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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  September 7, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we'll see you next "fox news sunday." fox urgent, president obama is set to sell the nation his plan for dealing with the brutal savages of that al qaeda spin-off al qaeda group isis. he's scheduled to meeting with congressional leaders on tuesday, we're told, and then that national address on wednesday. a senior administration official is telling fox news the president is likely to lay out where we stand against isis right now and what the next steps are, quote, in the months ahead. will it be the so-called strategy that the president said he did not have a week ago? this may be a shift in communication from the president after what's been really a series of mixed messages on isis, from no strategy to saying the terror group could be managed, to say isis cannot be
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contained and must be dismantled. the man who challenged the president in 2012, governor mitt romney is saying he would have done a better job than president obama at this point. in a one on one exclusive interview with chris wallace on "fox news sunday" governor romney said president obama is disconnected on a wide range of problems. >> i think the president is really out of touch with reality when it comes to what's happening in the world. i don't know why that is. perhaps it's political policy, it's foreign policy views, but he looked at russia, and thought that was a friend we should reset relationship. we look at al qaeda and said they're on the run. more recently he looked at isis and said they're just the junior varsity. he looks at iraq and says they're strong and able to care for themselves. >> leland vitter has the news in washington tonight. this feels a little family like the sunday shows are bringing back romney versus obama, the debate there, especially over
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foreign policy. >> deja vu all over against, harry, but this time a more reflective obama than we have in the past. certainly the president's tone has changed about isis, contrasted from when he referred to them as the jv team. still, though, he stopped short of sounding the alarm bells too loudly. >> i want everybody to understand we have not seen any immediate intelligence about threats to the homeland from isil. >> the president was, i don't know, too buddy on the golf course to pick up the phone and meet with leaders and say what happens if? apparently the president wasn't, hasn't developed a strategy. >> remember two years ago president obama mocked then candidate mitt romney's foreign policy views saying the 1980s called and wanted them back. romney appeared to feel vindicated especially when it came to the rise of russia and
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isis. he hit -- in an interesting unusual moment, president obama regret what many say is the best evidence of his detachment, playing golf on his vacation, shortly after a speech about the beheading. >> after the statement that i made, that, you know, i should have anticipated the optics. you know, that's part of the job. >> there's no question in my mind that i think i would have been a better president than barack obama has been. no question in my mind about that. there are other good people who i'm sure will be able to lead the country in the future. i wish it were me. >> romney didn't hold any punches. he also said that he thought that voters had buyers' remorse. in the end, of course, one has to look at the optics of the interviews themselves president obama was in the white house, romney joined chris wallace from salt lake city. >> that's a very good point. i point this out, too, so ronald reagan on his third try made it to the white house. i was reeling some of the blogs
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online, some of the news writing saying could governor romney be eyeing that third try as possibly his victory. you know, addressing the possibility of a third run for the white house, did they talk about that? >> chris wallace asked him in every way possible. you always look for a sherman-esque is statement, named after the great civil war general often quoted as saying by many -- if nominated i will not run. if elected, i will not serve. despite being at the very top of the latest poll in iowa, romney said, quote, i'm not running, i'm not planning on running. harris? >> that's semantically slightly different. leland vitter, good to see you. and this is new. u.s. operations with regard to that are moving our people closer to the syrian border
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where isis obviously has been operating all along. defense secretary chuck hagel says securing the haditha dam is crucial. >> if that dam falls into isil's hands or that dam would be destroyed, the damage that would cause would be very significant, and it would put a significant additional and big risk into the mix in iraq. >> dom any is live from our west coast newsroom. what did these air strikes involve today? >> it was four separate air strikes, harris, on key positions on towns close to haditha dam that have been overtaken by isis. the americans very concerned that if those isis fighters were to take control of the dam, they could even open the slew gates or blow the dam up, sending a
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catastrophic is flood down to baghdad. >> it isn't anything different from what the president has said in his guidance to the military and what our parameterer, protect the interests of americans and the infrastructure that would protect americans. >> one more important aspect of the strikes today, they have not spread west into the province of anbar, which has lot been a hotbed of islamic activity harris? >> from last week, we learned that the president had been able to put the core coalition of about ten countries -- not about -- ten so far. missing from that group were any of our middle eastern partners. so broughtening the area of u.s. air strikes, what response is that getting from some of the arab world tonight? >> you know what?
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it's very telling how mute they are. one of the reasons for this is the fact that when america gets involved, it's usually assisting one side of the widespread sectarian war that's going on, so you would think the saudis would pipe in and say something at a point like this. we haven't heard from them. together with the jordanians, both these countries do have airpower that could help us fight isis, yet they have not been forth coming. it has to be said, yes, you're right, when you look at the coalition i have nato countries that obama has put together middle eastern countries are conspicuously absent. >> turkey is a nato member and it is threatened by isis. the fact that all nato members are not on board, i find that pretty disturbing. >> and so it seems to appear that middle eastern countries yet again relying on america and
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its allies to solve the crisis. it's been nearly two years since the benghazi terror attack which i killed four americans, am bass do chris stevens, shawn smith and former navy s.e.a.l.s, now fox news uncovers the smoking gun of benghazi for the very first time. hear from the men who were there that night fighting the terrorists. >> i ended up on top of the command centering in building c. >> more cars come by. what happens then? >> we don't know what they're doing. we didn't know if they were still trying to probe. >> >> there's a guy with a cell phone. he just walked up, and walked back. maybe he was getting gps coordinates. >>i eerie, i want to shoot him, but is he just some guy taking a walk. weird things are still
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happening. it's a viv vetting hour, don't miss it. the inside store tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern and then at 11:00 p.m. eastern. we'll have much more on this topic with the fox news political insiders. now to russia and the threat of marching across the border and invading ukraine. a cease-fire is already in jeopardy. a fresh round of shelling destroyed several homes near donetsk. and a civilian killed, all raising new fear that the cease-fire is on the verge of collapsing. new reaction from washington peter ducey has more. peter doocy has more.
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>> now lawmakers are warning that moscow isn't going to change their posture unless the ukrainance have bigger guns. in the highs of the committee chairman, that's where we come in. >> i don't think until nato and the united states leads and actually arms ukraine with lethal weapons are you going to be putin really backing off. >> reporter: so far the united states has given ukraine about $70 million in nonlethal aid. in europe president obama promised that more is on the way. >> all 128 nato allies will now provide security assistance to ukraine. this includes nonlethal support for the ukrainian military like body armor, fuel and medical care for wounded ukrainian troops. >> robert menendez wants the united states to send weapons to the ukraine like many of his republican colleagues, but he also wants to see harsh are
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diplomatic measures used against the russians. >> we have to take putin's calculations and show him he's wrong, which means that the sanctioning being considered beyond what we have done by both the eu and the united states should take place and move forward. >> reporter: as we wait to see if this cease-fire officially holds, remember there was a similar agreement in june that broke down after ten days. harris? >> peter, thank you. a final farewell to comedy legend joan rivers. celebrities, family, friends attending the funeral for the hollywood icon. we have their heartfelt messages, still ahead. with the president set to address how he plans to handle isis, we invite you to chime in while you tune in online. at you're watching, consider these questions -- do you need to know if the president has a strategy in if the answer is yes, do you want to know exactly what it is? like us on facebook and post your comments.
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camera, action. today joan rivers got her wish. ♪ bagpipes marking the final farewell to a comedy queen, a standing room only congressation packed a manhattan synagogue to pay their last respects to rivers. outside reporters cameras, and a legion of fans lining the streets, testament to a legendary career that panned more that five decades. brian? >> hi, harris, joan rivers said in her 2012 book she didn't want a cold rabbi rambling on at her funeral, she wanted meryl streep crying in five different
4:16 pm
ackretz. whoopi goldberg, kathie lee were all in attendance for her however-long service. audra mcdonald sang "smile" the gale men's chorus sang broadway hits. howard stern gave an x-rated eulogy. debra norville and cindy adams, hugh jackman sang "quiet please" there's a lady on stage, and bagpipers played as they exited geraldo rivera said there was a ton of laughter. >> the rabbi was burying his head every f-bomb. it was side-splittingly funny, it was the irreverent show that joan would have wanted. >> her only daughter melissa spoke. melissa and her son cooper said
4:17 pm
good-bye to joan yesterday before she was cream wrayated. they starred in their own reality tv show, and before a plastic surgery in 2012, cameras captured joan comforting her daughter. irchlsds i've had an amazing life if it ended right now, and you've been wonderful. we've had a great ride together. >> joan rivers died thursday after going into cardiac arrest following a routinened oscopy. an investigation into the cause of her death is still under way. brian, thank you very much. be sure to catch a special report. there's a lot of great content you've not seen before, tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern. bruce levinson is -- it's the fallout from some recent remarks he once wrote and now
4:18 pm
says were racially insensitive. levinson says fans have a right to you angry. he adds, quote, i've said repeatedly the nba should have a zero-tolerance, that's why i voluntary appropriated my inappropriate e-mail for the nba. the remarks were written two years ago, an internal letter with ways to boost based on black versus white stereotypes. he calls the words inflammatory nonsense. taking action on all of the illegals coming across our southern worder, without consequence executive action, he's going to lay it, he says. new reaction to the flip-flop that the president says is not politically motivated. a small town pause toss remember the victims of one of those tragic days in american
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. washington lawmakers are now weighing in on president obama's decision to delay executive action on illegal immigration until after the midterm elections. the move is being criticized by republicans and democrats, with some accusing the president of playing politics with an important national issue, the white house is defending the decision, claiming the delay is the result of all those young children illegally gaining access to our country, and the political fighting surrounding the waves of those kids crossing our southern border.
4:23 pm
elizabeth, i'm curious for know what immigration reform advocating have to say about this. >> they're expressing outrage, betrayal. the president's biggest advocates thought reform was a done deal. he pledged to act before summer's end, saying he has no choice with a nag instant congress, even some on the right saying the recent decision is purely politically motivated. >> i think it's political in the sense he understands how unpopular that decision would be with americans. it's protect -- it southbound and would not be the right decision for him to do that. i hope he doesn't do it after the election. >> administration officials say the president will wait until after november mid terms, but before the end of the year. >> so for those who are crying politics on this, which is something they like to do inside washington, what is the white house saying. >> the president denies making the decision based on red states
4:24 pm
fearinged midterm election. which explains why many democrats have been distancing themselves from washington in the past few months. the president, however, did say politics is involved in his decision because of the influx of undocumented children flooding the border over the summer, it skewed people's perceptions forcing them to act emotionally rather than rationally. >> the truth of the matter is that the politics did shift midsummer because of that problem. i want to spend some time, even as we're getting or ducks in the row for the executive action, i want to make sure that the public understands why it's the right thing for the american people, why it's the right thing for the american economy. >> but critics argue that it could allow millions to stay here without work permits. >> good to see you, elizabeth. as we approach 13 years since the 9/11 attacks, a small community is pausing to remember the lives lost that day.
4:25 pm
>> ready, aim, fire. >> the town of east lake, ohio marking the day that changed america forever. senior correspondent rick lev lefbthal feeling it, but for a different or specific reason there. >> reporter: it's interesting, there really is no direct connection between east lake and 9/11 and ground zero except for the stars and stripes. this way a day that changed all of america, including this community, which is about 500 miles from new york city, but they thought it was critically important to remember 9/11 and the 3,000 people who lost their lives that day. every year here in east lake on the sunday before 9/11, the town hold a ceremony with remarks from the mayor, police, fire
4:26 pm
chief, there's song and prayer, a rifle salute and "taps" to honor the fallen units i think it affected east lake like everywhere else. i remember the day of the tragedy. the first year my daughter went back to college, trying to contact her. none of the cell phones were working. i think that everyone that day is like the day stood still. >> well, the mayor says that that day brought our small cities together and our nation together, and this is evidence of that, harris. >> and east lake is one of hundreds of mean that have similar ceremonies every year, correct? >> reporter: right it's a compelling rye minder how 9/11 affected everyone, whether or not they had a -- or at the pentagon, or on one of those planes. according to the port authority of new york and new jersey, which owns and manages the 16-acre world trade center site, they are roughly 1400 memorials across the u.s. that have an
4:27 pm
artifact or a piece of metal from the fallen towers. we talked to the police chief about how this annual ceremony is so important. >> if we don't do something and the other communities all over the country aren't part of the remembering, then it's -- that's how history repeats itself. we don't allow ourselves to keep in mind what's happened in the past and to continue to guard against it. >> the chief says he and his fellow first responders want to be the tip of the speer. they go to work every day knowing they may have to rush toward danger, just as police and firefighters did on september 11th, harris? >> 13 years, it feels like it was yesterday. rick, thank you. governor mitt romney says the president is out of the touch with world crises, and that he would have made a better commander in chief. we watched some of that on "fox
4:28 pm
news sunday" and here on fox news weekend. if he runs a third time, he would have that in common with ronald reagan. should he run again? the fox news insiters are here, and you can chime? too. post your comments, like me on facebook or tweet tweets @harrisfaulkner." we'll be right back.
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as we approach the bottom of the hour, here's what's happening. president obama is set to address the nation, and outline pans for confronting isis. the president has been somewhat inconsistent, as you may know, first saying he had no strategy, then vowing the u.s. could, quote, go on the offensive against the terror group, contain, destroy, dismantle, several words. will this next address be a game changer or more of the same. the fox political insiders are here and you can join in on the conversation as always. they're going to put up that stuff on the bottom of the screen. pat caddell, a also are pollster for president carter and fox news contributor joining us from beautiful charleston, south carolina. here at home day, john
4:33 pm
leboutillier, doug is also the proud owner and co-author of the new book -- hold it up -- the "russia china axis" owl this tuesday. did you autograph it? >> i did. and thank you, harris. i have some home reading. let's get rate too it. the president set to speak on wednesday. i tweeted this on you and people began tweeting we want action, maybe no words. what are your thoughts? >> that sums it up perfectly. we need action. we need action on isis, we need a coalition of led by the united states. we also need action on ukraine and russia. the cease-fire's collapsed. we need to know what the president is going to do to calm that cry, but actions not words really summarizes perfectly what the american people require and needs to get from this president.
4:34 pm
but significantly absent are any of those arab nations. why not? and is that important? >> it is very important. here's the role the united states need to have on the day that the nfl opened its regular season, really. we need a quarterback of the leadership to go after isis. the quarterback has to be the president of the united states, who says here's what we're going to do. we'll bring to the table drones, aerial bombardment, special forces when necessary, and intelligence gathering. the saudis can pay for everything, but the fighting will have to be done by the peshmerga, the syrian free army, the iraqis. someone has to coordinate and lead the thing. that's got to be the president of the united states. so far we haven't heard squat from him that ever he wants that
4:35 pm
job. >> pat caddell, i have a question for you, those, in kind of pushing this forward. do we need to know in detail. some of the criticism will be, have you telegraphed to our enemies exactly what we're going to do? is it a yes, now just go do it? >> if i thought they had a strategy point by point, if revealed, it would be a problem, but look what's really missing here, and you can see it in how it's being set up. he's not speaking in primetime nor spell from the oval office, a forum he refuses to use to speak to the american people, as we suggested the last several weeks, to rally the country to the moral crisis and take on the moral leadership of how we will do this. i just watched "13 days" the story about the cuban missile crisis, and i must say when i watch obama handling these crises, including the ones he will not talk about, it seems --
4:36 pm
if he were serious, he could hit a home run. he could rally the country. but he will not do it, because he still wishes to lead from behind, so we will get a lot of rhetoric, but we will still have the same, i fear, the same -- the same theatrics. >> all right. i want to move on to mitt romney, but doug, i want to pull out something that pat just said. the oval office. why not speak from there? >> pat's exactly right. the oval office symbolizes the power and portion and indeed centrality of the american presidency. i think we all grew up watching presidents speak to the nation from the oval office. we need leadership. he should speak from the oval office. i think we all are rooting for him. let's be clear, we want to succeed in degrading and eliminating isis, but we need leadership, and we need to have it now. >> that's why he won't speak from the oval office.
4:37 pm
liberals, the new left of which obama comes from, they don't like america being the leading super power in the world. >> i believe in traditional values of the united states which grace compassion and concern, but i agree, this president is not what for being in sundry, but over the last few weeks. i want to first hear from him, and then former presidential candidate mitt romney on similar topics. watch this. >> part of what i would love is vacation from the press. i should have anticipated the optics. hey, that's part of the job.
4:38 pm
>> i don't know if you can't see reality from the fairway, but the president has not seen it internationally and domestically we have, what, 92 million people that are out of work in this country? it's unacceptable. >> why were you laughing? >> well, i like the line about the fairway. i think looking at that, if that mitt romney was there all during 2012, he might have won that election. it was a winnable election. the three of us have consistently said they blew that race. >> all right. from your twitter page, which i'm also following. >> good. thanks. >> romney has been runic since mitt hit netflix. he's done a great job humanizing himself. >> well, that's certainly the case. that mitt romney was thoughtful, clever, intelligent and on point. to the president's comment, i think we all agree, i certainly feel she shouldn't have been on
4:39 pm
vacation. he's the president of the most powerful and important nation in the world. our values were under siege in a multiplicity of locations and he was on the golf course. >> mary king from my facebook page, didn't many believe that the reason romney lost to obama was because of so many of the base didn't show up, because they didn't believe romney was conservative enough if is that what we want? again, a quick thought before we go to break, pat. >> you know, i think his real problem was on election day, by 81-19, people who said that i want a president who cares about people like me is important, they vote fold obama, 89-11. you know, he had his chance in the second debate. i'm sorry to see so consistently critical. i'm glad there's a nice documentary. this man has blown an election for president she never should have lost, with the worst campaign. when he had the moment in front of him to confront obama on
4:40 pm
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so you get a closer feeling to natural teeth. new fixodent plus true feel. fixodent. and forget it. flip-flop? these guys will talk about it. the. said he would take action on immigration reform, but now will wait until -- i'm going to start with you, pat. that would be the day of the midterm elections. >> yes, well, he 'punting this, because it's a political -- it's getting bad, and he said in his interview this morning with chuck todd, well, it's because of the children. you know, finallies for runs
4:44 pm
those pictures. the president has decided -- by the way, their numbers we'll get to them, show enormous opposition to his doing this, even by lots of democrats and even hispanics, but what he's doing there is very simple. he's saying, oh, it's all politics. the challenge for the republicans is to maybe the democrats stand up on this, and the president is basically once again showing on you feckless he can be. if it was important -- to say i'm going to wait, hey, dummies after i voted, i'm going to drop this on you. >> wow, strong words. can we pop this rasmussen poll up. it asks how closely have you followed recent news reports about president obama and illegal immigration. so whether you're wondering whether people care, 42% very closely following it. 37% somewhat closely, add that up. that's 79% of those polled who
4:45 pm
say they're watching for this. >> harris, this is alge huge issue. it could be overestimated. what president obama did, is he listened to the democrats in receipt states, the senate democrats were up for election, who understood that if the president did an executive order granting up to 11 million people who are illegal immigrants, amnesty, that could tip their elections. now, it still could hurt them, because people do, as the numbers suggest, really care, but at this point the president is trying to take it off the table, and trying to make it a post-election issue. >> you know, john, we saw the numbers of people coming across the board e. and some people said that was because of the heat. others said unfortunate governors like rick perry of texas putting some national guard troops down there. whatever the reasons, there is some thought we may see those numbers rise again, and it could be, i don't know if it's
4:46 pm
temperature-related, when things cool down a bit. >> i think the big thing is when we talk about amnesty. >> are they watching our conversation that close? >> of course, they were. >> even more important than that poll, if this is correct, we have a new political landscape on immigration. you had by more than 2:1 the majority say they oppose the president doing this, include moderates. you have the same margin say he did not have the authority to do it. and by 3:1 -- two thirds of the american people said, solve the border first before amnesty. the problem is with isis and what happened with all of these things, it's changed the politics. >> all right, we're going to change topics form the truth about what happened when four
4:47 pm
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i got in the car and said get in the backseat and looked around, it was beautiful looking at roan. i gave him a thumbsup, he gave me a thumbsup. and we left. >> you pretty much did it yourself. >> the final straw for us to go, at least my opinion and how i felt, was where one of the agents said, hey, they're starting to light the buildings on fire, you guys need to get here. >> it is men on the ground admitting they ignored odds to stand down while the u.s. consulate was under attack.
4:51 pm
now governor mitt romney weighing in from "fox news sunday." >> who was it that told them to stand down? what was the reason they were told to stand down? again, he was on "fox news sunday" your thoughts, doug if. >> well, this is a huge, huge question. we have a documentary, i think it's following us immediately tonight on the fox news channel, that explores not the politics, but what happened and why? this question of why people who were prepared to save the ambassador and save american lives were not given an order to proceed, and wee they were givee question that requires answering. i urge everybody to watch the documentary. >> doug? excuse me, john?
4:52 pm
>> it doesn't get into hillary and what difference does it make, which will all come as the house special committee finally begins having public hearings to get to the bottom of this thing. >> but it is important that people get the facts, which is what this documentary does. >> oh, it's great. >> pat? >> i was stunned. i think it's an amazing documentary. you know, i've called this -- this is the greatest cover-up in american history, what's going on with benghazi, the shame of my party and people of my persuasion, liberals and others, who have refused to deal with this with the pression, but i want to tell you something, i always assumed the cover-up was in the white house. i did not ever give credence to the fact that they did make an effort -- that they would stop an effort to save these people. this is stunning information. these men have been kept secret. the cia has held people down and
4:53 pm
kept the news media from getting to these people. when across the way people are dying and won't let them go is without a doubt, these are heroes, and this is all going to come out. they are never going to get away with what they have done in this administration, and by the way, obama and clinton are not mentioned at all in this documentary, but they hang over it like the ghost of mac beth. >> doug, there will be critics, and they'll say there is old news. but i think a fair-did noted person -- in a nong political ways hearings next week. >> i think the story has really
4:54 pm
moved from fox, which has never given up on it. i hear it on cbs network radio. they were talking about 13 hours, "new york times," the truth can't be held down forever in this country. pat keep racing a great point. are they -- who will go for the truth over spin? >> i count myself as one of them. >> i mean in congress. i think the hearings will bring out facts that i think are going to be difficult for the administration and the american people to ignore, and i think some democrats like dianne feinstein, who on isis has expressed concern about the president's approach. i think we'll see more of it. >> i want to pop up the gallup
4:55 pm
poll. this was ground shaking for some inside the beltway last week, no doubt inside the white house if they saw it. presidential job approval, 38%. now, this isn't a pointed question where they were asked exactly why you feel that way, so we don't know what all went in here, but quick thoughts on that? >> quick thoughts, when a president is below 40%, as this president is, that spells huge, huge problems for the administration, and particularly for the democrats in a midterm election. this is a real warning sign. >> we haven't gotten into the senate railingses on this show tonight, but all this stuff has to be favoring the republicans. the republicans will be saying, vote for me, i will stop the
4:56 pm
president from dos amnesty. >> that's interesting. so did he set up the conversation then for the gop? >> yeah, by doing the flip-flop, he screwed the thing up. >> do they practice these things in the white house? how does that happen? >> well, they're supposed to, you know, i can't believe how awful they have been in this. i think it keps from the president's attitude and indifference, but doug is right, he's under 40, and it will change the political dynamic. nobody likes them, and the fact is the come would turn against them, too, but they have not put out a positive message. that's what the "wall street journal" said, but in senate races like kansas, where we have an independent, a real mr. smith coming, do you see it in new york city in the fight in the primaries, by teachout -- those are coming now in politics.
4:57 pm
from twitter -- if voices are silent on benghazi, then blood will finally scream out the truth. up next exwe'll be back here tomorrow. "13 hours at benghazi, now. expes work with equity experts who work with regional experts who work with portfolio management experts that's when expertise happens. mfs. because there is no expertise without collaboration.
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so much more. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. this is "the kelly ♪ you know, you hear over the radio, we're taking fire, we're under fire. >> we're under fire. >> you hear the pleading in their voices that they need help, bad. >> i actually dropped to a need and say why the hell did i do that? and that's when the rocket hit. >> roan had a machine gun, and he started laying doubt heat. >> i rolled him over, there was no response. i ripped off his body


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