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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  September 4, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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you're going to be back with us tomorrow? >> that's right. tomorrow. >> look forward to it. naings for joining us. >> have a great day. hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. this is if the "the real story." could a college student be behind the social media campaign to get americans to follow isis? also, garage finally deciding on charges against the georgia dad accused of leaving his infant son to die in a very hot car. plus, the justice department saying it will have a significant update live during our show on the ferguson, police department. why it's reportedly launching a second investigation following the police shooting of unarmed teen michael brown. senator john mccain is going to give us his real take live
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from kiev. but first the threat of isis dominating discussions on the sideline of the nato summit in wales. as leaders of the biggest military might express concerns about the extremist's in the middle east and beyond. american intelligence officials have their ear to the ground monitoring terrorists groups including isis because they're reporting increased chatter online and over the phone lines as we approach now 13 years since the september 11th, terror attacks. james roz season live for us from the state department. how are you today in. >> i'm well. good afternoon, gretchen. it was in february of this year that al qaeda formally disowned isis from its organization citing tactical differences. now the head of al qaeda perhaps feeling displaced has announced
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a new branch office on the indian subcontinent. in a videotaped conference, he said the indian package is years in the making. however, just last week kill abdullah of saud the arabia told people that he was certain that the jihadists who are wreaking havoc in syria and iraq will reach europe in a month and america a month after that. those remarks game as great britain raised its terror level to severe. all of this has analysts expressing growing alarm as the 13th anniversary of the september 11th attacks approaches. >> i'm worried whether it's 9/11 or not. i'm very concerned. this is a threat we've known for months and month pbs. the president has had time to put together a coalition. he's known this for a year. where has he been?
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>> and i think, you know, we also are not, as a country and as a counter terrorism community here but also across europe, we are not what we were pre-9/11. we have so much better postured in so many way to see, detect, stop any type of attack like what we saw on 9/11. >> part of what is causing so much concern about isis is the number of foreign fighters who have joined the fight with them. senior obama administration officials have said up to 100 people with american passports have done that. gretchen. >> we're going to talk about that a little later on in the show. thank you so much. as nato leaders meet, the uk minister of defense reveesing the video you see on your screen right now showing military exercises in poland. soldiers raiding buildings with black hawk helicopterhelicopter.
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poland shares a border with ukraine. well now to real talk on the terror group isis causing a growing shift in the political landscape in washington aez both democratance republicans stiek ted cruz mouthing with. this. >> isis says they want to go back and reject ma dernty? well i think we should help them. we ought to bomb them back to the stone age. >> and you had democrat senator jeanne shaheen who is in the fight of her political life attending an event with joe biden in new hampshire, quoting na agree these terrorists must be chased to the gates of hell. >> meanwhile, senator rand paul says syria and iran should take
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the lead in fight isis wu with u.s. air support. time now for real talk with our fox contributor and a former y. and the republicans now, ted cruz and rand paul who were not interventionists a couple of months ago now suddenly changing their tune? why? >> not so much cruz. i the it's recessed over the past several years because it'se we ar not interested in the american intervention and there was a reemergence of the idea that there was a libertarianian wing that really wanted to limit our involvements overseas. reality obviously what we see going on all over the world, from russia to north africa to gaza to isis between syria and i rack, i think forced us to really reconfront that the
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america is the sole super power of the world and as such we can avoid these conflicts. you see public opinion, 73% of americans believe isis is a real threat. they're scared that we don't have a real strategy, of which 57% of democrats believe isis is a threat. >> you're correct. the whole opinion of the america public has also shifted as it has of the politicians minds. but marjorie, you've got this youing course of democrats who are taking on the president almost begging him to do something. what would you say to that? >> well, first i'd say obama's message that we don't have a strategy was probably poor communications on his part. they are forming a strategy. they just didn't have one to release at that really? >> but i think what is happening with republicans and democrats right now is this response to public opinion. you've got, again, 73% of americans concerned about the growing threat of isis, 58% disagreeing with the president's current policy on it. and frankly, the season began,
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tony i'm so glad to see you. we'll be talking politics for a year from now. >> you will. the midterms are coming up. but there are some democrats that are not running for reelection, i mane thinking about diane feinstein and bill dmelsonelson. but i've got to talk you to task task. the president hasn't come up with his strategy yet. what are we waiting for? another beheading of an america citizen? >> no. there needs to be a tlauthful strategy. reactionary action and jumping in with the troops is probably not what we need right now. aek nolg changed dramatically. when we look at what we can do from a an intelligence standpoint and drones, everything we can do to contain, it's a much smafrt smarter stra contain and move in cautiously and thoughtfully instead of
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creating eruption. >> maybe they need marjorie to be giving them the messaging part of the equation. >> i certainly would endorse that as well. the reality is the world is begging for president obama's leadership on this. we saw david cameron, we've seen angela merkel come out strongly. we've seen the moderate sunni states to the other gulf states isolate isis as the problem and want to work with an international coalition. it's the american president that is lagging behind and that's why, as you pointed out, it's vulnerable democrats who can't stand for this using the president's own words against him in the shaheen tweet, she had manageable was a reference to the president saying what's made isis a manageable problem. >> got to run. so another big huge story today. the head of the democrat national committee catching a lot of flack after she ripped into republican governor scott walker of wisconsin unbelievably
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florida congresswoman deciding to use the language of domestic violence as a way to attack his issues. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand. i know that is stark. i know that is direct. but that is reality. >> what republican tea party extremists like scott walker are doing is grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back. it's unacceptable and not going to happen on our watch. >> back of his hand and grabbing us by the back of our hair. really? >> wow. look, gretchen, the dnc chairwoman has a long history of inserting her foot into her mouth. in 2012 the democrats conducted focus groups to determine and measure the various success and effectiveness 0 their surrogates. she scored last.
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she earned the moniker dead last debb debbie. this is a vile attack but i's not a surprise considering the source who traffics in this thoughtless, mindless, hand fisted effective. >> it's offensive on so many levels. but here's what she said about wasserman shuts's comments. >> i am offended and insulted. i think the remarks were absolutely hideous and the motive behind them were despicable. you know, it's guesting, guy, because other people have come out and apologized fer her comments in the last 24 hours, but not the congresswoman. will she? >> i don't know. she's not much -- she's not really one for apologies overall. but you look at the way that she tried to frame this. this is an attempt by the
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democrats and her in particular to shut down debate. she's not interested in having an honest conversation about scott walker's record in wisconsin which is exeveryonemp. he's done a good job. so she's using this comparisons, invoking the language, explicit language to try to shut down and short circuit a real genuine conversation about what scott walker has done for the people of wisconsin. >> thank you so much. time now for my take on her comments. i've learned a lot about domestic violence from working in this business. my boss in tall las, texas thought it was an important enough topic to devote 30 spots to it. i don't care what your political party is but using the topic of domestic violence to score
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political points or attack an opponent is totally out of line. talk to me victim, man owoman and you'll find out. maybe she'll come on "the real story" to defend her remarks. so far she's offered no apology. coming up on "the real story", a big new problem here at home. more an more americans are pleejing allegiance to isis. one of them busted at an airport but not on terrorism charges. so are american terror wanna bees somehow above the law? breaks developments in the case of a georgia toddler left to die in a hot car. new charges today against that father. and so $0 million worth of drugs coming to shore. the major bust on the high seas ahead in a live report. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands?
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welcome back. an american who tried to join
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isis in syria recently busted at kennedy airport here in new york when he flew back from the middle east. this is the 44-year-old, donald ray more gwan. he was arrested just days after he appeared on another network. listen to this. >> i purchased the ticket with the intent of entering the syria, either joining up with medical or food aid convoys or directly with the islamic state. the responsibility of the islamic state is to protect those who can't protect themselves. it matters not to me who the enemy is. i think there's a strong possibility that they'll charge me with supporting terrorists organizations and participating in terrorists activities. >> here's the catch. despite his actions, an outspoken support for isis, morgan was not charged with neither roar related active pi. he was nabbed for trying to sell a rifle online. morgan pleading not guilty in federal court and joining me now
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is geraldo rivera. >> he's thinking he's going to be charged with a terrorism charge or crime. >> we start with the fact that this guy is a total loser. he's failed at everything he's ever tried in his life. he didn't make it through boot camp. he wanted to be a member of the united states army. he wanted to join the 82nd airborne division. he flopped out of boot camp, got thrown out-his job as a sheriff's deputy. he became a muslim very recently. so the question is, did he sincerely attempt to join a terrorist organization? because there is a statute under the patriot act -- i actually have the statute written out here. it's 18 u.s. code 29-39-b. whoever knowingly provides resource to a foreign terrorist organization or attempts or conspire to do so, you face 15 years and if someone dies you get life. >> so he was tweeting that he
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had an allegiance for isis and that he wanted to go from turkey into syria and actually they stopped him at that border so he could not go there. >> if that was true. remember he's a loser, a liar. he could have be inflating himself. if they can prove -- >> a lot of losers have blowed up a lot of people. >> i grant you that. absolutely. but if they can prove that he really took the overt step of going to turkey, attempting to cross the border and was turned away there, then you can get him for attempting to provide material support because yourself, your body is material support. >> it's totally different than when the u.s. launched an air strike and killed somebody like allah walk ki who was an american citizen because they had prove that he had done terrorists things. >> he was involved in directing criminal acts aimed at hurting american property and people. he was an absolute dyed in the wool terrorist.
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he wasn't convicted of that but we had a lot of intelligence and they vetted it before they launched the drone strike that took his life. >> i do believe if they can prove that he did attempt to cross from occurdy into syria, that's enough, given his statements, to get him under the patriot act. >> it's a growing concern. the government admitted that there are are 100 americans at least with american passports who are trying to join isis. big problem. thank you so much. so president obama has more than one international crisis on his hands because it's not like the situation between ukraine and russia is going away anytime soon. with the fighting showing no signs of slowing down, i remember clearly how arizona senator john mccain once described vladimir putin. he used three letters which he will tell us when he joins us live on the ground at kiev. plus, we're moments away from a news conference with
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welcome back. some u.s. senators speaking out on the growing crisis in ukraine. republicans john mccain and lindsey graham calling russia's ongoing aggression a cross border military invasion. senator mccain has visited ukraine many times and he joins us now live from kiev. senator, it's great to see you. what has the reception been so far from the people of ukraine with your presence there on the ground? >> they're very pro-american, gretchen. but at the same time, they are desperately seeking our help.
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hundreds of ukrainian soldiers in the last week have been killed and wounded. their hospitals are full because vladimir putin has now launched a full-scale invasion. there's as many as estimates from 3 to 6,000 russian troops there. they have tanks and artillery. they're even using drones to identify targets for their artillery and they're literally slaughters ukrainians. and we have refused to give them intelligence information or even weapons. and it really is shameful, to tell you the truth. >> i know that you are urging the president to give them weapons and intelligence. but i also remember what you said maybe four were six years ago when you were running for president and aye never forgotten it. it's so true today. when you saw putin, you said that you saw what?
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three letters. >> a k, a g, and a b. and by the way i've been sanctioned by vladimir putin which violates my chance to have my summertime in siberia. but, look, this guy is bent on restoring the russian. it's bent on restoring the russian empire. he's doing what's necessary. he wants to make ukraine landlocked. he is trying to establish a land bridge to cry crimea and then we'll threaten mall do va and the ball tech states. if he's able to get away with it, if you look at the penalty he's paid as to what he's gained, it must be, from his viewpoint, to his benefit. and it's just sad. ukrainians aren't asking for american troops. and they will fight and they will fight hard. and ever place in this city you
11:26 am
see ukrainian flags, ukrainian colors everywhere. these people do not want to be part of russia. they want to be part of europe in the name of god can't we possibly pel help them? >> and senator i know that europe will be a big piece of the puzzle and maybe there will be some progress as the president meets with nato allies right now. senator john mccain, always great to get your thought. thank you so much for joining us live all the way from kiev. >> thank you, gretchen. >> well, just a few minutes from now, attorney general eric holder is going to hold a news conference about the ferguson, missouri police department. so what will he say? we're expecting him to talk about the policies of that department and the feds investigation into the shooting of teen michael brown. so stay tuned for that. plus, what would be a lure be for more an more americans signing up for isis. a national security analyst explain why people born and bred
11:27 am
right here at home are choosing evil over good. plus, one dog was a really bad boy. a lot of people walking around barefoot because of what he ate. that's a whole heck of a lot of cotton in his tummy. what's the naughtiest thing your dog has ever done. tweet me using the #there #therealstory. hopefully we can see your comments at the end of the show. [ hoof beats ]
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fox news alert for you. we're awaiting a news conference from attorney general eric holder. the justice department announced plans to open a sweeping investigation into police practices in ferguson, missouri. this comes after a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teen there in that town. shannon believe is with a preview live in washington. hi. >> reporter: the focus on this newest investigation is dpoung to be into the patterns and practices of the ferguson, police department, not just about what happened in the case of michael brown's death. critics of the ferguson police department claim that officers disproportionately target black motorists for traffic stops and the police force is predominantly white even though the town's population is 70% black. the justice department has been busy with similar investigations, opening up two
11:32 am
times the number of bias probes in the police departments in the last five years. if any bias or discrimination is found, the end result will be directed from the doj about changes that the police department is going to have to change. we're hearing from michael brown's family. their attorney says they're quote encouraged that the justice department opened an investigation into the ferguson police department saying we believe that transparency in law enforcement is the only way to build trust in the kmaunt, not just in the killing of michael brown but for others to have suffered as well. you'll remember the justice department is conducting a specific investigation into the shooting itself. there's also a garage proceeding under way as well that could lead to the indictment of of darren wilson who shot brown. >> thank you so much. we'll bring that to you live when it does happen. in the meantime, fox news learning that the senior aid to
11:33 am
the leader of the brutal terror group isis may have been killed today in a u.s. air strike in mosul. some calling him the right hand. meantime according to the an abc news report, isis is grooming the next generation with a college graduate from boston. he was been on the run from the fbi for the last couple of years leveraging his computer skills to spread the information online. let's take a couple of these details to task here. what about this boston-born college student providing social media now potentially for isis? >> what's important about it is he's obviously fluent in english and has been involved with them for several years. he's not a new recruit. however if he were to be killed or thrown in jail, he's passed the knowledge on to other
11:34 am
people. it's common for isis supporters to be adept at using social media. he's not directing the entire campaign. >> one of the problems that we're seeing right now in the recruitment of merps, the government has said that at least 100 american passports are people who have joined isis. that is staggering to me i know for sure and to a lot of people watching. why is that happening? why are so many americans wanting to become terrorists with isis? >> that's from unnamed intelligence officials putting the number as high as 300. the reason they're able to attract people is because they're succeeding. since 9/11 al qaeda has suffered defeat after defeat. this is now the bright moment for jihadist. you go to isis now, not al qaeda. and al qaeda is quickly going out of style and that's because of the lack of success. and when jihadists compete they
11:35 am
say we disagree. let's look at who is succeeding because that means that allah is blessing us. >> so al qaeda is like a hard line phone right now, a little bit going out of style and isis is the thick of the day. it's interesting because they've changed their tactics in how they recruit, right? they're much more westernized in the way in which they're trying to get people. >> we're seeing a dramatic generational shift. you could never see bin laden doing this. when you look online, isis supporters do that very regularly. the message they're sending is that you can enjoy western entertainment and culture. you don't have to get rid of that. you can adopt that as long as you join the jihadist cause. that enables them to relate to people. they're trying to show you that
11:36 am
they're humane by tweeting themselves out with pictures of kittens. time to check in with shepherd smith. what do you have coming up? >> in the next hour, an inside look at the islamic state, how the leaders run the thing, how picky those leaders are about who gets to join and how the group is blended military structures like a war cabinet with traditional terror tactics. we're waiting on a news conference in georgia on the father charge today on murder and other counts a f h e left his child to die in a hot car. this is the dad accused of sexting women who were not his wife and his little boy suffered and died in the parking lot. it's ahead in the next hour. thank you. so a lawyer exchanging his suit for hiking gear. why he's taking on a grueling challenge at one of the nation's most scenic locations all to help veterans. plus the major bust on the high seas.
11:37 am
feds bringing $100 million of drugs on the shore. fill keating live in miami for us. >> reporter: this is what $100 million worth of cocaine looks like. nearly 3,000 kilos of cocaine just off-loaded off of the u.s. coast guard lagare. we've got a full live report on the operation that brought it all down coming up. we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is.
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fox news alert. we're learning right now there is a verdict in the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonald. let's go to shep to see what he has. >> player are assembling in the courtroom right now. this is an enormous trial. if you've been reading the "washington post" you know how detailed it has become. the former virginia governor bob mcdonald charged with 14 counts including conspiracy, bribery and extortion among others.
11:41 am
among the acquisitions he received $177,000 in loans, a rolex watch, multiple trips, at least a dozen, dinners and flights and all of the rest. and in exchange it has been said, or the accusation is that bob mcdonald was pushing for a business in exchange for all of this. promoting a tobacco based dietary supplement which has sense been taken off the market and proved by many different regulatory agencies to to be in essence worthless. over the course of five weeks, more than 50 witnesses testified and hundreds with not thousands of pages of evidence were reviewed and admitted by the court. we're expecting a rule shortly and when we have the ruling we'll see you then. we are more breaking news to tell you about right now. eric hold wer the attorney general of the united states is now at the podium talking about the policies of the police department in ferguson, missouri. let's listen in.
11:42 am
>> the american people can have confidence that it will be fair, it will be thorough and it will be independent. over the course of that visit i had the chance to speak with the number of local residents. i heard from them directly about the deep mistrust that has taken hold between law enforcement officials and members of that community. in meetings, as well as in listening sessions as well as informal conversations. people consistently expressed concerns stemming from specific alleged incidents from general policing practices and from the lack of diversity on the ferguson police force. these anecdotal accounts underscore the mistrust of law enforcement in ferguson that has received a good deal of attention. as a result of this history and following a extensive review of documented allegations and other available data, we've determined that there is cause for the justice department to open an
11:43 am
investigation to determine whether ferguson police officials have engaged in a pattern or practice of violations of the united states constitution or federal law. this investigation will carried out by a team from the civil rights division, special litigations section. some of the same dedicated officials who have achieved historic results in ensuring constitutional policing from coast to coast. other the past five years the civil rights division has prosecuted over three dozen police officers for misconduct. we've opened investigations into police departments across the country. that's more than twice as many that were open in the previous live fierce and we're enforcing 14 agreement to reform law enforcement practices at agents both large and small. with these agreements we have seen dramatic decreases in excessive use of force, brief
11:44 am
equity including important measure to address bias. now, as the brother of a retired police officer, i know that the overwhelming majority of our brave men and women in uniform do their jobs honorably. they do them with integrity and often at great personal risks. civil rights divisions efforts are meant to ensure that law enforcement officers in every part of the united states live up to those same high standards of professionalism. in ferguson we'll assess the police department's use of force, including deadly force, analyze the stops, searches and arrests. and it will look at the treatment of the individuals detained at ferguson's city jail, in addition to other discriminatory policing techniques and tactics that have been brought to light. we've met with the mayor, the city manager and the police
11:45 am
chief in mergson. they have welcomed this investigation and they have pledged their complete cooperation. this investigation will be conducted both rigorously and in a timely manner so we can move forward as expeditiously as possible to restore trust, to rebuild understanding and to refoster cooperation between law enforcement and community members. at the same time i want to make very clear that as this investigation unfolds and as it evolves, we will follow the facts and the law wherever they may lead. and if at any point we find reason to expand our inquiry to include additional police forces in neighboring jurisdictions, will not hesitate to do so. in fact i can also announce today that above and beyond our investigation in ferguson, we are taking proactive steps to engage the st. louis county police department in what is known as a collaborative reform effort. this partnership is being led by
11:46 am
the cops office working closely with the st. louis county official to conduct a koch hencive assessment of st. louis county police chief has voluntarily accepted the collaborative reform process and also asked that the cops office conduct an after-action report on their response to recent demonstrations. and already with cooperation of st. louis county leaders we've identified priority areas, including racial profiling, stops, searches and frisking, the handling of mass demonstrations by police firnls and law enforcement training at the police academy and at the continuing professional level. st. louis county administers programming for officers throughout the area, with including members of the ferguson plolice department. it makes sense to include the
11:47 am
county department. i want to be clear. this is not a stopgap or a short term solution. it's a long term strategy founded on community policing that will provide a detailed road map to build trust, to bolster public safety and ensure accountability to change the way that law enforcement leads make decisions, implement policies and forge community partnerships. and our track record proves that such efforts to reform policing practices can be tremendously successful. for example, in 2012 the cops office and the las vegas metropolitan police department completed an eight-month review similar to the collaboration that we're launching today with the st. louis county police department. the las vegas review resulted in 75 findings and concrete recommendations regarding officer-involved shootings and other use of force issues. to date, fully 95% of these recommends have been adopted.
11:48 am
and police agencies in two other jurisdictions are going through similar processes as we speak. now when i visited ferguson two weeks ago i promised that the united states department of justice could continue to stand with the people there long after the national headlines had faded. today with our investigation into the ferguson police department and our reform efforts in st. louis county, we're taking significant steps towards keeping that promise. as these efforts unfold, my colleagues and i will keep working with the people in ferguson to ensure that a fair, thorough investigation occurs, to see that dialogue can be translated into concrete action and to facilitate lasting positive change that brings together public officials, civil rights leaders and members of the public to bridge gaps and also to build understanding. this won't always be easy but i know that together we can and we will meet this challenge. now before we move to questions,
11:49 am
there have been court decisions announced today in two separate but very important cases on which i'd like to briefly comment. first, we are pleased that the district court in new orleans has found that the largest oil spill in the united states history was caused by bp's negligence and gross neglect. the court is going to be held fully accountable for its recklessness. the case was rigorously pursued by the united states i think stellar legal team marks a significant step forward in the justice's department efforts to seek justice on behalf of the american people for this disaster. second, in ohio, the district court held that the plaintiffs challenging the state of ohio changes to its in-person early
11:50 am
voting rules likely will be able to prove that those changes are in fact unconstitutional. justice department has filed a statement of interest in this case, and today's outcome represents a milestone in our evident to continue to protect voting rights even after the supreme court -- >> you have been listening to attorney general eric holder, the main emphasis was to talk about the policies within the ferguson police department. what holder announces it will be a long-term strategy in conjunction with the st. louis county police department for community policing and a study how that mike work. keep it right here on work for continue developments. >> you think running a marathon is hard? try hiking the grand canyon from rim to rim and then do it all over again. why our next guest is doing it all for the nation's veterans.
11:51 am
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this guy is really going the distance to help veterans. he plans to hike the grand canyon from rim to rim to rim, in both directions, all in one day. matthew vance seeking donations toñr pledges what for what he calls 2014 feat for veterans. matt, the big question is, why? >> i'm doing this because i want to help raise money for veterans. it's about the veterans. it's about ensung they have access to civil legal representation when they are facing a problem, whether that be family law, consumer law issue, a housing issue. gretchen, let me give you a quick example.
11:55 am
there was a gentleman assisted by the veterans justice project, leonard. somebody stole his identity. he was receiving disability benefits from the va. someone stole his identity. the crook gets a warrant, unfortunate the result of the warrant was leonard's disability benefits are cut)% off. so the veterans justice project stepped insuring got things sorted oust with the va, the benefits turned back on and retroactive payment. something that could have resulted in him becoming homeless or in a much more desperate economic situation. so, the result is, the veterans justice project is there to serve some important needs for our veterans once they return from action. >> i know you want to help them. you're a lawyer themself. i'm glad you got your ear piece
11:56 am
in. let's look at the route you're going to take.5s 22 hours from rim to rim and back again. quickly, are you going to do it? >> yes, i'm going to do it. i'm confident i can accomplish this. at the same time this is going to push me to my absolute physical and mental limits but i'm confident. >> september 24th. you hope to do it in 22 hours. i'll put up on my twitter page and facebook page how people can donate to help you out. thank you so much. you're a great american. it's normal for a dog to get its paws on something out of the ordinary. this canine has a lot of 'splaining to do. ugh. heartburn.
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there is breaking news now on fox news channel. i'm shepard smith at the fox news deck in new york. the legend joan rivers has died. a statement from her daughter was released just a short time ago in fact overíí the last minute, and it read from her
12:00 pm
daughter: it is with great sadness i announce the death of my mother joan rivers. she died surrounded by family and close friends. my son and i would like to thank the doctors and nurses nurses af at the hospital for their amazing care. cooper and i are hum belowed by the outpouring of love, support, and prayers we have received from around the world. we have been -- they have been heard and appreciated. my mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. although it is rick to do right now, know her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon. that message from a short time ago. from melissa rivers, the daughter of the great joan rivers. of course, mel dub joan rivers had been sick and in the hospital for quite some time.t!ñ she was vi


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