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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 19, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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martha: thank you captain clutch. starting next month. i could be doing that next month. get unnerved by the corn maze. can't get out, sort of freaks me out. bill: we have to run everybody. see you tomorrow. martha, bye everybody, have a great day. ed: yet another night filled with gunfire and violence in ferguson, missouri. now the nation's top law enforcement officer will head to town to personally lead the federal investigation. hello, everybody i'm ed hen any in for jon scott. >> i'm uma pemmaraju in for jenna lee. rocks, bottles fly through the air in the st. louis suburb. two people shot, dozens arrested. four police officers injured by rockets and bottles as tear gas and chaos grip the town once again. now president obama says, attorney attorney attorney attorney will travel to --
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eric holder will travel to the to meet with the family of michael brown. we begin with mike tobin in ferguson. mike? >> reporter: given the way things developed so rapidly last night, there was video from sunday night, dramatic video we weren't able to show you and i will show it to you now. this is looting in nearby bellwood. what happened, the tear gas drove demonstrators away. they went to nearby bellwood, looted several stores. one of them the bellwood market. tried to pry the doors open. couldn't get n. then they shot through the windows and stole all the usual stuff, liquor and cigarettes, from that nature. they say most people want to come out here to make a statement. a small group of people are dedicated to mayhem and looting and show up every night. uma? >> mike, what did you actually see last night? >> reporter: you know, it dramatic what we're seeing out here. there is kind after routine that
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developed. empty streets filled with demonstrations throughout the day. those demonstrations ultimately give way to clashes nearly every night. then when morning comes around, volunteers, particularly from local churches, show up here with garbage bags and clean up the mess. here is the scene from last night. shots fired. shots fired. here we go. [gunfire] yeah, shots fired. now they're firing tear gas. do you see it? [gunfire] all right. the tear gas is out. there were a couple of pops that came, flash bangs. a lot of flash bangs. a lot of smoke. the smoke does have some tear gas in it. whoo. that is in my eyes. no, i don't.
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all right. so a good bit of tear gas that went out. sounded more like firecrackers that really got everything started out here. and so with those shots fired two people were hit and taken away, hospitalized. 31 people were arrested last night and four police officers were injured by rocks thrown and bottles that were thrown, uma. >> dramatic imagery from you last night in the middle of all of it. thank you and take care of yourself and thank you so much for updating us. >> reporter: got it. ed: great reporting on the scene. attorney general eric holder heading to ferguson to oversee the federal investigation into the shooting that started everything. president obama making that announcement yesterday at the white house where we find leland vittert live from the white house north lawn. good to see you. what do you know about the stepped up federal intervention? >> reporter: good morning, ed, what we're hearing now attorney general holder arrived in
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missouri, meet with fbi investigators and possibly meet with justice department investigators and meet with both u.s. senators from missouri to park about both parts of the investigation and investigation, shooting and riots and police response. especially about the release of this video allegedly showing michael brown robbing a convenience store just a couple of minutes before the shooting occurred and he was killed. the department of justice didn't want this video released. the local authorities did release it. yesterday president obama took time to not pass judgment but at the same time, show concern about what is happening in ferguson. >> i have to be very careful about not prejudging these events before investigations are completed, because, although, these are, you know, issues of local jurisdiction, the doj works for mere and then when
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they're conducting an investigation i got to make sure i don't look like i'm putting my thumb on the scales one way or the other. >> reporter: right now there are two what they're calling parallel investigations going on of the shooting of michael brown. you have the local criminal investigation which is led by the local st. louis county prosecutor there and you have the federal investigation into a possible civil rights violation. as we have heard, ed, there are roughly about 40 plus fbi agents on the ground canvasing the area to see if this officer could be charged potentially with violating michael brown's civil rights. back to you. ed: good to see you, leland. the president headed back to martha's vineyard later today. leland vittert, live from the white house. thank you. heather: the demonstrations are not limited to ferguson. in chicago, people gathered in dealey plaza in support of people and. people from all walks of life joining in. >> i just wanted to be a part of
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it because, god has to hear all of us. >> with everything going on, we're far from it. but we are with this, getting closer and closer to it. >> reconnecting with our lord, that we are able to find peace within ourselves and offer it to those around us. >> these religious leaders are adding they represent six million people in the chicago area. he had? ed: margins for iraqi troops backed up by us air power, taking two northern towns from terrorist control. iraqi forces clashing with isis fighters on the outskirts of tikrit. saddam's hometown was taken over in early june. this is key sunni stronghold 80 miles north of baghdad. after the biggest victory by the troops, taking back control of the country's largest dam from isil terrorists. the mosul dam a source of power and water for iraq. president obama said any breach
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would be devastating for iraqi and u.s. personnel. in a rare turn pope francis thank you, mr. speakerring out about the crisis in iraq and supports the right to protect religious minorities there. amy kellogg in london. nice to see you. >> reporter: hi, ed. pope francis didn't talk about airstrikes per se and spoke about stopping isis and it had to be done in the context of a coalition and it shouldn't result in some sort of an occupation, it was quite clear that he was in fact talking about military intervention and giving it his tacit support. now these comments were made on the way back from seoul, south korea, where he had a five-day tour. the pope had been adamantly against airstrikes in syria after the assad regime used chemical weapons last year. that could be in part because bashar al-assad was seen to protect christian communities of the vatican was opposed to war
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in iraq in 2003. saddam hussein may have been bad to shiites but left christians alone but isis hacking people to death if they don't convert islam. the pope was asked if he sported us air strikes in iran. here is what he had to say. >> translator: in these cases where there is unjust aggression i can only say it is elisted to stop the unjust aggressor. i stress the verb, stop. not making war but stopp him. the means he can be stopped must be evaluated. stopping the unjust aggressor is listed. >> reporter: pope francis sent his personal envoy to the kurdish region of iraq with an unspecified amount of money. cardinal met with displaced christians and yazidis and he stayed that, the cardinal said good to see weapons taken out of hands of unscrupulous people but
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he asked, how did we get to this place? ed? ed: amy kellogg in london. could the pope weighing in on iraq have influence about the president's and. karl rove will join us to talk about all that. >> latest cease-fire in the middle east as israel responds to rocket attacks launched on the gaza strip which broke the truce hours before it was set to expire. that cease-fire violation forcing israel to pull its delegation out of cairo where negotiations were underway to try to hammer out an end to this conflict. conor powell joining us live from jersey with the very latest on the story. >> reporter: uma, we've seen hamas do this in the past as the deadline nears end of a cease-fire. we fire rockets and as we understand israel sent airstrikes into gaz but the calm seeps to have been returned now. we aren't seeing a flury of rockets back and forth. no one is suggesting that we'll return to the heavy fighting that we saw in previous weeks and nobody is even suggesting sg
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that there still might not be some type of limited or partial agreement tonight or in the next day or so. egypt has been hosting indirect talks between israel and hamas in recent days. there is still no word of a cease-fire agreement, a long-term one would be a partial or long-term one. both israel and palestinian media seem to think there could still be some type of deal, meaning if hamas holds its fire, and that's a big if of course, israel will ease the blockade around gaza and if calm holds, construction material will be allowed into gaza. sounds if big issues like a seaport for gaza and total disarming of hamas in the gaza strip will be left out of any agreement in the near term and pushed to another round of talks. skeptics say, if there is calm, why would either side return to talks but the international community is pushing hard. they appear very reluctant to commit any type of money for reconstruction if there isn't a long term agreement that really meets the needs and demands of both israelis and palestinians.
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also this is a key point, hamas holds victim'ses of two israeli soldiers. meaning israel is still going to have to negotiate with hamas on ope to get the bodies back. both sides are not ruling out anymore talks but israel is saying as always they will not negotiate under fire. hamas saying that they're not going to negotiate with this blockade is not going to be lifted. so uma, what we're seeing right now is some negotiations but it does appear that we may be back on track for talks, whether or not those talks lead to anything, that's a really big question. both sides exchanging fire here in the last few hours but we're not seeing a return to the heavy fighting we've seen for the last month or so, uma. >> that is good news at least. both side as you say still remain far apart on their differences. thank you very much for the update. ed: new developments as well in ukraine. government forces have a victory destroying rebel checkpoints and
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firing positions near the city of donetsk, which is served for the base for the pro-russian rebellion against kiev. as ukraine prepares to fly home the first malaysian victims killed in last month's airline disaster. all 298 people died when the malaysian airlines jet heading to kuala lumpur from amsterdam was shot out of the sky in eastern ukraine in an area controlled by pro-russian separatists. >> back in this country the driver of a big-rig taking a wrong turn on one turnpike, a very wrong turn indeed. how it wound up dangling from an overpass. and the streets of an american suburb looking like a war zone as the president tries to squeeze in some vacation time. how does that appear to the american people who expect 24/7 leadership? we want to hear from you. should attorney general eric holder be going to ferguson at all? our live chat is up and running. go to, click on "america's asking" an
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>> welcome back, everybody. right now cleanup from an oil spill were 5000 gallons of fuel are in the water. happening during a routine oil transfer. investigators are trying to figure out exactly what caused it. the coast guard pulling out three crewmembers from texas. texas. one crew member still missing. the coast guard will resume the search for him today. a rest in new jersey a tractor-trailer goes over and over pass into the new jersey turnpike. much of the truck was submerged in water. >> yikes. president obama returning to the white house long enough to make remarks on developments in missouri and iraq did the president is never really on vacation but how does it look for obama jetting back and forth from the playground in martha's vineyard with so much trouble at home and abroad. let's ask senior advisor to
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president george w. bush joining us live, good to see you, carl. how do you think the president, let's start there big picture and the specific issues, you dealt with u this, president buh spent a lot of time in texas, how is the president navigating it now? >> looks, you never have a good -- there are always bad options to this. president obama has a little worse than normal because when he goes to martha's vineyard it is one thing when you're in crawford, texas, bringing in the national security staff and major players they were effort to have war cabinet meetings, anotheand other to make a staten martha's vineyard before you go out and hit the golf links. there is never a good answer for it, the president is suffering every issue other presidents suffer.
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being criticized for being on vacation so i'm going to go to washington for a day, have briefings i could easily have had in martha's vineyard, make statements pedestrian and go back and hope the american people see me in the white house and think i'm at work rather than back on vacation for the balance of the week. ed: i was struck at the news conference the president saying of isis in iraq the wolf is at the door, a threat in the region that could acknowledge a threat here at home in the united states, but we will not be the iraq he air force ruling out ground troops. you have democrats saying maybe should not rule out ground troops. what is going on? >> the president, have to give him credit, is doing the right thing iraq using air efforts. using the difficulties it gives him in yesterday's statement. he applauded the effort to recapture the dam, had u.s.
8:19 am
airstrikes for the objection in iraq. if you wanted to protect u.s. troops and u.s. personnel in baghdad and it was blown or failed, yet plenty of time to get him out of their bid he should have given the right explanation which was a significant power generator and water reservoir for the country and a key part of their infrastructure and you could not have isis in control of it. helping gain control over this vital infrastructure and instead of that he leaves us wondering what is the purpose of what we are doing here. ed: number one, ferguson, missouri. you are flying over new orleans with an american city going through a lot of difficulties. another american city a don't want to say in flames but the
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violence has been intense, the president is not going there, they're sending in the attorney general. could the attorney general have a positive role? >> i think the attorney general could. i would say don't believe president obama ought to go to each and every one of those areas with the civil unrest, but the president's comments again had this kind of moral equivalency between we have the writers and looters on one hand, both of them ought to behave. there is looting, carrying guns and attacking police only serves to raise tension and stir up chaos. it is wrong and he should draw a line between the peaceful protesters who are upset about the death of michael brown and the agitators season upon this to create violence and act of looting and violence, lost to draw a straight line to say one is the great tradition of america's right to free
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expression. the other ought to be dealt wi with. the morally: sea of police on the same level it is not worthy of the president. more clarity is desired at this moment. ed: "the new york times" editorial page slamming this indictment of the governor, texas governor rick perry a couple days after david axelrod wrote this was a ridiculous indictment. never thought i would see a day where the stars are aligning. >> and lanny davis who had a piece saying this is absurd. this is based on the idea when we have a district attorney in austin, texas, found guilty of drunk driving nearly three times the blood alcohol limit who is on camera if you haven't seen it, go watch it on camera parading the police, she has
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according to this special prosecutor a constitutional right to be funded by the people of texas. any president who had a veto thought was wasteful money. ed: we will be right back. >> you bet.
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to the fastest dsl from the phone company, comcast business gives you more for your money. why pay more for less? call today for a low price on speeds up to 150mbps. and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business. martha: we are back. police busting a school shooting plot wide open. detectives working around the clock since learning of the plan last week and likely it paid off after two teen suspects under surveillance gathered enough evidence to arrest them before a deadbeat plan was put into action. following this story and joining us from los angeles with more. what can you tell us? >> a news conference scheduled
8:26 am
to begin shortly. we will get more details. but this we know. school is set to begin thursday. three teachers and two students were named on the boys kill list and two planned to kill as many students as possible at this high school in south pasadena. they fairly fluent district in los angeles. the two students were entering their senior year planned this attack. officials called the police who cap him under surveillance and found they were learning how to obtain and fire rifles, handguns and fully automatic weapons and how to assemble bombs and turn propane tanks into explosives. like those deployed at columbi columbine. >> do think somebody would decide to come to this school with firearms and kill as many teachers as it said in the article kill as many teachers and students as possible is crazy. >> we are thinking about prom, somebody is thinking of shooting people. >> i almost started crying picturing it and stuff.
8:27 am
>> the two suspects remain in custody. the superintendent released this statement, police have the situation under control in this part currently no threat to students or employees. the colleges and counselors will be available at the high school to provide support to students and employees. the mother of one of the suspects was shocked and never saw this coming. the father said the boy never had intentions of hurting anybody, which is contrary to the evidence. police say the two planned this attack for personal reasons and sellers on their their kill his head done them wrong in some w way. we should find out shortly the charges are and if these boys will ever be able to return to that school. >> thank you very much. ed: meanwhile attorney general eric holder preparing to go to ferguson, missouri. we will look at what is in store for the next few days and whether it will help deal with the situation, calm it down or inflame it. and how much does it cost to raise a child these days?
8:28 am
wait until you hear what they came up with and why it is so expensive. you better dig a little deeper in that person. >> you too. óqoqúúñ@
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>> welcome back. still to come on this hour of "happening now, they may be little but the cost of raising them getting bigger." how much does it cost to raise a child these days? staggering numbers ahead. the couple out fishing when the husband disappears, the victim
8:32 am
of a crocodile attack. what she saw right before he was taken. as the death toll rises in the largest ebola outbreak ever, new warnings are out. concerns here at home and how worried you should be. >> they're pushing everyone back. >> back up. back up. >> businesses are being looted and now those families are saying we can't rebound. it's ruined our livlihood. >> disperse immediately or you will be subject to arrest. do it now! >> we're going to make this neighborhood whole. we're going to make this community whole. we're going to do it together. i am not going to let the
8:33 am
criminals that have come out here across the country or who live in this community define this neighborhood and define what we're going to do to make it right. >> just a few of the disturbing scenes during yet another night of violence in ferguson, missouri. attorney general is due to arrive tomorrow while business owners live with the fear of more looting and vandalism. here is a look ahead at the coming days in ferguson. imagine a lot of these businesses are on edge. >> yeah. they certainly are. just the last few hours, we've seen several large groups of volunteers coming through the area that were affected by the protests last night, tearing trash bags, taking up trash and doing what they can to clean up the neighborhood after another violent round of protests. these protests, as you mentioned, have affected many business owners here as well. thus far more than 50 damaged since the protests began. most of them were damaged by a minority group of protestors
8:34 am
that police say are using these protests as cover for more criminal acts. smashing windows, stealing and vandalizing property. several of those businesses are still closed today and others are operating with limited business hours. the damages, they go up to the hundreds of thousands of dollars at least. community leaders and many of those that are protesting peacefully, they are furustrate with the criminals and say they're doing everything they can to keep it from happening. we've spoken with them and they're anxiously awaiting, hearing what a grand jury decides when it begins hearing evidence tomorrow to determine whether or not the officer involved in the shooting of michael brown should be charged. that's something they're keeping an eye on along with the visit of the attorney general, eric holder, who will meet with investigators and community leaders to get updates on the federal investigation. we're also told that that federal autopsy could be done today as well.
8:35 am
but we also have heard from captain ron johnson who has asked protestors that are looking to do so peacefully that they do that during the daytime today and not in the night so police can focus on those instigators as they're calling them, the agitators in the nighttime. we'll see this afternoon if the protestors heed that call as well. >> garrett, thank you. >> well, a new report confirming what so many parents already know, including myself. raising a child is very expensive. just how expensive? according to the department of agriculture, parents today will be spending about $245,000. that is per child. and it does not, not include the cost of college tuition. dagen is joining us live from the fox business network with more on this. dagen, it really does stagger the mind just how high these costs are going. >> some people will argue with that number but this number that's more than $245,000 doesn't even adjust for
8:36 am
projected future inflation. this is in today's dollars. it's per child born last year until they reach the age of 18. but we should point out that here is the upside. this was only up 1.8% from the previous year. that's the smallest increase since the financial crisis. if that makes you feel any better. but this will not make you feel better. the most expensive place to raise a child is higher than even $245,000 figure is the urban northeast followed by the west and the midwest. if you want to cut your costs, you raise your kids down in the south or rural areas. but we should point out that housing is your biggest expense overall. just 30% of the total. child care, food, health care, that is what the agriculture department was factoring in. and some people will beg to differ with this number. they say 30% of $245,000, i'm not going to spend $73,000 to $74,000 for housing for every
8:37 am
one of my children. you know, they're going to share rooms. that number doesn't make sense. but again, this number does not include the cost of college tuition. you want to go to a good chool these days? in today's dollars, it's $40,000 to $45,000 in tuition and fees per year. so you start thinking about college, this number that the agriculture number put out will really double. you could be looking at $400,000 to raise your kid or even more if you think about college. >> that's unbelievable. when you consider when these numbers were first being calculated in 1960, there was a little over $25,000 for middle income family to raise a child. that's quite a difference. >> child care, some things that are -- if you think about the median income in this country, i was talking about how this is the smallest increase since the financial crisis. the median income in the country is still 8% or so below where it was before the recession but the cost of things like child care and health care have gone up much faster than inflation.
8:38 am
so that's why you see these costs skyrocketing for many families. >> well, i've got a lot to look forward to and to prepare for. >> but you know what? it will never get in the way of having children. if you want to have a family, do it. >> they're the greatest gift. absolutely. dagen, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> one of the largest cities in the world gets hammered by mother nature. a massive hailstorm. we'll show you the mess it left behind. and president obama praising what he calls american victories on the international stage. the polls say something else about his foreign policy. coming up, how it plays in the political arena with control of the senate up for grabs. wait, are you running full adobe photoshop on a tablet?
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>> let's check out what's ahead on "outnumbered." >> fires, shootings and dozens of arrest. officials are forced to close schools for the rest of the week as president obama is taking
8:42 am
heat in not going far enough. >> isis threatening revenge if the white house keeps up air strikes in iraq. a new poll finds a big shift in americans' attitudes about our involvement there. >> have you ever wondered if you lean right or left? there's a new app to support your political party in every way possible. >> all that plus one lucky guy at the top of the hour. >> leaning left or right? i've never heard such a thing. >> i think harris will be into this. >> one lucky guy, been in that seat before. >> you did a great job, ed. >> see you at the top of the hour. >> massive cleanup after a freak hailstorm slams mexico city. check out this video. storm leaving behind huge piles of hail. it took emergency crews hours just to clear up the roads. the storm also causing serious flooding around the city which also created a big problem for all those drivers.
8:43 am
thankfully, we're hearing that no one was injured. >> president obama touting success at a news conference yesterday in the foreign policy arena, especially in iraq and syria. at the same time saying that iraq has to figure out a few things on its own and deal with the terrorists traying to take over their nation. let's listen. >> in order for them to be credible with the iraqi people, they're going to have to put behind some of the old practices and actually create a credible, united government. we're not iraqi military. we're not even the iraqi air force. i'm commander in chief of the united states armed forces and iraq is going to have to ultimately provide for its own security. >> so how is foreign policy playing out politically for the president? we're joined by the former deputy assistant secretary of state, fox news contributor and joe trippi, former campaign manager for howard dean and former fox news contributor. we played that sound because i listened closely and it was a
8:44 am
little confusing. on one hand the president is saying the wolf is at the door when he's talking about isis and this may be a threat down the road and he repeatedly said this is something that the iraqis need to figure out. >> i think that isis is clearly a threat to the iraqis as well as us. the president did the last few days in terms of ordering the air strikes to help take back the dam is a good thing and the success of that shows what can be accomplished, what could be accomplished. the problem is that the president isn't in a position now, he hasn't laid out the need to destroy isis, the need to go to war and defeat isis as an objective. there's an idea there that somehow we can contain them or somehow they're only a threat to iraq. they're not. they're a clear and grave and immediate threat to us and you can't negotiate with them. you have to defeat them. and so we need to see the president take more action
8:45 am
immediately of the kind that will serve to really put them back a notch rather than think, well, we can contain them and let the iraqis take care of it. >> i understand the polls have been saying, look. enough with this involvement in the long wars. president ruling out ground troops. when he has fellow democrats saying something similar, saying, look, you can't rule out ground troops altogether because if you want to fight to win and beat isis, you might not need that down the road. >> but right now a lot of the president's policies are working, ed. when you look at syria's chemical weapons, they're gone, they've been dismantled. people said sanctions, everything wouldn't work. it did. you look at kurding standing up, taking of the dam back by the kurds. a lot of this happened without putting 150,000 troops on the ground and there aren't any democrats or republicans calling
8:46 am
for that. so, you know, two of the things the president has accomplished in november of 2011, that was the last time an american died in iraq in combat and in march of this year, that's the first time in a decade that an american has not died in afghanistan or iraq. those are all positives. politically what's going to happen here is people like hillary clinton, people who are running in 2016, running in 2014 are going to take positions to the right or to the left of the president. that's the political reality is that. how these people take their position. >> let me get liz in here and bring up a fox news poll that came out a few days ago and president obama's job performance on foreign policy, 35% approve compare to 53% who disapprove. look what just happened in the last couple of days, this quote from foreign policy magazine.
8:47 am
chuck hagel called monday morning, august 18, to congratulate his crew on finishing their work weeks ahead of schedule. it was the first time the united states ever attempted to destroy chemical weapons at sea and in fact, most of syria's lethal chemical weapons have now been destroyed. will you at least acknowledge that was an accomplishment for the president? >> it's certainly a good thing any time chemical weapons in the hands of something like asad are destroyed. there's a keyword here that joe is missing and that's declared. these were syria's declared chemical weapons and even secretary of state john kerry has admitted, we don't know what syria has got. we don't know what they haven't declared. this is a country that built an entire nuclear reactor without the united states knowing so we have to be careful not to take false comfort in the fact that we have destroyed a very good thing but that we destroyed some of their chemical weapons holdings and i would just say joe and i see the world very
8:48 am
differently. the president's policies haven't been a success. you have the president's own secretary of defense saying that the world is exploding. the threat that isis poses, the extent to now which it spreads from syria to iraq that's becoming a safe haven, attracting terrorists, that want to attack the united states certainly can't be called a victory or a success and it's good that we took action to help retake the mosul dam but certainly for the president to be taking victory laps is completely at odds with reality. >> joe, what about the fact that liz a moment ago was giving the president credit that air strikes seem to have worked in iraq? will you acknowledge that maybe it was a blunder almost a year ago for the president to go right up to the line of air strikes in syria sense -- against asad and at least a declared chemical weapons have been destroyed? but air strikes in syria a year ago might have made a difference. >> well, they might have but we don't know that.
8:49 am
again, a lot of people wanted the arm rebels there and everybody can guess about how that would have turned out but it may well have ended up with isis having more american weapons in their hands than they do today. what's important now is malaki stepping down which was another success of the president and the administration and its diplomacy. in the end, george bush and barack obama didn't let down the people of iraq. malaki let down the people of iraq by cutting the sunnis out. that's what left the opening for isis and now rearming the kurds, getting a unity government hopefully in place, there's a lot of work that has to be done there but again, i think politically what's going to happen now, this is all reality on the ground. the political reality is, people in the senate races and people running in 2016 have got to decide, do they want to be in the right of the president or to the left of him? so far everybody who has been to the right of him has lost
8:50 am
elections. hillary clinton, romney and mccain. >> i have one minute left. tell me, what do you think a year from now, what could we see as a political transition? malaki giving power. the president saying there's been progress but a long way to go. one year from now, what would success look like to you? >> it depends on what the president does. success would be if we take real, concerted, immediate action to go after isis and their sanctuaries, many which are in syria. it's a good thing the iraqis have moved beyond malaki but isis has staging areas and lines of communication that begin in syria and we have to hit those. we need to be working much more aggressively with the iraqi government. we need more intelligence cooperation, we need more special operators in there and we need more air power in there. if, in fact, one thing we know is that if the president had not walked away, if he had left some troops on the ground, we would be in a very different
8:51 am
situation. we also know if the president had responded three months ago to malaki's request for help, we wouldn't be in the situation we are today z. fascinating discussion. we'll be right back.
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if we can't offer faster speeds - or save you money - we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. >> there are some disturbing developments on the ebola outbreak. world health organization now saying more than 1200 people have died from the virus. fears sparking panic across western africa and here at home with the f.d.a. having to warn people to avoid fake vaccines and treatments. this doctor is a disease expert at vanderbilt university and joining us now with his insights. talk to us for a moment about the concerns about the fake treatments for ebola. >> well, we're trying to get more and more people into
8:55 am
treatment and the basis of treatment obviously is support of the patient, making sure that the patient's body is well functioning, its blood pressure is maintained, if there are blood transfusions that are necessary and the like and of course, what we would like to do is initiate clinical trials for these new experimental treatments to see if they will work so if they do work, we can get them to the affected people just as quickly as possible. >> but when we're talking about fake treatments, fake treatment of viruses, what are we talking about specifically and how would they come into health centers to patients who need, you know, the vaccine treatment? >> yeah. i was talking about the good treatments. the fake treatments are a great problem. you know there's a lot of folk lor out there in africa and even in the united states. i have received emails of people, from people who are purporting to have treatments for ebola so this is the sort of
8:56 am
thing that comes up all the time. if we think back to the old beginning of the aids era, there were all kinds of punitive folk lore treatments being touted. so those are being used with people at home and probably being brought into the hospital by family members. >> understood. all right. obviously this is still concerning a lot of people and continues to be disturbing news and we'll follow it very closely as i know you are, sir. thank you for joining us today. >> my pleasure. >> obamacare controversy is taking shape. why the administration is refusing to answer questions about the security of the health website. we'll go in dem.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> we'll see you back right here in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now.
9:00 am
>> this is "outnumbered." today's hashtag one lucky guy, geraldo rivera and he's outnumbered. you got the memo. >> the red. >> yes. >> fox prom or otherwise known as munito. >> i never saw kennedy dress up. >> she looks beautiful, doesn't she? >> that was a compliment. >> whenever you come visit me, i sit behind a desk. down here i wear toulle skirts. >> we're happy to have you here today. as you know, there's a tremendous amount of conflict going on in the world and all of your experience overseas is going to come in real handy for us today. happy to have you because tensions remain high after another night of violence on the streets of ferguson, missouri. despite the presence of the


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