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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 29, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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show. this was a great show. very much fun for me to fill in for gretchen. john scott is in for shep. have a very happy and healthy and save labor day weekend. >> damage control at the white house. the obama administration now back-pedaling on the president's comment the u.s. has no strategy to deal with isis militants in syria. so, do we have a plan or not? >> the russians again dismissing accusations they have invaded ukraine. this time investigating the satellite photos of russian troops could be images from a video game. and a rare virus now tearing through one major american city and reportedly sending dozens of kids the hospital every day. what is it? and what can you do to keep your kid safe? i'm john scott in for shepard smith. it's not what the president said that is raising eye browse but
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the -- eyebrows but the way the media reported. josh earnest talking about president obama's comment that we don't have a strategy yet for taking on islamic state terrorist in syria. the press secretary said the president was referring to the strategy for air strikes in sirarch not the overall threat of the islamic state. the united states already has launched more than 100 airstrike s against targets in iraq, including the mosul dumb. but the president has not signed off on -- the press secretary made the rounds on news shows to clarify the president's remarks about strategy. president obama also cancelled an overnight stay in new york tonight. still, his spokesman played down any impression that the white house is doing damage control. he says the president's change of plans did not involve any
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islamic state threat. he said president obama wants time with his family and to, quote, sleep in his own bed. the press secretary even laughed off the controversy at the very top of today's briefing. >> at least one aspect of the president's news conference yesterday that attracted some attention and -- i thought i might go over one aspect of that argument. it's specifically this. the president stands squarely behind the decision he made yesterday to wear his summer suit at yesterday's news conference. >> that's a reference to the tan suit that dominated twitter discussions yesterday. the british government raised it terror threat level to indicate an attack is highly likely. much more on that a little later. as for president obama's strategy in syria, the press secretary said the president is waiting for the pentagon to draw up options. ed henry is live at the white
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house. is the administration showing any signs of taking action in syria? >> just the opposite. the broader point beyond what the president said or didn't say. he was trying to put a time-out, pause to all the discussion that maybe he was edging closer to military action in syria. i pressed josh earnest repeatedly why the president doesn't have a strategy for military action in syria. he put it on the pentagon, saying the plans are not ready, even though pentagon officials are saying, look, the u.s. military is always ready. the commander in chief give us a signal, we're ready to go. earnest was saying there's a broader reluctance here. caution by president obama about not being drawn into civil war in syria. listen. >> that's going to require a substantial commitment of american military forces and occupation of another country, and that is just not a strategy the president believ succeeds. certainly didn't succeed in iraq
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last time around and the president doesn't believe that it's a recipe for success this time either. >> they're making a distinction saying the president does have a military strategy in iraq, in fact airstrikes continue there today around the mosul dam. bringing the total to 110 u.s. airstrikes since august. the pentagon revealing to us today, that's costing taxpayers $7.5 million a day. >> the president did cansel discovery night stay in -- cancel the overnight stay in new york bit doing some fun raising. >> yes, in manhattan and rhode island. josh earnest said, as commander in chief he juggles a lot of different responsibilities including being the head of the democratic party, and he said he is confident his national security team is dealing with the issues while he is traveling. paul ryan says this shows a commander in chief understatementing the threat from isis. >> we need to have a strategy to
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finish them off to defeat isis, not to contain them or secure the mosul dam or protect the gentleman did can is but fin -- yazidis, but the president doesn't see this moment for what it is, for him, and for us as a country. >> you mentioned in the short term the uk prime minister staying he has raised the terror threat level there because of this threat from isis. josh earnest saying the president, homeland security department, has looked at this and as of right now they're not raising the terror threat level here in the u.s. >> ed henry at the white house. very h thank -- thank you very . let's talk about this with chris wallace. interesting comparing the two leaders, chris. the president's news conference yesterday, which he said we don't have a strategy, and then hearing david cameron come out today, raise the threat level in britain to the second highest level, and say, we're going to be ready.
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we're talking about revoking passports. why the difference? >> well, seems to be a difference in style. a week or so ago david cameron cut off his vacation, his summer vacation, to return to ten downing street. the british white house to start dealing with the isis threat while president obama continued on his vacation in martha's vineyard. and this may not make a difference if the president comes up with a solid strategy to deal with isis, burt the fact is the -- but the fact is the mood music counts and you have one leader, the british prime minister, who seems resolute, determined, pro-active, and another one, who is going off to a wedding this afternoon in west chester and fundraising tomorrow in rhode island and doesn't have a strategy yet. we could have said we're still sorting out or strategy. he could have said we're going to be meeting, as he is, with
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the leaders of the nato countries at a summit in great britain next week, saying we want to get international buy-in, but to say we don't have a strategy yesterday sounds hapless. >> the overall feeling that one gets -- i think this is fair -- this is the president who came into office promising to get us out of iraq, he did so, and now just does not want to pull the trigger on more significant military operations than those that have been underway the very limited air strikes for the last three weeks. >> well, let wait and see what he does. i think it's certainly fair to say this. you're exactly right. also the president who campaigned for, ran, and was elected to get us out of conflict us, who has tried it himself. and whenever he talks about the use of force, and some would argue this is too cautious or too self-limiting, others say it's just being careful. that he always wants to put limits on it. always wants to get
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international buy-in. he always wants to set limit is on what we're going to strike and not going to strike. and seems often defined by what we're not going to do as much as we are going to do. that just is his style. we have seen it back in 2009 when he announced the surge in afghanistan at west point and then announced he quickly he was going to pull the troops out. >> did it seem that david cameron's announcement today was motivated by the president's sort of soft position yesterday in. >> i doubt that. but i don't think he is trying to stick it to the president, since they're meeting next week. it shows to different leaders with two different ways of responding to a terror threat. one cuts off his vacation and takes action and the other continues on vacation and says we don't have a strategy yet. >> much to talk about this weekend. thank you. >> you bet. >> chris will have more on the islamic state and syria on fox
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news sunday. he'll be speaking with mike rodgers, this sunday, on your local fox station. check your tv listings. >> first a rebel commander said russian troops were in ukraine to take a vacation. now a claim from the kremlin that might be more bizarre. could satellite troops of russians rolling through ukraine actually be from a video game? that's next. nobody ever stomped their foot and asked for less. there's a reason it's called an "all you can eat" buffet... and not a "have just a little" buffet. because what we all really want is more. that's why verizon is giving you even more. now, for a limited time, get more data! 1 gb of bonus data every month with every new smartphone or upgrade.
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vacations and now video games. but definitely not an invasion. that's what the russians are saying about what they're up to in ukraine. yesterday we told you a top rebel commander said russian troops in eastern earthquake were heading to -- eastern ukraine were heading to the beach for vacation. now russia's foreign minister says satellite images supposedly showing troop movement and russian artillery are pictures from video game. putin is calling on the rebels to release some ukrainian forces, he may be referring to troops trapped outside of
12:13 pm
donetsk. putin praised the rebels for undermines ukraine's military operation which he says has killed a kole has sal number of civilians. the united nations reports 2200 people have died in fighting in ukraine, and officials say both sides are targeting civilians. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with the news. jennifer, what does the ukraine government want from nato and the united states? >> well, more than words. ukraine's prime minister announced his country would ask nato for membership. right now it has observer status. as a member of nato russian actions like these new images 0 russian tanks would require a military response from nato under article 5. its unlikely they will allow ukraine relationship. here is russia's foreign minister lavrov mocking the
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satellite images released by nato yesterday, purportedly show russian forces forces and artiln ukraine. >> translator: there have been report thursday photographs from space showing moms of russian troops bus it was computer games and the images were taken from there. and the latest allegations are more or less of the same kind. >> meanwhile, another town on route to the ukrainian port has fallen to russian forces and their surrogates, putting putin one step closer to having a land quarter from russia to crimea. >> what does putin have to say about this? >> he is denying that russian troops are inside ukraine. while addressing a group of russian youth at a kremlin-backed summer camp. he delivered a warning to the west, quote, it's best not to mess with us, as he went on to remind the world that russia is, quote, one of the leading nuclear powers. a veiled threat to nato and
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blamed the ukraine government for the crisis. >> it is very sad and reminds me of the events of world war ii, when nazi german occupiers, fascist german troops raged on our cities. >> an indication the war has reached a turning point, forcing putin to prepare the russian people for further sacrifice as sanctions bite. one thing for sure putin is not giving up. >> the pilot of an f-15 fighter jet died when it crashed into the mountains of rural virginia, according to military officials today. the crash happened wednesday 13 other miles north and west of richmond. a rye moat and heavily wooded hear. rescuers found evidence the pilot did not eject from the jet. those officials have not released the pilot0s name and say the investigation into the
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crash will take several weeks. we're learning bat rare rye obvious making hubses 0 -- about a rare virus making hundreds huf childrens sick. we'll talk to a doctor next. ♪ ♪ start a team. join a team. walk to end alzheimer's. visit today.
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an suv jump another curb and plowed into a hair salon in a historic building in seattle, injuring seven people. the "seattle times" newspaper sis the vehicle pinned a mother, father, and ten-year-old daughter though, wall of a restaurant next door. fire officials say the crash sparked a few fires but folks at the scene, including an off-duty firefighter, were able to put out the flames the also say the crash cracked the building and they brought in braces to help
12:20 pm
support it. >> in chicago, more than a dozen people hurt this morning after a shuttle bus slammed into a concrete barrier outside o'hare international airport. the fire cheer says one firefighter witnessed the crash and noticed the driver pinned so he broke the window with a hammer and helped pull the driver out. the firefighter got hurt but will be okay. the crash led to a big traffic jam. officials say all roads heading into the airport are back open now. we're approaching labor day and a major travel weekend. the crash forced some folks who were stuck in traffic to get out and walk to their terminal. >> doctors in missouri say an unusual illness is making hundreds of kids sick just as school is getting back into full swing. children's mercy hospital in kansas city was admitting up to 30 children a day earlier in the week and the hospital is just as packed as it is during the height of flu season. experts say the virus causes
12:21 pm
asthma-like symptoms but in some cases it can also lead to stomach problems, including vomiting. doctors say there are no antiviral medications or vaccines that can treat it. we have an attending physician, this virus is rare. >> it was first discovered in california in the early 1960s, but just a handful of case occurred since that time. we have seen some clusters in japan and the philippines. in the u.s. and a couple of states but usually not more than many 10 to 15. in this case we have seen over 300 indications in the kansas city area. >> handful of case most of the time. now they're getting dozens of patients a day. must be very contagious. >> it is like children tend to transmit to each other, and the problem it can just seem like a regular cold or runny nose, cough, but when it starts to affect the respiratory system in
12:22 pm
terms of troubled breathing, parents need to get their child to the emergency room. >> indicate entero virus. why is this more for >> unclear. virus mutate and this seems the virus mutated to a stronger form. we haven't seen any fatilities but there have been a few over the years. children can develop pneumonia, have a very hard time breathing and unfortunately, few case can actually die from it. >> we are, as mentioned earlier, just getting ready for school to start. pretty bad time to have a virus like this breaking out among a young population. >> it is and parents should keep their child home from school irthey are exhibiting these symptoms. in general i tell parents to do that. certainly hand-washing is very important, telling your child to cover their mouth when they're coughing and sneezing. >> it's a virus so antibiotics won't do anything. >> no, just supportive care,
12:23 pm
oxygen, fluids, and if they develop pneumonia may they need further treatment. >> how is it spread. >> l airborne, if you're around someone who is coughing and sneezing and you inhale the virus particles you can get sick. >> rite -- right now it's the kansas city area but is in era of jet mens and the holiday weekend cooking up we could see other pockets. >> we hope not. this virus occurs in clusters so hopefully this will work its way out. >> hope you're right. thank you. >> thank you. >> the uk has raised its terror warning to its second highest level because of the islamic state and it's bloody terror campaign in iraq and syria. president obama is trying to build a coalition to take on the militants. that's coming up on the fox news
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headlines from across america. first to idaho. a student who went missing on his way to the university of mt. last week died in a car crash. that's according to officials east of boise who say his car ran off the road and slammed into several trees. friend says lucious robby was a rafting guide the the summer. >> in california, emergency workers say two people died and five hurt after a fire in an apartment in l.a. >> oregon, the homeless man who accepted on mtv video music award for miley cyrus turned him in at jail southwest of portland. officials say he posted $2,500 bail last night. his mom says, miley cyrus has
12:27 pm
offered to help pay his legal bills. much more from a news deck right after this. she's still the one for you.
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>> it is highly likely that islamic state terrorist will attack the united kingdom. according to officials there who raised their terror threat level from substantial to severe. the second highest level. british prime minister david cameron says there is no doubt in his mind the islamic state is targeting all of western europe. >> this is not some foreign conflict thousands of miles from home that we can hope to ignore. the amibition to create an extremeic caliphate in the heart of iraq syria is a threat to the uk. >> prime minister cameron says 500 people have left the uk to fight alongside the islamist militants and they need to do more to stop peoples from joining the group and then coming back.
12:30 pm
new york city police commissioner bill bratton says the nypd is closely following developments in the uk. he said so far there is no specific threat to new york. kitty logan is live in london. what else are we learning from the british government? >> the government here is extremely concerned about these british jihadis who have been traveling to iraq and syria to join the islamic state. the real fear is what these radicalized men might do when they return to the uk. they have been exposed to some very brutal violence there. the prime minister since he wants much tougher action to be taken against what he describes as a poisonous ideology and says action needs to be taken now and this problem cannot be ignored. >> we cannot appease this ideology. we have to confront it at home and abroad. to do this we need a tough,
12:31 pm
intelligent, patient, and comprehensive approach to dash that defeats defeats defeats tht threat. >> prime minister also says the danger posed by the islamic state is something we have never seen the likes of before and warns the uk could be tackling the problem for years if not decades to come. >> what steps is the uk taking to counter the threat? >> the prime minister has said they are already some measures in place but wants much more to be done. for example, he wants to introduce new laws to stop british jihadis -- to strip british ihad diz of if the uk passport and restrict travel. it's reported a number have returned after fighting in iraq
12:32 pm
and syria, and the prime minister wants tougher actions against those people. the prime minister will be addressing parliament here on monday to discuss further action. meanwhile, security measures are being set up here in the uk and the public is being urged to be vigilant and aware and the government assures the public right no there is no threat of any imminent attack so they believe, john. >> thank you. let's take with jen saki, the spokesman for the u.s. department of state. you just heard the report. sounds like the british are taking this threat of isis far more seriously than the united states. are they? >> i would absolutely disagree with that. this is a threat that has been gaining steam over in the last several months. it's one we have been working with our british counterparts to address, and as you played in your report, prime minister cameron talked about the threat of individuals with western
12:33 pm
passports. whether they're european passports or even passports of united states citizens, and the concern we all share about those individuals being trained by -- and coming back. this will be a big topic of discussion next week at nato. >> the prime minister says they will he seizing passports of people. >> the united states has that ability. it's something that the state department would work with and continues to work with the justice department, our legal counterparts, to make decisions and we take every step out of disposal, whether that's putting someone on a no-fly list or taking away -- revoking their passport, to prevent individuals who could do us harm from entering the united states.
12:34 pm
but it this is a long-term problem, and one we need to address as a global community. >> i know you're a boss. secretary of state kerry is trying to get support from other neighbors, other players in the region. what kind of success is he having, any? >> he has been on the phone, spending hours doing that. that will continue. he has a big trip planned following the nato summit. we have already seen -- first of all, the united states has already taken steps to address the threat of isil by doing the strikes in iraq. we're talking about building an international coalition. with countries willing to do a range of steps, uman tarean assistance -- -- humanitarian suspects. many tools that countries will be involved in we're seeing a strong response and expect that will pick up over the coming days and weeks. >> let's turn your attention to ukraine. the president says there is no military solution to what is going on there, but vladimir
12:35 pm
putin certainly thinks there is. he has sent his artillery pieces and apparently at least a thousand of his soldiers into ukraine. what should the u.s. response be? >> well, what president putin is doing is violating the sovereignty of ukraine. taking steps over the course of the last several months that are illegal, aggressive, unacceptable in the international community. that's why we have all put in place the united states, many european countries, range of very strong sanctions we're seeing a strong impact in russia, on the russian economy, but there is a military solution in the sense, and what we mean by that is there's never going to be pint, anytime so where the ukrainian army will be able to defeat the russian army. we can't work toward the point where we are having them fight it out on a battlefield. we want to see putting pressure on russia so they're willing to engage in a diplomatic path forward. >> one other issue. secretary of state kerry just
12:36 pm
asked for iran's cooperation in releasing or ascertaining the whereabouts of four americans, including pastor and robert leavenson. why you? >> well, this is something we asked for, not just publicly and there's a statement that you referenced the secretary put out today and there are unfortunate and a halfs. they've been gone too long. we raise this issue at every opportunity. we will continue to because we want to see these individual returned home to the united states, to their families. >> does the u.s. have leverage with iran right now? >> i think this is an issue that we feel is important enough to raise, that we raise it right alongside the nuclear negotiations and do it at every opportunity. i can't tell you what will make iran release these individuals they're holding but we're going to continue to press until we see them home. >> spokesman for the state
12:37 pm
department. thank you. >> thank you, john. >> several people who police arrived during the protests in ferguson, missouri, are now suing. they want $40 million. the five plaintiffs are going after ferguson police and county cops in a lawsuit, they clue a mother and teenage son who say police roughed them up and a man who say police shot him with rubber bullets. another man was arrested for filming the protests. city officials have not commented on this lawsuit. the demonstrations began after a white police officer shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. police cracked down on protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets. the nfl commissioner, roger goodell, admits he screwed up after give playing just a two-game suspension for knocking out his own fine say. the league has changed its --
12:38 pm
fiancee. as millions of americans get set to hit the road, thunderstorms thunderstorms and rain drenching texas and louisiana. two tropical storms are still making for dangerous conditions on beaches stirring up powerful surf and rip currents on both coasts. weather tracker says the storms are moving away from land. so beachgoers, expect better weather this weekend. rick is live in the fox weather center. >> the waves getting better on both coasts, but rip currents high tomorrow. so exercise caution as you're on those beaches. this is awe the thunderstorm activity in the central gulf. have been watching for the possibility of tropical development. don't think we'll see that but we'll see heavy rain in eastern texas and then louisiana, and then we'll turn our eyes across
12:39 pm
parts of the caribbean. you see that activity right there. that as this pulls in towards the northwest potentially, develops into some sort of tropical system. this weekend, severe weather the far northern high plains, western north dakota, montana, and south dakota, and then sunday, birth day for severe -- bigger day for severe weather, strong winds and large hail. take a look at temperatures. might be heading towards the last kind of unofficial weekend of summer. but we're looking at 87 in new york city, 91 in raleigh, then the start of the work week, very high temperatures across the eastern sea board. we'll be right back.
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fox report now. more headlines from the fox news deck. [chanting] >> thousands of supporters of hamas and islamic jihad marched through the streets of gaza, celebrating the cease fire that took effect this week. the truce calls for israel to ease the black -- blockade of gaza. here at home, cat managed to shut down an elementary school in maryland. officials say they spotted a kitty roaming around inside the school south of baltimore sent the kids home. they're setting traps to catch the cat. theirs is one case where you do not want the whole enchilada. officials in mexico city claimed they broke their own record by serving up an enchilada almost 300 feet long, weighing more than a ton. enough to feed how much people. no word on whether they served it up with a giant margarita. >> i didn't get it right. that from the nfl commissioner,
12:44 pm
roger goodell, on the two-game suspension he gave to player who knocked out his fiancee. ray rice faces charges for hitting his then-fiancee in an elevator. surveillance video showed him dragging the woman, who appeared to be unconscious, and not surprisingly critics blasts the nfl over the two-game ban. player weather got caught doing steroids or other drugs received harsher punishes. but under the new rules players get to six games for the first domestic violence offense, lifetime ban for a second one in a letter to team owners commissioner roger goodell wrote, quote, my disciplinary decision led the public to question our send asserted, commitment, and -- sincerity, and commitment. and he wrote, we have to do better and we will. the players' union responded and say they will fight for the
12:45 pm
players if warranted, quote, as we do in all disciplinary matters with me believe the players' due process rights are infringed upon during the course of discipline. we'll assert and defend our members' rights. the players association has often been at odds with the league over suspensions, new rules, you name it. joining us know is a pro football writer. what is the uproar that caused the change of heart of roger goodell and the nfl. >> you have to point to that first and foremost. roger goodell saw the rising tenor of fans who were up and set, specially female fans and female reporters. in addition they saul the money going out the door. the nfl in recent areas has trade to cater to women, making the breast cancer awareness month an all-out event with pink gear for all the players and i think they're recognizing now
12:46 pm
how big the women's voice is in their game. >> what about ray rice? is this retroactive? >> the indication is that his indication is over and done with. and i'm sure that the nfl pa would fight against any retroactive decision against him. but there has been no official word yet on that. >> does it surprise you that roger goodell was this lenient, guess in the early going? he has made good behavior sort of the hallmark of his term at the helm of the nfl and really trade to push the prayers and -- players and instill in them the knowledge playing for the nfl is a privilege and they bert live up to -- better live up their responsibilities. >> it was a surprise to a lot of people but if you follow the nfl closely, in off the field, the suspensions have not been ramped up all that much. the drug suspensions typically two, four games, occasionally a
12:47 pm
full season, was a saw nor joshgoers, something that was carryover from the previous commissioner. the punishments we have seen increase have been on-field behavior. the hits to the head, hitting too low. those are things that have been met with harsher and harsher penalties throughout goodell gos reign, but for offfield stuff it was on par if earlier decisions but not on par with the public's einvolving view -- evolving view on domestic violence. >> because the penalties are so severe there will be an effort on the part of players of spouses to height this stuff when its actually -- to hide this stuff when it does happen. >> that could be one unintend consequence. another one could be that nfl players, when they are could you goed of these crimes, will be taking their cases to trial because if you go to trial some are acquitted, then the nfl can't punish you. but if you take a plea deal like most of these cases have been
12:48 pm
resolved, just because the player wants to get back on the field, you're stuck to the first suspension, six games, and then the second one can be an indefinite ban for one year. i think you will see more players taking the cases to trial, and i think you'll see less instances. whether that's because players are doing more to cover them up or players are making better decisions remains to be seen. >> unfortunate we have to worry about domestic violence in conjunction with professional sports. thanks. >> thank you. tony stewart, the nascar champ, says he is set to race again this weekend in atlanta for the first time since he struck and killed driver, kevin ward, "j." stewart hit ward at a sprint car escent. there's ward running on the track, gesturing at stewart. witnesses say he was angry after stewart's car clipped his,
12:49 pm
causing it to spin out and hit the wall. he walks tonight car but the car fishtails and hits ward. today stewart says the took the past few weeks if a out of respect for kevin ward and his family and says the crash will, quote, affect my life forever bus it now ready to get back to racing. >> i miss my team, my teammates. and i miss being back in the racecar, and i think being back in the car this week with my racing family will help me get through this difficult time. >> police are still investigating ward's death. so far prosecutors have not filed any charges. colleges in the u.s. may start screening some students for the deadly ebola virus. details on that ahead. plus, health officials say the outbreak is accelerating even faster than it has before. that's next. h. heartburn. did someone say burn?
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college students who are coming to the u.s. from west africa may be getting extra help of health checks because of the deadly ebola outbreak. the feds say 10,000 students from west africa come to the u.s. to study. the centers or disease control and prevention have not issued any specific screening recommendations for colleges but officials for several universities say they will monitor student temperatures and have them fill out questionnaires. >> u.n. health officials say doctors in west africa have diagnosissed more than 500 new ebola cases just this week. that's the biggest increase in a single week since the outbreak started. so far it reports more than 1500 people have died. trace gallagher is live with more. so, some colleges, trace, are screen students.
12:54 pm
why? >> because a lot of state health departments are telling the universities what symptoms to look for. the american college health association is asking colleges to update their emergency plans to maybe set aside separate areas to check students who may show symptoms of ebola. universities will actually monitor the temperatures of west african students for 21 days because that is about the incubatation. >> it may have spread to another country. >> a college student from guinea has been diagnosed and is anywhere quarantine in senegal.
12:55 pm
experts say this is a very good indicator the outbreak is getting worse and could affects tens tens of thousands of people. the experimental drug zmapp produced in san diego has shown great results in monkeys, and the cure rate in monkeys is 100% but experts warn there's a difference between monkeys and humans. listen. >> with developing vaccines, you have to be careful when you first put into it humans to make sure, above all, it's safe. you also want to determine if it induces the kind of immune response in the body that you would predict would be protective in the eventuality someone was supposed to ebola. >> experts warn the number of ebola cases could be greatly understated. >> big changes to the hershey
12:56 pm
bar. crowd cheers!
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>> one of mrs.' most recognizable brands get a macover. hershey, the -- is unveiling a new company logo. here's a new take. the new version on the bottom. and here's a fresh take on the look of the chocolate kiss. a marketing executive says the new logo shows the 120-year-old company continues to innovate and stay modern. >> on this day in 1966, the long and winding road came to an end. the beatles played their last concert in candlestick park. fans had no idea they were witnessing history. the band new and took cameras on page to take pictures of the crowd. after an 11-song set they left in an armored car. the fab four would play one more surprise gig three yeater --
1:00 pm
three years later. i'm john scott in for shep arizona smith. "your world" is next. have a great holiday weekend. what we're facing in iraq with isil is a greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before. this is some some foreign conflict thousands of miles from home that we can hope to ignore. >> the brits get it but do we? the isis scare now escalate. the uk raising the terror threat level from substantial to severe, saying an attack is highly likely. to former cia intelligence officer michael sawyer who says we should be taking the same action, too. why? >> well, if anything, we have a more serious threat here domestically than the british do. we have 12 million people in this country. we don't know what


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