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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 1, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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for "happening now." i'm eric shawn. heather: i'm heather childers. see you back at 5:00 a.m., bright and early, "fox & friends" first. bye. >> new warnings about the dangers of isis. leaders on the hill, calling it a vicious movement. that is a direct threat to the u.s. as they push the president to take decisive action against the terror group ahead of this week's nato summit. i'm arthel neville. i'm in for jenna lee today. >> good morning to you, i'm jon scott. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle blasting the president's foreign policy on isis after the president himself admitted last week that the u.s. has no strategy yet to combat the terror group. members of his own party are taking issue from the president over his initial description of isis as a junior varsity team to what senator dianne feinstein calls his quote, too cautious
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approach in confronting them. >> i think it is a major varsity team and if you want to use those kind of monikers but i have seen nothing that compares with its viciousness. they crossed the border into iraq before we even knew it happened. so, yeah yeah, this is a group of people who are extraordinarily dangerous and they will kill with abandon. >> iraqis will fight but there has to be a policy and a strategy to implement that policy. i think it starts with an understanding that this is a direct threat to the united states of america. >> joining us now, retired major general bob scales, fox news military analyst. general scales, you just heard senator john mccain who is on the armed services committee saying the iraqis will fight but the iraqi army we've trained has been pretty much pushed all over the place by isis.
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what is going to change that? >> well, probably nothing, at least not for the short term, jon. they're having enough trouble holding on to baghdad and the shia-controlled areas they're ineffective in taking the offensive against any of the isis enclaves in falluja, najaf and other places. no, if, if isis is to be defeated, it is going to have to be done by somebody else, perhaps a coalition that has the february merge fa. -- peshmerga. turkey maybe will seal its borders but i think it comes down to the forces of the united states. eric: does that come down to air forces primarily? seems we've an been able to inflict a fair amount of damage on isis. got the dam back after just a couple of days of strikes. over the weekend the turkmen
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turn was retaken. >> no. so far these airstrikes have been pinpricks. do the math, comes down to three or four strikes discernly no means an air campaign. no. i think we'll see a several phased operation, jon, that may very well last years. first you have to fill the intelligence black hole. we have to know what is going on, not so much, iraq but syria which is the heartland of isis. that is where the brain and heart of this organization is, is in eastern syria. secondly, a concerted, coordinated, perhaps, even coalition air campaign that strikes at the nodes and centers of "gravity," inside that to begin to break apart the major facilities. third, a special forces campaign, a campaign of direct action, much as we did against the taliban in afghanistan after 9/11, that seeks to literally remove the middle management of
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isis. not the head, or the foot soldiers but, people who do the financing, who do the terrorizing, who do the planning. do logistics, transportation, communications. all the things that makes isis more like an army than a terrorist organization. eric: we learned fairly recently we did send a team of special operators into syria to try to rescue james foley and the other captives who were being held there. is that the kind of thing you're talking about, more of those kinds of clandestine special operator missions? >> short answer is yes but on a much broader scale and done over time. you have to sort of think about this, jon, shock and awe in reverse. this is not an overwhelming campaign where the enemy is taken to its knees by firepower. this is a slow and methodical campaign. few years ago the president made a joke about whac-a-mole tactics in pan began. in a way this is whac-a-mole.
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but the moles are important. if you take the moles down one at a time destroy them. like house of cards, eventually you pull the right ones out and that house of cards collapses. not anything that can be done overnight. it needs to be done by highly skilled professionals perhaps with the assistance of great britain and australia. no one else can do this like we can do it. it may take months, years, who knows, perhaps a decade. the only way to take care of isis is to kill it. no diplomacy, no sanctions, no political manueverring will remove this organization. it will be a plain old-fashioned, bloody military campaign to destroy them. eric: >> retired army major general bob scales, refox military analyst. thank you. >> thank you, jon. heather: we fol with new fighting between syrian rebels and government troops in the golan heights. this is the same area where al qaeda-linked militants
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abducted a dozens of u.n. peacekeepers. israel says it shot down a drone that was if its airspace. john huddy, do we know if the drone was used to attack israeli troops or for reconnaissance purposes? >> arthel. a good question. syria's government says that the drone accidentally strayed into israeli airspace. nonetheless, israel shot it down with a patriot missile. but it further emphasizes all the problems that are happening not only along the israel-syria border but as the general and jon was talking about with isis in the northern and eastern part of syria as well. in terms of going back to the questions about the drone, all of this is happening along, as i mentioned, israel-syria border in the golan heights on the syria side. that is where intense fighting has been happening between al qaeda linked al nusra front and also syrian forces, the government's forces there. it has been intensifying over
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the last couple of days and over the weekend as we saw but it's very close, as i mentioned, all along the israeli border, arthel. that is where israeli troops remain posted and on high alert. >> along with the golan heights, another battlefront is raging in syria. you hinted about that. give us more details. >> reporter: yeah, it is happening in east damascus and this has been a main battlefront as well, arthel, between al nusra front rebels and rebel factions and islamic militants and the syrian military. there was heavy, heavy bombing of these rebel strong hold points and along with the air assaults and ground assaults as well. we're also getting reports there there are heavy casualties on both sides though at this point we don't have any numbers. going back to the golan heights. this is an area where the u.n. peacekeepers over the weekend were trapped by the rebel militants and actually u.n. troops were engaged in fighting
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with more than 75 peacekeepers were able to escape and get back into israel. however, al nusra front rebels continue to healed 45 of those u.n. peacekeepers. so the situation is very fluid at this point, arthel. heather: that is for sure. john huddy, thanks so much in jerusalem. >> the terror alert level in the united kingdom still at the second highest level. it has been there since friday. prime minister david cameron in the last hour announcing new measures to combat terror suspects in his country. kitly logan is live from london. what did we hear from the prime minister, kitty? >> well the prime minister's talking about closing gaps in the armory to deal with what he describes as poisonous ideology. he is not just talking about isis as a whole. he is specifically dealing with the 500 british jihadis thought to travel to syria and some have traveled back as well. atop of his list of priorities is to allow police better powers
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to prevent the terror suspects traveling and to ban those who might be coming back to the u.k. he wants to give authorities more powers. >> we will introduce specific and targeted legislation to fill this gap by providing the police with a temporary power to seize a passport at the border. >> while mr. cameron pointed out certain safeguards would have to be put in place, he said the legislation would have to be discussed. this is not discuss a simple matter. there are legal issues related to this as well. second on the list, airlines. mr. cameron wants to give intelligence agencies better powers to lee's with the airlines and access passenger lists and enforce no-fly list. he said any airline that didn't cooperate would not be allowed to land in the u.k. he addressed issue of deradicalization. he wants to build up community groups who could help the jihadi suspects come back into the u.k. to integrate better into the community and deradicallize.
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the question does this go far enough to deal with the problem? there are certain logistical and legal issues with actually implementing this, jon. >> i wanted to ask about that. how tough would it be to make some of these plans come into place? >> there are some legal hurdles, first of all with this passport issue. mr. cameron did say in his statement with parliament, there would be a change in legislation. there are certain safeguards that have to be put in place. but it is much easier to implement this passport restriction at the moment for those who haven't left the u.k. it is simply a travel ban. banning people coming back could in theory render them stateless that. could have legal challenges in the u.k. they signed up to the u.n. convention that makes this illegal. they have to have airlines cooperate. tough implement this with other airlines in other european countries. this proved to be slightly tricky. those are people who went to syria to didn't go there to fight, but to work humanitarian
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organizations. at the moment david cameron has strong words. he wants to implement these measures soon as possible to deal with a threat as greater than ever seen before, jon. >> it faces nate nothing watch as the prime minister tries to get those in place. kitty logan, thank you. >> severe weather touching down from the northeast to the midwest. boy, take a look. images of a supercell in iowa. one person actually hit by lightning and heavy rain forcing flood warnings across much of the state untiller this morning. the rains actually broke a dam and iowa not the only part of the country getting hit with late summer storms. meteorologist maria molina with our labor day forecast. hi, maria. >> good to see you, arthel. hello, everybody. several other areas across the east coast dealing with strong to severe storms producing
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dangerous lightning and confirmed tornado in massachusetts. ef-0. maximum sustained winds of 85 miles per hour with that particular tornado as it touched down yesterday evening. again that was in massachusetts in a county called worcester. so that was confirmed in the overnight hours. now that tomorrow system that produced severe weather yesterday across portions of the plains is moving eastward and today will produce possibly more severe storms from kansas to oklahoma and portions of the great lakes. the main concerns with these storms are going to be damaging wind gusts and also large hail. there is an isolated risk for some tornadoes and the greatest risk area for that will be in place across parts of southwestern missouri, southeastern parts of kansas and northeastern oklahoma. right in there across portions of the plains we could see that severe weather. south and east of the storm system it will be a hot one. feeling very much still like summer, not the unofficial end of summer. looking at temperatures well into the 90s and triple
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digits. you factor in the humidity. this is what it fees like when you he head out the door this afternoon. feels like 100 in memphis. 98 in raleigh, north carolina. 105 in the city of dallas. out in the southern plains really plan to see the heat into effect. stay safe and try to head indoors and even though it is labor day and we want to head outdoors and have some fun. across the tropics we're watching areas of showers and storms across the yucatan peninsula. computer models are hinting that the storm system stays south of the u.s. this great news. the national hurricane center giving high probability of it becoming our next tropical depression or tropical storm. we'll keep an eye on it. heather: red hot in big d today. maria molina, thank you very much. >> thank you. eric: right now tensions still on the increase between ukraine and russia as democrats and republicans on capitol hill urged president obama to send arms to ukraine. the latest ahead of a nato
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meeting to address the crisis. plus protests so intense in one country, a tv station was forced to shut down. the full story on that straight ahead. whenwork with equity experts who work with regional experts
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so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ♪ jon: time for a quick check on stories making headlines around the world. antigovernment protesters in pakistan storm the state television building, briefly forcing the channel off the air, just the latest violence in ongoing demonstration there is, calling on the prime minister to resign. there are also protests and scuffles in hong kong. the unrest caused by beijing's decision not to allow open nominations in the city's next leadership election. in iceland, authorities raising the aviation warning code to its highest level after a small eruption from a volcano. the third eruption in the past happened at about the same place as one on friday.
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officials say restrictions should not affect commercial flights. >> president obama preparing for a nate know meeting this week, addressing the mounting tensions in ukraine. kest remain though on just how the u.s. and other countries might get involved as russian president vladmir putin pushes forward for russian statehood for some separatist it is areas. chief washington correspondent james rosen live with the latest. so good to see you first of all, james. >> reporter: thank you, you too. arthel: let's talk about this first. how exactly is president putin advancing the notion of a statehood in the disputed parts of ukraine? >> reporter: there was a peace plan put forward by the ukrainian president petro pour schenck co, provided greater as shurns for some parts of the country racked by war, separatists rejected that. president putin called on his ukrainian counterpart to begin substantive meaningful talks
8:19 am
political organization of sew sate and statehood in southeastern ukraine. on sunday a leading republican critic of the obama administration pleaded for the u.s. to provide military hardware to the ukrainians, saying, quote, for god's sake, can't we help these people defend themselves? >> he is establishing a land bridge all the way to crimea and he may threaten moldova and the baltics if he succeeds. when you say, quote, war, it is conflict that requires our participation, not through american ground troops but our participation and our help and our leadership and that is what seems to be missing. >> reporter: thus far the obama administration has only provided non-lethal assistance including the intelligence to the embattled central government in kiev, arthel. arthel: let's talk about the obama administration strategy in the ukrainian crisis. from the beginning they have been using or trying to use diplomatic and financial tools. is there any evidence that has been working?
8:20 am
>> reporter: since the russian federation first moved to annex crimea in february, arthel, the watchword on the obama administration on all points has been costs. with a fitful cooperation with european allies whose economies depend more on russian gas than ours does, u.s. imposed tougher economic sanctions on president putin and his associates. at state department, officials noticed a pattern of escalating aggression by putin but insisted sanctions are having an effect. >> that is not only exit of capital flow, it has been on the growth projection. this is something that could dimely impact the people of russia -- deeply. that is not our goal or intention. president putin has a choice to make whether he cares about the economic impacts on his people or not. >> reporter: this weekend, democratic senator robert menendez of new jersey, chair of the foreign relations committee, called on the obama
8:21 am
administration to send what he called defensive weapons to ukraine. arthel. arthel: james rosen, thank you, james. >> reporter: thank you. jon: a possible preview of the next presidential race. senator rand paul taking an early shot at the former secretary of state and first lady hillary clinton. what he says will ultimately end her run for the white house and, why it has some democrats concerned. plus, wildfires raging across california. the battle to get a pair of fires under control as they burn into their third week. >> we've had crews from alaska. we have crews from the new england states and everything in between. we have folks from florida and just about every state that you can imagine.
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jon: right now, severe weather around the country putting a
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damper on this long holiday weekend a pair of wildfires in northern california threatening more than 200 homes there. the wildfires in the cream moth national forest sparked by lightning three weeks ago. better weather conditions are starting to slow the spread of those flames. severe thunderstorms spread throughout the area. three are recovering after being struck by lightning. heavy storm in iowa, downed trees, caused floods as well. the national weather service said winds reached 80 to 90 miles an hour. fishes called it the worst team they have seen in more than 20 years. arthel: senator rand paul coming out swinging at potential presidential nominee hillary clinton. the senator knocking the former secretary of state for failing to protect the u.s. embassy in benghazi from the attack on september 11th, 2012. saying if she wants to be commander-in-chief and can not protect our embassies, i don't
8:26 am
think she could or should be. i think it precludesser had from every becoming or being considered commander-in-chief. joining me, david drucker, he is senior correspondent of the "washington examiner." so david, is this simply an offensive move or does paul have a point? >> well, i think paul could be correct. depends how the campaign shakes out. she was secretary of state. benghazi happened while she was secretary of state and part of hillary clinton's selling point is her competency and her leadership and experience. when you have things like that that happen under her watch it could be a problem. >> could be a problem. so now, i ask you though, if this is the biggest play in the gop playbook, will republicans need to expand their playbook, or would this be enough to sideline hillary clinton's run for the white house? white house? >> that is a great question and i don't think it would be enough depending how benghazi shakes out. it's possible it will be a short of political debate no matter
8:27 am
how much we know about the incident but where you can really go after hillary clinton if you're a republican and lay the groundwork is the russian reset. the russian reset that did not work and vladmir putin's continuing aggression in the ukraine and the region is a problem for the president's foreign policy and hillary clinton was a key part of that in his first term. she was a key player in the russian reset so this might be more fertile ground, an area that's not seen as political but a sort of facts on the ground way of going after her on her biggest strength. >> and we're talking about the -- police clinton's latest role that's secretary of state and in her memoir, "hard choices" she refers to benghazi as her big regret. so is it possible for secretary clinton to flip it? it was an unfortunate lesson but perhaps you could say lesson learned nonetheless, and that won't happen again on her watch. >> well, i think that any
8:28 am
politician, especially hillary clinton but anyone has the ability to take an unfortunate event, something that maybe they were even responsible for and get past it. and i think that she has definitely tried to do that. that to me is one of the clearest signals she's planning to run for president is the fact she's willing to discuss benghazi and even bring it up when it wasn't asked of her and i think that we've seen politicians before get over things that were supposed to be incredible liabilities so it's not necessarily a death nail for her presidential chances and let's not forget, rand paul has made it his specialty to go after the clintons this election season and i think that's part of the way he's trying to define himself and also help mitch mc connell in kentucky where bill clinton is the democrats' biggest asset in that race. arthel: it's going to be an interesting season of politics to watch. david, thank you so much. >> thanks a lot. jon: chaos in libya. with islamic militants claiming control of a c.i.a. complex and having themselves a pool party as if to prove it. we're live with what's going on
8:29 am
here. plus the commissioner of the nfl, roger goodell, vowed to do better on domestic violence. he now has the first domestic violence arrest to try out the league's tougher penalties.
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jon: a quick check of headlines for you now. north korea giving foreign media access to three detained americans.
8:33 am
they say they have been able to contact their families in washington to ask for help. negotiating their freedom. all three describe their situations as urgent. comedian joan rivers being brought out of a medically induced coma as sources say her family is considering a lawsuit. comedian's daughter saying in a statement she's keeping her fingers crossed after her mother reportedly went into cardiac and respiratory arrest during throat surgery. and nascar star tony stewart returning to the racetrack this weekend for the first time since the crash that killed fellow driver kevin ward, junior three weeks ago. stewart getting a huge ovation from the atlanta motor speedway crowd but his night ended early after his car hit a wall. arthel: isis is far from the only islamic military threat and now jihadists linked to a group called lawn of libya overtaking the annex in trippi. youtube video shows members of
8:34 am
the militia diving off the roof into the c.i.a. swimming pool and now the facilities evacuated last month because of the escalating violence there. peter is following the story live from our washington bureau. pete sner >> that's right. the militant group dawn of libya is taking full advantage of the swimming pool at the annex in tripoli. the jihadists are jumping head first off the roof, their belly flops making big splashes in the backyard as dozens of other very relaxed looking militants scream in gleeful support from the sidelines. dawn of liberty apparently set up shop at this c.i.a. residential annex last week. but diplomats have been tucked away safely in malta since the middle of the summer so when the video went viral, u.s. ambassador to libya, deborah jones, tweeted out, quote, rumor control. i've not stepped foot in libya since leaving july 26, sadly. an associated press says there's
8:35 am
some minor damage to the american building from rocket fire. the inside looks good. beds still have sheets on them and that's all especially remarkable because dawn of libya says they had to kick one of their rival militant groups off the grounds some time last week. dawn of libya also says they're now guarding the u.s. embassy but the state department is pushing back on that claim saying this. quote, at this point we believe the embassy compound itself remains secure but we continue to monitor the situation on the ground which remains very fluid. the primary reason the united states temporarily relocated our personnel and operations from tripoli recently was the ongoing fighting between lilish as occurring very close to our compound. diplomatic security situation in libya has been very complicated ever since muammar qaddafi left the picture. so it's not completely clear who the u.s. asked to guard this
8:36 am
specific building but their protection obviously not particularly effective. back to you. arthel: peter, thanks a lot. jon: there's some progress to report in the fight against isis. targeted u.s. air strikes over the weekend helping to break the terror group's two month siege on an iraqi town. that action liberating 15,000 people who had been fighting against isis. and while the sunday news shows made mention of it, they devoted very little time to it. fewer than two minutes combined. instead, they focused on lawmakers who criticized the president for his foreign policy and his approach to isis. the website media-ite featured this column in which the writer says obama, as a dickerring president who golfs while the world plunges into chaos is an attractive image for the hawks in congress and neo conservative pundits who can use it as a
8:37 am
foil. a responsible press corps would feature these as an unpopular side of the argument and say they account for the ramifications of their policies. what about the media side of all of this? let's get into it with jim pinkerington, alan colmes, author of "thank the liberals for saving america." you think the media te columnists had it about right. >> as you pointed out, maybe two minutes on the sunday morning shows, to what we've accomplished in northern iraq, freeing 15,000 turkmen and hardly gets discussed, they put on john mccain all the time, they put on the same pundits calling for more war and saying obama has to do more. not even discussing what is already being done now. we have drones flying over syria, we have an operation in northern iraq, we have american
8:38 am
men and women service people in harm's way in the middle of the fourth administration now bombing that country and hardly gets talked about on the media. jon: jim, what about it? are the media not giving the president a fair shake here? >> it's nice that 15,000 people were liberated in the one town in iraq but a month or two ago, the city of mosul was conquered by the same people as was a large swath of both iraq and syria so it would appear that isis is winning a lot more than losing and the mainstream media can't be faulted for covering the obvious go owe -- geo political calamity that has fallen the region. it's hard to pretend the president is in control of the situation when you have the video of the guys belly flopping into the pool at the facility there. i mean, i think even the mainstream media which have been
8:39 am
loyal to president obama the last five years are now having to wake up to the reality that he is not in control of the situation and that frankly, it took him completely by surprise. >> that's what we hear time and time again. either that or he's a dictator that keeps executive actions going and wants to ruin everybody's life. i can't decide which one it is. you're not hearing the other side. you're not hearing on the media anybody say we shouldn't be there. recalling ronald reagan in 1983 after 241 marines were killed at a barracks in lebanon saying we don't belong in the middle east. where is the opinion we shouldn't be involved in this fight? sunni-shiite fight that should not involve the united states. jon: we're going to have to leave the discussion there today. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. arthel: felony domestic violence charges filed against san francisco 49ers defensive lineman ray mcdonald. police arresting him over the weekend saying he attacked his pregnant fiance.
8:40 am
this just after nfl commissioner roger goodell announced tougher penalties for players accused of domestic violence. here is more now from santa clara, california. >> our cameras are rolling as 49ers player walked out of the santa clara county jail in a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops holding a dead cell phone and trying to hail a cab. at first he didn't say much about his arrest and then he opened up. >> what do you want to say to your fans? >> the truth will come out, you know. i can't say too much right now. the truth will come out. everybody knows what kind of person i am. >> what kind of person are you? >> just a good hearted person. >> after 2:00 this morning,
8:41 am
police arrested the 29-year-old for felony domestic violence charges at his home in upscale silver creek neighborhood of san jose. sacramento bee is reporting that mcdonald was involved in an altercation with his fiance who, according to the paper, is 10 weeks pregnant and showed the press her bruises. other players were present at the home. >> it's not the old 49ers. i can say that. this younger group is -- i don't know. sometimes they seem like they don't have their head on their shoulders. >> last september 49ers linebacker smith was arrested for d.u.i. in the same neighborhood as mcdonald. smith is now facing a nine game suspension. >> we want them to be the best players they can be and not have any sdraks off the field and making unethical and idiotic decision $ hurting the team, the fans. >> this comes as the commissioner roger goodell changes policy regarding domestic violence, implementing a six game suspension for a first offense and a banishment
8:42 am
from the league in the second defense. a statement issued saying the 49ers organization is aware of the recent report regarding ray mcdonald and we take such matters seriously. >> this is not the first time mcdonaldrested. four years ago he was busted on suspicion of driving under the influence. he's set to appear in court on these domestic violence charges on september 15. jon: nude photos of dozens of celebrities, including people like kate upton leaked in a massive hacking scandal. do the celebrities have any legal recourse? and remember the sink hole that swallowed eight prized sports cars back in february? an update on what's going on at the national corvette museum.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
jon: national corvette museum is now filling in the sink hole that swallowed eight classic
8:46 am
cars. the museum's board of directors voting saturday to fill the entire hole. prized sports cars disappeared in the earth back in february. the sink hole has revved up attendance and revenue at the museum in kentucky. it was so popular, officials considered putting a crumpled sports car back in to memorialize it but they say the safety costs were simply too high. arthel: nude photos have dozens of celebrities leaked in a massive hacking scandal. kate upton and jennifer lawrence are two of the stars targeted in one of the biggest hacking scandals in recent memory. it's not clear yet how the pictures got out but the images first appeared on forchan. some are saying the photos are genuine and others are denying it. we're here to talk about this.
8:47 am
if i look like kate or jennifer, i would say, yeah, that's me. it's all me, baby. they're gorgeous. however, it is an invasion of privacy. you know, they weren't expecting to get the photos out there so i'll start with you. jennifer lawrence people are saying they're going to sue for invasion of privacy. can they sue the actual hackers who put it out there? >> fist we have to determine who those people are but every time something like this happens, you have two sides. you have a criminal side and this is definitely criminal once they find out who hacked the photos and then the civil side designed to compensate whoever has been harmed for that harm. so who is jennifer lawrence going to sue? apple? the device she took the pictures on? the i.s.p.? the app that they were -- so who is she going to sue? once they determine that, will she be able to get compensated? probably. >> i would think so. there's trademark enfringement. i'm like -- arthel: she's a commodity.
8:48 am
let's own it. >> nobody is paying for pictures of me. they're paying for pictures of jennifer lawrence. there's trademark enfringement and it's no different than suing target for violation of credit card information. if you have private information up there on the cloud, you expect it to be protected. that's another viable lawsuit here in the civil court. the criminal court, this person could face up to 60 years if caught for violating all kinds of computer crimes, wiretapping crimes, that type of thing. >> you could go to prison for as long as you want if you killed somebody when you're convicted of happening. it's very easy to happen. >> but is it easy to find them? >> no. smoke them out. >> last year scarlett johansson and others had the same thing happen and the person that did that now is in jail for 10 years for violating all the wiretapping laws. arthel: as they should be. it's interesting. i didn't think about the trademark aspect of it. i thought invasion of privacy, yes. but you're right. these are a commodity. >> they're posting them online and asking for donations. whoever is doing it is trying to
8:49 am
make money off this. >> when it happened to kate upton before, sports illustrated sent a legal letter because they had copyrights for some of the similar pictures so it gets very complicated when you're dealing with celebrities with these types of photos. for the normal jane or joe, it's not as complicated. arthel: some people will say once you put stuff on the cloud, it's a shared site, if you will, a shared space. once you put it up there, you can expect it to be a free for all for anybody to grab. so let me ask you, though, a lot of times when your phone is updated, you don't know there's an option where your stuff, if you have pictures on your phone, that those photos automatically go into this cloud space. getting back to apple and some of the tech companies, can they be held responsible? you don't know to disengage the option and it's on your phone. >> there's still an expectation privacy whenever you're storing something on the cloud. i guess what it will come down to is in the fine print, are we
8:50 am
waiving some of those rights when we allow our devices to be updated automatically? is there something in fine print that says if somebody goes wrong, there's nothing on us. that's a possibility. but i think a lot of upstanding companies make good on when this kind of things happens. >> i don't think they can argue you've waived that. it's not necessarily apple. it's whoever provides the service to protect that information. celebrities have it a little easier than we do. they jump on it when it happens to a celebrity. arthel: apple says the iphone allows them to flood the site without hackers being locked out. i have to go now. good to see both of you. nice discussion. we are commodities. jon: no, you're not. arthel: always honest. jon: some bad news here to share with you. some 8,000 workers about to lose their jobs in the wake of one of
8:51 am
the most spectacular and costly failures in atlantic city history. what happened to the casino that was supposed to revit vitavital town? and a tasty way that could help prevent type two diabetes coming up. man: i know the name of eight princesses. i'm on expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there. (knochello? hey, i notice your car is not in the driveway. yeah. it's in the shop.
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that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. go to checkyourspeed. if we can't offer faster speeds or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. jon: it may be labor day but it's time for the international marriachi festival. performers play music, dancing, singing, parade through the streets of guadalajara. it's the first musical genre with families playing in the
8:55 am
same bands for again ragenerati. arthel: rebel casino hotel begins shutting down today, two years after opening with high hopes of revitalizing the city. it is the second of three casinos closing the next few weeks leaving lots of folks out of work. here is more. >> hi. the $2.4 billion was the most expensive and ambitious in atlantic city history. now it's closing doors. the rebel seemed doomed from the start, filing for bankruptcy twice since it opened in 2012 never turning a profit. it was more vegas than a.c., not connecting with the common gambler. they're hoping to sell the property that could fetch as low as $50 million at auction. >> it's going to send this area into a pretty steep recession, if not a depression. >> i'm afraid that at least one more will have to go to really right size the market. >> atlantic's city four casinos
8:56 am
have closed this year. the show boat casino hotel closed yesterday. before summer is over, atlantic city will have lost nearly 8,000 out of the 32,000 casino jobs it had last winter. the city of 40,000 has a 13% unemployment rate, more than twice the national rate. >> it's horrible. everybody is down. my customers i've known for 20 years, they're crying and saying how much they're going to miss everybody and it's just devastating. >> experts say gamblers aren't travelling to a.c. anymore thanks to stiff competition from casinos in pennsylvania, connecticut and maryland. gambling revenue is down about 50% from $5.2 billion in 2006 to projected $2.5 billion in 2015 and that's a big deal because casino property tax is about 65% of the city's budget. atlantic city officials are now hoping to turn their four casino
8:57 am
properties around. governor chris christie has called for a special meeting september 8 to discuss the city's future. arthel: thanks a lot. jon: and that does it for us. more "happening now" at 1:00 eastern. arthel: enjoy your holiday. "you outnumbered" next. you do a lot of things great. but parallel parking isn't one of them.
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>> this is "outnumbered." today's hashtag one lucky guy, pete. he's outnumbered. gret to have you here. >> great to be here. >> so so much to talk about but this is labor day, of course, and we're so glad everybody is joining us. >> i can handle this kind of labor. >> tough job. i don't know. >> great to have you here on a couple of serious subjects. we'll start out on this labor day talking about jobs. it seems fitting to talk about them and on friday, we will be getting the big


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