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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 21, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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tomorrow our summer concert series continues with tyler far. in the after the show show, venus williams. >> you guys want me to come back tomorrow? bill: there is new information on the secret mission to save james foley that failed. we are learning new details on the special forces covert raid and what went wrong. patti ann: the president speaking about james foley yesterday while on vacation but taking considerable criticism for heading back to the golf course after his comments. bill: james goler is in martha's vineyard where the president is on vacation. but jennifer griffin is at the
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pentagon. what do we know about the secret mission this year? >> reporter: the special operations team was on the ground longer than expected. they got to the first compound and extracted information that took them to another compound. they decided to search for the hostages when they weren't where they thought they would be. the information they had came from two spanish and french hostages. they said they were being held by british jihadists. >> we had all the information you could imagine and we hoped they would listen. obviously the situation changed when the bombing began. >> reporter: one u.s.aviator
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was injured during the operation. >> we know there are europeans passport holders who are jihadists. this is a jihadist tourist destination. we need to fight that. >> reporter: that's the iraqi ambassador to the united states. 1,000 european jihadists have gone to iraq to fight with isil. here is what kaitlyn hayden said. we never intended to disclose this operation and operational security made it imperative we
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kept it as secret as possible. we on made it public today when it was clear a number of media outlets were going to come forward with it. >> there has to be a common effort to extract this cancer so it does not spread. >> reporter: the con h -- the cn among the special operations community is it will have an affect on their ability to carry out special operations in the future. bill: you have 30 reporters who have gone missing. we can report at least 4 total americans still missing? >> reporter: at least three are still missing, yes.
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patti ann: james foley's parents speaking out for the first time about the execution of harrison. >> we are very proud of jim. he was a courageous, fearless journalist. very compassionate american. the best of america. >> he was stand-up guy. this was his passion. this is what he wanted to do for others. >> he was just a hero. >> you know from the videos his last word were ... see my family. >> jim had a big heart. that's what we shared with president obama. when pray that jim's death can bring our country together. >> when asked why kid he go back, the answer was why do
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firemen go back into blazing homes? it's because it was his job. this was his passion. >> reporter: president obama spoke personally with james' family. and he talked about foley's bravery in his speech. james foley was only 40 years old. as foley's parents broke down in tears president obama condemned islamic terrorist.for the execution of his on and then it was back to golf. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendall goler is live on martha's vineyard with that story. hi, wendall. >> we have seen this before. it recalls president bush's 2002 rant from the golf course followed by the line, "watch
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this drive." president obama for the third time addressing reporters, the president said james foley's scil killers are not servants of allah. >> isil speaks for no religion. their victims are mainly muslims and no just god would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do of single day. >> reporter: mr. obama made clear foley's murder will not stop u.s. actions goes isis. there were a dozen strikes against isis yesterday after that video was released. patti ann: what are his critics saying now? >> reporter: he's being criticized for not ending his
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vacation likeday david cameron did. people say he doesn't have a strategy for dismantling isis. that he should be sending special forces back into syria. they are saying he's cheerleading this country's war weary. >> you have a president for several years who has been a cheerleader for war weariness. it's now going to require great leadership on the president's part saying as tired of war you and i are, we have got to act now. >> reporter: the president says the u.s. will work against isis with other countries in the middle east. bill: there is a lot more to examine on president obama's response. what do you think?
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do you expect the u.s. to take more action dense the islamic terrorists? you can talk to us on twitter. we know there have been a lot of strike around that dam around mosul that have been successful in helping the kurds and iraqi forces take back that property. lit increase from there? that's what we want to know. calls for calm in ferguson, missouri after days of violent demonstrations. the demonstrators were more peaceful and that's a good thing. >> tonight was a good night in ferguson. we also had to respond to fewer incidents. there were no molotov cocktails, no fires, no shootings. we did not see a single handgun. there were no confrontations. just like tuesday night, tonight we deployed no smoke, no tear
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gas and no mace. bill: that was at darkness. now with the sunup adam housley is live with more. are there signs of progress? >> reporter: there are signs of progress even though there are signs of what has been going on. across the street is where this all started where mike brown is to alleged to have stolen. much different scene than we have seen the last week and a half. we got an indication it was going to be a quieter night about dusk. there were 100 people protesting. there was a lot of police presence but it didn't look like they were look for interaction. it might be a quiet night. we heard from captain ron johnson about the positive
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movement of last night's protest. take a listen. >> you can tell how the night is going by the radio traffic. tonight the radio traffic was quiet. light traffic on the radio and light traffic on the streets. the crowd were calm and orderly. >> reporter: the sun came up in ferguson. we have seen volunteer groups black and white canning up trash and and lot of police officers walking through here picking up trash and keeping the area clean. the street is back open this morning. bill: what is the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: we know the grand jury for the first time started hearing some evidence yesterday about what happened here. we are told they won't have any
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indication what they are going to do for some time. we also know there were a couple of protesters in favor of officer darren wilson. that did cow a little bit of issues at times. but nothing that caused any violence. those people were escorted away in support of darren wilson. there is $18,000 raised online for his defense. >> reporter: the americans infected with ebola are going home. a spokesperson for samaritan's purse says dr. can't brantly is being released from emery hospital today. dr. brantly is expected to speak when the hospital hold a news conference in just about 2
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hours. bill: almost 12 minutes past the hour. concerns about a possible volcanic eruption that could impact air travel. patti ann: a major data breach with private information this time at ups. we'll tell you what kind of information the hackers may have their hand on. bill: reverend al sharpton will speak at michael brown's funeral. bill: al sharpton has the nerve to insult the nation's police community.
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>> the world is appalled by the brutal murder of jim foley by the terror group isis. jim was a journalist, a brother, a son, and a friend. bill: critics slamming the president for going back to the golf course after that speech. karl rove is with us from florida today. in that statement he was stern. as far as we have seen him be
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stern throughout the past six years. but he left a lot of people asking the question what now? what are we going to do? how did it strike you? >> i thought it was passionate and appropriate. i thought he spoke with a lot more emotion and moral clarity he's used to speaking. but the question is what's next? the president says isil has no role in the 20th century and will fail. well, it's not going to fail by itself. we saw that in the horrible, brutal death of james foley. what is the president going to do to bring about the end of isil. bill: he was apparently on the golf course by 1:05 p.m., in the and of 8 minutes.
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the daily news calls it bam's golf war. i know your former boss took a lot of heat for going to texas. >> the criticism for going on vacation to president bush was unfair. but he made a statement about the attack on israel while on vacation in new england and this caused him to examine his behavior in a time of year and it caused him to give up golf for the balance of his presidency. he couldn't square the difference between the visual gap having to make statements like president obama had to make and being on the golf course. somebody made a mistake. they should have said the president is going go out and make a comment on this. why don't we get the tee time
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tomorrow or 40er 5 hours. bill: why don't you think that he thinks that way? >> this white house has been making a lot of gaffes. go to washington just so you can say he's off on vacation. we have seen a series of these when there is a gap between what the president has been doing and people's reaction to it. i just think they off their game. it's august. maybe the white house staff needed a break. maybe the communications mavens have lost their mojo. but something the last couple months has been going on. >> i have just about reached the point where i concluded what he's discovering fairly late in his administration is his basic world view is fundamental fraud. the world is a mean, nasty place on occasion and you need
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superior american military forces to deal with it. and i think every single day that go by he's finding there is a bigger gulf between his hope for view of the world and reality. bill: he said early on what he discorresponded, he went on to say his world view is fundamentally flawed. if you believe dick cheney do you believe the president is having a fundamental shift about his role and america's role in the world? >> i think president obama is awakening to the fact that say saying kumbaya and exploring an openness to the broader muslim world, that all these things are not -- have not panned out. i think he's aware of that. but i'm not certain i agree pree he's right and i'm wrong that president obama has decided
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these terrorists must be dealt with using all the tools available at the disposal of the u.s. president. our intelligence and diplomatic and public skills. but i'm not confident that's the case. i hope he's right. isil is not going to die off by itself. it won't die a natural death. it will require the steady application of american leadership to bring the world community to confronting this evil and destroying it. patti ann: new developments in the trial of former virginia governor. what's happening over there? corn oh yeah, that's the x4 platinum. the world's most "social" grill... social grill? did he just take a selfie?
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bill: customers at the ups store may want to check their bank statements. a data breach may have exposed credit card numbers and addresses. the company says it's not aware of any fraud related to the incident. patti ann: in west virginia former governor bob mcdonnell are accused of trading political favor for cash, goods and tripped totaling $150,000. >> reporter: it's day two on the stand for the former virginia governor. they are expected to focus on the marriage of bob mcdonnell
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and his wife maureen. and trying to convince people the marriage was crumbling and the two of them could not and did not conspire to do anything illegal regarding money or gifts from a businessman. mcdonnell took the stand and described his rise to polite calculate power in the state of virginia. his wife at this point is not expected to testify. patti ann: what can you tell us:the claim that the former governor took gifts in explaininger to political favors? >> the defense is arguing it was mcdonnell's wife maureen that was pursuing loans and not the governor doing that. mcdonnell stated object the stand that he spoke to officials
6:27 am
with williams and his company and as he said he would for any business he thought could bring jobs to the state. he said things like meeting and mansion events, i viewed those as the mere basic routine access to government and not unusual. john which williams has immunity from prosecution. he said he gave the mcdonnells manny and access for state-funded research for one of his products. bill: two americans infected in ebola back in the u.s. there is a significant update on their condition. patti ann: there are more americans being held by isis. is president obama doing enough?
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>> we talked at length about the horrors being perpetrated by isis, then he says at the end of this, this is a quote within we'll act against isil standing alongside others. andmother withe loyalty program, she'll earn free nights. andmother withe so they're not the same, because they're different. woman: jimmy's not my grandson, captain obvious. woman: man: he's my lover. no.
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bill: there has been a major outbreak for two american aid workers battling ebola in an atlanta hospital. they are about to talk about the discharge of dr. brantly and nancy writebol. are they going home? >> reporter: it looks good. emery university hospital scheduled a news conference 11:00 a.m. eastern time to discuss plans for the release of both ebola patients. dr. kent brantly who was the first to arrive at emery hospital. he arrived august 2. he's expected to show up at that
6:32 am
news conference to make a brief statement to the media. brantly became infected while treating ebola patients at a hospital in liberia. he says i join all of samaritan's purse teams around the world in giving thanks to god. later this morning we are expected to get an update on the condition of nancy writebol. according to a press release issued by samaritan's purse she is still recovering in the isolation unit. she works with a christian organization called s.i.m. which works closely with samaritan's purse. she was working with dr. brantly in that same ebola clinic. bill: are they cured forever.
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this ebola outbreak has a death rate of 60%. and you wonder why these two fared so well. >> reporter: it's too early to know whether an experimental serum both patients received played a role in their recovery. there is no approved vaccine. no approved medication to directly attack the ebola virus. instead treatment focusings on what doctors call supportive care. that could involve blood transfusions or intravenous fluids. close monitoring of the patients to hopefully keep their bodies strong enough so their natural defenses are able to kick in and ward off this virus. the understanding is once you recover from ebola, it's very hard to transmit the virus. there are some cases where it can be transmitted sexually up to a few months afterwards.
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but after that they are cured and cannot spread it to others. bill: breaking news. department of justice eric holder back from ferguson, missouri. >> after this tragic story no longer receives this level of attention the justice department will continue to stand with ferguson. we'll continue the conversation about the need for trust building between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve. about the appropriate use of force. and the need to insure fair and equal treatment for everyone who comes into contact with the police. thank you. >> does the $17 billion
6:35 am
exonerate the bang of america. and why should the bulk of the money go to the government instead of the pension funds that lost money. >> this certainly does -- this resolution your first question certainly does. bill: a question from one of our colleagues at fox business. but before that, what eric holder told michael brown's family in ferguson. patti ann: as we learn more about the failed evident to save james foley, will the brutal execution prompt the white house to do more? some say president obama is not
6:36 am
doing enough. >> reporter: human intelligence is non-existent. >> when they conducted the raid and found out they are not there, we now know where they are. there are in the hands of isil and they are going to be murdered. what the president is saying when he says we'll act standing alongside others means nothing, it's hollow. patti ann: lieutenant colonel bill cowan. a former official says i don't mean to sound heartless. it's tragic but it doesn't mean we are going to commit thousands of troops. the president is working with allies to cut off isis financing. but is that enough.
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>> there are a lot of things we could and should be doing but about the on thing we are doing at this point is running airstrikes nipping at the edge of isis but not going to the core of isis. we don't see the president -- he spoke yesterday about working with others. we haven't seen him talking to others. we have seen the british, french and germans started plying weapons to the kurds. we know the kurd have been asking for a long time. we don't see the president talking to our friend and allies in the middle east or europe. there is a lot of rhetoric and nibbling at the edges even on that rhetoric. we don't see a strategy being developed or the aggressive actions we'll need to minimize the ability of is * to attack us and others. patti ann: president obama says isis needs to be contained. while the ambassador said
6:38 am
containment is not the right word. he says eradication is the right word. we have a retired air force general saying that's a drizzle when we need a thunderstorm. he says we need several hundred sort wh --several hundred sorti. >> i agree. we are nibbling on the edges. isis' poor leadership probably sitting in mosul, there have been no under cases we are attacking them or are going to attack them or developing over the long term a strategy to attack them. so air power is important and mays a key role. isis learned to keep some of their heavy equipment undercover so they can't be spotted from the sky until they are ready to use it. it's an army falling back into an insurgency.
6:39 am
isis will be in those villages, cities and towns. well have to find a way to ferret them out if not they wils against us. the word containment versus the word eradicate is exactly right. if we don't eradicate isis, isis will find a way to get to us and create harm in the united states. >> this video was titled message to america. he said we have to take them at their word. this was a message, wake up america. we'll see what happens. bill: bill o'reilly came off vacation and he was fired up of al sharpton's criticism of police in missouri. bill: this charlton has the gall to do that and nbc news is
6:40 am
paying him. why is that acceptable? patti ann: a police chase end in a chain reaction crash into a coffee shop packed with customers. humana, we believe te gap will close when healthcare gets simpler. when frustration and paperwork decrease. when grandparents get to live at home instead of in a home. so let's do it. let's simplify healthcare. let's close the gap between people and care.
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bill: back to the department of justice. the questions about the execution of james foley. >> the brutal murder of jim foley has -- it was
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heartbreaking to see his parents yesterday who showed a composure that from my perspective was almost incomprehensible and my hearts foe out to them. the justice department is actively pursuing justice in this case. we have an open criminal investigation. those who would perpetrate those actions must understand something. this department of defense, this nation, we have long memories in our reach is very wide. we'll not forget what happened and people will be held accountable. one way or the other. i also want to take note of the fact that jim is a journalist. and he made tough choices to do the kind of things that make our society great, information, information gathering, sharing what us. giving us a view of the world in very dangerous circumstances.
6:44 am
i think in part that's what led to his death. he was a journalist and he's a symbol of what's right about the united states. but the matter is an open investigation and one we'll be pursuing vigorously. >> was the justice department familiar with the effort to free him. >> i don't want to comment on a national security matter. >> you watched the video and what was your reaction. >> i don't want to comment on that. bill: that last comment about james foley, executed and then execution put online. prior to that the attorney general talking about his visit with michael browns' family and the visit in ferguson, missouri. monday there is a memorial and funeral service scheduled for michael brown. and the reverend al sharpton
6:45 am
will speak there. critics are up in arms about that appearance after the civil rights leaderlinged the the death of the unarmed teen to police brutality. we have the former chair of the republican party. we'll get to both of these topics and the sensitivity for james foley's family. i thought that was very respect fult on behalf of eric holder. from "talking points" bill o'reilly has a big problem with al sharpton. bill: al sharpton has the nerve to insult the american police communities, men and women risking their lives to protect us. this charlton has the gall to do that and nbc news is paying him. my god, why is that acceptable.
6:46 am
bill: he says 99% of the arrests do not result in chablgs against the police. is o'reilly right or not on this point? >> actually o'reilly is right right on this point and his anxious over al sharpton -- and his angst going and presuming the police officer's guilt. al shop attorney and jesse jackson and others have gone in and tried to ratchet up the passion and despair. that sense of understandable as bob beblg was talking on o'reilly about the percentage of black arrests versus white arrests. but to have someone go in and try to raise money to the boos
6:47 am
of the crowd unfortunately. i think o'reilly is quite right to be alarmed. bill: the agitators are not from ferguson, missouri. you get the impression the people in the town don't want these people there. the other night there were 78 arrest and only 4 of them were from ferguson. >> we have a large problem. we don't beneath need agitators and people from outside stirring up trouble. but let many face it we do have problems in this country we can't just ignore. there are problems of disparate impact of the criminal justice system of minorities. whether it's .1% fewer or more it's unacceptable. we have the issue of of poverty and unemployment and large issues. i think we have some huge issues to tackle.
6:48 am
bill: are they race baiting? >> there is racing incendiary comments being made on all side. what eric holder tried to do was to tamp things down was the right thing for the attorney general. >> i have no idea what you mean on all side there are race baiting comments. i think there has been a chilling effect opening any sort of pushbacking from this race baiting. because this administration, obama-holder, i appreciate his recent comments. pelosi, kathleen sebelius to stlug is pervasive racism with anyone who disagrees with this administration's policy. >> we have disparate impacts. >> you said there is race baiting on both side. >> i don't think we need divisiveness. we need to pull together and figure out what happened.
6:49 am
>> people should be able to discuss it instead of being called racist. bill: eric holder said strong word about james foley and talked with reference about his parents. -- talked with -- with reverence. the james foley beheading video, would you watch it. you har the sound of the parents and how much anguish they have in their voices and how proud they were for their son, and the courage they had. at a minimum, too soon if at all? james foley beheading video, would you watch it? >> i must tell you, the great strength of our country and eric holder spoke to it is our ability to pull together to take on our enemies who were isis.
6:50 am
i wouldn't watch it. i don't think most people would. i think the chal challenge is take on an organization that is well finded. well armed and is threatening our way of life, stability in the middle east, and that is the real chaenge, not to yell and call each other names but to come together as a people with shared values and shared concerns. bill: what do you think about that, kate, on the same day? >> i thought it was callous. i remember they wanted the him to be remembered not by his gruesome death but by his life. i loved his parents' strength and how they were so honest that it was their faith that got them through. bill: doug schoen and kate openk
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>> reporter: big labor is facing a big legal challenge that could affect its future. a ford worker is suing seeking partial refund of his union dues. it could affect the ability of unions to use its members' dues for political reasons. >> reporter: todd is a ford motor company. he doesn't like paying union dues to political campaigns.
6:55 am
he wants his money back. so he's filed suit with a national labor relations board and with ford motor company, give me back my political money. next year when uaw contract with ford end he wants out of the union, out of all dues paying completely. he works in mitch. mitch is a right to work state. he's got the right to leave that union and stop paying them money. when you think about it, this is a crunch time for the unions. they face a loss of membership and a lot of membership due and it's a crunch time for democrats because they are the ones who are getting much of this political money. this is a very big deal. patti ann: stu varney thank you as always. bill: the special-ops * pace to rescue james foley failed.
6:56 am
and why?
6:57 am
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6:59 am
bill: details leak out of a failed special sources mission to try to rescue people held by isis forces including jim foley. someone leaked this information. a decision critics are questioning. >> this is a stunning breach of information ordered by the white house. i can't conceive of the pentagon releasing this on their own. this should remain completely confidential for 50 years. bill: patti ann, good morning to you. patti ann: we have details of the ill-fated rescue mission coming out. shortly after the release of
7:00 am
that gruesome video showing foley's drew some execution by custody *. president obama coming out to condemn the terrorists and their brutal actions. then the commander-in-chief was back in vacation mode squeezing in another round of golf at an exclusive course on martha's vineyard. >> i thought it was weak and ambiguous and vague. here was an opportunity, the murder of an american done proudly in front of the world, for the president of the united states to say this will not stand, it's great powers like the united states who take care of evil and act against it. he needs to be straight, forceful and terse in talking about american action rather than deploring horrible actions. bill: the new york daily news wondering if this is what the president means when he says the
7:01 am
course in iraq. while his anger was palpable. obama's resolve on the death, on the savages of isis was far from clear. worse, he signals disdain for the gravity of the moment by going straight from the podium straight to a vacation round of golf. liz, good morning. welcome back to america's newsroom. it appears that the critics for wondering what now? and they were waiting for that 3-minute statement yesterday, what now? i think the tone was right, but answering that question what now, did we get to that? >> we sure didn't. the president laid out the list of the horrific character sticks of this terrorist -- the characteristics of this terrorist group isis. you have got people frankly in
7:02 am
the united states and all around the world who have very serious questions about whether the president has the fortitude and the will to do what's necessary, which is to defeat isis. they have got to be defeated, they have to be fought. they can't be contained and we saw the behavior of the beheading of the journalist as the latest piece of evidence of who we are dealing with, and frankly the threat they pose to the nation. bill: is this the type of event that forces the course to change? do you believe that with regard to the commander-in-chief? >> you know, one would certainly hope so. i have lost hope, frankly in this president in many, many ways. you talk just a few seconds ago about the release of the details of the rescue mission. and, you know, just even the fact that we attempted the mission shouldn't be out there. the level of detail that was apparently discussed by administration officials with
7:03 am
the press. one more time we are seeing this president put politics above security. the on the reason to release the information he released about that rescue attempt was for his own political gain. there is no national security reason to do it. in fact it weakens our national security. bill: there are at least 3 on the are are american orders being held there. we don't know if they are all being held by isis or government soldiers working out of damascus. but steven sough steven sotloffe was shown at the end of that videotape. here lies the danger. this could happen again at any moment. >> the beheading of these journalists and take of hostages demonstrates the nature of isis. it demonstrates is very can't defeat us militarily and the
7:04 am
fact we did take some military action with respect to the dam to gone to push them back, to teak control of the dam to help the kurd and the iraqis take control, it shows that had an effect. we cannot be held hostage to the terrorists. that's what they want to do. the on the appropriate response to that video, the on appropriate response to isis and their declaration of the caliphate is their decimation. the president said forces like this don't survive. they don't survive because the united states of america defeats them. that's the action we have to take and we have to take it now. bill: steven sotloff is from florida and can imagine the allege wish for his family. he's criticized for not harnessing the emotion of the moment. i thought tomorrow was as far as
7:05 am
he can go when it comes to harnessing the emotion that we saw. would you expect more? word are one thing -- action, that's really what changes things. >> it doesn't matter are to me whether the president harnesses anger or doesn't harness anger. what matters is dose recognize that isis poses a direct, clear, immediate strategic threat to the united states. is he willing to do what's necessary to defeat the threat or is he going to spend his time on the golf course. his foreign policy is a disaster of historic proportions. the world is burning. the president seems not to know how to handle that. so what he does is he makes a statement. he talks about how terrible the enemy is and he hits thelings. that's not going to defend the nation or protect us. i think it's a disgrace. bill: liz, thank you for your
7:06 am
time. patti ann: an international man hadn't is underway to try to capture the terrorists seen beheading james foley on video. the reports that the isis militant seen here is a british citizen. >> we know far too many british citizens have traveled to iraq and syria to take part in extremism and violence. weep must redouble all our efforts to stop people going and take away the passports of those contemplating trouble and arrest and prosecute those who take part in this extremism and violence. patti ann: what more do we know about james foley's killer? >> a former hostage told the guard what newspaper that he recognized james foley's murder from the audio and video in that horrific tape that is very released.
7:07 am
that former hostage who had been held in syria told the guardian the man he believes is the one who killed james foley was highly intelligent, educated and goes by the name of john which is probably not hen his real name. >> he was identified as a british national responsible for guarding prisoners. he was the leader of the fact. responsible for negotiations with hostage families and certainly had spoken to many moms, dads, wife. so he had been central to that. >> reporter: we do know james foley's parents received an email from an is very terrorist in the last week or so threatening that james would be beheaded. we don't know if that email came from this john if that's hot executioner really was.
7:08 am
we also understand from the former hostage that some of the whose hostages who were released by that gang of three, john was part of allegedly a gang of three that hostages referred to as the beatles because of their british accent. some of those believed to be released the because ransom was paid. and we do know the u.s. does not negotiate with terrorists. bill: hamas threatening rocket attacks in tel aviv. john huddy live on the border between israel and gaza. >> a scramble to the rocket shelters. the folks in this kabbutz have been asked to evacuate because four or five rockets landed and
7:09 am
one directly hit this healthcare clinic. you can see where it came through the roof and if you come down with me, caused this crater, and extensive damage. nobody was in here at the time. but obviously if they were presumably they would have been killed. we can still smell the gunpowder. this is one of self pockets that hit this area. another one landed between two schools including a kindergarten. a man was injured when he was trying to get home into a shelter. this area is so close to the border right along the israel-gaza border. we are within sight and sound of israeli airstrikes. all day we have been hearing them including a strike that killed three of hamas' three military commanders. it's not known if the top hamas commander mohammad dief was killed. how do people cope with the
7:10 am
rocket and mortar attacks? it's start something wear people down. >> i believe that to be the case indeed. john huddy, thanks, on the border between israel and is rate. >> considering possible charges against the police officer who fatally shot michael brown. >> prosecution must now be pursued. the democratically elected st. louis prosecutor and the attorney general of the united states each have a job to do. patti ann: that was the missouri governor. bill: a chain reaction crash into a coffee shop packed with customers. patti ann: the obama administration revealing details of an unsuccessful mission to rescue hostages held by
7:11 am
terrorists. >> this is a cancer which is spreading. we need to use all our tools and focus.
7:12 am
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patti ann: a grand jury continues the the hear evidence in a police shooting of an unarmed black teenager as the communities of ferguson enjoyed relative calm for the first time since michael brown was killed august 9. this actor, a visit from
7:15 am
attorney general eric holder who spoke out about the situation. >> the national outcry we have seen speaks to a sense of mistrust and mutual suspicion that can take place between law enforcement and certain communities. i want the people of ferguson to know i personally understood that mistrust. while so much else may be uncertain, this attorney general and department of justice stand with the people of ferguson. patti ann: the lieutenant governor of missouri joins us thank you for being with us. governor nixon said recently, quote, a vigorous prosecution must now be pursued. that's cause something controversy. let's listen to his exact word. >> a vigorous prosecution must now be pursued'. the democratically elected st. louis county prosecutor and the attorney general of the united states each have a job to
7:16 am
do. their obligation tea chief justice in the shooting death of michael brown must be carried out thoroughly, promptly, and correctly. patti ann: the comment about the vigorous prosecution has some people saying he's rushing to judgment. the "daily caller" says before you can conduct a vigorous prosecution you need a vigorous investigation. officer wilson hasn't been charged yet, why is he talking about a vigorous prosecution? >> patty and, to get i pat you r these word were written and rewritten by his staff. it was scripted. they were then edited. that is gone over by communications staff. they were approved by lawyers on his staff. the word were placed in a
7:17 am
teleprompter and the governor with the video rolling slowly read those word out of the teleprompter. this was no misstatement on a casual interview on the fly. this was a product of video that the governor's office put out and it is really damaging to confidence in the leadership of the missouri state government for the governor to have gone down this road. on tuesday night when they issued this statement shep submit said on your air the communications director for the governor was standing by the statement. when shep challenged him on it. shep was rightly outraged as so many americans and missourians were. and then i guess 24 hours later, sometime last night the governor's press guy comes out to sort of try to crawfish back from this statement from the plain meaning of the word. the governor should repudiate his own statement all together.
7:18 am
patti ann: we have a lengthy audio delay mare for which we apologize. going back to the grand jury investigation. there are reports officer wilson was punched in the face by michael brown, wilson suffered a broken eye socket. wilson reportedly says brown was trying to grab his begun. he has a clean record. the grand jury looking at the case may not have a decision until october. but if they conclude wilson was defending himself. if this sister is not indicted are you concerned about how ferguson will react? >> i hope we can appeal to the better angels of our nature as abraham lynn on said and pray and urge peace and qualm in ferguson as the investigation goes forward at the state, local and federal level. we are having a vigorous investigation. if the governor had said a
7:19 am
vigorous investigation that would have been fine. attorney general holder was there. there are 40 fbi agents on the ground. the people should have confidence in the investigations underway. i hope and pray that the irresponsible calls of some elected leaders even that there will be worse riots should that happen will not be the case. it's not for me to prejudge this. or anyone else. certainly not anyone who is an elected leader in the missouri government to prejudge this. but we have to have confidence in the grand jury process and the investigative process. and to talk about awful rioting that could return is quite irresponsible it seems to me. patti ann: lieutenant governor peter kinder, thanks for joining us. bill: 0 minutes past the hour. back to ferguson. investigators trying to find out
7:20 am
the cause of a deadly boat explosion as a worker is credited with saving lives in that water. patti ann: amid questions overboarder agent brian terry, a judge is ordering eric holder to turn over documents the doj has refused to release. >> we believe we have responded to the subpoena. >> no, mr. attorney general you are not a good witness. are not a good witness. a good witness answers the question asked. let's go back again. almost every day, you notice a few things. like the fact that you're pretty attached to these. ok, really attached. and that's alright. because we'll text you when your package is on the way. we're even expanding sunday package delivery. yes, sunday. at the u.s. postal service,
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7:24 am
owner. a passenger dove in the water and was unhurt. they are now creating a dockworker for keeping it from hurting other people at the marina. >> went there and told the boat away. >> did phenomenal work under tremendous pressure. >> the dockworker suffered burns in the process. detectives are looking into the cause of that explosion. >> ordering the justice department to hand over documents of fast and furious. the attorney general refused to release details. live on the story, what does the order from the judge mean? >> it means the administration has to do something he didn't want to. overseeing the executive branch
7:25 am
but may ultimately order a nagging question, why did operation fast and furious happen? was there a reason the administration sent 2000 assault weapons to the mexican cartel? the attorney general held in contempt and congress went to court to get these documents. he died by weapons obtained in fast and furious. they want a list of the documents refused to hand over the next donation of what they contain october 1. the chairman issued this statement yesterday. it will bring us closer to finding out why the justice department said behind false denials with reckless conduct that contributed to the violent deaths of border patrol and
7:26 am
countless mexican citizens. the family hopes the documents would provide more clarity to the staff. >> what is the justice department saying about this? >> the judge ordered justice to produce all the documents it refused to give to congress, not the documents themselves while the white house may have lost the battle, they did not lose the war. it is predicted by executive privilege. congress claims congressional oversight role the documents may explain why the justice department lied about the program. what happens next is after the log is produced they argue over what actual documents they have to turnover. jon: thank you, from los angel los angeles. new questions of a key college placement exam and why some critics are up in arms. and arizona senator john mccain weighing
7:27 am
in on reports u.s. special forces tried and failed to rescue murdered american journalist and others from terrorists in syria. first, oliver north. >> start attacking inside syria. you cannot give terrorist organizations a safe haven. we learned nothing since vietnam.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> we are awaiting a news conference on the two americans infected with ebola. word one has fully recovered and will be released today. both were flown out of the west african nation liberia earlier this month and have been getting treatment for the deadly disease in an isolation unit at emory hospital in atlanta. word is dr. kent bradley could speak at a news conference said to begin at the top of the hour.
7:31 am
>> we're learning a secret mission to rescue hostages in syria unsuccessful because the captors an including the journat james foley was executed were not at the targeted location. colonel oliver north describing the ultimate failure of u.s. intelligence. listen. >> the raid was conducted after they removed from point a to point b which proves what we have been saying all along, our human intelligence is not condescend to on the ground. human intelligence is nonexistent. >> with us, good morning, welcome back to "america's newsroom." when you leave iraq three years ago and base we don't even go into syria, was he right? >> he is exactly right, and this is just part of a larger picture the president wanted out of
7:32 am
iraq, we predicted, many of us predicted this chaos would ensue, we did not predict the collapse of the iraqi militant, but some of this was predictable when the president of the united states, he is not telling the truth when he said he wanted to leave residual force behind, he did not. that was a huge mistake. these are not like earthquakes or hurricanes, they have consequences and we are paying those consequences in enormous cost of human blood and it is a debacle and he still doesn't get it. this is a problem, he gave a very moving statement, and then he said we have to contain isis. we don't have to contain isis, we have to defeat isis. they have rated the boundary between iraq and syria, we have
7:33 am
to go in, we will need more boots on the ground and that does not mean combat troops but does mean a significant increase and recipe incrementalis ratherm that they are practicing, it is designed to defeat isis wherever they are. i hope this will serve as a strong message to the united states of america these people are going to attack us and they're going to attack us in the united states of america. he said see you in new york. >> first there is some criticism that we even know about this raid carried out.
7:34 am
should we know this? why is it out there? >> i don't really like to impugn people's motives all the time, but remember after we got bin laden, all that stuff was leaked about it, totally unnecessary and compromised some of the capabilities, this is sort of the same thing. they see the negative, the disapproval of the american people of the handling of this situation, so one can't help but assume this is sort of helping the p.r. they tried to rescue the hostages. in fact we will over time the training some of our capabilities by revealing that, and it wasn't unintentional. jon: at least three other americans now being held in syria, and we saw the image of one american in the video that
7:35 am
came out yesterday. >> could i just emphasize one more time again, we need a comprehensive strategy to defeat isis wherever they are, and that needs to be explained to the american people and to do what is necessary. right now we are doing very low level of airstrikes inside of iraq, meanwhile this slaughter goes on or stated by the most dangerous terrorist outfit, and they will be coming to america unless we stop. >> you mentioned that jim foley execution, you really feel for his parents who were so brave coming out in front of the cameras, we have launched these airstrikes around, and it appears they had a great effect because on behalf of the kurds on the ground in iraq he army they chased guys away. we know isis was able to take
7:36 am
territory, we don't know whether or not isis can hold territory, can they? >> it depends if air power is used. if air power alone doesn't do it but supported these efforts, the kurds have to have better equipment, reconciliation with this new administration in baghdad requires active american leadership and active american involvement. this didn't have to happen, we could have left stability behind and one of the tragic aspects of this is the free syrian army are on the ropes because the president overruled the entire national security team including secretary of state clinton when all of them argued to give weapons to the syrian army and this is a president who said it is not a question of whether a
7:37 am
sawed will go, it is a matter of when. another debacle, 170,000 dead, 150,000 syrians still in prison and the barrel bombs that are so horrendous and dropped an innocent men, women and children, this is an abject failure, i know these people and what they are going through is horrendous isil >> senator, much more to talk about, we will talk about it next time. thank you. >> education critics are blasting the new ap u.s. history exam saying it favors a left-wing view of american history. a new gallup poll shows support slipping among educators for the feds common core testing standards initiatives. chief washington correspondent james rosen is live in d.c. with all this for us. >> good morning. history is repeat with some
7:38 am
views like the air museum back in 1994 defined controversial exhibit and the dropping of the atomic bomb on japan. today the powerful institution in question is the college board. the nonprofit that produces the sat and advanced placement for educational courses, live way most high school seniors can study college material and obtain college credits. they recently expanded from five to 98 pages, and george washington gets half a sentence referencing his farewell address as president. they speak rigid racial hierarchy and strong belief in cultural superiority. absent from the new framework or thomas jefferson, theodore roosevelt, dr. martin luther king jr. >> those who don't go on to college to take u.s. history in college, this is it, so if this is the impression they come away
7:39 am
with, i'm afraid we are creating a cynical generation. >> high school is a time you can use what they have and take that opportunity to go deeper until they understand the economic side of it, the cultural histo history, intellectual ideas that were the basis of many of these developments in our democracy. >> the president of the college board has released a sample exam has evidence of the intellectual integrity. >> is there a connection between this ap history dispute and the controversy over common core? >> there is because david coleman as widely regarded as the architect, now an annual poll by gallup finds most americans oppose common core, a set of federal teaching standards touted by the obama administration supported by the american federation of teachers union, 44 states and the district of colombia participate
7:40 am
in the common core initiative. >> thanks. >> a high-speed police chase forcing them to get out. knocking over tables and chairs pinning one person against the walls and a for people the hospital. police say the driver was wanted for domestic assault. the best to those four in the hospital. a quick recovery. >> calm is finally taking hold, last night it was calm in ferguson, missouri. >> no smoke, no teargas and no mace. and again tonight police fired not a single bullet. >> so have we turned a corner? >> rubber duck is building a new
7:41 am
nest. we will tell you where when we share that in a moment.
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7:44 am
>> today is throwback thursday, hawaii became the 50th state in the union. before that the cluster of pacific islands with a u.s. territory with pearl harbor, hawaiians accepted state would then statehood and dwight eisenhower made it so. and you american flag with 50 stars. 65 years ago today.
7:45 am
we say aloha. >> tonight was a very good night in ferguson, i want to first thank the dedicated professionals from law enforcement who are still energized and totally committed to keeping the streets safe and conflict free after 11 days and nights. >> that was missouri state highway patrol captain on a relatively calm on the streets of ferguson last night for the first time since the michael brown shooting. will it hold? syndicated radio host joins us as well as jessica erlich attorney and former democratic national candidate, thank you both for joining us. do you believe cooler heads are prevailing or people getting tired of protesting? >> i hope and believe people are actually having a little more sense of calm particularly since we have the attorney general eric holder was just there yesterday speaking with people.
7:46 am
the grand jury investigation n now. that is giving people a little bit more of a sense of calm. hopefully the community is coming together and i'm hoping we will continue to see more peaceful demonstration. >> you have clergy and other mediators on scene trying to encourage people to keep it peaceful. do you think people might be starting to realize there might be more of a story beyond the headlines cap shoot an unarmed teen? >> yes, that is what i have been noticing. i have to fault the media for badly reporting this. what we have had is a strong arm robbery suspect stopped by a cop who doesn't know he is a robbery suspect but the robbery suspect does. the robbery suspect assaults the cup, breaks his face and then begins to flee and when the officer challenges him, he turns
7:47 am
and we are seeing witnesses come forward his city officer's story story is right, michael brown rushed the cop and the officer was forced to shoot. in the course of the duties and they have not been patient enough to wait for that information. now we have the autopsy by the family, the federal government and by the state that shows the officer's story is backed up. i wish a lot of this information had come out sooner, but these investigations do not turn on a dime or happen quickly. i don't think they are a calm and influence, if anything they have exacerbated the situation. >> we are hearing this other version, out now that michael brown was grabbing for the gun and he ended up being punched in the face, a broken eye socket. a grand jury trying to sort out all the different accounts trying to decide if officer offr wilson should be charged.
7:48 am
it is being handled by the prosecutor, his son with a cop, killed by a black suspect. people say we need an independent prosecutor, what do you say? >> i think it is good we are now getting to the investigatory part of it. it is not fair to conjecture as to what exactly went on because there are so many different testimonies, all of this will come out during the investigation and during the process. we know it will be a big risk process overseen by the attorney general, turning into a national case. regardless of the details and with the grand jury decides, we cannot immediately prosecute this before the information and the facts have revealed themselves. to conjecture on it is not a good thing. we do know this young man was shot six times, that can be excessive force and we're dealing with an issue that is a
7:49 am
national one. we are talking about the president's race baiting is absurd. i have a cousin who lived just up the road, they go on the morning, clean up afterwards, small business deal and that is what really needs to happen and there has to be national recognition of what is happeni happening. >> i know you want to respond to that. we are out of time. thank you both for joining us. >> hawaii is 55, not 65, don't want to get ahead of ourselves. and ne you sign for strong demad for real estate in a market hit hard by the housing crisis, mind-boggling sales. and it is not hawaii, that is your clue.
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hire an intern. and still have time to spare. go to checkyourspeed if we can't offer faster speeds - or save you money - we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. >> the world's largest rubber dog is nesting for the next few days in southern california. the six story tall bath toy arriving at the port of los angeles part of the tall ship festival. it has been delighting crowds around the world since the or discredited nearly 80 years ago. rubber ducky display will go through sunday. jon: need a big tub for that one. from one big thing to another. this time not talking about short sales or foreclosures. at least one american town. phil keating is in that town,
7:54 am
what is going right in that town? good morning. >> this is the epicenter of one of the biggest real estate deals ever to hit south florida. six commercial properties including there were the apple store is, the candy store and this entire block right here on lincoln road. these sold in three years for $150 million profit, 80% profit. in downtown miami another record sale, $100 million a square foot for this parcel. >> miami real estate market is hot, no pun intended. we are a global city with people all over, from all corners of the world. >> nationwide not just miami smiling. from the west coast and up the east coast in new jersey all of those areas doing really well right now.
7:55 am
today the national association of realtors says existing home sales rose for the fourth straight month flair at the best level in the past year. >> what about the condo market? made so much news in the boom and bust. >> writes now it is blooming yet again. 18,000 new products are in the works. also the condo market and high-rise construction is so abundant they are taking bus tours to take it all in. >> in the three hours tour we went through 61 new towers. we are on pace probably by the first half of next year to match if not surpass the total number of units built in the last boom and bust. hoping this time around there is no bust.
7:56 am
>> they will put 50% down preconstruction and still so dominated by international and sales, 100% cash. >> we are waiting a news conference from atlanta of the two americans who contracted the dr. kenebola virus while workinn africa. we expect to hear from one of the victims coming up.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> doctors delivering some very good news to jim kelly saying it appears to be cancer free now only months after a barrage of chemotherapy. the cancer later spread to his sinuses. kelly's wife says latest news has given courage and hope. and congratulations to daniela who takes care of us every morning. our makeup artist who just won
8:00 am
her third emmy. "happening now" starts right now. >> take care. jon: we begin with this fox news alert. two americans who contracted ebola in liberia is returning home today. the other discharged from the hospital. emory university hospital holding a news conference of the discharge of dr. kent brantly and nancy writebol. you can see the reporters waiting for the news conference to begin. they were flown to let the hospital earlier this month after being treated with an experimental serum. >> very good news indeed


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