in a moment. you have to stop that. >> you know what happens? looters, if owner is in those, can they hear me? bill: i can hear you. >> if the looters, if there is owner in those stores, do you think they will still loot that with the owners in there? yeah. they're common criminals doing something like this. bill: lines are being blurred among the locals now. folks from the outside. i imagine that is got to be a big challenge to try to figure that out? >> they will. obviously a major problem down there. so everybody has to get together and really try to solve this
7:37 am
problem. i'm calling about the police and community. bill: gil, thank thank you for r expertise. former nypd homicide detective, gil alba. >> thank you. bill: martha. martha: there are worries that the isis terror group is using social media to expand their reach wordwide. counterterrorism sources say the group posting names and location of intelligence officers online. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us live from washington. what do we know about this and their operations, catherine? >> reporter: thank you, martha. our counterterrorism source confirms to fox news that isis is outing agents from foreign intelligence service, at least 30 in the last few months, posting names, locations and photos on social media. the source who asked not to be identified given sensitivity of the investigation said photos recently posted by this group isis, you see them there in iraq, showing the white house and chicago. these i am imagines designed to
7:38 am
show the group has global reach beyond iraq and syria. fox learned secret service was alerted to photo outside of the white house august 9th and they are investigating the posted threat to chicago. separately u.s. intelligence officials say isis presents a credible alternative to al qaeda in pakistan and there is strong evidence that foreign fighters are leaving iraq and returning home, they believe to set up cells on behalf of isis. martha: any isis settles found outside of iraq and syria where we know them to be? >> reporter: u.s. intelligence officials confirm foreign fighters are tasked to establish cells in their home country or dog it on their own initiative. they were arrested in kosovo, part of former yugoslavia. they had weapons and some hidden in makeshift amongs that double as recruiting stations. >> these are real threats to the united states and our european allies and they have thousands of people who are showing up for
7:39 am
jihad that have western passports. that is a recipe for disaster for the united states, if we do not deal with it. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence officials also assess the group is presenting a credible alternative to al-zawahiri the successor to usama bin laden because they are winning war with quick response team with postings after major events and isis is using social media to effectively sideline al qaeda old guard, martha. martha: catherine, thank you very much. >> reporter: you're welcome. bill: frightening scene in los angeles. this. is uv slamming inside of a pizza shop. seven people injured and including a baby and five-year-old boy suffered serious head trauma. no identification of driver but police are investigating. martha: grand jury about to convene in ferguson, missouri. will the officer who shot michael brown, face charges, and if so, what might the charges
7:40 am
end up being? a legal panel with the real story of the legal side of this coming up. bill: a high-profile republican calling charges against texas governor rick perry a conspiracy, sharing his own experience with the very same prosecutors in texas. >> this is what they do. this is how they intimidate the elected officials in the state legislature and the governor and around the state. if you say anything bad or against this office, they will go after you. factors like dietn negatively impact good bacteria? even if you're healthy and active. phillips digestive health support is a duo-probiotic that helps supplement good bacteria found in two parts of your digestive tract. i'm doubly impressed! phillips' digestive health. a daily probiotic.
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bill: former house majority leader tom delay calling charges against texas governor rick perry a political vendetta. delay was indicted by same prosecutors back in 2005, same prosecutors office, on charges of money laundering. he was later acquitted but former congressman talked about that today on "fox & friends." >> these people, for 30 years have been doing this to their enemies, democrat or republican,
7:44 am
and they have intimidated the state legislature because they're only accountable to the voters of travis county, which is the most liberal county in texas, if not the nation. bill: the charges against governor rick perry stem from his defunding ofage agency run by this woman, d.a. rosemary lehmberg because she refused to resign after she was arrested for drunk driving. martha: we go back to our top story now in the growing outrage in ferguson, missouri. many in the community demanding that the officer involved in shooting of michael brown be arrested. they say that will turn the tide what is going on in the streets. tomorrow prosecutors hope to present evidence to a grand jury. so the actual legal process is about to start here. they will decide whether officer darrin wilson used excessive force. if so, what the charge should be. joining me now, defense attorney brian claypool. he has worked on cases regarding
7:45 am
excessive force use by the police and kevin, and keith sullivan, also a defense attorney. brian, let me start with you. as we look forward to the beginning of this grand jury process what do you think is going to be foremost in their mind in what is presented to them? >> well, martha, first of all, over the past decade i have handled 10 shooting death cases, four involved unarmed men. two of those men were white. one was black, one hispanic. you made a great point earlier about police brutality is blind to race. with that said, this grand jury is going to want to hear information about how this shooting took place. remember there are two shootings. one outside of the patrol car and one in the street. i do have a real problem though with the fact that the grand jury process is starting so fast. my experience has been in these cases that it takes months. i had a case where it took a year for all of the investigative work to come together because you could even present it to a grand jury. so i a fear here we're reacting
7:46 am
out of public outcry instead of getting all the facts together but the autopsy report here is going to be crucial. and i will tell you why. one of those shots went above his right eye but traveled downward through his cheek into his arm. that suggests, mike brown is 6'4". that strongly suggests that he was falling forward or near the ground when he was shot by darren wilson. that is a real problem for darren wilson. martha: i think that forensics, you're right, will play such a big role in this in terms of the entry of those bullets because we know from other cases you can really trace the direct where the bullet must have come from the place it enters. another big issue, the d.a. in st. louis county, bob mccullough, keith, he has been there 23 years, son of a police officer who was murdered in a shootout.
7:47 am
some people say that puts him in a difficult position in this case. what do you think about that, keith. >> that is nonsense. he is elected by the people, he is objective and shouldn't be a problem. i do agree there is rush to get to grand jury. they don't even have control of the city yet. they need a death grip on that city, round up the proper witnesses, to run in there so quickly after the shooting took place is ridiculous. i wanted delay for different reason. not to strengthen the case for the grand jury because i believe a full and proper and fair investigation will indicate that there is absolutely no basis whatsoever, that this should go to the grand jury. if this police officer is indicted it is an absolute travesty. martha: why do you say that? >> all the facts coming out day after day, hour after hour we get more information and more favorable for the police officer. it is what is known in law enforcement circles as a good shooting, okay? the question is very simple. boil it down to its bare bones. did this officer have a reasonable belief that his life was in danger from either death
7:48 am
or serious bodily injury? if the answer to that simple inquiry yes he is legally authorized to shoot. we should not be listening to the likes of shady sharpton and nonsense happening down there. the president should not be involved. eric holder should not be involved. get control of that city, do a proper investigation and not present this to the grand jury. everything that has come out so far indicates this officer was justified in using deadly force. martha: michael brown did not have a gun brian. >> martha, i'm not sure i agree with that. i've prosecuted a lot of cases against police officers. you need to get information. let me give you an example. we need to know whether there was a scuffle in that patrol car? we need to know if there is dna transfer from michael brown on to wilson, on his holster or on his gun. we need to know if wilson was actually physically injured. they said he was. where are the photographs. >> doesn't require, it doesn't require a physical injury.
7:49 am
>> let me finish. >> go ahead you. >> can't, if you have an unarmed, if you have an unarmed suspect, there is no belief that he commit ad felony and he is standing in front of you, and you can see his hand, then you are, you don't have a reasonable belief that there is imminent bodily harm. >> i couldn't disagree further. he just took a beating from this individual? the individual turned and came back. and that is corroborated by independent witnesses. they picked it up last night on youtube video. they all said the man turned and charged toward that officer and police commissioner completely incorrect stating that this officer had no knowledge that he had just commit ad strong-armed robbery. the story came out, he absolutely was knowledgeable of it. that is why he backed up the vehicle and that is why he engaged this individual. martha: got to leave it there. we're out of time. good to have you both here? thanks, martha. martha: you get a feel for the kind of legal discussion that will go back and forth here.
7:50 am
obviously the forensics will play a huge role in this story. those are facts that nobody has in their hands yet. that is why we need to wait and be cautious and need to watch this play out in the court system as it should. bill: we believe the grand jury convenience tomorrow. even dr. michael baden, as much information he gave us yesterday, still did not have access to maybe 75% of the evidence there in missouri. stay tuned. called the workhorse of the u.s. armed forces. now the c 130 cargo plane celebrates a milestone as one man shares a remarkable connection to this historic american aircraft. >> i feel attached to it. i feel magnificent machine. and the sound of the engine, it look like a airplane, it will be in my mind forever.
7:51 am
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built for business. bill: military maintain celebrating a big anniversary and jonathan serrie at to be bins air force in georgia for that story. jonathan? >> reporter: hi, bill. 60th anniversary for the c-130. this aircraft sees everything from war zones through flying through the eye of hurricanes. it can carry heavy loads and yet land in tight spaces, areas as small as aircraft carrier. this aircraft is highly versatile. from combat in vietnam to this month's humanitarian air-drops to iraqi refugees the c-130 hercules remains a workhorse for the u.s. military. this aircraft on display at little rock, air force base, was the last c 130 out of saigon as it fell to communist forces in 1975. 452 people packed into the
7:55 am
single plane, inlewd concluding a 24-year-old from the south vietnamese air force. >> lucky for me that it had a little bit more space in the back. so i jumped in and everybody jumped in and a few minutes after that, the rear door close and we taxi out and depart. >> reporter: grateful for his flight to freedom, tim knew when, works for the company that built the c-130. >> this is front of airplane. >> reporter: the lockheed martin engineer leads development for the aircraft protecting the aircraft that once protected to him. >> i feel attached to airplane. this is a magnificent machine. and the sound of the engine, look like an airplane, it will be in my mind forever. report the c-130 made its inaugural flight on august 23, 1954. incidentally, that was the same
7:56 am
day that mr. nguyen celebrated his fourth birthday. over the past 60 years, lockheed martin has delivered more than 2400 of these aircraft to 70 countries. more than half of those planes are still in service. bill? bill: wow, workhorse indeed. fits the definition. jonathan serrie, live in georgia. martha? martha: violent protests entered a second week last night in ferguson. [. [gunfire] >> police responding to violent individual with armored vehicles, tear gas and flash grenades. live reports from ferguson and the white house straight ahead.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
martha: one farm in south brunswick, new jersey, paying tribute to retiring yankees legend derek jeter with a corn maze of jeter's face and cap. can you see it? bill: handsome man.
8:00 am
martha: thank you captain clutch. starting next month. i could be doing that next month. get unnerved by the corn maze. can't get out, sort of freaks me out. bill: we have to run everybody. see you tomorrow. martha, bye everybody, have a great day. ed: yet another night filled with gunfire and violence in ferguson, missouri. now the nation's top law enforcement officer will head to town to personally lead the federal investigation. hello, everybody i'm ed hen any in for jon scott. >> i'm uma pemmaraju in for jenna lee. rocks, bottles fly through the air in the st. louis suburb. two people shot, dozens arrested. four police officers injured by rockets and bottles as tear gas and chaos grip the town once again. now president obama says, attorney attorney


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