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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 5, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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call after some students were hurt doing cheerleader-type stunts. finally, the ugly delaware governor jack markell apologizing after his twitter account sent out this photo. it was supposed to show him at an elementary school event but doesn't. it was quickly deleted and the governor saying that he wished it was a cat video instead. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. >> happy friday! good morning. it is friday, september 5th, 2014. a fox news alert. meat. one of america's most wanted. the son of an american doctor raised in boston, educated at one of our top schools in the nation. now he's working for isis and leading the terror army social media campaign. what we are learning about him this morning will shock you. and the department of state, folks, not only is tough on isis, but they are tough on bill o'reilly? >> i think that when the anchor
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of a leading cable news show uses, quite frankly, sexist, personally offensive language, that i actually don't think they would ever use about a man -- >> well, you're wrong about that. he does use the same language for everybody. we're going to play the tape behind the story, coming up. >> just ask me, i love cooking souffles. and she called wisconsin governor scott walker a wife abuser. this hour, the governor's right-hand woman here with a message for debbie was yserman schultz. "fox & friends" starts now. >> announcer: it's time for "fox & friends"! [ rooster crowing ] and it's a friday, and welcome to the program. and we start with a fox news alert you'll want to know about. u.s. air strikes have taken out three senior isis terrorists, including the top aide to isis leader abu al baghdadi. he was killed in the terrorist
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strong hold of mosul. >> wow, many speculating that the president got his news when the secretary of state, john kerry, passed this note to him during nato meetings in wales yesterday. >> that's right. and this morning there's a new target. the fbi now hunting this guy, a tech-savvy american from boston believed to be the mastermind behind isis's brutal social media blitz. elizabeth is live in washington. what more do we know about this guy? >> reporter: officials here reportedly zeroing in on this american. he's been on the run from americans for years. ahmed abu al samarra. he's suspected of being behind their social media blitz that they've been so advanced at, including gruesome youtube videos and twitter propaganda posts. he grew up, graduated from college in boston, even making the dean's list in undergrad, reportedly traveling back to the middle east back in 2004 where he worked essentially on media outreach for al qaeda in iraq.
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this is the kind of person that law enforcement has been very concerned about. >> he's somebody who knows the english language, somebody who is obviously taken into the jihad crusade. he's going to use those skills, the language skills and social media skills that he probably developed here in the united states, to try and do what isis is doing. they're trying to recruit from within. >> reporter: well, there's still more evidence needed to confirm the suspicions. many experts say he has all the tools he needs to be an effective asset at spreading global terror. >> he speaks fluent english and arabic, so he's able to communicate these on social media forums and get this message out from isis to americans and other westerners, making him extremely dangerous. >> reporter: the 32-year-old is wanted on nine terrorism-related charges. he's been on the fbi's most wanted terror list since last year, and he's suspected to be in syria. elisabeth, steve, brian, back to you guys. >> all right, elizabeth prann with the latest. thank you very much. i've actually got a family
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connection to this guy and his history. >> well, according to reports, he attended a catholic high school in westwood, where my husband, his brothers all attended high school as well. looking back to see if there are any records there, pictures, et cetera, of course. you know, he also went to northeastern. that's where he did make the dean's list in terms of college, in massachusetts where many companies, one that i worked for, was located. >> typical american college kid. >> yeah, you know what i mean? look, good grades. but isis understands the power of social media following something brutal like a beheading. so, it's almost equal importance of recruiting people of these skills is high on their list. >> keep in mind, khalid shaikh mohammed, another guy who understands america because he went to college here. he was the college clown. they nicknamed him brutto, but he understands what might intimidate and motivate america. meanwhile, it's hard to believe it's been this many years since president bush authorized the surge in iraq, and he did it against the grain.
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he did it when the american people were saying, i'm tired of this war here, it's going on forever. how do we ever get on top of the insurgency? well, the president, as you know, accepted a plan that might have been written mostly by our own general jack keane, implemented by general petraeus. and it is amazing, as you listen to what he's about to say, how pressing he was in his prediction of what would have happened had he pulled out in 2007, and what he actually predicted when we pulled out in 2011. listen to president bush and then his chief speechwriter. >> i know some in washington would like us to start leaving iraq now, begin withdrawing before our commanders tell us we are ready would be dangerous for iraq, for the region and for the united states. it would mean surrendering the future of iraq to al qaeda. it'd mean that we'd be risking
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mass killings on a horrific scale. it would mean we allow the terrorists to establish a safe haven in iraq to replace the one they lost in afghanistan. it would mean increasing the probability that american troops would have to return at some later date to confront an enemy that is even more dangerous. >> every single thing that president bush said there in that statement is happening today. obama did withdraw our troops before the commanders on the ground said we were ready. the general wanted to keep 24,000 troops in iraq. obama went to zero. president bush said if we did that, there would be mass killings on a horrific scale. what are we seeing? mass killings on a horrific scale, execution, women and children being buried alive, crucifixions, beheading of american journalists. president bush said if we withdrew before we were ready, al qaeda in iraq, which is now isis, would establish a safe haven. they now control a swath of territory the size of belgium. all of these predictions have
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come true. and of course, we are back there right now launching strikes. >> we are. you know, i know that barack obama was running for president where i'm going to end the war and we're going to come home and americans wanted that. we were all war-weary at that point back in 2007. but the way he pulled out of iraq essentially is the reason we are where we are today. and so, it was such a visionary prediction or a cautionary warning that president bush made there from the podium in 2007. a lot of people are probably scratching their heads going, i wish we would have listened to him. >> yeah. now we're in a situation that when you heard that last line, it gave you a chill. i mean, a chill through your spine, that we'd be facing a much more dangerous enemy now. yes. it's called isis, and here we are. and our administration can't even verbalize what isis really is, you know, can't even say this is war. when james rosen went and, you know, pressed the state
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department, asked jen psaki, remember, tuesday or wednesday -- >> wednesday. >> will you call this war? are we at war? direct question. simple, okay? following beheading of american journalists, two. she couldn't even respond. so, when james was speaking with bill o'reilly on "the factor" wednesday, bill had this assessment -- fair. >> with all due respect, and you don't have to comment on this, that woman looks way out of her depth over there, just the way she delivers. it just doesn't look like she has the gravitas for that job. >> okay, so, he says she doesn't have the gravitas for the job. and you look at her resume, and she essentially was a spokesperson for a bunch of politicians. where's her, you know, her background in world affairs? she, according to what i've seen, she doesn't really have one. nonetheless, yesterday, deputy spokesperson at the department of state, marie harf, said bill o'reilly, he's talking about her colleague. he's clearly a sexist!
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listen. >> i think that when the anchor of a leading cable news show uses, quite frankly, sexist, personally offensive language that i actually don't think they would ever use about a man against the person that shares this podium with me, i think i have an obligation, and i think it's important to step up and say that's not okay. >> yeah, there's a lot of things you could say about bill o'reilly, and he'd welcome them. there's a lot of people that could insult him. you might be accurate. you could compliment him, you might be accurate. but in terms of being a sexist, i don't think you're watching the show. >> right. >> he's an equal opportunity complimenter and defender. here's an example of bill o'reilly noticing a few things about josh earnest. >> josh earnest. okay, he looks to me to be befuddled. i mean, jay carney, you may not have liked him, but he looked like he understood the process. mr. earnest doesn't look like he has a lot of credibility.
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>> so, there you go. marie harf? >> bill o'reilly does not like men. >> that was less than ten days ago that he said that, okay? >> august 26th. >> and if you think he's a sexist, how many women are there that he's in complete dialogue, debate with every single night, brilliant women that he is there discussing the top issues with. >> right. >> and you know, he's been quite fair across the board. but was that comment by marie harf? >> meanwhile, ten minutes after the hour. another fox news alert spans the world, the queen of comedy, joan rivers, dead here in new york city yesterday at the age of 81. >> her daughter, melissa, here making the heartbreaking decision to take her off life support, saying "my mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. although that is difficult to do right now, i know her final wish would be that we would be returning to laughter soon." >> rivers went into cardiac
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arrest last week during a routine procedure, under investigation by new york health officials this morning. many remembering the comedy legend who broke down tv barriers for women. trace gallagher has more. >> reporter: the entertainment world is mourning the loss of a legend, comedian joan rivers passing away at a new york hospital at the age of 81. >> she cut her own swath through the world of show business. we won't see her likes again. she was an incredible lady. >> she never relied on the same old tired punch lines. she stayed relevant, she stayed raw, she stayed real and edgy in a way that was really remarkable. >> celebrities taking to social media to pay tribute to rivers. whoopi goldberg tweeting, "my friend, joan rivers, has passed away. once again, to quote billy crystal, there are no words. bon voyage, joan." and a tweet from bette midler -- "joan rivers has died. what a sad ending to a brilliant and tragic comic life. one of the bravest and funniest of all." fans placing flowers around
3:12 am
rivers's star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> i think it's fair to say there was only one joan rivers and never will be another. >> says what she thinks and doesn't care what anyone else thinks. >> reporter: rivers crashed the male-dominated realm of late-night talk shows and is seen as a trailblazer for female comedians. >> to be as sharp-tongued as she was, and you know, to attack celebrities in some ways on stage. she's also a beloved figure and innovator as well. so, there are comics like sir silverman and kathy griffin who would not exist without the path that paved by joan rivers. >> reporter: rivers will also be remembered as a red carpet fashion critic and a familiar face on tv shopping channel quuquuvc, where she sold her own line of jewelry. trace gallagher, fox news. >> joan rivers a good friend of the show, spent a lot of appearances here, was funny every time.
3:13 am
joan rivers's funeral is set for sunday in new york city. no word on whether it will be open to the public. rivers always said she wanted it to be a huge showbiz affair, just couldn't figure out if she was being sincere when she said that. >> she liked to plan. >> she would be happy, then, she made the cover of "the new york times." a comic stiletto quick to skewer, even herself. one ballsy lady. she was born joan polenski and her agent said, you've got to change your name. that agent's name? tony rivers. she goes, i like your name, i'm joan rivers, like that. >> sharp she always was, and could make the funniest of funny laugh. >> that's right. all right, 13 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, you attack us, there will be no mercy. that was one marine's message to isis weeks ago. he's back now with a new one, and he hopes the president is listening. plus, take a look at this. it's the funniest prank you probably will see, but the people being pranked are not laughing one bit. ♪
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yourturn night into conquer the globe. stop floods. now she could use a hand, so she can keep living on her own. comfort keepers can help you help her. our professional caregivers are carefully chosen and highly trained to provide a variety of in-home services while truly engaging with your aging loved ones so they can stay happy at home. comfort keepers. keeping the comforts of home. call comfort keepers now to learn more. we don't have a strategy yet. i think what i've seen in some of the news reports suggests
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that folks are getting a little further ahead of where we're at than we currently are. >> wow. the president may not have a strategy yet for battling isis, but our next guest always has. in an open letter to the terror group that's taken the internet by storm, has gone viral, marine corps veteran nick powers laid out his plan for the terrorists, adding, "if you really think you stand a chance on u.s. soil, do you really think it would be smart to poke the bear? you attack us and there will be no mercy." man, that's the tact a lot of us wish this administration would take. powers joined "fox & friends" last month to talk about that letter and now is back with a message not only for isis, but the american people as well. nick, your message resonated with a lot of people. what's your message now? >> i mean, my message now is the same thing. you know, it's more of an outcry to the american public. you know, the framers of the constitution wanted to create a more perfect union, you know, a government that serves its people and also shows itself as
3:19 am
a long-lived example to nations around the world. that's a statement that's on the website. and with that statement being on the website of this current administration, who obviously is not living by that, not only are we not an example, we're an embarrassment to the world, but they haven't been serving us for years. i mean, look at the exponential amount of debt that they've inrescued, you know. and we're paying for all these officials to live these lavish lifestyles that aren't doing what they were sworn to do. >> right. don't forget, nick, we are cutting one thing, and that's the military. that makes a lot of sense. but here's the vice president seems to take a page from your letter. he did this a couple of days ago. listen. >> when people harm americans, we don't retreat. we don't forget. we take care of those who are grieving. and when that's finished, they should know we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice. >> yeah. the only problem with the vice president's statement is, the
3:20 am
1,000 guys that we have there are saying this after hearing that quote. how can we follow them into the gates of hell? how can we accomplish that goal when we can't even leave the front gate of our own base? >> yeah, and that's been an issue for years. you know, i said it before on a previous interview, the rules of engagement, they have to be modified. we can't fight a force that especially doesn't play by the rules by having rules of engagement that limit us to being a responsive force. we need to be proactive. you know, these roes actually give power to groups like this because they know they can exploit it and use it against us. >> right. and nick, it's up to your leaders and the officers to go to battle so you can win, just go out and win the battles you're asked to fight. nick powers, thanks so much. appreciate your point of view and we'll be talking to you as this campaign continues. thanks. >> all right, thank you. all right, straight ahead, debbie wasserman schultz called wisconsin's governor a wife abuser. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand.
3:21 am
>> well, this hour, the governor's right-hand woman here with a message for her. then, which democratic governor's apologizing for tweeting this steamy picture? how do you spell regret? ♪ ain't that kind of guy ♪for a snack that isn't lame ♪but this... ♪takes my breath away every time you take advil liqui gels you're taking the pain reliever that works faster on tough pain than extra strength tylenol. and not only faster. stronger too. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil every time you take advil you're taking the medicine doctors recommend most for joint pain. more than the medicine in aleve or tylenol. the medicine in advil is the number one doctor recommendation for joint pain. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil
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we've got a fox news alert for you on this friday morning. this hour, the third american with the deadly ebola virus will land on american soil soon. dr. rick sacra got sick while treating pregnant women in the country of liberia. he will be treated at the nebraska medical center in omaha, nebraska. and later today, friends and family will say a final farewell to murdered journalist steven sotloff. a public memorial is being held this afternoon at temple beth am
3:25 am
in pine crest, florida. 1,000 people are expected to attend. >> thanks. well, as the nation mourns the loss of comedy legend joan rivers, we look back at her career and her impact on hollywood through one of her most recent interviews, a sit-down with our own "in the foxlight" host and vp of marketing here at fox news, michael tamaro. good morning to you. a special time you had with her. >> i did. it was 25 minutes i'll cherish my entire life. i remember being a young kid, sneaking out of bed late at night, 10 years old, watching this hilarious character making jokes about elizabeth taylor and the flight attendants on "the tonight show," and it was just a moment i'll always remember, you know? she had such attention to the small things, the detail, the lighting, my socks, the texture of my coat. >> she was always looking for something to make a joke about. >> always looking for something, and she did. no, but she gave me the thumbs up. and she loved the idea that i wore two hats here, i was also doing entertainment news and also vice president of
3:26 am
marketing. and she was like, you know, can you make a phone call? "joan and melissa" just got canceled. i think it would be a great fit for the fox business network, can you make it happen? >> i was like, i'll try. >> it would have been great. >> there was a business aspect to it, yeah. >> she loved working hard. she loved giving up her days and being busy and observing everything. >> she did. even up to the end. people half her age couldn't keep up with her pace. she went to l.a. twice a week for "fashion police." she had a show the night before and had a gig scheduled the night after the procedure that ultimately did her in. >> you were on with greta last night, as she spent her whole hour remembering. you've got some of the 45 minutes that you sat down with her. >> i did. well, you know, we talked a little bit about political correctness and all that. and when comedy falls to become politically correct -- i'll get it out -- >> pc. >> pc. we might as well all pack it in. joan was determined to not let that happen on her watch.
3:27 am
>> do you think we're too politically correct these days? >> i think we are so politically correct these days that it's probably ruining everything. >> why is comedy important? >> somebody said it wasn't me, i think it was winston churchill, every time you make someone laugh, you give them a little vacation. >> sure. >> it just changes your life! it makes a terrible moment happy. you've been in both sides of the business. >> yes. >> you go into business meetings and everyone's so, vrrrr. i'll do a joke, everyone will relax. then we'll say, okay, guys, now what do we want to do here? and it just changes everything. >> anyone you regret making a joke about? >> no. no, but it's all -- i say you're lucky to have a joke made about you -- >> exactly. >> because if america doesn't know who you are, they're not going to get the joke. so, i only put down people that are very, very famous. >> yes. >> cher. and i said this before, but she's not my act, she'll call
3:28 am
me. why aren't i in the act? if you're relevant, you're in the act. >> how has your life changed since the carson show? >> it's gotten so much edgier and you can say so much more. i think it's great. i love being able to be here at this time to say what i'm saying. >> you guys, right up to the very end she was relevant for over 60 years. that's a huge feat in this business. before we sat down with her, we debated a little bit, should we do the interview? is she demo-friendly? well, excuse me, caa, who she just signed with, did a study, her average demo was 22.7 years old. >> are you kidding? fantastic. >> fantastic. >> joan rivers was here before us. she was actually, back when she was younger, she was a tour guide at rockefeller center. >> that's right. she wore many hats in her career. >> she sure did, and was happy to do so. >> yeah. >> all right, michael. >> thank you. all right, coming up on this friday here on "fox & friends," forget isis.
3:29 am
hillary clinton says the most urgent issue for our nation is climate change. we've got the video. and from the front lines to fashion week. our military members are hitting the catwalk, but this is about more than just fashion. our own lea gabrielle explains. ♪ american woman, get away from me ♪ great. this is the last thing i need.) seriously? let's take this puppy over to midas and get you some of the good 'ol midas touch. hey you know what? i'll drive! i really didn't think this through. brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling)
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if you develop these, stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some could be life threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i did not know what it was like to be a non-smoker. but i do now. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. i was watching our friends over at cbs this morning -- we love those guys -- and it was one reporter's very first day on the job. everything went great. take a look. >> chris, we just have to say to you, we just heard during the break that this is your first day of work. welcome. what a story you have. [ laughter ] >> true. he just walked right up, thought he was done with the report and then walked back. >> did he want more money, or
3:33 am
did he feel as though the deal he signed wasn't effective? >> i think since had t was his first day, he didn't know how it all worked out. >> i've been there. i think i can find tape of me doing that. >> my first day doing a live tv show, i was a little nervous, as most people are. one of the camera guys was so kind to relax me by mooning me. >> yeah. >> that always works. >> and chris chulo still works here today. >> why didn't i get the moon on my first day here? >> moon over manhattan -- >> oh, here it is. >> that was very nice of you to do, joel. real quick, one of the things steve did on my first day -- so, i'm doing sports and weather, then we used to sit in the green room and play jacks. so, i go, it was my first day here, so i go out, and we were set to do this thing where we have to take our microphone off, even though the guy told us he would kill our mike while we're in the restroom. my mike's in wisconsin. so, you basically say talk into
3:34 am
my lapel. so, the whole time i did sports while you sat there and you were my sportscaster, my color guy. >> he was. >> whatever happened to you? >> i had your back coming up on 20 years. >> absolutely. >> now you both have my back every day. >> absolutely. >> never taken for granted. >> no one's taken elisabeth's mike off. i think she would sue us. >> i wouldn't. i wouldn't. >> meantime, heather childers is back with the headlines. >> you know what they say, it's better with friends. >> hashtag! >> yeah. we have this for your headlines. a pilot forced to turn his plane around on command from the fbi. the reason? a mother was trying to kidnap her child and escape to china. now, the united flight returned to dulles airport five hours after taking off. the mother was taken into custody. investigators not releasing a whole lot of details about the custody case, but they do say that the child is back with his father. well, forget isis. no, according to hillary clinton, climate change, alignment change is our biggest threat.
3:35 am
>> this is the most consequential, urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face. sea levels are rising, ice caps are melting, storms, droughts and wildfires are wreaking havoc. >> clinton speaking at nevada's national clean energy summit. well, the governor of delaware getting tied up by his twitter account. governor jack markell meant to send out this tweet on his official account, showing him at an elementary school event. but this is the actual photo that was attached to the tweet. clearly, a woman in leather straps is not elementary school material. the tweet was quickly deleted and an apology was sent out. and it may not be halloween just yet, but one prankster thought that she would pull this out of his bag of tricks and give some folks the scare of a lifetime. look.
3:36 am
>> did you see that climbing up side there? a massive eight-legged monster terrorizing people on the streets of poland. but okay, it's actually a dog dressed up in a spider costume. yeah, but that's pretty convincing! yeah, i think that would fake me out and i would run for the hills. what about you? >> in the dark like that? that would be scary. >> giant tarantula attacks. >> that will boost your raarak phobia, for sure. no spiders for you, maria. good morning. good morning to see you. hello, everybody. i want to look at the weather across the country, because we have a strong cold front pushing eastward, and this is going to produce showers and storms across parts of the midwest and also into the east as we head into the next few days. and today we do have the risk for more severe storms across parts of michigan, ohio, indiana and also into illinois. and if you live in new york city, come tomorrow, you could be seeing some severe storms as well from parts of new york city
3:37 am
all the way up into portions of new england. large hail, damaging winds, and even isolated tornadoes are a concern. now, behind this storm system, it's already going to start to feel a little bit like fall for some of you across parts of the northern plains. you're in the 60s today in minneapolis and rapid city. and by the way, these areas by next week, middle of the week to late in the week, we're going to have another front move through, and that's going to be bringing in some even cooler conditions, so very chilly out there expected into late next week. otherwise, ahead of that front today, 90s in places like dallas and also memphis. factor in that humidity, and it feels a little bit hotter than what the thermometer says. now let's head back inside. >> it's still summer. >> it is. it is also fashion week here in new york city with the top designers, models and trend-setters coming together. >> but this year they're adding some american patriotism, as u.s. veterans take to the catwalk. >> we have a former navy fighter who we call our anchor. you were a pilot, so you loved
3:38 am
this. it was a mix of your reporting background as well as walking the runway. >> those of us who wore the uniform were so proud of it and how we look in it, but sometimes it's nice to just feel pretty. i spent my 20s in combat boots, a flight suit and smelling most like jp-5 jet fuel. i of all people know when you look great, you feel great. and that's what "salute the runway" is all about. check it out. ♪ ♪ >> what is it like sitting here, new york city fashion week, getting ready to walk down the runway? >> it's pretty unreal. >> reporter: these women may not be your typical fashion models, but they're certainly role models. they've all fought for our freedom in the united states military, and now they're opening up fashion week in the "salute the runway" fashion show. you're used to your hair being back or up. you're wearing combat boots. what's it like being pampered like this? >> this was amazing.
3:39 am
when you're in the rank, everybody's the same dress. it's limited. so, now you're like, diva. >> reporter: the show was hosted by fatigues to fabulous, an organization that supports military women as they transition to civilian life. >> i was a helicopter pilot, you know. you have all this meaning and purpose, and you get out, and all of a sudden, you're like, well, just one day, it's over, and you're starting over. so, that's the transition that's the most, i think, difficult to overcome. >> reporter: the women are given top model treatment from the best in the business. hair, makeup, and head-to-toe styling by high-fashion designers like calvin klein and tommy hilfiger. >> giving us the opportunity to get out there, wear amazing clothes, look beautiful, feel beautiful, and all at the same time feel proud of our service. >> reporter: retired army captain leslie nicole smith lost her leg and her eyesight from a blood infection while deployed in bosnia. her service dog, isaac, will help her navigate the runway.
3:40 am
>> when this happened, you know, i never thought actually i would even walk again. and so, i have to tell you, walking the runway tonight is so extra special to me. i mean, it's just overwhelming and it's so emotional and very empowering. >> fashion week isn't where you'd expect to find women who fly airplanes, fire weapons and wear combat boots for a living, but that's about to change tonight as they take the runway. ♪ >> that's great. >> fatigues to fabulous also helps women who serve by providing job training, networking and research on health conditions faced by our returning veterans. you can donate to the organization and they could use your help. do that by downloading the cell phone app shout for good or by visiting you saw them strutting the runway. they were showing pictures of them in their body armor next to their aircraft waving american flags, saluting as they stood on
3:41 am
the runway. these are women who are proud of their service, and this really meant something to them. it was great. >> well, it was great that we sent you. you know something about the other kind of runway. >> sure do. >> i do. and just the bravery it took to see leslie strut down the runway in that prosthetic leg, wow. >> moving. >> yeah. >> moving. and you are fierce on both levels, by the way. >> thank you very much. >> lea gabrielle, thank you. all right, coming up straight ahead, debbie wasserman schultz called wisconsin's governor a wife abuser yesterday. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand. >> well, the governor's right-hand woman here to respond next. and you want to know if you're getting the best deal at the store? these numbers hold the clue. insider secrets on how to get the best deals hidden in plain sight on the price tag. the guy who cracked the shopping code that you're going to want to hear about to save money with is here live. ♪ i believe in miracles ♪ since you came along, you sexy thing ♪ (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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and with every purchase, you'll earn unlimited double miles. from now on, no one's taking your seat away. what's in your wallet? well, she called wisconsin governor scott walker a wife abuser, and now dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz is trying to backtrack. she said this -- i shouldn't have used the words that i used. that shouldn't detract from the broader point that i was making, that scott walker's policies have been bad for wisconsin women." hmm. but she never actually apologized for those comments that many say went too far. here they are. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand, and there is no -- i know that is stalk, i know that is direct, but that is reality. what republican party tea party extremists like scott walker are doing is they're grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back.
3:46 am
>> well, here to respond is the governor's right-hand woman, the lieutenant governor of wisconsin, rebecca clayfish joins us this morning. good morning, lieutenant governor. what was your initial reaction when you heard those comments? >> well, i was shocked! they're horrible, hideous remarks, where she belittles the victims of domestic violence in order to score cheap political points. and the fact is, mary burke, the woman for whom she was in wisconsin, is not even denouncing these things. you know, you heard the nonapology apology coming out of debbie wasserman schultz. where is mary burke on this? we as women of wisconsin are waiting for her to stand up for us and say i stand with the victims of domestic violence and i stand against debbie wasserman schultz's horrible remarks. >> and what did you think after hearing her apology, the statement that i began with? >> it's not an apology! an apology means saying you're sorry, and debbie wasserman schultz not only did not do
3:47 am
that, but she's certainly not encouraging mary burke to come out and apologize or denounce her remarks, as she should. governor scott walker has a sterling record on women's issues. but on top of that, on helping victims of domestic violence. this last year alone, you take a look at the commitment he has made to wisconsin women -- ending human trafficking with a bill that he signed, cracking down on restraining order loopholes, and on top of that, spending about $15 million in order to further protect and expand services for victims of domestic violence. here is a governor who cares deeply about victims of domestic abuse. and apparently, mary burke won't stand with the women of wisconsin and denounce these remarks. >> well, the clock is ticking on those remarks, if they are yet to come. but you know, debbie wasserman schultz has been known to make comments which made some people's eyebrows raise. take a listen. >> you have the republicans who want to literally drag us all the way back to jim crow laws.
3:48 am
people in too many of the republican members of represent is a threat of bigotry, which is appalling. what the republicans are doing is dangerous for israel. they're undermining israel's security. >> the republicans are engaged in their circular firing squad and embracing extremism and running far to the right as humanly possible. >> i mean, we're talking the head of the dnc here. what message overall does that send about the party? >> apparently, that they can't find a high-quality leader with a little bit of class and a little bit of a filter, because you can differ on poll siitics day long, but there used to be some sort of standard by which you had an eloquent political debate. there is nothing eloquent about the shameful remarks that come out of her mouth. and there is nothing eloquent about mary burke's remarks simply saying, you know, i guess i probably wouldn't have put it that way.
3:49 am
we need a forceful denouncement of the statements made by debbi. debbie wasserman schultz came into wisconsin to support mary burke. mary burke needs to stand with the women of wisconsin and governor scott walker and support women who are victims of domestic violence and say, hey, listen, this is absolutely unacceptable, shameful, disgusting, to belittle victims and try and score votes. >> well, we thank you for those clear comments today, lieutenant governor of wisconsin, rebecca clayfish. we thank you for being with "fox & friends." >> thank you very much. coming up, it's a fox news exclusive. the men who tried to save ambassador chris stevens going on the record about what really happened in benghazi. and you want to know if you're getting the best deal? just look right at the price tag in front of you. did you know there are numbers like this one right here that hold the clue to your cash? ♪ don't need your money, money,
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it's your money. we all like to find ways to save money when we shop. but did you know that the best way to find savings might be hidden right there on the price tag in the store? here to help us crack the retail code, kyle james, shopping guru and founder of the coupon web site, >> thank you. >> when people hear this, it will change the way you shop. trust me on this. how did you figure out that there is a code right in plain daylight in every store that you have detailed? >> i originally saw a story on target and it was by looking at the -- not the dollars, but the cents, you can figure out if
3:54 am
it's a full price, clearance price, might it get cheaper. i thought that was cool. i did the research. found some mom blogs where some employees posted some stuff. before i knew it, i had employees saying this is how we do it at kohl's and home depot, or crabbing information i had. and it was a cool resource and kept growing. >> let's start with target. this is an actual price tag you would see in the store. what do you see right there? >> so that's a clearance tag. in the upper right-hand corner you'll see number, 1530, 50, 75, or 90, that's the percentage off the original price. that's cool. you can kind of tell it's already half price. but the neat thing is the target employee held me every ten to 14 days, they will make that down if it doesn't sell. >> a lot of things end in 99. but that ends in 98. so you also, if it ends in a 9, ends in an 8, they tell a different story. >> so they don't sell that in
3:55 am
ten to 14 days, it will go to 75% off. >> so if it ends in a 9, that's full price. if it ends in an 8, it indicates clearance items. >> that's when you want to look in the upper right-hand corner. >> let's go to costco and this is an image of a regular price tag that you would see in a costco. there it is right there. let's pay attention. folks, see that star up in the upper right-hand corner? what does that tell you? >> that tells you it's a clearance price. more than that, you see the 97. that tells you it's a discounted price. >> so most things at costco end in a 99. >> full price. >> if you see 7, that means it's clearance. >> or discounted price. >> let's go to home depot. >> you want to look for the yellow tags, which are clearance tags. you want to look then if it ends in 06 or 03. if it's 06, there is six weeks until the next mark down.
3:56 am
if they dent sell it, it will get marked down to 03. that's the best deal. >> let's go buy office supplies to office depot. >> you want to look for 01 is the first mark down. if they don't sell it, it will go to 02. it's great back to school. they have a lot of clearance stuff they're trying to get rid it. look for stuff that ends in 02 or 03. the holy grail is 04, the final markdown. >> and i understand you've reached out to some stores and said is this what do you? some go, yeah. and others go, we're not going to talk about how we price stuff. >> exactly. i haven't had any negative backlash. so it's a handy little cheat sheet for consumers. >> it's fantastic. go to our web site for more information. we'll have it up, or thank you.
3:57 am
>> thank you. coming up, is isis here in the united states? new word that the terror group is in texas and plotting to attack one of our military bases. we got details as we roll on we got details as we roll on live from new york city in two minutes place for incredible savings. like your choice of bass pro hats for only $5. and this she outdoor vintage camo hoodie for under $30. finally, the purple pill,hr the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand, comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™
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for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. call liberty mutual insurance.
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good morning. today is friday, september 5. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. an international manhunt is underway this hour for this man. he's using his american education at one of the country's top schools to wage jihad against the united states. and it's a fox news exclusive. the man who tried to save chris stevens going on the record for the first time about what really happened, when they tried to help. >> thumbs up, thumbs up. ready to go. i said hey, we're ready to go. bob looks right through me and looks at it and goes you need to wait. >> could they have saved these four americans? more from this stunning interview. and after years of hard work
4:01 am
and very little pay, a washington, d.c. congressional staffer finally snaps, saying [ bleep ]. the epic resignation for the parts we can show on television. mornings are better with friends >> you're watching "fox & friends." it's a fabulous show. thank you very much, elizabeth hurley and elisabeth hasselbeck and brian kilmeade. >> if you're just waking up now, we have a lot of news to report. >> we do. we've got a fox news alert. top of this hour. u.s. air strikes taken out three senior isis terrorists, including the top aide to isis leader abu ba car al bagdadi. he was killed in the terrorist stronghold of mosul. >> there was a lot of
4:02 am
speculation that he died yesterday. other speculation that the president got the news when secretary of state john kerry passed him this note during yesterday's nato meeting in wales. >> this morning there is a new target. the f.b.i. are now hunting for this guy you see here, a tech savvy american from boston believed to be the mastermind behind isis' brutal social media blitz. elizabeth prann joins us live from washington. good morning to you. what more do we know about this guy? >> reporter: we know the f.b.i. is heating up its search for him. officials in the u.s. are using media and hopes to track down this so-called media expert by publishing this picture of amad and playing this recording of his distinct voice tone hoping someone will come forward with information. >> if they don't have a warrant, they don't have a right to do that. make sure you tell your mother that next time, 'cause they might scare her. you know what i'm saying? >> he was suspected of being an architect hyped the internet and social media blitz.
4:03 am
the group has become so advanced at that includes the gruesome youtube videos and twitter propaganda post. he grew up outside boston, the same city where he went to college before reportedly traveling back to the middle east back in 2004 where he worked on media outreach for al-qaeda in iraq. while many say there is still more evidence needed to confirm the suspicions, some experts say he has all the tools that he would need to be an effective asset at inflicting global terror. >> sometimes the pen is more powerful than the sword and i think that's exactly what they're using. it seems like they might be using this individual for. >> reporter: officials say he may be in syria. the 32-year-old is already wanted on nine terrorism-related charges. back to you guys. >> all right. elizabeth prann in dc, we thank you very much. speaking of terrorism, everybody is looking toward next week. it will be the anniversary of september 11. what's interesting now is you know those 37,000 kids who streamed across our southern
4:04 am
border over the last year or so? where did they go? federal government isn't telling us that. all dino for sure is that our southern border is wide open and now there is a report from judicial watch that apparently isis is working in the border town across the river from el paso, juarez. there is a lot of chatter. radio chatter and other things, indicating that isis is going to carry out an attack on the border very, very soon. could be car bombs. could be vehicle borne bombs. don't know. there is just a lot of talk about how isis is across the river and could come over at any time. >> and maybe targeting fort bliss. so they're on alert and changed some of their security tactics reportedly just in case that would happen. also rick perry brought that up yesterday in a speech and says we have no clear evidence, but your common sense tells you when we see the number of criminal activities that occurred, rapes, assaults, murders, by individuals who have come in
4:05 am
illegally over the last five years, it would not surprise him >> what i will share with you that we've seen historic high levels of individuals from countries with terrorist ties over the course of the last month, the obvious great concern that because of the condition of the border from the standpoint of it not being secure and us not knowing who is penetrating across, that individuals from isis or other terrorist states could be and i think is a very real possibility that they may have already used that. >> the pieces of the puzzle seem to indicate that. senior military official spoke with judicial watch this week and actually revealed that they only raised the security alert when clear and present threats are present.
4:06 am
so this isn't anything to be taken lightly. they're making these adjustments because they do feel as though something may indeed happen indicated by evidence on the ground. >> sure. rick perry said in that sound bite, he said isis could be. now according to judicial watch, isis is in the mexican border town of ciudad juarez and they want to do something. >> remember when january net napolitano said the border was secure? right? >> yeah. >> i think harry reid said that. >> yeah, he confirmed it as well. it's secure. >> let's hope he's right. meanwhile, six minutes after the top of the hour. we've got another fox news alert fans around the world mourning joan river, dead at the age of 81. >> her daughter melissa make the heart breaking decision to take her off life support, saying this: my mother's greatest joy in life was to make people laugh. although that is difficult to do right now, i know her final wish would be that we return to
4:07 am
laughing soon. >> rivers went into cardiac arrest last week during a procedure. that clinic under investigation by officials. this morning many remembering the trail blazer who stayed in the spotlight for 60 years after smashing through the industry's glass ceiling. she got her first big break in 1965 on "the tonight show" with johnny carson. >> welcome please, joan rivers. >> carson became a mentor to rivers and eventually she became his permanent guest host. >> i love to shop, so when christmas is over action i am going out because i'm a shopaholic. i'm going to betty ford center for shopaholics. rough regime there. they take new a room and they sit you down and they show you pictures of queen elizabeth all dressed up. you'll never shop again. >> well. she left to host her own show. you just saw her competing on
4:08 am
fox and if cost her friendship with carson. she is perhaps best known for her presence on the red carpet. rivers brought her take no prisoners judgment of celebrity fashion to e in 2002 on the series "fashion police." >> joan rivers was 81 years old. and some people are wondering what exactly happened. we don't know. we just know she went in for a relatively minor procedure, a routine procedure. she was going to go on tour all over the country and she was having a procedure where a camera goes down her throat for policy lips, relatively simple procedure. but during it, she underwent cardiac arrest and now they're just trying to figure out what's going on. >> that's right. our hearts go out to melissa, obviously and her entire family. they were all so close. we're with you. heather childers is also with us and she's going to tell
4:09 am
us what else is happening. >> she even had an event planned the very next night after the procedure. we have a fox news alert. live pictures coming in now from omaha, nebraska. just moments ago, we received word that the third american infected with the deadly ebola virus landed on american soil. he is headed to the nebraska medical center for treatment. dr. rick sacra got sick while treating pregnant women in liberia. in a few hours, family and friends will say a final farewell to murdered journalist steven sotloff. a public memorial is being held this afternoon at temple beth am in pine crest, florida. he attended elementary school there. 1,000 people are expected to attend. in prosecutor dice or paradise about to be lost? a major disaster on hawaii's big island. lava is inching within one mile of homes there. there is a new fear it could
4:10 am
reach them in five days. the lava has been flowing 800 feet per day since july. the trouble with the web site hacked again, this time in july. the government didn't find out about it until ten days ago. the hackers pleased to be overseas and hacked into the test server for the site. they claim personal data was not stolen. and those are a quick look at your headlines. >> thank you very much. it's a fox news exclusive. the men who tried to state of ambassador chris stevens going on the record for the first time about what really happened when they tried to help. >> five minutes, we're ready. thumbs up, we're ready to go. >> then what happened? >> i said hey, we're ready to go. bob looks right through me and looks at the team and goes you need to wait. >> bob was the c.i.a.'s base chief in benghazi. >> he's on the phone talking to somebody. >> i assumed they were trying to coordinate us to link up with 17 february. >> which is the local militia.
4:11 am
>> probably been 15 minutes, i think. and i got out of the car. the team leader was standing on the front porch. i said hey, we need to get over there. we're losing the initiative, you know. and bob just looked straight at me and said stand down. you need to wait. >> started to get calls from the state department guy saying hey, we're taking fire. we need you guys here. we need help. >> after being repeatedly told to wait, the security team says they defied orders and headed to the besieged consulate on their own. they asked repeatedly for armed air support, which never came. looking back, the team believes that if they hadn't been delayed for nearly a half hour, things might have turned out differently. >> i gave you that 30 minutes back, would ambassador and sean smith be alive today? >> yes. they would still be alive. my gut says so. >> new on that?
4:12 am
>> i'd strongly believe if we would have left immediately, they'd still be alive today. >> this is all part of a new book coming out soon called "13 hours." you can watch the full one hour interview tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. bret baier anchors from washington. >> yeah. three years there. pseudo names. but there you might be getting the most accurate story to date? a lot of people haven't heard it and it will be summed up by people there on the ground that night. >> great interview by bret. 12 minutes after the top of the hour. >> coming up, entire neighborhoods filling up with islamic extremists right under our noses. the top american cities where terror is taking hold inside the united states. and recess will never be the same. the safety police decide we need to ban -- get this -- cartwheels. >> about time. ♪
4:13 am
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day after day we have shown you these faces, all of them americans who turn their backs
4:17 am
on their country, many of them willing to die for the cause, fighting for isis overseas. it's even more disturbing is that they're not alone. reports suggest up to 100 more americans are waging jihad in the middle east and could return home here to strike. eric is a terror analyst who knows exactly where they are gathering and where their next move may be. eric, we want to thank you for joining us today. serious information right here obviously. we want to talk about the top five hot beds for terrorism and why individuals are there. we're going to start with chicago. >> yeah. just last week, speak of the devil, in chicago we had a man waving an isis flag outside of his car window and he led police on a high-speed chase. that's just last week. but the network in chicago goes back much further. in recent years, we know that isis talking about the caliphate and establishing an islamic state in the middle east. well, we've had pro-caliphate
4:18 am
conferences held in the chicago area over the past few years by a group called hiz but. we have a long running hamas support network in chicago. a hamas operative was arrested and convicted there and remember, number one, chicago has a large muslim immigrant population. number two, the seers tower is a -- sears tower is a major target. on twitter, isis made a threat against chicago. >> wow. we're going to move to virginia here. obviously proximity playing a major role. >> yeah. a few minutes from where i'm sitting now, in northern virginia, in the shadow of the white house, a major al-qaeda-linked cell wassed here. 11 men. number two, we had radical mosques in this area. yes, just a few minutes from the white house on war al al-awlaki,
4:19 am
you may remember him, the al-qaeda preacher who was killed in a u.s. drone strike in 2011. he was the imam at a major mosque right here in northern virginia. again, large muslim immigrant population here. and again, washington, d.c., obviously major terror target. >> dearborn, michigan, number three. >> very unflattering nickname. other than new york city, dearborn has the top number of people on the terrorist watch list. remember, this is a small city outside of detroit. only 96,000 people in this city. the worry in dearborn is not that people so much are going to go overseas to join isis, but that people from that area may go overseas to join hezbollah. there is a big hezbollah support network there. dearborn is heavily shiite. hezbollah is a shiite terror organization. we've seen people in dearborn area convicted for financing and
4:20 am
supporting hezbollah. >> sure. new york city, that won't surprise many people. but a city that did is minneapolis. what can you tell us about this? >> minneapolis, look, in the midwest, the twin city, the frozen tundra, look, minneapolis, number one. there is at least, by some accounts, a dozen folks from minneapolis who traveled to syria and iraq to join up with isis. but a big thing here is the large somali muslim migrant population in minneapolis. chilly minneapolis has the largest somali population in the united states and dozens, since 2008, dozens of somali immigrants have traveled to somalia to join al-qaeda linked groups and now traveling to syria to join isis. major problem. >> wow. eric, terror expert here, we want to thank you for the analysis and mapping out the hotbeds across the u.s. good to see you. >> thank you. snubbed again. another mistake at the v.a. costing our veterans millions. that's next.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
time now for news by the numbers. first, $2.4 million. that's how much the department of veterans affairs accidentally withheld in disability checks. talk about adding insult to injury. the error has been corrected. none the less, it was a big problem. next, 19 million. that's how much google is refunding parents after their kids made unauthorized purchases while using apps. google changing its billing practices so parents will be notified of purchases from now on.
4:25 am
finally, 693 pounds. that's how much this massive sword fish weighs. wow. a 17-year-old just caught the 14-footer with his father off the coast of jupiter, florida, and think it is might be a record breaker. sure leta house. 2014 nfl football season got underway last night. seattle wasted no time making it a blow out, 36-16. but they trailed early. one author telling americans to stop watching football, saying this, quote, i have come believe that football fosters within us a tolerance for violence, greed, misogyny and million tarrism, consuming as a form of entertainment, a game that causes human beings to suffer brain damage is wrong. it would be convenient to ignore this fact or rationalize it away, but also immoral. our next guest begs to differ, saying football changed his life for the better and wrote about it. mark edmundson wrote about this in his new book. mark, why are you pushing back
4:26 am
against that earlier quote? >> well, because in a lot of ways, my own experience. football taught me lot. i was in a pretty bad way when i was in high school. my family was in bad shape, my sister just died. we were having a lot of trouble. and i was pretty aimless. i managed to get myself out for the team and worked pretty hard and changed my body and my mindset a little bit. i guess kids can develop courage and they can develop loyalty and they can develop character through playing football. and i'd hate to see those things lost. i'd like to see the game a lot safer. >> your dad wasn't a hands on parents. so-called helicopter parents you see in sports. but he did like football and he did say to you, you go play. let me see your helmet first. so he cared about safety. so that was a way for to you connect with your dad, right? >> it was, yeah. we spent a lot of sunday afternoons watching jim brown and his two favorite players. he told me a lot about what he valued.
4:27 am
he valued that he started out with not a whole lot of ability, that i was familiar with. he built himself up a brick at a time and became a star. and jim brown was a man god. hearing a guy in the 1950s massachusetts talk about an african-american that way with plain good respect, that was something i didn't hear all that much. it was great to hear. >> you say do you have reservation. yeah, you learn aggression and courage, but you have to learn to leave it on the field. correct? >> yeah. that's a hard thing. they talk about this quality called timosis, desiring to be in first place. it's really good to get access to that quality and that spiritedness and energy. but then i think you got to learn how to control it. that's where the coaches coachee parents come in. they have to be careful because they've unleashed kind of a beast. that beast will be put to good use or put to destructive use. >> one thing i really like about your book, it's easy to look at mike strahan and say football helped you, no kidding. but if you look at a professor
4:28 am
at virginia and say football helped me, then people are intrigued because we can relate more to you than we can like this hall of famer who works down the street. >> well, there you go. i think i kind of have the every guy's relationship to football. i'm still friends with a lot of my teammates. we sit there and we talk about the games we won and the ones we lost and also about the game and how it's good to be friends with them still. >> as you use a quote from tim green, former falcon, he said life is about getting knocked down and getting back up. that's with football teaches you. those are the types of things you pick up in your book that is now out "why football matters." thanks so much. now to your students over at virginia. >> thank you so much. two minutes before the bottom of the hour. she called wisconsin governor scott walker a wife beater. up next, the governor's right hand woman responds and your e-mails pouring in. and after years of hard work and a little pay, congressional
4:29 am
staffer finally snaps. the epic resignation, or at least the parts we can show and let you listen to on tv. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] behind every centrum multivitamin are over one million hours of research. inside are specific vitamins and minerals to help support your heart, brain and eyes. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you.
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4:32 am
some big tv news. abc just announced rosy perez will join rosie o'donnell and whoopie goldberg as the new co-host of "the view." which plays into the new sponsor, bohs noise canceling head phones. >> he's funny. >> what do you think about that? >> i got my head phones a long time ago.
4:33 am
i wish them well. i just talked to whoopie. >> how did that go? >> well, she's good friend. >> it's very interesting because they're going to put these five together on the air, going to try to get chemistry. do they even know each other? >> i don't know. a couple worked together, i think. >> somebody who should probably have -- when you watch this, you'll probably wish that you had noise canceling head phones from bohs. here is dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz. she was trying to blast governor scott walker and she did so by essentially calling him a wife beater. here she is. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand and there is no -- i know that is stark. i know that is direct. but that is reality. what republican tea party extremists like scott walker are doing is they're grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back and
4:34 am
it's unacceptable and it's not going to happen on our watch. >> the outrage was immediate and she has since walked it back. >> tried to, at least. i shouldn't have used the words that i used, she said. that shouldn't detract from the broader point that's making that scott walker's policies have been bad for wisconsin women. in there somewhere, supposedly was an apology. but the governor's right hand woman, rebecca kleefisch was with us earlier and she said that's no apology. take a listen. >> this is absolutely unacceptable. shameful, disgusting, to belittle victims and try and score votes. governor scott walker has a sterling record on women's issues, but on top of that, on helping victims of domestic violence. you can differ on politics all day long. but there used to be some sort of standard by which you had an eloquent political debate. there is nothing eloquent about
4:35 am
the shameful remarks that come out of her mouth. >> and there are plenty of them. we asked you what you thought. we got an e-mail from kay. >> kay says this: scott walker has been a great governor. debbie wasserman schultz showed her true colors by having her outrageous comments. the women of america should take note of that. >> larry said, i believe her time is ahead of the dnc, soon to be over. even they must be getting tired of apologizing for her stupid remarks. >> remember, she the official face of the democratic party. >> tough but she did say i shouldn't say this, but. she actually walked herself back and then said it anyway. >> she must have given some thought to the original comments. i think everyone deserves the ability to apologize and be forgiven, but to undermine domestic violence when it occurs, her apology should have been more direct and more broad, according to many of the e-mails we are getting. and the lieutenant governor herself. >> keep the e-mail coming. in the meantime, it is a news channel. we need the news and that's why
4:36 am
heather childers is standing right there in the red dress. >> we have an update on a story. a dad going on trial for murder in the death of his son in a sweltering hot car. 22-months-old, his son, justin harris is the dad, he's accused of intentionally leaving little cooper inside a sweltering suv for seven hours while he sat in his office texting nude pictures to several minimum, including a teen-ager. prosecutors say that harris researched on line about how long it takes to die in a hot car and was desperately seek ago child-free lifestyle. he could face the death penalty. talk about a real shirt storm. a group of new york city teachers showing their support for the nypd by wearing these shirts on the first day of school. this is great. this despite warnings from their union, warning them of possible consequences. the union sent an e-mail to teachers that said, quote, public employees must remain objective at all times. this from the same union that
4:37 am
backed an anti-cop rally and busted teachers -- or bussed teachers to a protest led by al sharpton. a school banning unsupervised cartwheels and hand stands. that is right. students at an elementary school in australia are not allowed to flip unless they're supervised by a trained gym teacher. the principal made the call after some students were hurt doing cheerleader-type stunts. maybe not a cartwheel on a slip and slide. a fed up capitol hill staffer going out with a bang after 20 years on the hill. the dc worker wrote a biting expletive filled resignation letter to her colleagues. he takes unnamed politicians to task, calling them crazy, stupid, whole lot worse. the letter ends by saying this, after nearly two decades of unpaid and underpaid work, dealing with angry phone calls and always being on call like a sleep-deprived florence
4:38 am
nightingale, i got tired of hearing you're not dedicated enough. and they had it after 20 years. that's a look at your headlines. >> people are trying to figure out who that is and what congressman they work for. >> they'll probably figure out. >> thank you. we got to worry about 9-11 attacks here at home. we're following the latest on isis. but that's not all that's happening around the world. >> 22 before the top of the hour, a fox news alert. moments ago, the third american infected with the deadly ebola virus has arrived at a hospital in nebraska. john roberts joins us live from omaha and that hospital. good morning to you. >> reporter: steve, good morning to you. just a couple of minutes ago, we watched the ambulance go by, 51-year-old doctor arrived from monrovia, liberia, where he was infected with the ebola disease. he will go into the biocontainment unit here at the nebraska medical center. this is a special ten-bed unit, the largest one in the country. was built in 2005 after the sars
4:39 am
epidemic. doctors said they were consulting with the people at emory university who took care of dr. brantley and nurse writebol to get tips how to take care of this patient. there was questions to why the patient was brought here to nebraska as opposed to emory university. the government apparently wanted to make sure that all of these biocontainment facilities were up and running, wanted to make sure that everybody was up to speed on treating patients. here is the interesting thing about dr. sacra. he has been working at the same hospital in monrovia, liberia where ebola patients have been brought, but he was not working in the ebola ward. he is an obstetrician. so sim-usa, the medical mission for whom he works, figures the best guess and it's only a guess at this point for how he got infected is a patient came in infected with ebola, but was not showing any symptoms at all and that's how he was infected with the virus. his wife yesterday gave a press
4:40 am
conference in boston in which she said that his health condition seems to be pretty good. but he was not afraid to be with the lord if that's what his calling was. but instead, at the moment he is here at the nebraska medical center for top line treatment. >> he is indeed. all right. john roberts with the guy with ebola out there in omaha. thank you. all right. coming up, as we remember comedic legend joan rivers, the clinic where she stopped breathing during routine surgery, a procedure here in new york city, under investigation. what we know coming up next with peter johnson, jr. and the first lady's healthy lunches are proving too much to swallow. we have the story you won't see on the other networks coming up. ♪ ♪ ccaaaaaaaaaaaa! [popping & fizzing sounds]
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some headlines now. a pilot forced to turn his plane around on command from the f.b.i the reason? a mother was trying to kidnap her child and escape to china. the united flight returned to the dulles airport five hours after taking off. the mother was taken into custody. and some lucky passengers getting the view of a lifetime. a pilot taking a detour over an erupting volcano in iceland. passengers were able to snap incredible photos like these. i wonder if there are any selfies there, steve. thanks. we've got a fox news alert. the new york state department of health now launching an investigation into the clinic that treated comedienne joan rivers just days before she slipped into a coma and died yesterday. rivers remembered for a career that spanned across five decades and several con meants. she even appeared right here as one of our friends.
4:45 am
>> i met somebody on 48th street. he's homeless and it's work out great. >> what? >> every night he says to me, your doorway to mine. >> fantastic. >> oh, man. the question now, did something go wrong at the clinic? peter johnson, jr. has handled these types of cases in the past and he joins us now to explain. >> condolences to the family, too. >> absolutely. so we're starting with an investigation. >> the new york state department of health has launched an investigation. they say it's a routine investigation based upon the clinic identifying an outcome that went wrong. obviously joan rivers was brought in cardiac arrest to mount sinai medical center in new york after undergoing some kind of procedure. meaning a tube or some kind of device was put down her throat. perhaps a vocal cord procedure according to some reports. obviously something went wrong.
4:46 am
either as a result of anesthesia or something called aspiration, when someone will disgorge the content of their stomach during a procedure. we don't know what's going on. so the department of health is looking into it. there is another body called the office of professional misconduct that would also look into a physician's conduct if it was warranted. >> you know what? a couple of people have said to me, why wasn't she in the hospital having something like this done? isn't this a procedure that generally hospitals don't do? you do have it done in clinics? >> that's an important question. almost half now procedures in this country are done in outpatient ambulatory facilities. we need to understand in new york and other states across the country, the same stricture, the same regulations do not apply to outpatient ambulatory facilities that they do to hospitals. very often there is nothing called accreditation. there is something called the joint commission on accreditation that every three years goes to hospitals and checks them out. these types of facilities, this
4:47 am
one open just in the last couple of years, not subject to that kind of stricture. so the issue is investigation in terms of discipline. the secretary thing people are asking about, is there a potential malpractice case? >> of course. >> means wagon there a -- meaning was there a departure from the standard of care in the medical community of new york? did they do something that they shouldn't have done? the question you asked, should this procedure, based upon any preexisting medical condition she had, pulmonary problem, cardiac problems, diabetes, any kind of issue, should it have been done in a hospital setting where there were more crash carts, where there was more of an ability to resuscitate? by definition f something goes wrong in an outfaith-based initiative -- an outpatient facility. they must call 911. do you delay time? absolutely. >> one of the things i heard people say is at this point, they didn't know how long her
4:48 am
brain went without oxygen, which suggests wasn't somebody watching that? >> absolutely. someone should have been watching it. either a board certified anesthesiologist, that's the physician. or a nurse practitioner anesthesiologist, a nurse who is trained to be an anesthesiologist, keeping something on her finger to measure the oxygen in her blood. were they monitoring that? her heart rate. >> yeah. it's tragic news. she died at the age of 81 and she was on this program a lot and you even sat down with her. >> i absolutely had a great opportunity to interview her here with brian and i went to see her show in vegas and she was so very nice to me. so we end on a very positive happy memory of "fox & friends" and joan rivers. >> want to give 12,000 people in that room.
4:49 am
>> 1200 people. you have to make room for the walkers. >> joan rivers, died at the age of 81 and that's the way she would want it. she would want to leave us laughing. >> funny lady. >> indeed. >> thank you very much. >> okay. coming up, healthy lunches are proving too much to swallow. some kids are tossing them because they just don't taste good. how much money are we wasting? we compiled the numbers and you will see them next. first on this date in 2000, "doesn't really matter" by janet jackson number one song all across america. ♪ ♪ everybody's excited about the back to school savings at staples. from the customers, to the staples associates. with guaranteed low prices on mechanical pencils. you'll flip out! now go tell your friends.
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4:53 am
two more schools in new york have dropped the school lunch program. they're dropping out of michelle obama's lunch program. it turns out the food isn't so popular with students. >> not at all. not only do they refuse to eat it, it's costing schools even more money when they throw it away. joinings now is the president of the school nutrition association. these findings are shocking. we're glad you're with us 'cause you understand the numbers behind what the kids should be munching on at lunch and breakfast. 81% more food is thrown away with this program. 60% more cost from whole grain that's been instituted there. and 80% -- 87% think breakfast will add a cost in 2014 and 15. when you see these numbers what, does that mean? where is the money coming from if refuse is down from these lunch sales? >> the school meal programs are
4:54 am
very dependentent on the federal reimbursement and paid students cash. with increased cost is becoming increasingly difficult for districts to remain fiscally solvent. when the school meal program doesn't make money or loses money, then the school district has to pick up the tab. >> yeah. and kids are saying, i'd rather just bring lunch from home or not eat at all. that's what they do in my high school. here are the recommendations. 15% of grains should be whole grain. there is nothing wrong with that. that's 100% nutritionally correct. maintain sodium levels and don't require a fruit or vegetable. and they want to loosen a la cart requirements. so these are the requests. what would the requests do to the bottom line? >> so first of all, the school nutrition association has supported strong standards for school meals for a long time. some of the new requirements go too far.
4:55 am
and whole grain rich would allow school districts to occasionally offer white tortilla or white rice, products that students are more familiar with at home. many districts are struggling with acceptability of whole grain versions of popular products in their region like biscuits and grits in the south, tortillas in the southwest, and bagels in the northeast. so a little bit of flexibility would enable school food service directors to plan menus that are acceptable to students, and will give them time to identify products that are acceptable to their students and available in the markets where they operate. >> an apple isn't healthy if it's thrown away, or something that's mandated, isn't so healthy if the kids aren't eating it. we're learning the money that they're not going to get is going to come from the educational fund. this -- these suggestions will make a difference, you say? >> yes, they will.
4:56 am
regarding the requirement for the fruit or vegetable, we support the expanded variety of fruits and vegetables that we offer and we also support larger serving sizes. but we don't want kids to have to take an item if they don't intend to eat it. one cornell researcher has estimated that it has increased waste 100% and there is over $680 million worth of fresh produce going into the trash each year. >> and people should keep their egos out of it and do what's work and hopefully they'll be open to your suggestions. you certainly carry a lot of weight. hopefully you'll be listened to. thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. straight ahead, an international manhunt is underway for this man. he's using his american education at one of the nation's top schools to wage jihad against the united states. are there more like him? geraldo rivera here live. forget isis. hillary clinton says the most urgent issue for our nation is climate change. we're going to play the tape.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
good morning. it is friday, september 5, 2014. a fox news alert, meet one of america's most wanted. the son of an american doctor raised in boston, educated at one of our top schools. now he's working for isis and leading the terror army social media campaign. what we are learning about him this morning. and what's it like to be face-to-face with a shark? >> ma'am, where is the shark? >> i don't know. he bumped me out of my boat. >> more from that 911 call made from a kayak. and it's the funniest prank we have seen all day.
5:01 am
(scream) >> these people are not laughing about the surprise. i think many of them nursing wounds and injuries right now. according to every stat, mornings are better with friends. >> what is happening to our show? >> that was willie robertson hyped us. he's right over there. >> that is so unprofessional. >> "duck dynasty" first episode of the season will be in scotland. also his daughter is a big star with tap shoes on. we got a lot to talk to him about. >> there is a lot going on. he's also got another job. >> yeah. >> another occupation. unbelievable how productive he is. >> what is this? >> it's a tease.>> hello. geraldo rivera is going to weigh in on the news of the day and
5:02 am
willie is coming up in about a half hour. in the meantime, we start this hour with the headlines and heather. >> yes. we have a serious story to talk about. the ebola case, fox news alert for you this morning. new video just coming in showing the third american infected with the deadly ebola virus arriving in an ambulance at a nebraska hospital. dr. rick sacra got sick while treating pregnant women in liberia. health officials are confident patients, doctors doctors and sl be protected during his treatments. and a dad going on trial for the murder of -- for the death of his son in a sweltering hot car. his 22-month-old son. he's accused of intentionally leaving him in an suv for seven hours while he sat in his office texting nude pictures to several women, including a teen-ager. prosecutors say that harris researched on line about how long it takes to die in a hot car and he was desperately seek a child-free lifestyle.
5:03 am
is paradise about to be lost? a major disaster unfolding on hawaii's big island at this hour. look at that lava. it's inching within just one mile of homes there. there is new fear this morning that it could reach them in just five days. the lava has been flowing about 800 feet per day since july. and finally, president obama getting the royal treatment in the u.k. while attending the nato sum in wales. president obama had time to pal around with prince charles. president obama saying this, quote, having a great time in the country that every american should visit. acts like he doesn't have a care in the world there. >> so the president living it up with prince charlesnd geraldo rivera, you've never lived it up with prince charles. >> never houston out with prince charles. he doesn't seem like a party guy. maybe i'm wrong about that. he's got the secret life. >> i can see him more with
5:04 am
harry. >> yeah with harry or william. >> or how about this story about -- >> i like what cameron is doing over there. the prime minister. he's being more decisive than our chief executive. >> absolutely. he sounds like a leader. let's talk a little bit about isis. the very latest is apparently they've been very effective with the social media. we found out the second beheading when it was accidentsally tweeted out, now the fox news alert is they're hunting for a guy who went to college, grew up in the boston area. he apparently is their social media expert, he is an american, that guy right there. >> went to boston university. his dad, a prominent doctor that. is the great fear, of course. chuck hagel says there is about 100 of them, american citizens carrying american documentation freely able to travel presumably. that's the great danger. that's how the war could go from the middle east, most directly, most immediately to the united states, these guys come home. they have shave the beard off. they look like anybody else.
5:05 am
they've got a proper passport f we don't know who they were when they left, there is a possibility, although we're obviously on high alert that, they could sneak back in. they know our ways. remember the world war ii movie, the japanese has the american pow, i know your ways, i went to ucla. that's what we're fearing now. >> if they didn't want to go one way, they could come from the south a border we're hearing in terms of raised elevation level of security there at some basis. we've got an issue right now. exposure on the south of our own country here. >> i had heard those reports. i did an hour documentary about it. i can only say two quick things. number one, there has never been a verified penetration of the southern border by an islamic extremist terrorist. >> how would we know? >> let me go on to what has been verified. there has been penetrations from canada and successful terrorist attacks launched from canada, but we have no great clamor to put a wall up with the great white north.
5:06 am
and i fear that that -- that fear, it is all justified that people could come in anyway. but i don't want our fight against terror to be mixed up with the whole debate on immigration. i fear that that is what's happening. >> it could be one of the causes. the story today is apparently judicial watch uncovered that apparently there is so much chatter on our southern border, they've got evidence to suggest that isis is essentially in the town across the river from el paso and there is chatter, radio chatter -- >> i know juarez very well. i've been there. i've covered the dead bodies on the corner. if there was a muslim extremist there and the mexicans knew about t i would not want to be that muslim extremist. they're fierce in their own way. they have no common cause. they're deeply catholic. the people in mexico. i don't see that as the big threat. i see the big threat as people coming in with legal visa, like the 9-11 terrorists. next week is 9-11. how did they get here? with legal visas that they
5:07 am
overstayed. that's the danger. i think that canada is a very porous border and they can fit in more there. >> just so you know, they always change their tactics. they always adapt. >> absolutely true. >> the other thing is drugs and terrorists, that's a way to finance their terror activity. >> also agree. >> you reported on that in afghanistan. let's switch to joe biden. firey rhetoric talked about we will follow you, meaning eye circumstances to the gates of hell because that's where you belong. >> i loved that speech. >> right. >> then bret baier came back. i loved it, too. more to look at our enchristmas eve say we're going to take you out, which i was hoping our president would say. so the vice president says that. and bret baier was able to get intelligence from our special ops on the ground who said how can we follow them to the gates of hell if we can't even get off our base? >> i totally get that. and i understand that we have to put our boots where our mouth is to a certain extent.
5:08 am
you remember the campaign, the kosovo campaign against the serbs, how we did the whole thing by air. we even told the serbs we were going to hit that train at 12:00 o'clock tomorrow and we hit them. i believe that the paranoia is given america's very shaky support for foreign intervention and boots on the ground, our fear is that we'll have american casualties. that's why you are seeing this fervent denial that we'll have troops on the ground. it's going to be an air campaign. and i believe in my heart of hearts as a veteran combat correspondent that an air campaign right now is sufficient. we are driving them back. >> what about saying what we're not going to do. nick powers a marine, said this to us earlier. >> the rules of engagement, they have to be modified. we can't fight a force that especially doesn't play by the rules, by having rules of engagement that limit us to be a responsive force. we need to be pro-active. these roes give power to groups
5:09 am
like this because they know they can exploit it and use it against us. >> okay. so joe biden says we're going to follow you to the gates of hell. we can't because of the rules of engagement. even the invisible border with syria we're not bombing there. >> i lament a couple of things. i lament that the president has not acted sooner and more decisively. i am calling on the president today, as i have been all week, to bring back general david petraeus, the former director of central intelligence. i was with general petraeus in mosul, in northern iraq. no battlefield commander in the uniform of united states knows that territory better. he was disgraced, had an affair with a reporter or secretary, whatever. let's forgive him his trespass. none of us are perfect. bring back general petraeus and also bring back general stanley mccrystal who was our commander in afghanistan and commander of special forces in iraq. have him take over the kurdish
5:10 am
fighters. let general mccrystal help direct the kurdish force. >> that's boots on the ground. >> exactly. general petraeus can give us an overall strategy for motivating. i have seen him with the sunni sheik, the tribal leaders. he's the best that would ever happen. >> on a much different note -- >> he may not want to be painted as a war president and those generals indicate war to many people and as keen and wise as much as they know about the region, our president may not want that. >> a declaration of war against isis. isis is a defacto state, let america declare war on isis. >> before you go, you got to talk about your friend more many years, joan rivers. >> i loved her. we were in the talk show business together. we did eight shows together. we just completed a reality show six weeks. she was a dear friend, tried, true, loyal. i think that -- back stage at
5:11 am
tom hanks' play a year ago, it was a fun night with erica and joan, i think the big story there will be this is michael jackson type story again. dr. conrad murray went to jail for administering this powerful sedative in a setting where he had no capacity to deal with an emergency, an emergency resuscitation. she did a store front clinic, an 81-year-old woman going to a store front clinic getting totally knocked out with propothol, this powerful sedative. they had no ability to resuscitate her. how can that be that they have to call 911, six minutes. she's already dead by the time they get her to bring her to the hospital. i think it's outrageous and i think that the department of health in new york state is righteously and importantly investigating that clinic. >> what's going to happen with that reality show? i've never really remembered this, she's passed away now. we haven't seen episode one. how do you think this plays out?
5:12 am
>> i think that my wife and i had this discussion yesterday. remember when fill -- philip seymorw died? sometimes there is more curiousity after the person is gone. in other terms it might turn off people. >> what do you think she would want? >> there is no doubt joan would want everything that she has on tape to be aired. there is no doubt. she had a gig planned that she we want to that procedure thursday. she was supposed to be at the theater in new jersey on friday. >> she left us laughing and you and she went under the needle together. remember that? >> when she filled the wrinkles in my forehead with the fat from my butt? >> yes. >> remember that? >> this is like free botox. the idea was they took the fat out of your butt to fill your
5:13 am
wrinkles. and all of the jokes that i endured, you can imagine butt fat in my forehead. joan was delightful. she was so funny. >> thanks for cracking up with us. >> i loved her. >> she was great. >> our condolences to melissa who she loved, and cooper, her granson. she loved new york. she loved trump. she was a grand, grand dame and we'll miss her totally and it's outrageous that she died this way. >> loved and missed. well said. >> thank you. well, what's it like to come face-to-face with a shark? i can't say. >> ma'am, where is the shark? >> i don't know. he bumped me out of my boat. please, i'm floating away! please! please! i'm scared! >> we have more of that 911 call. it came straight from a kayak. then is joe biden eyeing a bigger seat at the white house? our next guest says he's the perfect candidate for president.
5:14 am
>> right. i mean right. ♪ ♪
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
when people arm americans, we don't retreat.
5:18 am
we don't forget. we take care of those who are grieving and when that's finished, they should know we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice because hell is where they will reside! >> all right. vice president joe biden's visit to portsmouth naval shipyard fueling speculation that he could run for president in 2016. could he actually win? here to weigh in right now is democratic strategist chuck roker. good morning to you. >> hey, steve. >> he is the vice president of the united states. but historically, vice presidents have trouble winning. you tell us why joe biden could get the job. >> there is nobody more experienced in this town who is more qualified than joe biden. that's be obvious about that. he worked at every level of government. what you constantly hear about joe biden is his age. and that he's too old and hillary clinton is going to be the person. i'd like to remind people the story of the old bull. i grew up in rural east texas and we had an old bull named
5:19 am
jody. every year my grand daddy would bring a young bull into the pen to take care of the cows. the next spring when all the calfs were born, they looked like jody. don't understim the old bull. they're kind of cunning sometimes. >> you say everybody talks about his age. you know what? i hear people talk about joe biden and all the crazy stuff he says. i don't have to remind you, but for the people watching, here is some of his juicy ones. >> [ bleep ] >> put y'all back in chains. my admiration for you is equally as deeply held by president -- stop moving that, you know, what's this thing called? you know. teleprompter. there is no reason the nation of africa cannot and should not join the ranks of the world's most prosperous nations. >> that's right. chuck, he had said some crazy stuff. he's got a lot of gaffes on the record and they're all on tape. >> absolutely. but you know today in today's
5:20 am
politics, people are refreshed by people who will talk off the cuff, who are not actually run by teleprompter or so stiff that you never know where they're standing. i would remind people that in 07, we thought hillary clinton was goin thing hands down. we never thought we would actually elect an african-american president. especially one named barak obama. stranger things have happened and somebody who is qualified and good on the stump as you just saw, anything could happen. >> it sounds like you're saying he's more qualified, a better candidate than hillary. >> no, i said the best qualified probable low who is not named clinton. >> you pick. who do you like better? >> look, it's going to be hard to overcome hillary's money, but i never underestimate the old bull. >> we know that story. it's all about jody. all right. we thank you very much. he's the democratic strategist in d.c thanks. all right. is he leaving the "duck dynasty" behind? willie robertson is here with a big announcement. he's coming into the studio. there he is right behind brian. he's behind you. he's behind you.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
headlines now. a few hours from now, family and friends will say a final farewell to murdered journalist steven sotloff. a public memorial is being held this afternoon in pinecrest, florida. 1,000 people at least are expected to attend. and forget isis, according to hillary clinton. climate change is our biggest threat. >> this is the most consequential, urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face. sea levels are rising. ice caps are melting. storms, droughts and wildfires
5:25 am
are wreaking havoc. >> wow. why did we even get up today? clinton speaking at nevada's clean energy summit with harry reid. i guess it's all about knowing your audience. speaking of an audience knowing a star, willie robertson here. our audience knows you. welcome back. >> hello. about a year ago we were all in west monroe. >> we were. out in the swamp. >> this is our anniversary. >> why haven't we been invited back? >> what was missing when we left? >> 'cause you just didn't have that louisiana look. we needed you back in new york. you need to be here. >> hillary was just talking about climate change. let's talk about scenic change. this is an exclusive, the first time you'll hear it. "duck dynasty" is going to scotland? >> yes. we went to scotland. so the next season opener we're going to try to find our roots that may or may not be scottish. >> what happens? give us a little sneak peek.
5:26 am
>> i'm going to tell you, they're wearing kilts. i'm just guessing. i'm just guessing. >> possibly, possible. it is possible. >> what's crazy is from louisiana to scotland, they know you. >> they do, yeah. >> you walking around scotland -- >> not to the level here, but sure, they watch the show, love the show. they were super excited we were filming there. >> you're a big star now. you're a movie star. tell us about "left behind." >> october 3, the movie is coming out. the book was so popular. so nicholas cage is star not guilty it and i'm one of the executive producers. my friend and another executive producer got me excited about it. i'm ready. >> do you love that, being the executive director, producer? >> it's kind of cool. i've been on that side of it. as we do more with movies and "god not dead" was so successful. we were in that movie. we want to continue to do with television and also movies to
5:27 am
have something positive and especially spiritual like this. this movie will make you think. >> we don't really care about that. we want to make money. with our movie career. here is an example of you, of the movie you're executive producer on. >> welcome aboard flight 257 to london. >> i love you. >> people from all over the planet vanished. >> let me in! >> chris! >> i know you all want answers and believe me, so do i and i'll do my best to get them. >> and without revealing too much, the plane is flying during the rapture, right? >> yeah. when it happens. so elisabeth and i disappear,
5:28 am
y'all carry on, all right? >> october 3 it opens, 2014. something everybody should see. >> i think so. >> powerful. >> it will make you think. >> something else everybody is going to see, sadie is taking to the dance floor on "dancing with the stars." >> i know. we were so excited. >> 17. what's your feeling on that? did you want her to do it? >> i did. she came and asked me could she do it? and i said yes. and she started dancing right there. dancing all around the house. you know, the parent you're nervous. it's fun being on that side of it watching her do the press line and going off to l.a but i love her partner, love her dance partner. he's in west monroe. we're trying to get him some frog legs and squirrel for his energy to keep him up. >> you got to show him how to have a cup of tea in his back pocket. >> yeah. >> like si. >> willie, serious question, are you worried about losing that
5:29 am
small town family feel that you guys have as you're more comfortable in new york, comfortable in scotland. your daughter is doing hollywood. are you worried about losing the family connection? >> just 'cause i'm sitting on the couch doesn't mean i'm comfortable in new york. >> out at the u.s. open last night. >> i was, yes. and i owe him some money. i lost a bet and he actually said to leave it here with "fox & friends." so i will leave my money. >> so you're not worried about that? >> no, i'm not. i think that's in you, where you come from. we haven't lost it yet. we've been successful for sure in television. so no. we want to continue to move that spirit out of family and small town. it's okay. there is some small town in new york city. >> so you can take the boy out of the swamp, but you can't take the swamp out of the boy. >> still may smell as bad. >> you smell okay today. >> give our best to your family. >> sure will. >> new season starts in november. the movie is out october 3.
5:30 am
we'll be watching sadie. >> besides that and the bowl game and nascar, you really don't have much on your plate. >> we'll think of a few other things. >> unbelievable. thanks. always great to see you. coming up, the president said we have no strategy to defeat isis. but his top jensening a very different message. so what is going on at 1600 pennsylvania avenue? chris wallace is next. and then the democratic governor who is apologizing for tweeting this steamy picture. how do you spell trouble? ♪ ♪
5:31 am
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esurance. insurance for the modern world. now backed by allstate. click or call. we've got a fox news alert. u.s. air strikes have taken out three senior isis terrorists, including the top aide to isis leader al bagdadi. he was killed in the terror stronghold of mosul. >> many speculate the president got the news when the secretary of state john kerry passed him this note during yesterday's nato meetings in wales. he continues those meetings today trying to both pressure russia to get out of ukraine and build a coalition to defeat isil. >> we'll bring in chris wallace with us now. chris, does it look like he's actually able to get through and get help in this coalition to fight isis and terror? >> i don't think it's clear, elisabeth. a number of countries have said yes, they're going to join and military efforts. but so far britain and france, other countries, mostly taken the form of military aid and
5:35 am
assistance to the kurds, but not necessarily they're going to start flying air strikes as well. it's certainly good news to hear we got some of al bagdadi's top lieutenants. i wish we had gotten the top guy himself. joe biden talked about sending them to the gates of hell. i suspect if they get there, they'll be ushered right in. >> right. the big question was, we talked about on the radio yesterday, the intelligence and the white house on separate pages and now back at home, we might have a strategy, according to the defense department. general dempsey said this at a town hall on facebook, at the president's direction, we have developed a military strategy with a series of option on how we can initially contain, continue to disrupt and ultimately defeat isil. so do we have a strategy? >> we'll see. i mean, obviously -- we'll find out when they decide whether or not they're going to go across the border into syria. it's terrific that we were able to get them in mosul.
5:36 am
but the fact is because they have the protection of this nonexistent border in syria and can just scurry back there because we have kind of kept our at least one arm tied behind our back, the question is are we going to strike them? they have a lot of targets. their main headquarters is in northern syria. a lot of their training camps. we believe the hostages, american and other foreign hostages were being held there. their supply lines are pretty exposed across the syrian border. so are we going to do that or not? we'll see. and what's interesting, he talked about the fact that we have a strategy or option for the president to decide on. the real question here has never been whether there are options and a strategy at the pentagon. it's been whether or not the president is going to adopt it. >> sure. and that could be one of the -- when the videos have come out where these americans are beheaded, if you watch what is available on line, it is despicable and disgusting and you see it and you're so affected and then you have the president of the united states, he's so cautious, some would say
5:37 am
aloof in some instances. maybe that's one of the reasons americans now are giving him very bad grades. according to augural lop poll, he tied his all-time low. 30% of the people in the united states approve of the job he's doing. >> i don't know that it means -- it's interesting. i don't think it means that people are rush to go get into war. when asked specifically on foreign policy, they don't approve of it. on the other hand they aren't itching to get into a war again in the middle east. >> but they want somebody with a plan. >> if i may, i think the thing that is upsetting them so much is the idea of weakness, that they don't like the idea of america and the american president being pushed around, whether it's by al bagdadi in the middle east, whether it's by putin on the russia-syria border. i think it's that weakness upsetting people. and we talked about it yesterday, you have elizabeth warren, you don't get much further to the left in the democratic party than elizabeth
5:38 am
warren and she did an interview yesterday or the day before in which she talked tougher than the president of the united states and talked about destroying isis. well, when elizabeth warren is to your right, you've got an issue if you're the commander in chief. >> you also have an issue that the american people don't trust, you're convicted and you understand and believe we should be leading the way here. when you look back to 2007 and what president george w. bush said about iraq and hear it now, it is so relevant that getting out too early, getting out the wrong way in iraq could lead us to facing a much more dangerous enemy today and when you hear it now, it will give you chills. take a listen. >> i know some in washington would like to us start leaving iraq now. begin withdrawing before our commanders tell us we're ready would be dangerous for iraq, for the region, and for the united states. it means surrendering the future of iraq to al-qaeda.
5:39 am
it means that we'd be risking mass killings on a horrific scale. it would mean we allow the terrorists to establish a safe haven in iraq and replace with one they lost in afghanistan. it would mean the increasing the probability that american troops would have to return in some later date to confront an enemy that is even more dangerous. >> all that happened exactly like he projected and that was prior in the midst of the surge trying to get support. >> yeah. i was going to say, you don't even have to go nearly that far because at that point, the president was talking about a surge. we had over 100,000 troops in iraq. when he left, he had negotiated the status of forces agreement to leave a much smaller force, maybe 10,000 or 15,000 there as a kind of force to stabilize the iraqi government, to stabilize the iraqi army. and that's the one that president obama failed to work out a deal with al-maliki and as a result, we took all of our troops out and things kind of
5:40 am
went to hell. so you don't have to have a surge. you could have had a much smaller force that the pentagon was calling for, 10 or 15,000. we still have over 30,000 troops in korea and it's been a half a century. so just because you have troops on the ground doesn't mean they're in a combat role. it's kind of an insurance policy. a policy that we decided we didn't need anymore. >> chris, that's looking back. now let's look forward. who are you going to be sitting next to on sunday morning? >> well, couple of very interesting people on just exactly this subject. first of all, mitt romney. we'll talk about this. he's got a tough editorial in the "washington post" today in which he talks about weakness and foreign policy and what it gets you. we'll also talk to mike mccall, the chairman of the house homeland security committee and the big concern is could some of those american fighters that go over to isis, could they come back and launch another 9-11 as we approach the 13th anniversary? so i think it will be a very interesting fox news sunday. >> we'll be tube side. thank you.
5:41 am
>> mitt romney calling for the building up our defense forces again. meanwhile, here is heather with what else is happening in the world. >> we have other stuff going on to talk about. a brand-new. >> ems into some heart-stopping moments that a great white shark tossed two women from their kayaks and it comes from the 911 call that they made from the water with the shark. >> help! i was just on the boat! we're stuck in the water and there is a shark! >> where is the shark? >> i don't know, he bumped me out of my boat. please, i'm floating away! please! please! i'm scared! >> both women were rescued. the shark leaving behind some giant bite marks right there in one of the kayaks. a pilot forced to turn his plane around on command from the f.b.i the reason? a mother was trying to kidnap her child and escape to china. the united flight returned to dulles airport five hours after
5:42 am
taking off. the mother was taken into custody. investigators not releasing many details about the custody case. but they did say that the child is back with his father. the governor of delaware getting tied up by his twitter account. tied up. wait 'til you see what i mean. he meant to send out this tweet showing him at an elementary school event. but instead, this is the photo that was actually attached to that tweet. clearly a woman in leather straps. not really elementary school material. the tweet was quickly deleted and an apology was sent out. and perhaps the funniest prank that you've seen in a while, but being attacked by giant spider didn't have these folks laughing. (scream)
5:43 am
>> yeah. the prank unfolding on the streets of poland. it actually looks like a giant spider, but it's just a dog in a costume. just in time for halloween. what would do you? that's a look at your headline. >> and they had the cameras all set up. >> exactly. how did that happen? >> yeah. >> you think they wanted to be on youtube. >> we got breaking news on the economy. brand-new numbers just released that reveal how the country is doing. we'll have them in a moment. you may think this will never happen to you, or your kids, being attacked on the street by a violent stranger. but there is a simple and legal way to protect yourself and we have the life-saving lesson next. ♪ ♪
5:44 am
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fox news alert. moments ago, the u.s. labor
5:47 am
department released its monthly jobs report. joining us right now here on the couch is from fox business, melissa francis. the news not good. >> it was a huge miss. economists were looking for an addition of 225,000 jobs to the economy. instead it was 142,000. way below expectations. we thought the labor force participation rate, the number of people who are out there actively looking for a job dropped. it means that even more people gave up. it was supposed to be 225. we've been above 200,000 for more than six months now. moving along. we really need to be at 300,000 or 400,000 to really get the economy back on track. this is a big disappointment and a big miss. manufacturing very light. that's where we saw a lot of big drop. also retail. so people just not really hiring out there. >> could it be anything to do with the summer job dismissal? >> it could. some of it, there was a strike in the northeast. that's one of the things.
5:48 am
at the auto plants, a lot of them are idle in august. you would have thought it would have been in the estimate because these are not things that are surprises. so that 142,000 really saying a lot. >> the unemployment rate now, 6.1%. you've been talking about this throughout the day? >> we are. and you're seeing the stock market jump on this news because this is good for the walty t. means very low interest rates. this is something we've seen through this whole administration. this is again, good for the wealthy, bad for the middle class. >> troubling numbers. >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, you may think this is never going to happen to you or your kids, being attacked on the street by a violent stranger, but it happens more than you think. and there is a simple and legal way to protect yourself. elisabeth will show us next. >> martha mccallum is here to tell us what's happening at the top of the here and if bill hemmer ever tries anything, i want you to take some of these things down. >> i will tell him you said so. he's going to be shaking in his
5:49 am
boots up here. good morning, everybody. there are some new revelations to tell you about. benghazi investigation that come directly from the men who were on the ground last night. it is something. it comes from bret baier's exclusive. and debbie wasserman schultz in hot water and now backing down a little bit for something she said. how scott walker is now react to go that. and what happened to joan rivers? a day later, new questions and a look back at the legendary talent, when bill and i see you at the top of the hour every centrum multivitamin are over one million hours of research. inside are specific vitamins and minerals to help support your heart, brain and eyes. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you. centrum silver. even turn night into now she could use a hand, comfort keepers provides a variety of in-home services while truly connecting. comfort keepers. keeping the comforts of home. call comfort keepers now to learn more.
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5:52 am
staggering statistics show that 10,000 students are victimized by assault and burglaries each year. with schools in session around the country, it's more than important to stay protected and put your safety first. one effective way is pepper spray. and here to show us the proper
5:53 am
way to use it, personal safety expert david nans is with us here on the plaza. pepper spray, as kids go off to college, ultimately really important, those numbers are huge in terms of assaults. you say this could be the difference maker. why? >> it's the red zone right now. meaning now until thanksgiving is a time where the most injuries occur to college students and sexual assaults. 25 college age females are assaulted. this allows for protection at a safe distance. why go hands on when the attack could be more skilled? this pepper spray will fire up to ten feet, which gives awe huge advantage. >> give me ten meet. what would i do. you're approaching me, i see it, or maybe i don't. >> right. if you have a chance to give a verbal warning like stop, get back, that's great. but if you feel that your safety is in jeopardy, you're justified to use it immediately. take a simple spray ear to ear across the eyes. do it properly. that's exactly right. >> with the thumb? >> you always want to use your thumb. a lot of people use their index
5:54 am
finger. makes the can vulnerable. you can take it out of their hand. with the thumb you get a better grip and more pressure and you can strike if need be, which is a big advantage. use your thumb. this is a common pepper spray where typically it's locked on the left. now unlocked and ready to go. >> so here i am. this is ten feet. >> exactly. >> so i can actually spray this here. this is a practice. >> you can spray the car or me. >> it's about ten feet. that actually shoots farther than i thought. >> if you spray ear to ear, exactly. >> this does what, right after you spray somebody, they're not able to see? >> right. you ultimately want to aim for the eyes. so even if they're under the influence of drugs or alcohol, here is another one, it will slam their eyes shut. taking away their ocular area. it takes away their vision, it gives you the opportunity to escape. >> tower spray and run away? >> exactly. think about it as a train coming down. you just want to step out of the way of that train, side step and
5:55 am
escape to safety. they can't see you 'cause you've taken away their vision. that's the biggest advantage of naturally occurring pepper spray. it slams the eyes shut, giving you that opportunity to escape. >> really blinding your opponent. your potential assaulter so you can get away to safety with sexual assault occurring on campuses. we thank you for being here today. i asked everybody here today if they had a young woman in their family if they would want her to be protected and use one of these and they said yes. one for the road is next. ♪ ♪
5:56 am
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5:59 am
all right. their capable of doing that last night, the opener of the nfl season, finally underway. america exhaled and rejoiced as the seahawks beat the packers 36-16. sorry, wisconsin. lynch, 110 yards. still doesn't speak to the media. everybody in the media and tv land knows willie robertson from "duck dynasty." he just sent me this photo. take a look. >> what the heck? >> that's my desk! what's he doing? >> meanwhile, what's coming up this weekend? >> i was talking to the owner of a gun shop who says cops gave him 24 hours to hand over the records of all of his customers who purchased a certain gun. we'll talk to him. >> also you think summer is wrapping up, we don't need to think about traveling. this is the best time to book your holiday travel. we'll have tips thousand book your holiday travel. >> love it. good deal on travel. >> and also we're going to
6:00 am
lumber jack school. are you jealous? >> really? >> on the plaza. >> i love it! >> there might be somebody getting hurt on the plaza. >> really? we'll be watching this weekend. in the meantime, thanks for watching this week. see you monday. social media campaign for isis is likely being run by an american from boston. police believe he's using his computer background to run the campaign. he fled the u.s. in 2006. new developments on how to push back against vladimir putin. president obama and our nato allies laying the ground work for a rapid response force against russian aggression. but will america act? mart:


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