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tv   Stossel  FOX News  August 24, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> healllo and welcome to justi. thank you for being with us for our extended coverage. we continue with the devastating earthquake that hit early this morning. will, what is the update on the number of injuries? >> we have just learned as of right now there is only one person in critical condition. earlier in the day we heard there were three people. only one person has be. one has been upgraded to serious condition. the third person -- one person in critical one in serious and
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we have seen more than 200 go to the hospital for minor injuries, cuts, bruises things like that. this is a historic building that felt the brunt of this earthquake this morning. you can see there are bricks on the sidewalk and as you go up to the second and fleethird floorse you can see where the roof collapsed the walls on the side of this building came flying down is really just sitting there. authorities have the fear that they are worried it could come crashing down. there is damage across the region. some business owners tell us there biggest concern is they don't have earthquake insurance. they haven't had a big earthquake since 1999. deductibles are so high they could be 20,000 dollars. only 10 percent of californians
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have earthquake insurance. their fear is as they continue with the cleanup they will have to shell out hundreds of thousands to clean up their businesses. this is wine country and the businesses have to remain closed for the foreseeable fewer. i am worried about you with the roof kind of pointed in your direction. there is more that can happen. >> you and my mom are probably worried at the same time. we have had 50 after shocks. it isn't likely but we could have an aftershock that is stronger than the earthquake this morning. >> as nightfalls what is the worry there? are people out? people in storesable to block
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them or provide protection? >> there have been increased police presence and i can tell you through out the day and right now there are a number of people who walked up and they are taking it in there are a couple of businesses open. they want people to know they can come in here. we asked people if they are worried about looters going into stores that are shut down. they feel comfortable because they have seen the increased police presence. >> real quickly you pointed behind you. you are saying there are stores open behind you and they want the public to know they are open for business is that what you just said? >> there is a bar and restaurant that is right next to me that is open. it is packed and they came over and actually brought a bunch of burgers and a bunch of water to not only some members of the media but members of the public saying we want you to know we
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are open and we want people to come. if they have plans to come to napa valley please still come and enjoy yourself and please spend your money to help the economy right now. >> okay, will, thanks. we are going to check back with you a little later. with me now on the phone is regional executive director of the american red cross tim miller. tim, are you there? >> yes, thank you, judge. >> first of all let me thank you. when we lost our home in a flood the first time we had food in a couple days was when the red cross came through. thank you for what you do. you are now as i understand it in one of the two most affected areas, how have you assisting people who have been displaced? >> the red cross is focused as we are 365 a year the immediate needs the effect of the pop lyings. we are taking the lead on helping the affected population. >> when you talk about sheltering the population, we
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are hearing that there are buildings that may not be jet condemned that may suffer from an aftershock or is that building we just had a reporter will car in front of if the roof comes down i mean then there is going to be even more damage. how many shelters are available to people and how many people do you think need them? >> we will shelter as many as we need. we are in contact with napa county and vallejo. we are at a church. they are a great partner. there is a bit of uncertainty as to who can go home and who cannot. but they are being contacted by the authorities for those who can't go home. we are happy to work with them there. >> are you looking for donations? >> we always are.
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this is a great opportunity we don't get federal funding. anybody who wants to support if you go to red cross got org and make your donation or if you want to make a quick donation text red cross 90999 we will put the money straight would work. >> do you have enough people there to take care of the residents yourself? >> thanks for the question. we are 90 percent volunteer based. the volunteers have been trained over the past fou years are putting their training to work. you talk about after shocks, it is very important. it gives you a second chance to be prepared. go to and figure out what you can do to make your family prepared for the next one. >> as you talk a lot of memories i remember my mom and dad being
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so thrilled stledidn't have cof. my dad rest in peace, but thank you so much for all that you do tim miller. >> joining me is john vidal lee a professor at university of washington. talk to me. what is going? how predictable was it and is coming? >> i wish it were predictable. as we all know a magnitude 6 hit at 3 in the morning and we have had a few small after shocks not as many as other earthquakes. am it hits the la area the bay area sometimes up here in seattle. auk we can do is watch and wonder what comes neck. if there was an earthquake it morning the chance of other earthquakes is more for a while. hope it's not a burst of activity all we can do is watch. >> when you say chances of additional ones are raised for a
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while, when do you think people can step back and relax? >> i think a few more weeks. it will be back to normal. >> weeks. no, not how long will it take them to get their lives together but to stop worrying about an aftershock? >> they fade away gradually. it will be higher than average for a few weeks. even right now it is not that high but it was much higher than it was yesterday. oo what should residents be prepare for? how can they prepare for the next days? >> they can reflect on what it takes to be ready in earthquake country having water, food, having a plan for your family making sure your house has whatever little fixes that would make it more fortified for the shaking. politicians fix the roads and make good zoning regulations.
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every time there's an earthquake we have to think about what we should be doing. >> did the warning system work? is there a bull horn somebody comes out and says hey it's about to happen? >> no. the warning system right now is an experimental version. it is run by the survey in berkel berkeley, northern california. it dete detects it quickly. it is a warning the shaking is on the way. in this case people more than 10 miles away could hear the shaking is coming from it arrived. >> they are trying to build the system across the west coast to give people a chance to prepare but give the industry a chance to protect the quip aparted traffic contr -- equipment and control to make it safer. surgery and fire doors can open. the system i am sure is coming. the requequestion is how soon.
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if we have it we will figure out ways to take advantage of it. >> how worried are you about scrubbing turl dama-- structura damage you can't see? who goes out and says mr. and mrs. smith you have damage you are probably not aware of? army inger nears? /* -- engineers? >> cal tran goes out and looks at the highways and the train people go and look at their tracks, and they all know where the most vulnerable places are and where they have to look. but it takes time. over the next few days and wieks we will learn what the real damage of this earthquake was. >> john vidali thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> the continuing coverage of >> the continuing coverage of the devastating bay
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>> we are back with our continuing coverage of the earthquake in california. what's the latest? >> good news right now. three people we are told were in critical condition. we are told one of the three were unrelated to the earthquake. two in critical condition of those two was a 13-year-old boy. he had been downgraded to serious. one person remains in critical
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condition at this hour. more than 200 have gone to local hospitals with injuries. as the sun goes down here, there is a lot who came through to see the damage and destruction in this area. the two gaz lines broke. there were flames in red and orange you can see them in a nearby highway. the water plain broke as well. four homes lost six more damaged. of course you have seen the destruction from downtownsh nap as well. a lot of the older buildings had been reinforced. the facades came dolnm7ç a lot of reassessment to do. thankfully there were no serious injuries there were 200 to different degrees. ment we are talking hundreds of millions of dollars of damage in the most important part of the
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country. a lot of hotels wereñr filled a a lot of people shake en up. >>çó you are saying in additiono the earthquake and destruction of the homes we had additional fires. >> yeah. also after shocks. haven't had a major one in a while. there's a worry with after shocks there might be other gas lines on the verge or water plains that are. they are telling everybody if you smell anything, if you suspect anything if your home's foundation moved a significant amount have someone take a look at it. all it takes is one more decent sized shake. the video we have coming in, too, the surveillance video it is depressing for a lot of homeowners but more than that business owners as stuff comes down p. a lot of these people don't have earthquake insurance. that obviously causes a lot of problems and a lot of money for people who couldn't afford it. those things happen as well in napa. >> we had will car on he was
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standing in front of the building in napa and the roof is about to come down it is pointing at him. he says they are saying come back, come back. we are open. given the potential after shocks and given the fact that people have come to the napa valley a lot of them for some of the wineries should people come or people not come? >> yeah, they should come. this is my home town. i was just here a week ago. i come here all of the time. the building i was in front of one more decent shake that one is coming down but there are a lot of buildings that are fine. most the wineries are okay. come here spend the money. i think the frustrating part when you see this across the country a lot of these older towns have redone their downtowns in the last ten years and revitalized them. those are the ones affected by the earthquake. downtown hnapa it finally becom a place to go.
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>> sad given a lot of them don't have earthquake insurance. thank you for being with us. with me p on the phone is director of california governor office of emergency services mark deloduche. are you there? >> yes, good afternoon. >> good evening from new york. you were out early in the afternoon with the california national guard to survey the damage. what did you see? >> we took off mid morning and did an over flight of the region that the earthquake affected both salano and napa counties. got a good area view of the extent of the damage that we anticipated from the quake or was reported from the quake. then we were able to land and go in and meet with the local officials and do a walking survey of downtown napa and some of the surrounding area. >> what is the biggest concern now? >> right now it is really addressing the community, the people in the community making
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sure that any unmet needs are taken care of. people who have maybe been displaced from their homes and may be cared for this evening and as we move into the next couple of days, we have extinguished all of the fires, we have addressed all of the gas leaks and we are sreely putting the foyer pack on. those situations are looking at rapidly. >> one of the things we were talking about with adam housley is a lot of the downtown area has been renovated in the last ten years given that a lot of people don't have earthquake insurance, how long is the recovery going to take. is the government, is the state going to assist gbusiness owner? >> we are going to assist as many as we can. this will be a collaborative effort between the local government, state and we will
10:20 pm
seek help from the federal government also the private sector to nongovernmental organization community. really is all coming together to try to address the needs and get the community rebuilt. >> the reporter talked about downtown napa. it took a brunt of the shaking a in downtown. there's a too xhcommercial and government buildings that were the older building stock and we have been damaged pretty considerably. surrounding that, the businesses are open, and there is quite a few people outside of that cordoned off area. can stillsf go in and do busine. it is about.h getting that community back on-line. >> with me is california office
10:21 pm
of emergency services kelly houston. are you there? >> yeah, i am here. go ahead. >> all right. kelly. what should residents and business owners be acaware of right now? >> the biggest thing is the potential for after shocks. that is a real possibility. we know in these earthquakes they generate a lot of smaller after shocks. folks within the geological community got together early this morning and said at the time there was about a 50 percent chance that people could feel a 5.0 or greater magnitude aftershock. the percentage of chance of that has gone down significantly now that we have gone down into today and evening. people need to be prepared for potential after shocks. one of the biggest vulnerabilities is not that we don't have great mu tile aid or emergency response system but less than half of californians have taken the first step to prepare for a disaster like an
10:22 pm
earthquake like this. when they are not prepared they find themselves without power or water the no plan. that creates a big problem for us. >> you say they haven't taken the first steps, with a is the first step? >> to have a plan. what are you going to do? we have people that felt the shaking but didn't have damage to their home but they are without power or water. that may last a couple days or what's your plan? >> kelly houston. thank you for being with us. thank you for being with us. >> coming up live on the scene so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, you can se money with progressive commercial auto. [ sighs ] [ flo speaking japanese ]
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>> as ferguson missouri gets ready for the funeral of michael brown he has military hardware to the police department. we are in ferguson with the latest. mike? >> and looking around ferguson
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right now you would never notice there had been any demonstrations. you have some demonstrators up and down the street but in little small pockets. if you were driving down here you wouldn't notice a difference. we got some calls fror calm fro prominent people today particularly the fsh of mifathe michael brown. he spoke at peace fest. he put out a call for peace. he wanted silence on the day he put his son to rest. other people leadership within the black community called for no demonstrations at all nothing to distract from the funeral of michael brown. judge? >> what can we expect tomorrow? i know they are calling for peace. when you look at some of the numbers you know that one night there was 78 arrested only four were from ferguson. i suspect that people from ferguson are respectful of michael brown. what about the outsiders? >> when you bring that up six people were arrested last night. four of them were from out of
10:28 pm
state. three of them were repeat offenders. you definitely have a factor of out of state people looking for trouble and drumming up the trouble. that's evidence in the number of people who are making arrests or who are being arrest the. you have a core group of people who want nothing more to do tomorrow than respect michael brown and his family and mourn the dead. you have a lot of people who have come here with no other interests other than agitating the situation. we have to keep an eye on that see who wins out. >> sorry. what is the community reaction to president obama's call for a review of the distribution of the military hardware to the police department there? >> well, it is interesting when you talk to the police community, because it seems the president is off the mark. all of the hardware that was used out here that got such a big reaction isn't necessarily military surplus. the one vehicle that got so much attention reporters called it a tank. it is not a tank. it is called a fair cat.
10:29 pm
it is used for tack cal operations. it can detect nuclear and biological weapons. other nonlethal weapon free the tear gas that is not military surplus. the police force all they have that is military surplus is two helicopters they are both about as old as i am. a oo with me now dallas police chief. good evening. i am not going to get into the specifics of the michael brown shooting but i think we can all agree that the perceived militarization of local police departments is a problem. are police departments over militarized? we heard mike tobin say that's not the case. >> i don't think that's truly the case. there are issues going on with it. what people are focused on is definitely the miss application or misuse or deployment of such
10:30 pm
equipment, not necessarily should they have the equipment at all. i think there is justification for it, judge. in a lot of ways in police departments big and small, use them for either high activity drug locations, barricaded persons or just in case when things go really bad and terrorism incidents. so there are a lot of applications for it. what is catching so much attention is the miss application or the misuse of the deployment of it. that is i have heard that from around the united states. >> let's see. i think we have some pictures of what they refer to as militarized police. do we have that, guys? >> what we have there you can be in a war zone the way some of them are looking there. i agree with you that for hostage situations you may need har mored vehicles barricaded
10:31 pm
situations how does the first responders be able to protect people and citizens if they don't have what they need and aren't gunned or out militarized than the enemy. >> when we look at different categories i don't have any issue with the president calling for a review. everything needs a review. we should always look at those things. i believe the government has called upon first responders. we are going to have to play that out. we are going to have to see. sometimes it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. it seems to be deployment or misuse of miss capcation or overt threat of force. that comes with training.
10:32 pm
we have to train police departments to respond. we have to train chiefs of police to respond better in command positions. that way they don't feel they don't have any value or he canity in a system that looks like a war zone. most times it looks like a war zone because they haven't painted them. they are still military colors. maybe if it were back or blue they would change deception of it. rolling it out at unnecessary times that brings unwarranted attention to it. we have to be smarter because some of the equipment is needed. i would hate to send one of my troops in harm's way when i have something that could save their lives. they have been fired on with heavy weaponry. i can't advocate it can't go away i would add kate we respond properly and we do review some of the equipment that wouldn't
10:33 pm
necessarily get some of the 1033 programming but grant funding justify it justify its use get trained and provide leadership and command training for decisions and deploy it responsibly. >> i couldn't agree with you more. thank you so much for being with us. >> coming up the latest on the search for james foley's when you told me about this "candy crush" game at first i thought "so what?", but now i can't stop playing. that's not how it works. i mean it's so simple. it's like my car insurance. i saved 15% in fifteen minutes. well esurance could have saved you money in half that time. three in a row! sweet! 15 minutes for a quote isn't so sweet. level 2! start with a quote from esurance and you could save money on car insurance in half the time. welcome to the modern world. esurance, backed by allstate. click or call.
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>> u.s. and british intelligence are eyeing a british national as the militant who beheaded american james foley. here here with the latest is molly henneberg. >> in the horrific video of the murder of journalist james foley intelligence officials were able to get clues as to the identity of foley's executioner. they saw his approximate height and build and saw a glimpse of his eye and apparent british accent. they tell fox that led british
10:38 pm
intelligence to this man a former hip hop wrapper from london ab bell majid abdel bari. he fled with the isis terror group. in 2012 he posted raps on-line with lyrics i can't differentiate the angels with the demons. my heart is dissent grating i ain't got normal feelings. after fighting with syria he started a twitter account and posted a gruesome lyrics chilling with my home me or what's left with him. this should not be a hunt for just one man. >> it doesn't matter who the executioner was. this was the group that killed james foley. this order came from the very top of the group. >> his egyptian born father was extradited from britain to the u.s. in 2012 on terrorism
10:39 pm
charges. he was a close associate with osama bin laden. they believe of he was connected with the 98 bombings of u.s. bombings in africa. judge jeanine. >> molly, thanks. with me fox news military analyst david hunt is back with us. it is interesting what mike morrell former cia said. doesn't matter who the individual is it's more about the group. if that is the case>> we are losing ground there. we did that. it is a wrong message not fbi operations to be intelligence operations and special operations guys to go in and get this guy and killing him on the spot. want to arrest them and bring them to trial. isis is to be destroyed. >> this is a war he should be shot. we are going to bring him back
10:40 pm
here and try vr8 >> we criminalized terrorism before that and now we are going backwards. such a shame. >> plus, i mean it is amazing that they are so not in sync the former cia director saying one thing and the president saying we should go after one and cia saying we should go after the group. let me talk about this guy bari. he was talking about how wrist exercises help him doing this type of thing. he is obviously the lowest of the low. you have been involved in rescue operations four hostages. do these things usually end well? >> no. 50/50 chance. totally dependent on intelligence. they are well trained that's not an issue. the issue is pressing intelligence on the spot. there were issues with this raid. we have been lucky in the last few years normally you don't get that many successes.
10:41 pm
the they are hard things to do and never should be talked about before and after. >> why did the president talk about it? oo evening it's a cya. >> cover your -- >> cover your as. they want to say well we tried. >> what about sotloff what are they going to do about him? >> my bet is -- i believe we are back channeling for money. this guy that came out today we had carter help pay the money. >> what about isis now? time to go to war? are we there? are we already there? >> i think we are at war. i think because we have less than 1,000 special operations guys on the ground, combat soldiers at least 120 bombings a day, aircraft carrier group in the golf and the president saying what he said on television and secretary of defense and joint chiefs how big
10:42 pm
it is going to be and whether we have to go into syria. >> we heard mccall today on television as was lindsay graham as was mike rogers how soon, how long before they hit us. some guy from new jersey charged in the killing of four people. they are not even calling him any kind of terrorist. he said he is doing it for allah and i don't know if we have a picture of this guy. he is killing people in response for the united states killing people in iraq. >> i think when you got 20 million people in the country you don't know who they are. you assume there are bad people here. i don't believe the intelligence community isis we are seeing in iraq is actually here. i think that is a reach. they are very nasty, they need to be killed. i don't think the intelligence community is going to support that. >> even secret service was aware of a flag being flown near the white house.
10:43 pm
>> all i am saying is -- my point is i think that's very bad. it doesn't feel right we have cells here just yet. they only get most of the fight. they have gained all this sunni -- all these very bad people since they have been in iraq. if we are going to do this, twe are going to have to put american soldiers back in iraq and syria. >> they say there are 10,000 of them right now since they rolled through iraq and the middle east upwards of 1,000 in europe, western europe. >> they are coming with europeans into syria like the man they woff. they can move freely into europe and the united states. it these are bad guys that need to be dealt with. >> absolutely. our hearts go out to the parents of james foley.
10:44 pm
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10:48 pm
years but has been released. from in defense of christians jordan allah who was recently in syria. your reaction to the american hostage freed in syria today? >> judge, i think it's great news, number one. number two, isis, he was released by the al-nasra al qaeda group. >> what is the difference between, you make the distinction between al nasra and isis? >> theal ne al-nasra front is a qaeda branch. they are al qaeda and syria and isis broke away from al qaeda. isis schooz to go their own way. there is bad blood between isis and al qaeda. they have fought each other in syria. in the future who knows they may consolidate because one of my concerns is buys sis is such a steam roller a run away train here. i am concerned maybe some al qaeda affiliates will get with the strong horse and link up with isis.
10:49 pm
>> or maybe as you say, are they sworn enemies would they fight each other? oo thieve fwaut each oth-- foug other in syria. they said to sighs sis you are too extreme for us. even imamal zawahri, the fact ticks crucifixions, beheadings is too much for czar hir ry becau zawahri was it alienates muslims. >> who was it like? >> it was difficult to geet in syria. i traveled into the border by foot with a colleague and we had a lot of challenges. we had to worry about the tubingish border police. they tend to shoot before they ask questions. the life of an american is worth a lot of money. of coursal ne alabama nas ra--
10:50 pm
at the border it would have been difficult to get in. it would have been the same journey mr. foley took. it is very difficult and the christians that we met with we met with a lot of christians who had come to defend their home land from europe. so their ancestors were from syria and iraq and they had come from europe to defend their brother and sister christians. which is interesting because we have only heard of musliming doing that but christians are doing it as well. >> when you hear about towns like mosul and iraq 500,000 a million leaving. but let me speak for a minute about this side. brown is an american suspected of killing four people in his own jihad and he says he is doing it as a retaliation for what the united states is doing. is sigisis here? >> that's a great question. we have had governor rick perry and congressman poe say perhaps
10:51 pm
isis has crossed the southern border. i think there is no doubt we have had isis sympathizers in the united states as well. the potential is here. mr. brown what you talked about i think of fort hood and lone wolf jihadists. it don't stake a lot to yell akbar and start shooting. europe big time, judge. >> when you say that the governor perry and others suggest they are coming to the border what evidence is there to support that? >> you know, judge you have to ask them. they are coming after them. >> jordan is isis saying videos like the beheading of james foley will stair off journalists, will -- i mean what is their end goal here? >> definitely. they want to intimidate and obviously it was planned they want to intimidate journalists and others from coming. they want to tell their own story. they don't want journalists from
10:52 pm
the west coming there and i guess showing the reality of the brutality of isis and other groups. so we will have to see whether we are intimidated it or hopefully the christians all over the world will be motivated to act on behalf of other christians. >> i was reading there are some of these terror groups that are doing the kidnapping are doing it for money. but when it comes to an american who is being held hostage that it is not so much for money than it is the ideological threat to the united states. have you heard that? >> judge, absolutely. it says in a message to america this is a declaration of war. to behead an american citizen on camera this is great propaganda queue. they are on the cutting edge and gaining recruits. one of the things that's
10:53 pm
interesting it is a blending of hip hop culture with jihad. they are using social media to attract young western muslims looked at as hip cool if you can believe it among some diseffected muslims. they are pros on social media match more than any other terrorist group. >> jordan and eric thank you for being with us. >> coming up your responses to last night's show. your answers to tonight's insta pole. what should president obama do to prevent isis from
10:54 pm
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>> the devastating quake that hit california will car is on the season with the latest. were you still there when it came out? >> just to take a quick look. the fear from people who keep walking up they are worried an aftershock will happen. there have been 50 after shocks today and it can knock the roof down. this is what a historical building has a red tag on them in downtown napa right now. i want to give you some good news here. in terms of the injuries there is a one-person in critical condition, one person has been upgraded to serious condition more than 200 people went into the hospital today with cuts and
10:58 pm
bruises. they had two shelters and as it is dark here the community will thu about the potential for after shocks. >> thank you so much, will. >> and lots of responses to my open. >> just as you mentioned him in the asame sentence is theodore roosevelt says a lot. and tonight was the first night of seeing your show and all i
10:59 pm
have to say is amazing. i am hooked. every saturday night 9:00 eastern time and sunday sometimes. the jeff says if only we had a president as strong as judge jeanine pirro. thanks, jeff. now the results of tonight's insta poll we asked what should president obama do to stop ace sighs from-- isis from attackin america? >> one says resign. jonathan says make war so horrible many consider before picking up arms again. resign and let someone who gives a damn actually run the country. lynn says close the border resign and apologize. jerry says, bomb them into the dust: sandy says get the heck out of office and let a real leader try to put the country back together. june says resign go on a pro golf tour and let someone else be in charge. nancy says give a retirement check in a golf course.
11:00 pm
remember to friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter at judge jeanine. see you after labor day. i'm chris wallace. the execution of that american journalist by isis has the obama administration rethinking its strategy. >> oh, this is beyond anything that we've seen, so we must prepare for everything. >> this is an organization that has an apocalyptic end of days strategic vision, which will have to be defeated. >> what will it take to defeat isis? we'll discuss options with jack keane. is washington ready to go back to war? we'll ask senator john mccain. plus, does the president's changing tone on isis signal a change on policy?


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