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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 2, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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your life donate their time and money and resources to give you something that they probably don't even have. it will be a place that we make memories for the rest of our life. >> something positive. thanks, everybody, for inviting us into your home tonight. that's your report, fair, balanced, and unafraid. this fox news alert -- isis, a bunch of savages. apparently executing a second me american, a journalist, by cutting off his head. today posting a horrific video on line. they claim it is an american. this comes two weeks after isis beheaded james foley. and days after the journalist's mother made a plea for mercy on her son. they showed none. for the latest, katherine herod joins us. >> thank you, i have seen the video, it runs about two minutes and 45 seconds. it begins with a message, title,
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it's called "a second message to america." this is seen by investigators as more evidence that it is, in fact, the executionf steven sotlof. the first execution was posted by isis of journalist james foley. then when we look at this video, we see it's really a carbon copy of the foely video. you see on the left the individual we believe to be steven sotloff. he gives a statement speaking under duress where he denounces american foreign policy. then you see the skagzer there on the right, the -- executioner there on the right, the similar posture to the foley video, where he speaks in a somewhat more aggressive and offensive tone, saying, "obama," as opposed to "president obama," and saying that he is to blame for the execution of this american citizen. it's noteworthy that at the end another individual is shown. this is believed to be a british national hostage, you see him
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there. british mead brazil i can't reporting this individual -- media is reporting that this individual is unknown as a hostage, but they believe he's an aid worker. there's a clear warning from the executioner that any nation who's join a u.s.-led coalition, this will be more executions to follow. so again, this is down and out propaganda. and it's used to try and change the policy here in the united states. >> is there any way that this is -- assuming this video to be authentic, assuming it to be an american, do we know when about this happened? >>'s not clear from the video at least to our eyes when it was shot. when you do a comparison of steven sotloff in the video posted today and then the foley video from two weeks ago, it does seem that some time has elapsed because in the second video, sotloff has more of a stubble, a beard, and his hair is a little longer. but the thang has the attention -- thing that has attention of investigators is they seem to be
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learning from their mistakes. this video is shot at a slightly different angle. it's harder to see whether the executioner is, in fact, the same british citizen. and the voice of the executioner is somewhat treated or modulated so it's harder to discern who it belongs to. >> katherine, thank you. >> thank you. after president obama admitted he does not yet have a strategy, at least not yet, to deal with isis in syria, senator john mccain insisting the time to confront isis is now. senator john mccain joins us. good evening. >> good evening. >> isis, what are we going to do about it? >> kill them. they've got to be destroyed, and you've got to have a goal, the president does, and we have to have a strategy to fit that goal and policies that will implement it. we have none of the above. the president incredibly the other day said that the world is messy and it's social networking that -- that to me was one of most unbelievable comments ever
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made. but first of all, we have to understand that isis obliterated the boundary between iraq and syria. you've got to go after them in both places, and you can't do it with half measures. you need use full weight of american air power that will require some more boots and support on the ground. and it can succeed. we can stop them. finally, greta, all this didn't have to happen. we could have left a force behind in iraq that would have stabilized iraq. we are paying an incredible price for the president's fleeting from behind, whether it be in iraq, syria, libya, or a number of countries in the middle east. we are seeing the chickens coming home to roost. >> a little more salt in the wound if we'd also help finance a free syrian army, the moderates who might not have seen isis become so spread in syria -- >> hillary clinton described already the meeting in the white
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house over two years ago. everyone in the national security team recommended arming isis. the president by himself turned it down just like by himself he decided ton strike syria after -- decided not to strike syria after he said they crossed the red line. there's no credibility. if the president and john mccain keep talking about coalitions, how are you going to form coalition with people who do not trust you? who know are you totally unreliable? first there has to be restoration of american credibility. >> i haven't seen democrats come out in support of president obama's policy. i'm not sure what the policy is. he admitted no strategy in syria. so i'm not sure what there is to support. i think everyone's in a big mystery this. but it almost seemed like -- like general dempsey and secretary of defense hagel when they were so strong on syria, it almost seemed they were going rogue because the president wasn't in town, and now they is dialled it back a little. >> they were reeled back in.
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that's the why president gave the press conference that he did. maybe some folks were little bit out here too far. look, 192,000 people slaughtered in syria, and this is a -- this world is a messy world. i mean, i have to tell you -- i've told you this before, i'm heartbroken about what's happened in syria. and we have to stop isis, not stop them but we have to defeat them. there's no dmooubt in my mine o anyone else's that we have to defeat them. we don't know of a specific threat, spokesmen say. we don't know of a specific threat, but i have known no national security expert that doesn't believe they are going to pose a direct threat because that's what they're capable of doing. >> what do you think the president's thinking? >> i think that he's trying to stick to his campaign, two campaigns, 2008, 2012, where he
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said here going to lead from behind, we're going to get out of everywhere, and there's going to be this tide of wars recedi g receding. bash ar al assad, it's not whether but when he leaves power. you can go through the long list of things the president said and stood for which have been completely wrong. and as you and i have discussed before, bill clinton changed his strategy, jimmy carter changed him, george w. bush changed his after seeing that we were failing in iraq. he can, too. apparently he -- i don't understand because the facts on the ground dictate it. could i say one word about ukraine? if we do not help ukrainians, there's going to be a worse slaughter, a land bridge to crime a and moldova. we will not give the ukrainians sensitive intelligence
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information or supply weapons. maybe the germans may be -- i'm grateful for the germans for the first time in a long time. >> do you think he has a plan or strategy, just not telling us? or do you think he has no plan and is winging it? >> there are plans developed in the pentagon, the cia, the state department. i know for a fact there's all kinds of plans out there -- >> can't make a decision? >> just like there are targets that they could have struck if he wanted to. it's up to the president to decide to turn -- it pull the trigger. -- to pull the trigger. obviously he's not ready to do. that that's a shame. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. today, fox news confirming disturbing new information about what president obama knew about isis and more importantly when he knew about it. turns out the president has been getting daily briefings on this barbaric terrorist group for at least a full year. [ chanting ] [ gunfire ] >> a forward pentagon official described the intelligence to fox news contained in the
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president's daily brief as specific and detailed, adding there was only one conclusion that could be drawn by the data by policymakers that a situation was bad. >> this isn't new. this isn't something that took us by surprise in the last month. >> the clock didn't start with the-- with the beheading of the american journalist. >> this president is very cautious. maybe in this instance too cautious. >> president obama in my view is derelict in his duty as commander in chief to get ahead of this threat to our homeland. >> his foreign policy's in absolute free fall. >> and former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening. >> glad to be here. >> it turns out, the president said -- hate to keep pounding him for that january j.v. comment, but it's profoundly sires that the president of the united states -- serious that the president of the united states thinks about people who are enemies to the nation. he said it was j.v. it wasn't just an intelligence failure, he was getting
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information, knew for six or eight month before that. >> i think it's a real question whether he knew about. the pdb, the president's daily book, is a brief that a number of top officials get. we ought twon high degree of confidence what it said over that period of time. i have a feeling that the president simply wasn't paying attention not just on isis and other threats in the region, but a whole variety of threats. i don't think he is that interested in american national security. i don't think it's a priority to him. i think he got the pdb, other intelligence, and paid no attention to it. >> how could you not? really? think of -- that's -- you know, the horrible grew up oup didn't become horrible two weeks ago. >> i think it's because of their mentality, ideology. a view of the world that says terrorism is not a threat, it's a localized matter. and therefore, we don't have to worry about it in terms of american national security. and this is not just obama.
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this is a large chunk of the leadership of the democratic party. let me read a quotation from john kerry in october of 2003. in the middle of a democratic party debate, he says, "this war on terror is far less of a military operation and far more of an intelligence gathering, law enforcement operation." if your view is that it's not a war, then information that challenges that is simply going to be repressed. that's what they're doing. >> i mean, i hate to stick secretary kerry with something that was said 11 years ago, you know. but -- >> he's kept that view since then. >> i mean, i'm more -- i guess i'm more worried about the fact that in the last year that there's alarming intelligence. and anybody looking at it should be -- you know, should be alarmed. >> well, that's because they judge the nature of a terrorist threat only to include the possibility of a direct attack on the united states imminently. everything else they try and define away. that's how they're able to focus on core al qaeda.
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>> the first time it goes off is direct attack on the united states. beheading americans, isn't that a direct attack on america? >> of course it is. i'm describing president obama's ideolo ideology. >> what does he think -- >> i didn't notice he issued a statement today. i don't know that he's told the pentagon to did anything. he said less than a week ago he didn't have a strategy for dealing with isis in syria, a remarkable statement in and of itself. i just don't think he is interested in or spends the time necessary to understand the environment on the ground. and therefore, to develop a strategy. >> it's getting bigger. it is getting -- isis isgrowi growing. isis is rich, executing a second american in ten days. we're not sure of the dates. they've threatened a brit. they have a video of a brit. there's no reason to think they're not going to do that to this british journalist. >> and others captured in the middle east -- >> they've slaughtered thousands of others.
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>> the issue for obama is at what point reality overcomes his ideology. does he have the mental agility to change his position? one of the few thing john maynard canes said that i agreed with, well, when the facts change, i change my mind. what do you do? that's the question that's open on obama. we don't know that he's capable of changing his mind. >> thank you, issue is sir. british prime minister david cameron announcing new anti-terror measures for great britain. the prime minister cracking down to prevent british terrorists who are fighting for isis from returning to the u.k. he also has a plan for those extremists already in the u.k. -- they are not going anywhere if prime minister cameron has anything to do with it. >> we must use our aid, diplomacy, and military. we need a firm security response, whether military action to go after terrorists, international cooperation on
4:14 pm
intelligence, or uncompromising action against terrorists at home. mr. speaker, passports are not an automatic right. the homeland secretary has discretion to issue, revoke, and refuse possports if there is -- passports if there is reason to believe people are planning to take part in terrorist-related activity. >> and foreign policy researcher for former prime minister margaret thatcher and is director of the thatcher nature for freedom. how do you compare and contrast the statements between british prime minister cram ron and miami? >> there's a -- cameron and president obama? >> there's a huge contrast. david cameron has demonstrated real leadership. in contrast, barack obama has been extremely weak-kneed, clueless at times, really terribly indecisive. and i think the british prime minister has demonstrateded scn clear-cut measures against isis and jihadist, moving from
4:15 pm
britain, europe, and the united states, as well. but david cameron comes across as a self-assured leader who understands the very nature of the threat being faced by the west. he's identified the poisonous ideology of militant islam and says we have to defeat it and crush it. in contrast with barack obama, he openly says he has no strategy, and i think there is a president who really could learn a great deal from the way in which the british prime minister david cameron is addressing the issue. >> it wasn't your national executed by isis, it was ours, our second american journalist. he said, if verified -- he goes on milk to say something consol my thoughts and prayers are with the family. and he also says, makes a statement and goes on and says, "we've been working hard to keep british people safe and will continue to do all we can." he talks about how he's doing what he can to protect the brits. we've heard nothing from our president today.
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>> exactly. that's how a real leader sbonds responds in a cries. president obama should have -- responds in a crisis. president obama should have immediately issued a condemnation. >> are the brits content with the way david cameron is addressing this? >> there's support in which the prime minister is addressing this situation. and the british public wants to see tough measures against the jihadists, against isis, as well. i think the image of president obama has been in decline for some time, not only in britain but across much of europe. there is a sense that this is a president who doesn't know how to lead. there's no real confidence in barack obama's leadership on the world stage. and this is a president who really -- a lot of the time is -- seems to be highly confused, doesn't know what he's doing. that, of course, undermines and weaken the image of the united states on the world stage. >> you know, i'm hoping we just don't know what goats on behind
4:17 pm
closed doors -- who goes on behind closed doors. i'm hoping he spoke to david cameron, with the brits being our friends and having a common goal, i'm hoping we've got it wrong. that he looks disinterested, and i'm hoping that he's got a great relationship with the prime minister and they're working on something. >> unfortunately, i think this is a president who has invested very little in internationalal lines. he doesn't spend a lot of times leaders. he's got to set up an international coalition to confront isis. there's very little faith and confidence in barack obama on the world stage. that's a real problem. >> can british prime minister david cameron sets off that sdmoelgz. >> i think that prime minister david cameron is basically stepping into the role as a major international leader at the moment. but the united states and great britain must work together to lead an international coalition to confront isis. at this time, the u.s. president, i think, is missing in action. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. listen to this -- president obama saying the world's always
4:18 pm
been messy. we're just noticing now in part because of social media. what did the president mean by that? our panelists here next. plus, sergeant tahmooressi news coming up. ne and u'll see just how much it has to offer, especially if you're thinking of moving an old 401(k) to a fidelity ira. it gives you a widrange of investment options... and the free help you need to make sure your investments fit your goals -- and what you're really investing for. tap into the full power of your fidelity green line. call today and we'll make it easy to move that old 401(k) to a fidelity rollover ira.
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we're seeing the terror, the cruelty with our own eyes. isis beheading american journalist. listen, while acknowledging the barbarity of isis and crisis in ukraine, president obama saying, "the world's always been messy. we're just noticing now in part because of social media." joining, abc news political director, rick kline, ""fortune" director, and rich mccormack.
4:22 pm
first, it's just social media why it's always been messy. >> i don't think that's the case. i don't think his own cabinet secretaries would agree. i think if you ask his defense secretary, his u.n. ambassador, they'll talk about the hot spots. people are nervous, certainly allies are nervous. you look at what the british are saying at the same times that president obama is saying this. i understand the sentiment. i think that a lot of what his view is is that we are learning about things more quickly, and they seem more urgent because of the big spread in social media. but there have been revolutions in this world for centuries and centuries, millennia, that have nothing to do with social media. there's always going to be bad actors. there's no question we're at a more tense time now independent of what we're learning via social media. >> you know, when you position what he said -- this was done at a dnc barbecue where it cost $15,000 to get in. the republicans throw expensive barbecues, too. when you position that against his june of '09 speech in cairo about the new beginning in the muslim world -- and the muslim world isn't blowing up. >> again, wishful thinking diplomacy on his part.
4:23 pm
this -- this latest thing about social media, put it right in a line with saying isis was just like another j.v. terrorist player. it's right in line with him saying, well, the middle east has always been a problem. it's anow, but no worse than it ever was. he's trying to distance himself, play it down. all these months he's gotten intel report raising alarms did isis, all the time while isis is building a country the size of jordan and taking over banks and dams and oil fields and building a huge financial structure. and as rick alluded to, you even have chuck hagel, his defense secretary, not exactly a hawkish guy saying that isis is like nothing we've ever seen before. similarly, samantha powers has been alarmist about this. so for the president to sit back like this is truly troubling. >> but what is he thinking? i mean, he's blaming this -- the world is -- maybe he doesn't
4:24 pm
think the world is falling apart, but he may be the only once in that instance. there is certainly incredible things going in the world. he said, it's not i have failed to lead or that, you know, that i'm doing these things. it's -- it's always somebody else. he's never -- never says, "i'm the president. the buck stops here." >> it's possible that he is just cynically downplaying the fact that the world is falling apart by saying, it's no big deal, the media is making it look like the world is falling apart. i think more frighteningly, the truth is i think he believes it. because of his reluctance to act would only be explained pie the fact that he believes -- by the fact he believes this is run of the mill. the world's always been messy. he doesn't take into account that isis is, as david cameron said, more dangerous. they just took over an air field, jets, missiles. if al qaeda took over an air field, i think we would realize they have to be bombed and bombed now. >> there's another point that g didn't get as much attention.
4:25 pm
he said isis is a draw for men who don't have jobs and economic opportunity. i'm sorry, it's the draw -- sdrau islamic fanaticism. we saw from 9/11, these were not people who couldn't get jobs. these were educated people. and it's -- that's not the problem. >> what happened? what happened between june of '09 when he was going to have the new beginning with the muslim world and now where we have libya, syria, iraq, with the whole -- everything blowing up? >> an uncanny series of problems new york stock exchange some cas -- series of problems. in some cases -- narrowly his comments in a setting like this are to calm people down, once you get to the fevered pitch. john is on to something. he views this through a bigger historical lens. he want? as concerned as members of his cabinet, a lot of his allies are at this moment. >> he thinks the tide of war is receding. as cameron said, no, we're in the middle of a generational struggle against islamist fanaticism. he said -- he's obsessed with
4:26 pm
the idea of being a president brought to power to end the war in iraq and afghanistan. he doesn't realize that the enemy gets to decide whether the war is over or not. >> stay with us. as another american journalist is beheaded by the savages, new warnings that isis will reach the homeland soon.
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4:30 pm
the united states and soon. >> this is a direct threat to the united states of america. that it may be one of the biggest we have ever faced. >> these groups, they don't need any excuse. they will attack whenever they can. >> they have announced that they don't intend to stop. they have announced that they will come after us if they can, that they will "spill our blood." >> this is a threat that we are monitoring. it's one that we have been focused on for some time. >> the united states is always the main target of these terrorist organizations. >> they will hit us at home. >> and the king of saudi arabia warning that the terrorists will reach europe in one month, and america in another month. our next guest has been investigating isis, author william forsten, joins us. good evening. >> good evening. a pleasure to be with you even on this sad day. >> it is extremely sad. so disheartening to americans. we just went through this a couple of days ago. still haven't recovered. and we're back at it again. sir, looking at -- at isis,
4:31 pm
terrorists in the united states, you have to get in a passport, get that and get the means in here. are there soft targets here that we need to worry about? >> i wrote the book "day of wrath" for that reason. isis are masters of social media and terrorism. in my book, i outline a scenario of calling for the soft target. what are the soft targets in our culture? american schools. american churches. american synagogues. isis murderers will not stop simply because there's a sign on the door saying "no gun zone." we have to rethink the security of our schools immediately. they're already inside this country. >> who's in charge? who's the leader of isis? >> he was actually a p.o.w. for a while, then we let him go which i find absolutely amazing. he currently define himself as the khalif. why i wrote "day of wrath" is i became concerned as a history
4:32 pm
professor and teacher that everything isis has said they are going to do they have done. they make the nazis, they make stalins and kbd look like amateurs in comparison. there are things i know, greta, you've seen that you cannot show the american public. i researched it while i worked on "day of wrath." it is frightening. >> the only choice is to eliminate them. we're not going reason with them? we're not going deal with them there's no bargaining. these are savages, right? >> do you bargain with satan? >> i called them savages. i don't think we can bargain. how did we eliminate them? i mean, how do we do that? >> i'm deeply disturbed. i'm old enough to recall in 1962 when we confronted a crisis in cuba, the president of the united states, jack kennedy, laid out a clear policy on day one. we have a strategy. either this or else. i was horrified on the weak my book "day of wrath" came out
4:33 pm
when our leader said he has no strategy s. that not a message to come and get us? we have to take the war to them. >> do you think he was talking about -- he was talking about syria. do you think that he was being candid or misspoke? or do we have no strategy? does he not see the seriousness of isis? and getting snois iraq is not going to -- isis in iraq is not going to solve the problem. they're growing in syria. >> there's no room for a president of the united states to misspeak. especially to the world, especially when we're facing isis. you and i have both seen video of them decapitating children. the murderous regime that they're imposing, and they have promised they will bring it here. king of saudi arabia has warned us, i see at least flip great britain is doing something about. that's why i wrote "day of wrath." >> president obama calls it isis, is there -- have we figured out why we're using different words, isil? >> let's just call them murderous thugs. >> there's no -- we shouldn't
4:34 pm
read anything into it that the media stays with s.e.a.l. aisis president uses isill? means nothing? >> nothing other than we have to eliminate them because they are inside the united states. we heard clear warnings from our elected representatives. they are coming, and they are masters of asymmetrical warfare. >> is their goal only a caliphate, or is the goal to reach into the united states? if they had the caliphate would that be the end of it, or they want blood? >> it's a terrible scenario, but their interpretation of the koran, the ultimate goal is the infidel is dead and their religion is supreme. there is no room for compromise with these people anymore. there's no co-existence. >> william, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. and where is president obama today as video surfaced of isis claiming to behead another american? i'll tell you what i think off the record next. and sergeant tahmooressi has
4:35 pm
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let's go off the record for a minute. what is going on with president obama? the job of the president is to be the leader in times of distress to console, times of attack. tell us what he is going do. give the nation direction, make the nation feel secure, but that's not what happened today. a second american journalist gets beheaded on video, viciously posted on the internet d. we hear from the president? nope. instead the white house sends out staffers for briefings where they are obviously going to be asked about it. first, white house press secretary josh earnest, then state department spokesperson jen saki, finally pentagon press secretary john kirby. really? that's what the nation hears from first on this barbaric execution of an american? with that attitude, you have to wonder, why send a staffer out? why not just grab an intern to send out.
4:40 pm
not to be dismissive of staffers, but i think it's appalling. it's the president's job. the president should make a statement to the american people. this is a war. if president obama was not ready to talk at that moment he could at least release a statement saying he will address the nation in a few hours or that he wants more information, anything, to indicate to the american people he's on it. instead, we get a press pool report at 4:00 p.m. announcing his departure for europe aboard air force one. incredible. we need to hear from our president. that's my "off the record" comment. and our political panelists back. rick cline, sheena easton, and john mccormack. john, am i right? >> i think you're right. the president is supposed to come out in times like these and reassure the nation and steel our resolve. when the president has spoken he's given bad statements like we don't have a strategy. who spoke after the last terrorist attack -- let's be clear, this was a terrorist attack -- you know, he says things like, "people like this ultimately fail because the
4:41 pm
future belongs to those who build, not those who destroy." platitudes rather than saying we need destroy them, this is what we're going to do to defeat them. that was the contrast between david cameron and the president. it was striking. >> my colleague, dana perino, who was a white house secretary disagrees. she said i was wrong. i stopped listen, she's got experience. >> i was going to say i think you're wrong, too. >> all right. i never do like the women on the panel. >> i think standing out in front of a camera as -- right after a terrorist beheading shows the terrorists got your goat. i don't think that he needs to descend to that level. that said, he does need to be addressing the public, the american public, with a sense of urgency and a strategy. and yes, a strategy that builds on a new iraqi government, as they want. and yes, a strategy that builds on alliances. but this has to be a sense of urgency and not a sense that
4:42 pm
we're just going to go after isis because of humanitarian reasons, there's refugees on a mountain, not just because there's americans trapped. because it's a clear and present danger to the united states. that's why i think it's one. i don't think this of the right moment. >> i'll go to rick on this. prime minister david cameron did come out right away and said if verified this is a despicable and barbaric murder. he goes on to say, you know, kind thoughts to the family. i hope the president called the sotloff family. he says, "we've been working hard to keep british people safe and will continue to do what we can to protect our country and people from these terrorists." he goes on to say what he's going to do, rick. i don't know. i'm waiting for the president to make me feel better about these things and secure. i did want to hear from him. >> i think what's striking is he was so firm in coming out a couple of weeks ago in the immediate aftermath. there was a visceral anger even though he took criticism for going to the golf course afterward. i think the strategy comment from last week is still stinging the white house. i think there's a sense that the next time the president addresses this he has to make
4:43 pm
that right, and to say what the strategy is going to be, that's a big focus of the europe trip, estonia, and wales for the nato summit. it's about the united states showing leadership and developing that strategy along with allies. i think that becomes critical. i think the silence today was noticeable because of what happened a few weeks ago and because people were paying attention to this. >> what about having the secretary of defense come out or something? someone saying? . it was staffers that told -- someone saying something. it was staffers that told us. these are smart staffers, ton take from them, but this is a war on america. these are two americans executed by these thugs. terrorist attacks. just we'll get to it later? >> the president seems to disagree with even his top staffers. the secretary of defense when he said this is a threat that needs to be defeated, they walked it back and said, no, woe don't need to attack -- no, we don't need to attack in syria. president obama said isis doesn't pose an imminent threat to the homeland. and the deputy dirtor said he
4:44 pm
wouldn't be surprised if a terrorist shows up in a mall with an ak-47. >> nina, based on the history and why i disagree, i want hip to say, i got it, i'm on it, i'm aware of it. instead not saying anything and going -- to me is -- >> because again, it's part of this -- as rick said, part of thisairative whe-- this narrati where he doesn't have a strategy. a, you're looking for a sense of outrage, which is totally right. you're looking for a sense that he's doing something, a strategy. i would add a sense of we should be more hyper woraware because the threats in the homeland. this is real. that's what you're looking for, absolutely you're right on that front. >> i hope that i got it wrong and behind the scenes, before he got on air force one, he issued all these orders. and they're special a very rude awakening in the area of the world now. that's what i'm hoping that i got that wrong. panel, thank you. >> thank you. and sergeant tahmooressi jailed in mexico for five months. news from the white house. well sort of.
4:45 pm
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the whitehouse.govbition is the only hope the white house will have to acknowledge andrew's in prison. >> the marine jailed in mexico, what's the president's personal involvement? >> 100,000 of have officially signed the white house petition to get sergeant tahmooressi's case in front of the president. >> the jailed u.s. marine in mexico. did the president press that case? >> i don't have any more details of that conversation. we'll look into that. >> that's the prison he's held in. >> the white house finally responding to the "we the people" petition requesting president obama's help to free our marine from a mexican prison.
4:50 pm
>> back on may 31st with your help, the sergeant tahmooressi position got the requisite 100,000 signature. coincidentally, we hit the goal during "on the record" and broke it then. now four months later, the white house final getting around to respond. it took the white house two weeks to answer petition calling for the release of the white house beer recipe. and representative duncan hunter joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, great a. thanks for having me. >> we have the response right now. i know what i think about it. i'm curious what you think about the response to the white house -- on the white house petition website. >> the response is weak and tepid. that's not anything less than we expected from the white house. they don't care about this. i don't think the president has even taken into their into his hands enough to make a phone call about. it secretary kerry said he brought it to the highest level and that andrew is getting no support from the u.s. state department. that's nothing that anybody wouldn't get. this needs to be brought to a higher level. i don't think that the president wants to deal with this.
4:51 pm
i don't think he want to deal with isis. i don't think he wants to deal with a jailed marine in mexico. >> well, the petition says that the answer from the white house says among other things that their goal is to see that he's treated fairly during the judicial process. i hope that's true of every american. it says that mexican authorities have been willing to engage on the issue. that's an invitation. why don't we talk more and engage? he says will continue to monitor the case and work with the mexican authorities as it proceeds through the system. it's a -- the statement says absolutely nothing, gives nothing -- and i understand that, you know, american get into trouble in foreign countries. this is a guy who did two tours in afghanistan. he's a marine. and we owe him something to push it through a little faster. >> yeah. there is something special about this case. andrew wasn't down on spring break drinking and got into a fight. he made a mistake, he's a decorated war hero and has post tram 'tis stress. all that -- traumatic stress. all that said, if the president would make a call, the media --
4:52 pm
especially you and fox news in general and my office -- we're the ones who discovered the 911 tapes from andrew back to the 911 operator here in san diego. we're the ones that have been doing a lot of this research and gathering evidence on our end for fernando benitez, andrew's lawyer in mexico. we're working in a vacuum. we ought to have help from the state department and the administration. we could probably help him a lot more if they were more interested and more engaged. >> but you know, it sends a message to all our military. that's the problem -- these guys are volunteers, these men and women. these are volunteers. and i realize this isn't afghanistan or iraq where he is, but it's like, you know, we do owe them something, you know. and that's what i don't get. let me ask you, governor chris christie is headed to mexico this week on a trade mission. he wants to run for president in 2016. should he bring up sergeant tahmooressi to the mexican authorities while he's there? >> absolutely. everybody going down should bring this up. every single person, every
4:53 pm
elected representative or business person that has a business in mexico that probably ships goods back up to the u.s. they should all bring it up to the mexican government and mexican counterparts. let's take this longer and look at benghazi. we had a situation where we had men on the ground. and this approximatepresident d to care. this is a different situation, but the president's coming off as detached and uncaring, which i think he is. >> all i know is this is a judicial process, had it been accelerated, i did the driving myself. i'm not even saying ask mexico to release him. i've said accelerate the process. any decent judge and prosecutor looking at the case will see how ridiculous this turn was. and you've got the 911 call that your office produced which he says he accidentally drove in, and that he had weapons in his car, legally in the u.s. to say, this is just -- it's unbelievable. i'm taking the last word on this because it's -- we're running out of time. unbelievable that he's still there. anyway, congressman, thank you for all your work on this.
4:54 pm
thank you, sir. >> thank you. and coming up, new information on joan rivers' condition. the latest from her daughter, melissa, next. don't forget to watch at 10:00 p.m. eastern. "duck dynasty's" phil robertson tonight. 10:00 p.m. you know the time slot, 10:00 p.m.
4:55 pm
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get ready to speed read your way through the news. tonight, joan rivers remains on life support at a new york city hospital. a new statement, her daughter melissa confirming rivers is on life support and saying the family is extremely grateful for all support they have received. last thursday, rivers was rushed to the hospital after she stopped breathing during a procedure at a doctor's office. and again, another fight over leg room forcing pilots to divert a flight. this time, a delta airlines flight from new york to palm beach. it was diverted to jacksonville, florida. it started when one passenger reclined her seat, and the woman behind her started yelling. then the woman started swearing
4:59 pm
at the flight attendants and demanding the flight land and so it did. this is the third flight disruption in recent time over reclining seats. and now to the latest in the celebrity hacking investigation. apple now says some celebrity accounts were deliberately targeted leading to the postings of nude photos on line. photos of several celebrities including scar-winning jennifer lawrence ended up on the internet. apple says only individual accounts were compromised, there was no general breach of its systems. and a florida judge made famous by the casey anthony trial was retiring. now judge belvin perry is headed back to the courtroom but not as a judge but as a lawyer. judge perry is headed into private practice. he says he's looking forward to trying cases again, and that's tonight's "speed read." thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. a reminder -- if you are just tuning in before bill o'reilly, pick up your dvr remote and set a recording for "on the record" each night. now go to answer this question -- do you
5:00 pm
think president obama should have addressed the nation today about steven sotloff's beheading or not? vote in our gretawire poll. good night from washington, d.c. see you tomorrow night, 7:00 p.m. g. to and vote. don't forget, great d-- gretawi. the "o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> we are sickened by this brutal act, taking the life of another american citizen. >> another outrage at the hands of those isis thugs as a second american journalist is reportedly beheaded. will his death force the president's hand? we'll have the latest on the growing isis threat with charles kraut he krautheimer. once you give americans a chance be they have never, ever, ever, ever let their country down. it's time to take back america! [ applause ] >> vice president joe biden unleashed. but is it all for show, or is he


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