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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 4, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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everything. and what happens at ten you can't have it? >> and stick with the show on outnumbered over time. back tomorrow at n bye. fox news alert and a major takedown in the the fight against isis has the world leaders gather in wales. >> thousands of miles away. u.s. air strikes reportedly'nn s the mark and killing a leader of the terror group this is happening now. >> makes the united states party to the north atlantic pact. >> end of world war ii and beginning of nato. and now 65 years later could history repeat itself? >> are we co=j full circle when it comes to russian aggression. and plus, officials are
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concerned that terrorist are planning an attack on this month on interception 11th. and 13 years nearly a jxstdozen planes have disappeared. unverified photosk? of libyan rebels taking them and raising fears of another terror attack from the air. ntwo women go kyakting and encountering a killer. a great white shark gets too aggressive. and they describe what could have been their final moments. it is all on "happening now". ♪ >> first, let's get to the top story. tough talk against isis in the nato summit. western leaders vowing to make a coalition to take action
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against the brutal is slammic terrorist. >> the nato summit was meant to mark the end of operations in afghanistan. but the hot spot now is firmy on the back burner as the terrorist threat and russia's menacing role in the ukraine tops a packed agenda. ed henry is traveling with the president there and live with us in cardiff, wales. where do they start? >> reporter: it is a good question. remember the nato summit was going to be winding down the u.s.- led nato mission in afghanistan. that is still part of the agenda as you know. but given the aggression from russia talk of sanctions and having a rapid response team of
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cvfñ stationed hereonse team of in europe that couldquickly react if it expands to nato countries. but on top of all of that as you say is isis. it is not necessarily a direct. we talked about it in the mideast. there is great fear that the terrorist will spread here or in the u.s., and that's why british prime minister david cameron highlighted that. >> we have a crucial time in the history of our lives, there is dangerous and evolving threats and it is absolutely clear that nato is vital to our future as it has been in our past. russian troops are illegally in ukraine. the extremist threat has risen in iraq and syria. these are two of the threats we face. >> reporter: republicans have
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been critical and suggesting that prime freedom cameron is showing more leadership and dealing with the isis. the president said on one hand the goal is to destroy isis and back pedalled and said wait a second we want to degrade them until it is a manageable problem. republicans like peter king say that is not good enough. >> you so chuck hagel and saying what a threat this is and he's not acting like it is not and now playing catch up and say we he had 12 months to do this and he failed. this is a terrible failure of leadership by the president. >> reporter: the white house said that was overblown and said in the short term trying to degrade isis' threat and long- term destroy them and that will take time, heather.
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>> ed, thank you. snks the meeting's agenda originally focused on afghanistan but rapidly evochled on ukraine and the isis. chris walls is with us. normally, in a normal year nato summit would generate headlines but notw9=g a lot of news. i can't think of a time when the allyiance is faced with the problem. >> you are right. they are facing serious threats now at a time and the original talk was diminishing our foot print in afghanistan. this just shoes you can't control the world. the world to a degree controls your agenda. and the president talked about a no>ylightervúuju print and
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diminishing defense budgets and nation building at home. and faced with a serious threat from isis in the middle east and henry referred to some talk that british prime freedom came ron got out in front of the u.s. president. they had a joint editorial in the times of london sounded like cameron than obama. a tough editorial and talking about confronting our threats both in russia and isis and not talk about managing and shrinking it as the president mentioned in the news conference in pú >> the president is taking heat from people within his own party. democratic senator jean sha heen from new hampshire put out the tweet. you probably saw. it do not believe isil is
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manageable. these terrorist must be chased to the gates of hell. that is the vice-president's line. and it seems like mr. obama is maybe the most dovish member of the administration? >> not only the administration but increasingly the democratic party. there was talk, well, the president had to be sensitive to the left wing of his party. anti- war side of his party. a liberal democrat in new hampshire talking about it is not a manageable problem and elizabeth warren who many consider left wing leader of the democratic, or wing of the democratic party came out with a tough statement talking about how you have to destroy isil. and the commander in chief more dovish and elizabeth waren and not to mention the secretary of
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state or defense it is defense. >> even al franken is putting out tougher language than the president has. we want to play from the campaign president obama talking about relations with> russia a trying to gig mitt romney about it. >> a now months ago, what is the biggest geo political threat facing america you said russia and not al-qaeda. neap 80s are calling to ask for the foreign policy back. the cold war was over 20 years. >> well, it was a great line and may have helped him win election, but looking at it these days, it% seems like romy was closer to the truth than his competitor? >> i don't know if you know this, you gave me a perfect opportunity to promo fox news
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sunday which i am grateful. we'll have mitt romney as our exclusive guest on sunday and one of the things we want to it talk about. we have a picture and ready for this. there was a lot of issues and obama care and threat from russia and romney can say i told you so now. and it is two years too late for the lekdz and we'll talk to him about. that and 2016 because romney, a few months ago said not a candidate and now, well, circumstances could change. we'll try to squeeze more out of the former governor of massachusetts as to whether he might consider a run. a recent poll showed him way ahead of the republican candidates. >> third time is a charm in politics as well. chris, thank you for much. >> and thanks for the plug. >> you bet. >> we want to hear from you our
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viewers. you think that nato will come up to a response from isis and russia click on america's asking and get america's thoughts. >> in the meantime talk about extreme weather. and if you are in the midwest you need to listen to this. a weather alert and dangerous storms taking aim at upper midwest. our chief meteorologist is in the extreme weather center with the latest. >> parts of wisconsin, we have heavy rain and chicago area is seeing heavy rain showers move through early this morning and start on the afternoon. headed to grown bay and really windy conditions and severe watch box issue has expired. it is a northern part of wisconsin and upper peninsula of michigan. we are talking about strong winds associated with this and it is incredibly warm there and
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headed to september and temperatures feeling like the warmest temperatures we have seen this summer. 80s and 90s and humid here and a nice weekend eventually and next week just to look ahead, colder air coming in. and watching the tropics. this is the pacific side. and we are watching this pull up in the northeast. this is a direct impact. and over the next now days, and monday and tuesday, potentially heavy rain in parts of new mexico and arizona. and some areas are seeing 2- 4 inches of rain. and you will get significant flooding. we'll watch that over the next now days and potentially the developing story in the southwest. >> locks likem] coming up. and breaking news, a georgia father accused of killing his
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car on a 90 degrees day. a live report iskhhd moments aw and another child left in car and firefighters reached the tot in time and why the mother left him this in the first place. fast-food workers are walking off of the job and fighting for a higher minimum wage. johnathon hunt in the protest. >> and civil disobedience. fast-food washingers step up campaign for better pay. the protest and the arrest after the break. rrn ets right time. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus powerful mobile apps so you're
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>> a fox news alert to bring you right now. a grand jury indicting a georgia man accused in the death of his little boy. he was charged with the death of
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22-year-old son cooper. he died after being left in a scorching suv for hours. and the indictment was just handed down in georgeia. johnathon? >> reporter: ijátz holding the indictment. the grand jury found a true bill on eight counts. felony murder and malice murder, of those in connection with the june 18th death of his 22 month old son cooper. the defense claims that justin ross harris forgot to drop his son in day care and left without realizing copper was strapped inside. prior to the death harris searched the web for information on children dying in heated cars. he had exchanged text with multiple women and that included
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a teenage girl. the grand jury indicted harris on two counts of dissemination of harmful information to minors and sexual exploitation of children. harris is held without bond as he awaits trial. his wife who attended many of the hearings throughout the investigation was not charged in connection with this case. the investigation is ongoing and the district attorney is expected to talk to reporters three clock eastern time and we'll bring you more details then. >> it is an upsetting story. hopefully parents will use that as a cawingary tail. >> absolutely. >> fire fighters leap into action after a mother left a little boyinside of a hot car in san jose, california. the child had been in the car!v- 10 minutes.
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>> with the air-conditioner going on. we tried to bring the temperature down. >> it is a blessing they called in time. who knows what would happen. the little boyis expected to be ay. the mother said she and swrth child left him there while they ran in the store for a minute. police say she could face charges. fast-food workers are putting down the burger and fries and taking to the streets. it is the latest push for $15 per hour minimum wage. johnathon has the latest from the front of mcdonald. >> reporter: heather, the protest in midtown mcdonald just wrapped up. it involved a hundred or so people. they turned up and shouting
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slogans and they walked in the middle of the avenue here in manhattan and staged a sit in protest. the new york police officers moved in and arrested about a dozen of those and we saw similar scenes in times square. we were told that 19 were arrested and now the tactics of civil disobedience may be new this time around. organizers of these protest saying that if the wages of fast-food workers are lifted up, the american economy will be lifted, listen here. >> you can get your place instead of a subsidized homeless shelter and buy food instead of fooddo stamps and now you can g a vehicle if you are lucky and you are going to have to pay for gas. when you spend money it creates
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jobs and it is simple economics. >> as the protest spread, the restaurant chains and franchise operators said lifting the wage for minimum wage to $15 is not sustainable. mcdonalds said we belie> it is a two- year campaign by the fast-food workers. they believe they have momentum on their side and getting gains on the state level and ultimate he see those on a national level, heather.
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>> it is interesting they brought obama care into. that interesting. thank you. >> taking you to the nato summit. russia tops the agenda. vladimar putin is doubling down on his actions in ukraine and religious extremist terror otherwise the world. is the old nato up to facing the the challenges. they needed a bigger boat. a frighting encounter with a great shark. is it under us or come back. what if i move and will anybody come and save us. we didn't know anything. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes!
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south americas two kyakters lucky to be alive after suffering a attack. >> it was my kyakt. and most terrifying part, shark attack was so quick. he is there and gone. and sitting in the water wondering if he would come back. they say they were hoping to catch a glimpse of the seals offshore. and where there are seals, there are usuallyhi)(j sharks. >> as leaders of nato country meeting in wales. russia is a hot topec. and part of the deterrence of the soviet union and expansion of communism. they are talking about russia
10:26 am
and ukraine. and two charter members of nato. us and uk called to address the crisis and threats posed by isis terrorist in the west. can nato do the job? >> it is a form offer deputy assistant secretary of defense and author of nuclear>ñ nightmares, secowering the world before it is too late. >> can nato do the job? >> nato is a political and military force without peer. the key is getting it united and that's what the president obama is doing oaf the last few weeks and you will see it come together in the nato summit and a series of decisions.
10:27 am
>> peter,y wee get you to weigh in. >> i am concerned. i don't think the president has undertaken the international leadership that we expect from an american president. the united states is the biggest power within nato and basically the defactor leader of nato which is a military and political organization and disappointed with the president with the regard of isis and china and russia. hopefully we'll have significant actions to make up the deterrence action we have sewn with russia and a common threat we are finding in the middle east. >> one of the centerpieces is the 4,0005m strong rapid reacti force. i want to ask you about this. this is pledged before and neveñ materialized and why should
10:28 am
putin believe it might happen now? >> putin has united nato loc it hasn't been in two decades or more. and the rapid deployment forces co to reassuring the eastern nato members. that nato forces can move in quickly and you will see the unveiling of a cyber strategy and aid to ukraine and bolster that country's military and aid to the kurds who are fighting the isis threat like you never seen before. >> you say that nato united because of putin. peter, where is the proof of that? we are not see issing many people coming to ukraine's defense. but nevertheless, vladimar putin acting and the question where he is he going to go next? >> are they united? snshg it is a big organization
10:29 am
28 different countries herding them in one direction is like herding cats. coalition of the willing and others dealing with international security problems. nato hasn't gotten putin to cough up crimea. he's holding on to that. and violating the nuclear forces treaty and something that joe can talk about. and there is a lot of concerns there. and putin has seen the weakness and not only taken crimia and unsurgency in eastern ukraine that is destabilizing the area and may go after georgia or the baltic states. >> i talk to my polish friends and they are worried about vladimar putin coming after them are you concerned? >> your friends are right.
10:30 am
putin is playing a bad hand very well here and which is why you have to have military forces put in place to counter that coupled with the diplomatic strategy that defeats him and as you are seeing the economic sanctions put in place. there is nothing quick about this. peter is right. complicated analysis. and so you have to take thed tie to get this all right. you don't want to shoot and find out you are aiming at the wrong target. >> countries are supposed to put in two percent of the gdp. and united states does it and three other nations do that. and we have information on. that and other countries are not footing the bill and still nato members. how does that work? >> it is not a requirement. it is a guideline.
10:31 am
as we talked about there is a lot of free loaders and don't mind relying on a bigger power to do the heavy lifting for them. it is important that nato understands the threat it faces from russia and the middle east and thews europeans that have gone. maybe 3,000 with passports. >> that really matters, peter and joe, thank you for your expertise. and we'll talk about it a lot later. one thing people are asking. will europe answer the call in their own backyard how will they handle isis? >> libyan jet liners flat out go missing. remember what happened on
10:32 am
september 11th? we are days away from the anniversary. >> and reports that an american fighting for isis worked in a major u.s. airport and had access to airplanes. what is done to keep us safe? >> new job's report offering hope to the millions still out of work. take 4 advil in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. honey, you did it! baby laughs! my treadmill started to dress i mibetter than i did.uts, the problem was the pain. hard to believe, but dr. scholl's active series insoles reduce shock by 40% and give you immediate pain relief from three sports injuries. amazing! now, i'm a believer. having a perfectly nice day, when out of nowhere a pick-up truck slams into your brand new car. one second it wasn't there and the next second... boom! you've had your first accident. now you have to make your first claim.
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>> nearly a dozen airplanes are missing, flat out missing from the airport in tripoli. and raising fears of a possibility attack from the air. taking a look at the pictures that are concerned. they were purportedly posted on line by rebels show will themselves with airplanes they captured when they overran the tripoli international airport in libia. >> we have the senior editor of the washington free bee con. >> multiple u.s. officials with access to intelligence reports that they were circulated in the u.s. government indicating that 11 commercial jets in libya had gone missing and the fear is they are taken over by islamists
10:37 am
and could be used in 9/11 suicide bombing attacks in the region or outside of the region. snshg the particular jet was a fairly small regional jet and not the kind that reaches the united states. but there are air bus that have significant range and they are missing aren't they? >> the u.s. is looking to account for 27 aircraft that belonged to state owned airlines. the real issue is that libya is spinning out of control and÷u becoming a failed state run by islamists linked to al-qaeda. and once that happens, booel have a threat whether from aircraft or terrorist themselves. >> and the fear is that they could use them as guided missiles the way they were used
10:38 am
on 9/11 or lead them up with terrorist and land at a civilian airport and guys with ak 47s come boiling out. >> it is not easy operation to do. that first you need suicide bombers that can fly an aircraft. we know that is done. you need fuel. and the libyans have. that and so it is a serious potential threat at lost with the officials i talk. to the administration is trying to spin it not serious. but the people i talk to are taking it serious. >> and let's also look at what is going on and what we learned about what happen in this country. one of the two americans killed fighting for isis apparently had a job in the minneapolis airport and had security clearances that gained him access to airplanes? >> this is the cross-section of the kind of people who are
10:39 am
leaving the u.s. and joining this jihad in the middle east. again, a number of hundredéh o these people and now somebody with access to an airport could understand the security of an airport and things that are useful in conducting an attack and using an aircraft in the future. >> mohammed had nine children and supporting them on>2jsç the salary of a guy who is cleaning airplanes? >> yeah, that is certain he strange. obviously we have to tighten up our security on this kind of a threat. i think it is only a matter of time gihaddist going to syria will bring it back home. just this week on twitter the terrorist group planned to conduct attacks in the united states by blowing up vehicles. >> and you get a lot of stuff right. hope you are wrong on this one.
10:40 am
thank you. >> there are new employment reports showing the fifth straight months private companies in the united states created 200,000 new jobs. lauren joins us now. >> good to see you. we have a pair of jobs reports today. and it is before the big jobs report tomorrow morning. private payroll and 2,004,000 jobs were added and the fifth month in the job creation and above 200,000. are hotter than expected. and what everybody wants to know. what will it look like tomorrow morning. and people tradeoff this report. and the expect augz of 200,000 jobs added and bring the unemployment rate down to 6.2 percent. and if it keeps moving down.
10:41 am
fed will hike the interest rates and that's what investors don't like. back to you. >> we are hoping for good news. >> new smart phone app to change the way we shob for clothes and offering your digital tailor. >> new technology is transforming clothes shopping for years and now transforming the way the clothes fit. >> the big picture is miles. sachs. he has a strong worth e.g.ic. you didn't have custom shirts that is a requirement on wall street. >> yeah, it is amazing when how
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>> and time to go to a custom taylor. and decided to quit finance and start m- tailor. we measure you with the camera on your phone and you pick out the phone. >> the app is 20 percent more accurate than a professional taylor. and all in the privacy in your home and office and five minutes or less. >> a custom shirt5ç that 125 an we sell for 69,000. he couldn't have had preponderate timing. they have been expanding over the paf five years. >> ecommerce for apparel is super explosive. the younger people are going out there and shopping on>2n3 the e devices. m- tailor mans to go to pants and then in women's wear.
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>> people want the clothes that fit right and don't have the money to go to a q,fñstailor. now 50 time in history. regular people can get custom clothes, quickly% and affordab. back to you. nwow. makes me feel like my suit is not fitting so well. >> thank you. >> you two don't need it. you look great. >> and this is exciting news to we are talking about cancer and there are cancer drugs. and we'll tell you why they are so expensive and be careful wh where you step. we'll have the latest on the deadly albinno cob authority ra. yeah, it is real and on the loose in one neighborhood. be careful. you know what else i can do on my phone?
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>> hi, everyone. coming up on the real story a exclusive interview with senator mccain live from ukraine. and why are citizens leaving our country to join terrorist organization? can we charge them with crimes? geraldo all over that. and my take, why dnc head would bring domestic violence all in a political attack. all in the top of the hour. nfuare like a lot of us here in america, so many of us have been we have good news. researchers unveiling the cancer drug. it is up to 140,000 a year. and doctor in the research
10:48 am
institution, you have treated hundreds of patients. pzone drugs, what is the outcome you are seeing so far? >> yeah, we have had the great privilege of having exciting new therapies at sa ra r cannon. and had an opportunity to treat 600 patients with these drugs in different types of cancer. lung and melanoma and bladder cancer. >> and what is thend how are things looking for the patients. >> the studies are still in progress and early results and they are exciting. we have been seeing remarkable success story. and using the patient'sy@ own immune system and not putting chemo therapy that comes with
10:49 am
more toxicitty. they are affective and safe at controlling advanced cancer and patients are hopefully enjoying good qualities of life. >> this is in clinical trials and not fda approved, correct? >> correct. we hope in the seven months or year to have the therapies in the u.s. i think one of the agents has been approved in japan it treat mella noma. and that cost 140,000 a year. how are patients paying for it. >> these drugs are available on a research basis. and the patients don't have to pay. if they get approved, will these be affordable for patients with
10:50 am
various types of cancer ares. i hope they are covered by the insurance system and valuable to cover for people and they are so effective so far to imagine tha drugs won't substantially change how we care for cancein the united states. >> for or viewers who may have missed it, it's called a pd 1 drug. when do you project this will be in mainstream use in the united states. >> the category is called immune no therapy. this these are therapies that boost the immune system. there's another class called pdl 1 inhibitors. these drugs are in late stage trials in several cancers, mel no ma and kidney cancer. in the next several months and next year we might have approval in various cancers and various settings in the united states. very exciting time in cancer studies right now. >> one thing that families do
10:51 am
need and that is hope that there is something they can do about the cancer. thank for joining us today. >> thank for having me. back with more happening now in just a moment.
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the los angeles area, a neighborhood on edge as authorities search high and low for a potentially deadly albino cobra. the snake has been on the loose in the thousand oaks community for three days. animal control wants to catch it before it bites someone. authorities telling residents there to keep their doors locked and keep their pets inside. this species of cobra is common in asia. it may have made it to california as an illegal pet. >> why would you want that as a pet? >> at least the thing is white. it's easier to see.
10:55 am
>> or just get a ferret instead. the crunch for space in san francisco is getting a whole lot worse. a lot of businesses are having trouble finding places to set up shop. one office venture is getting creative in doing so. we're live in the city by the bay. what are you in right now? >> reporter: actually we're on treasure island. this is cargo texture, these old shipping containers have been upcycled to house three or four tech workers who can split the $1500 a month rent and grow their business. this is just one example of how unconventional office spaces are trending. office sharing is going to hit new extremes with places like we work located in a converted movie palace. for $650 a month, members enjoy the boothe and lounges that foster working communities.
10:56 am
>> startups, freelancers, we even have corporate presence in this build as well. all of those people get to mix and mingle, share resources and come into a space where they are the intention of collaborating. >> reporter: if working on the water floats your boat, space is available on this ferry now docked in the port of san francisco. $400 a month. >> it is funky, doorways are hatches and windows are port holes but it's also less expense sif of the average going rate of $500 or $600 a month in san francisco. >> reporter: and experts say a collaborative culture in a unique workspace can foster innovative thinking. >> it opens our eyes and thoughts the different ways of doing things. >> reporter: and today there are more than 800 of these unusual very interesting coworking spaces across the country. it's the new, new, new way to work. >> very cool. very cool.
10:57 am
>> claudia, thanks. >> and we'll be right back.
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you're going to be back with us tomorrow? >> that's right. tomorrow. >> look forward to it. naings for joining us. >> have a great day. hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. this is if the "the real story." could a college student be behind the social media campaign to get americans to follow isis? also, garage finally deciding on charges against the georgia dad accused of leaving his infant son to die in a very hot car. plus, the justice department saying it will have a significant update live during our show on the ferguson, police department. why it's reportedly launching a second investigation following the police shooting of unarmed teen michael brown. senator john mccain is going to give us his real take


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