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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 4, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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a prescription. at the corner of happy and healthy. >> we have a lot more coming up, see you in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. >> this is "outnumbered." here today, harris faulkner, rachel, author, blogger, parenting expert, political commentator and former star of mtv's "real world" andla marrd to republican congressman and have seven kids. and today's hashtag one lucky guy, jesse watters, and he is outnumbered. great to have you here. >> i don't have seven kids. >> but you are trying, that
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counts. adopt me. >> and looking fabulous. >> lots of business to take care of, writes now at the nato summit in wales make a case for international coalition to carry out military action against isis. the commander in chief and british prime minister david cameron teaming up for a joint op-ed in "the times london" saying countries like britain and america will not be cowed by the barracks killers. we will be more forthright in the defense of our values not least because a world of freedom is a fundamental part of how we keep our people safe. but john bolton doubts obama has way can up to the isis threats as have many in europe, namely great britain. >> i think the great britain's
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are concerned with those of passports to come back into their country and perhaps obama hasn't figured out we are similarly at risk, the europeans see it. maybe that will help wake him up, although i personally doubt it. >> ambassador john bolton from the beginning was not unclear about the threat isis posed to america, great britain and all of our allies. >> , talk about the difference between isis and isil? people wonder why the president says it one day, isis, the islamic state of iraq and syria, pretty much they have erased the
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border between these two countries. now we are hearing isil coming from the president, you pointed out in the commercial be at it might even be coming from the terrorists, they want to change their name. >> we will continue to call them isis. the islamic state of iraq and the labonte. it includes many more countries than just syria. >> the president doesn't want it to be just iraq and syria, that brings in mind the failed policies in iraq, syria which drew the red light and vacated it. that is broadening a doubt, it doesn't remind people this is policy, which is brought into it. >> let's talk about the president and whether or not he is completely cognizant of this credible terrorist threat that
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is really threatening the united states, britain, strong leadership coming from david cameron. if you listen to the polls that just came out, five points drop for president obama because people are saying where is the leadership, rachel? >> he gets the rest of the world on board to agree, we are now waiting for them to come up with a plan. look at world war ii. the europeans were running to us, here we are, obviously it will come to our shores soon. >> the united states, america always the strong, the proud, leader in the forefront with terrorist threats now the united states taking a backseat because this president is uncomfortable in a leadership position. >> we talk about this day in and day out.
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so much access to the associated press and what is happening in the white house and she said should i be worried? is this what my grandfathers fought for? we have to make sure americans are safe and i am glad the president is engaging the topic with other world leaders, but like ambassador bolton said, i don't think he understands the seriousness of this. our president talked about bruce springsteen and obamacare, technology, and then addressed it. i hate to be so critical, but this is a big deal, people are being beheaded, these are lives, families will have their the hos without loved ones. >> they are murdering americans so the constitution affords the president the right to ask to defend the citizens of this country, so he is well within his realm of power and authority to make action with respect to iraq and syria.
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>> they are beheading our media, semi-clear signals we are at war with you. you know what i am watching for? the meetings that will be on the sidelines. you know why that is important? jordan is not a nato member, non-nato member ally. we have bases set up where we are training moderate people over there to take on isis if you will. now we have just learned isis has crossed over the border into jordan. they could be the next country to face this. it is one of the countries on the list, israel, where are these people going? >> there is a strong point to be made the allies in american people realize this is an emperor without any clothes. i can like an empty suit here.
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basically telling us what he really thinks, he does not want to destroy the terrorists, she e wants to manage them. imagine if he said we want to manage the nazis. i wonder how many americans beheaded is willing to tolerate under his own watch. he is great at putting out a political strategy and he divides people by race or gender long those type of lines and you need to ignite people. i wish the president would go after the terrorists with the same passion. >> he is not comfortable in his position as commander-in-chief, and it really shows he would rather focus on ideology and domestic issues. given the urgency posed, fox news asks u.s. ambassador this month why the world body is waiting to act until president obama arrives at u.s.
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headquarters three weeks from now. take a listen. >> it will not suffice if it is the united states and the few partners have stepped up at this point dealing with the threat, we need all hands on deck. >> you see leadership coming out from samantha power, the consistency of her message, understanding the threat is imminent. instead the president does not seem to be getting it. >> again i go back to that meeting the president is scheduled to have with the leader of jordan. i can only hear like a fly on the wall to say look, isis crossed the border from iraq and my country. jordan is mobilizing a military, they know this is coming. i am sure there will be a question from the king to be
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president, what are we waiting for, what are you waiting for? >> the king seems to get it. >> this is what leading from behind looks like. now we are seeing what is unfolding. america is weak, the world is a more dangerous place. uniteunited arab emirates saying stronger words calling for action more than our own president did the middle east is scared. >> i'm not surprised they are dressing theidragging their fee. we don't need their approval to take notes reaction against terrorists. i don't understand why anybody would want to join a coalition that doesn't have a strategy and pulled the rug out from under our allies on a number of other locations. >> the cause we have the best military in the world and hoping we will save them. it is still better than some. >> we elected a president, not the european union to protect
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us. >> people think he is checked out at this point, but if you look at the numbers in california, blue, blue, blue state as you know. the president's approval rating has fallen to a record low there. 45%, 43% respectively. you talk about how many more americans have to be beheaded. if he isn't making a decision until the last week of september, i hate to even think about that. >> i'm afraid the country is now building up a tolerance and desensitizing us to these beheadings. there is still no action, i really don't think the president has tapped into the american bloodstream in this country. we want strategy. >> can i say one thing about these beheadings? there is a war on the grieving
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mothers of these people, first of all lying, not getting to the bottom of it and indignities she has had to endure, but the same where information was leaked again one after another, this is the press has ignored these stories and the actions of the administration i think is really outrageous. >> member talking about the parents of the press conferences when we worked together on "outnumbered" and the president was out at a golf course? >> this is the war on women, the war on greedy women for the victims of the politics of this administration. >> and the vacuum leadership absence. blessing the leader of the dnc after domestic violence terms criticize the governor of wisconsin. what she said and whether she crossed the line.
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and what to do when your kid has a cold and you have a deadline at work. the debate if parents should get more sick days or not. and after the show, catch more on the couch, join us for "outnumbered" overtime logging on, click on the overtime tab. tweet us your questions, comments or tell us what topics you want to talk more about. (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we've built powerful technology to alert you to your next opportunity. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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comcast business. built for business. >> welcome back to "outnumbered." the public is a blessing democratic party leader saying the congresswoman and the dnc chair crossed the line by using references to domestic violence while criticizing wisconsin governor scott walker. listen to what she said on women issues in milwaukee. >> scott walker has given women the backseat and another that is direct, but that is reality. what republican people like scott walker are doing is grabbing us by the hair and dragging us down. it is unacceptable and it will not happen on our watch.
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>> the democrats reached a new low with comments, help us fight back today. a spokeswoman clarifying the comments saying in a statement domestic violence is an incredibly serious issue and the covers woman by no ways belittling the real pain survivors experience so this is something we can have a hot debate on this. we will start with you because your husband is a commerce and n in the state of friends with governor walker, do you think this is true? >> i know governor walker personally and he is a preacher's son. these comments and vote domestic violence, images of rate, i think it is unacceptable his opponent in a very tight race allowed her spokesperson to say mary would not use these words. no, this is unacceptable.
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we are reaching this critical point with this whole war on women, finally women have to go on offense about this. but this is getting crazy the head of the democratic party would use this kind of language so unfairly in the middle of an election that is meant to damage him politically. >> the lieutenant governor of the state, she came out and said this is absolutely hideous warning people to denounce these comments. you are a former prosecutor in california, once a prosecutor always a prosecutor. you tried these cases. >> absolutely, these are some of the most serious and difficult cases to go through, it shows her complete lack of regard and understanding at the issues surrounding domestic violence to belittle it in this way, make
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these comments accusing scott walker of this, it is outrageous showing how desperate and how worried they are about keeping votes. coming out of the mouth, she should know better, she should issue an apology. no evidence or fact whatsoever to substantiate these egregious statements. >> was it taken out of text? do you think it was a domestic violence? >> i think kimberly hit the nail on the head to show how desperate the democrats are. we are throwing every thing at the wall to see if it sticks. the democrats do this all the time. remember joe biden? republicans put you all back in chains. they have said this about republicans, the same as the kkk. the obama campaign actually said
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mitt romney killed someone when bain capital came in and downsized the company. >> is it egregious? is this taking it too far? >> i think you cannot hide the candidate. i think you have to step up and don't issue a statement. by the way, you were asking potentially where did this come in. was this a joke and if it was, it was not that funny. so if you look at the context of it, shocking a woman would say it because it is like eating your own, goodness gracious. >> where are the women's groups? >> great points here today. the president taken a lot of heat for his response and the reaction to the brutal murder of
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a second american journalist, but why we might be seeing other members of his administration coming out swinging now even from members of his own party. plus, the senator is saying senate colleagues made comments to her face about her weight loss and her weight gain as well. telling her to name names.
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man: i know the name of eight princesses. i'm on expert on softball.
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and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future? we'll help you get there. president obama: our objective is clear, no longer a threat not only to iraq but also the region and to the united states. we will continue to shrink isis influence and effectiveness, financing, it is military capabilities to the point where
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it is a manageable problem. >> destroy, manage. the president having a war of words with himself. welcome back to "outnumbered." president obama coming under fire for his comments yesterday after talks if isis to be destroyed or not. the white house scrambling to clarify the message. top members of the administration coming out swinging. >> let me be very clear, the starting point for today's conversation, the real face of this is not what we saw yesterday. when the worlds bore witness to the unfathomable brutality of terrorist murderers. >> this is the point president was making, if we don't destroy it, it will get worse and it will get wider and deeper. >> we take care of those who are grieving and when that is finished they should know we
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will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. because hell is where they will reside, how is where they will reside. >> after the vice president made those comments at a campaign event yesterday in new hampshire, we covered it right here on "outnumbered," democratic senator in what may be the fight of her political life tweeted this out. do not believe isil is manageable. these terrorists must be chased to the gates of hell. talk about your mixed messages within the party. >> it's kind of crazy. this is the case where joe biden, lot of the democratic senators who have come out and made statements are more in tune with what the people want, ahead of where the president is, and i think that his numbers as you said before are showing those out. >> something that pops into my
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head, one day be looking to the future, looking to glide in the presence? >> talking about the democratic senators? they want to sound hawkish. al franken said the president has been too soft. you know you are in big trouble. there is a reason for this. the president is sending mixed messages within the administration because no one knows where the president stands. the state department doesn't even say we are in. the president is not sending troops on the ground but is sending advisors. alall of a sudden they were jb w they are cancer. people will start to get on the same page, that is why there is no messaging. >> my dad would always say we have conditions.
9:29 am
so if you don't have a strategy it not only tells your own people you don't have a strategy, you tell the enemy. bret baier e-mailed all of us this morning saying i'm getting these notes from guys over there in iraq, they are telling him chase them to the gates of hell? how are we going to do that when we cannot even leave the front gate of the base. they are getting mixed messages, our own soldiers. >> there waiting for the commander in chief to show some leadership, to show some interest in this country, we have the finest troops in this world, stan ready, willing and able, and said our president wants to pass the problem on to somebody else. hoping desperately this will go away and somebody will take the leap but america is the leader. >> what is scary is our military men and women are sitting ducks.
9:30 am
>> i talked to one soldier who said they were not allowed to fight at night, the only way you could do that is if you started firefighters on your own. they were sitting targets, he said. i think the president started by saying destroy and be great, changed it to manage. in the beginning he said destroy, degrade, at the end he said manage, because i don't think he believes he can do it. he knew he had to backpedal out of that. he is saying at the end of the press conference hold on. >> the beginning the comments that were made were scripted, prepared remarks for the president, when he was asked
9:31 am
questions direct the it had to think and speak on his own what came out? the truth. he wants it to be a manageable problem. >> everybody at this coach can see a lot of us are having ronald reagan nostalgia. you say what would he do. >> abb will see it. republican senator of wisconsin expressing skepticism over fellow senator recent claim some of her male colleagues made disparaging comments about her body after she had a baby. here's a reminder of some of those comments. good thing you're working out because you wouldn't want to get porky. and you know you are even pretty when you are fat. don't lose too much weight, i like my girls chubby. senator johnson isn't buying those claims saying he hasn't
9:32 am
personally seen that kind of behavior on the hill, and if she had been harassed, she should name names. >> i have ever seen that kind of behavior. it is pretty professional, i have never seen that type of savior, that is all i can say. if you throw around those kind of accusations, give people a chance to defend themselves. >> good thing we have the wisconsin experts. >> good for ron johnson. i think she is part of the problem. if these senators said this, i am a little doubtful, say who they are. if a senator from my state said those comments, i have a right to know, she is part of the good old boy senate club, covering up, carrying water for them.
9:33 am
i say spill the beans, don't tarnish the image of the senate. >> tarnish the image of the senate? you say there is no sexism in the senate? >> sounds like you have job envy. >> my husband is a congressman, he is very professional, and i can guarantee you if there were any interns following behind him, i would be right there. >> one that pops in my head, i don't agree with calling names. honestly if she was sexually harassed that is not the place to do it. you do have an ethics committee. you don't bring up some reason in public. if you have a human resources issue with somebody, you take care of that. if it is a problem that is pervasive in any workplace, you
9:34 am
take care of it professionally. they have an ethics committee. fix it. >> you read the article, doesn't think certain people have ill will saying these comments, they were some of my friends, so i don't think she will ever name names. you know what, couldn't we all write a book? i can tell you people have something to me along the way, another have to you girls. >> i can't stand it and i am going to hr right now. >> that will go against their whole war on women thing. maybe issue sexual-harassment is a real issue, afraid to come
9:35 am
forward if they are not being treated appropriately, she has every right to talk about it. >> i wish she would show the same outrage of a comment whether she is fat or porky or whatever as they did with bill clinton, which they brushed under the rug. >> not saying you shouldn't come forward, but if it is not serious, she does have to go to hr. >> for the record my husband said i was a little porky after i had my baby too be at >> seven kids, he thrives on this. you look amazing. i love the weather. severe weather slamming folks in america's heartland, hail stones the size of half dollars damaging all kinds of food crops and rough stuff on the way. your extreme weather forecast plus how would you feel if
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coworkers brought their kids into work? would you rather they get extra sick days to stay home? ugh. heartburn.
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>> you've got a busy day at work i had until your child catches a nasty cold. the babysitters out of the question but does your backup option include bringing a little patient to work? one founder of a career coaching company says as much as i would like to say yes, a working mom is entitled to bring their child to work if needed, i don't necessarily agree. first, for child is sick they want to be in bed, not in an office and people you work with don't like when collies, and sick let alone ringing in six kids. this is just a way to taint your
9:41 am
reputation. i agree can would rather be in bed by think this is the ultimate jerk test because other than your career a crazy to be in the studio, for the most part most people can do their work from home, on why not give that person not a sick day tha they k at home day. this will enough you can do at home you could do in the office. if your boss says no, he is a jerk. >> giving somebody an extra sick day seems unfair. >> you are a mom, you can say it. >> i don't want extra for the accommodation of doing what i can do at work at home is interesting. >> you have to have a job where you can work from home, but my mother was a schoolteacher. we had to be really sick in order to do that.
9:42 am
>> i would rather, he has like 10 girlfriends, i am allowed only have one, i would rather him come in and sit in our greenroom and do chicken noodle soup. >> i can imagine walking into the "o'reilly factor" office, o'reilly coming down. sniffling two-year-old sitting there. he would probably put the child to work. could you imagine? >> are you saying he is a jerk? >> no, no. they would want to put a federal law in place, each individual company's responsibility. >> disease-free.
9:43 am
i don't want to make a judgment because each individual situation single moms can be very difficult, even immediate family to come help, i don't have any family who lives in new york so i rely on my babysitter to say can you come early today so i can go to work, i wouldn't want to bring him to work these out from school may be contagious. >> companies, this network like dynamic, interesting women and we have dynamic lives so if you want these kind of women to better accommodate because they come with mom problems. it is sexist if i don't get a sick day from my kid. >> they give you time off when your wife has a baby.
9:44 am
>> it should be equal opportunity. >> bill told me what is water is doing, watching the kids sit around and cry all day? >> they would get maternity leave as well as they should, but sick time, i don't know if one person is sicker than the other because they have kids. >> we are expecting an announcement from the department of justice of a plan to open a civil rights investigation into the ferguson, missouri, police department. this was all over the headlines a couple of weeks ago. all of this following the failed shooting at the death of michael brown the one of the protesters. and not so fine to the kids who have to eat mandated healthier
9:45 am
veggies. but michelle obama is taking it to the gang of funny or die. will it help or not?
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>> first of go to jon scott, one of my favorite people. >> president obama in meetings with nato leaders over the future of ukraine over continued russian aggression. protests across this country with protesters from fast food walking off the job, he won $15 per hour. jonathan hunt on that and the justice department launches investigation into the ferguson, missouri, police department over civil rights violations. eric holder set to announce investigation at a news conference a little more than one hour from now. >> i may be outnumbered, but now it is my turn for a story. she's taking a page from her husband's handbook.
9:50 am
high school students becoming junkfood zombies. >> she is the one. >> don't you hate when trailers give away the whole movie? can we just watch "frozen" again? >> back to the well, the form on the initiative, i hope they don't announce their isis strategy on funny or die. she is catching a lot of flak now? >> these are young people who decided they don't want the food
9:51 am
she is selling. now she has repackage the message in a format might find inviting or funny. the lead actress, girl, you got it. kids are going to debate that and decide that base and with the food like. >> going crazy at the playground, just wants it to be healthy. what is wrong with that? >> i've got it. my child, my family under control. i need the government telling me what i can put in my mouth were my child's mouth, that is the deal. >> is that where she went wrong with it? she could say we are going to you options, we will keep the burgers, what was she did was killed the burgers and the kids are going crazy.
9:52 am
>> it is more expensive. the kids are not going through the lunch line, so the schools bought all this food and are losing money on it. >> the government accountability estimated a billion dollars in wasted food, that makes me sick. this is what is so ironic about this. the idea is to inject the government to make people make good choices. now we have kids in school getting a first-hand lesson in the power of personal liberty, in the end they have decided we don't want it and i think this is precisely the opposite of what they intended the outcome to be. freedom and economic liberty and personal liberty won the day.
9:53 am
i said you'r your all on school lunches this week. and then they said we want to have cold lunch for the rest of the year. so there you go. >> remember the slab of pizza? like a rectangle. >> it cannot even have the sugar cereal if we went to mcdonald's once in a blue moon, we all shared a milkshake. >> h we passed around the milkshake. share and milkshake. >> you guys are really splurging over there. >> my mom wanted us to eat healthy, so we had the opportunity. >> i'm going to take you to the mcdonald's drive-thru and get you your own shake. >> the chef at a restaurant
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what dow want with your burger and french fries? if you like ketchup avoid one ü @&hc% it doesn't serve the connediment to anyone under the age of ten. no ketchup for you the chef said. my burger has a sauce on it already. >> anded condiment king. >> who likes ketchup. >> it is. it is offensive to the chef. >> and that is a child with you. and that is so crazy to me. and i have been to french sfraunts and i would0pñ like ketchup. we don't have ketchup. and can i go get some at the corners. and stuff them in your purse and
9:59 am
you can't have one of the american things? this is this is not part of my culinary agenda. and i don't like. it and what i would do is maple syrup. >> and yeah. come on, eric. you are not paying attention to mishil bum?i and she wou-- mich and that is a starter sauce on
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everything. and what happens at ten you can't have it? >> and stick with the show on outnumbered over time. back tomorrow at n bye. fox news alert and a major takedown in the the fight against isis has the world leaders gather in wales. >> thousands of miles away. u.s. air strikes reportedly'nn s the mark and killing a leader of the terror group this is happening now. >> makes the united states party to the north atlantic pact. >> end of world war ii and beginning of nato. and now 65 years later could history repeat itself? >> are we co=j full circle when it comes to russian aggression. and plus, officials


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