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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 20, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: molly and i will be back with "happening now" in one hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert. we are now waiting for president obama to make a statement on isis's beheading of an american journalist. the name of that journalist, james foley. we have now confirmed that that video is authentic. american authorities have confirmed that. the terrorists athat his killing was in retaliation for us air strikes, that they were calling on to stop. they have now also threatened to kill another american journalist, who was kidnapped back in 2013. so again, we're waiting on president obama to make a statement. he is in martha's vineyard. we will bring that statement to you live. that is expected at the bottom
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of the hour. meanwhile this is "outnumbered" and am sandra smith. here today is harris faulkner. andrea tantaros, ainsley earhart, #oneluckyguy, ceo for concerned veterans of america, fox news contributor pete hegseth. he is outnumbered. very good day to have you, this is right in your realm of expertise. >> a lot going on, sad to see. >> let's get to it. aftermath of isis releasing a video showing beheading of james foley. he was kidnapped in 2012 covering the conflict in syria. here is the still i am taken from the video, showing the 40-year-old moments before he was killed. the video ends with a threat, that another journalist in captivity, steven sotloff, could be killed next. isis is!ing all of this is to avenge us air strikes in iraq as questions grow about how the white house is going to deal with the escalating crisis. you know, a lot of military
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analysts, pete, today, lawmakers, are saying this needs to be a wake-up call to dismantle this organization. >> this is the face of pure evil. that video is the manifestation of pure evil. it isn't a wake-up call to those of us following the movement, reading intelligence, watching what is happening. isis is a growing terrorist, not just group, army that seeks to expand that orbit and project to europe and the united states. the threat is to us. the question will the president wake up? will this be a wake-up call to him and his advisors yet to take this threat seriously? they called it kobe bryant, jv team with kobe bryant uniforms on, not the real deal. this is the real deal. the only way with a threat like this is to crush it, defeat it and confront it. the president has not done that yet. >> house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers, he said america just got a glimpse of exactly who they are, andrea, isis? >> this should not be the first glimpse. last week, right after the president took credit for
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stopping the genocide of yazidi men, women and children, they killed 90 yazidi men and took women and children hostage. this is not the b-team. this is not in any way some kind of jv terror organization been storming cities in baghdad. the only proper response i think, sandra, is for the president and about 45 minutes, to approach that podium and admit, not just that he was wrong, but we're going in there and flatten them. last night we should have taken out 10,000 isis fighters, warned them, last night, not today, if you kill that other journalist, we will be back and wipe out 10,000 more. we'll continue to decimate you with aggressive air war until we obliterate every single one of you, period, end story. the president has not said that. we listen to him weak after week and talk about humanitarian efforts and saving women and children. the focus hasn't even been wiping out isis. he can say nothing else what i
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articulated. anything else would be unacceptable and completely weak. >> the images harris are difficult to watch, standing in front of that islamic terrorist just before the beheading. this is an image that stays with us. >> that is a still image. you and i talked before the show. i watched video this morning and saw some things i wish i could unsee but i didn't want to speak without knowing. and so from watching that i can tell you that the man in the black gash speaks in a british accent. other leaders around the world, including david cameron of britain, canceled his vacation. he specifically has. they want to figure out identity of that man. he is showing leadership in that way. now back to the video. it speaks to what pete said. that british voice can be heard to say, you're no longer fighting insurgency. we are an islamic army, in a state, accepted by a large number of muslims around the world. now, saudi arabia's highest
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religious leader, said, no, we're separate from these people. they do not represent islam around the world and spoken against this group and other al qaeda spin-offs like it and al qaeda. but at the heart of this, as you sigh in that video, and pete, you know, you watched it too, they behead james foley. in front of his victim's on the ground they march in another american. okay? 45 minutes, we'll mare from our president. i'm curious to know what he will say. i hope he includes in that, i'm ending my vacation. >> here's the thing, when we all go on vacation we've all gotten at that call. we changed our schedules because fox needs us to go and cover a story and we have responsibility to you, our viewer to tell you the story and be there for you. i was on my honeymoon in london and got the, we were watching the news about boston bombing, the marathon. the marathon in london was next weekend. i was there, i called fox. do you need me to go to work and need me to do live shots.
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i'm not the president of the united states. how can the president wake up every morning in martha's vineyard when american journalist is beheaded, when a family here in america is learning the news of this and probably will never be able to watch that video like most of us? how can the president stay there and on vacation and ride his bicycle and play golf when our country needs him? i don't understand it. i don't understand how he can wake up and his wife is not telling him, go to work, your country need you. >> it is reality. i like you fundamentally can not engage with. we can all relate to in vacation sense. how about troops sacrifice on -- >> ones getting ready to go into iraq. >> back there because of his indifference making that fight more difficult. >> i want your first-hand experience to play a part here as we look at these images. as a veteran of the military, when you said you watched the video, what kind of feelings does that invoke? >> it invokes the very stark reality of the nature of evil of
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the enemy there is big difference between moderate muslims and those i served with and served awe longside and real think of this jihadist terrorist group seeking to establish islamic caliphate. good to seesawed saud and others reject it. we need to reject it forcefully. we need to understand the goals of this group. this is no longer a terrorist group like al qaeda. this is way beyond al qaeda. this caliphate purports to represent muslims around the world and drawing from around the world. >> no greater time for the president to step up to the podium today and detail a long-term strategy because that is exactly what we have been lacking all along the way. >> sandra, in the video "the man in black" there speaks directly to president obama and says his name. you know, you and i, we're talking after we watch this morning about the fact that this is horrible and this is an american but they do this to people every day. they do this, they did this to
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the yazidis, the mountaintop. >> this is ongoing. american journalist so gets attention. men, women, muslims, christians, yazidis and others are beheaded on daily basis by this group. >> they have did not doing it for hundreds an hundreds of years. if you study the history of islam, our ship captains were getting murdered. the french had to tip us off. these are the days of thomas jefferson. this isn't a surprise. you can't solve it with a dialogue. you can't solve it with a summit. you solve it with a bullet to the head. only thing these people understand. only thing we heard from the president is the case to heap praise on religion as if to appease them. cairo speech, remarks from last memorial day we have a shared history of intolerance.
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instead of making the case against this threat that is never going to stop. he knows it is only growing. at the same time, sandra, he said al qaeda is in retreat. he has been wrong about this threat. he hasn't ignored it. he has been fundamentally wrong. >> you think this is tipping point? we could see a change for the president. >> tipping point was a while ago. >> i agree. >> journalist beheaded. i don't see how at this point he can continue -- >> tipping point was in january when they were asking, can you help us out? the kurds and the government in iraq. >> there are 80,000 of these men. 08,000. >> it is an army. >> 80,000, 50,000 in syria. 30,000 in iraq. >> this they're doing, they are killing innocent individuals. >> all justified in their minds. >> more political than religious reasons. >> take them by the sword. >> mice president dick cheney, former vice president dick cheney will be on with hannity, talking about the history of isis, our history in iraq, just want to let everybody
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know that if they want to watch. >> as we await the president's statement, attorney general eric holder arriving in missouri to head up the federal investigation into the police shooting death of an unarmed black teenager in ferguson. a state grant jury is expected to begin hearing evidence in the case today. this after another round of vie len protests shook that community overnight. police making at least 47 arrests after saying they were pelted with bottles and urine last night. but missouri's highway patrol, which has taken over for the local police tried to down play the violence, saying it was actually calmer than previous nights. >> tonight we saw a different dynamic. protests crowds were a bit smaller and they were out earlier. we had to respond to fewer incidents than the night before. there were no molotov cocktails tonight. there were no shootings. but a vehicle did approach the command center and threats were made to kill a police officer. >> here are two of the guns
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seized from that vehicle. the other is believed to be from criminals, their word, hiding among peaceful demonstrators. so ainsley, today, eric holder heading to the region, tomorrow the day after there will be a day of rage. then following that the funeral which is, as you know from covering these stories, the funeral seems to make things worse. do you think eric holder's presence in ferguson could help or hurt the situation. >> here is the thing. i think someone has to get in there and take some leadership roles because this is botched from the very beginning in my opinion and based on all of the interviews we started our morning show an hour earlier, two mornings with countless interviews. they all said too many cooks in the kitchen. too many people are handling the vision. someone from the federal government need to come in to help out with this. the problem is there is not enough information. dr. baden said three autopsy reports for a state case is completely unheard of. maybe if there were jfk, a big federal case. now it is becoming a federal
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case but we don't even have all the information. dr. baden was not allowed to look at the clothing. he wasn't allowed to look at the police car. how can we take this to a grand jury, how can prosecutors ask a grand jury to make a decision on this when we don't have all the information? it is very rushed, shockingly rushed. >> speaking of that grand jury they're set to come down with their decision. pete, if they don't indict what then? my feeling is then, there is going to be pressure and probably indictment from the department of justice? >> they don't indict we find out what kind of presence holder really has? does he stand up on the side of the law and the process? because him being there of course shines more spotlight which likely, inflames things. but let's say they don't indict. what does holder do? if he stand up and says this is our process, we defend it, this is america, we're by law, not by mobs, he serves incredibly important moment. not necessarily what i expect him to do but that will be his critical moment. >> harris, what happens, if he
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does decide to indict, eric holder? if this grand jury convenience and comes back we'll not be indicting this, will there be pressure to do something? we heard the governor, jay nixon call for very aggressive prosecution here. that is exactly what they're doing, but is there critical pressure to do something? >> there is always political pressure, right? as you look at this huge political pressure for somebody to show leadership as ainsley said. st. louis dispatch, eric holder written a letter, he says within the letter the full resources of the department of justice have been committed to the investigation into michael brown's death. we can only hope that's true. whatever happens with the indictment, let justice be served and i think you can only do that with peace on the ground. if his being there adds an element of peace and calm, great. if there is something he will not say or do by going there he can say or do something from his office. he doesn't need to do there. >> if he doesn't prosecute, it
9:14 am
looks better to say, hey a grand jury heard the case. >> that will not be enough. they want justice, regardless of the facts because we don't even have them yet and they're fired up. >> we'll bring them to you, developing story. lots of more news to get to in this hour. we continue to await the president's statement on beheading of an american journalists by isis terrorists. a new threat against a second american being held captive. we'll bring that to you live when it happens. texas governor rick perry turning himself in on abuse of power charges, but vowing to prevail. the potential silver lining as the governor weighs a possible presidential run. ♪
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comcast business. built for business. >> you are watching "outnumbered" and we glad you are. texas governor rick perry is vowing to prevail after turning himself into authorities last night. he was indicted on abuse of power charges after vetoing state fund forge a public unit, held by, led by a democrat attorney who had been convicted of drunk driving. just before entering the courthouse to get finger painted and have his mug shot taken the governor spoke to a crowd that was cheering for him. watch.
9:19 am
>> perry! perry! perry! >> perry says he does not regret his veto action. >> i'm here today because i did the right thing. >> wow! >> i will enter this courthouse with my head held heinonening the actions that i took were not only lawful and legal but right. [cheers and applause] and if i, if i had to do so, i would veto funding for the public integrity unit again. [cheers and applause] >> i just received on my phone the articles coming from the court. it says the arraignment of james richard, rick perry, admits he is the same individual who has been indicted in this case and admits he received a copy of that indictment and hereby
9:20 am
enters a plea of not guilty. his arraignment has been set for friday morning. we're all over this story. ainsley, your thoughts? >> i think he has the right to do this. he clearly has a lot of support from powerful people, people in the crowd cheering for him at the courthouse. what is ironic, denied money funding by vetoing to go to a special unit that investigates public corruption. she is, she is on that, in that unit and she is in jail with three times the legal limit of alcohol in her system. i watched the video. the video was released today. i found the video onlined. she has to be retrained. they have to videotape her because she is so unruly. she keeps saying you're ruining my career. you're ruining my career. i want to yell back at the video screen, you ruined your own darn career, lady. you could have ruined somebody else's life too. i don't understand why you don't
9:21 am
get taxis. it is a lot cheaper than getting a dui or killing someone. >> the district attorney of travis county, rosemary lemmburg. you have this with rick perry. is this political. >> what an amazing scene, kind of effectively a political rally before the guy getting mug shot people think potentially could be politically advantageous for him. even "the new york times" is saying this is pretty bogus. this is who was arrested for drunken driving, belligerent and supposed to prosecute drunken driving case in future? you just can't do it. because she wouldn't step down he vetoed funding. he is well within his rights. they're coming after him. >> governor perry is owning this. i will fight this justice with every fiber of my being. we will prevail. we stand for the rule of law. took his legal team for ice cream afterwards. >> there are selfies of that on instagram and twitter. i'm curious to know, david
9:22 am
axelrod we reported yesterday is among democrats saying yeah, this is sketchy, probably not legal ground. you can indict anybody but probably not press forward with this case so why are democrats doing this if it were political at all? >> i think it is pretty naive. this will backfire on democrats. someone as smart as david axelrod knows that. you have predominantly red case. very thin details. the governor is not smiling because he took a very good mug shot, good for you, governor perry, much better -- i think he knows and he is smiling this is really not, not right. will not stand on legal ground very well. and this is going to help him politically. talk about a base rallying? i thought, i think democrats thought it would rally their base. it will do the opposite and rally his. >> part of the governor's, excuse me, part of the governor's response to this has been, well, basically the
9:23 am
president started this because you've got the president going too far with his own powers. he started this conversation. >> i mean, and i think this is part of that national conversation. if we're looking at democrats why they did that i think they think "bridgegate" worked in new jersey against a potential presidential candidate and rip a page out of that playbook and try that in texas on governor perry. i think this case flipping back at him. wrong state, wrong case. >> texas, border state. governor of texas fighting the border battle. >> right. i'm wondering what his plans are for 2016. reinventing himself. now you got the border issue. you have this. i'm sure he went to his staff, how we spin this positive way? i stand by my veto. that in his corner and obviously helping him. someone mentioned the glasses, you sandra, wearing the glass, i feel he lost a little bit of weight. >> also not forget the economy in texas is thriving.
9:24 am
real estate market is booming. job market is growing there. >> they love him in that state. >> they don't want him telling that story. they don't want -- >> they being democrats. >> positive economy how he did it because president obama doesn't have that story to tell. republicans can tell him. they want governor perry on his heels explaining this. i don't think he takes the bait. >> in order for him to run he need ad rebound because he ended the 2012 race on rough note. with immigration and this he just might have it. >> we'll cover it when it happens. the arraignment on friday with governor rick perry. let's go to live pictures of martha's vineyard in massachusetts. we're awaiting president's statement should happen in 20 minutes or some we're expecting him to address a horrific killing, beheading of american journalist by isis, that spin-off of al qaeda, as it moves through iraq. threat to another american now. on the video they march out a second american journalist saying this one will die if american airstrikes continue. they're using this, isis.
9:25 am
to pressure the united states. we're on that when it happens. we'll take you live to that. israel's iron dome defense system is intercepting rockets again from gaza after hamas, the terror group there, violates the cease-fire again. sirens sounding across israeli cities. is there any chance for peace at this point? stay close. [sirens]
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9:30 am
turning now to missouri were a grand jury is getting set to take up the deadly police shooting of a black teen in ferguson. has the officer involved already been judged guilty? >> 10 days ago a police officer shot and killed michael brown in broad daylight. we have a responsibility to come together and to do everything we can to achieve justice with vigorous prosecution that must be pursued. the prosecutor and attorney general of the united states each have a job to do. molly: former l.a. police detective lasting what he called a rush to judgment in ferguson saying what has happened there could have a chilling effect on how people do their jobs and helhowpolice to their jobs to pt and serve. >> the citizens of ferguson, missouri, and the united states
9:31 am
wants law enforcement to simply do nothing, my advice my brother officers his role of the window, turn on the air conditioner, turn on in ipod and drift through your career and see how society likes it. certainly that isn't the answer but that is what the public wants. i have no idea what's and we would want to be a police officer in the environment in the way they are treated, they are treated like dirt. molly: before we get to who would want to be a police officer in this environment, what you think of that, a vigorous prosecution. politicians want to look like they're doing something, but they are having a vigorous discussion, it is going to a grand jury. >> is there an advantage for him to say that? you have a crucible, you have the investigation, it is all happening. first reports are always wrong, always new information that comes out, that is why you investigate.
9:32 am
was the hands up, we will investigate. if that is the case if you are judged before you are found guilty, why should the police put themselves out there to make the difficult calls because they talk about six shots. you do not shoot to wound, and make a decision, these are life and death situations, you have to have the ability to make that call. molly: going to the president twice has come out and essentially embarrassed politicians like governor nixon the criticizing the handling of what has happened. i better respond and say something, i have been embarrassed i national stage. >> the one that stands out in my mind entering day 11 now since the original shooting, we have gotten so far afield of what happened from the black major and whatever was playing out
9:33 am
inside that store and later the shooting so on and so forth i am concerned the people who might remember anything have a talk with everybody, they held some 200 interviews from people who would not talk to local authorities. that is a little frightening because memory can get fuzzy. they may want to get on it and get swift about it to get all the facts. all of this racially motivated, whatever it might be is getting us further and further away from actually getting fresh facts. >> they did not wait for the fact, sandra. meeting with the victim's family before he got the facts. is he going to get a fair officer? he will get a fair shake at this and may have been well within the law to do this and he is acquitted and then what? >> there is a disturbing rush to judgment here, and add the list
9:34 am
of those on the street of course the first rushed to the judgment, the media of course is to blame rushing to judgment on this. we are innocent until proven guilty in this country. eric holder should be doing anything, he should be there defending that right. this police officer has rights, and i think you make such a great point we have gotten so far from the actual shooting 11 days ago that we have all rushed to judgment, now these people who could have had an open mind and shared details from the event could be clouded by this. >> they judged without knowing. >> this is a attorney general who defended the black panther party. a lot of people believe he is going into ferguson determined to get that police officer. if a grand jury doesn't, the doj will. >> the governor saying i want to achieve justice for the brown
9:35 am
family. i want just justice for everyone involved. they have to look at all the facts. i'm glad to release the video of brown in the convenience store leading what i thought was the convenience store owner before he was killed because if that is his personality and said he found pot in the kids system, if all of those have to be factors because that will affect the way he handled himself on the street with the police officer. we have not heard from the police officer, i am anxious to hear that. we don't have all the facts and we can continue an investigation without those. >> the doj pressure the police department in ferguson not to release the surveillance video at the same time stood at the podium wagging their finger about transparency. that story has been missed, that is egregious. >> now we are turning to the
9:36 am
middle east because new violence between hamas and israel after cease-fire talks totally collapsed. the fighting started when militants in gaza fired rockets at israeli cities hours before a temporary truce was set to expire. israel responding with airstrikes. meantime we are learning hamas just gave reporters a report of a tunnel israel claimed to have destroyed. telling reporters they are prepared for all options. do you think there's any hope at this point for peace? >> no, i don't. israel has always wanted peace. they have even come to the table and agreed to a two state solution. the problem is hamas and the palestinians do not believe israel has a right to exist, they want them obliterated i don't know how you get to peace from we do not believe he should even have a right to be here. israel should do everything in its power to fight back, it should ignore the p.r. against
9:37 am
it, and united states should get behind israel but get out of the way because we have only made things more difficult for them. >> you want a preview of what isis is doing, this is what hamas and has below has been for years. even the gaza strip, to build a community there is a states next to israel and instead built tunnels, instead they fired rockets and targeted israel because the nature of their entity is to wipe israel off the map and still until we understand that with moral clarity, we will never confront the issue. >> sandra, what did they think is going to happen? they are the instigator special and tunnels they are saying israel said they destroyed, firing rockets before the cease-fire or the peace
9:38 am
agreement was even completed, what did they expect? >> thousands of people have died, mostly palestinians, the blame game continues. of course your question is the here. i go back to you, you drawing on your experience being on the ground. if we were to look at a longer-term strategy here, benjamin netanyahu made it very clear his strategy, if the president of the united states were to step in more, what do you see as the most effective measures for us? >> you have to insist anybody they are negotiating with recognizes israel's fundamental right to exist across the board, so any entity in the west bank, an entity where they have been able to do that and have forged that relationship.
9:39 am
our president should stand shoulder to shoulder consistent in this negotiation israel is in the right on that one. >> benjamin netanyahu has been looking across the world now at us saying now you know what we have been doing with, wouldn't it be ironic if president obama had to call on him at some point, we're going to need help from every country in the world to stand with us and fight this now because we started late. >> it is hard to fight plus when their whole mission is to kill. >> you have to kill back, pretty simple. >> live pictures at martha's vineyard where we are awaiting a message from the president on the killing of an american journalist and the threat to another american. the group says it will kill in the u.s. airstrikes continue in iraq.
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molly: we are awaiting a statement from president obama from martha's vineyard on the journalist that we can confirm was beheaded in a video by isis. the president to make remarks. another american journalist is held captive by isis the we're waiting for the president to weigh in on that. the parents of the murdered journalists are speaking out at a press conference, let's take a listen. >> jim would never want us to hate or be bitter. we cannot do that, and so we are just so very proud of jimmy and we are praying for strength to love like he did and stay courageous and keep fighting for all the people he was fighting for, and again to pray for mercy for the remaining americans.
9:45 am
>> we beg compassion and mercy. for jim's captors. we just beg mercy. they never hurt anybody, they were trying to help, and there is no reason for their slaught slaughter. >> jim was just innocent, and they knew it, he was just a symbol for the country. it is that hatred that jim was against. jim was there to bear witness to the love and the suffering, the hopes of the people, to be free like we are, and they knew that. >> so we have done this before.
9:46 am
>> all the brothers, jim was the oldest, jim was so loved, he was the big brother. one of the reasons he was drawn to conflict journalism was because of his brothers in the military. as a matter of fact one of his first assignments was in afghanistan for his air force brother was stationed at the time, so i think jim wanted to be there where john was, he wanted to cover what was happening at the human level. >> actually before that he was with the national guard in iraq, the largest single state defense, and he was able to
9:47 am
write articles that humanize the soldiers and sent back to local newspapers and the parents so grateful because they had some news about their children. it was dehumanizing nature. yes, there is more, yes, there is conflict, but there is sacrifice involved. he felt that was worth sharing, and i cannot agree more. >> we have four sons, the other two are in the military. >> we have a navy nurse also. >> to speak to john in the air force, this the little girl, when i heard about uncle jim, my heart was row can. >> she is seven.
9:48 am
>> that's just expressed. >> her name is? >> rori. >> i noticed that difficult time for your family when he was in captivity previously about his decision to go back and his conversations, was he just felt this was his mission to go back there, was that hard for you all? >> absolutely, they get made some of the siblings mad understandably. michael led the charge when he was in libya tirelessly to get everything he could to get him out, so there were many emotio emotions. some of the emotions were angry, how could you do this to us. we just tried to talk to him about you have so many gifts, why are you doing this?
9:49 am
>> we are at the point of considering fundraising or rent some. we were making a video, i am sure it is going to come out, a video of all of his experiences and the millions of people whose lives he touched. that will continue despite his death, but one of the comments from one of the experts, the person who runs the doj, joel simon. jules said when asked why did he go back to the answer was why do firemen keep going into blazing homes? because it is their job. he felt this was his job, this was his passion. so he was not crazy. he was motivated by what he thought was doing the right
9:50 am
thing and it gave him energy. >> at one time i remember in our kitchen, you have these gifts, you can do so many things, why go back and do this? he said mom, i found my passion, he felt compelled. >> did you see a hint of that when he was growing up? >> it came from his mother. >> he was a fun-loving very daring, fun-loving kid. >> he was always a listener, just couldn't detach from other people's lives. when you told him your story, he was there for you, with you, whatever else.
9:51 am
>> sharing your worries and your prayers and here we are 21 months later, it has been a long journey. our u.s. family finding your strengths? >> we are in the moment. but every time we start to get bonded over these two years, we thought of jim, and his courage and in the midst of his suffering he was helping the other prisoners. a couple of much younger people, he was one of the older ones, just hold one of them, who was struggling so. somehow we needed the strength, so we prayed to god for the
9:52 am
strength and so many prayers, so many. >> we're watching john and diane foley. now president obama. president obama: into your world is repulsed by the murder of jim foley and isis. jim was a journalist, a son and brother and a friend. he reported from neighbor places bearing witness to the lives of people worlds away. he was taken hostage nearly two years ago in syria and was courageously reporting at the time on the conflict there. taken from us in an act of violence that shocked the entire world. he was 40 years old, one of five siblings, the son of a mom and dad worked tirelessly for his release. earlier today i spoke and told them we are all heartbroken at
9:53 am
their loss and joined them in honoring jim in all that he did. jim foley's life stands in stark contrast to the killers. but speaks they are about isis, they have rampage across cities and villages killing innocent unarmed civilians and cowardly acts of violence. they abduct women and children and subject them to torture and rate and slavery, they have murdered muslims both sunni and shiite by the thousands, targeting christians and minorities driving through their homes murdering them when they can for no other reason than thn they practice a different religion. they declare their ambitions amid genocide against people.
9:54 am
for isil speaks for no religion, their victims are overwhelmingly muslims, no faith teaches people to massacre innocence. no just god would stand for what they do every day. isil has no ideology, no value to human beings. their ideology is bankrupt. they may claim out of expediency they are at war with the united states or the west, the t is they terrorize their neighbors and offer them nothing but endless slavery to their empty vision. the collapse of any definition of civilized behavior. people like this ultimately fa fail. they fail because futures are
9:55 am
won by those who build, not destroy, shaped by people like jim foley and overwhelming majority of humanity are appalled by those who killed h him. the united states of america will continue to do what we must do to protect our people, we will be vigilant and we will be relentless. when people harm americans anywhere, we do what is necessary to see that justice is done and we act against isil standing alongside others. the people of iraq with our support are taking the fight to isis must expel them from the communities, people of syria, the story jim foley told was deserving to live under the shadow of terrorists, they have our support in pursuit rooted in dignity, governments and people across the middle east, there has to be a common effort to
9:56 am
extract this cancer so it does not spread. there has to be a clear rejection of the kind of a nihilistic ideologies. one thing we can all agree on is group like isil has no place in the 21st century. friends and allies around the world, we share a common security and common sense o setf values opposite of what we saw yesterday. we will continue to confront this hateful terrorism and replace it with a sense of hope and stability. that is what jim foley stood f for. a man who lived his work and courageously told the stories of his fellow human beings, with light and love by friends and family. today the american people will all say prayer for those who loved jim. all of us will a cap in the
9:57 am
absence and mourn his loss keeping our prayers the other americans separated from families who will do anything they can to protect our people and the timeless values we stand for. may god bless and keep jim's memory and god bless the united states of america. >> the president speaking from martha's vineyard on the beheading by isis militants in iraq of an american journalist james foley. just a reminder, we had live from rochester new hampshire the parents of james foley, john and diane, speaking in detail showing so much strength and loving care of the memory of their son which you now see on the right side of the screen, and toggled to the president live from his vacation at martha's vineyard. your thoughts on this.
9:58 am
>> it is hard not to think of what the family is going through and to watch them and their reaction. i asked the country like president obama asked and like the parents asked to pray for mercy for those that are held captive and those in other countries who don't have the freedoms we do in america, and i do want to say thank you to jim foley for being a journalist, being a brave journalist and telling the story that many people are not willing to go out and do, and he lost his life for it. >> a family that has been on video today to keep them in america's prayers and prayers across the world as well because he could be next according to the killers, that is what they promise on the tape. >> it is amazing the family calling for compassion for their son's murderers, something i don't think i would have been able to do had that been my brother or my son. they are clearly bigger people
9:59 am
than i am, i would have had a much more angry response. a navy nurse daughter. with regard to the president's remarks i would have liked to hear a bit more fire in the belly because there is another journalist be beheaded by the same terrorist group. where is the i am going to bring it to justice? i think people are waiting for and again we didn't hear it. >> the morale of the troops as they watch this, a former member of the fighting forces. >> i hope they're doing something about this. i wish he put on a tie it had respect to do that. he talks about people like this ultimately fail. they fail when folks stand up and oppose them and fight them. i hope the passion was missing, i hope he rebounds from this behind the scenes taking it to isis right now.
10:00 am
>> we know another life is at. >> that will do it for us on "outnumbered." now "happening now." >> you all need to get back. [bleep]. >> told you how violent instigators were inserting themselves into law-abiding protest. >> if you're in the middle of the street, you're unlawfully assembled and must disperse immediately. >> let's give attention to the peaceful, not those kind of call attention to themselves, let's not polymerize the active criminals. jon: protest flaring up in ferguson, missouri, as attorney general eric holder rises to the center of the firestorm. welcome to this new hour of "happening now." molly: tensions at a


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