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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 20, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> can i have them? >> sure. >> that's a great idea. >> they go in your mouth. >> set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is next. we'll see you right back here tomorrow. president obama says the u.s. will be relentless in its pursuit of the terrorists who beheaded an american journalist. this is "special report." >> good evening. i'm chris wallace in washington. bret baier is on assignment. there is global reaction tonight to the beheading of that american journalist, james foley, by isis terrorists, supposedly in retaliation for u.s. air strikes in iraq. first, his parents. they spoke today of the contrast between their son and his killers. >> they're very ruthless. they knew jimmy was a symbol
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of -- >> the goodness in america, the best of america. >> they realized that he would be a person of concern and that if anything bad happened to him, it would be -- >> would hurt. >> would hurt. >> president obama said the militants who murdered foley are, quote, a cancer that needs to be extracted. he says the terrorists whom he refers to as isil can not hide behind their religion. >> no just god would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single day. isil has no ideology of any value to human beings. their ideology is bankrupt. >> we have fox team coverage tonight. wendell goler is with the president on martha's vineyard. catherine herridge reports on what the intelligence community is learning from the execution video, but we begin with amy kellogg in london, on foley's
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murder and the british connection. good evening, amy. >> chris, it is believed that foley's killer hailed from britain and that won't come as a surprise to those terror experts who say that british jihadis are among the most violent. james foley's family said despite being gikilled in the mt barbaric way imaginable, they believe he remained brave to the end. he was beheaded by isis terrorists for air strikes in iraq. the 40-year-old correspondent from new hampshire had traveled the world fearlessly for global post and other agencies, covering some of the world's most dangerous places and bloody conflicts. his father said jim wouldn't have considered himself a hero. instead, he dedicated his life to documenting the lives of people he felt were. >> he was always a listener. and just couldn't -- couldn't detach from other people's lives. he was part of their life. when you told him your story, he was there.
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he was there for you, with you. >> he was driven by -- as john said, the people's deep desire for freedom and suffering. the suffering of the children, so many, i mean, you know, just so sad. >> the man who killed foley had a british accent. prime minister david cameron cut short his vacation to launch an investigation. >> we know far too many citizens have traveled to iraq and traveled to syria to take part in extremism and violence,and what we must do is redouble all our efforts to stop people from going, from taking away the passports of those contemplating travel, to arrest and prosecute those participating in this violence. >> they believe fife00 british citizens have traveled to wage jihad in iraq and syria. they report the jihadist in the video has been recognized by a former captive as a man named john who was one of the main guards of foreign hostages and
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negotiated the release of others for ransom. meanwhile, eulogies from around the world pour in for foley, seen here with bill o'reilly discussing his experience in a previous kidnapping in libya in 2011. >> they let you make a couple calls, i understand. >> they let me make one call to my mother. after that, tremendous feeling of relief. first time -- >> let her know you're alive, sure. >> first time i heard the rest of the world knew about me. >> and chris, now just about everyone knows james foley. his parents say despite his horrific death, they want the memories to be only positive. chris. >> amy celling reporting live from london. thank you for that. isis terrorists say foley'se execution was retribution for american renewed military strikes in iraq, but president obama is vowing to increase the pressure. wendell goler is with the president on martha's vineyard. >> once again pulled from
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vacationing from violence, a grim faced president obama said the murder of james foley shocked the conscience of the world, and he rejected the islamic state's claim to be servants of allah. >> isis speaks for no religion. their victims are largely muslim. >> aides say he was briefed on the beheading video as he flew back to martha's vineyard after two days at the white house. he phoned foley's parents and said the nation is heartbroken at their loss. to reporters he said they will act against isis, but he suggested the u.s. won't act alone. >> from governments and people across the middle east, there has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so it does not spread. >> in fact, there were nearly a dozen attacks on isis targets today and they had planned to beef up the security at the embassy in baghdad, but some analysts say mr. obama underestimates the group and has no strategy to defeat it.
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>> take it to isis. take the fight to them. begin to degrade their capacity. don't wait to respond to an attack so that you're preventing a humanitarian catastrophe. >> michael hayden accused the president of cheerleading the nation's war weariness. throw after 13 years in afghanistan and more than 4,000 u.s. deaths in iraq, it's hard to deny the weariness is real. some critics say the u.s. should go after isis in syria. others suggest the formula used to retake mosul dam. kurdish and iraqi forces on the ground and american air power. >> move forward cautiously but still move forward on a campaign against these people. sooner or later we're going to fight them because they want to fight us. >> former ambassador james jeffries said iraq's new government is less likely to fuel the sunni/shia divide that isis feeds on. he suggests that would make military action more effective. there will be more fresh on
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obama to provide weapons to the forces. germany and italy have announced plans to send weapons to kurdish fighters. the u.s. is nervous about providing heavier weapons given isis has taken them from iraqi troops in the past. >> wendell goler on martha's vineya vineyard, thank you. intelligence analysts are studying the video of the execution closely, looking for any clues that can be used to find those responsible for foley's murder. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has that part of the story. >> the intelligence value of the video includes the identification of the executioner, whether he's a known jihadist tathe fbi, as well as a date and location where the beheading was carried out, as a senior lawmaker explained. >> every little speck of information on the video will be a clue for the intelligence committee, both to verify if it was accurate and true, number one, and two, if that was the case, can they put a place and work to identify who that individual might be? >> jihadists recently reposted
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images of american nick berg who was beheaded a decade ago . the u.s. intelligence community was aware of direct threats to foley. as one source described it, isis said they would do it. while u.s. officials believe at least two other americans are being held by isis, a u.s. aide worker and a journalist who was also on the video, the state department offered few details. >> we are aware of other american citizens including as you saw, mr. sotloff, being held in syria. i don't have a number beyond that. >> the video with its horrifying simplicity carries multiple messages about isis and its objective. the orange jumpsuits are s synonymous with guantanamo bay. the fact that sotloff and foley are together, possibly in the isis stronghold shows a level of sophistication and coordination. >> holding them across two war
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zones is complicated. they have to keep the hostages protected or sheltered in order to maintain control of them. >> while al qaeda and the taliban would swap hostages for prisoners or cash, isis doesn't need the money after they raided iraqi banks and took control of northern oil fields. >> they're showing us they're trying to use their hostages in a way that shocks us into submission. >> the state department spokeswoman hinted strong lay today that the obama administration will rely on a law enforcement model including a traditional fbi investigation to bring foley's killers to justice. that u.s. intelligence officials had complained in the past about the difficulty of operating in syria and iraq, chris. >> more on all this with the panel. thank you. up next, president obama's top cop goes to ferguson, missouri. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight.>> virginia, as the u.s. supreme court blocks gay and lesbian
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couples from marrying for now. the stay puts on hold a ruling striking down virginia's ban on gay marriage. fox 40 in sacramento, california, where a patient is being treated for payable exposure to the ebola virus. the county health department said the patient is isolated in a negative pressure room while tests are being conducted. >> and this is a live look at memphis, tennessee, from fox 13. the big story there tonight, a high school student says she was kicked out of class for saying bless you to another student who had sneezed. kendrick turner said the teacher told her there would be no godly speaking in her class, but school officials say the girl was removed for violating the teacher's no talking policy. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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this is a fox news alert. attorney general eric holder is said to be meeting right now
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with the parents of michael brown, the african-american teenager killed in a police shooting a week and a half ago. holder spent much of the day in ferguson, missouri, site of protests, some peaceful, some not, over the incident. mike tobben reports on today's developments. >> my man. >> how are you doing? >> you are the man. >> a warm embrace between the nation's top cop and the trooper credited with reducing the nightly chaos in ferguson. attorney general eric holder arrived in ferguson as part of exceptional federal interest in a local case. holder met with fbi agents and community leaders telling them the government's most experienced agents were investigating the death of michael brown. >> we ned inspiration. by him being here now, that's giving us inspiration. >> the state case is also under way with a grand jury meeting today. that drew protesters ever to the county justice center. a lone supporter of officer
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darren wilson was confronted angrily. police removed her, apparently for her own safety. as the state case moves forward, a petition is circulating to remove county prosecutor bob mcculloch from the case. his father, a patrolman, was killed by a black man in 1964. the demonstrators have no faith in his commitment to fairness. governor jay nixon suggests he should step down. he refuses and in a bitter public feud, he said the governor could force him. >> so stand up, you know, man up. stand up and say i have this authority. i am not removing mccullough. i am removing mccullough, and let's get on with this. >> demonstrations almost made it through the night without clashes, but flared just after midnight, the tension evident in one of the officers. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> you're going to kill him.
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>> get back there. get back. >> that officer from nearby st. ann has been pulled from duty down here at the demonstrations. in fact, county police say he's been relieved of duty, suspended indefinitely. chris, back to you. >> mike tobben reported from ferguson. thank you. house budget committee chair and possible presidential candidate paul ryan said today, u.s. lawmakers must re-engage with the poor and come up with welfare programs that work. that comes on the 50th anniversary of the start of the war on poverty. chief washington correspondent james rosen reports, it's a war that many people feel america is losing. >> gaze upon ferguson, missouri, the new epicenter of racial tension in america, is to observe a city transforms in demography and knk economics fr quarter century ago. when the majority was white, its median income was higher than
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that of missouri as a whole. today with ferguson two thirds black, the median income has inched up to $37,000, but the lags behind missouri's state income by a full $10,0 thou,000 year, meaning as their racial composition reversed, so did their economic position. >> the notion of working class people not present there for that black community, and i think it has helped to impoverish them. if we think back to the war on poverty and taking steps to try to deal with it, you understand the limits then of what the government can do when you don't have people making their way in terms of the political structure, in terms of the economic structure. >> the war against poverty will not be won here in washington. it must be won in the field. >> though announced in the 1964 state of the union address, president lyndon b. johnson's war on poverty was launched on august 20th of thatiary when the president signed an anti-poverty
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measure. 50 years and $15 trillion later, the poverty rate is only nominally decreased from 19% in 1964 to 15% today. for african-americans, the rate is 27%, half of what it was in lbj's time, nearly double the national rate today. >> i think lyndon johnson if he were looking at ferguson today would be shocked and saddened at the lack of progress we have made. and it's not just race. he would see it as a problem of class, as a problem with people being permanently left behind. >> and there is no shortage of such people in ferguson where the unemployment rate has nearly tripled since 2000 to 13% and more than a quarter of its residents live below the poverty line. chris. >> james, thank you. stocks were mixed today. the dow gained 59 1/2. the s&p 500 was up 5, but nazdic fell 1. >> the air war between israel and hamas is back at full pitch tonight. the israeli military reports at
3:19 pm
least 140 rockets fired by the palestinians and about 100 israeli air strikes on hamas targets since the latest truce was broken. one of those targets appeared to be the house of a militant group's military chief. hamas said late today he was not there. the exchanges came as peace talks in egypt broke off. >> ukrainian troops are said to be making a significant push into rebel-held territory tonight. they have claimed control over a large part of the separatist stronghold of lujanest and have nearly circled d ed donetsk. at least 52 deaths have been reported today. still ahead, bret baier in texas with a look at rick perry's legal troubles and political adventures. >> first, alaska and louisiana, two big states in the pick six as republicans try to wrestle control of the senate away from democrats. i'm j-a-n-e and i have copd.
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america's election headquarters is in two of the key states tonight, and what we call our pick six. the battlegrounds of the republican party's quest to pick up a half dozen seats and gain control of the senate this november. it's the storyline of the midterm election. alaska is coming off a big senate primary last night. we'll get to that in a moment, but we go first to louisiana, chief political correspondent carl cameron is in new orleans, where a three-term democratic senator is fighting for her political life. >> we're not -- >> candidate filings began today for louisiana's jungle primary which fits all the u.s. senate candidates against one another on a single ballot. vulnerable incumbent mary landrieu has been targeted as one of the six additional seats they need for the senate
3:24 pm
majority. if neither she nor one of her rivals clears 50%, the top two go to a runoff which could lead control of the senate unresolved. >> we're official. >> president obama's popularity is hurting her in the polls. she emphasizes her differences when it comes to the red state energy issues, blasting the president for failing to approve the keystone pipeline. >> i'm such a strong supporter of the keystone pipeline and have been for many years. >> bill castro is in a dead heat with landrieu. >> she says that to get re-elected but that's not her top priority. it's kind of kowtowing to senator reid and president obama. >> the biggest threat for cassidy is conservative tea party backed republican ron manus who has been endorsed by sarah palin. he complains the establishment is out to get him. >> if i'm so insignificant, why are they fighting so heart to
3:25 pm
get me to kit. >> he didn't submit the 5,000 signatures appear on the ballot. he has gained ground on cassidy, while landrieu's gain has shrunk. >> it was a mistake, an accounting mistake. it should have never been made and i have lawyers who are looking at every document and will make it fully public in september. >> the whole airplane issue is just a symptom, if you will, of a washington, d.c. that lives high on the hog while taxpayers struggle. >> there are 75 days between now and the end of the 2014 midterm elections, unless, of course, louisiana sends the nation into overtime. chris. >> carl cameron reporting from new orleans. enjoy dinner in the big easy tonight. >> republicans also sense vulnerability in alaska. three of them lined up yesterday for a shot at democratic senator mark begich. dan springer tells us what
3:26 pm
happened from anchorage. >> former alaska attorney general dan sullivan campaigned down to the wire in the republican senate primary race, and it paid off with an 8-point win over tea party favorite joe miller and a wider margin over current lieutenant governor. it's a victory for the gop establishment which got behind sullivan early, feeling he's the best hope for knocking off mark begich and flipping this all important senate seat. begich, a life long alaskan is a skilled politician who defied the odds before. he downplayed his party label. president obama lost the state by 15 points in 2012 and he's even less popular now. begich supported obamacare but has criticized isrollout. >> this is what's important to alaska, what matters to alaska. when i disagree with the president, they're going to hear about it. gun issues, i didn't support his position on the gun control. >> republicans cite a report
3:27 pm
that said begich toes the party line 97% of the time. experts say if that sticks, the gop can take a seat both parties desperately want. >> put it this way. how much is the senate majority worth to each of these two parties? that's how much money that they're willing to spend. >> dan sullivan's campaign said he lost his voice and couldn't do any media last night or today. he'll have to viefind it soon ot promises to be a bruising two and half month race with major national implications. >> dan springer, thank you. you can keep up to date on the battle for control of the senate and even make your own predictions on our pick six web page. you can find that at >> no grapevine tonight so we can bring you bret baier's report on the political uproar in texas over the indictment of rick perry. >> first, why the beheading of an american journalist by isis
3:28 pm
terrorists is not surprising to iraqis.
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recapping our top story, president obama is expressing outrage tonight over the beheading of american journalist james foley. he is promising to keep up the fight against isis terrorists in iraq. tonight, senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is on the ground just outside mosulwhere that kind of
3:32 pm
brutality from isis terrorists is nothing new. >> chilling video shocking people in iraq and in the u.s., it was posted online by isis, showing the execution by a masked militant of kidnapped american journalist james foley, after the militant rants about air strikes in iraq, foley recites a call to stop them, followed by foley's grisly beheading. also seen, another american journalist, steven sought cough. in a statement today, president obama was firm. >> the united states of america will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. we will be vigilant and we will be relentless. >> foley's parents at their home in new hampshire expressed their sorrow and pride. >> we're very proud of jim. you know, as he was a courageous, fearless journalist. very compassionate american. >> his family halfway around the world felt her pain. ethnic azeedy refugees were d v
3:33 pm
driven from their homes by isis militants. many women kidnapped, many men killed brutally. isis are not really human, this man says. wherever they go, they behead men. it is not surprising, he says. they have killed several members of my family, and this man shows me photos on a cell phone of other isis beheading. meanwhile, people waging battle on the ground against isis are hoping the u.s. won't waver. american bombing of isis targets has been critical to gains, most recently, the retaming of the mosul dam. their message, the brutal tactics used by isis should only make the u.s. hang in there. as if in answer to the taunts of the terrorists, the u.s. today launched 14 more air strikes on isis positions along the mosul dam. that won't get james foley back, but it could push back a bit more of the militants. chris. >> greg, thank you. back here at home, tex techgovernor rick perry plans to be in new hampshire friday on the way to a possible run for president in 2016.
3:34 pm
that means he won't be in austin, texas, for his arraignment on felony charges. bret baier takes a look at the strange political trail perry finds himself on tonight. >> it wasn't the typical booking at the travis county courthouse tuesday night. >> i will not allow this attack on our system of government to stand. >> and it wasn't the typical mugshot. a smirking sitting governor of texas who, after posing for that pic, stopped for a treat at a local ice cream shop. governor rick perry has been indicted by a grand jury on one count of abuse of official capacity, a first degree felony, and one count of coercion of a public servant, a third degree felony. the charges stem from perry's threat to veto funding for the travis county district attorney's public integrity unit unless d.a. rose mermary lehmbe
3:35 pm
resigned. she was arrested for driving drunk in april 2013 and was seen acting belligerent at her booking in the now infamous video. she never stepped down, and perry eventually vetoed that funding for the public integrity unit lehmberg oversaw. >> i'm going to fight this injustice with every fiber of my being. and we will prevail. >> several democrats in texas and nationally pounced on the news. texas congressman joaquin castro tweeted, quote, for the sake of texas, governor perry should resign following his indictment on two criminal felony counts involving abuse of office. all of this, of course, is also seen through a 2016 prism, as rick perry considers whether to run for president again. merril matthews is with an independent nonpartisan public policy think tank in dallas. >> i think the indictment could help him significantly,
3:36 pm
especially if, of course, he's not actually convicted on this, but the notion that you've got a conservative leader who is out there doing things and leading on issues, being attacked by democratic charges ends up working, i think, in his favor in a way that i think he probably couldn't have anticipated and may very well put him in the front runner place for a little while. >> other texas political watchers say perry's political gain could be short lived if this case does go to court where testimony about who said what to whom could get ugly. even as ugly as governor chris christie's bridgegate in new jersey. >> this has put not just texas republicans but national republicans in a mind to take another look at perry, which is exactly what he's trying to achieve, but once we get beyond the politics, the theatrics of this, and into court, i think it will undoubtedly be detrimental to him, the question is how
3:37 pm
detrimental, and i would think very. >> the conventional wisdom in texas from pundits and column nstzs on the left and right is there's not a lot of there there, at least not having seen what the grand jury has seen. perry remains undeterred. he's hired a high priced legal team and he's clearly still seeking the spotlight. he'll go to washington thursday to talk to the heritage foundation about immigration reform, and then it's off to the first in the nation presidential primary state of new hampshire where he's booked for at least six speeches. so far. chris? >> bret, thank you. this is a fox news alert. the u.s. military launched a secret mission earlier this summer to rescue a number of americans held captive by militants in syria, but failed to find them. the officials say the american hostages were not at the location where the u.s. believed they were being held. the mission was carried out by
3:38 pm
several dozen special operations troops who were on the ground inside syria for a short period of time. president obama vows to be relentless in pursuit of isis terrorists who murdered an american journalist. we'll get reaction from the panel on that. and also on the secret mission after this quick break.
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test test. test test
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more details on that fox news alert. we're just learning that president obama authorized and the u.s. military conducted an attempted rescue mission earlier this summer to try to free some of those hostages being held by isis. those hostages including james foley who was so brutally murdered yesterday. we just got a statement from the president's top assistant on counterterrorism issues, and let me read it to you. what it reads is, this is a statement by lisa monaco, the assistant to the president, and she says as the department of
3:42 pm
defense has now announced earlier this summer, the president tlieszed an operation to attempt the rescue of american citizens who were kidnapped and held by isil against their will in syria. the president authorized action at this time because it was the national security team's assessment that these hostages were in danger with each passing day in isil custody. the u.s. government had what we believed was sufficient intelligence and when the opportunity presented itself, the president authorized the department of defense to move aggressively to recover our citizens. unfortunately, that mission was ultimately not successful because the hostages were not present. and that is the point that they were on the ground for some time in syria. they thought that the hostages were being held in a specific location. they got to the location without being detected by outside forces, but the hostages were not there, and so they left apparently safely. this is new news, breaking just now, as you're watching.
3:43 pm
let me introduce the panel. chuck lane of the washington post. nina, how are you? nina easton. talk about a senior moment, from fortune magazine, and charles krauthammer, who could never forget. chuck, your reaction to this? this is kind of stunning new news. >> it is very stunning. and one would like to know more about the precise timing of it. and what the strategic thinking was behind it, and, you know, how it fits into what's all happened later. obviously, it's u.s. interests now in hindsight to have had these hostages out of there because they're being threatened now in the case that we do more air strikes. they have already threatened that the other hostage will be killed if the united states continues air strikes if there were no hostages in their hand, we would have a freer -- we would have more latitude in dealing with isis from the air. >> i think it's fair to say, nina, it's no coincidence the administration is releasing this
3:44 pm
information now that they have already moved against foley in once sense, i suspect, because they have nothing to lose. it's not like they're going to further antagonize isis, and also, i suppose in a political sense, it shows that we were doing everything we could to get these guys out of there. >> it will be interesting to see if they try to do a further mission to rescue other americans held. unlikely now that they have broadcast they have already tried this, if they're going to succeed. it seems like this president is trying to limit the mission and trying to limit the impact. he talks about wanting to protect our people, presumably our people over there. contrast that with prime minister cameron of britain who said isis is a direct and deadly threat to britain. i find this president continued to try to limit the mission when in fact isis in the tradition of, you know, seeing daniel pearl being decapitated, seeing the contractors hung. it's the same awful jihadist
3:45 pm
evil, and yet isis also controlled territory, it controls oil fields and a dam. and this is a great danger to the united states. it isn't something that can be localized. we're going to talk a little more about the mission. we're going to do two panels on this because this is breaking news, but i want to go back to the idea of a secret mission. it is surprising and on the one hand, it shows how determined the president is to try to save these americans. on the other hand, obviously, it failed. >> but as you say, it's intended to show how much the president cares. this is a political reaction to a horrific event. the administration is trying to say we're not just standing by and watching. so you can understand that politically, but it is the usual instinct of this administration to think first of the politics. the other way you could interpret this is to say it is a message to the bad guys that we tried but didn't succeed but we're coming after you. we have this special forces, we
3:46 pm
need a better intel. on the other hand, you would think if there was a mission, it did not succeed, they were on the ground in syria, the bad guys would have known about this. it's hard to sort of tip toe in and tip toe out without anybody knowing. so i'm not sure it would have any effect. the major response proper response, the one isis would worry about the most is not a rescue mission. it's the continuation of the air strikes. so it's encouraging that we redouble the air strikes today with 15 strikes. we were instrumental in the recapture of the dam. the question is, will obama allow the mission to be defined as a general containment and quelling of isis, or will he keep it at least rhetorically protecting the embassy in baghdad, prething americans in urbea erbeal, and protecting them from genocide? our mission here is larger.
3:47 pm
the president won't say it. the air force is supporting the troops on the ground. that is succeeding. will he continue it and sustain it over time? that's the real question. and that's what isis is worried about. >> well, that is what we're going to get to in the next panel. we didn't know we were going to be talking about this, this secret rescue mission that unfortunately failed. but we'll have more with the panel on this breaking story after a short time-out. we're the places you call home, when you're away from home. 12 brands. more hotels than anyone else in the world. like wyndham, we're awaiting your arrival. for a chance to win one million dollars, visit
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and we act against isil standing alongside others. >> president obama talking tough today after isis or isil posted a video of the beheading of american journalist james foleyy. and we are back now with the panel. charles, i want to pick up with what the president said. he said we are vigilant or must be vigilant and relentless. he talked about a common effort to extract this cancer. what more do you wish he had said? >> i thought it was weak and it was ambiguous and it was vague. it was an opportunity -- the murder of an american done proudly in front of the world for a president of the united states to say this will not stand, and instead what he is saying is we are going to work with others. always with others. we are going to bring justice. that's exactly what he said after benghazi. he said people like this ultimately fail, as if they, too, like putin are on the wrong side of history.
3:52 pm
and history with a capital h will take care of it. it doesn't. it's great powers like the united states who take care of evil. and who act against it. so, look, he did the right thing. he is actually beginning to use an air campaign in support of our allies on the ground and to repel at least lightly push back isis. but the rhetoric is ambiguous and tentative as if he is afraid if he enunciates a more general goal of at least containing them, if not repelling them, he is going to be committed to a new campaign that's going to last a decade. i think he needs to be a lot more straight, forceful, and terse in talking about american action rather than deploring horrible actions. >> neon that easton, my old friend. >> yes. >> let me argue the other side of this. this is a president who has prided himself in getting us out of wars. he obviously struggled in getting back involved in
3:53 pm
iraq. he doesn't want to say and make a big deal of declaring war on isis. but, on the other hand, if you look at his actions, we not only were involved in the humanitarian action at mount sinjar, not only involved in repelling them in irbill, but we also were very involved in air strikes around the mosul dam and maybe the actions were more important than rhetoric which for public reasons he can't say. >> i think the rhetoric is important. words matter because signs of weakness matter with these people. these are evil people who know that they can trauma advertise us by putting on tape an evil act because we are society value individual and human life. i think you need to talk strong. i think he should have defined this as a terrorist attack against the united states. and, yes, we don't need to talk about boots on the ground. we do need to talk about air strikes and supporting our allies on the ground. we do need to talk about
3:54 pm
destroying this -- the islamic state. isis. it will come back to haunt us as david cammeron so eloquently said today. the killer had a british accent. that was a reminder to all of us that there are hadn't dreads if not thousands of westerners including some americans who are over there and pose a real and direct threat to us. >> charles? >> you know, i just want to offer one reason why his definition may not be all that wide yet is that that might require going to congress to get authority to engage in something wider. when he he talks about protecting americans and protecting our diplomatic installation, that's a clear -- he has a clear legal authority to do that in some ways it's smart that he is talking softly and carrying a big stick. i somewhat agree with your proposition, chris, what really matters are the air strikes. here's the problem. what do they do -- what are we prepared to do once the
3:55 pm
air strikes start yielding diminishing returns as they inevitably will? it seems like the plan is to arm and support kurds and renovate iraqi army on the ground. but, you know, that is a big if that those guys have the muscle to really destroy this islamic state. and just let me finish. that really i do agree strongly with nina and charles. that really is what has to be done. this can't be detained. it is a a cancer as the president i think belatedly has identified that, you know, they survive in that region, it's a menace to everyone. >> 30 seconds, charles. >> i'm not sure inevitably diminishing isis is overstretched. a huge amount of territory, cannot hold easily. we have the boots on the ground, non-american and air force could be extremely effective. what it is doing now in pushing them back. and this isn't just evil,
3:56 pm
these are the worst people on earth. if it isn't s. a cancer, it has to be extricated. obama to rally the country and he can't do it if he says all we are doing is protecting a consulate in irbill. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned for john mccain as you have never never seen him before. humira is proven to help relieve pain and stop further joint damage in many adults. [ male announcer ] humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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some of the big wigs in the audience to help out with the entertainment. here is senator john mccain doing the -- well, you watch. i think that's called the robot. anyway, that's "special report" for tonight.
4:00 pm
no online show. i'm chris wallace in washington. "on the record" with greta van susteren starts right now. this is a fox news alert. right now two major breaking news stories. there are no protests erupting in ferguson, missouri over the police shooting of an unarmed man and horrifying beheading a cold vicious execution by isis terrorist. over the summer the u.s. tried and failed to rescue hostages in syria. we first begin in ferguson. in moments fox news mike tobin will take tout streets. first, new information about the officer who shot michael brown to death. former agent and former homicide detective ted williams joins us. goodgood evening, ted, and what you can tell us about the officer? >> hi, greta. we have got some unconfirmed reports that


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