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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 3, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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was 98-71. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this special report. fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes trord right now, special report online in two seconds. >> did president obama just confuse you? so which is it? destroy isis or manage isis? can't be both. in his first comment since the beheading of a second american journalist. president obama contradicting himself, changing his message halfway through today's speech. >> our objective is clear. and that is to degrade and destroy isil and those who make the mistake of harming americans learn that we will not forget and that our reach is long and that justice will be served. >> we know that if we are joined by the international community, we can continue to shrink isil's sphere of
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influence, it's effectiveness, it's financing, its military capabilities to the point where it is a manageable problem. >> joining us our political panel the national review jim garety the hill review a.b. stoddard and byron york. are we nitpicking or did he change? what's the story? >> no we are not nitpicking. the president has caught himself in a cycle of statements and clarifications. first came the we don't have a strategy. then age tried to clarify and then the president's statement today was a clarification of that statement. now, mark my words, is he going to have to clarify what he said today. and i think what you are seeing in washington is there is r. are a number of people, democrats included who are kind of looking past the president and saying we need to get a strategy in place. there are democrats now who are introducing legislation that would authorize the use
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of military force in syria, not covered by the authorization for iraq right now. i think they are just going to go ahead, regardless of what the president says right now. >> you know, a.b., there is a big difference between degrade and destroy. and let's face it, they are trying -- they are not just trying to killing people, they are killing people. manage the home depot or wal-mart. you kill and destroy people who are killers. it seems pretty plain to me what we should be doing. and so i wonder if it's -- >> -- i don't think his stomach is in it yet because he is allowing officials throughout his administration, jen socket, state department actually used the phrase yesterday the goal is to destroy isil but -- and she interrupts. she you see the defense secretary, the chairman of the joint chiefs, the pentagon spokesman everybody say words to this effect this is unprecedented threat. something we have never seen before. of course america is a target and there is a threat to the homeland, this can
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cannot be contained. it can only -- it must be destroyed and byron is right. the democrats who come back to town next week and are facing a panicked electorate, what is isis? what is isil? what is going on here? are looking for not only a strategy but a goal. there is nothing coming out of president obama's mouth about what he sees this threat -- what it represents are and what has to be done. he doesn't have to give the details of the strategy, but he is not engaging the public on the poo tensey of the threat. >> if you combined what president obama said today with what vice president joe biden was saying elsewhere in the country, you end one a philosophy which we are going to manage them to the gates of hell. if you are a war time president, you are seeing americans getting beheaded, i don't want the commander and chief to sound like espn dan patrick saying we can't stop them but we are going to hope to contain them. is there a certain level of beheadings that would be acceptable to this administration? >> you bring up vice president biden i think we had the sound bite just to
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show the contrast for the viewers. this is vice president biden on what he had to say about oh oh oh we don't have it yet. i'm told we don't have it. >> anyway, it's joe biden yelling basically. >> is it yell or -- yelling or conviction by killers? we will follow terrorists to the gates of hell. isn't that the american people want to hear? >> probably so from the president. we have heard red line comments from the president in the past and he didn't stick with those. i think what the president needs to do is come up with a plan we're going to -- our goal is this and to achieve that goal we are going to do this, this, and this, and i'm going to congress and talk about that and i think the president could impress the american people a lot more by actually having a plan. he doesn't have to give a big speech. >> i think though at least for me, i want some sort of passion or fire in the belly or clarity or direction. but we do have vice president biden right now. here is how vice president biden said it. >> they should know we will follow them to the gates of
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hell until they are brought to justice. because hell is where they will reside. >> a.b., if that's not sort of -- we're going to shrink and manage passionate and the president pacific. i don't think the details need to be made public yet. i know they don't have a strategy but when they do they can take their time. the problem is you need to tell america is this a threat to the homeland right-hand we containing or destroying? >> but vice president biden gave away no strategy. what i sort of got like he is going to protect -- at least he has got some fire in his belly on this. >> we have a war time vice president and a peace time president right now. what we need at least biden has the passion. the strategy can come from it. look, we are going to do high feel more secure with the fact that biden is going to get the job done or do
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you think president obama is just listening to those two today? >> when you see biden is he pissed as hell that americans is getting -- >> -- tv language. >> they are tikd ticked as hell. i am writing a check to the fcc right now. something to be passionate about. we are managing. >> the only person who can make the case is the president. and so he has got to sign on to a plan and then he has to sell it. and to the american people because they want to hear from him. >> i think he just has to tell us that he is going to do something. you know, and really convince us. he doesn't have to give us the details, anyway. all right. panel, thank you. and president obama is sending those conflicting signals as he begins that european trip to attend the nato summit. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president. he joins us live from whales. ed, nice to see you and notice the bar behind you. is that yours?
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henry's? >> it says henry's. i have no ownership but i might be there after this live shot, greta. we will see how it goes. >> what's going on, ed? >> bottom line is as you lay that out the white house is pushing back against this saying you don't have to have either/or you can have both. what the president meant was this is a two step process. in the short-term he wants to degrade isis to the point that they are less of a terror threat and then long term destroy them meaning that you are not going to destroy them overnight. this is going to take time. we ever dealing with them in iraq right now and is he still obviously, based on the beating he took at the news conference last week figuring out a strategy to deal with them in syria. problem of course is he is under pressure now not just from republicans but democrats as well. you heard dianne feinstein, the democratic chair of the intelligence committee over the weekend saying he is perhaps too cautious on all of this. now we have got a little pressure today from democratic senators bill nelson as well as mark warner of virginia. both democrats saying, look, you have got to come to congress with a strategy to
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actually eliminate isis and, in fact, nelson is now saying he is going to push legislation to authorize u.s. air strikes in syria, something the president is not ready for yet. he has left the door open to that but is he not quite ready for it yet. bottom line is bill nell sob the democratic senator from florida says you have got to go after the head of the snake and that's in syria right now, not iraq. so you see pressure not just from the right but the left as well with folks saying what is the strategy. so the more the president sort of tries -- today was almost a do-over, greta from last week's news conference and he was trying to clarify what he said last week about the no strategy. but then he left it so that white house aides it was so muddled they were clarifying the clarification. that's not any place a president wants to be. it shows that his message is a bit stuck right now as well as the actual substance of the strategy, greta. >> ed, thank you. and first president obama says he didn't have a strategy for syria and now he seems to have a very confusing goal. critics are outraged by what
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the president said today. >> our objective is clear. that is to degrade and destroy isil. >> the president at some point used fuzzy words. >> to the point where it is a manageable problem. >> are we going to contain isis or are we going to crush isis and the president has not answered that. >> the lack of having goal and objective unequivocal clear one continues to chase him. >> justice will be served. >> isis, what are we going to do about it? >> kill them. >> and representative jason chaffets joins us. good evening, sir. >> hey, greta. >> is it possible to destroy isis and also simultaneously manage the problem? i mean, i put the question to the panel. we sort of nitpicking or is the president have a confusing message? >> no. it's very confusing. the president seems to be a definite maybe. that is not what we need in the commander and chief of the united states of
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america. i think history will show that the president failed to deal with this about a year too late. we should have been dealing with this a year ago. nevertheless we are here today. we need a goal and an objective and then we need a strategy. it does not feel that the president of the united states has his heart into it because the moment he gets off the teleprompter we get this different answer saying it's manageable. manageable? that's when you are closing a lane on the freeway and you have got to go down the freeway with three lanes instead of four then you manage it this is isis they want death and destruction to the united states of america. >> what happens when congress comes back to town and president obama returns from the nato summit? >> well, i think you will see an increasing number of people from both sides of the aisle demanding that the president of the united states put forward an objective it and be candid with the american people as to what was going on. why didn't he deal with this when it was a little bit more contained when it spread into iraq and spread into other places. and now when we hear these
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beheadings which are just the most horrific things you see or can hear of. then he is thinking that maybe he ought to get a strategy? come on, mr. president. you have to do better than that. >> on the issues of war we always hope that members of house and the senate and the president rise above politics. and politics has no role in when it comes to war. but i'm curious to what extent we are rapidly approaching the mid terms. are people going to -- i mean, to what extent are members of the house, the senate, and even the president going to be making decisions based on not what's right, necessarily or what is their conviction but on politics. >> if there is a clear and present danger to the united states of america, the president has all the authority he needs right now to deal with it immediately. now, i do think there is strength in the united states of america in a bipartisan way standing up strong the way we do consistently in support of israel, for instance. but we have got to come together as a nation. set this aside. this is not political theater here. >> what does that mean
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though? because, look, we can't get isis unless we go into syria. let's face it that's where isis is starting. nobody wants to admit that. and all the generals say we can't get them from the air. and so that's code for we have got to have boots on the ground. nobody wants to put boots on the ground. everybody is war weary. no wants to do that where are we right now if we want to kill isis, what are we going to do? >> we have to have the human intelligence. we have to have the signals intelligence. we have to act upon that intelligence in an immediate way. we have to form an international coalition of people. not listening to the u.n. but actually leading people. joining together with the saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and others and convincing them we are on the right side of this. i know there is some nefarious actors in that place. look what's going on. we have problems and chaos in libya. we have problems in egypt. we just have a foreign policy that over the last four and a half, five years has just fallen off. and we have to deal with it
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seriously. the problem is fundamentally, the president of the united states is not believed by the rest of the country. they don't trust him. they don't believe him. we have to get that credibility back. >> and how does he do that? we only have 30 seconds left but how do you get that? >> look. when the president puts out a red line, you have to act upon it. we are the united states of america. when our united states military is given a task, they will get it done. i have no doubt about their capability. but when it's ambiguous, when it's politically correct. when it's trying to be something that's just all these different nuances, then it doesn't work. and that's the fundamental problem. we started to have that problem. we had that problem in iraq and having that problem with isis. we are having that problem with president obama. that's the fundamental problem. elections have consequences and this is one of the consequences. >> congressman, thank you and we look forward to having you on the set when you get back to town. thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> now to disturbing and maybe even terrifying new
4:14 pm
information about one of the americans who went to syria to fight for isis and got killed in battle. turns out before he left to join isis in syria, he worked at minneapolis saint paul international airport. now, reporter tom wyden broke that story. he joins us with the very latest. thank you for joining us. tell me who is this man? where did he work? >> you know, all great questions, greta. late this afternoon the airport confirmed our reporting from last night and also filled in the details of that work history you are talking about and some of the items on the resume quite frankly are going to cause real concern the airport knew muhammad by his real name ahmed. law enforcement sources confirm we are dealing with the same man. he worked at the airport 2001 and may 2011 and had access to the tarmac and planes. for most of that time he worked fueling up the planes themselves most recently though 2010, 2011 he worked cleaning planes.
4:15 pm
part of that job also was securing the planes. that was for delta global services which is owned by delta airlines. for both jobs he held security clearance secure identification display area you need an fbi back ground check to get that clearance but allows you to skip the metal detectors to get right on to the airport tarmac. the checkpoints involve a fairly cursory inspection of the vehicles going through. we don't know under what circumstances he left his job in may of 2011. the airport says it doesn't know. delta won't comment except to say it is aware of our reporting and working with local law enforcement. greta, can i tell to you some extent the chronology is going to come as a relief to law enforcement because it appears from social media accounts he was radicalized later than 2011 after he left the airport. around 2013, socialed me a count shifted from talking about women and dating. he was a bit of a player four wives, nine kids to talking about fighting and dying for a lie. last year he made that shift. >> maybe fbi feels better
4:16 pm
about that. i don't feel better somebody gets fbi check. works on a tarmac a reporter who exposed this. we didn't hear this from the airport or delta. the fact that he has changed what his content of social media doesn't make me feel a whole lot better. but what i do want to know do we know how he got into isis? >> that is stills a mystery what the recruiting level on the ground. obviously i was reporting back in 2007, we broke the story about the 20 minnesota some mall i didn'ts who went to fight for al shabaab. we believe that this a whole different recruiting apparatus than what we are talking about today there were indictments for that case. we don't know how the recruiting was going down. people on the ground here recruiting or done mostly through social media at internet. you mention not feeling so great about this we didn't know about it? >> i will throw one other wrinkle. we didn't know about this alias until two hours ago. with the somali community
4:17 pm
here in minneapolis of them come toifficult this country not knowing their exact date of birth. their date of birth lists january 1st, 1972 because they don't know their birthday and also many of these clan names are very very similar. we have done stories where you can have two different individuals same name, same date of birth it gets very very confusing and appears to be confusing in this case as well. >> american people big thanks to you for breaking this story. they will look a lot closer at a lot of people. if people hadn't been broking locking our seat so the person in front of us couldn't recline, thank you. >> sure. >> while president obama sends mixed message the first arab country to condemn isis making a statement that is bold and is certain. ambassador john bolton is here next. plus, where has this been? brand new surveillance video. 18 cameras capturing what happened at the border the night sergeant tahmooressi
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it is a manageable problem. >> a manageable problem. that is one of the ways president obama talked about isis today.
4:22 pm
but we are now hearing much stronger and yes straightforward language from the first arab country to condemn isis. a statement from the united arab emirates saying now is the time to it act the uae is ready to join. the international community sustained effort to threat unchecked will leave global ramification torres gek cadz to come. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. uae coming out strong swinging. >> a very good friend to the united states, i think he and his government see is that if somebody doesn't stand up to the islamic state that the first victims will be arab governments friendly to the united states. i think this is very important. very unusual for the uae to be that far out front. i think they are representing a number of other arab governments on the peninsula there. and i think what they are begging for at this point is american leadership. >> you have got david cammeron who has got rather strong language as well. what is sort of interesting is tomorrow going into the nato conference that
4:23 pm
everyone thought that it would be all ukraine. there could be a lot of isis discussion because, you know, this does have broad ramifications. >> i think the europeans are are extraordinarily concerned about the hundreds, maybe thousands of people fighting with isis right now who have pass pordz to come back into their countries and perhaps obama hasn't figured out that we're similarly at risk. but the europeans see it very very acute maybe that will help wake him up but i doubt it. >> the man who worked isis fighter, american, who worked for 10 years the a minneapolis airport fueling planes and cleaning plans planes with a security clearance and the fbi didn't know about him. >> i think that's a failure by the fbi. no question about it. but the failure by the president is his world view. his ideology. he will not admit that this threat is real. he won't see it as a war. and, therefore, he won't act to do something about it this press conference today which everybody has remarked about is the -- reflects the triumph of ideology over
4:24 pm
your script writers. because they told him who what to say degrade and destroy. but then when he got a chance to answer questions, what came out was what he actually believes. he does believe you can make it a manageable problem because it's a law enforcement issue. it's not a war. >> well, look, the first -- we have had two beheadings of americans. and the worst video. it's hard to think of, you know, it's almost seems inevitable -- isis has threatened to kill those two and they did it they have threatened to come to the united states and do things here. i don't know why we would think that suddenly they wouldn't follow through. their record are, they are 2-ofor their threats. >> they're killing americans. that gives the president full power under the constitution to defend the united states and its citizens. whether he goes to congress for authorization or not, i don't think he needs it but the fact is i think the people are way ahead him. that's why you see democrats rushing to introduce authorizations to use
4:25 pm
military force because they see themselves in peril if somebody in their party doesn't act. but it will be. >> that bothers me. then we go -- i hate the political aspect of it. i hope that, you know, in the issue of warp, that, you know, we look beyond that. >> we should but he doesn't see it as a war. and i will just give you one example. to quote from him back in 2009, referring to afghanistan to try and -- people are trying to tease him out in an abc news interview what's your objective in afghanistan he said the following: i'm always worried about using the word victory because, you know, it invokes the notion of emperor coming down and signing a surrender to mcarthur. now, obviously the president didn't study much american history at college because he didn't sign the instrument of surrender. he says flat out i'm worried about this word victory if you are in a war, that's the only legitimate objective and he won't declare the war. he won't acknowledge the war. and he won't go for victory. >> ambassador, thank you,
4:26 pm
sir. >> thank you. >> and this could be huge. new surveillance video, 18 cameras rolling at the check point where and when sergeant tahmooressi was arrested in mexico. what is in those tapes and could it get the marine out of prison? sergeant tahmooressi'san? lawyer trord next. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy? does he have to pay you back? dad: nope. kid: why not? dad: it doesn't work that way. kid: why not? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab
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strike the necks of your people. 18 cameras rolling at the u.s. check point when and where he was arrested. >> what is your emergency? >> my problem is i crossed
4:30 pm
the border by accident and i have three guns in my truck. >> so you are in mexico? >> yeah. >> there is nothing i can help you with. >> did you ever intend to drive into mexico? >> no. i told them i said i have all my stuff back here plus i have three guns but i didn't mean to be in mexico it was an accident. a military officer come, found me guilty from the beginning and made me sign paperwork that i -- it was like a math equation in his head, three guns, man, equals prison, what could the surveillance video show and how could it help free our marine. his lawyer joins us from tijuana. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. thanks for having me. >> good to have you. those tapes will either help or hurt sergeant tahmooressi. it will either corroborate his statements or it will help the mexican authorities. you have seen the tapes or do you know what it shows?
4:31 pm
they are strictly video footage not audio from the screen. there are 18 cameras. the defense asked for each and every camera that was deployed at the customs check point. however, we suspect that andrew's image will appear only on some of them and we might, of course, get redundant footage from different angles but, basically, what we intend to prove, first and foremost is his prolonged detention at the border inspection station at the secondary inspection area for what amounted to almost 8 hours. that's the main purpose of viewing the tapes. >> you have heard from the prosecutor or from any witness in the case that he was acting in a way at the border which suggests he was trying to hide something or
4:32 pm
obnoxious or trying to avoid detention or do you hear the flip side and cooperative and guns were in the car? what are you hearing might be showing on the tape and what are you hearing from people who were there? >> well, the initial written report by the customs officers is pretty abstract it does not lend itself to that interpretation. it only says what andrew's arrival time was and the step-by-step procedure for reviewing an inspection of the vehicle. however, however, when the officers were questioned at several past hearings, they insisted that communication with andrew was forth right and forth coming. and they insist that they spoke in english which i have serious doubts to that. andrew has always said that they were speaking in spanish and that only at the end of his incursion in that
4:33 pm
secondary inspection area was he made available, some summary translation of what was happening. but he wasn't involved in the conversation as it took place because he couldn't because of the language barrier. so, i think a lot gets lost in translation. picture tells a thousand words. we will hope to see if this footage croshtsz his version, i believe it will. the most important version is his detention of 7 and a half hours. >> signs or clean them up at that exit or change so others are less likely to make a mistake? >> yes, they have. immediately following andrew's arrest bigger and more visible signs were placed and i believe if anything else, this case has served the purpose of making
4:34 pm
people aware that there is a possibility of accidently driving in to the customs inspection area. >> am i correct in that the mexican law is to violate the mexican law you have to intend to bring the guns into the country against the law so that an accidental driving into the mexico would not be a violation? you actually have to have the intent? >> that's exactly right, greta. under mexican law, this particular offense requires criminal intent whereby to argue the contrary point, this is not an offense that could be committed accidently or negligently. so, prosecutor needs to prove criminal intent and direct will to commit the crime on the part of the defendant. that has not happened yet. so, we believe that once the trial is over, we will of course, prevail and andrew will be acquitted.
4:35 pm
>> fernando, thank you, the next court hearing is tuesday. thank you very much, fernando. >> thank you. >> >> let's go off the record for answer m why are we justout? 18 cameras with surveillance tape on mexican border check point where and when sergeant tahmooressi entered mexico. that's huge. those 18 cameras of tapes could tell or corroborate whether he committed a crime whether he intended to violate mexico's gun law or mistakenly entered the country and happened to have his law lawfully registered gunness his possession. one is a crime, the other is not. those tapes could be crucial evidence. they might show his demeanor was he obnoxious and defiant or confused and compliant obeying every direction suggesting it's one big mistake. there is no audio.
4:36 pm
it could help tend to corroborate. beyond that one thing is certain those tapes should have been seen by the judge months ago. that's what this is. mexico doesn't give a damn and apparently neither does the obama administration. they never pushed to have this case fast tracked. as a consequence our marine has been sitting in a prison not able to speak the language. not knowing what to expect. sergeant tahmooressi needs the judicial process sped up. tomorrow is not justice. it's cruel. get it done. let's move this forward. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. straight ahead is as president obama and western allies head to the summit. vladimir putin try to pull the rug out underneath nato with a big suggestion. what is the russian president up to now. find out next. boardwalk arcade regulated by a las vegas casino. regulations threatening to put a a family business out of business. that's coming up. you owned your car for four years.
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russian president vladimir putin trying to beat nato to the punch. putin announcing he came up with a 7 point peace plan while he was on a flight from moscow to among goal la. russia ukraine getting close to a cease-fire. ambassador to the organization for security cooperation in europe. ambassador daniel berry. thank you very much for joining us, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> so,ar is, what do you make of this 7 point peace plan. is it an attempt by president putin to beat nato to the punch? >> well, it's actually late to the game. i mean, president poor shenk co-of ukraine has put out a peace plan several months ago when remains a well thought out restructured plan which which we have been encouraging, ukraine has been encouraging and all of ukraine has been encouraging the russians to support. it is certainly curious that president's putin creativity comes right before nato is about to meet. right before u leaders are getting together to decide the next round of sanctions.
4:42 pm
what we need from the russians is action, not words at this point. >> how do you think it will be received by nato? i realize that nato is a big organization with about 28 countries. i realize that how do you think this last minute putin peace plan is going to be received? >> well, look. you know, obviously, all along we have been emphasizing that there are opportunities for russia to be a constructive partner to choose an off ramp instead of an escalation and russia has missed those opportunities at every chance. if russia is now ready to be constructive party and engage in decan a late bringing russian troops back off ukrainian soil. deescalate the violence in eastern ukraine, of course there will be support for that there is going to be a great deal of skepticism. we have heard words before and we haven't seen them followed through with action. as nato leaders get together in wales this week obviously concerned about reinforcing security in europe and that will be their focus. >> well, obviously the prime
4:43 pm
minister of ukraine is unconvinced. he has said that this is an attempt by putin, by moscow to deceive. so, he is not persuaded by this at all. any last ditch attempt that comes with this curious timing i think is -- warrants great skepticism. at the same time we need to be always at the ready to welcome a diest can a la tore diest could you la move. do you think that the news today that france is going to cancel the delivery of the helicopter carrier is making at least moscow making russia feel the pinch at all? is this something that, you know, is going to have any impact at all? >> sure it has an impact and has an impact as part of a broader, i mean, it's another evidence of how you isolated russia is now in the international community and how isolated it finds itself. and it has an impact in the context of the broader costs that are being imposed on
4:44 pm
russia for the irresponsible behavior that has been perpetrated by the kremlin over these last months. >> i don't know why but for some reason i find it a badge of honor to you, tip my hat that the foreign minister of russia is accusing you of boorish behavior. what provoked that and what are your thoughts about that? >> well, you know, this was reportedly in response to the statement that i delivered on behalf of the united states at the osc permanent council last thursday. you know, i gone back and looked at the statement in fact the russian ambassador complained at the time i asked him to point out what he didn't like in that statement. he was unable to and then they put out name calling. you know, if the russian foreign ministry had some counter arguments i would be happy to sit down and talk with them about them. to me and rest of the world, i think it's plain that the russian government has failed to take every opportunity to deescalate
4:45 pm
here. this crisis is in part connected to the deep problems russia has at home. we can't see russia's aggression abroad as disconnected from russia's oppression at home. these are no acts that russia takes, no wrong that russia commits abroad will fix any of the problems it has at home with corruption, with restrictions on human rights, et cetera. >> ambassador, i take it, you are not backing down one second from anything you have said and you stand by everything you have said? >> i stand by the statements of the u.s. delegates here, absolutely. you know, and that is not to say that the -- you he know, the objective here is to make a difference, not to make a point. the fact is that the russian government, the kremlin has been making a series of decisions and taking a series of actions, which are counter productive for security in europe. which are counter productive for russia's long-term interests and which they need to be held to account for. it is the responsibility of the international community. this is part of the international system. sometimes there are costs to enforcing and reinforcing the rules of the
4:46 pm
international system that provide for international commerce. international security. russia needs to be held to account for the violations that they perpetrated over the last month. >> ambassador, thank you, sir for joining us. and a popular ocean front arcade now drowning in regulations. will the boardwalk business be forced to shut down. the latest in our choking capitalism investigation. that's next. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get anuto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. that would be my daughter -- hi dad. she's a dietitian. and back when i wasn't eating right,
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4:50 pm
big government threatening to put small business out of business in our choking capitalism investigation. we have been showing you how regulations are choking the life out of small companies and tonight we are going to take to you ocean city maryland where landmark arcade on the boardwalk may be forced to board up for good. griff jenkins reports. >> we are here in beautiful ocean city maryland.
4:51 pm
we have a family arcade here on the boardwalk. our job is to make sure kids have fun. >> chris tripper is the owner of marty's play land arcade, landmark on the ocean city boardwalk. >> our family has been operating the amusement park for 100 years. when we added this arcade we thought we were adding something fun for kids to do. >> the gaming commission is about to stop the fun. >> they are going to shut us down by having new regulations to make it impossible to make money. >> in august the state of maryland proposing major new rules for arcades. >> they want to regulate our business as if it's a casino. that's not what we are. what it's going to do is require us to get all these games registered. get the games registered. more fees on top of the taxes i already pay the county and fees i already pay the county and shut down our business. >> electronic games worth more than $30 it will need to get permission from the commission. if they get permission the arcade will pay a auto dollars annual fee for each
4:52 pm
and every gaming machine. >> it's really crippling our entire industry because kids, you know, they will play for bouncy boggs and chinese finger trips and handcuffs but kids want to play for bigger prizes than that now. kids have nintendo at home. it's got to be exciting and fun for them. >> do you feel like you are on the same playing field as a casino. >> i'm certainly not on the same playing field as a casino. we don't make casino money we make arcade money. >> all this might mean game over for this ocean city icon. >> as soon as those regulations go into effect, it puts us into a downward spiral that we won't be able to pull out of. all they are doing is limiting the growth of ocean city and shutting down something that's been running for 70 years and running happily. >> and "on the record" will continue to bring you reports on choking capitalism. >> all right. okay. now it's time to show you what we're watching behind the scenes. now take a look. here is what happens when you attach a camera to a
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get ready to speed read
4:58 pm
you way through the news. joan rivers is out of intensive care in a private hospital room in a statement today her daughter melissa saying her mother is being kept comfortable. rivers remains on life support. the comedy legend has been on life support since last thursday when she stopped breathing during a throat procedure. the judge ruling against the family of josh powell in an estate battle. the ruling prevents the powells from collecting assets in the trust when susan is declared dead. susan powell disappeared from her mommy she was never found. josh was the only person of interest when he killed his two sons and them himselves in 2012. "on the record" investigated this case from the very beginning. first time we are hearing from nancy write bowl who survived bohl. >> i just want to express first of all my appreciation to the lord for his grace and for his mercy and for his saving of my life. there were many mornings i woke up and thought i'm
4:59 pm
alive. writebol says live saving drug saved her life. >> 2 eruptions in the last few days. so far airline flights have not been affected as they were back in 2010. and malaysia airlines trying to repair its image after two passenger jet disasters. looks like the airline just did more damage. malaysia airlines running online contest called my ultimate bucket list. contest asks customers to describe where he they most want to travel but outraged internet users blasted the contest as insensitive after the two jet disasters that's because a bucket list refers to things people want to do before dying. the airline has changed the wording of the campaign and that's tonight's speed read. thanks for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. go to and ape this question: should the
5:00 pm
obama administration push mexico to speed up sergeant tahmooressi's case or stay out of it vote in our gretawire poll. up next, the reporting live factor. make sure you go to gretawire and vote in that poll. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> we know that we are joined by the international community we can continue to shrink isil's sphere of influence. >> once again, president obama depending on the international community to fight terrorists who are killing americans. tonight, a very tough talking point on the folly of that strategy. >> every time there is a drone strike that's the best recruiting tool for al qaeda. >> the far left on the run. for years they have opposed confronting the terror threat. now there is confusion in the liberal ranks. we have a special report. >> good on you. mr. o'reilly for coming back


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