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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 5, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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the hunt began monday after the snake bit a dog x that dog is said to be okay. pretty tough dog. the snake is now in the l.a. zoo if you want to go see it, which i don't. bill: where it belongs. [laughter] martha: we don't like snakes. bye, everybody. "happening now" starts right now. jon: a fox news alert, a ceasefire between ukraine and russian-backed rebels set to take effect right now. the two sides signed the deal earlier this morning with hostilities to stop at 11 a.m. eastern time. the agreement comes after talks in minsk and discussions at the nato summit in wales including president obama on the ukrainian situation and vladimir putin's aggression. russian representatives also at that negotiating table in minsk. while the fighting may stop for now, a senior leader with the separatists says the ceasefire with kiev does not change their desire to break away. we'll have more on this news as it unfolds. ♪ ♪
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jon: also this morning president obama to hold a news conference moments from now in wales. good morning, welcome to this friday edition of "happening now," i'm jon scott. heather: and i'm heather in for jenna lee today where the president is wrapping up this week's nato summit in wales. western leaders now agreeing to a new rapid response military team. the goal with that is to try to counter russia's recent aggressions, plus to strike a coalition of allies to strike back against isis. our chief white house correspondent, ed henry, is live for us in cardiff, wales. what can you tell us today? >> reporter: well, good to see you, heather. there's a lot of skepticism about this ceasefire potential because, let's remember, just a couple of days ago there were reports out of ukraine of a ceasefire as well, and that crumbled pretty quickly. that's why, i think, when you connect the dots, that's why
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nato leaders here in wales are moving forward on twofronts, in case this ceasefire again does not hold. number one, that rapid response military team. about 4,000 nato troops likely stationed in poland that could move in quickly to help a nato ally if russian aggression continues beyond ukraine which is not part of nato. and so that does not compel the u.s. and others to defend them necessarily militarily. secondly, a lot of talk again about u.s. and european sanctions expanding. we've heard european leaders say that before and not necessarily follow up that talk. also on the agenda, of course, dealing with isis, the islamic militants. i pressed one of the president's top national security aides about some of the conflicting statements from the president about what he's doing to stop these terrorists while republicans are saying he's been taking too long. how do you tell the families of james foley and steven sotloff which is a problem that can be managed? >> what the president said was we need to degrade and destroy this organization.
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in the immediate term, you're not going to eradicate a terrorist organization that has taken over parts of two countries without putting in place a coalition -- >> no one's going to do any of this without american leadership, and with the inconsistency coming out of this administration, we're not going to be able to bring people together, and we need the president to step up now. >> reporter: that, a reference, of course, to last week's news conference where the president back in washington said he did not yet have a strategy to deal with isis militarily in syria, then a couple of days ago on this trip in estonia, the first stop, the president saying we want to destroy isis, then appearing to back pedal and saying we want to have it so it's manageable. bottom line is a few moments, as you noted, the president will have his final news conference of this trip. no doubt about it, he'll get questions about this strategy, what it is. not just the substance, but the messaging on this. and this'll be his third crack at it in, basically, a week to figure out what the u.s. strategy is. heather: ed henry, we'll wait to hear from the president just about 25 minutes from now, and
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we'll carry that live. ed, thank you. jon: so hostilities may stop for now in ukraine, but the issue is far from resolved. nato agreeing to form rapid response force to counter russian aggression. meanwhile, the u.s. is forming a coalition of nations to hit islamic extremists hard, taking out isis forces with military firepower as well as cutting off their financial support. they want a plan in two weeks by the time the u.n. genesee amendment my -- general assembly gets together. let's talk about it with chuck nash, retired from the u.s. navy. first, this ceasefire and the promise of a formation of a rapid response force by nato. what do you make of it as a military analyst, chuck? >> well, it sounds good, but we have to deal with the reality of how much the european countries have invested in their defenses over the last couple of decades. and the answer is 1-2% of their gdp, and some of these countries have gdp's that if they were to
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rank against states in the united states, would be down in the 30s and the 40s. i think the gdp of england is somewhere around the 12th or 13th state in the united states. so 1-2% of that isn't a whole lot, and senator ayotte is correct, and that is, it's going to take u.s. leadership to do this because the europeans haven't, and we're asking them to set this up with -- because of the ukrainian situation, but we're also asking those same people to give again to join a coalition of the willing to work the isis problem. so we're asking an awful lot of people who haven't done much. jon: although you do have to take your hat off to the french for standing up to the russians and saying they're not going to deliver those two very elaborate ships, warships that they had intended to deliver. >> well, that is true. they cut off the sale from that, and there was probably a tremendous amount of political pressure put on the french to do that.
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jon: taking a look at isis, the president has, you know, there are plans, apparently, to go after isis. the president has been reluctant, as you know, to put boots on the ground. does he need to? can this war against isis be won with air power alone? >> jon, there already are boots on the ground, and i would use the analogy of what we did with special forces and the northern alliance against the taliban in afghanistan. and that is, we become the catalyst by bringing to bear the air power which the adversary does not have. and what we do is we use the ground forces that the kurds and the iraqi military can provide and use them to shape the isis formations into more dense, suitable air targets and then just decimate 'em and use that as a forcing action to push them back into syria against the assad regime and let assad take
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care of 'em. jon: but as long as these guys are driving around in, you know, toyota pickup trucks with guns in the back, are we going to be able to find them, are we going to be able to locate those targets? >> that's the great question, and that's why you need a ground force. unless there is a ground force that they must defend against, they will remain dispersed, exactly as we saw with the serbian military during bosnia kosovo. there was no ground force against them, so they remained dispersed, and we finally just had to give up and start pounding civilian targets from the air. like bridges and infrastructure. well, the isis doesn't really have any infrastructure that they care about. so a ground force would force the isis folks to have to coalesce to defend against that ground force, and when they do, that's when we whack 'em. jon: they have already learned, apparently, some elements of deception. i mean, we understand that they've been trying to camouflage what vehicles they
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have, been coating them in various kinds of things to try to hide from the u.s. air power. >> the other thing that they're doing can, jon, is they're going to school not only on what we do from the air and the limited strikes that we have done, but they are also very smart in that they use the social media, and they use the internet to plum all of the stuff the nsa leaks from snowden. so they know how a lot of our tradecraft workses with respect to electronics, electronic intelligence gathering and communications intelligence gathering. so, unfortunately, those snowden leaks are also working against us in the non-kinetic side of warfare. jon: i know you also have some concerns about political correctness, if that's the way to phrase it -- >> yeah. jon: and the concerns you have about political correctness being a hindering agent as we try to prosecute this war which is really what it is against
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isis. >> i do, jon, and it's because we've banished any reference to islam out of our training materials in the department of justice, therefore, the fbi, department of homeland security, department of defense. and yet when you look at who we're fighting, we're fighting a group that called itself isis, isil and now just is. the i in all three of those stands for islamic, okay? that is, that is the threat, that is who we're fighting, and they look at us with contempt which we don't want them to look at us with contempt because we won't even breathe the name of them. so this political correctness is getting people killed. we need to knock it off, either call the enemy for what it is and fight the enemy for what it is or just pull everybody back and let the world blow up. and if we do that, boy, are we going to regret it. jon: yeah.
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retired navy captain chuck nash. chuck, thanks your insight. >> you wet, jon. heather: wow. well, the murdered journalist, steven sotloff, will be remembered today at a funeral service in florida this afternoon. he was killed by islamic militants in syria, and the service is to be held in his hometown of pine crest in southern florida, and the service is open to the public. sotloff went missing a year ago while he was covering the syrian civil war. the isis terrorists who killed him posted a video online of his beheading earlier this week. jon: a fox business alert now, and a streak of hiring hits a major speed bump. this morning's numbers show just 142,000 new jobs created in this country in august, that is far short of the monthly average during the past year. but the unemployment rate dropped a tad to 6.1% because people stopped looking for work, and you have to be looking in order to be counted. let's check in with peter
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barnes, fox business network's senior washington correspondent. some, sadly, surprising numbers here, peter. >> reporter: yeah, jon. there were three sectors in particular that were unexpectedly weak in august; manufacturing added no new jobs last month after rising 28,000 in july, retailers cut 8,000 jobs last month after adding 21,000 in july, and transportation ran out of gas last month, it added just a thousand jobs compared to 19,000 new jobs this july. now, the labor department can blames some of the weakness on the regular annual retooling of auto plants that shuts down production lines and a strike at a boston grocery store chain. the president's top economist did too. >> i think some of the things that happened in august were one-time quirks and one-time quirks tend to reverse themselves the next month.
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but, you know, the bigger picture if you step back is 54 straight months of job growth. >> reporter: now, if you are out looking for a job, check out education and health companies which continue to hire. they added 37,000 new jobs in august. professional and business services also added jobs last month, up 47,000. but with the weaker-than-expected headline number, house speaker john boehner said, quote: with job growth slowing to its lowest level this year, senate democrats are out of excuses for stalling the dozens of house-passed jobs bills that are stuck in that chamber. it's time for them to get to work. jon? jon: one strike at one boston grocery chain supposedly responsible for much of these bad numbers? >> reporter: it contributed to 17,000 fewer jobs at grocery stores in august. yeah with. jon: all right. peter barnes in washington, thank you.
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heather: some unique political spin, let's put it that way. jon: sounds like it to me. [laughter] heather: we've got an obamacare story to tell you about, and there is another danger for obamacare., the federal web site, has been successfully hacked for the first time. now, we're told that no one's sensitive information was taken, but is the very personal information of millions of americans really safe on these web sites? and then new details in the search for a quadruple homicide suspect. police say that he has a young child with him. we'll bring you the latest. ♪ over 12,000 financial advisors. so, how are things? good, good. nearly $800 billion dollars in assets under care. let me just put this away. how did edward jones get so big? could you teach our kids that trick? by not acting that way.
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jon: new information now on three crime stories we'll following. a quadruple murder suspect arrested in tampa, florida. investigators say the search for a missing autistic boy led them to discover four bodies near child's home in the nearby up to of hudson. police tracked down adam mattos and arrested him as a hotel. the boy, believed to be his son,
8:17 am
is safe. three eastern michigan university football players charged with assault, accused of attacking the cousin of a man convicted in a teammate's murder. all three have a pretrial hearing monday and remain on the team. the alleged attack stems from the 2013 robbery and killing of 20-year-old delaware mar yous reed. and a massachusetts man accused of impersonating a police officer, but he gets the charge dismissed. the 23-year-old drove a maserati painted to resemble a police cruiser, but he did not pull anyone over or act like an officer. what's a 23-year-old doing with a maserati? >> ruin a maserati like that? jon: well, some people like it, i guess. heather: all right. want to talk about some obamacare issues. right now the chairman of the house to oversight committee, congressman darrell issa, is calling for a top obamacare official to testify in the wake of the first successful hack attack on that web site contains social security numbers, financial data and also the names of family
8:18 am
members for all obamacare enrollees. but administration officials say that none of that data was actually compromised. joining me now is david catney, the senior political writer for "u.s. news & world report". oh, boy, so how on earth did this happen now? >> well, you know, i don't know exactly how much it happened or why it happened, but just looking at the information here, it looked to be a pretty isolated incident that targeted about one server. it happened in early july, and as you mentioned, no personal information was compromised. so experts say this is actually pretty common and that it wouldn't be a story if it wasn't the department of health and human services which, obviously, has had major problems implementing this web site and getting it up and running. so, obviously, there are going to be fears around anything that goes wrong with it. heather: certainly. well, the the mere fact this was hacked and, granted, no personal
8:19 am
information was gotten, but we do know malware was installed. i'm not a tech expert -- >> nor am i. heather: it could apparently be used to launch attacks on other portions of the health care dot governor web site -- web site. whether it's the irs or the hhs, you get nervous because that stuff can be used to destroy people's lives. you would think that the federal government had enough time to figure out a security plan by now. >> i think that's why you have some of the statements that are coming out from both parties saying this should be taken very seriously. i think later in september that this hearing will delve into some of those details, the how and why of some of the technical details of how this happened. but, you know, i guess we just need to be thankful that people, from what we know, people's personal information was not compromised at this point. heather: yeah. department of homeland security is charged with looking into some of this stuff, and they're really downplaying it. they say if this happened
8:20 am
anywhere other than, it wouldn't be news. gosh, we report extensively on target, on home depot, whenever there's any kind of compromising of personal data. you know, it just seems their downplaying of this is kind of half bl in a way. what do you think of that? >> that's to be expected. they went through a pretty rough patch with the rollout of this web site, as we all know. you know, they got hammered for implementation, for a lot of the early kinks, just being able to log in. so, you know, this is obviously not a good story for them. but i think until we know exactly, what exactly occurred and how big the threat, we won't know for sure how secure people's personal information are on this web site. heather: and then, of course, will be what happens on the campaign trail. are republicans going to bring this up? a lot of folks are saying it is simply a dog, but we can talk about that one another time.
8:21 am
dade, thanks. jon: i am so filled with comfort now. [laughter] a third american diagnosed with ebola returns to the u.s. how the doctor is doing today and where he's being treated after contracting that deadly virus in west africa. also at least 29 miners saved after a collapse left them trapped underground. more could be stuck far below though. the latest on the rescue efforts. while every business is unique,
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and yet another energy saving opportunity from pg&e. find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up. >> writes now a rescue operation under way after a coal mine collapsed. they managed to pull 29 people to safety. five remain inside trapped 1600 feet remain the surface. two passageways collapsed after
8:25 am
an explosion. the third explosion in the mine just this year. 16 were hurt in the two previous blasts. >> at home we are awaiting a news conference on the third american who has been diagnosed with ebola. the contracted the virus working at a clinic in liberia good he returned to the united states today they created a special isolation unit in nebraska. why nebraska? >> because a large payment facility here, the biggest of the four in the country. 10 beds and the department of health wanted to spread the cases around to make sure we containment units were up and running just in case god for bid the worst happened. they said to give an update on the condition in the next 40
8:26 am
minutes or so be it he was stable on the flight over, which is good news. he did walk to the aircraft. this case shows how dangerous this ebola is it was working at hospital and definitely contact with a ebola virus. it is possible it is astigmatic pass it along to him. prior to his arrival, doctors at nebraska medical center say he was doing pretty well. >> we have just served a brief report on the ground in liberia that he is in reasonably stable shape. he has had a number of complications of his disease but apparently he was able to get on the plane under his own power. >> after 16 hours flight, he thought was best to put him on a gurney.
8:27 am
he has been with them since 1995, went back to liberia the beginning of august to take the strain off the doctors who were literally exhausted. his wife debbie toyota press conference. there was a chance he could come down with the ebola virus and when he did get sick he was in peace about it. >> he would want you to know that he would not be afraid to pass into eternal life with the lord. not because he has done good work but because of the success of christ on his behalf. >> doctors for probably treat him with only supported care. medicare like kent brantly and nancy writebol got at emory university hospital. there isn't any more right now and there won't be any until next year. the jury is out as to what
8:28 am
effect it did have with the previous ebola patient. heather: i am struck by the calm they seem to have about how their loved one felt about coming down with this illness, it is really something else. >> they put their faith in god, heather. heather: john roberts, thank you so much in omaha today where they are doing their best to take care of him, thank you. bill: isis terrorists control a propaganda machine of their own but is mainstream media setting the flames with our coverage right here? our media analysts weigh in the head.
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bill: fox news alert, we are awaiting a presidential news conference of sorts in cardiff, wales. the president expected to take questions there. we are wrapping up the conference as news breaks of a cease-fire agreement between ukraine and the russian backed separatist who have been causing such headaches for that government. going into effect this hour. and pressure to address the extremist group isis when the president arrives at the podium, we will take you there live. right now a look at stories still ahead this hour. we will break down how the obama administration is dealing with the isis threat and what americans want to hear about our
8:33 am
strategy. a federal judge issues a major ruling in the bp oil spill, when it could mean to millions along the gulf coast still dealing with the financial fallout. and joan rivers passes away after suffering a heart attack during what was supposed to be a routine medical procedure. the question you should ask if you or your family needs medical care. heather: progress and peace talks in the ukraine as the government and pro-russian rebels agree to a cease-fire shortly after rebels stepped up their offensive in ukraine. the president of ukraine said they simply had to stop the bloodshed, but seizing a key area would give russians a foothold in creating a land bridge essentially between russia and crimea, that is something russia would certainly want. katie logan is live from london. >> hi, there. ukrainian president ordered the
8:34 am
cease-fire, it was set to start about an hour and a half ago. he says he want to see and end back to the bloodshed but must comply with the special monitoring. he gave assurances that his government would keep it, he admitted he would make concessions to pro-russian rebels as long as he could keep the sovereign territory and one of those concessions would be decentralization of power in the east as a country. negotiators representing ukraine, russian separatist as well as organization for security in europe see the agreement earlier today. ihad been during a call between ukraine and russian president get some key points after forces to pull back, allowing a prisoner exchange on both sides opening up. there was heavy fighting up until the cease-fire deadline.
8:35 am
rebels pushing closer toward the city and were unconfirmed reports they entered it but key have those provided. on the roads drupal rebel attacks, it is said to be very tense. now despite this still considering sanctions against moscow, they may reevaluate if the process continues, however there is no guarantee the cease-fire will hold, already getting reports past the deadline. moscow has welcomed the deal urging both sides to incorporate it. heather: we will see what president obama has to say about the cease-fire in just a short while. thank you. jon: america officials warn isys controls a massive propaganda machine using 21st century technology, video, social media channels, experts say the gruesome execution videos which
8:36 am
you are well aware are working and creating headlines. let's talk about it with judith miller, author and fox news contributor. radio talkshow host with us. most of us hadn't given a lot of thought to, the fact these guys are media experts, they were the first in iraq known as al qaeda in iraq, the first ones to shoot video of their ied explosions, the first ones on youtube, what is it getting them now in the current conflict? >> it is making people afraid, which is what it wants to do. i disagree with people who say this is an excellent device. i think it recruits nut cases and brutal thugs, but it scares people and certainly scared our
8:37 am
president into action and language we haven't heard from him of this destroying this group making sure they don't spread, the vice president talking about following them to the gates of hell. a poll showed people who think we are not doing enough about islamic militancy has jumped since the first beheading video from 17% to 31%. we need to wake up, and isis videos are helping to do that. jon: what do you think of that, are they having perhaps not the effect the terrorists intended? >> they are recruiting more within their own realm, judith is right, the people attracted to this see what is happening and a recruiting tool. this is war, and in every war there is propaganda.
8:38 am
it seems the administration is a little surprised they haven't been able to control some kind of information. but this also contracts obama's propaganda from the last election. al qaeda and terrorists were on the run, that was propaganda within a certain framework. now what they are seeing is the reality on the ground is contracting what the american people have been told by their own government. that is why it is so frightening. it is important, and the news media has a responsibility to cover it with the context of what this is good even world war ii had propaganda, there is propaganda, is a matter of who's going to win the battle and the good news is the savages usually don't win, but the information's played in context. jon: the president said the
8:39 am
world has always been messy of it wasn't for social media, this isis problem wouldn't be perceived to be what it is, what do you think of that? >> i think he wanted to forget the fact that what is withdrawing from iraq has created a vacuum that isis has filled. what he is doing don't understand he has been quietly doing quite a lot but he hasn't been communicating that the american people. he works to try and send in a special rescue mission to save the life of james foley. now he has to be honest with the american people and fess up and say the problem has gotten out of hand, we must do something. it will not be easy to do it, it will take a long time and it is true. jon: thank you both.
8:40 am
heather: some news coming in from overseas and days of unending rain with flooding conditions in india and pakistan, 39 people have died so far and many of them, look at the water in the streets, many of these people have been swept away by surging rivers as the water overtakes roads and bridges as well. joining us from pakistan is global news reporter. hello, how are the conditions looking there now, are they improving? >> the conditions are not improving at the moment. they have caused widespread destruction likely to continue for another 24 hours. they have an issue many parts of the country including the heavily popular did providence and the prime minister in the meetings to deal with the crisis. at least 66 people have now been
8:41 am
confirmed killed because of heavy rain and flooding. the death toll could climb as search and rescue efforts continue, hundreds of houses damaged, infrastructure especially transmission lines have been hit resulting in blackouts. most natural disasters, military has helped agencies 350 people evacuated by helicopter and those in affected areas troops on standby and other parts of the country as well. the heavy rain resulting in destruction on the government already battling a major political crisis. heather: it makes it clear how terrible the conditions are right there. this taking place in some urban areas as well. calling in from pakistan, thank you.
8:42 am
jon: back here at home thousands forced to bring the summer heat without air conditioning after storms knock out electricity. we will take you to where this is happening. and the death of joan rivers raising a lot of people's concerns about the safety of so-called routine procedures. here with key questions to ask your physician. [ male announcer ] if you suffer from a dry mouth
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biotene -- for people who suffer from dry mouth.
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heather: hi, ladies, what is coming up today? >> we will have fresh reaction awaiting the new president's nes conference at the tries to fight isis. >> and walking back the graphic comments of governor scott walker. but is her apology enough? >> could dinners be doing more harm than good? all that plus our hashtag one
8:46 am
lucky guy. jon: well, severe storms knock out power to thousands across wisconsin. flash flooding in the northern part of tha the state leaving rs underwater and impassable. strong wind and dumping 5 inches of rain in some spots. power crews of being in but the power might not be restored everywhere until sunday. fox news alert, we just got word the president is about to take questions at a news conference in wales. the leaders of nato countries have been wrapping up their two-day conference, originally supposed to be a conference on the war of afghanistan. they have been there fighting alongside u.s. forces for really
8:47 am
14 years now as the war was winding down, the leaders got together to discuss the winding down, but it so happened it coincides with this aggressive russian influence, russian meddling in ukraine. they have been going across the border into ukraine causing all kinds of concerns for the nato allies in that part of the world. that issue has been front and center as well as the isis gains in syria and iraq, so we expect president obama will address some of those issues expected to take a number of questions from the reporters there traveling with him in wales. we will find out if he gets to ask the question of the president that we are waiting for him to take the microphones there. this comes as the department of
8:48 am
defense is confiing a bit of good news that the cofounder of alice and bob was in fact killed in an airstrike monday. the military had been going after him for quite some time. he has been removed from the battlefield. it is north african terrorist group claiming credit for some of the worst atrocities in that part of the world and now one of the cofounders of that group has been killed, whether the president will address that or not we do not know, but that site has been confirmed by the defense department as well as the white house. it was an airstrike undertaken in somalia over the weekend and although they thought they had him and we got rid of that a couple of days ago, it has now been confirmed he was killed in this airstrike on monday.
8:49 am
we are awaiting obama. we got the two-minute warning the white house gives us advance word when the president is going to be taking to the microphones. so far no sign of him. he is at the nato news conference in wales. here comes one of the early speakers. heather: let's mention a couple other things that has been on the topic list for president obama at the summit in wales, one of the hot topics has been isis and what unearthly international community international community can do about it. president obama as conditions to step up to the plate waiting to do something and take a lead on this becoming a chicken or the egg thing, but the united states wants the international community to get involved, have asked do you pay to do it?
8:50 am
nothing in terms of aerial strikes but that has been a key issue we have been watching very closely. other allies have offered to provide light arms if you will and ammunition to the kurds to defeat isis on their end in iraq but the big question is are we going to get more countries on board to try and help to solve this problem and here is the president, let's listen in. president obama: i want to begin by thanking my great friends, david cameron and his team for hosting the nato summit. i want to thank the people of newport, cardiff, the people of wales welcoming me and my delegation so warmly. it is a great honor to be the first sitting u.s. president to visit wales. we've met at a time of transition, a time of testing. after more than a decade, nato's combat mission in afghanistan is
8:51 am
coming to an end. russia's aggression against ukrainian president vision of a europe that is whole, free and at peace. in the middle east the terror threats from isil poses a greater danger. at this summit our alliance is to summon the will, the resources and the capabilities to meet all of these challenges. first and foremost wave we reafd the central mission of the alliance. article five in fines our solemn duty to each other. an armed attack against one shall be considered an attack against them all. this is a binding treaty obligation, it is nonnegotiable. here in wales we have left no doubt we will defend every ally. second, we agreed to be resolute in reassuring our allies in eastern europe, increased nato air controls over the baltics
8:52 am
will continue, rotations of additional forces throughout eastern europe for training and exercises will continue, naval patrols in the black sea will continue. and all 28 nato nations agreed to contribute to all of these measures for as long as necessary. third, to ensure nato remains prepared for any contingency, we are ready for a new action plan. the alliance will update the defense plan, we will create a new highly ready rapid defense force that can be deployed on very short notice. increasing the presence in central and eastern europe with additional equipment, training, exercises and troop rotations, $1 billion addition will be strong and ongoing u.s. contribution to this plan. fourth, all 28 nato nations have pledged to increase their investments in defense and move
8:53 am
toward investing 2% of their gdp in our collective security. resources will help nato invest in critical capabilities including intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and missile defense. this commitment makes clear nato will not be complacent. our lives will reverse the defense spending and rise to meet the challenges that we face in the 21st century. fifth, our lives is fully united in support of ukraine solvency in territorial integrity and the right to defend itself. to back up this commitment, all 28 nato allies will now provide security assistance to ukraine including nonlethal support for the military like body armor, fuel and medical care for wounded ukrainian troops and assistance to modernize ukrainian forces including logistics and command and
8:54 am
control. here in wales we send a strong message to russia that actions have consequences today the united states and europe are finalizing measures to deepen and broaden our sanctions across russia's financial energy and defense sectors, at the same time strongly support the efforts to pursue a peaceful resolution to the conflict in his country. only if there is follow through on the ground. pro-russian separatist must keep their commitment and russia must stop the violations of sovereignty and integrity. beyond europe, we pay tribute to all those from the mission including more than 2200 americans who have given their lives for our security in afghanistan. the combat mission ends in three months and we are prepared to transition to a new mission
8:55 am
focused on training, advising and assisting afghan security forces, both presidential candidates have pledged to sign a bilateral security agreement that would be the foundation of our continued cooperation. but as we all know the outcome of the recent election must be resolved and so we continue to urge the two presidential candidates to make, might as necessary so afghans can move forward together and form a sovereign united and democratic nation. finally we reaffirm the door to nato membership remains open to nations that can meet our high standards, we agree to expand the partnership that makes nato the hub of global security launching a new effort with the partners including many that have served with us in afghanistan to make sure the forces continue to operate together. and will create a new initiative to help countries build their defense capabilities starting with georgia, jordan and libya.
8:56 am
i also leave their confident nato allies and partners are prepared to join in a broad international effort to combat the threat posed by isil. already allies have joined us in iraq where we have stopped isil' advances, equipped iraqi partners and help them go on offense. nato has agreed to play a role in security and military and assistance to those who are on the front lines. key nato allies stand ready to confront the terror threat to military intelligence and law enforcement as well as diplomatic efforts. the secretar secretary will nowo the region to continue building a broad-based coalition that will allow us to be great and ultimately destroy isis. taken together the progress we've achieved in wales makes it clear our alliance will continue to do whatever is necessary to ensure the collective defense and to protect our citizens.
8:57 am
with that, let me take a few questions. i will start with the associated press. >> i wanted to go back to the situation in ukraine. is this cease-fire taking effect appears to be holding, would you and your european counterparts back away from these sanctions you say you have prepared or do you feel it is important to let the sanctions regardless of the cease-fire agreement. if i could go back to the rapid defense, can you say specifically what u.s. contributions will be in terms of troop numbers and equipment, is it beyond the agreement proposal you announce? >> with respect to the cease-fire agreement, obviously we are hopeful but based on past experience, also skeptical that in fact they will follow through and the russians will stop violating ukraine's sovereignty and integrity, so it has to be tested. and the europeans are discussing
8:58 am
at this point the final shape of their sanctions measures. it is my view if you look at the plan, it is going to take some time to implement. and as a consequence for us to move forward based on what is currently happening on the ground with sanctions, while acknowledging if in fact the elements of the plan that has been signed are implemented, those sanctions could be lifted is a more likely way for us to ensure there is follow through. but that is something that obviously we will consult with european partners to determine. i do want to point out that the only reason we are seeing this cease-fire at this moment is because the sanctions that have already been applied and the
8:59 am
threat of further sanctions which are having a real impact on the russian economy and have isolated russia in a way we have not seen in a very long time. for russia to rejoin the community of nations with respect to just a law is still there, and we encourage president putin to take it, but the unity that we have seen in the transatlantic alliance and supporting ukraine and applying sanctions has been a testimony to how seriously people take the basic principle that big countries can stop on little countries to change the policies and give up their sovereignty. so i am very pleased with the kind of work that has been done throughout this crisis in
9:00 am
ukraine, and u.s. leadership has been critical throughout that process. with respect to the rapid response forces and laid his action plan will put forward, a sizable portion of that will be devoted to implementing various aspects of this readiness action plan. we've already increased rotations of personnel in the baltic states, for example. we have the air policing, the activities taking place in the baltic and the black sea, this allows us to supplement it, it allows us to coordinate it and integrated further with additional contributions from other partners and what it


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