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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 6, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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team. they're just somewhere else right now. >> eventually i guess we'll all link up again someday. hello and welcome to "justice" i'm judge jeanine pir row. thanks for being with us. tonight fox news uncovers the benghazi smoking gun. myopis on isis and bill o'reilley. is he a sexist? but first, three u.s. security operatives on the ground in benghazi on that fateful night two years ago tell fox news in an exclusive interview what really happened when four americans were massacred by terrorists. these men risked their own lives to save ambassador chris stevens and the other americans. they were repeatedly told to stand down and wait. but instead, they made a
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decision to rescue fellow americans, going in the direction of gunfire. their rescue mission unfortunately too late. >> if i gave you that 30 minutes back and i gave you some air power, would ambassador stevens and shawn smith be alive today? >> yes. to me if without the delay they would still be alive. my gut says yes. >> you in on that? >> i strongly believe if we'd have left immediately they'd still be alive today. >> with me now shawn smith's mother pat smith. good evening, pat. >> hi, judge. >> pat, this has to be so hard for you to watch. but what is your reaction to the first-hand account by the men that tried to save your son that night, saying they believe that had they been allowed to go when they first wanted to they might have saved him and
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stevens but instead were told to stand down? >> that's correct. that's what they said. >> do you believe that? >> them? yes. i absolutely believe them. who else am i supposed to believe? the people that didn't tell me anything like the state department? i kept begging them to tell me what happened. they wouldn't tell me. so now i get the information that i've been waiting for, i've needed. i've got to finish processing this so i can go on with my life. right now my son is dead, and three other guys are dead. and i just think of them as my sons. and my sons are all dead now and they were abandoned and just left to die there. >> how does it make you feel when you hear these guys say that without that stand down order that they might still be alive? >> what stand down order?
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the government says they didn't give it. i don't believe them. they lied to me. they've been lying to me. and they will continue lying to me to cover up their own little selves, their own political selves. >> you know pat, you and i spoke almost two years ago when this first happened. and the one thing you've wanted to know is what happened to use your words to my son that night. and you know, as i watched that bret baier special, i couldn't help but when i heard one of the men say that your son was -- i think he said he was online talking to a friend. had you ever heard that before? >> yes. and i did hear that, that he was talking to a friend. and he said if we survive this, i don't know. i can't think his exact words anymore. he didn't think they were going to make it. >> pat, the house intelligence committee came out. and they said that there was no stand down order. >> they lied.
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they lied. >> how do you feel about america and the government? and what would you say to president obama and hillary clinton now? >> oh, don't ask me that. i don't like them very much. i love my country. i love my country desperately. but we've got some rotten people in there running it. rotten people making decisions. and i don't like that. i love my country. i do not like the politicians. and i want them out! they killed my kid and they killed the other three guys, and they're going to keep on doing it as long as we keep them in there. they make rotten decisions. >> pat, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us. our hearts go out to you tonight. but hopefully you can get on with some kind of closure now. thanks again, pat, you take care of yourself. >> i want hillary to come up and
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say it was me. i made a mistake. i blew it. i'll never do it again. >> do you think it was a mistake or a lie, pat? >> i think it was a lie. but i think she made a bad decision is what i think. >> pat, thanks. >> i think she made a terrible decision. >> i think a lot of them did. pat smith, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you, judge. >> all right. and with me now retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel tony schafer, former state department official christian widen. all right, guys, you've seen this explosive interview with the three men actually on the ground telling us what happened that night. what's your take? i'll go to you first, tony schafer. >> well, first off, my heart goes out to mrs. smith. i feel so terribly for her. >> all of us. >> oh, the bottom line is that delay of a half an hour could have made a huge difference both to save the life of mr. smith
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and ambassador stevens. and the other thing about this, judge, we know at the tactical level that you need to get in there immediately. you throw the enemy off his game plan. that gives you time to actually reassess how to get in there. judge, this is the bad news this. stand down order wasn't just there. as you point out and others have pointed out there, should have been air power there. someone had to issue a stand down order across the board. she's correct. someone's lying. because the moment this thing is reported up the chain of command, at least three separate d.o.d. command, special forces command, european command springs into action. things happen automatically. someone had to issue a direct stand down order. >> you know what, it's even worse than that, tony, and i'll tell you why. because it's not just that they didn't get the order to go the best teams, the emergency response teams. you had guys who wanted to go who were told you can't go. christian, what's your reaction? >> you know, i think it reinforces a lot of what we
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already suspected. first of all, that the time made a huge difference. it wasn't the case that these guys knocked down a door and started shooting. actually they took time. they had trouble getting in. ambassador stevens was sheltering with his guards. they started fires that eventually killed them. that could have been prevented if these men, these heroes had been allowed. the other implication that himry committed a crime. she lied to congress in her prepared remarks which she spoke under oath before the committee. she said no one gave a stand down order. no one at the white house, no one at the state department. and it looks very much depending on who you believe, and i believe these three heroes, that she lied to congress. >> do you know -- i'll go to you, tony schafer. do you know if anyone has spoken to that chief of base, the guy that was right there? >> the honest answer is i'd like to believe congress called him in there have been several closed hearings. it's not clear on what all congress has. and trey doubty i think rightfully is keeping the cards close to his chest how he'll
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conduct the final hearings regarding the issue. the bottom line is, people know stuff, judge. people should be coming forward to provide it as quickly as possible. there's a series of issues here. multiple violations. for mrs. smith, for others we're all owed an accounting of what happen that night. >> you know, when we talk about shawn smith and what he was doing in the final minutes. we know of the cables ahead of time that these guys wanted more security. and yet the security was tamped down for them. christian, what do you think it says to the rest of the world about our ability and our government's determination to help americans in trouble? >> it's really -- it's really disappointing. the state department has been given by congress almost everything it's asked for over the years. if you look at the budget for diplomatic security which protects american officials before the '98 embassy bomb thagz started the spike in security, it's gone from 200 million up to 1.8 billion. when the state department says we didn't have the resources
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they're not telling the truth. the fact is that under hillary and under obama the state department had this mantra, that hey, the tide of war is receding. if the president says it it must be true. so when they ask for a .50 caliber machine gun, for a marine guard, for more equipment, it was denied by hillary clinton's state department. >> absolutely. >> tony and christian, thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> thanks for having us. and coming up, the gloves come off. i give my statement on the president's mixed message on isis. and vote in tonight's instapoll. does the president know whether he wants to defeat or contain isis? facebook or tweet me at judge jeanine. so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress. and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects
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i've been telling you for some time that president barack obama is not up to the job.
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i've been telling you for two years that islamic extremists are determined to kill you and telling you for months that isis is coming for you. i've been saying that we need to bomb them, bomb them again and then bomb them again. and i don't care if you live in beaumont, texas, new york city, or annaconda, montana, you need to be afraid. >> i told you what to do two months ago. my resolution? air strikes. bomb them. bomb them. keep bombing them. bomb them again and again. and i don't care how long it takes. just take out isis. take out their convoys and take out those troops. >> i was roundly criticized, disparaged and condemned as a terrorist and a savage myself. but as you sit there tonight, it
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doesn't sound so crazy now, does it? as you sit there i'll bet you understand now the real danger of isis and islamic extremists. the and isn't it interesting now everyone is saying what i've been saying? >> we have to bomb them in syria, we bomb them. if we have to send in drones to kill their leadership, you do it. >> and these headlines. and even democratic senator al franken says "i was troubled by the president's recent suggestion that the administration has not yet developed a strategy to address the growing threat of isil's activities in syria." now, the mum bow jumbo of the last two weeks out of the white house is proof that our commander in chief doesn't know what to do. reduce isis' sphere of influence. contain them. roll them back.
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degrade them? dismantle them? make them a manageable problem? mr. president, what's manageable? five or maybe ten beheadings of americans? you want to manage them? you running a hotel? they want to kill us, and you want to manage them. and then this gem. you say, and i promise you things are much less dangerous now than they were 20 years ago, 25 years ago or 30 years ago." mr. president, either you're not reading your intel briefings or you're not living on the same planet as the rest of us. while they hold a knife to our jugular, you are wishing and hoping that they fail. >> people like this ultimately fail. they fail because the future is won by those who build and not destroy. >> now, can you imagine real
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leaders like fdr and churchill saying they'll sit this one out? the genocide of jews would be complete. europe overrun by hitler. prime minister cameron immediately returned home from his vacation to seize passports of jihadists, brits re-entering the united kingdom. but our president, so clueless, the guy runs back to the golf course within minutes of announcing the beheading of james foley. but then again, maybe our golfer in chief kept playing golf because preventing american jihadists from re-entering the united states would be a futile effort. hell, all they have to do is go through the southern borders, no questions asked. they might even fly you for free to virginia or massachusetts or new jersey. but the best example of not being up to the job is this.
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>> we don't have a strategy yet. i think what i've seen in some of the news reports suggests that folks are getting a little further ahead of where we're at than we currently are. >> mr. president, your candor is actually refreshing, given your predilection for untruthfulness as in you can keep your doctor or your health plan. why would you have no strategy? if you've been watching isis for some time? why would you have no strategy if as was reported this week you've been getting isis intel reports for at least a year? and if you had those intel reports and you had been following isis, why would you say that isis was a j.v. team? but then again, you must have been following isis because you sent in the special ops to
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rescue foley and sotloff. which rescue unfortunately failed. unless you really weren't following them, and now you just choose to blame your favorite scapegoat, the intel community. you lying again? nothing you say is clear. but you are clear on getting us justice. >> we will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. and make no mistake, justice will be done. >> our message to anyone who harms our people is simple. america does not forget. our reach is long. we are patient. justice will be done. >> but no one believes that, either. it's more empty rhetoric. you couldn't find a ring leader behind the benghazi massacre for almost two years. the guy is walking around in flip-flops, drinking strawberry fraps and flipping the bird at us. cbs, cnn, reuters, the "new york
10:19 pm
times," the london times, and fox, we all found him. my take? you didn't want to find him. because once captured, admiral katala would debunk your despicable video theory with a comment like, what video? are you stupid? who brings an rpg to a peaceful protest? we are sharia. we kill americans and we don't need a make believe video to do it. and just today, we find out that you want to delay the case against that terror suspect. you think it might hurt you in the mid terms? and here's jumping joe biden on getting justice for us. >> we take care of those who are grieving. and when that's finished, they should know we will follow them to the gates of hell until they are brought to justice.
10:20 pm
>> you take care of those who are grieving? really? grabbing your big bertha and run together golf course is grieving? the memorial service for beheaded american james foley had no trumpeted ranking white house officials memorial service less than 24 hours later for michael brown, the guy from ferguson, missouri did. and i didn't see the president with james foley or steven sotloff's mother or father in the rose garden like he was with the parents of that alleged deserter, bergdahl, hugging and holding those parents. releasing five of the worst taliban terrorists for him. terrorists who should have been tried in a military tribunal or a federal court except that in over his head holder didn't have the balls or couldn't figure out how to do it. yes, indeed. i told you months ago this is not a crime. this is war. mr. president, your make believe fantasy of a world without evil, of a neutered american military
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is turning into a nightmare reality of slaughter. and we are the innocent lambs. and that's my open. coming up, the story manage, dismantle. on the president's confused message. i expect fireworks. at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage.
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it took three news conferences for the president to get his message straight on isis. he now says we must dismantel them. the strategy to do that? not so clear. with me now former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor john bolton. all right, ambassador. we push them back, we destroy them, we manage them, we dismantle them, we degrade them. is the president in over his head or doesn't he care or did i
10:25 pm
miss something? >> i'd say all the above. it took them close to a week as you point out just to get the message straight. but that doesn't mean they have the strategy straight yet. i think the president spoke his true feelings when he said he wanted to turn isis into a manageable problem. that's been his approach to international terrorism from the 2008 campaign forward. he doesn't see the united states as being in a war. he doesn't see us as being the constant source of attack by the terrorists. he does want to treat it as a law enforcement problem. unfortunately reality has intruded on his dream world with the tragic beheadings of these two americans and the other crimes that isis has been committing. so now he does have to do something. but i tell you, his heart is not in it. >> well, let me ask you this. you know, when you've got all of these messages from the white house, even dempsey says, you know what, we've got to go into syria to go after isis.
10:26 pm
and it's almost like the president isn't even on the same page with these guys. does he talk to them? >> well, i think it's a reflection of the president's basic view that getting into a war even against barbaric terrorists is something he doesn't want to do because that's the stupid stuff that he thought george w. bush's administration did. but i also think it reflects an underlying ideology, that fundamentally the united states is actually the cause of much of the problems we see. the terrorist threat we see in the middle east. he has said several times going back through his state-of-the-union message in january that long-term deployments of american forces cause extremism. our forces cause extremism. that's the president's view of the united states military. so under that view you put him back in in syria or iraq to deal with isis and you're going to encourage more extremism.
10:27 pm
in other words, we're the cause. we're not the answer to the threat. we're the cause. >> you know what it sounds like. i mean, even ruhani from iran was saying that all these extremist organizations are really our fault that we created them. i mean, when our president sounds like the, what is he, the prime minister of iran ruhani, then that's scary stuff. but if the white house knew about isis for at least a year, then how could they allow it to get to this point? >> because i think in the president's mind as he says these movements of destruction ultimately fail because they're on the wrong side of history. he thinks they'll burn themselves out. they're sort of low grade operations. they're not strategic threats. they're like street gangs that knock over the local starbucks every few weeks. so you don't need to get upset about it, you just need to manage the problem as if its were a law enforcement matter. and the president said in 2009,
10:28 pm
and i think one of his most revealing statements concerning afghanistan when somebody said don't you want to beat the taliban and al qaeda there? and he said, i'm worried when i hear that word victory. because it implies hirohito surrendering to mcarthur which didn't happen. but the idea we're in a war we're trying to win i think is foreign to the president's view. and i think he believes that that kind of attitude by america is the underlying cause of much of the difficulty. so that it's america defending itself that ininstigates more terrorist activity against us. if you believe that crazy as it is, the national response is america shouldn't defend itself adequately. that's why he can't get to the point of saying he really wants to destroy isis. all right, ambassador john bolton, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you, jeannine. coming up shocking new details on the threat of isis recruits right here in america. e america's newest real estate brand
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live in america's news headquarter i'm marianne rafferty. president obama defending his decision to delay executive action on immigration reform. he vowed to make changes on his own after thousands of children illegally crossed the border. he said the decision is not a political one. democrats feared it could hurt them in upcoming elections. mr. obama plans to act alone if congress won't help. a major setback for searchers trying to find a private plane that crashed off the jamaican coast. they say they can no longer see debris on the ocean's surface. the turboprop through several hundred miles before disappearing on monday. the prominent real estate developer had been flying to florida with his wife. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "justice with judge
10:33 pm
jeanine" for all your latest headlines log onto clearly isil has come to represent the very worst elements in the region that we have to deal with collectively. and that's going to be a long-term project. it's going to require us to stabilize syria in some fashion. >> isis militants have taken over towns and cities across a big chunk of both syria and iraq, killing tens of thousands in the process. the u.s. launches air strikes in iraq. but even obama administration officials have said you cannot stop isis without dealing with the situation inside syria. with me now fox news military analyst lieutenant general tom macanerney and a strategic consultant. general, is there any question we need to bomb isis in syria?
10:34 pm
>> not in my mind, judge. i think it's very important. because that's where their safe havens are. that's where most of their ammunition and their population center of gravity is. so we need to go there as well as of course in iraq. >> all right. ube, i understand that you believe it we need to go into syria. >> absolutely. isis is exposed in syria. and the reason why, isis has a vulnerability in its position in syria is because it is facing local resistance by syrian communities that have suffered under its control, and because the free syrian army has launched a ground campaign against isis. so now is a real window of opportunity for the united states to launch crippling air strikes against isis command and control and its leadership as this terrorist army faces local resistance by the syrian freedom
10:35 pm
fighters. >> all right, general, what do you say to people who say, if we go in there and we bomb isis or try to take out isis, we are then on the side of syrian president assad as well as iran? >> well, that may be partially true. but the real facts are, if you help the free syrian army destroy isis and to give them strength that they can go put more forces against bashar all assad's forces then you have in fact enabled the free syrian army, which we know the right ones. and we're going to enable them to be very successful. so people can say that, but in the reality of life, making the free syrian army stronger is the most important thing in syria. >> well, it's kind of interesting to think back to world war ii, general. lining up with stalin against
10:36 pm
hitler, sometimes you have to do that kind of thing. but ube, let's talk about the fact that our president has talked about the international community is joining him. it's almost as though he wants a stable syria and a stabilized iraq before he does any of this. and yet we're not hearing anything about the arab countries joining us in this effort. >> well, on the bashar al assad issue it's really important to remember that there is ample data out there that connects assad the dictator of syria directly to extremist elements that were eventually allowed to grow and expand underneath the watch of bashar al assad. the assad regime is not free of blame for allowing isis to expand in syria and go into iraq. >> by that same thinking, ube, i'm sorry to interrupt you, but when you want to talk about blame if we had followed through
10:37 pm
with our red line threat, then maybe we are somewhat should be taken to task. >> judge, you're absolutely right. if the air strikes had commenced last year when president obama made his statement regarding the red line that bashar al assad crossed we would not have seen issue why in control of parts of eastern syria and we would not have seen isis launch into northern iraq and threaten a global terror campaign. >> all right. very quickly, general mcinerney, 15 seconds. how long do you think it's going to take before we even think about going into syria? >> well, it may take us one or two months the way he's operating. i'd start tomorrow. and it will be over in 90 days, particularly with the free syrian army elements there and the intelligence we can get with this many. we already have 60 to 70% of the forces in place to do it, judge. >> all right. general, ube, thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you. with me now, the founder of
10:38 pm
the investigative project, steve emerson. all right, steve, isis has americans worried. how justified are those fears? >> they're justified. look, judge, the problem here is that it's not just a regional issue. isis definitely is a threat in the region in the middle east. it's a threat to saudi arabia, the united arab emirates, jordanments are going to attack israel they're a threat to the united states. there are 300 u.s. volunteers with passports now fighting for isis. they can return to the united states anytime they want. the fbi has been handcuffed in terms of investigating religious extremists in mosques as a result of guidelines put out by the attorney general earlier this year. and so therefore, there is a strict -- there is a definite problem now in investigating those militants in the united
10:39 pm
states who are either recruiting for isis or have returned from syria or iraq ready to carry out freelance or directed terrorist attacks on behalf of isis against the united states. that's the first problem that we're facing that's not being met or being handled properly because of the constraints put on law enforcement by this administration. >> tell me, tell the audience exactly what you mean by the restraints being put on the fbi by the department of justice. >> the department of justice put out guidelines that restricted the fbi and other law enforcement agencies from using religious factors in identifying threats, national security threats to the united states in the homeland. that is, so if someone was a religious extremist, though they didn't plot to carry out an attack, that could not be factored into an investigation, into an intelligence
10:40 pm
investigation, into identifying them as a potential threat to the united states. therefore they would have to wait until they actually plotted to carry out an attack. well, that's too late. and unfortunately, what we're seeing right now is the fact is that we think massive numbers, increasing numbers of volunteers going over, not just from europe, from asia and africa, but we're seeing isis recruiting biophysicists, engineers, social media types. people who have expertise in really carrying out sophisticated terrorist attacks coming back to the united states. and look, if you remember -- i got an e-mail from a fbi agent just yesterday. he said steve, nobody remembers what happened in 1980s when all the jihadists were recruited, went over to afghanistan to fight the soviets, then came back. and then what happened? in february 1993 they plotted, they almost took down the world trade center at that time. they didn't. they failed. they returned again in 2001.
10:41 pm
so the reality is, judge, that with the handcuffs put on by this administration, there's a disconnect between what we're not doing against isis. we should be decimating them. the president said it may take one, two, three years? we don't have that kind of time to wait. within three years -- >> steve you know what's amazing to me? it's just like the tsarnaev brothers, boston bombers, telling us not once but twice these guys are terrorists. we're letting them go in and out of the country. not calling the fort hood shooter instead it's workplace violence. steve emerson, really fast, these recruiters, where are they going to get these potential jihadists, american jihadists? >> they're going -- there's one recruiter that was just picked up -- well, identified in bloomington, minnesota at the mosque, there are recruiters going around the country in other mosques where they identify potential volunteers. they test them out to see if
10:42 pm
they're willing to die on behalf of martyrdom of the cause for all l allah. they give them cash, money for their families in case they die. they go through turkey. turkey has allowed hundreds to go through to syria then to iraq. and we counts turkey as one of our top allies. we haven't put them on the terrorism watch list which we should. so there's a major disconnect judge here between what we should be doing to protect the homeland and protect american citizens versus what the president is doing in not stopping isis on the ground in iraq versus what he's not doing here in the homeland itself. >> all right, steve emerson, always good to hear your take on things. thanks so much for being with us. >> sure. all right. coming up, obama's state department versus bill o'reilley. and the dnc chair's outrageous domestic violence analogy. i take on the dems' trumped up war on women next. d i quit smoking with chantix.
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i thought "so what?", but now "cai can't stop playing.rst that's not how it works. i mean it's so simple. it's like my car insurance. i saved 15% in fifteen minutes. well esurance could have saved you money in half that time. three in a row! sweet! 15 minutes for a quote isn't so sweet. level 2! start with a quote from esurance and you could save money on car insurance in half the time. welcome to the modern world. esurance, backed by allstate. click or call. war on women? democrats repeatedly accuse republicans of waging such a war. a state department spokesperson even accuses bill o'reilley of being a sexist. take a look at democratic national committee chair debbie wasserman schultz. >> scott walker has given women the back of his hand. and there is no -- i know that
10:47 pm
is stois stark and direct but t is reality. what tea party extremists like scott walker are doing is they're grabbing us by the hair and pulling us back. >> the claim blatantly false. the visual horrific. but even worse, she ridicules the pain of real victims of domestic violence. ms. wasserman schultz, yes, there are women that get the back of a man's hand. and yes, there are women yanked by their hair. i know. i've seen chunks of hair on the floor accompanied by tape, crime scene tape at the scene of a homicide. how dare you minimize the plight of battered women to benefit your politics and your trumped up war against women. my next guest, political strategist betina eigen joins us. all right, ms. wasserman retracted this statement.
10:48 pm
and i'm going to read it to you. i think we have it here. "i shouldn't have used the words i used. but that shouldn't detract from the broader point that i was making that scott walker's politics have been bad for wisconsin women." betina, is that a real retraction? >> absolutely not. that was a nonapology apology. what debbie waterman schultz said, there's no room in the political debate for that kind of language. how can you say that you're for women and use that kind of language? it's so offensive to all people. and how you mentioned to so many families that have been affected by domestic violence. it's just the kind of language that democrats use the lowest common denominator kind of stuff that has no place in politics. democrats are constantly trying to say there's war on women. but they use this kind of stuff to not talk about real issues. to use inflammatory language so
10:49 pm
they don't talk how obama and democrats are really failing women. and she's there in wisconsin where governor scott walker has really done a lot of things to improve the economy and helping women. >> all right. now i want it move in the bill o'reilley part. i think we've got a sound here from ginsaki. >> with all due respect, you don't have to comment on this. that woman looks way out of her depth over there. just the way she delivers. it just doesn't look like she has the gravitas for that job. and that brings to us john kerry, the secretary of state. >> all right. now, when bill o'reilley says that woman doesn't have the gravitas,he is then accused in a twitter claim and in another sound of being a sexist. marie harf says "too bad we can't say the same about the o'reilly factor. she says state department
10:50 pm
spokesperson explains foreign policy with intelligence and class. all right. now then we've got another sound, guys. do we have that? where there is a criticism of bill o'reilley? >> josh earnest, okay. he looks to me to be befuddled. i mean, jay carnie you may not have liked him but he looked like he understood the process. mr. earnest doesn't look like he has a lot of credibility. it that the buzz in the press corps? >> i don't expect you to hammer him but he just looks uncertain to me. >> all right. apparently we don't have the sound. but what happens is they come out and they say bill o'reilley is a sexist. i apologize to the viewers about that. and what we played was bill o'reilley clearly criticizing men and women. but if you say that a woman is in over her depth, does that make you a sexist? >> absolutely not. first of all, we all know bill o'reilley. he calls you either pinning or
10:51 pm
or patriot. he calls everybody out. the state department should be dealing with the national community and not fox news. they need to be dealing with all these international crises. all he was doing is calling out they're not doing a good job. >> there you go, betina. thanks for being with us. coming up your responses to my last -- the performance review.
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america and americans are at risk of being attacked and killed around the world. what does our president do? he's yelling fore! and jay says "hey judge, i have a question for you. how is the that president obama hasn't been thrown in jail yet?" not going to happen. cindy says "i agree with judge jeanine and everyone in this country should demand that here resign. albert says "you're right, judge. like everyone else in the country the president needs to do his job or quit. joy says i agree with you, judge. if obama doesn't have plan to wipe isis off the face of the earth we need a new president. marge says "why would he volunteer to leave? he would have to get a real job where he'd have to work. now the results of tonight's instapoll, does the president know if he wants to defeat or contain isis? mike says, how about a third choice? enencourage isis? nicholas says, i don't think he knows what he wants except one
10:56 pm
thing. he doesn't want to be president anymore. it's written all over his face. jim says, he doesn't know if he wants fried eggs or pancakes for breakfast. he'll be stressing about that one all night. lin says "with all due respect, the man is in way over his head and just wants it all to go away, much like we want of him. and gary says "he wants to know -- i can't read it, guys. gary says "all he wants to know about is when the next teeoff time is. james says, what president? that position was abandoned a long time ago. and joe says, judge, don't you think that president obama is working on a plan behind the you don't know about? hey, i hope so. i hope i'm wrong. and ryan says, he's waiting for the answer to show up on his teleprompter. and that's it for us tonight. so thanks for joining us. remember to friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter @judgejeanine.
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welcome to "red eye." >> coming up, what has jeremy piven been up to since and has the president and joe biden fallen off the wagon and given into their addiction of nachos? >> that is the first time that has happened since 1997, but it was worth it. >> and finally, how extreme did lou daabs get over labor day weekend? the world's most electrifing newsman as he showed party goers the time of their lives next. >> none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> she puts the


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