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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 31, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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has said that drinking coffee three or four times a day can reduce the risk of diabetes, so i always start with a fresh cup of coffee. >> thank you as always. have a good breakfast, whatever it is. that's it for us. >> thanks for watching. breaking news on two big stories in the middle east today, iraq and libya. we'll get to the latest on the battle between isis and iraq in a minute. but first, the isis group has, in its words, secured a compound in libya. we'll get right to connor powell who is following this breaking news story from our mideast newsroom. connor? >> reporter: we understand this is not the u.s. embassy in tripoli but a building or annex connected to the u.s. embassy. still, when u.s. personnel fled tripoli about a month or so ago in july, it was supposed to be protected like the embassy and all the facilities in tripoli by
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a local guard force. that local guard force reportedly is no longer in control of this annex building, and instead a commander for the dawn of libya, a militia told the associated press that an islamic group took control of this facility from another group. they even posted videos. debra jones on twitter said the video appears to show islamic fighters roaming around the annex building. the compound appears to be safeguarded and not ransacked sransacked. according to that associate press reporter who was there today, it has some broken windows but otherwise is intact. the fighting is intensified in libya's capital, and even though it was a hasty retreat, like computers would have been removed as u.s. officials fled. there are still some troubling questions, of course. both the state department and
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the government say they didn't know about this compound being taken over by a local militia, and it was just a few days ago that both egypt and the uae launched airstrikes in libya targeting different militia groups and the u.s. military and intelligence communities say they didn't know anything about these airstrikes. so doug, there is a really troubling intelligence gap in terms of what the u.s. knows, what's happening in libya, and of course following the september 11 attacks there, there are real concerns about what the u.s. knows and doesn't know in terms of what might happen and how bad the situation in libya is getting. there are real concerns and problems with the u.s. intelligence gap right now in libya, doug. >> connor powell from our mideast bureau. good news there. no u.s. casualties, at least that we know of. thank you very much. his foreign policy is an absolute freefall. >> i've learned one thing about this president, and that is he's very cautious. maybe in this instance, too
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cautious. >> president obama coming under fire from the leaders of the house senate intelligence committees and the senate intelligence committee, one a republican, one a democrat over his lack of a strategy to deal with the isis threat. meanwhile, the u.s. military is expanding its campaign to help iraqi forces in the fight. the u.s. launching airstrikes against the militants and dropping humanitarian aid. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin here with the latest on that. jennifer? >> hi, doug. u.s. military officials would not confirm iraqi claims that they have retain isis the town in an operation that began at dawn. they say expect more airstrikes in the marilee area throughout the day. they conducted airstrikes to allow iraq's army to overtake
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the town seized by isis. they dropped humanitarian relief to a town that had been in siege of isis for two months. the town of amirli helped with the humanitarian airlift as iraqi forces evacuated some of the 15,000 residents there. the head of the intelligence committee pushed back on the idea that the president's national security team has not presented the president with options. he was interviewed by chris wallace today on fox news sunday. >> the clock didn't start with the beheading of the american journalist. that was just a symptom of what was a long and growing problem for the united states. it's just very, very late in the game, and it presents fewer options. so three years ago we had really good options in syria in how to stop their pooling in the east and going into iraq. >> u.s. surveillance drones began flying for the first time this week, gathering
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intelligence and mapping possible isis targets in syria. until now the president had not authorized unmanned drones over syria. the president has made no decision to target isis bases and supply lines inside syria. doug? >> jennifer, thanks for that. with the british, french and australians joining the u.s. in dropping aid, does this signal the building of a coalition and attempted expanded nation for isis? general, thank you for coming in today. >> thank you for having me, doug. >> first your reaction of what's happening in tripoli today. >> it's a cascade of serious events that go back two years ago to benghazi to now, and it's continued to deteriorate. very worrisome. libya is going in the hands of the islamic radicalists. very scary. >> and also the weakening of u.s. foreign policy. >> exactly.
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and that's why i believe the president ought to make some decisions, and one is to go to death con i, which we've never done before, but it means imminent danger and chance of war. secretary hagel over a week ago said this threat is imminent with isis. we don't know what's coming at us, so we've got to change our warning system -- not the system, but alert our people that we are in a very dangerous time. >> it seems to me we're looking at, right now in the present time, a profound disconnect between what we're seeing and hearing from the white house and what we're seeing and hearing from the pentagon. i want to you take a look at these two sound bites, one from the white house press secretary, and also from rear admiral john kirby, the pentagon press spokesman. >> the president has not yet laid out a specific plan for military action in syria, and the reason for that simply that the pentagon is still developing that plan and he's still reviewing them.
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>> i think anybody who has any knowledge of the united states military knows that we're ready. we're ready all the time. >> the clock didn't start with the beheading of the american journalist. that was just a symptom of what was a long and growing problem for the united states. so it's not wrong, it's just very, very late in the game, and it presents fewer options. so three years ago we had really good options in syria in how to stop their pooling in the east and going into iraq. two years ago we had better options, not great options. today our options are far more limited, far more dangerous and will call for far more engagement. >> general, you know that people in the pentagon, are they frustrated with the situation? >> even more important is i know how the system works, doug. but in answer to your question, they are extremely frustrated, and the system works. the president puts out strategy objectives. we defeat isis, we deter them, we dissuade them. whatever the objectives are,
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they come from the white house. the pentagon plans and executes. they are ready to do anything the president wants, but as you can see from the two previous sound bites, the president is not making decisions. and that is deeply frustrating, and frankly, it is endangering our national security. >> winston churchill, who is one of the great historical figures of modern day or the 20th century and probably no favorite of the president's, has said that one of the worst things you can do in warfare, and i guess the white house would dispute whether or not we're actually engane engaged in a war, he said one of the worst things you can do in war is be indecisive. >> and it still is the same thing. we are indecisive, so where is it popping up? it pops up in libya, as we've just seen, it pops up in the ukraine, it's popping up in the middle east. when you have king abdullah of saudi arabia saying in one month
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it will be in europe, in one month it will be in the united states, he's giving us a warning. as we lead up to 9/11, we must increase our alert status globally. we don't know what's going to come at us, whether it's big or little or whatever, but we must have the mindset of what we think is a very perilous time. >> what is the potential down sides of monitoring the moderate rebels in syria when we see reports of what just happened last week, that the free syrian army was apparently participating in the abduction of 40-some u.n. peacekeepers? are these people we want to supply with weapons? >> the ukraine and syria, syria we backed in some cases, i believe, the wrong people and not in the right part of the syrian army. that's a little confusing to people. i've always maintained and go back quite some time that we were backing the wrong tiypes. i think it's going to turn out this weekend in a new special
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that brett bear will have on friday that shows some of those weapons of benghazi ended up in the hands of isis, so we helped build isis. there is a danger there, and i'm with you. in the ukraine, we need to show support in iraq against syria. we need to show support that we're going to go and take down, i believe, take down isis, and we can do that without boosting beshear al-assad. if we back those groups and get the isis elements that are focused on iraq. we can do that and we can do that now. vladimir putin is doubling down with calls about statehood in eastern ukraine. meanwhile, eu leaders are asking for harsher sanctions on asia. with the latest on what is in store for russia, we go down to
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dominic vitelli. >> hey, there, doug, yes, indeed, what exactly is the european union going to impose in terms of sanctions on vladimir putin? we were expecting word out of europe last night as eu leaders worked very late into the night to exactly work out what punishments and pressures it could put on russia. that meeting by nato in wales next week is going to be critical for the ukranians who want to see more military cooperation from the europeans and possibly the united states. but here in the united states, well, they are worried about getting involved in any confrontation with russia, but they do believe here that the west certainly needs to provide more weapons to the ukranians. listen. >> i think the european union, nato, as well as the united states has to consider that this is dramatically different and we have to give the ukranians the fighting chance to defend themselves. i'm not suggesting u.s. troops here or nato troops here, but i
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am suggesting that the ukranians have the wherewithall to fight for themselves. >> and ramping up the pressure of the words coming out of vladimir putin in the last 24 hours, he's saying the ukranians have to now consider renegotiations about statehood of the war-torn region in the southeast. statehood would imply the addition of another country. a statement said actually what putin actually meant was autonomy, not calls for independence. then putin came out with more words saying he thinks it should be about the unconditional securing of legal interests in the region. so now here in the united states, people are saying it is the time for proactive intervention. listen. >> the ukranians, much like our arabic partners a year ago, are asking for strategic help, intelligence packages, logistics
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training and arms. we ought to provide that, europe ought to provide that. if we don't do small and effective now, you're going to get very big and very ugly later. >> and the problem is that vladimir putin is prepared to use the kind of language that would indicate it will get ugly. for example, in the breakaway region of donetsk, he actually praised the separatists there and started calling the region new russia. that, if anything, indicates precisely what his plans are for the region. a deeper look now into the president's foreign policy and leadership, coming up. including the president's no strategy policy in dealing with syria is still stirring up a lot of criticism, as you have heard. we'll have a live report on what washington thinks about the president's comments. and former candidate dennis cucinich is here. as you may recall, he interviewed vladimir putin just last year.
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congress gaive him the authorit. >> i have decided the united states should take military action against syrian regime targets. i will seek authorization for the use of force from the american people's representat e representatives in congress. >> well, that never happened, and now the president is again considering military airstrikes in syria, this time versus isis. dennis cucinich interviewed president assad in syria and he weighs in on this. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> before we play this interview, i want to play the interview you did with president assad. let's listen up here. >> as you know, doctors take an oath never to do harm to anyone. that's a direct quote from the
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h hypocratic oath. does a doctor give that up when he takes political office? >> first of all, doctors take the right decision to protect the life of the patient. so you cannot say that they don't do harm physically because sometimes they have to extract the bad member that could kill the patient. >> president assad, who has a license to practice medicine -- you may not have known that -- was bakely masically making the case we make today, that he was fighting terrorists. >> what's noteworthy, doug, that as a result of the united states' non-military involvement, just a couple weeks ago there was a conclusion of a handing over of 600 tons of chemical weapons from syria to the united states for neutralizing. that was a significant development that came as a result of the obama administration's decision to
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handle the crisis over chemical weapons in a non-violent way. i think that we should give the administration credit for being able to get those chemical weapons without violence. >> there has been another bill, the one weaver a've all been ta about, the formation of this strategy in isis, a danger to us as well. >> western intervention in the first place had to do with the creation of isis s, and isis didn't just magically appear in mosul. isis had been around for years and gathering resources that the united states was sending into iraq, gathering resources the u.s. was send sbing into syria. so they gained, essentially, the u.s.'s acceptance to send arms into iraq at a time when we
10:21 am
think we're helping. actually, there's been blowback and it hasn't worked out very well, and my opinion is if we were to attack syria, we would only make isis stronger. >> so some say let's arm the moderate rebels, the free syrian army. you may have heard my question to general mcinerni, that there is heightened tension in the global heights. are these the people we want to arm? >> moderates don't have guns in syria and iraq. >> so you're saying basically the only people who have guns are extremists. >> well, that seems to be the case. but let me point out something. as we speak, the iraqi army has broken the siege of amrali that isis perpetrated. let iraq handle isis, let syria handle isis, let the kurds
10:22 am
handle isis s, but the american people have already spent thousands of dollars. i think we should look at our home and let them take care of their problems. >> speaking of things here at home, they've now seen to it that they can no longer return to that country. i know frank wolfe has done the same, prevented americans with passports from returning. >> i think if someone goes abroad to try to participate in a war that has nothing to do with the interests of the american people, or even worse, they're fighting against american interests, of course, cancel their passports. >> real quickly, we're out of time. what is the answer to this crisis in the middle east now? >> don't add fuel to the fire. america has to be very careful in making sure that we don't make decisions that expand a war. i think the bigger game here, by the way, doug, is iran. the same people who dragged us into a war against iraq and
10:23 am
syria or would want to drag us into a war against syria, people took us into a war against libya, there are those who want to take us towards iran. frankly, we've got to stop these interventions, take care of things here at home. the other strategy is to let other countries handle their internal affairs without us adding to the conflagration with intervention. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. nascar driver tony stewart is getting back behind the wheel after that accident that killed kevin ward. he's back in it. this comedian and entertainer joan rivers remains in serious condition. the latest on her health, coming up. hope you'll stay with us.
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the aisle are prompting president obama to take decisive action against what they say is the growing isis threat and criticizing the president's lack of a strategy. peter ducey here from washington. >> the fact he doesn't have a strategy yet to handle isis has his critics shaking their heads. >> you have to have a specific strategy to defeat isis, and that means, among other things, understanding that isis has obliterated the boundaries between syria and iraq. >> reporter: white house senior adviser dan pfeiffer is explaining the president's game plan today, telling the "washington post" that the commander in chief is just taking things slowly, and that, quote, there is no timetable for solving these problems that's going to meet the cable news cycle speed. it's not a tenable thing. we'd much rather do this right than do it quickly. we tried the opposite during the bush years and it worked out
10:29 am
very poorly. but democratic senator diane feinstein who chairs the senate intelligence committee thinks america has a lot to lose if the president doesn't get more aggressive with isis. >> i've learned one thing about this president, and that is that he is very cautious. maybe in this instance, too cautious. i know that the military, i know that the state department, i know that others have been putting plans together. and so hopefully those plans will coalesce into a strategy. >> reporter: another democrat, congressman dutch reppesberger urged the president to build a coalition before taking military action in syria. he said we can't be sheriff of the whole world. doug? >> the president getting it from both sides. peter, thank you very much. the midterm sprint to november is now under way. candidates will be hitting the
10:30 am
campaign trail hard between now and election day, and a new poll shows that republicans are becoming more optimistic about their chances to win the six seats they need to take back the senate. here to take a closer look is digital politics editor chris colwell. good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> let's talk about the three open seats. >> the three open seats are the ones that if the republicans really are going to take the senate, they're going to have to win those three open seats. that's where democrats are retiring. west virginia, south dakota and montana. >> we get big leads by republicans, right? >> big leads and pretty much off the table at this point. the only one really still kind of contending is natalie tenet in west virginia, but that's already coming out of reach for democrats, so those are off the table. >> where are the states where democratic senate hopefuls are in trouble right now? >> well, the deal is you've got -- if you need to get to six seats, assuming the republicans will as polling indicates they
10:31 am
will hold the two seats where they're potentially in danger, that's kentucky and georgia. republicans seem to be doing okay there to hold the line. if they've done that, they win the open seats as we expect them to, then you move up to the tier of unregistered democrats. that's arkansas, louisiana and north carolina. if they can get three of the four, they're home. but democrats need to do better than that. they c they need to stop them and limit them to half. the good news for republicans and the reason more and more pollsteres and more and more g logarhythms are spitting out republican victory is after you go through those democrats, the field has broadened widely. there are other places that no one would have thought republicans could contend. >> one state you have not mentioned yet is new hampshire, and i'm fascinated by the reemergence of scott brown in that state.
10:32 am
if you take a the wmr poll, last july they were up on brown. in august of 2014, just this month, shaheen at 46% to brown's 44%. so he's definitely narrowed the gap there. i wanted you to take a look at an advertisement that scott brown has been running in new hampshire because it goes to the heart of what we're talking about. >> i'm scott brown and i approve this message. americans go through security before they get on a plane, enter a government building or attend a ball game. but folks who come here illegally, they just walk across the border. that's wrong. thanks to the pro-amnesty policies of president obama and senator shaheen, we have an immigration problem on our hands. but it's time for us to secure the border once and for all. >> since he's been running that ad, he's made this reemergence. >> i think that's a good issue for him, i think obamacare is a
10:33 am
good issue, but jean shaheen is running a bad campaign. she's not holding a town hall, she's not engaging. the kid in the chicken suit that was following her around, they had him arrested, because she wasn't doing debates. she's not doing what candidates want her to do which is town hall, be in debates. scott brown had to say, you know what, you're right. i'm not from here, i was born here and i'm back and intend to stray. he has overcome that and has solidified his republican base. she's running the wrong campaign and she's in trouble. >> we've seen what the president's action has been lately. he promised action, a unilateral action on this sometime this fall. he promised it as far back as june, but we see more indecision now. apparently there's pulling back. i wonder if they've seen that scott brown ad and have countered the effects of it. >> there is so much amountf
10:34 am
diterri dithering in the administration these days, it would be hard to point to a cause. but i think a big cause is these democrats are saying if you go too far, mr. president, if you push too far with the amnesty, if you do too much, you'll lose even more seats. as much as i think the president has written off the senate, i think he probably assumes for the same reasons that everybody else does that republicans are in good shape to get that majority. if he does that, that's one thing. but if the republicans end up winning in places like new hampshire, oregon, places with contested races and you see a 10 or 12-seat swing because of things like immigration, that would take his last two years from miserable to total agony. >> so you think the president has written off the senate? >> i think so. he barely broke a sweat in 2010. they're divided, unsurprisingly, over what to do on the campaign trail in 2014. there's not many places he can go. we know he's supposed to be in
10:35 am
wisconsin tomorrow for a big labor rally. there's not many places he can go. i imagine what he will do is blame it on the media, blame it on the democratic base, blame it on a bunch of people and say, it was bound to happen, it's our broken system, and i guess go play golf. >> five seconds. will republicans control the senate? >> if the election was held today, i would say they'll win ten seats, but i bet they'll get the six they need. as we've been talking about today, the president's leadership has been questioned on big issues for ceign and domest domestic, and our analyst panel will break it down. tony stewart back on the racetrack after that accident that killed kevin ward. more on him racing ahead. joan rivers and more on today's top stories when "america's news headquarters" returns. in 30 minutes. plus, sensitivity to light and sound, even nausea.
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it's the bottom of the hour and here's a look at the stories
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dominating the news at this hour. three-time nascar champion tony stewart returns to nascar. he skipped three races because of that accident that took kevin ward's life last month. today's race in atlanta is scheduled to start at 3:30 p.m. eastern. tmz is reporting that co immediamedian joan rivers is in critical condition. she is 81 years old. the eu has economic sanctions in russia. president obama scheduled to meet with nato in wales at that time. reports that islamist mission group has sources in libya. sources are telling fox news that the annex in tripoli, libya has been taken over by a group
10:41 am
of islamic militants diving into a pool that was once at the cia annex. those are the top stories right now. lawmakers are becoming more vocal on what to do with the expanding isis threat. texas senator ted cruz had harsh words at the defending the american dream summit on saturday. listen up. >> when you're dealing with monsters who are training upwards of a hundred americans right now to come back here and visit the same terror on americans here, number one, we need to not let into this country any american who is fighting with isis. [applause] >> and number two, isis says they want to go back and reject modernity. well, i think we should help them. we ought to bomb them back to the stone age.
10:42 am
well, august in washington is supposed to be a very quiet time in politics. this year, however, the white house has been dealing with intense foreign and domestic issues as well. the growing isis threat, the lack of a strategy in syria, russian forces in ukraine, and here at home the immigration problem remains unsolved. meanwhile, congress will soon return to work with limited time to get anything accomplished before election day. here to discuss some of these issues, we welcome analyst angela mcgowan and political analyst joe stengi. skro joe, i'll let you start. defend the president's, quote, unquote, limited action? >> the limited action is big talk these days, but i think the president's foreign policy has been defined as a regional sort of fight. in my opinion he's done a good job isolating regional incidents and getting regional people involved. he wants the border nations there to step up more, and
10:43 am
libya, this is a civil war we can't get involved in. syria is the same situation. the turks, the kurds and even iran is have a vested interest. >> you've done better than the white house press secretary. maybe you should go speak for the president because your vision is a lot better than the obama doctrine. >> let's get to more of the obama doctrine. we heard from dennis a little while ago that the risks of supplying some of these groups with arms is also fraut with danger, and i guess that's the point you're trying to make. do you want to respond to that, angela? >> we are the leader of the free world, and it seems to me when you talk about junior varsity and isis, the president's foreign policy team is junior varsity. vice president, former senator, our president, former senator. where are the condoleezza rices in this administration? where are the henry kissingers? where are the colin powells in
10:44 am
this administration? before we talk about a strategy dealing with weapons, the president needs to step up and show strength. >> i think colin powell said on a report before that the nation is in a vacuum and we saw who fills the vacuum with what happened at the u.s. embassy compound in tripoli. >> that compound has been abandoned for more than a month now, and the way the u.s. secures its embassies in countries, we actually lease that from the local governments, which in libya there isn't one and it's controlled and guarded by a local guard force which are locals there no matter where it is, whether it's tripoli, benghazi, cairo, they're all local guard sources. they have a civil war there now, and they let the compound go to militias earlier. >> where did the civil war come from? >> it's the vacuum that occurred after the overthrow of the regime there, and they have been in strife ever since then. they've never been really
10:45 am
peaceful since then. i think we've been pulling staff in and out of that embassy since 2010. >> the devil is in the details but this is all symbolic. when you have the great communicator, barack obama, the great orator, actually say we have no strategy, this is symbolic by taking this embassy. even after benghazi, the president 32 times said the war in iraq is over, we're winding down in afghanistan, and al qaeda has been decimated. this sends a signal that it's okay to attack us. >> i really think this is a matter -- first off, this isn't idealogically against us. al qaeda have idealogical difference with our country. because whether we destroy al qaeda, which we have hurt them pretty bad -- >> they're not decimated. >> they've gotten a lot of leadership removed. isis will pop up, this is the nature of this world. so it's porimportant we isolate them and bring in regional
10:46 am
leaders to isolate them. >> do you think isis is potentially fraught with more danger than inaction? >> when you have isis on one end and the other, that is a very dangerous situation. but what's important is the european union. they have to be part of this discussion and they have to step up because it affects them more than it affects us. >> you made a great quote from winston churchill. any time, doug, when you have ambiguity, and it seems like the president is putting more on amnesty than policy. the bottom line is we have chaos ask confusion. when you have chaos and indecision, this is what happens. we can't just depend on europe, we have to make a stance. >> where does putin stop? >> with any luck, if the eu gets involved, putin stops where he is and backs his military up into ukraine. in november it gets cold and
10:47 am
they need the natural gas, so it's very important that we work, especially at the nato summit coming up, to get involved. we wanted ukraine to be part of nato, we wanted georgia to be part of nato. it hasn't happened fast enough and hopefully this can put it on the fast track. >> i recall reading a press release from speaker of the house john boehner months ago who said the answer to this problem with ukraine and these russian advances is for the united states to supply some of our newly found natural gas to europe. nothing has happened since he issued that press release several months ago. >> that's a lot easier said than done, i think. first of all, we don't have a direct pipeline into europe, which is unfortunate. >> we have ships. >> it is a global margket. >> again, we need to work with congress and they and the white house need to work together. we need to depend on our own energy instead of buying fuel from the enemy. we are actually really fueling this war against us by supporting the enemy by buying their oil. we need more fossil fuels,
10:48 am
natural gas, fracking, whatever we can do. clean coal technology. >> we solved the world's problems in 30 seconds. thank you very much. good to see you both. there is a casino crisis in atlantic city. a third major casino is about to shut down. we'll have a live report on that story right after the break. hope you'll stay with us. i'm randy and i quit smoking with chantix. as a police officer, i've helped many people in the last 23 years. but i needed help in quitting smoking. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced the urge for me to smoke. it actually caught me by surprise. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious
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the rebel casino and hotel, atlantic city's newest can say know, is cashing in its chips for a big loss. it cost $2.4 billion to build only two and a half years ago. they have yet to turn a profit. so they're closing their doors this tuesday at 6:00 a.m. brenda joins us live from new york with the story. brenda? >> hey, doug. that's not the only one. yes, seems it truly is a gamble for casinos in atlantic city. add them up. three closings starting with the show boat and rebel this week. then trump plaza two weeks later. add up the casino jobs lost. 5700 gone in three days. atlantic city started the year with three casinos before the year, it will have
10:53 am
just eight. the reason for no more show at the show boat, which closed in just a bit more than two hours from now, has to do with its owner, hoping for less competition and more revenue. caesar's entertainment owns three others and is betting gamblers will move there. many analysts say the think will do better with fewer casinos. some remaining casinos have already seen better finances since the atlantic club shut down in january. showboat's neighbor is the rebel, built two years ago at a cost of more than $2 billion. ac's mayor says he believes that casino will open doors again under a new name. a bargain basement price will draw another owner. still, quite a change from the glory days of atlantic city. the first big city to gamble on gambling after las vegas. even though it looks like the house loses this month, the future of ac could win in the
10:54 am
end. doug, back to you. >> brenda, thank you very much for that. appreciate it. well, before you butter your toast for sunday brunch, higher prices for butter are likely ahead. the appetite for the creamy spread is up, and supply globally is shrinking. american butter prices are more than twice as high as other producing nations, according to the usda. so far this year, the cost of the fatty and delicious commodity is up more than 60%. apparently americans are listening to the latest science, which says carbohydrates and sugar are killing us, not faut. after the break, remembering the people's princess. honoring princess diana 17 years now after her tragic death. juste great facial hair. when gray creeps in do you lose it all? not you. new touch of gray mustache and beard reduces gray without getting rid of it all in just 5 minutes. for the perfect gray look you want. new touch of gray mustache and beard.
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♪ [music] jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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it was 17 years ago today that princess diana died in a car crash while leaving a hotel in paris. the princess was just 36 years old. she and her companion, an egyptian film producer, were trying to avoid a long trail of paparazzi. diana was often called the most photographed woman in the world. all were killed in the accident. that accident prompted a huge debate over the tactics of the paparazzi, not only in europe but in this country as well. updating our two top stories today. in libya, the associated press is reporting than an umbrella
10:59 am
group for islamist militias in libya are now controlling a residential compound at the u.s. embassy in tripoli. u.s. personnel evacuated libya last month due to the ongoing factional fighting. no one has been there, at least of u.s. origin, in a month and more. in iraq, iraqi forces claiming to have broken the two-month isis siege of one town. u.s. military officials wouldn't confirm those reports, but u.s. airplanes are launching new air strikes against isis targets near that town and are dropping humanitarian aid. "fox news sunday" is coming up. chris wallace asked mike rodgers about the isis threat. we'll give you the latest on that. that's going to do it for me here in washington today. stay with us for all the latest news on the breaking news here and overseas right here on fox news.
11:00 am
i'm chris wallace. president obama admits he has no plan yet to go after isis in syria. but world leaders vowed to confront the jihadists. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> we need to tackle that ideal of islamic extremist head on at the root before the takes violence and terror. >> how serious is the threat? we'll ask former army intelligence officer and isis expert jessica lewis. what should our strategy be? we'll talk with the chair of the house intelligence committee mike rogers. plus, the white house struggles to get its message


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