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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  August 23, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save. a fox urgent news tonight. indications that investigators are getting closer to identify the savage killer of american james foley. good evening, everyone. i am julie bandaras. according to the report of the sunday times of london. british intelligence officials have identified the terrorist but have not named him publicly. in the meantime the united states issued a new warning that a massacre could be imminent in iraq. they are trying to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. it sits 100 miles north of
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baghdad and under siege from isis terrorist for two months. residents have been living without water and food and supplies are low. the dire situations is drawing comparison of mount singjar where thousands of yazidis were draped for weeks. the debate is growing in the obama administration about the u.s. military's next move to confront isis. top military officials are considering expanding the air strikes in syria. this follows the comments of secretary chuck hagel who said isis is more dangerous now than al-qaeda in 9/11. the terrorist claim they have one other american hostage.
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stephen sophlost. saying he will be excused if the americans continues the air strikes. we have more from wendall. how much pressure is there to go after isis in syria on the president? >> reporter: it is coming from the republicans mostly but the advisors for the president said isis will have to be defeated. arizona republican senator john mccain wants substantial air strikes and u.s. troops embedded in iraq forces as well. >> part of that is going to have to be additional american forces in iraq, not for combat purposes, but to help the iraqis in this conflict. if they are going to take back the territory, they are going to
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have american help. we can't just stop isis. we have to defeat isis and take them out with whatever means possible. >> mccain speak on gretta's on the record. >> president obama made it chlor that ground troops is not in the cards. >> about the air strikes in syria>> reporter: that is complicated. u.s. air strikes would be helping bashar assad whose forces are fighting the moderate rebels. and deputy national security advisor said the administration has a different strategy for defeating isis. >> we are providing training and equipping to the iraqi security forces and kurdish forces who are fighting them on the ground in iraq and support and military
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assistance to the moderate syrian opposition. we would like to it see those efforts squeeze the space where isil. >> reporter: meanwhile vice-president biden said iraq has the heal the forces. and the vice-president said it would "insure equitable rev now sharing for all provinces and establish locally rooted security structures as a national guard." >> wendall, what about the protest in ferguson, missouri. are you hearing any thing about the policy of providing military equipment. >> reporter: the president has
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asked federal agencies to look at that policy. he is concerned about it. if i can find a verbatum of his comments. i am sorry, i can't find that right now. and the senior administration official said they will be looking into whether the policy was wise or administered properly or the use of the hardware is being properly used. the president said the optices of military hardware may not be the one that the u.s. wants to accenteate. >> thank you, wendall; now back to the crisis in iraq. a series of bombings including the attack on the fragile
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government. an explosion irbil. the u.s. launched several air strikes on isis to protect that city. conner powell has the latest. >> reporter: a rash of attacks and how violent and chaotic the country has become since isis stormed the border from syria a suicide bomber drove a car in the intelligence headquarters. and 90 people in tir cut were killed when a bomb went off. it is one day after a massive explosion in a sunni mosque. they claim they were carried out by shiite militia. it has damaged the frayed tensions. efforts to form a new government ended with the latest round of violence.
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shiits and sunnis refused to work together while the attacks continue. china is demanding that the u.s. stop military surveillance of the chinese mainland. this comes by a fighter jet intercept of a u.s. plane. these are the images taken. the chinese pilot flew close and did a barrel roll over the american plane. china is demanding that the u.s. obey the law. this is legally international air space. /beijing is claiming those areas as chinenine territory. >> in ferguson, a police presence remain. the na a cp organized a march.
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another rally in st. louis in support of the police officer involved in the shooting. mike tobin has more. >> reporter: the brutal heat kept people off of the streets. but the planned marched. you mentioned thenaa cp youtheraly and had 200 demonstrators. and the obvious sign of the police roaching out to the black community. carrying the banner was captain ron brown, commander of the multijurisdiction task force. and sam johnson. they were all carrying the banner. they need to be careful to prevent outside agitators from coming in and destroying the calm. molly. >> mike, cemeteriers of officer
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wilson were out today and a little bit of a change that we are seeing out there? >> reporter: it is it a rare public appearance of supporters of officer wilson. the purpose of the rally was to raise money for the family of officer wilson and show support for the law enforcement. and this event was disrupted. >> we are raising. they are. and it is here. >> we don't go and rob and loot and we don't throw bottles at the police. we let the justice system run its course. >> many supporters are reluctant to identify themselves publicly. and pardon me for calling you molly, julie. >> i take that as a compliment. we love molly and you, too. the recent death of an
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unarmed black man and a march. the protest we will not go back was monitored and police say no arrests were made. it was led by reverend sharpton. gardener was stopped on long island for selling untaxed cigarette. he was forced to the ground after gardener refused to be handcuffed. he died a short time later. sharpton called it a defining moment for policing. watch fox news sunday with chris wallace. dr. ben carson and jesse jackson debate. >> a massive storm has formed in the atlantic and forecasters say it could be heading to the united states. breaking details from the fox
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weather center. rick joins us next. and texas governor rick perry touring through a primary state. and our twitter question of the day brought to you by a twitter follower, and since isis is a threat to america. what can america do to help. tweet me@juliebandaras.
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new always discreet underwear for sensitive bladders. only always discreet underwear has soft dual leakguard barriers to help stop leaks where they happen most. plus a discreet fit that hugs your curves. you barely feel it. new always discreet. now bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. because hey, pee happens. visit for coupons and your free sample. fox news weather alert now. a tropical depression churn nothing the atlantic and it could strengthen in a tropical storm or hurricane and impact the east coast. severe weather advisory for turks and cacos. >> yeah, people thought we haven't had a active hurricane.
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the peak is september 10th. and so most of the activities happens in 3 or 4 weeks. there is a tropical depression and right out in the center of turks and cacan cos. aircraft have been in there and trying to see if they find a closed center of circulation and now we have tropical depression number four. we think it will pull off to the northwest. there is a lot of uncertainty in this one. sometimes we feel confident in the direction. parts of florida need to watch it. this is the nest of the community models. we are not really getting that and some of the models that are not dipicted in the graphic. and that is an outwire. south florida still in the mix of this. and the majority of them pulling on the eastern side of florida
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and midatlantic. that means incredibly rough surf and rip currents. and the official track from the hurricane center bringing it to a categor 1 or 2 hurricane by the time it is done. and hopefully steering clear of the eastern seaboard. it is close to florida, anybody from florida and pensacola and all of the midatlantic need to watch this one closely. >> as a former floridian, i used to watch these. if you live there in florida, you are thinking of how can it affect me. if it crank further west and floridians could be facing a hurricane? >> absolutely. sometimes as i said we feel confident and this is not one of those cases. i am not willing to say south florida is out of the mix on
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this storm. plenty of moisture that we have right here and heavy rain will fall regardless cross this. but we could be dealing with a gulf storm and official track keeping it offshore but we can't say that yet. watch the latest on fox and friends in the morning and we'll continue to watch it here. >> thank you so much. texas governor rick perry, ignoring his legal issues and continuing his slate of trips to primary states. he met with voters in new hampshire. he has yet to decide if he will make another run for 2016. he may be laying the ground work for trips in iowa and governor perry was indicted on two counts of abuse of power. he dismissed the charges as politically motivated and a fares. >> and airlines are warned to steer clear of a volcano that is
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about to blow. officials hope to avoid the disruption that cancelled flights in 2010. we'll show you where it is happening, next. and a fiery explosion in the sky. a rocket self destructs moments after take off. look at what happened next.
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9m that's why i always choose the fastest intern.r slow. the fastest printer. the fastest lunch. turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. egypt calling for an open- ended ceasefire in the battle with israel and hamas in gaza. this as the fighting intensifies.
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an israeli air strike destroying a 12 story apartment building in gaza and hamas continues to launch a barage of rockets in israel. and supporters are rallying in the streets. here's more from gaza city. >> we continue to hear the buzz of drones and fighter jets overhead as hostilities sound. sirens in israel when a rocket was fired from lebanon and doing damage to a house in upper galilee. and a tower was struck in gas a. a 12 story apartment building. and two missiles taking that building to the ground. this was located in an upscale neighbor in gaza city. and a warning was fired.
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the building had 44 apartments and 44 families are newly homeless and 11 children were hurt in the strike. 14 palestinians were killed earlier today including two women and two children in a home. israelis say none of this would have happen if hamas hadn't broken the sos four. that is continuing with 100 missiles fired every day. roughly 700 rockets were intercepted by the iron dome system. two of them tonight over tel aviv. this could go on for weeks. now to the turmoil in ukraine. hundreds of russian trucks carrying aid turned around and went to russia. the vehicles entered to a rebel
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checkpoint. russia said they were loaded with splois to prevent a humanitarian crisis. >> vice-president boyd boyd pledged the u.s. would work with the european allies to respond to the destabilizing action. >> taking aim at one of iraq's violent regions and airlines on red alert. a volcano erupting beneath a giant glassier. and critics say college bound high schoolers are not learning about the facts of the nation's past. ♪ don't much about history. ♪ don't know much biology. ♪ don't know much about science. ♪ don't know much about. canned core
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expedia. find yours. >> cutting your lawn may be getting easier and cheaper thanks to a new mou mower that is on the cutting edge of wio technology. >> we load up. and by the end of the day i have to go back. >> reporter: shaun couplings has been mowing lawns in new york but battered by gas price.
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>> fuel cost is out of control. i can't make up for it with the prices i charge. >> couplings said it costs him three times as much to now a lawn as it did when he first started. he said modern landscaping is dependent on the price of gas. >> which is exactly why jason invented emow, the first self fuelled lawnnower. >> you turn grass clippings in to burnable fuel. >> it does it. >> it cuts lawns and then uses a vortex trier to remove the water and creates pellets. >> they are the heart of the mower. >> the pellets go in the top and
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you can use that to create power. >> it will be first used to create alfalfa feed and then inside of commercial lawn mowers. >> it would be unbelievable. that is one less major billy have a month. i can't imagine. >> reporter: it will be coming to a lawn near you by the end of next summer. fox news. >> i am julie bandaras. it is the fox report and the bottom of the hour. a new report tonight at britain intelligence identified the isis terrorist who excused american james foley according to the sunday times newspaper of london.
4:31 pm
but the british officials are not naming the man publicly just yet. in the meantime the pentagon said another air strike was hitting isis. this is close to the mosul dam. this is center of heavy fighting. there are fears if the dam burst baghdad and mosul would flood. the u.s. carried out 94 air strikes. 61 of those in support of the iraqi forces by the dam. could air strikes in syria really be next? >> at this point, the president has not ordered air strikes to go after isis or isil terrorist, the white house said there are threats that have to be dealt with. >> i don't want to get ahead of the decisions.
4:32 pm
the president hasn't been presented with specific military options outside of those that are carrying out the current missions in iraq. but we would look at what is necessary in the long-term to make sure we are protecting americans. >> they are looking at options in case the president goes after isis in syria including air strikes and possibly sending in u.s. special operations troop. julie. >> that is not enough for the president's critics though is it? >> critics want to hear more from the president especially after the beheading of journalist james foley of what he is going to do with the isis. >> when you consider what isiowa l has today, 20,000 plus fighters and 3,000 with american or european passports who come and go as they want. they don't have to sneak across the mexican border.
4:33 pm
they can get on a plane and land. >> there is no strategy. >> and the pentagon said it has not seen indications that isis terrorist cells acrossing the mexico, texas border and operate in the u.s. >> thank you so much, molly. >> i asked my followers on twitter. what can america do to&ñoñ help tweet me at julie bandaras. isis needs to be exterminated and we need to continue to support the kurds and thercwu bombing campaign. >> the sovereignty of syria and iraq is no longer the way it used to be. >> and free their innocent slaves and try the survivor was isis in a war crime tribunnal. >> tweet me,@juliebandaras.
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>> for more catch fox news sunday and anchor chris wallace will talk with arizona senator john mccain this sunday on the local fox station and check the tv listings for the time. >> the volcano known as ba rba r boongi is under the ice of europe's largest glacier. it started to erupt today. but iceland closed the air space over the volcano as a precaution. it is triggering a series of small earthquakes. it is located in a remote corner of the ground. at this time all airports remain open and operating on schedule. you may recall another volcano erupted in iceland and that
4:35 pm
sparked a woke of aviation chaos around the world and led to a cancellation of more than hundred thousand flights. the ebola outbreak continues tonight. this widens the circle of victims and beyond the initial group of care givers who contracted the virus. and the outbreak continues to spread in west africa and mostly in liberia. and the world health organization said more than 2600 people were seccened and with more than 1400 deaths. and rescue workers entering the third day of a deadly mud slide that killed people. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. japan, emergency teams are recovering more bodies in a massive mud slide near the
4:36 pm
city of hiroshimma earlier this week. 1700 people are in emergency shelters and amid fears of more rains and triggering more mud slides. >> peru. and clashes breaking out with government doctors and riot police. doctors for peru's ministry of health have been on strike and demanding higher salaries. policeousing teargas against the protestors. doctors are demanding a 500 this happened dollar raise. >> and china, blocking the opening of a independent film festival in/beijing. the event and a yearly tradition showed moves. and police told camera crews to stop filming the scene. >> mexico. a new opera performed in the language of the a ztex.
4:37 pm
y the monk who documented their culture. the empire disa pored in the 1600s and variations of the language are spoke ep in mexico. that is a wrap on the fox trip around the world. >> and politics. history is written by the victors and chief washington correspondent writes that is not true when it comes to the curriculum of the top high school students in the nation. >> reporter: every high school achiever heard of advancement courses. few of them know of the college board that expanded the framework of the history course from 5 to 98 pages. in the new framework. george washington gets half sentence of a farewell address
4:38 pm
and another to thomas jefferson who used the ref lugz to retain wealth and power. the founder's time is noted for the racial hierarchy. absent is benjamin franklin and james madison and roosevelt and jona s sa lk and martin luther king. >> everything is identity groups always in conflict and certain groups oppressed by other groups. it is a radical departure. >> the college board released a sample a b history exam. >> it included a question of man's tyranny over women and detailed how immigration laws in the '20s were to exclude asians. this allows students to move
4:39 pm
beyond george washington and mlk. >> students have an opportunity to get inside of the story and understand the complexity. it is a fighting way to approach history. and it prepares them better for citizenship. >> though he took office after the framework was developed, the president of the college board is an architect of the common core standards. and a new poll finds that most americans are aware of the federal standards and oppose them. >> family fun turns terrifying when a brother and sister fall from a ferris wheel together. and one disaster for a community out west. mudslides devastating an area stripped bare from recent wildfires.
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>> an oklahoma city police officer sits in jail accused of sexual assaulting women while on patrol. he allegedly raped one and fondled others and forced them to expose themselves. fellow officers are upset about the allegations and consider them a black eye on their profession. seven victims were identified. >> the officer was really, i mean, the seven women were assaulted in a five month period between february and june of this year. but he has been patrolling the streets of oklahoma city for 18 months and the police department believes there are more victims. they released a photoin hopes
4:44 pm
that more women will come toward. he would stop women at traffic stops and as they walked the neighborhood. he would assault them in the back of the patrol car and he raped a women allegedly and threatening them with arrest if they did not comply. a woman complained in june that he sexual assaulted her in a traffic shop. the range of victims was 18 to 58 years old. >> oh, my god, i was frantic and devastated and that is him. that is him. that is him. oh, my hands starting sharking and i turned my head to keep the tears away. >> reporter: he is facing nine charges. facing rape and battery and if convicted faces life in prison. >> did any colleagues suspect anything with this guy?
4:45 pm
and did he act system pershes at all. >> reporter: no one had any idea it was happening. the police chief said the charges are disturbing and emphasizing that 99.9 percent of the officers are trustworthy. >> they know that and they angers us that one of our people and one of our officers that people trust, and you know, to keep them safe is doing just the opposite. >> he had not been disciplined in his three year police career. >> thank you so much. >> two siblings are recovering after falling from a ferris wheel. the girl's crutches may have slip the out of the cab and caused it to tip over. michigan, witnesses say the 16 year old girl had a bandage on her knee and boarded the ferris
4:46 pm
while with crutches. she and her eight year old brother dropped out of the cab and feel to the ground. there was no mechanicical problems with the ferris wheel and the ride since reopened. >> washington, down pours and triggering mud slides in an area where recent wildfires stripped the land bare. crews are working over time to clean up the mess. california, an emotional sendoff for thousands of sailors heading to the middle east. they are expected to spend months for a routine deployment. families say they are worried for their loved ones because of rising problems in the middle east. >> he's doing what he loves to
4:47 pm
do and i support that. >> and washington d.c., bow- bow, the giant panda turns one. there was a traditional chinese ceremony and cake. she attracted visitors from around the world. that is the fox watch in america. >> growing rev now from on line book sales launched. it is triggered a public feud. authors are caught in the middle and so are the readers. this litiary show down is now a public battle with authors in the middle. aliceon levoin is engaged in the amazon war accused of them holding her book hostage as they battle over the price of ebooks and on the edge is literaly on
4:48 pm
the edge. >> books were available for shipment right away. my book was quoted several weeks as it was delivered and other books were brought up as suggestions. amazon is being a bully as it forces publishers to sell books at deep discounts. and others disagree. >> amazon created a situation where writers have control and it scares the big publishers. >> he gets 35 percent of every e- book sale compared to 25 percent from a traditional publishing house. >> pay your authors more and try to create lower book prices for the consumer and it is their only choice or they will fail. >> for now levine promotes her
4:49 pm
book and finds sympathy at the bookb1ç stores fighting their battle with amazon. >> they want to take over the whole business. and we will not let them do. it >> everyone waits to so how amazon and all publishers work together going forward. in california, claudia cowan fox news. >> an explosion high over texas. and something goes wrong during the test of a space x rocket engine. we'll tell you what happened here. >> and space odyssey, astronauts discovered an organism living outside of the international space station. when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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>> a test flight involving a space x rocket ends in a fiery explosion over texas. take a look at this, it happen late yesterday in the space testing site in mcgregor. it was experimenting with a new engine when the unmanned rocket self destructed as it was designed to do. the ñ find out what happened. 0spokesperson s friday's test was far more complex than any other experiment conducted by the company. it happen over the testing area and no one was hurt. space x is under contract to shuttle cargo two and from.
4:54 pm
>> a mist row above the earth. said to be clinging to the outside of the spaceitation. the russians claim it is a living orchanism but nasa remains skeptical. >> reporter: shortly after russian cosmonaughts released the satellite in orbit, they conducted several other experiments swabbing the station's exterior and according to the russian they discovered life. thriving in the oaks gen lacking vacum ofdh/bw space. russia space chief stunned the world scientist results of the exeriment are unique. there are traces and microscopic particles on the illuminator surface and this should be studied further. >> and that it is.
4:55 pm
it can survive in wind currents and nasa remains skeptical and not confirming or denying the claim. microbiologist are reaching out to the russian counterparts to see if any of it can be verified. later this year nasa plans to blast up a small colony of lab rabs to live in the space station. mice are smaller than rats and require less food. when it comes to space studies, rats are preferred because of the cognitive function of rats is similar to humans. phil keating, fox news. >> we have a winner in williams port for the little league world series title.
4:56 pm
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>> a big night for a team of little leaguers from chicago's south side. >> back, double play ball. jackson, it is over. chicago wins the united states championship. >> the kids in chicago beat the kids in nevada. they will face south korea for the little league world championship tomorrow. >> and before we go. a new report tonight that british inteleigence identified the isis terrorist who executed american journalist james foley according to the sunday times newspaper of lond know lond. they are not naming the man publicly. the pentagon said u.s. war plans carried out a air strike against the isis target and they took
5:00 pm
out a isis vehicle near the mosul dam. this is saturday 2014 and i am julie bandaras, loved tweeting with all of you. the conversation can continue. huckabee starts now. tonight on huckabee. >> get ready. >> america's biggest terrorist threat ever. úisil is sophisticated and well funded as any group we have seen. this is beyond anything we have seen. >> taking the fight to isis. can the terror group be defeated? >>18e] and the entire world is appalled by the brutal murder of jim foley by terrorist group isil. >> on how the president should have acted. and the national outcry. and sense of trust. >> and the


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