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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 5, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> it is friday, septembers 5th. a fox news alert. he grew up in an up scale neighborhood went to college in boston and used his education to turn on america. the manhunt for the key mastermind behind bart part of . >> comedy legend joan rivers dead at 81. reaction from it the entertainment world. >> they could have saved the lives of four americans but the government held them back. >> i give you that 30 minutes back. the best severe shawn smith. >> they would still be alive. >> for the first time the
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security operators in benghazi giving their first hand account. "fox & friends first" starts right now. fm ♪ >> the streets of new york city just starting to wake up this morning. good friday morning. er watching "fox & friends first". i am in for ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. the hunt is on for a high-tech savvy american terrorist believed to be the mastermind behind isis brutal social media campaign. >> elizabeth, what do we know about him? >> we are learning more every day an american who is on the
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run from the fbi for a year. he joined isis and became an architect behind the social and media terror blitz that is on youtube. he grew up and graduated college in boston. went to the middle east in 2004 and worked on media outreach for al qaeda and iraq. this is exactly the kind of point person law enforcement has been very concerned about. >> sometimes the pen is more powerful than the sword. i think that is exactly what they are using, or seems like they might be using it for. >> there is still more evidence to confirm the suspicions. he has what he needs to become an effective asset of spreading terror. >> he has computer savvy skills that he honed in the united states at northeastern. second, he speaks fluent english and arabic. he is able to communicate these on social media forums and get
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this message out for isis. >> he is wanted for nine terrorism related charges. he has been on the most wanted terror list since last year. >> elizabeth prann live for us. thank you, elizabeth. another big story fans all over the world mourning a queen of comedy. joan rivers dead at the age of 81. her daughter melissa making the heartbreaking decision to take her off of life support saying my mother's greatest joy in life because to make people laugh, although that is difficult to do right now i know that her final wish would be that we return to laughing soon. she we know the into cardiac arrest last week during an outpatient procedure that that clinic is now under investigation by new york health officials. many remembering the comedy legend who broke down tv barriers for women. >> the enter tapement world is mourning the loss of joan rivers who passed away at a new york hospital at the age of 81.
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>> she cut her own swath through the world of show business. we won't see her likes again. she was an incredible lady. >> she never relied on the same old punch line. she stayed relevant and raw and real and edgy in a way that was really remarkable. >> celebrities taking social media to take tribute to media. whoopi goldberg tweeting, a legend my friend a mane tore has passed away. there are no words. p bonn voyage joan. >> what a sad ending to a brilliant and trag gi comic life one of the bravest and funniest of all. >> i think it is fair to say there was only one joan rivers and never will be another. >> rivers crashed the male dominated realm of late night talk shows. she has been hailed as a trailblazer for female
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comedians. >> she was sharp honed as she was and attacked celebrities in some way on stage. she is also a beloved innovate tore as well. comics like kathy griffin wouldn't exist without the path paved scombrien rivers. >> rivers will be remembered as a red carpet fashion critic and familiar face on qvc where she sold her own line of jewelry. in los angeles trace gallagher, fox news. joan river's funeral is set for sunday in new york city. no word on whether it will be open to the public. rivers always said she wanted it to be a huge show biz affair. >> fran fic search underway for a 4-year-old boy with autism. he disappeared from his home northwest of tampa. pour adults found dead nearby.
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they are searching for ismeal santistibean. he goes by tristan. the two men and two women murdered are connected to the child but they haven't said how. leading police to the family friend accused of murdering isabella. justin rector arrested after his shoe marks were found at a crime scene blocks away from her arizona home. he had been staying with the family for several days. her older sister told police she saw her sister with him when she went to the bathroom monday night. when she got out they were gone. >> they couldn't save the lives of four americans but the government held them back. security operators in benghazi the night of the attack speaking out for the first time to bret baier. >> five minutes thumbs up, thumbs up, go. i said hey, we are ready to go. bob looks right through me and looks at the team leader and
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goes, you guys need to wait. >> bob was the cia's base chief in benghazi. >> he was on the phone talking to somebody. i assumed they were trying to link up with the local militia. >> i got out of the car and bob and the team leaders were standing on the front porch. i said hey we need to get over there we are losing the initiative. bob looked straight at me and said stand down, you need to wait. >> we are start to go get calls from the state department guys saying we are taking fire we need you guys here. we need help. >> after being repeatedly told to wait the security team says they divide orders and headed to the besieged consulate on their own. they asked repeatedly for armed air support which never came. looking back, the team believes if they hadn't been delayed for nearly half an hour things might have turned out differently.
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>> i give you that 30 minutes would ambassador stevens and shawn smith still be alive? >> yes, they would still be alive. my gut is on that. >> you in on that? >> i strongly believe if we left immediately they would still be alive today. >> more of the interview after this. a they found them guilt of corruption. mcdonnell convicted of 13 counts the five 9 of the 13. they were doing favors for healthy businessmen in exchange for 165,000 dollars in gifts and loans. bob and maureen mcdonnell face up to 30 years in prison. >> happening today the nearly six year debate over the controversial keystone pipeline
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reach as the focal point. they will hear arguments over the project route. they gave it a green light last year but a group of landowners challenged that position. their review of the pipeline is on hold until the case is ever oh. a ruling is not expected until next year. an nfl team settling a lawsuit just as the season kicks off. the oakland raiders agreed to pay $1.25 million to some of the cheerleading squad. they ladies and gentlemen they were under paid or went without paid for a long period of time. it has shed the light on the working conditions and poor salary of nfl cheerleaders. >> the season starting off with seattle seahawks unveiling their super bowl championship banner. it was a pastor that came out tweeting "john q" storing the first touchdown for green bay. waltzing into the end zone.
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seahawks win 36-16. >> getting ready for the weekend it will feel like fall. feels like football weather. i love this time of year. >> maria molina cooler temperatures but still a threat of storms. >> good mowning, heather. we have a few this morning. it will be moving eastward. it will be the first storm system will it is going to start to feel like fall behind it. that will be in place across portions of the northern plains and the great lakes. cool temperatures moving in. ahead of the storm system expect to see the showers and storms. some could produce severe weather in portions of indiana, eastern parts of illinois and also across ohio and southeastern michigan including the city of detroit. ahead of that system not feeling anything like fall. in memphis and dallas you are going to be seeing the highs into the 90's. take a look at areas behind it. upper 60's in minneapolis and also rapid city. that cool down will continue
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across several areas. in new york city by sunday. not so much fall by cooler. 81 degrees for a high then. only in the 70's in boston. heather and lea heavy norberg expected to bring dangerous conditions across california. >> the time is 11 minutes after the hour. she crossed the line with these comments comparing governor scott walker to a domestic abuser. >> scott walker has given the women -- >> will she aboll guys to what wasser man hulschultz is saying this morning. >> eating brownie laced with pot. what's worse, they brought them to school. >> it is never too early. kmart getting into the holiday spirit with a new ad. there's one thing missing. >> i think it can be too early.
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♪searching with devotion ♪for a snack that isn't lame ♪but this...
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♪takes my breath away ♪ >> little music on this friday morning. welcome back to "fox & friends first". a georgia dad charged with murder in the hot car death of his 22 month old son. he is accused of intentionally leaving his son into the car for search hours. harris researched on-line about how long it takes to die in a hot car and was desperately seeking a child free lifestyle. his attorney says there's insufficient evidence.
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>> cooper's death was a horrible, gut wrenching accident. >> the evidence in this case has led us to this point today. whether or not it leads us to any one else remains to be answered. >> harris could face the death penalty. a decision is expected this months. >> international kidnapping attempt forcing a united airlines flight heading to china to return back to the united states. fbi officials say a mother was trying to illegally take her child out of the country to beijing. the flighted returned to the dc area five hours after taking off and the mother was taken into custody. she is due in court this afternoon. the child now back at home with his father. >> and while you were sleeping dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz is in the hot seat after accusing him of being a wife beater. she said she was wrong but
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stopped short of apologizing. >> debbie wasser man schultz is walking back her comments after comments about scott walker. it turned controversial when the head of the dnc said this. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand. what republican tea party see what scott walker is doing they are grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back and it is unacceptable. >> her remarks quickly sparking outrage. overnight the congresswoman issued a statement that barely acknowledgeded what she said doubling down her attack on walker. quote i shouldn't have used the words i used but that shouldn't detract from the broader points i was making that scott walker's policies have been bad for wisconsin women whether it is mandating all the trau sounds or rejecting federal fundin health speaks for itself.
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>> he reacted on fox news radio. >> it is a sense of any one who understands that political battles are nowhere like the kind of trials and tribulations that real people go through in our states across the country. >> democrat maryberg walker's opponent said it's not the type of language she would use. >> heather? >> marianne rafferty, thank you. >> apple making major security changes on the heels of the massive leak of nude celebrity photos. lauren simonetti is here to explain. what are they going to do? >> three security measures but it is all about icloud vulnerability ticked off celebrities not what you want days before the biggest product announcement ever for apple. that is why ceo tim cook says the company is adding security measures to keep the hackers out of the user's account. these are the three things it is doing. it will alert you by e-mail when
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someone tries to change a pass word or restore icloud data. it will use an aut then ficcation system. you need two security answers to get into an account. reminding people of the importance of strong and face pa safe pass cords. google refunding 19 million to settle federal allegations. it billed them for unauthorized purchases made by their kids. the charges started two three years ago on google play. this is the earliest christmas ad you have ever seen. kmart is calling it not a christmas commercial. >> let's day you have an event in late christmas like your family has a birthday on the same day. >> the ad touts kmart's lay away
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program. there is a no money down in september. 40 percent of you ares are holiday shopping before halloween. no shopping however on wall street yesterday. this morning 31 points ahead of the government's jobs report for august that's due out in about 3 hours from now. lea? >> no holiday shopping. the time is 20 minutes after the hour. an ambulance scrambled to an elementary school. 40 students are stung. how they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> you can spice up your dinner. don't stop at the grocery store, what you need to know to save big. ♪ musical chairs. fun, right?
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>> it is day two of the nato summit in wales. david cameron taking advantage of the first day calling on nato to strengthen its alliance and combat the growing threat that is isis. >> what we are closer to now is making sure we do everything we can to squeeze this dreadful organization out of existence. you see real un nimity here that everyone needs to play their part. >> president obama and prime minister cameron are continuing side efforts to build coalition to deal with isis. the president also meeting with the french president just a few moments ago.
2:25 am
>> to north carolina as the man trying to join the terror group of isis pleading not guilty to a weapons charge. 44-year-old don morgan violated his probation by attempting to traffic firearms while overseas. morgan has not been charged with supporting the islamic militants but investigators believe he is connected with them. he was also denied bond because of his social media post about radical islam. he is back in court october 14th. scary moments at a north carolina elementary school as 40 students are stung by yellow jackets. they were practicing a lock down in the woods. >> this girl got stung. >> a teacher who was allergic to yellow jackets was stung nine times. she was the only one treated at the hospital. terminex destroyed the nest. >> high school students in
2:26 am
california getting seriously sick after eating brownies laced with pot. two rushed to the hospital unconscio unconscious. a 13-year-old ladies and gentlemenedly sold the pot brownies for $3 each. she is ain custody. coming up they could have saved four americans but instead our government told them to stand down. >> it happened that night. we were told to wait and stand down. we were delay three times. >> what really happened on the ground in benghazi. >> it has more in common than you think. why hillary is taking a page out of al gore's political play book. when your favorite food starts a fight fight back fast
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>> he grew up in an up scale neighborhood went to a college in boston and used his education to turn on america. a key player in it isis. >> the world a little less funny this morning. comedy legend joan rivers is dead this morning. >> a school flipping out banning unsupervised cart wheels? does this stop our kids from being kids? >> come on. >> we report, you decide. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪
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>> i could wake up and do a cart wheel this morning. it is friday morning. you made it to the weekend. welcome to "fox and first. i am heather childers. . >> i am in for ainsley earhardt. american terror groups is the mastermind for isis in the brutal social media blitz. he is a college graduate who grew up in bougston. he was charged are terrorism related offenses in 2009 and added to the most wanted list last year. he has all of the tools he needs to be an asset at spreading terror. >> he has computer savvy skills he honed in the united states at northeastern. he speaks flew went english and arabic. he is able to get the message out from sighs sisis.
2:32 am
>> the government offering money to lead to his capture. >> president obama mixed messaging on isis. the american troops the boots on the ground that are expressing their frustration about it. we go to doug for the latest. >> the president is in wales for a nato summit hoping to push the alliance to come together to take on the isis threat. the overall strategy is still very much in question. the one special operator reached out to fox news in an e-mail shortly after joe biden said the goal of the united states would be to take isis to the gates of hell. how are we going to do that when we can the even leave the front gate of our base. president obama suggested this week it is still a work in progress. >> it makes the terrorists think we don't have the resolve, we don't know what to do. it is time for him to step up.
2:33 am
obviously we are going to have to bring this strategy beyond containment. >> as for coming up with a strategy we don't know what the time line is going to be. as this is playing out there will be a push to get the authorization to use air power going into syria. congress may get out well in advance of the white house. heather? >> doug luzader live for us. thank you, doug. >> switching gears as the nation mourning the loss of comedy legend joan rivers we take a look back at his career and her impact on hollywood. michael tammero is here with one of the favorite moments of that chat from joan rivers. you were one of the last people to speak with her. what was she like in person? >> she was amazing. when we started the fox site two
2:34 am
years ago she was top of the list of who i wanted to sit down with. she almost made the joke good job kid you got in under the wire. she had so much energy sharp, quick, intellect. i noticed a couple things in the time i sat with her. we talked endlessly for 45 minutes. attention to detail the small things the lighting, the angel. she took note of my socks and my jacket. she didn't let a moment go by an opportunity. she loved the idea that it was president of marketing that i wore two hats. she had just been canceled on the we network. she asked me, what are you afraid of in this career. i feel afraid i am going to have to choose between one or the other. she is like don't be stupid you give up nothing in that world. you grab it and take it until they make you stop. she would be a great asset to
2:35 am
fox business. >> she herself wore so many different hats. she was able to go from one generation to the next generation. the young hollywood, the target of a lot of her most recent jokes. >> in a world that was politically correct she didn't go that road. we talked a little bit about that. >> do you think we are too politically correct these dies? >> i think we are so politically correct we are ruin everything. >> any one you regret making a joke about? >> no. i say you are lucky to have a joke made about you, if america doesn't know who you are they are not going to get the jokes. i only put down people that are very, very famous. cher, i said this before. when she is not in my act she will call me. why am i out of the act? she gets it.
2:36 am
if you are relevant you are in the act. >> why is comedy important? >> i think it was winston churchill said every time you make someone give them a little vacation. it changes your life. >> on a personal note, 10-year-old fella i used to sneak out of bed to watch hilarious character on "the tonight show"." those are 45 minutes i will cherish for the rest of my life. >> we said in the hallway it's joan rivers she will pull through. >> she had so many set backs we thought she will pull out of this. it is so hard in this business to be relevant for 60 seconds. she did it for over 60 years. she will be missed. >> nicely said. thank you very much michael tammero for joining us. >> third american sick with the deadly ebola virus expected to appear for treatment half hour from now. he became infected while working with pregnancy patients in
2:37 am
liberia. the 51-year-old's wife saying he will be treated in an isolated bio containment unit in omaha. >> rick is clearly sick but he was in very good spirits, and he walked on to the plane. >> two other infected americans missionary kent brantly and nancy write boll are treated in atlanta and released last month. >> a head pharmacist blamed for 64 deaths from tainted steroids arrested at the airport in boston. federal officials say that he was trying to form a plight from hong kong. he was not trying to flee the country he was attending a family member's wedding. he worked at the compound center which is blamed for a deadly nationwide meningitis outbreak. >> they could have saved four americans but instead our
2:38 am
government told them to stand down. >> there was mow whisper this good was a major problem in benghazi? >> no idea about any deal, no. >> in a statement to fox news, a senior intelligence official insists there were no orders to anybody to stand down in providing support. >> used the word stand down a number of people now. they insist nobody was hindered. quote there was no stand down order given to american personnel tame presidenting to offer assistance that evening. what do you say to that? >> it happened. it happened on the ground. i can talk about what happened on the ground to myself twice and to tig once. it happened that night. that happened. >> we were told to wait, stand
2:39 am
down. we were delayed three times. >> you can catch the entire special fox news reporting 13 hours in benghazi, the inside story hosted by bret baier tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. >> definitely watching that. >> docket backlog of illegal immigrant minors four years from now. they are set for 520 days. while these children wait for due process they are being sent to public schools educating them cost taxpayers $761 million a year. hillary clinton and al gore have one thing in common at nevada national clean energy summit the secretary of state came out hard in support of action on climate change even with a flair for the dramatic. >> this is the most consequential urgent sweeping collection of challenges we
2:40 am
face. sea levels are rising, ice caps are melting, storms droughts and wildfires are wreaking havoc. >> but what she had in the at tricks some say she lacked in substance keeping the comments vague knotted even mentioning the keystone pipeline. >> the pictures are incredible. take a look a teenager catching what might be the largest sword fish ever. it was 14 feet long. the 17-year-old said it took him and his father more than four hours to real in. wouldn't sit inside their boat. they are filing paperwork to see if it was a record breaker. it's a big one. >> it may feel like fall in some parts of the country. the south is still having some
2:41 am
beach weather. >> good morning good to see you. hello everybody. keep weather in place across parts of the south. you want to get out and enjoy it. you will see a significant cool down across a big chunk of the country. you will see the shift in the weather pattern from summer conditions to more fall like weather for many americans across the country. the cool front will make it feel like fall across parts of the plains that includes indiana, ohio, michigan and eastern parts of illinois, we have risk of large hail and damaging winds and isolated risk from some of the storms. in places like chicago you will see some of the showers and storms. in dc atlanta and miami you will see the showers and storms as well and possible delays. heather and lia take a look at the high temperatures already cooler out there in parts of the northern plains. still warm out there across parts of the south.
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oo the time now is 41 minutes after the top of the hour. a flight diverted but has nothing to do with leg room. why the pilot was trying to get them closer to the smoldering volcano. >> your information is safe. we investigate. hello! three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. thank you!
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ing ) ask your gastroenterologist - okay, josh, do your stuff! - okay, people, you know the drill. - ♪ ...what you believe ♪ open your arms, 'cause that's where it starts ♪ - ♪ right here with you and with me... ♪ - ( josh speaks ) ♪ what the world needs now... ♪ a message from the foundation for a better life. >> they are urging people around the world to burn isis flags like that and post it on-line. the anonymous teens posting on twitter this. i nominate the whole world to hash tag burn isis flag challenge. you have 24-hours, go. it is sparking outrage among muslims who claim the flag is a religious symbol.
2:46 am
lucky damages getting the view of a lifetime in iceland. pilots taking a detour over an erupting volcano. the volcano has been active for the last month. small eruptions racing air travel threats a few times. so far there is no ash reducing visibility and damaging flight control. something you would know about, lia. >> oh, yeah. >> the federal obamacare web site hacked. lori rothman from the fox business network is here with what consumers need to know. hi, lea. good morning to you. >> a hacker broke into part of the web site back in july and it was only seen four-days ago. there's no evidence that any one's personal data was stolen. the hacker only gained access to a server used to test portions
2:47 am
of the site. the officials say some of the internet addresses where the attacks originated are from overseas. the attack happened as federal government insurance companies prepared for the second year of open enrollment for americans to buy health insurance under the law starting november 15th this time. they have ordered a hearing on lapses set for september 18th. lea back to you. >> it is time for your 5@5:00. five things you should not buy at the grocery store. first name brand spices. head to a health woofoods store instead where you can buy in bulk. you can buy small amounts. costco instead. diapers another hefty market. you are better off buying in
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bulk at a warehouse club. flower bouquets they may look amazing but not as fresh. skip those at the supermarket. party supplies and greeting cards go to a dollar store or you pay triple the price. >> a hollywood classic back on the big screen for his 75th anniversary. >> what should i do? >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a dam. >> gone with the wind will play in more than 650 theaters across the country september 28th and october 1st. to find out where it is playing head over to the "fox and friends web site. i am going to see that one. >> the time is 48 minutes after the hour. this racy photo tweeted out by the governor of delaware. what he says happened. >> how much did hollywood's hottest couple get for their wedding picks?
2:49 am
first let's see what is coming up on "fox and friends. >> coming up, we are looking back at the career of joan rivers and the business at the couch. this couch. remember the open letter to isis challenging them? he is back with another message to you. the pro who cracked the code of all of the major retailers and how he is spilling the secrets on our show. geraldo rivera is here and willie robertson the brains behind duck dynasty with a big announcement. that is just scratching the surface on "fox and friends. who's more excited about back to school savings at staples? the ladies? these guys? or these guys? when you get guaranteed low prices on everything you buy the most,
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that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization.
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i'm looking at you phone company dsl. go to checkyourspeed. if we can't offer faster speeds or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. beheaded american journalist steven sotloff being remembered in his home state today. a candlelight vigil held last
2:53 am
night at the university of central florida. and today, in lieu of a funeral, the public is invited to "celebrate steven's life." today's memorial comes as governor rick scott orders all flags on federal and state building grounds to be lowered to half-staff in his honor. and the department of veterans affairs just can't seem to get it right. $2.4 million worth of disability checks were accidentally withheld from 1,200 veterans this month. the government apologized for the error and said the money's being paid back and "the matter is resolved." the error affected veterans who are on a payment plan with the va. brad pitt and angelina jolie scoring, get this, $5 million! big pay day for making their wedding pictures public. we showed you the covers of both "people" and "hello" magazine earlier this week. inside sources say instead of keeping the cash, the newlyweds are donating it all to charity. good for them. and congratulations to scarlett johansson.
2:54 am
the actress welcoming a baby girl named rose dorothy. we are told both the mom and daughter are doing well. this is scarlet's first child with fiance roman doriac. they got engaged last year. >> good news for them. >> doing it a little backwards. the time is now 53 minutes after the hour. a school flipping out, banning unsupervised kart wheels. is this keeping our kids from being kids? you decide. and this will warm your heart. how a group of teachers is coming together to help one of their own. musical chairs. fun, right?
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♪ ♪ we want the funk, give up the funk ♪ ♪ we need the funk, we gotta have the funk ♪ you can see our floor director, matt, bobbing his head to that song. that's a good way to start your friday! it is about two minutes until the top of the hour. and before you leave the house, here's what's happening for you today. there's a frantic search under way at this hour. it's happening in florida for a 4-year-old boy with autism. police believe ishmael, who goes by his middle name, tristan, is
2:59 am
with 28-year-old adam mattos, believed to be tristan's father. mattos is considered armed and dangerous. he is the suspect in a quadruple homicide near tristan's home. also this hour, the fbi on the hunt for an american terrorist suspected of being the de facto media wing of isis. the government is offering $50,000 for information leading to his capture. and joan rivers's funeral set for sunday in new york city. no word on whether it will be open to the public, but the 81-year-old always said that she wanted it to be a huge showbiz affair. well, it's time to take a look at "the good, the bad and the ugly." first, the good. teachers at escalante elementary school in california combining their 154 sick days to donate them to a co-worker battling breast cancer. carol clark has been able to take time for treatment without losing any of her pay. next, the bad. a school in australia banning unsupervised kart wheels and handstands? that's right. the principal says he made the
3:00 am
call after some students were hurt doing cheerleader-type stunts. finally, the ugly delaware governor jack markell apologizing after his twitter account sent out this photo. it was supposed to show him at an elementary school event but doesn't. it was quickly deleted and the governor saying that he wished it was a cat video instead. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> happy friday! good morning. it is friday, september 5th, 2014. a fox news alert. meat. one of america's most wanted. the son of an american doctor raised in boston, educated at one of our top schools in the nation. now he's working for isis and leading the terror army social media campaign. what we are learning about him this morning will shock you. and the department of state, folks, not only is tough on isis, but they are tough on bill o'reilly? >> i think


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