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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  August 22, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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o'reilly. and please remember, the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, is the momentum changing as the murder of a u.s. journalist may lead america into a larger war against the world's most brutal terror group? welcome to "the kelly file" tonight everybody. so over the past 72 hours we have seen a serious shift in the tone of the obama administration after the terror army known as isis beheads an american journalist in a gruesome video. on wednesday james foley was memorialized by president obama, but the president's remarks seemed to suggest that the u.s. was simply stay the course to fight foley's killers. >> governments and peoples across the middle east, there has to be a common effort to
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extract this cancer so that it does not spread. friends and allies around the world, we share a common security and a common set of values that are rooted in the opposite of what we saw yesterday. and we will continue to confront this hateful terrorism and replace it with a sense of hope and civility. >> well, then yesterday just 24 hours after the president made those remarks we heard some of the most strong language that this administration has used on this issue. secretary of defense chuck hagel suggested that isis is unlike anything that we have ever seen. >> isil is a sophisticated and well-funded as any group that we have seen. they're beyond just a terrorist group. they marry ideology, a sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowes.
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this is beyond anything that we've seen. we must prepare for everything. >> we must prepare for everything. what does that mean from chuck hagel? the media instantly seized on those remarks. but it seems that the white house was listening as well. they began to scramble together a last-minute press briefing earlier today to admit that jim foley's death was not only an act of terror but that isis does present such a serious threat that we need to be, as chuck hagel said, ready for everything even a september 11th-style attack. >> when you see somebody killed in such a horrific way, that represents a terrorist attack. >> are they capable of 9/11-size attack? >> to-date we have not seen them focus on that type of planning. but that doesn't mean we're not going to be very mindful that they could quickly aim to pivot to attacks against western targets outside of the region.
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and so, again, this is something we're going to monitor very closely because we certainly take seriously the fact that this is an organization that has a cadre of fighters clearly willing to do horrific things as we saw on that video and as we seen as a massacre in civilians in iraq. they have significant stream of funding that they've acquired over the last year or two. and, again, if they show the intent or they show plotting against the united states, we'll be prepared to deal with that if necessary. >> chris stirewalt and colonel oliver north here to tackle the military implications tonight as the scene has changed dramatically in the last 24 to 48 hours. let's get started with chris stirewalt. chris, we have heard from ben rhodes, as you just saw, we have heard from chuck hagel on this. we have not so far heard from the president in these new starker terms. when do you expect we will? >> well, look, colonel north may
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say something that i don't know because that's his area of expertise, but as far as i can tell nothing has changed here except for the politics. the situation on the ground seems materially the same. the political situation is getting worse for the administration as fissures erupt as you see a split in terms of the military brass pushing and saying, look, mr. president, we're all sorry when bad things happen to good people. but we have a real problem on the ground. and we have a real need to start getting involved. when you see that kind of pushback inside the administration, when you see people going in public, cabinet secretaries going in public, and basically a rebuttal from the pentagon to eric holder who talked about this in law enforcement terms, when you see pushback from the pentagon you can see the real dysfunction of a second term presidency has set in badly at this white house. >> we have heard there is disgruntlement at the pentagon. they felt they were given a
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mission but not given a strategy. basically the last thing we heard from the president on this is protect irbil and protect the yazidis. and then we were going to protect everybody on the mountain top and then we decided the mountain top was okay. and the next thing you know we have this horrific beheading of this journalist of james foley. and to watch his parents today talking about the experience that they have been going through and to listen to their son -- to them talk about their son, chris, is just so incredibly heartbreaking. but, you know, you wonder why the white house appears to be once again about 24 to 48 hours behind everybody else on what's actually going on? >> i don't know that there has ever been an administration this reactive. they seem to live on about 48-hour news cycles gasping from one thing to the next. can we get through this, oh, did the president play golf, oh, how did it look, oh, did he wear a tie. and they seem to be always careening from this problem to
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that problem and trying to answer the critics without looking like they're answering the critics. what ends up happening for this president most often and we saw it in afghanistan and in libya is he gets dragged into conflicts by political pressure, foreign and domestic as the military, as public sentiment as is in the case here and his european allies. push, push, push. but if you get in that way, it's unlikely you're going to build the political will at home necessary to carry out whatever that mission is. >> you have to have that political will yourself before you can sell it to the american people. and that is what we don't know at this point. chris, thank you very much. joining me for more on this now lieutenant colonel oliver north, host of war stories and author of "counterfeit lies," good to have you here tonight. >> martha, i'm going to be less charitable than chris. i think you've got an administration that is looking through bifurcated lens at what's going on. our military objectives in iraq are limited to protecting u.s. personnel installations and
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supporting humanitarian ops is what ben also said this afternoon when he was giving that briefing. so the white house is not changed. hast happened is the pentagon -- secretary hagel and general dempsey had just come from a briefing, the likes of which the president gets every single day. it's called a presidential daily brief, if he bothers to read it or take the brief. all this information has been there for months. it's exacerbated now by the terrible murder. it's not an execution. it's a murder of jim foley. the bottom line is they have not changed their mind at the white house one bit as to what's happening. unfortunately they're totally out of touch with reality, martha. >> you know, you hear discussion about coalition building and talking to our partners. and there was so much criticism of the president for on the same day that this news broke about james foley, to speak about it and then go straight to the golf course. but you wonder, it's fine to play golf on your vacation, but when is the work actually happening? when are the phone calls being made to angela merkel, to the
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other people who need to be involved in this discussion, to our allies in the middle east as well? this is by everyone's estimation except perhaps the white house, this is an emergency situation that needs to be attacked immediately, is it not? >> absolutely. and that's exactly the briefing that general dempsey and secretary hagel got just before they walked into that briefing. the isil terror army, that's what it is, more than 20,000 strong, is bigger, better funded, better armed and deadlier than any adversary we've faced literally since the last war called vietnam. there are 3,000-plus isil terrorist who is carry u.s. and european passports. the pentagon says we may put more security personnel in. they're going to have to put more. here's what they ought to be doing real quickly. >> yeah. >> number one, order a carrier strike group to the mediterranean and a marine
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expeditionary brigade to back them up. number two, no safe havens. they have to attack isil's high-value targets, logistic sites and demand control in iraq and syria. does anybody remember anwar, we took out -- at the direction of this president with a hell fire missile, we better be able to find al baghdadi and do the same to him. i saw, again, today the national security briefing they're talking about shipping more supplies through baghdad. it doesn't get there. put joint tactical air controllers and forward air controllers on the ground with the forces and start now at rebuilding the secular sunni tribes. >> colonel north, we heard a very different tune today from the defense secretary hagel and also from dempsey. so we'll see if the cart can, you know, pull the wagon so to speak in all of this.
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colonel north, thank you very much. good to have you here tonight. very good point. more coming up on this. and we also have breaking news out of the ukraine tonight as well. where there are claims that russia is now invading. washington sent a tense message to moscow late today. and up next general tom mcinerney and governor huckabee on what this new crisis and all these crises mean collectively for our country. plus, the past two weeks in ferguson have been emotionally charged to say the least. but has the media done a fair job of this story? or have they fanned the flames? bret has sorted through the coverage and has a new report on what has been done right and what has been done very wrong.
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save on commercial auto insurance, you tend to draw a following. [ brakes screech ] flo: unh... [ tires squeal, brakes screech, horn honks ] ooh, ooh! [ back-up beeping, honking ] a truckload of discounts for your business -- now, that's progressive. breaking tonight, new reports out of the ukraine that russia has essentially invaded the country. and tonight we have reports of the russian military firing on ukrainian troop positions. this unfolded after a convoy of russian trucks said to be carrying humanitarian aid to pro-russian rebels crossed over into ukrainian territory today without ukraine's permission. they went in through a friendly area where the separatists are. u.s. deputy national security advisor ben rhoads on this today. >> russia should take the
9:14 pm
opportunity to remove this convoy from within ukraine. if they doept, they will face additional costs and consequences from the united states and our partners in the international community. >> retired united states air force general tom mcinerney. good evening to you. on any other day this would be our lead story, it's a very big deal, is it not? >> it's a huge deal, martha. and what does that mean what ben rhodes said? it means nothing. ben rhodes is the assistant national security advisor, not even the national security advisor said it let alone the president or the vice president. does anybody think that president putin is going to be intimidated by what ben rhodes said? i don't think so, martha. and that's our problem. the body language we're sending right now. >> tell me what you think is actually happening on the ground in ukraine right now, general? >> they have started a covert invasion. of course it really started with the taking of the crimea.
9:15 pm
and now they're moving into the eastern ukraine. this movement of 200-plus trucks is just the original signal to see what the ukrainians were going to do. president poroshenko wisely agreed not to stop them, i believe. but this means the covert invasion has started. they've already moved artillery and tanks in russian troops, et cetera, into eastern ukraine. and they're firing from russia into the ukraine. so frankly this is an invasion on the way and hardly anybody even knows it's happening. remember the guns of august. >> general mcinerney, thank you very much. great to talk to you tonight. >> thanks, martha. >> so here is the world tonight. russia reportedly invaded the ukraine, as we were just talking about with general mcinerney. the white house trying to figure out how to take on the world's most powerful terror group.
9:16 pm
they've got tons of money, resources and land they call their own. after ignoring months of warnings about these guys, and don't forget what's going on with israel and hamas where the terror group, listen to this, executed 18 people tonight that they claim were israeli spies. and they include women in this group. so last night on "the kelly file," former republican presidential nominee mitt romney has this to say about what is going on around the globe. >> the president has a foreign policy which has failed once again. he underestimated the extent of the threat represented by terror in the world and specifically isis. and as a result now we find ourselves facing a very severe and horrific series of scenes on the world stage. >> former arkansas governor mike huckabee and the host of huckabee on fox news channel, governor, good to have you here tonight. >> thank you, martha. >> you look at this situation around the world. go back to the beginning of the obama presidency. it was all about i will get us
9:17 pm
out of the war in iraq, out of the war in afghanistan, al qaeda has been decimated. osama bin laden is dead. it was like an exclamation point at the end of this story, it is done. but sometimes when you walk away with something, it doesn't necessarily end because you walked away, does it? >> this president has never been effective with bringing influence to foreign policy. he pretended he could play the flute and call the snake back into the basket, but we have more snakes running all over the globe than we've ever had before. and the real tragedy is that across this planet of ours, there is not a single country with whom we have a better relationship than we did when he took office. and more importantly there's no country that fears us as much as they once did. and that's why it is a very dangerous time in the world. and it is a dangerous time in america. what we saw today happened in gaza, 18 people, seven of them lined up behind a mosque for heaven sakes and murdered in cold blood because they were suspected of having collaborated
9:18 pm
with israel. our administration can't see the difference between the guys who are riding white horses and the guys riding the black horses. it's like they've never seen a western and can't distinguish good versus evil. there's a difference there between good and evil. the beheading of jim foley is the most disgusting, shocking thing. but it's not just the beheading, it's the fact that someone proudly videotaped and played it for the world because they wanted to just make a point. to do something so savage, that's what we're up against, martha. and i think we're going to sooner or later have to recognize that this is a dangerous world. and this president, this administration, and his feckless failed policies have made it worse. >> i mean, when you look at that execution of an american citizen. and i hear discussion about, well, if they do it again because there's another journalist -- two other people who may be on the list for this kind of treatment. and i think to myself, it
9:19 pm
doesn't matter if it's one people -- one person or ten people. the reaction has to be firm and swift and unequivocal, does it not? >> it absolutely does. and the reason it does because there's only one thing people like this -- these are just crazy wild savages, hogs attacking anything in their past. you're not going to sit down and make nice with these people. this is a cancer. you either kill it or it's going to kill you. you're going to take it all out or leave a little bit of it there or it's going to grow back and me tast size and come back. let's quit talking like that. this is an existential threat. these people aren't saying to take a little bit of syria and little bit of iraq and say we're finished now. >> in history there's always a moment in time that matters.
9:20 pm
>> yeah. >> the tipping point. i constantly go back to the moment of the red line in syria. because at that moment general jack keane and others were saying we need to help the free syrian army. this is the moment, if we don't go in now and help them, other crazy groups will come in and take over. and that is precisely what we have watched happen. and apparently the president and the white house did not buy that story line. and it is exactly what we've left unfold, is it not? >> it is. not just there. it was in syria. it was in libya. it was in egypt. it's been in the curdistan territory. we allowed the kurds and yazidis to be slaughtered by the tens of thousands because we didn't want to get involved. we didn't want to once again engage there. we are already engaged. every american who spilled blood on that soil has engaged enough. and for us now to let isis come in and take it over, it is an insult and an outrage to those who had previously been there. but i'll tell you, it ought to scare the pants off of every
9:21 pm
american right now. >> governor, thank you very much. >> thank you. we are learning brand new details tonight about the people who will help determine if the police officer who shot michael brown will face charges. we're going to go live to the scene with the latest. plus, we saw published reports today suggesting that the obama administration reached out to the reverend al sharpton to be their point man in ferguson, missouri. and boy has that touched off a fierce debate just ahead. >> but when will law enforcement condemn police that shoot and kill unarmed young people. do you wanna sleep like... a baby? like a bear? how about like you're on vacation... in this place! (dolphin) sleep like you haven't seen your bed in days... no, in weeks! sleep like the kids went to nana's house... for the whole weekend! sleep like you just took zzzquil. the non-habit forming sleep aid from the makers of nyquil that helps you sleep easily, sleep soundly, and wake refreshed.
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9:25 pm
with his legal fees and other expenses for darren wilson and his family. gofundme has faced some criticism for hosting that online campaign after some controversial comments were made by a few of the donors on that website. those remarks have since been removed and a brand new page has been set up to accept tax deductible donations for the police officer. and we are also watching a new night of protests in ferguson this evening as authorities release some new details about the grand jury that will hear the evidence in the case to determine whether officer wilson should be charged in this case. it comes as new rallies are planned and michael brown's family prepares for his monday funeral. mike tobin joins us now streaming live from ferguson, missouri. hi, mike. >> reporter: hi, martha. taking around the standard old demonstration, just about the lightest crowd we have seen yet. keeping that in mind i'll jump forward and say we're expecting tomorrow to get a rare public
9:26 pm
appearance from supporters of officer darren wilson. they've got a rally planned at a sports bar in south st. louis tomorrow. there are as you mentioned a couple of different facebook pages with a combined total of more than 100,000 supporters of likes. these people don't often come out in public. i spoke with the administrator of one of the facebook pages. and she is a police officer's wife. she won't show her face in public because she's afraid of an angry backlash. on the other side of the coin we're expecting to get a very public appearance from the parents of mike brown along with the parents of trayvon martin. that's going to happen sunday at a music festival that's being called peace fest. and that will all happen in advance of the funeral of mike brown. that's expected on monday and expected to draw more than 5,000 people. another note i can bring to you, we've got some new information about the ethnic makeup of the grand jury that's hearing this case started hearing evidence on wednesday. it is comprised now, we're told,
9:27 pm
of six white men, three white women, two black women, one black man. it takes nine votes to indict. the county prosecutor said that grand jury could go all the way until the middle of october. martha. >> thank you very much, mike. as a missouri grand jury considers this case, we are hearing reports that the prosecutor has yet to talk to the most important witness of all perhaps. that story's coming up next. plus, we're going to investigate these reports that the administration reached out to reverend al sharpton to be their man in ferguson, missouri. what that might mean for this case going forward. >> michael brown jr. will be a defining moment on how this country deals with policing and the rights of a citizen. who's more excited about back to school savings at staples? the moms? or the dads?
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we are back breaking tonight, new details out of ferguson, missouri and the investigation into the michael brown shooting. we are now hearing some reports that the prosecute is yet to speak to one of the people who was there and who may be the only person who actually knows what really happened. trace gallagher reports on this from our west coast news room tonight. good evening, trace. >> good evening, martha. the st. louis county prosecutor has been presenting evidence to the grand jury since wednesday, but so far the prosecutor has reportedly not spoken directly to officer darren wilson. and the prosecutor's office has acknowledged not receiving any medical records from the hospital that wilson was taken to. that's important because a fox news source close ferguson police department maintains that officer wilson suffered a fractured eye socket after michael brown punched wilson through the window of his patrol vehicle, then tried to grab the officer's gun before it went off. we're told police have strong proof that michael brown
9:32 pm
actually touched the gun. if true that would seem to contradict the eyewitness account of dorian johnson who was with michael brown when they were confronted by officer wilson. johnson claims it was the officer who went after michael brown. listen. >> he just reached his hand out the window and grabbed my friend around his neck and was trying to -- as he was trying to choke my friend. and he was trying to get away. and officer then reached out and grabbed his arm to pull him into the car. so now it's like the officer's pulling him inside the car. he's trying to pull away. >> today we finally got a copy of the incident report by st. louis police. it's unclear why it took so long to release considering it contains no information about the case at all. except that it was a disturbance in progress and the exact times that police and emergency vehicles responded. so we asked st. louis police why there are so few details. they say that's simply all that's required by law. police also won't release the
9:33 pm
officer's account of what happened until it's presented by a prosecutor. martha. >> yeah. more still to come in this story. trace, thank you very much. we are also seeing some published reports tonight suggesting that the obama administration reached out to reverend al sharpton to be their eyes and ears in the town of ferguson despite the fact that sharpton seems to have decided this case before any investigation is complete. >> a young man 18 years old shot down in the streets unarmed and rather than you address it you tried to smear the young man rather than uphold the principles of justice and dignity. i want you to know these parents are not going to cry alone, they're not going to stand alone. they're not going to fight alone. we have had enough. >> the host of dana on the blaze
9:34 pm
tv and a radio america talk show host. and richard fowler is a nationally syndicated radio show host. ladies and gentlemen, welcome to both of you. good to have you here tonight. you know, richard, you read this story that was published today and it paints a very cozy relationship between the administration and al sharpton saying he frequently texts and they feel good about him being their eyes and ears on the ground in ferguson, missouri. what do you think about that? >> listen, i don't accept the premise of the story at all, martha. here's why. i think the president was getting more than just talking to al sharpton. he was talking to the governor. he was talking to congressmen. on top of that he sent his top law enforcement officer to the region to create some sort of stability and some sort of white house response. so to say that he just relied on al sharpton's eyes, i don't think that's a true story at all. i think he relied on a lot of
9:35 pm
eyes and a lot of intelligence. not to mention the fbi was on the ground, we already had trained investigators there. a bit of a falsehood for me. >> it's interesting because president obama really distanced himself before the 2008 election from al sharpton. and at that point he very much wanted -- al sharpton wanted to have that relationship and that connection with this up and coming, you know, future first black president of the united states. this is also a president who said we're not a black america. we're not a white america. we're the united states of america. and he tried to, as i said, distance himself from this more racially divisive kind of talk. so, dana, why would he be so much more comfortable with this relationship now it appears? >> martha, i'm not quite so sure. i'm not even sure what al sharpton is doing there frankly. because -- st. louis is my hometown and i have family and friends who are in ferguson. and there are a number of actual reverends that don't have
9:36 pm
phantom flocks. i don't know, maybe he's acting as first snitch. i'm not quite sure. there are a number of better leaders. you have antonio french who could be eyes and ears. there are people who could reach out to the white house and could do a better job than al sharpton, i think. again, i'm not quite so sure. everywhere he goes he incites. i will say this, he has been more moderately refrained in his rhetoric than he has in the past. maybe because this weeb is the 20th anniversary of the crown heights riots. i'm not sure. but good to see that. >> i'll think back to the al sharpton in the '80s in new york, we have a picture of al sharpton then and now. and everybody's entitled to change their image if they want. i mean, that was a very -- he was convicted of defamation in that case. and then the duke case he stuck up for the woman who claimed she was raped. and that was proven to be not true. he was also close to trayvon
9:37 pm
martin's family. that trial did not end up going their way. i wonder because of this track record, richard, why frankly this family would want him to be involved at all. >> well, listen. i think you can pick out the wins and losses from the reverend's record if you want to. you can also talk about how he sbral, talking about this case with mike brown. at the end of the day this young man was unarmed and shot six times by a police officer. and i think what the family's demanding and what the reverend's demanding and all the protesters in missouri are demanding, let's bring this to trial. let's put the facts out and see what really happened. >> that's actually separate from what we're talking about right now. >> right. >> what we're talking about right now is whether or not this is a good representative for the white house in terms of, you know, having this relationship that according to this article he is very close to the members of the administration. and i wonder if that is helpful
9:38 pm
is what i'm saying. because, you know, in the past he has been extremely divisive. where's the martin luther king? where's the overarching figure that everyone can bring everyone together. >> martin luther king jr. was alived he was seen as a divisive figure by a lot of people in america. that doesn't speak to issue here. i think the president goes to more than one advisor when it comes to ferguson. he sent his top law enforcement officer to the region -- >> a guy already -- >> go ahead. >> eric holder's been persecuting reporters. if we're going to talk about a standard bear, eric holder is the last person i would consider as a standard bear of justice. i find it ironic -- well, you know what, first off, why don't we let the local -- why don't we let the state of missouri -- >> clearly the state of missouri
9:39 pm
can't handle it. the ferguson police department can't handle it. the st. louis police department can't handle it. and neither can the governor. >> richard, you're going to have eric holder who walked guns across -- >> here we go. we're talking about michael brown. >> hold on. hold on, dana, hold on richard. i want to stay focused here. the discussion is about this article that surfaced today. richard, you're saying that you think that it's okay that al sharpton is involved and has this very close relationship it seems with the administration. has everybody's number on speed dial and is able to text them at a moment's notice. you feel like he's a good representative and a good ib fluns on this whole process, richard, are you comfortable with him being that involved? >> i think what i'm saying here, martha, he's not the only person who's talking to the administration. >> my question is do you think he's a positive or negative in terms of being close to the administration? >> as one of the advisors for the president, i think he may council the president on issues -- >> so you're fine with it.
9:40 pm
>> i think the president can get council from whoever he wants council from. >> he's fine with that. dana, go ahead. >> i'm trying to figure out at what point does al sharpton become too politically toxic to be around political figures. this is the guy behind brawly, freddie sashamark, a guy helping to incite the crown heights riots. at what point do people step away from al sharpton. he promised to go back to florida and help with the stand your ground law, richard, has he gotten involved with the florida state legislature? give me some legislation. >> dana, at the end of the day -- >> all right. we have to leave it there. richard and dana, thank you. >> at the end of the day this is about justice for michael brown and we all know it. >> thank you. that is what is most important. and i think that does require some leadership that everybody can respect and look up to in this situation.
9:41 pm
thank you very much both of you for being here tonight. >> thanks. so thousands upon thousands of reporting incidents and things have been written about this story in the michael brown shooting. and some even about members of the media becoming part of this story. >> we are being told by police to put these on, to put on our gas masks. and as a matter of fact -- >> as the coverage of ferguson been fair? or has it made things worse? we'll weigh in on that. and it might be the last kind of lawsuit you would expect from a show called "dating naked" as one contestant announces she's suing after she got a little overexposed in her tv debut. and what on earth made bob beckel get a serious case of the giggles tonight? did you see it? [ laughter ] >> we're losing bob.
9:42 pm
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9:45 pm
we are back and we are looking at live pictures in ferguson right now where protesters are hitting the streets at this hour. captain ron johnson is speaking with them and walking with them as he has throughout the course of this. we are nearly two weeks into the michael brown shooting case. and thousands of television hours, countless headlines, all devoted to this story. so what has the media gotten right so far as this story continues to unfold? and what has it done horribly wrong up to this point?
9:46 pm
brent bosel, president of the media research center and joins us now with his thoughts and research on this. brent, good to have you here. >> hi, martha. how are you? >> i'm doing well. so much of what we see in this assumes that this case is done, that this case is over. and that guilt has been decided on the part of this police officer. and yet the investigation into what happened has really just begun. >> yeah. i think, martha, i think the coverage has been a travesty. look at it first from the standpoint of quantity. how did this incident justify hundreds if not thousands of nonstop hours of coverage when there is so much going on in the world? look at the numbers. you've got 100 blacks have been shot by white cops. what happened to the other 99? why didn't they merit coverage? ben carson has pointed out, you've had 5,000 blacks killed by blacks. why isn't that news? 400,000 blacks have been
9:47 pm
murdered in -- what's the answer they give? it's because there's public outrage to it. okay. there's public outrage from people on the streets, how about this? how about every january you have 50, 60, 70, 100,000 marchers protesting the unborn in washington. where are are the cameras on them? those marchers will come back day after day after day. this is a media -- not created but an explosion created by the media. they then turn around and cover the explosion they created. >> i spoke with the mother of an 18-year-old boy who -- a white boy as it happens murdered by three young black men in new jersey. and her family has been grieving ever since. it was a senseless crime. he was gunned down 20 times in his car. and nobody knows his story. and i hear what you're saying. >> every day in chicago or
9:48 pm
detroit. there are terrible stories taking place. >> absolutely. i mean, for every family it is a torturous situation. and we understand the way michael brown's family feels about this. you also have to think about this police officer who has been vilified and whose story we do not know yet. >> then, you know, martha, your last guest ended the segment by saying this is about justice for michael brown. now wait a minute, where is the proven injustice to michael brown? why are we talking about justice for a policeman who got beaten within an inch of his life? do i know that policeman is innocent? no, i do not. i've heard evidence that points that he may have abused his power. we have to look at it this way. this is where the media more than ever need to be disinterested, neutral observers. they're participating in race-based -- race-baiting politics. their par tis pa toir in this. the al sharpton's in the world are feeding this. that's why i say it's a
9:49 pm
travesty. >> look at so many cases like the duke rape case where it seemed like everybody understood the story before the investigation even began. and it finds that we are in many ways headed there again. brent, thank you very much. >> martha, it's trayvon martin. >> all right. brent, thank you very much. we'll see you next time. so does a lawsuit have to be seen or maybe heard to be believed after a contestant on a show that is called, you ready for this? "dating naked." yeah, it's an actual tv show. there they are taking off their clothes. viewers were shown a little more than she had bargained for and she is very upset. s (son) oh no... can you fix it, dad? yeah, i can fix that. (dad) i wanted a car that could handle anything. i fixed it! (dad) that's why i got a subaru legacy.
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all right.
9:53 pm
now for something completely different. it might be the last kind of lawsuit that you would expect from a show that is called "dating naked" as one contestant announces she is suing after she got a little too overexposed in her tv debut. trace gallagher is live in our west coast newsroom where they are all fired up about this. hey, trace. >> hey, martha. don't you know i have a copy of the complaint. it's ten pages, but in a nutshell it says vh1 should have known they didn't have permission to broadcast jessie's private parts in 96 million homes. the failed blur, as it's now being called, happened during the third episode of "dating naked," she and her date were doing a wrestling style move. it was filmed from behind. and she was, you know, kind of bending over. okay, she was fully bending over. but instead of blur we got her at a very inopportune moment. she says she was watching the episode and she was shocked, horrified, outraged and so were her parents and her
9:54 pm
grandparents. yikes. and that as soon as it aired she got tons of messages on social media. she says, quoting here, although i went on this show knowing that i would be nude while taping it, i was told that my private parts would be blurred for tv. so far the producers have not responded, but critics, say, look, if you sign up for a show called dating naked and you get seen naked while on camera, bottom line she wants an apology and said the incident cost her a budding relationship with the man she was seeing who was jewish employed in his 30s and she says that's pretty much ideal. >> she was okay with her going on being naked and everyone filming the show while it's going on and all the other contestants but not the people who would have seen it at home. go figure. go figure. >> go figure. >> trace, thank you. in moments we're going to show you why bob beckel lost it
9:55 pm
tonight on "the five" and not like he usually does. like really lost it. plus, what's coming up on "hannity" tonight. >> we've all been stopped. i bet you everybody on this panel has been stopped. and you know what we do? we behave. we act appropriately. th [guy] i know what you're thinking- you're thinking beneful. [announcer]beneful has wholesome grains,real beef,even accents of spinach,carrots and peas. [guy] you love it so much. yes you do. but it's good for you, too. [announcer] healthful. flavorful. beneful. from purina. what does it mean to have an unlimited mileage warranty on a certified pre-owned mercedes-benz? what does it mean to drive as far as you want...
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9:58 pm
so have you got any thoughts on what makes a marriage work? well, it came up on "the five" today. and then you see what happened.
9:59 pm
>> you have a picture? >> we have our picture -- i'm not sure which picture we have there. >> you better not be in white linen. >> oh, the real wedding picture. >> i have -- my secret is that you need to be willing to let the other person grow. >> get fat. that's what happened with me. i put on 40 pounds. >> i hope that doesn't happen to me. any way, the other thing was don't always try to be right. >> oh, yeah right. >> peter has given up -- [ laughter ] >> he asked me if i would rather be right or happy and whether or not they're the same thing. >> there's no such thing as being wrong in a marriage for a woman. you can never be wrong. [ laughter ] >> we're losing bob. >> up next -- >> we're back with our win hit
10:00 pm
wonders next. >> tell us what you think. thanks for watching everybody. i'm martha maccallum in for megyn. this is "the kelly file." welcome to "hannity." font for the entire hour and with the help of our studio audience we investigate the shooting death of michael brown and the racial divide it has exposed right here in america. this is a special edition of "hannity." and it starts right now. night has fallen and police are bracing for more violent protests on the wake of the shooting death of the black teenager michael brown. >> you must disburse immediately. this is no longer a peaceful protest when you try to injure people. >> these parents are not going to cry alone. they're not going to stand


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